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welcome everybody to lost reporters next super  stock live stream september 30th 2021 we are back   with visibility group vs bgf over the counter  and as always our goal is to bring you those   stocks which have 10x to 100x upside potential  and visibility is definitely one of those so   again we're looking for companies we should  have three things going one addressing massive   multi-billion dollar market opportunities  too there are at a key inflection point and   three there are multiple catalysts in place  that can ignite uh share price increases in the   short term over we've already had you know seven  eight stocks that are up between 10x and 50x and   hopefully vizbee is going to become our 8th or 9th  10th bagger of 2021 so with that said uh jay jay   we're going to do a quick show-and-tell yeah of of  the big visibility opportunity i'm gonna disappear   i'm gonna come back and then we're gonna open up  for q a is that good yeah that's fine i've got   maybe four topics i want to cover and i'll cover  them as quickly as i can perhaps three minutes okay so um i've been getting a lot of questions  about what exactly is store as a medium um just   as a quick aside this may sound slightly cryptic  but um we are now advancing this concept and idea   with multiple partners i think people that have  followed the company know that we've been a close   partner with intel uh for quite a while but what's  next on the agenda for us in terms of uh next   strategic step is this concept and idea is now  moving into a consortium of companies that is um   really going to be uh pushing it uh and uh leading  the process of of this idea i'm gonna let this   play really quickly um like i said some of you  have seen this before but it really does underline   and really emphasize the value of the store as a  as a media channel and really we're seeing that   right here in in model rama right in mexico um  some of the things that we're talking about as an   organization is why is it having the impact and of  course it has multiple modalities and disciplines   to that response but the principle and at least  initial response is that it incorporates enormous   data and lift you sell more product and you learn  more about the consumer engagement as we learn   more about consumer engagement as an industry um  we're going to be able to curate or optimize the   store location just really quickly i'm going to  rewind really quickly so i want to speak to this   multiple activation types all of which were  traditionally analog non-digital now becoming   digital this is an end cap that's a kiosk this  is a cooler door there'll be more on that later   and then we have the unique proprietary components  of visibility that have the location based   or proximity based advertising this is an example  of a live mode people are asking me okay what   is it like what's an actual installation like  they're small in canadian speak they're about i don't know where my internet went  apologies in canadian speak they're about   10 meters square maybe as much as 15. and so there  are very few uh specific products in that and   there is mostly beverage confectionary snacks that  sort of thing but we're measuring all components   of the consumer engagement where they go in the  store what they interact with in the store how   long they interact you can see on the right  hand side this is a cooler engagement this   happens to be a one dollarama in mexico city  person is now incented to make an impulse buy   or or a buy that they had intended to make  i'll show you the impulse in just a moment   the lift as we just described and all the time  we're measuring uh demographic information and   dwell information gaze information as to where  this particular consumer is looking and what she's   what products she's engaged with there's a digital  display and you'll see just above that display a   camera upper left that camera is measuring all the  movements of the of the person as you can see here   and connecting it and i'm going to stop  this for a moment back up one second the metrics on the left side is the money shot  this is what advertisers are interested in and   they've never had it before they've had  it and are routinely used to getting it   on the internet when they buy internet  impressions they do not get it uh on in-store   sorry i just had a glitch on my uh there you go  she's now seeing a display on that display and   this now she's being impacted by an impulse buy  she's being directed by the empresario to okay the   product just saw on the screen is right there now  we're selling products specifically because the   digital display is prompting an impulse buy and  measuring the entire experience what i'm moving   into quickly here is a specific marketing piece  we've done within bara which as a reminder is the   largest manufacturer of coolers in the world we're  now very much inflected into this business you're   gonna see some revenue in q3 connected to this  and more significant revenue in q4 as as we're um   as are really beginning to dig in with uh  some major customers it's unique because   it is capable of full transparency as if it were  glass and then in a second go to complete opaque   and display almost like a television would be  what's relevant about that is its capability   on the transparency is critically important  because brand people want you to see their brand   and if it's being obfuscated by advertising  they don't like that now they can see   you can see the brand whilst also seeing the  advertising and that's what's critical about this   this is proprietary technology that was recently  patented we share this and combine this with a   south african company with whom we have a strong  working relationship and the combined product is   really uh pretty fascinating and quite significant  i'm going to mention this really quickly because   this is actually an award-winning uh grocery  terminology end cap end of an aisle that is   digital interactive it's got the ability to qr  codes it's got cameras and it has um what you   might call situational awareness it it knows  which proximity sorry which zip code it's in   and it automatically pulls down from the internet  the polling count in that area you can imagine   that's just a unique sort of gimmicky example of  how we're merging iot or the internet information   with what's happening in store an analysis here  really quickly is uh is what we're doing for   um how we measure visitors and impressions this  is a much longer conversation so i'm going to skip   it for the time being and move directly to what  we're doing on the weapons side this is a specific   uh demo that we did for a large pd police  department where we're actually doing facial   recognition at the same time as weapons detection  we do it inside and what you'll see is we will see   classifications of the type of weapon long gone  long gun or handgun and poi and identification   this would obviously be plucking this person  out of a database if they match the database   here's the really important piece and i'm  going to stall stop it for just a moment   we're doing multiple things here on the bottom  of this as you see those bubbles we're doing a   weapons detection alert we're connecting that  to a dashboard gosh my screen just went again we're connecting that to a dashboard we're  doing a security assessment and we're mapping   the movements of the shooter geospatially within  the building the red is where the shooter is the   teal is where the shooter was that's critically  important because police when they arrive want to   know where the shooter is geospatially if he's  on the east wing they'll go to the east wing   if he's on the west wing they'll go there and  why this is important is the tragedy at parklawn   which we all remember quite well 90 of the of the  of the students um die who died bled out they bled   out because the police couldn't enter or wouldn't  enter the building because they didn't know where   the shooter was so if you're talking about ai  with camera technology and weapons detection   you can not only identify where the shooter is but  more importantly where he is not and so you can   if the shooters in the east wing you can you can  evacuate the west wing and we're getting enormous   momentum on this right now we have uh we're  participating in a large event at the end of   uh this month where we're displaying this and this  will be the the title uh we lost your screen share   oh i ended the screen ended up at the end  yeah that's it we're done with the screen yeah   i moved quickly because i did want to leave  time for questions and i by my clock we only   have eight minutes left so i wanted to be free  listen jay for you we have all the time in the   world we've got a lot of questions to address a  ton of questions okay so i'm glad the internet   is good here all right so um okay i got a  bunch of questions let me start from the top   uh i'm gonna start with the audience questions and  then i'll ask a couple of questions that i have   uh okay this is the key question the install is  you're in mexico right now right so this is the   what's going on with you how is the  installation going how many i checked   now i attended a board meeting on tuesday uh  a long one uh for the joint venture the joint   venture for a reminder is is visibility it's  uh our local uh mexican partner intelligent   and it's anheuser-busch there's a lengthy bird  waiting and it was really productive and um   they are saying abn bev is saying that  we are they're requiring us or urging us   not to speak about the cadence until we're at  december because there are competitive forces   not only here in mexico principally in mexico  but elsewhere as well that um they want to get   far enough in front of that there's no emulation  opportunity and while that's difficult for me as   a public company ceo i have to take a balanced  approach to this so i don't want to disrupt the   apple cart as it were i can say this though um  our cadence initially described as 5000 by the   end of this year we still believe we can make that  objective and um we're very comfortable with the   pace at which we're going at the moment i have to  confess that the first couple of months because of   supply chain and and training up tech mahindra  were difficult but tech mahandra put a bunch of   labor on this thing and i i was actually at their  facility yesterday and i'm really delighted that   we're now moving an install pace that's about 100  to 150 a week which is spectacular as far as i'm   concerned okay so that's okay so this is that's so  that's about on on page and it's going to and it's   going to pick up from there also it will okay um  that that that install pace i gave you was mexico   uh it's different in peru colombia and ecuador  where the other installations are occurring but   mexico has got the greatest velocity at the  moment and the greatest media market frankly   you know you know it's funny i mean pretty much  we've just been talking about mexico but really   so you're you're in four other countries three  other how many other countries are you in right   now doing this we're in four and though i can't  disclose the fifth there's a fifth coming fast   and it was uh the topic of a good chunk of our  tuesday meetings okay so just to repeat again   the countries you're now besides mexico you got  mexico peru ecuador colombia mexico okay so okay   so and expanding and this is just okay this is  and this is just the deal with one one group okay   uh by the first quarter of 2022 we will be the  largest in-store media network in latin america   and again so rapid growth okay and okay so so jay  this is i think i think this is very important   because the largest in-store media network has a  i mean that position has a market value what is   that worth dollar-wise some for somebody to to be  able to buy that i i i don't think of it that way   i'm not really i'm not i'm not rejecting  the notion or the idea i just don't think   of it that way what i think of is at 5 000 stores  our license revenue is about um 100 000 a month   but the media value the media value is 20x that   at least two million months at least uh that's  the i mean we've got a rate card that starts at   low it's got a range right and at the low end  of that that's that's where that is and our   participation in that media revenue is 30 percent  so this thing is growing and growing i mean it's   almost pure profit well you've already done all  the you've already built the infrastructure right   so it's like it's like you built a highway and  then every car that runs in that highway basically   runs without any specific expense connected to  its construction and it's really the same idea   right it's almost like a royalty essentially  and you're basically getting a third of the ad   of the ad spend it's basically something it's  like a royalty yeah so this this week this week   was not dedicated to managing all the process of  building the network that seems to be underway   and though might have been bumpy in in april may  we've sorted through that with the with the ala   alignment with tech m check mahindra this week was  about optimizing media making this known and aware   in the media space and that's why i'm sort of  characterizing the week is phenomenally successful   we've got some enormous opportunities for  some significant strategic connections   we've got global initiatives underway as well that  are complementary to that in terms of valuing the   media that we're building and i'm really excited  about the prospects of potentially just blowing   it out of the park on the media side okay jay by  the way the demo you did with the with the cooler   we got questions related to it i mean it's it's  amazing it's really amazing stuff we haven't seen   that that that is some really incredible stuff  uh and also the the uh location-based thing   it's funny you know the the i think was for  claritin or something the for uh pollen or   whatever it is so you you talked about it  before but now you actually when you show it   so people can see how this works in in a pharmacy  uh it's it's incredible i mean it's that just that   count increase in this county and all of a sudden  uh clarity the maker of claritin you know they're   able to market ads wherever there's an increase  in pollen or flu go whatever that is the weather   or whatever as he impacted by impulse desires and  if i'm reminded when in a drug store that i have   allergies and oh my gosh the alley our pollen is  going up i better buy and it's a 32 average ticket   it's got enormous impact it's got a 30 lift it's  significant so we're not talking and when we did   this with moed hennessy this is back in 2017 we're  selling 100 balls of champagne on an interactive   surface the lift was 28 they won awards for it  and that's an average ticket of a hundred dollars   so this works i mean it has enormous impact  and not to mention as we've discussed before   uh all of the value of the data which for the  moment we don't even have to talk about we're   talking about the lift the actual velocity  sales velocity yeah okay next time we're   gonna next time we have to get you back on uh and  really spend time with it because the video stuff   was amazing uh let's i wanna i wanna see if  we can address as many questions as possible   sure uh okay so uh it is currently the retailer  trade show with sensomatic and can you reflect   how integrated visibly software into sensomatic  environment will increase sales uh so this guy   i think he's in germany it's kind of a german  english i don't know if you can understand   english english so centromatic is in the  last i guess last day of its fiscal year   today um and the there we've been spending all  the time in the last several months training up   multiple tiger teams with it within  sensomatic to achieve the following vision   the store is a repository of data sensormatic  is the world leader in anti-theft solutions   loss prevention solutions for stores for retail  they're the biggest provider for retail solutions   but but metrics around loss prevention are  only one metric that are gathered up in stores   think of consumer engagement point-of-sale  customer journey inventory management all   those are other data sets the relationship that  we've carved within centromatic and that they've   recently re reinvigorated because they  brought us into more business units is   to to achieve the concept of the store with  multiple moving parts both customer facing   both offense if you will and defense operating  invent inventory management loss prevention   consumer engagement all that built together with  computer vision for a view of the store in real   time across the scale of stores that's  the centromeric sense dramatic vision   and why we think why we're so optimistic about  our work with them uh probably our first large   deal will happen with them in the fourth quarter  of this year the first quarter of their next year   uh okay here comes a uh interesting question uh  jay what potential do you see for the onyx glass   has this gain traction this is the thing you  were just showing right that's the the break i'll   break it down for you the onyx glass is the actual  glass that is able to be retrofitted into existing   coolers that retrofit's important or deployed in  brand new coolers so that's the hardware piece   we augment it by uh our content management system  and our computer vision to make it a complete   experience now the market addressability i'll  just give you some simple stats our close friends   at anheuser-busch have 60 000 coolers in the  small country of ecuador on the balance sheet   our friends at coca-cola have 21 million coolers  on the balance sheet in the usa these guys   they own it the asset is owned by them they  own these coolers not a lot of people know   this so what they do is they merchandise these  coolers and merchandise just a sexy way of saying   they highlight them they run programs  on them they wrap them with their colors   all that sort of thing so the the innovation  of retail sorry the innovation of transparent   coolers in that space allows them to merchandise  with interactive digital which is mind-blowing to   them they know it works in terms of velocity i've  mentioned the metrics before and now they've got   ability to deliver bespoke custom messaging at the  point of sale so what is the addressable market   well there's probably 50 million coolers in  in north america and south america that are   owned by multiple beverage companies so what's  the addressable market five percent 10 percent   i can tell you that the single  biggest billings impact for us in q4   will be cooler okay yeah i wish i wish we could  we could show that video again with the coolest   i don't know if you can see because just uh for  the for the for the thing later i i i have the   ability just to basically get this into people's  heads because i the thing i never saw that before   the demo you did just now i haven't seen before  it's pretty cool wait it's fresh so so so fresh   that's the word from the that's what the kids  say right that's the crate yeah yeah fresh   so uh okay so basically right now the coolers  that i've seen like the coca-cola they're kind   of wrapped it's like a vinyl wrap or something  they might have it's like you know that's it   well it's they're non-digital they're they're not  they're not sexy they're not digital can retrofit   those coolers with this glass how much how do you  monitor how will you make money with these coolers   then you're going to monetize how are you going to  do that well we are we are the only company that   onyx is selling this with we've got a locked-in  relationship that it's exclusive in nature   we're expanding that locked-in relationship to  ibera and one other cooler manufacturer that i   can't yet name at the moment but our go-to-market  is if you want to do transparent cooler   as opposed to a film that goes on top of the  cooler that might be digital that you can't   see through and there is technology like that out  there but it's not ours and it's vastly inferior   because you can't see through it the best way to  piss off a product guy is to make his packaging   not visible by the consumer that's the best way  to get on the wrong side of that guy so our go   to market is to deploy these coolers generally  and initially large beverage players alcoholic   and non-alcoholic we'll buy these instead of  buying analog coolers they'll buy digital coolers   they might initially buy 100 500 a thousand but  the opportunity for this category is enormous just   based upon the metrics i've given you how much  okay what's the what's give us the numbers okay so   when you retrofit right so let's say you sell them  a piece of glass whatever it is right how much do   you sell for how do you make what's the recurring  revenue integration this this is the brilliance   of my team and i have to give the credit to the  team we sell the cooler solutions both as a capex   four thousand bucks with an ongoing sas fee of  50 bucks a month or as a cooler as a service so instead of buying the cooler you lease the  cooler and it's 200 bucks a month and it's   everything's in 200 bucks a month for the glass  basically no the whole thing including the cooler   oh you give them the cooler also well if you  want a retrofit we'll do that as well 100 and   a half 175 but if you want the cooler it's 200 to  250 just depending upon the country so 200 bucks   cooler as a service and okay so i guess you're  you have a financing partner pay for the whole   thing no we have the largest cooler manufacturer  on the planet we don't need a financing partner   so they're paying for it basically they're  paying for it this is on their books   it's on their books okay so they they have it  figured out so it's nothing to do with you okay   and how much do you get from that  200 bucks we get our licensing fees   and we source the hardware we up charge  the hardware as part of the supply chain   okay so a month how much of that 200 bucks are  going into your pocket uh a quarter of it that's   pretty good yeah that's perfectly really happy  with it and it's 50 million coolers out there   that they're all you know they own these coolers  in our immediate pipeline there's 50 000 coolers wow and this by the way this is pure profit  essentially this 50 bucks a month is pure profit   the 50 is the hardware runs at about a 35  percent gross margin okay okay so the number   i mean the numbers are really i mean there are  some significant numbers i mean you really have   these this multiple like opportunities inside  of business like you're you got multiple things   you got the cooler as a service thing which is  rolling out you got the the the the other the   store the end cap stuff this i mean really it  is this is the transformation of retail on the   on the retail stacks that's what i was going to  say on the retail side think of us as the guys   and gals that are building solutions that  are digitizing retail kiosk solutions end   cap solutions in-shelf solutions refrigerator  solutions freezer solutions all of those are   ours we happen to ride on hardware but our win is  not only the the delivery of you know really cool   sexy content but the measurement of that content  as well and now we're doing predictive modeling   around it all the ai that we do around that's just  jack the retail side of our business i would argue   the security business has equal and potentially  a superior opportunity it's funny every time we   talk we what we're going to the next balance is  the next live stream we're going to focus on this   because the security thing is actually could be  integrated again you have multiple modules people   can use different markets in mexico they they like  the security thing that's important but i think in   the next live stream we're going to spend time  focusing on that side sure so okay so let's see   if we can get to a couple more questions uh okay  so hopefully we can get a okay uh wpp jay can you   wpp connection yeah um i really can't  go too deep into it at the moment but um   i can just say that we've been working  with them what agency in the world they're not only large but enormously influential  and you know the second part to me is just   as valuable as the first as the first part  we're connected at the very highest levels   of the organization we're doing collaborative  work together we have specific projects we're   working on and we're working on something a little  bit more formal between your two organizations   you know it's interesting because it's a you know  the the origins of the wpp originally i think the   guy who started he originally started with a  display item for in stores like on basketball   i'm not surprised so so the dna so you  actually are a good fit because he was   they they were an in-store media in like in  the uk or whatever back in the 80s whatever   uh okay so uh great question from  vail can you talk about your patents   so there's patents on the onyx side that covers  the glass and how the glass is is built how   the actuator is done an actuator would be the  trigger between transparent and non-transparent   and so that whole area we have two other patents  one of them is connected to vending has to do with   how we display in the vending world and the third  which is still in a pending status i'm not sure if   people on the phone know this but the usp uh um  the u.s patent trade office has been is working   on the 2016 file at the moment so they're they're  just a little bit behind but we are here in fact   i heard from our patent lawyer this morning that  we're um the last patent which is connected to um   where people are in proximity to display governs  what is displayed who people are with reference   to where they are with respect to display governs  what's displayed so an example would be a man 45   year old man shows up we play content relevant  to a 45 year old man if a 25 year old female   shows up we play content relevant to it and so  all that is covered in the patent if we granted   that patent which looks like it will happen um  it should happen in the in the january february   time frame and you know it's it's i can point to  several breaches already that would allow us to   sort of do that if we were if we were willing and  and uh desiring to go out go like go that route   okay oh wow okay so we got a bunch of questions  just give me okay hang on a second let me just let   me just i thought we only had a few okay uh okay  so we got we're gonna be running a little bit over   time so just uh hopefully we can get everything  uh addressed there okay uh skippy's asking will   these cooler doors look too much like thomas is  gonna be could it be too much i don't know yeah   it could be too much absolutely absolutely  it could so um we have to be very conscious   about affecting the consumer in a negative way  skippy as a reminder we measure sentiment so if   you don't like what you're seeing we can tell you  don't like what you're seeing oh right we're right   okay you can dial down the crazy we can dial it  down i can tell you that no retailer or brand is   going is going to want to light up like las vegas  strip uh the entire uh area but i can see every   other door i can see a suite of three doors  we've seen a lot of that where you can run a   cross panel activation maybe a large  globe that would cover all three   and you know it's the ident the idea here is we're  trying to what they call in our business disrupt   the path to purchase if i can disrupt you if i  can slow you down i can impact you via impulse   and that's the idea okay so and apparently  also because again this is based you can do the   displays based on time of day maybe you might  want to pull it down for late at night or whatever   different locations right depends what's happening  whether okay uh okay uh what catalyst can we see   in october so that's 30 days out we've got  some enormously important partnerships that   we're doing on the agency side that are on uh  sort of a final glipe glide path uh we have um   a national rollout with a large beverage company  which will be announced probably in october   it's already underway um those are two  important things in october we've got   an initiative in the an initiative that will be  announced in the critical infrastructure space   which will be five years long  and uh kind of an important   reference account for us as we move forward so  those are three events in october that i think   um will be exciting for the organization oh and  i should mention that uh we're in the middle of   closing q3 right now and i'm extremely happy with  what i'm seeing and and i think the shareholders   will be as well okay okay uh interesting because  okay so last quarter just to just to remind people   so last quarter uh you were up okay so basically  you're you're the bookings were 4 million in   change right 4 million change which is 165  increase over the previous course a quarter over   quarter growth in the bookings that's the future  revenue so so that's a 20 roughly let's call it a   16 million 17 million dollar run rate that's where  you were at three months ago you could be higher   that yeah that's where you reported based on  three months so right you might be higher than   that right now right could be we could be yep  could be okay we're not saying anything but okay   uh okay so bob is asking okay so this is  the thing that you talked about last time   now this could be huge you haven't talked about  it too much this is the austin gis which is the   infrastructure as a service you're a little bit  cryptic about what this is we talked about the   partners you have some huge partners which is tech  mahindra this other company what's the the indian   company the tech hcl hcl right and now people  are saying some somebody's saying that the other   partners which you you did not say who they were  but they are saying that it's intel and ability   will you confirm or deny well i don't think he's  asking me to hopefully he's not asking me to   you know when you do business with these  big companies they give you guard rails   i mean i sat through a meeting on tuesday where i  was given guardrails and i don't like them but but   on balance you know i'm not prepared to disrupt  the partnership in a way that might appear to be   cowboy just because it you know it allows me to  message to the street in a more transparent way   i'm desirous of doing that and i'll do it  whenever i can do it but i'm not going to run   i'm not going to risk the commercial progress  just to do that and on the intel side i am   not confirming or denying that austin gis has  intel as an equity partner but we've been had   a long relationship with them and that kind  of makes sense uh but uh they will disclose   in their time and just a reminder to who the  three other partners are the uh radar app which   is our mexican partner small like visibility  hcl a 20 billion dollar market cap company   and and tech mahendra 52 billion market  cap company so these are enormous companies   uh and uh of course for us what they solve each  in their own right is the ability to to deliver   they are there are delivery rails for us check  mahandra on the retail side hcl on the security   side uh both of them in 100 plus countries  sorry okay so and one thing you talked about   last time uh which is this infrastructure  service it's basically this is gonna launch   you know you're saying it's going to show some  significant revenues this this year right uh this   yes this quarter we're about to enter yes okay so  this is already can you talk about what they're   doing though can you talk about the service  well they have they have three primary services   and more will be added later okay retail analytics  as a service anybody on this web stream will   probably understand who the software is underneath  that offering security surveillance as a service   that's visibility and radar app combined together  just like we did in mexico city and the third one   is 5g as a service there will be others they're  interested in energy they're interested in in   utilities and we're bringing to them some  opportunities with critical infrastructure   so what their re what their reason for living is  they bring financial weight to the conversation   they have a 60 to 100 million dollar uh ability  to loan against long-term contracts so their   hunting pedigre their hunting requirements  are the deal's got to be 200 million or bigger   and it's got to be five years of length and it  generates revenue by way of infrastructure as   a service so if you take the visibility piece the  radar app piece and all the other pieces together   combine them under a single capex they take  that capex and turn it into an op-ex that's what   austin gis does so i think it was brookfield  you were working at brookfield brookfield   macquarie out of australia the business with  large public infrastructure it's a good model   okay okay so very interesting okay so there's  some interesting things in the works i guess   you're not really giving us details i guess the  details will emerge in the next month or two   of what this i won't i won't put anything at risk  uh in in for the sake of transparency i just can't   at the moment okay uh okay abr do you think okay  are we gonna see the those coolers in the u.s   um my guess would be yes i'm not speaking about a  specific project i'm aware of you know cryptically   but my guess would be yes the first  adopter of the first version of this   product which was vastly different  in a lot of ways back in 2015 was abi   so they've already shown in this is before there  was computer vision this is before there was edge   computing this was before a lot of the components  that are now part of the offering and they showed   interest in that i think they bought 2 000 of them  at the time so i would imagine that we'll see that   happening i can tell you that that particular  customer on the latin american side is um uh   very interested okay uh interesting question uh  power uh somebody like pat if you if you notice   if you're doing the whole these disco coolers  is it does it take up more more electricity i'm   gonna write the disco coolers down and share that  with our marketing department um so lcd uh panels   comparatively speaking i mean a cooler has a  compressor in it you want to talk about the   power hog in the cooler it's the compressor  okay so we're only adding about five five to   eight percent power uh to that and because  lcd and it's a it's a high efficiency lcd   uh and in the case that we're retrofitting um  you know they've already got power consumption   from from the compressor compressor and we're  just adding to that so it is not ever come up   as a significant barrier uh for sales okay uh  jay we're really uh we're really completely out   of time or okay so uh we're gonna have to catch  up with you next time i want to really spend time   on one of these we're gonna pick one of these  things maybe either the infrastructure or the   security side we're gonna make or a demo of the  coolers but we're gonna do one of those things uh   but i think we picked up some good things one  thing i just didn't want to mention is you added   to your board of directors uh oh yeah sensomatic  guy which is very compelling which we didn't   really bring up but that's that's big yeah i mean  i'm in his uh unbelievable strategic mind and he's   already at work yeah what is he gonna be doing for  you well he's sitting on the board so he's got a   fiduciary and governance requirement clearly uh  but i i brought him in to be sort of a working guy   and so he's gonna help me directly work with me on  strategic items my job is to look six to 12 months   out we're a small company in a in a in a universe  crowded with large players so we need to think   better than them or certainly equally as good as  them and we need to execute better than them so   amin is here to help me having the pedigree that  he has which includes hp retail uh sensomatic   he's a very solid strategic mind and um he'll help  us craft the strategy what did he what did he do   with sensomatic that's like directly applicable to  what you're doing like how is it like what's the   fit there because it sounds like there's some sort  of strategic fit he was responsible for crafting   our role inside a centromatic and then laying  down the execution rails to make that happen   but he's also responsible for all m a not only  at sensomatic but some of the jci stuff as well   so if you're responsible for m a you need  to have a strategic mind because you need   to know where the product fits right a lot of  m a due diligence is not necessarily balance   sheet it's it's product fit right and so  he is extremely technical he's an engineer   uh and um he provides me a norm in fact i've  spoken to him twice since he's joined for lengthy   amounts of time on specific strategic items i  needed his consult with uh okay jay uh thank   you we're gonna catch up with you in a few weeks  uh and we'll we'll we'll do more demos this is   we gotta go all right wonderful these demos these  are phenomenal thank you again jack thank you you

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