Technology for Learning (T4L) - Semester Wrap

Technology for Learning (T4L) - Semester Wrap

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Hi. Everyone I'm Joey and, I'm Stu and we're, from the New South Wales Department of Education, technology, for learning team, and. Today, whether, you joining us either as a podcast or our vodcast, we're trying to new things we're. Going to review the new things that happened within the Department of Education technology, for learning team, over. The last semester I am, excited, studio absolutely, in technology, for learning we've, been rolling out a whole lot of great, new things and, this year has been probably. The biggest that we've had. Stuff. Going on the. Information. Has been coming out to schools in all sorts of different forms we've had newsletters we've had webcasts. Yeah we've, had been doors involved, we've had all sorts of things we've had keep, up with all these, seminars. This. Big, event and so on and now we're also looking at delivering, information through. Another form just like students. Need multiple, different ways of lives right so that teachers out there are you on the train I'm, in the car do you want a podcast, are you at home you've got a few minutes you screen, mirroring and up to your telly hopefully. You can see is either way that's for sure and we, can do an overview so you don't miss anything, that happened, in the last semester so the past six months have. Been pretty big and just, some of the things that you can see there on the screen are, the. Things that we'll talk about here today yeah absolutely no, I'm really excited you know especially minecraft, it's certainly got me going I can't wait to you know to talk about that as we get a bit further on so we're we gonna start you well, let's start with Microsoft, teams for education, that's something that we launched we put in by our newsletter, say, an issue number 32, mm-hmm which you can go back there's a link there on your screen and you'll, be able to see some. Of the great things that Microsoft. Teams has delivered for our schools it's something that's had a massive take-up it's. A bit like, I often try and think about what, what it's like that we've already had and it's a bit like Google classroom. Bidding the Microsoft, Office 365 suite, is now but, also it's tailored, more by where as classroom is tailored a lot for the students, teams, also can be extended to, star. Crips and, working. Groups within teams so that you can decide, how you can, better, manage. Your staff and all of the resources that go with running a project and and other things that are happening in your schools so within it I know you've got you know you're usually within, teams you have what's called a conversation, stream and within specialized. Teams you can also have a OneNote class notebook, that's right so it really you know those teachers that have been using OneNote class notebook and have been craving, some extra features like, assignments. You can actually put. Out assignments and gather in assignments, using teams but yeah, it's not only OneNote, you've, got a file repository there, as well as our. Points, your Word documents. Your Excel. Spreadsheets, all of those different things that can be stored in the repository and, retrieved, within the team discussed, in the conversations. Really. Excited to look inside there's the Yammer group and, there's also a teams for, power. Users, within our. Team's environment, been, looking at what students, and teachers have actually been doing already in teams so I reckon, people should jump out there and have a look and I know one school that's leading the way is Aurora college so aren't.

They They're doing so you know absolutely, all there's a lot of schools that are doing some stuff. Already after only six months or so. So. It's some, schools have got used to things like SharePoint, and, things. Make SharePoint, a lot more accessible because it's all in this one integrated environment, I'm not very techie and I know SharePoint, used to scare me a lot but I think teams, kind of makes that environment, you know really friendly, exactly, yeah on the student side you've also got the ability to deliver assignments, mm-hmm. So students, can be using it as well yeah. On your mobile device that's what I love I always, Android. That, any type of that as I said is a key thing because once you get onto the mobile, platforms, as well with the app that's, specifically. Designed for teams, you. Then also have the advantage of using a, new feature that we rolled out in issue number, if, I can remember right 36, it was yes, which, is the meet now function. Brings. Instant. Messaging. Between. Individuals. Yeah and between team members not, only in chat form but in where, do you find senior, video it's do it is stuff only at the moment that is it stuff only so, we've enabled, that the staff students, don't, have the ability to access the meet now function, but, in terms of being able to get to anybody, no matter where they are they've, got a mobile device you can actually use it on your mobile phone and they test people who are on their computer and I'm thinking about when you know I was back at school in my library I need to have a chat we've found with somebody else in another faculty area, you know I couldn't get out of the library had to stay there to monitor, students, but now I can do it through chat in meat now or, if I need to connect with a colleague, get another school, so. You know is 10 is a webcam headset, like something, like that or your laptop and you've. Got yourself an instant meeting, with, people that have spread out no matter where they are do you look one of the things I have a problem with with these things is like with Skype or hangouts you can do it now there's a record function, and that is a bit of a frustration, and you know has me going back to things like that but I did hear there was a rumor of an update with teams to be able to record is that kind of true yeah I don't. Know if it's there at the moment there is certainly an option within. Teams to, record. Meetings. Using. A meetings, tab but I don't know if that's been enabled, for us hasn't. But I think look I think we should send our listeners out they, can go and comment in our comment section so if they've actually found that that recording, Junction so absolutely. I really. Do like teens it's worth going and having a look at I think if you haven't already so, want to investigate and which issue is it in 30 that was in 36 yeah, fantastic oh that's great okay so I think now it's time for a fast fact. Technology. For learning fast. Fact. So. Super, okay what is that first fact for today well we're looking at windows 10 builds Windows 10 is something we first launched, back. In turn four of 2016. Whoa so in the 84, lat ETL, environment, you can self choose to rebuild, your computer, using. The f12, function and then also do it through UTM, right, but it basically makes, your machine, rebuild. Into a Windows 10 device, it actually puts a bit less pressure i've heard on your device compared, to older versions faster. Than meters and, more, powerful than windows seven alone the same hardware which is very interesting so how many have we got. Yes. Of. Take up twenty two hundred and twenty one thousand. Windows, 10 devices have, been built across, nearly two thousand, two hundred schools, this, is like guinness, evangelist, world, records in on what it is in terms of records is the largest deployment. Of windows 10 across the asia-pacific wow so, it is substantial. Microsoft, have have, acknowledged, that this is the largest Jie enterprise. Environments, not the largest in the world we're about 90, thousand away from the largest in the world right which, is in the United States or across the, northern hemisphere it actually is but.

There's. No guarantees, that we won't be reading that sometime, soon I get excited because I think about the new types of devices we've got and I think about the linking features that you can get with Windows 10 yeah so I think if you haven't explored, it yet it's really something to go and do it if you haven't explored the full list. Of features yeah. Yeah. And we'll cover some of the device. What it last fact though. In, just 18 months though to be able to pick up that sort of number, of devices I think so yeah, you know one thing I really wanted to touch on in today's chew is minecraft because. That's been something we've focused on throughout, 2018. And we, have seen some absolutely amazing, stories, come out of schools who participated in our early access program yeah that early access program was something that I think we did right, when it comes to minecraft we could have just opened, it up and let schools jump onto it and so I don't think we would have seen the same penetration, that we've been getting with there's. Just the content, that we getting lesson plans and so on from the early acts so many, that have come through then qualities absolutely amazing and they're the, best thing I think is there now upon the global, minecraft site for, the whole world to use that's absolutely amazing it's fantastic, and it means that our teachers can go there is their one source of all this lesser material, I think it's about fifty lesson, plans that are posted up there already absolutely. Unbelievable. And the, exciting, news is, that, everybody, else out there has been eager to get into minecraft it is available from the start of turn three yeah and did it we did actually announce that in issue 36, of the newsletter good stuff and there's the link in there for how you can go about getting, the, licenses, for your students, that you're wanting, to use minecraft, with that's, right it's only limited pull but. Jump in take a look at that internet site and I always say read. The whole page first, okay, because otherwise people end up emailing me read the whole page all the answers are there and. GAC says get activating, get minecraft in, yeah I think creatively. About you know how these virtual, worlds can really help your students, to learning. New in new ways creating. New ways and maybe even assess, their, learning in new ways and they're also looking at producing an inspirational. Australian-based resource, they are glue and I think there's going to be a New South Wales teacher that might feature in a video reel in that reason so really, exciting, news that's for sure yeah that's been a very exciting, program and, schools, should be jumping on that as soon as I can they shouldn't we've got some events and in your newsletter coming up we'll be able sizing, those events yeah live, event so it's getting with it, so for the those schools that haven't been involved in and are interested in it how, to get started is is don't, see really together. In webcasts, and we're getting Microsoft professionals, we are Megan is getting involved so Megan towns who is our minecraft aficionado. I think the first one starts on I think it's the 8th of August so yeah details. Will be in the next newsletter which will be in week three fantastic, good news. We. Talked about Microsoft, teams before and. There's. A lot of schools that are on the Google platform they're in the Google universe G, Sweden so yeah, and be. Using Google Docs they're using, Google sheets Google. They're. Absolutely. For all of their Google, slides for all of their documents.

And Work yeah, yeah and, they. Don't really want to move into Microsoft, teams because, they think they feel it's a big change well it's huge isn't it because it's really when you train up you know your your staff and everyone gets on board, you don't know introduce another hurdle, to use some of these, awesome. Digital so what's one thing that we have been doing in the t4l team is not, restricting, schools to one particular platform. We're not saying every school has to get in here we're giving them choices yeah and the cloud services, they're just so many different cloud services that are available and we're wanting to make sure that schools have access to, any and all of them absolutely because. Gaps, weren't this jus like it was sweet he couldn't, do well, things on the Microsoft side they didn't have an equivalent for this, room, yeah until teams, came along abstainers. Added some whole, new different functionalities. Such as the conversations, and the and the school type the school staff type, management. And program work. Google. Has come along and produced their own as well so for those schools that are on the G sweet side of things yeah they can start. Looking at the G's, sorry, the Google Hangouts, I love. It that's finally, you know working nicely. Google. Hangouts chat in technology. News for schools in the midterm, newsletter. So that will issue 18, yeah and. All. About these I know these links will come up in the bottom not if you go to tiny new URL. Com. Forward, slash news t Pharrell that's, the best place that all. Of the newsletters so we keep a record of all of the newsletters so people can always go back and find, those links and find House articles to. Help it's go to /tphoe, news so. You always have to go news to, ferrell. Used. On the old department. Intranet and that's no longer there so you'll. But. It's gonna be broken and use. Their, news t4l, is the is the tiny URL tested. So that google, hangouts check yeah it's a it's like Microsoft, teams for the school staff side of things yeah so you've got the chat, facility you've, got the web conferencing, facility, new vocal conversations, in there as well very handy that's for sure and I mean with these kind of things I think one of the best things that I think all, of their vendors are realizing, is that it doesn't matter what kind of device you're on you. Should be able to use their product and whether it steams whether it's hangouts you can use them in the browser and, so, it doesn't do matter matter what kind of infrastructure, as well as they've got the apps available for hangouts, chat as well so if you've got iPads if you've got iPhone if you've got Android those. Apps are available on those platforms to. Do the. Same content it's, really good stuff so that's the thing about the cloud it's. Making. Schools and making teachers and making users, a lot more agile and meaning, to be a lot more agile because they've got to be able to change we they don't have to wait for an update provided. By the center through it through the device it's done automatically, things are happening in the clouds who they're, able to take advantage of all, of these great new features, such, as what but, as well as that they need to be ready to be able to do that so that's where it's, an important, that the teachers are on, top of this technology and using it as effectively so again yeah look. I know a lot, of times, people come to us and I might come to you guys as some of the technology, leaders as well going which one do I use which you should I choose and it's, a really hard question to answer because it, does depend a lot on your circumstance, and, I think you just need to get out there and a bit of a play showcase.

These Types of tools to your staff into your community and think about what will work there's. Also the Yammer community so remember that there's a there's an active Yemma community, for Google, G suite there's an academic community for Microsoft, Office 365 and, you can go and then we can just talk to the people who are already using these things and say well what are the advantages, and that's a very common question that's up on Yammer and you can even search for past. Conversations that. Ever. Wonder see how people are using it absolutely, so there's a lot of resources that are that are available nobody's. On their own anymore we're all connected these days we are now speaking about, browsers. I think you got us something you talked about Chrome is that right what Chromebook, is the, the next step that one, of the other the big things that we rolled out recently, Chromebooks. Have been. Available. On the rollout for the past couple of years but. Last, year we rolled out the enrollment. Process to. Enroll, all the Chromebooks to help them become a little bit more managed, in, our in our departments, environment, so we've got our own Google domain and when. You enroll, device using, the URL that's at the bottom of the screen there yeah you'll be, able to very. Easily open, the device you'll see the familiar Department. Logon, problem. With your portal credentials, and very. Close easy you're signed into your browser and you're able to access all you do all of your G suite content and so on you know when I first saw the Chromebook I thought it'd be a great solution as schools as a shared, device and, I think this is really powered it up yeah it's, a misunderstood, device it's not Windows it's not Mac it's it's Chrome OS so, you're actually operating. Online most, of the time you. Require a network connection but, you can access a lot of the things that everything's, in the cloud these days right, most of the things you can do in the cloud on Windows machine or a Mac or an iPad you can do that on a Chromebook as well yet you know your basic you know your. Basic editing, tools of, course all your office 365, suite as you said it's all out there so for something that's been around for less than a year being, the Chromebook enrollment, program oh yeah in the department, 17, there are 17,000. Chromebooks across. I think something like 600. Different, schools and I mean yeah have been enrolled so. It's a there's, a lot of stuff there and it's growing all the time and Chris will again be on the temporal rollout coming up. No. We have talked about that a bit later on aren't we yes, absolutely. Okay, well, good and I think it's time. For. Another prospect. Technology. For learning fast. Fact. Fantastic. We've. Been talking about Google we've been talking about Microsoft, we've been talking about Chromebooks. And things like that the. Other platform, that's big in the department, is iPads Apple, absolutely. On iPads there are so many iPads, out there most of them have been bought with discretionary, funds they, were first added to the t4l rollout last year and a lot of them were picked up absolutely. With a to full rollout but since then and before then and they've been around since 22, 2011. Really gee we're so sitting with you we've got so many iPads, that are out there it's it's actually rivaling, the number of PCs that we have in, terms of connected. Devices on. Yeah. So, iPads, have been a great, resource. For schools and they've been doing a lot of amazing things in the class, with them but one of the biggest problems that we've had with iPads, is.

Their. Demand. For updates, yeah. Device, and, those, devices are, constantly, wanting to connect to the internet download. The latest update, so. You've got you've got an iPad in your classroom, and it's got a hundred, divided and redact on it because you you push those out or maybe it's a BYOD, or maybe even it's, an iPhone okay, and you've got all these apps on there games and all sorts of things yeah um that that wonderful swap, faces next. To why everybody, just has to have. You. Measured which, seated in the right position. Next. Time stay tuned. So. I'm. Just picturing that. Listening. To the podcast yes. You. Have to watch the broadcast next. Time so. What we've got is all these iPads that are wanting to update their apps all the time and what they're doing is flooding, their internet connection they're, flooding their gateway and they're finding that nobody can do anything because, these iPads that could be sitting in a school bag and they're. Connected to the Wi-Fi and they're updating. Their apps both, ways with, this and they're you know trying to use a lot of other advanced, technologies and they're saying oh look our bandwidth is flooded you investigate, and find out that you know yeah they really are calling, to those Apple update sites so what, what is there something you can do about a. Year and a half ago we, opened up through the ATL Program Apple. IMac, minis all right so the Mac Mini device, and we've enabled. A process to allow you to build that as what's called an application server sure since, then, 640. Schools. So far have, bought an application. Server and built it using a TTL this sounds like it makes sense what it does it's a little box it sits in the corner or not in the corner but in your server room somewhere, connected. To the Internet. And what. It does is every, time an iPad, device or a, Mac even or. An iPhone one, is connected to the Wi-Fi at your school and wants, to get an iPad update. And that update, yeah it. Goes and us Apple and, says give me that update uh-huh Apple says ah I see you've got an application server, at your, and what it does is instead of delivering. It through the internet it, delivers it from the application, server because somebody else has downloaded, that app previously, there's already a copy of it on there so only does the access, to the Apple the outside environment once, just, to verify that the app is already, available locally.

If, It's not available locally. It gets it from the internet but puts it on that caching server and then deploys it to all of the other devices so, you have is seen like the stats of a school that's implemented an application, server and what happens so there it. It, absolutely gets flooded 9:00 to 3:00 the whole day is flooded, in most cases for particularly. Smaller schools like, primary schools that have less, bandwidth, available, to them the, more iPads they have the quicker that bandwidth gets a bigger iPad users, yeah absolutely so, so, the, sorts of numbers. That we're talking about 57. Terabytes. Of Apple updates, have. Been cropping our departments. And at work for. The past 30 days or for the month of June and. The amazing, thing about that is these application, servers have taken that off the. Internet Wow. Connection, yeah and what they've done is deployed, it locally, so, in terms of performance it's, like a nice and performance. Advantage. That you get from having an apple setting to. Anybody, like we're thinking about our schools in the New South Wales Department they, are definitely going to benefit from this but no matter where you are the idea of an application, server could, really absolutely decrease. You know if you find that you've got a lot of bandwidth issues. Investigate. See whether your IT team has put in an application server, or not and you know they have in it something to get on to absolutely, that sounds awesome stew so that's that was the. Instructions. In details for that or on the URL that's up on the screen there and you'll be able to rather, refer to that and get some more further information, it's about a $1,500, investment, yeah but it means that. Yeah. And that's you I think one of the things that I've really enjoyed throughout, this year has been working with a lot of our vendor partners and also working with yourself, and with Greg and Sandy, on. Our Tifa, Alive publications. So Tifa alive is, our video, publications. Or our webcast that we put out we've, had so many this year there's. A, lot of good information that comes out in paper form and written, form that, you can read on the screen but it's a different level again when you try, and get people together and they're discussing things particularly. When you can get direct, access to some of these vendors and they'd be great this time as well. Jumping. In every single turn committing, to one at least one, webcast. With us and. We wanna hear more I think from people out there as to what they might like our webcast and beyond so, I know we've done someone teams we've, done some on accessibility. We've done some around are lots of the awesome Google classroom, tools here. Michael. Dobie you haven't we premier and, and elements, so, you kind of get a really good you know mix of different tools and we're trying to listen out. There to hear the kind of things that are being demanded, well at the end what we're trying to do is help teachers to an. End the schools to better utilize the technologies, that they all have access to yeah it's awareness it's about understanding, what it is that they actually have access to so, that they can then apply it because they're the experts is a class effectively, how are you going. To. Make a better outcome for your students and I'm excited because this this term we've got a bit about a new focus and we're focusing on the ability to use a stylus, or to use touch on your device and it's trying to time it around the, time when people making decisions about t4l, devices, so, you can start to see the benefit of maybe getting, a touch device so, that was our thinking but, please make sure you contribute, and let us know what, might be a great session, for, an upcoming webcast.

And Of course break it with a techie every. First every, first Wednesday of, the month but, they've, been a bit of an Enlightenment for all of us I have yes they have first it's in the early stab in the morning it's been getting colder lately oh it has it has I think I would be tuning into the recording, I think if I was even you're not on my pajamas no, with a croissant, and some coffee I think that sounds a really nice yeah but, now it's great to be able to connect to other schools that are doing great things when we break those. Great people who are doing some really, good things in their classroom, and they're willing to share it that's the great thing that we get from those sessions ourselves, absolutely, we do so much Norwegian, we're actually you know working together, Arby community, yeah so all of those past, recordings, are available to t4l live website, so you can go to /t. For alive that's correct you'll be able to see all those there's 23 of them so far that we that, we've put together it's, a it's a very short space of time but there's 23 different webcasts, of content whether you can go on access right now so the do is That's kind of what it's like as. Thing. That that's really taking off with a lot of teachers, doing. Their own professional learning self-paced, yeah and, in the subjects that they want now the last breaker with taking X you had 13 from mount Airy's Lee public school on didn't make me old Branson I think there's no special guest and, you talked about a lot to do with outdoor, learning yeah Harry take your Apple iPads, outside, and and use it for data collection and yeah, which, kind of because, he's actually one of our our winner is an exciting competition which, shall be held during 2018. Their 34, yes term one was threatened. We're. Trying to cover this six months and there's so many things that have happened yeah, turn, to we focused, on t4l awards and we got so many responses coming in videos were, submitted. By so. Many schools, on, yeah. Nine different, categories, that we are we, set up it was pretty ambitious yes, but we I, think we pulled it off in the end and what we what we've now done is announced, in if, issue 36, we, announced, the t4l, Award winners. The. Schools and, it. Was so hard to separate them that. We had to provide highly. Recommended, or highly commended, yeah ended. On. Several categories the efforts, we put in through compiling, their video submissions, and showing, us and showing the whole community, what they had done it was just a nice as an exercise it was great for us because it opened, our eyes to some of it in may amazing, things that are happening about. You know robotics, and seeing what no Rose Park public, school were doing you think about virtual, communities, and I think we saw the amazing, team up at Callahan college do some great subject virtual public and Callahan colleges, were actually Award winners to, different campuses yes, so, they're doing some some great things up there in the hunter yeah so. What, were you going to do is, next. Term August, the 13th we're looking at the CI o--'s, technology. In schools conference, AHA yeah, now this, is something, where we're wanting. To bring all of those people who won the t Thrilla Ward's together so, that they can share that with a wider audience, mm-hm. We're going to be at the Telstra, customer, insight Center which is an absolutely, amazing place, yeah, so you really have to be there just to see that venue. You. Know Stu I often find people telling. Me that they're really seekers. Just a conference full of keynote, presenters, who you haven't got a lot of experience, now they're in schools and, I, think there's still value for that yeah but I'm really excited that, the major focus, of our conference, is grassroots, educators, the, winners of our t4 Awards who are doing amazing work but. In, saying that we do actually have some really amazing keynotes, we do know what the the CIO chief information, officer. Of the Department of Education student, look at is going to open and do the presentations. At the end that's right and there's, actually one big CIO, award, which still hasn't been announced, that's the goal that we know so, one of those nine winners. Are going to also, pick up the CIO it would be kind of cool to do actually if you're coming along to the awards to go and watch the videos of everyone who's interviewed and try and pick the winner you know I think that might be an, interesting little competition, you might be might be giving me an idea this way yeah, well they're all at that tea frill Award winners website.

Williams Which was linked previously and on. Top of that we have registrations, open as well for the CIO conference, fantastic, so that's at tinyurl, CIO conf, 18, now, Stu what I'm really excited about you know a bag when you go to a conference which, is all together fantastic. But, let's face it at this conference what we're gonna be doing is giving people a toolbox, full of ideas, so swag. Swag. T4l. Swag and it's gonna be a tool box like this and, shall, we reveal what's inside the tool box yeah I think we'd better keep it a surprise it's gonna be a surprise but, it's well worth the, registration. Yeah. Absolutely. What, is it $49, or $35. 2 or 90 mm yeah I mean I think it's gonna be a great event if you're planning, your technology plan for the next few years bring along a team of people there. Is Telstra. Is Lawrence. Daley you're just gonna be speaking about IOT, Internet, of, Education, yeah oh yes Internet of Things too many acronyms really yeah I've got to be careful haven't we really, exciting and my personal, flavor is gonna be an awesome keynote. I'm sure from, Annabel Esprit who's, the head of education, at the ABC looking, forward to it yeah. My stem share will be there too yeah and they've got drinks afterwards, oh my gosh okay non-alcoholic. Doctor same, definitely. The place to be if you can get there and if you need inspiration for, your teachers you need them to ideas, for things that you could be doing with technology in your classroom but, we've got the right people there to show you exactly, what. Are you doing and you can connect with these people afterwards as well so you know it's really gonna be a conference of empowerment absolutely, to see so many people coming along there and we're. Hoping this is going to be the first year of the, CIO Ed's and the CIO schools. Technology conference, next. Year if we open it up again which we expect to yes, we're just absolutely, going to be blown away by the number of total, jumping I think come along so you can see the competition that you're going to be up against yes absolutely. Who gives a really good idea, oh now. Last you um oh you. Know I think we need a little bit of a sneak peak for people, who listen to this podcast new. We can kind of give them there there are a couple of things there's something that schools, possibly, haven't heard from before or heard of before which is yeah connect to thrilled I have not heard of connected see Pharrell is an infrastructure. Program. That's been part, of the department, working, in the background but, some schools have started to see the benefits of it already and, looking. At two aspects, we're going to go both extremes, the very small remote, schools that have been suffering, with satellite. Connections, okay we're looking at solutions to, replace that satellite, solution, with either an optic fiber connection, or, with 4G. And coming. Up soon 5g, wireless. Connections. Which, perform, at perform, satellite, by a long way so. We've already actually completed. To school two of our remote school have been complete and they expect to have nine schools, nine, of the satellite schools there's only about twenty one across, New South Wales nine. Of those satellite, schools are going to be completed by the end of August that's. What. We've done with those nine schools are what we're going to do with those nine schools by the end of August, is actually supply Telstra. Is helping us to supply an optic fiber link all, the way from the exchange, and in, some cases it's a it's a huge amount of money that it costs this optic fiber cable, aid to. These remote schools. Benefit. To those schools particularly, when we were in an environment where we're expecting, everybody to be able to make - cloud. Service. Dissipating. You know Adobe Connect so struggles, are so long with sunlight and we're. Now getting an ability, through. Telstra to get, a link through to a lot of those schools and it'll be I mean this is one of the things we do in the Tal team we like things to be simple reliable and effective and, I think that it's going to take those box yeah so the image that you saw on the screen there is is.

A Good, idea of the sorts of our benefits at where we, can expect to see for those schools yeah but from the other end of the scale we'll need our biggest schools, as well and you're trying to work out comprise, everything they, do the the more the larger, scrotums, school. Is the more students. There are the more devices, there are everybody's, got a cell phone in their pocket oh yeah connecting, to the Wi-Fi, everybody's. Got all these different devices in the school and we're, seeing just congestion. That's right it's not a problem it's congestion, yes we, need to try, and fix that congestion and the way that we're looking at fixing. It we've already got a large number of schools where something, has started to happen and and there have been some chatter on Yammer about it ah why is this Telstra people coming in and connecting, a new fiber connection, into, my school and, it's happening in some of our high, schools and even some of our very, large connections. To. Connections, going to, the, school yeah one of them is going to be used specifically. For the corporate department network yeah so for corporate applications yeah, and the other one is going to be used for internet so, corporate applications that, would be things like the, portal. Okay. What will and so on right so, all of those sorts of services, are going to continue to be, provided, through the department's. Corporate plane yeah and going through the state data center yep, whereas. The second link is going to go direct to Telstra and we're gonna be providing filtered, Internet access to. Each individual, large, school, yeah that, is, going directly to, the internet was. Some of the issues that we've had in. The past with connectivity, and and, compatibility, it's really, like a simple, solution it's, actually making the the network a lot simpler and as a result a lot more effective which, means we can do a whole lot more with it yeah and as well as that by taking off all of those large schools who are large consumers, of our corporate, bandwidth. Away. From that we're going to put them onto their own internet, connection, it'll free up a lot of the bandwidth. Everybody. Else so, what we're doing bandwidth, upgrades we already actually did a lot of bandwidth upgrades in the background, earlier this year, yeah where we we increase, the bandwidth at about 50%, 60% of our schools.

So. Everybody, should be seeing something better than they were seeing before but. This is something we're talking about four five times speed increase is really exciting news and I've, tried to digest everything you've been saying now I think I've got a basic idea of it and I really like those diagrams you put up are, we going to be putting this up in an upcoming newsletter. Some more information there will be more information it's, early days because what we need to do is get the infrastructure, out there first before we can turn it all on oh yeah so the, installation side, of things is the bit that's let's, see taking, up the hard, work but we're looking at 400, schools by the start of the school term, next GG that's pretty good and in something like 700. Schools not long after that so even if you're not part of this you'll actually experience, the benefits, because there'll be greater bandwidth so. Absolutely. So they know let's connect up to thrill and that's actually a is. A connector, to thrill, yeah there's another three phases that we can't let you know about right, now tune. In to the next podcast. Yeah. As. Well so at the beginning of next year there'll, be some big announcements, coming up on the connectivity for, real front make sure you keep us up to speed that is for sure now, I think we're getting close to the end of what happened during our first semester but we've got to look forward as well so the, kinds of things that we've got coming up in this next semester. I think I've got me even more excited and, we, start of course with the CIOs. Annual technology in schools conference which we've already talked about but, do we have any I mean there any other events you can think of that we should start talking about well if you remember back to back in term one we did our very first interacted. Oh in Newcastle, and yes absolutely. Fantastic. Was and it's great bringing it out to the regional centers yeah and we're going even further afield this time around so in term. Three at the end of August August 20 months you got it we're going at the dubbo woohoo absolutely. Beau is the first one that we're, kicking off for turn three and then in turn four will be up in Coffs Harbour fantastic. So going out towards, the western area up up towards, the north and I think we'll be doing some other directions in the early parts of 2019. Yeah so interacted. For those people who didn't go to the Newcastle oh yeah we brought together a whole lot of indoors Apple. Google, Microsoft, enjoy. You Belinda. HP. That's right yes, so, they were all participating they're all presenting, and we had a, great, event, that was split into three different streams, yep targeting, you know different people so you know if you're wanting to be an aspiring leader you're our leader we try to tailor some content, for for, you if you, were wanting to you know use technology, in your classroom we, tried to cater some content for those people and also, for ICT coordinators. We had a session that was dedicated to them and the vendors really came to the fore, as well and dedicated. Their sessions to it too so vendors. There'll, be keynotes, there'll, be stem share out there again as well I think, there's even a hint of a work or workshop on robotics, in the afternoon, there's, a breakfast, session with the people from fingers. Crossed, it, is going to be one amazing, event, so 29th, of August is the first one in DUMBO $35. Only for oh gosh for, a registration gourmet, catering, noodle, boxes and make your own burgers people, and how. Often do our country. Schools get access to all those, sorts of exactly, so, it's great if you can get. The time available on that day yeah absolutely, will be having how mobile. T4l. Try is out there as well so people don't like me calling it trailers by mobile t4l. Mobile. Technology, experience centers and that, will be coming around example. At a caravan. Think. On that one what act up being called now some schools have already seen the trailers they're actually, they're actually very impressive. These. Are things that we'll know more about with stem share as that comes out. Yes. So absolutely, there's two exciting, projects that are certainly going to be coming out through that semester two that we'll be reporting on absolutely. And, from, there we're also of course got the to full rollout awesome, is. An annual thing, way. Back in, 1997. We. First started the computers, in schools roll it, was the first time so we're actually waiting. 21. Years oh my gosh we forgot to have a party there we go then in, 2005. Was. When we rebadged, it and it we called it tea Ferrell and T Ferrell firstly, started off as that as the rollout of hardware, yet it's grown so much more beyond that and that's some of the stuff that we've been covering it in this podcast.

So And we'll be having some updates as to the types of devices as, we said we'll be talking about the pros and cons of the different ones so around around the middle of the term I think we can expect the, principal to receive an email that says here's, your allocation this is how many points you've got and these are the list of devices that you can choose from so, it'll be a lot of information up on the web and you'll, be able to use the online portal, to make. Sure your order what you want what it is that you're absolutely deliveries. Intern for and I'm excited I mean this is a really exciting one for me because it's the first time we've seen a fully convertible, machine yeah these have been available that. Went on last year's rollout but they've been available in discretionary purchase since earlier this year yeah, and a lot of schools have come back and reported, how, versatile. And effective and, reliable and. Robust. They are absolutely, and plus the kids like the color as well that's it red racing ribbons, go faster they do they do and it's good I mean cool things like we're gonna talk about these when we get towards the roll it out we will I won't need to talk about it more now I don't have a look if you're interested you'll, be getting your Sherlock Holmes hat and. That's. Right good fun I love talking about devices so that'll be good fun that's lately well that was six, months of great. Things that were happening in technology schools. Hopefully, leave it's hopefully the people that have been watching and listening yeah picked up some things that maybe they're you heard about but forgot, about exactly, and. Now's, the perfect time to pick them up starting, out a new term feeling a little bit fresh connected, again and I'm just excited for term three I can't wait to meet more people at the CIOs technology and schools conference out of the interact dating dubbo and or you know lots, of other events that we've got planned and online, of course absolutely. And please make sure you get in touch with us this is our first time doing, a podcast and doing a podcast a lot of the things that we're doing yeah and we want to hear your feedback so, so you'll be able comments. Straight. Underneath under, the podcast and under the vodcast absolutely. So yeah. We. Might need to change what else we might need next, time around we, probably won't, wait until another, semester goes by likely you won't have to listen to this long yes you and Joe I'm a bit shorter, so what we might do is just give another avenue, for the newsletters, to be able to be brought unleashing a dispersion yeah absolutely. I guess every, new Scaletta seems to have a lot of different content and a lot of things that we can talk about so let's just elaborate, on it sounds good and see what schools, can do with it I agree. Skew and before we go I just want to let everyone know that if you do keep on listening, we do have an interview, with the. General, manager of Education, from Intel right so we're really lucky to have been able to record that a couple of weeks ago so people might want to listen to that yeah, what, he thinks is going on in the tech world and will, be added on to that the vodcast as well one of the major players we, hear. From so many of our other vendors, it's it's great to also hear from Intel absolutely. So we'll try and put some of those kind of things out there for you if there's someone you'd like to hear from to let us know we'll see if we can get them on that's, amateur or on, everyone well if you're listening to a podcast see, you later alligator, you listening to the podcast we'll give you a big wave now, as well come.

And See you during turn three okay. You.

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Awesome - thanks Joe and Stu!

Thanks Stu & Jo, lots of great information. I love the direction that the DoE is heading with technology, it's reassuring and exciting!

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