Unbelievable Technologies That Have Been Suppressed w/ Bob Greenyer, Paul Schatzkin & Ashton Forbes

Unbelievable Technologies That Have Been Suppressed w/ Bob Greenyer, Paul Schatzkin & Ashton Forbes

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Good afternoon, gentlemen. Good afternoon, George. how's it going, George? Hey, three of my favorite guys.

It's good to see you. All coming to the Cosmic Summit. Paul's going to be speaking on stage. Bob's going to be working with Malcolm in his classroom and, uh, Ashen's an attendee right now, but we're going to work him in somewhere proper. He might maybe step in that classroom on Monday if he can stay till Monday, but, um, this is the high technology crowd for the Cosmic Summit. Okay.

And the way we get there from the summit, and maybe it's stretched, but it's somewhat just a reflection of my interest. And I think a lot of people share them is that part of the suspicions of the, um, cosmic summit crew is that there were previous technologies that might, um, have not stayed with us and art acknowledged today and could have some important, some, some explanatory power for things that happened in the deep past. and Ben Van Kirkwik and Russ Allen, et cetera and so forth, the speakers at the summit firmly believed that there was a lost high ancient technology. So what we're doing with you guys is try to give the best look at what kind of technologies are out there that might be either lost and or suppressed or perhaps they're falsifiable and we can get to the bottom of some of that. But I think we're doing ourself a disservice if we believe that there were ancient. unacknowledged or lost technologies without trying to say, hey, what were they? And do we have any hints of these things available to us now? So y'all, Bob and Ashton have met.

Paul is new to Ashton and Bob. And as explained in the intro, Paul is an author of two fantastic books, one about Philo T. Farnsworth and the second about T. Townsend Brown. Bob is a hands-on researcher. who also puts everything he does out on the internet and same thing with Ashton.

So what I wanted to do was, you know, get us off to a quick start and talk about the respective technologies you're investigating. So I'd like to just start with Paul and then Bob and then Ashton and just tell us where is your angle because there's some Venn diagram amongst you and that's what we're gonna try to discover but we're also gonna try to cross pollinate. if it comes off that way.

So Paul, how about you get started and just tell us, you know, what are your books about and what are you talking about at the summit too? Thank you. Indeed, indeed. And I have read that biography. I highly recommend it to people, man. It is very, very interesting and I'll get into it later, but it has some North Carolina connections that fascinate me too, yeah.

incredible. Mm-hmm. Fantastic summary, Paul. That's great.

But we want to fill in some details, man. There's so many great questions that come out of that. Actually, Ashton, I said I'd go to you third, but if you don't mind now, kind of, you're kind of a citizen scientist like I am. You're not a distinguished author or, you know, an intuitive physicist researcher like Bob is.

We're kind of guys that got swept up because we're super curious, right? Yeah, I mean, at least not yet. I hope one day that I can be maybe an author like Paul is, who's as distinguished as he is, or maybe an engineer as distinguished as Bob. But no, for now, I just call myself a citizen journalist. I don't like fancy titles anyway. And my journey to discovery of a lot of this stuff in advanced technology has been related to the MH370 investigation and the videos that had re-emerged about six, seven months ago on social media back 10 years starting up the organization MH370X which is a group of volunteers who have been looking into the details around not just the videos but the missing plane as well and then connecting with a lot of these guys like Bob Greenier like Salvatore Pius who has some patents which could potentially produce synthetic gravity I like that terminology Paul as well as you know or high temperature superconductivity.

And then connecting with some other physicists and other people that I find interesting that are into the, I like high technology is another way to describe it. And my belief is that there is technology that's out there that's most likely locked up in special access programs that the public has no idea about and that it's so mind blowing. that if the public were to find out about it, it would be a worldview shattering and paradigm shifting. So that's really what I wanna do is to help push the conversation forward so that type of stuff can become accepted and hopefully get out to the world where we can begin to make a difference. That's fantastic, Ashton. How quickly you gained a lot of followers.

You went from just another guy on Twitter to how many followers over what period. And that is no measure of credibility or honor, as we know, or anything. But I think it's interesting that it's to your credit because you're a good communicator. But tell us about, you got into those videos and then what happened to your life.

Yeah, I mean, it's changed every aspect of my life. Even if you were asked my parents, they would go ahead and say that, you know, everything about me has probably changed since that period of time and in good ways, I want to say. And yes, I'm not really a social media person, although I've just kind of been thrust into it. For me, it was a matter of, if those videos are real and there is this very deep dark secrets that are being held within the military industrial complex that I just want the world to know. Right. So I went on, I don't even know how many podcasts lost count.

70 or more I think at this point and it was just to get the information out there No mainstream media or television stations would talk to me Only alternative media would and I'm thankful for everybody who had me on I didn't distinguish or discriminating against anybody I talked to every single person that would essentially reach out to me and try to get the information out there I didn't put it behind any paywalls. I didn't ask anybody for money at any point in time My only intentions were noble to get that information out there And I will admit that there's people that believe the debug the videos are fake that they've been debunked by either a cloud picture or a visual effects asset stock asset. I'm not trying to tell people what they have to believe that's out there. Not only do I think the videos are real is that I have very good reason and sources and connections that help to justify to me why those videos are scientifically accurate. And one of those people is on the screen right now, which is Bob Greener. He did one of the first analysis of those videos before I ever even met him.

I clipped that and put it on my Twitter profile a couple of weeks ago as well, where Bob admits that he didn't go back Science the Alta University paper wasn't even publicly available that describes that science until after the videos were Appeared on the internet. So I think it's an incredible story related to advanced technology and if it turns out that we can teleport objects then I'm gonna look kind of like a psychic probably but so will some of the other scientists and engineers have been talking about for a while Yeah, well, Ashton, I think you're a little bit like me. Some people, if they're uncertain about something or it seems like it may turn untrue on them after they are supporters of investigating, and what turns out to be a false hypothesis, most people shy away from that and I run towards it. You know, there's just something, there's gotta be people out there who are willing to put their reputation at risk and dig to the bottom of things. And I think we've got four of them on this podcast today. Hehehe Yeah, yeah, kind of what exactly.

I'm the first guy down the rabbit hole, man. I have no fear. I said, I'll get down in there, get out of the way. Yeah, and I know, well, what I say is I'm so far down the hole, the rabbits turned back, man.

They said, good luck, George, good luck. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I almost mean that literally. All four of us are so. far down some of these holes, but I think that's a wonderful thing.

And who the hell knows what we're gonna turn up. And if we get some egg on our face, who cares? We're paying with a little bit of egg for a lot of knowledge, be it pro or con. Okay, now over to the fantastic Mr.

Bob Grinier of the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project. Hey Bob, how you doing, man? doing very well. Thank you very much. My involvement in this space came out of a love of science. In terms of technology, I believe all technology is eternal, it just hasn't been discovered yet.

Or for those that have not been around long enough to discover an eternal technology, it doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't been discovered elsewhere in another part of the universe or in another time on our current domain. So I'm totally aware of that from the outset. And I was always fascinated in science. And I saw the original Pons and Fleischmann announcement in 1989.

At the time, I was reading every issue of New Scientist, which was actually a weekly journal at that point, which had some volume, rather than a little scrap that comes out once in a while. And even as annually as reading all of the job adverts at the back, I mean, I was literally reading it cover to cover. And I was always surprised by what happened to that story, why this Czech-born scientist who went to my father's school and at the school that was just 15 minutes from the place in which I was born, I felt deep connections with him. And I wonder why such a person that was even a nominee for the Nobel Prize was actually going to ruin his career. over something as foolish as mis-publishing science. And of course that isn't what happened.

And there was a very controversial character called Andrea Rossi who came onto the scene in 2011 and his theatrics got me interested in the field again. And I thought, well, I've had a child, my first daughter, and I wanted more children. but I was buying into this global warming or whatever it is, global boiling or climate change, I don't know what it is this week, narrative. Since I was basically a very young boy and I thought I probably shouldn't have another child, because what kind of a world am I bringing them into? I said, no, that's a defeatist attitude.

Let's see if I can go and find out if there's a solution to the energy problem and then I'll be comfortable in having more children. and I'll work to make sure it comes about. And so I took myself, inspired by this, the effect of this person to South Korea in 2012 to the then International Cold Fusion Conference or Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Conference in South Korea.

And I met four other guys who had gone there similarly with a similar story, at least that's what they said. And we saw that there were all these scientists, many of them were dying. In fact, Martin Fleischmann died three weeks before that conference. And they were talking about their different technologies, whether it's in gas or solid or liquid phase, but they were observing the same products, but they had about 70 different theories. And very necessarily, at least 69 of them must be wrong, because they can't all be right.

But if they're seeing the same things, maybe there's a common thing going on. And... because they all wanted to win the Nobel Prize, they weren't willing to replicate each other.

And because they, if they got certain level of success, either a pseudo government entity posing as a private entity would come in or a real private entity would come in and get them to shut up and spin plates until they die. And so, I thought, well, we need to do something totally radical. So I came up with this concept called live open science. which is not possible with the national instruments type equipment that was available and predominant in science at the time. The idea was to come up with a protocol, come up with the experiment, how we were going to do it, put it all out in the public domain before we run it, and then run the experiment and publish the experimental data as it came in. So there was no cherry picking.

It's what it was. And the public could then say, why don't you change this knob? Why don't you change that parameter? And they could real time see us changing. What a great approach. what we said was, is there anyone out there that's willing to come forward and have their technology tested? You know, you also you want someone to replicate it. And there was this guy from the Italian National Frascati Institute called Francesco Ciani.

And he said, yeah, I'll give you my technology, the wires, you have to build the apparatus to replicate. I'm not going to do that for you. Otherwise, it's not really replication. And I'll work with you. But like hands off.

And so our first one failed because we tried to change one thing that he said he was going to do next. It was later that we found out why that was significant. But in the second attempt in France, in an experiment that started on 12 seconds past 12 minutes past 12 on the 12th of the 12th of the 12th, California time, we two days later had excess heat at 12 and a half percent, which I presented in an army base in Rome. on December the 14th, 2012. And then I was stuck. And so essentially we had shown over unity excess heat from a hydrogen nickel system.

And then... clear, that wasn't Andrea Rossi, though, right? This was a, okay. Just... copper nickel system. It was a treated Constantin wire from the scientist Francesco Cilani, and it delivered the goods. And so then I then said, this is real.

Now I have to work out what's going on. And this has been the story of my life. I don't believe something until there's something on the table that I kind of have to address.

And then when there's... that thing on the table I have to address, I'll see if it's real. And then I have to move forward.

And to cut a long story short, by 2015, I'd decided that the whole community had potentially been misled by forcing them to say you have to find gamma, neutrons, or x-rays. Otherwise, it's not fusion. And I'm not sure it is fusion. So like, why should I be looking for the things I'm told to find? And if I don't find those things, it isn't what you're saying it is. You're starting with the phenomena first. What is the phenomena? Not, yeah, yeah.

And I learned that in the 7th of January, 2015 with Francesco Pientelli, who discovered the nickel hydrogen system. He said, don't tell nature what it is, let it show you. And from that point on, I started changing things.

To cut a long story short, a few years later, I acquired some samples from John Hutchison, John Kenneth Hutchison here. This is one sample. And here's another sample. This is a sample and you've got the vortex structure with the hexagonal here, but it's split in two and you can see it how it's consumed the material inside. And with these samples, I actually managed to, it would appear decode this complex toroidal fractal geometry structure. And the end of the story is that this seems to be the key to all hidden technologies and it's based on the natural phenomena.

of ball lightning. Fantastic, Bob. Hey, Paul, I don't mean to hit you cold with this, but you were probably a, yeah, you were a science geek at the time. Do you remember the 89 Ponds Fleischmann? Okay, give us your memories of that.

Uh oh. Mm-mm. Not like this. Oh there it is. That's fantastic.

And I'm trying to do more listening than talking, but I gotta give you my little thing is that I was getting out of college a little bit late, you know, about a year late, maybe a year and a half. It's 1989. Yeah. And what's that? Yeah, yeah, exactly. I don't know.

And so I was kind of looking at the, you know, cold real world in front of me that I was a science geek and I was just overjoyed. I said, oh my gosh, what? wonderful timing, that right as I get out of college, there's a whole new world of physics and energy abundance and prosperity is gonna open up. Surely there'll be a job for me somewhere. Not necessarily in that field, but it just, the future looks so bright. And for those brief three to four weeks while it was still a thing, it was the most fascinating news story of all time and no science geek could turn their eyes from it. And then George Bush Senior put together commission with Hot Fusion folks and Department of Energy people and people whose these discoveries would ruin their careers.

And they came back in six weeks and said, Nope, didn't happen. And I remember taking it hard. And back then I believed everything that was told to me, still try to believe most of this told to me, and I was just terribly disappointed and I kind of put it away. And then as it has for all of us in various ways, as you looked into it in subsequent years, it became clear that the story wasn't that clear. It actually is one of the greatest crimes of scientific suppression and smearing and reputation ruining in the history of science, in my opinion. I think Ponce and Fleischman were owned to something, to say the very least, in the conduct of the academic community.

Yeah, go ahead, Bob. I do not think it was anything to do with what they announced. I think it's what they did observe, but they never announced. And this was a few years before their forced announcement. Firstly, Cold Fusion.

Firstly, Cold Fusion was something that a guy called Stephen E. Jones, a guy that has worked for the Department of Energy and has worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory. He...

gave the name cold fusion to it. It doesn't appear to be that. But what happened a couple of years before, because they were researching for about five years, but a couple of years before they had a 1cc piece of palladium that was electrostatically being loaded with heavy water. And this was running for about three weeks and it wasn't doing anything.

And apparently they came in and turned the current down, which removes the electrostatic pressure. that happens, you get some maybe some bubbles coming out, which causes a fracture of the palladium. This causes charge separation and it builds to a state. Well, anyway, those are potentially how this may have occurred. But what actually they found when they came back after the weekend was the water had gone, the glass apparatus had basically vanished. It had made a huge hole in the surface of the table, gone down and punched a fist size into the concrete vaporizing the aggregate and the cement in the concrete and leaving a fine suspension of particles in the room.

And what Pons and Fleischman realized, they had something that was way, way beyond nuclear. This is way beyond fusion. They didn't exactly know what it was, but every single person that has come to the fore and said, I think this is ball lightning. They have then said, well, you know, we're not gonna publish your work anymore. And I've met, you know, at least one of these people.

Cool head ashton. I'm just going to add as a citizen journalist what I would say is that George Bush senior also happened to be the 11th director of the CIA. So if information was being covered up, he would have been in the right position. That's all. Why do you chuckle there, Paul? right.

Such a mystery. Oh my gosh. And, and, and to take it a step further, he handed his son off to us for two terms. I mean, my gosh, you know, maybe it was his merit. what was his son doing or what happened during his son's tenure? Anyway, we won't go in. Yeah, yeah, it's messy stuff, man.

Yeah. And this is for, I voted for both of them and whatnot, but I tell you, I look at things a little bit differently now and y'all brought up dark programs. Um, I talked to Paul this morning. I've talked to Bob many times about this. Incidentally, Bob and I have traveled together.

You know, we've been to Zurich and Switzerland last year and got to know each other fairly well. Well, to be fair, I traveled on my own as an independent. You just happened to keep turning up, which is a bit weird.

is exactly the way to describe it. No, and that's actually very important. And I want to say, I'll say, I met, I, yeah. Yeah, we coalesced. No, not even that, Bob, it wasn't, actually, that's a good point, Bob.

How did you approach this most recent dalliance with new technology? And that's Malcolm Bendal's Plasmoid Generator. that I approached what actually Ashton is involved in is, I didn't want to approach it. It approached me. And so basically I was looking into the GEAT, the Global Environmental Energy Technology of Paul Pantone. And I'd done some work on that. And what was interesting in that technology was...

It was claiming to do transmutation. These were transmutations that have been observed in the low energy nuclear reactions field. But there were some independent researchers that had reported seeing these plasmoid-like objects coming out of their devices, at least in two different experimenters case, outside of the reactor, which means they had traveled through the metal.

This is something that Ken Shoulders, who was brought in by probably the CIA to investigate John Hutchison, he said these things can go through metal, these exotic vacuum objects, which are equivalent to ball lightning. And we had been producing these things at will in Holland, inside a reactor. And then the first person that came forward to replicate this from Canada, he had...

he immediately was able, with the same approach, to reproduce these structures flying about, but inside his reactor. So what happened was someone says, oh, you know, you're doing GEEP. There's this guy, Malcolm Bendal, and he's doing a device that seems to make some of the same sort of claims as Paul Pantone's device. And I thought, well, you know, I'm already working with Paul Pantone's device, and I'm working with one of the people that work with him and so on. And so I kind of basically was brushing it aside because it's It's not that it's not possible. It's just another one of the same thing in my view.

But then a guy that was connected to him, however, I don't know, but he sent me a video from about eight years ago of these structures coming out of and into a piece of metal. And I thought, oh God, now I have to do it. I have to look at it because these are the things.

that we've seen in the Geek Reactor, but there are also the things that we produce in our reactor, and that means there's exotic vacuum optics in there, and I can understand how that's working. And what it was there was a group in North Carolina that was doing some tests on Malcolm's technology, and someone at Los Alamos said, well, if you can't explain it, maybe you should reach out to this guy, Bob, and he did the reaching out by sending me this video, which put me in a situation where I had to. And the same thing happened with Ashton, right? Ashton's technology that he's been looking into, and I do believe it is a technology, was sent to me by one of the former directors, Matthew Vallat, of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, who's working with the European project in low-engineered nuclear reactions. And he says, I think you need to look at this. And so I looked at it, and basically, what I saw on the screen was exactly what my father had showed me. and my three brothers and sister in 1979.

He said to my brothers and my sister, come downstairs, and we sat in our room and we looked out of our sunroom due east, and there were four lights that came up in the sky and disappeared. And what I saw in those videos that Ashton showed were functionally exactly the same. They were able to behave in the same way and so on as what I was And then after we saw this thing, my dad said, now you can go to bed. And it's only last year that I came across this, the fact that it was probably directly above Shoreham Airport, the world's oldest purpose-built airport in the world. And my dad was a top Mason and he was into the Navy.

He was respected in the Navy. So. I was forced to look into Ashton's technology. So that's, I've connected the Malcolm's technology and Ashton's.

I didn't know that origin story Bob. I didn't know that origin story about the you getting sent the videos nor did I know the origin story actually about Malcolm Bendel which honestly just makes the weird letter that connects everybody together even more bizarre to me. I won't go too much into it but I'll just say as a brief abbreviated version there was a letter that was addressed to me on a random YouTube channel that went dark very soon after and it said to through Randall Carlson to find Malcolm Bendel out, Bob Greener was hanging out with Malcolm Bendel that same exact day that it happened. This is actually I found George Howard as well. So weird.

kind of put us together. It was chilling actually. And I think we came to the conclusion that was a spoof video. Despite your initial reaction, it's like, holy cow, whoever made this really knows our stuff. And yeah, and what I think they were doing, assuming it is a spoof video, which is kind of where I am now, was they were closely following the Bendall story with Randall.

and they were closely following your story Ashton, and they thought mixing those two would be an exciting topic to start their new channel. Has that person come out with more videos other than about four or five? Has it gone dark? Did you download it? Just real quick, do you have that video? Did any of us get it? on the internet still. I mean, it's just, I should download it just to be safe.

But I played it on my YouTube channel several times. So it's not going anywhere at this point. But yeah. and yeah, go ahead, Paul. Please.

I rest my case. absolutely stunning, isn't it? Sorry, the book? How many books do you want? Yeah, this is where the cross pollination comes into play. We don't have to do it right here, but you've got a ball lightning expert right here, Mr. Greener. So. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's a rather persistent mystery and it seems like anybody that ball lightning research has kind of some kind of cap to it. Like all of a sudden it just doesn't go any further. It just remains in the back of the, what, yeah.

on that point. So when Kenneth Radford-Scholders, the inventor of the screening technology for microelectronics and the inventor of the quadrupole mass spectrometer as two of the things that he invented, when he started talking about the fact that exotic vacuum objects, which were in part born out of John Hutchison's research and in part born out of Winston Bostick's When he was talking about those things being ball lightning, there was a discussion on the Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Library, which is at Lenakana.org, that all of his work should be removed from the database. And that was requested by a former Los Alamos National Labs researcher. who actually was part of developing nuclear rocket propulsion.

On what basis did he ask for it to be taken down, Bob? That is not clear. But I literally have emails railing between him and another researcher in the field, Mitchell Schwartz, whose patent at the time was being held up by the US Patent Office, as I understand it. And his work was asked to be removed. But after lobbying, Mitchell Schwartz's work was reinstated, but Kenneth Radford Shalder's work was not reinstated.

So a similar thing happened. know that and I'm somewhat familiar with that library. At least I know of it. It's the compendium of all coal. thing is when I read, I'd never heard of Kenneth Radford Scholder's work from the time I came into the field in 2012 until I came across his work in the late days of 2016, early 2017. And when I first talked about it in March 2017, within two days, his website was taken off the internet and it had been there since the 1990s.

So I reported in India and from California time, they would have had a day and a half to take the action to remove his stuff from the internet. And that was very sus. And later I found that when Taka Akimatsumoto, who started cold fusion research in 1989, almost immediately, and had his first successful results in 1989, and published widely in the American Nuclear Science Journal, Fusion Technology. By 1993, he had decided that this was the same thing as ball lightning. And in 1994, fusion technology changed the rules, saying you can only say this is anything to do with cold fusion or fusion if you see neutrons, gamma, or x-rays.

And he could then not publish in there. And he wrote a letter to the editor in the year 1994, I think, to rail against this. Yeah, Fuseor.net. you get, yeah, but you get those in the farnsworth fuser because you get neutrons. And so when you get neutrons, you're going to get activation of atoms around it, which means you're going to get gamma and X-rays.

No, you can't have anything on the web that says that cold fusion, which is not fusion, you can't have anything that says it's ball lightning. Hmm. They don't want people to make that connection because it is what I can see. Bull lightning is the key to all the hidden magic of everything. And if I could ask you another key word, like as Paul was mentioning keywords, I think another key word that brings everybody together is the word toroid as well. Paul or Bob, what are your thoughts on that, especially, you know, related to plasma technology? busy.

I totally agree with you, Paul. Everything you said, I can completely concur. With regard to toroids, there are only two structures in the universe that enable neg entropy, the tornado and the ring tornado, which is the toroidal soliton. Those are the only things that enable neg entropy.

So if you're gonna have any form of matter coming together, you have to have those two things. Specifically, when you have a cluster of toroidal plasmoids in the terms used by Winston Bostic and Nardi. If you're going to have that do the processes of Lenner, I believe that we have presented a very compelling argument with physical evidence that we can repeat at will that it is a cluster of these things that form what's called a toroidal moment, which was discovered by Vladimirovitch Dubovic in 1965 for his thesis published in 1967 at Dubna and only verified in the West in 1997. It is the basis of some of the technology of some of the most secret technology there is and next generation technology. But this produces what's called a fractal toroidal moment.

And the fractal toroidal moment has a phase singularity. The phase singularity is where matter can cohere. and you can then have the magic occurring in that part of the system. And it also has what's called a non-radiating boundary. Non-radiating boundary is where you have electromagnetic waves that cancel and only scalar and vector potential waves or scalar vector potentials can go outside of that. And ordinarily that is what's called an anapole, which was discovered by Zakov-Zeldovich in, I think, 1954 or around about that time.

And in the case of the normal anapole, if you have an oscillating toroidal current like that, oscillating magnetic field, and you have an out-of-phase electric field going up and down, this enables the non-radiating boundary to be formed. That's more challenging than what nature self-reports produces using these fractal toroidal geometries. Because you do not need to have the oscillating electric charge when you have the fractal toroidal geometry, because the toroidal moments and the resultant electrodynamics cancel that non-radiating boundary. So they're self-organized. And as Ken Shoulders called them, they are electronic structures that build electronic speeds.

And these things will actually invariably occur in the Farnsworth fuser, and they invariably occur in tokamaks. And they are actually a problem for tokamaks. They occur in what's called diocotron instabilities, and they also occur in what's called magnetic islands. And these things produce these structures, and they fly off, and they go and damage the titanium walls, which is why they want like liquid metal walls in some fusion reactors.

Yeah, so it's true. when we spoke this morning, I've already forgotten the term, but it was brand new to me. You said Philo Farnsworth at the end of the day, his most advanced research along these lines, it resulted in a physical phenomena creature, for lack of a better word. What was that called? What was your term for that? Yeah. Poison. Is that new to you, Bob? I just wanted to see, cause I want to see if it's a plasma.

Okay. Keep going, Paul. Okay. Go deep. Right, right. Yes.

it actually continues to record on Riverside. Okay. Ah, I call him Poisson, but anyway. Hehehehe. Because you've got Poisson's distribution, haven't you? Yeah.

Bob. Bob, where is that in the Grinyer glossary? Do you have a name for that beast? Does that match up with plasmoids? Is he seeing the same thing that Shoulders was seeing? would be called double layers in the electric universe. You've basically got a series of double layers and we've simulated these in the Vega experiments. So you can go and look at our channel and there's several videos where you get these layers of charge concentration. But I actually think it's these pseudo-monopole type structures that arrange themselves back to back.

back, back to back, back to back, and they create these layer structures. And they're actually like, if you can imagine, it's literally like a golf ball. So you're not wrong with that.

But if you can imagine a golf ball with its little divots in there, the little hemispherical little scallop sections out of it, that is like the mushroom, the phase inversion of one monopole. And then you have another one on the outside, and they have the two linking. And then you have the then they have these back to back and back to back, back to back, but they're in a spherical. structure and they same thing as the wheels within wheels though? Is that the? Yeah, actually, in the core of these things, you have the wheels within wheels within wheels, minimally, but it needs to be normally four levels.

But because every wheel needs two wheels to make a wheel, it's actually down to the planks, double the planks distance. So in my thinking, but so, yes, it's a deeply complex system that self-organizes extremely quickly. And it's very easy to produce them. And this is why you can get people, you know, teenagers, doing a Farnsworth user. But wherever you get charge emission and the right field arrangement, you will get these kind of structures forming. And then the structures themselves will self-organize because they both repel and attract each other.

And thank you very much, Paul. Electrostatic Combinement, yeah. The Google of its day. Yeah. Oh my lord. Oh, just boondoggle balls.

Yeah. Wow. Can I stop you there? What is the nature of the electrodes that's firing them in? The geometry, are they like a point or are they a ring or what? Well, yes and no. What is the source of the beam? No, is it a positive source or a negative source? That's okay. See, here's the thing, Paul, because if you move anything through a tube or anything comes from a point source, it will have a toroidal form to it.

because it just does. No, no, but you know, no, it's going like that, like a smoke ring coming out of your mouth. If you fire from a point, you end up with a smoke ring.

If you come from a tube, you come on the smoke ring because there is electrodynamic processes going on between the center of the flow and the outside of the thing that's delivering the flow of ions. And that produces shear, that is hydrodynamic shear, which leads the magnetohydrodynamic shear. And in fact, what they do in is they inject the plasma in things what they call plasmax. And these are very, very large toroidal clusters of ions.

And so it seems like a similar process. I have one other question for Paul actually. Well, I do, but you know, Ashton's got to go in a minute. And what I was hoping is what we could do, the segue that may or may not be appropriate, but I think it is, is that what y'all have been describing is the first shoots of this technology, and then it seemed to kind of disappear, or perhaps it was all fruitless and just wrong, and it was all shut down. But y'all are experts in that, you know, the ancient evidence that something was there. Ashton has been investigating potentially may or may not be a modern implementation of those technologies.

And Ashton, I don't think it'd be fair to our viewers who were unfamiliar with your work, if you didn't play the videos that you've been investigating, and then we can riff off of that, let Ashton go and return to a longer conversation in any depth that we care to. Ashton, go ahead and run with those videos and give us your potted description, because I'm sure you've done it a thousand times. is real and we can produce, you know. Plasmoids as I think both Paul and Bob are talking about then we might be looking here at this video or both these videos I'm gonna show at One of their most recent implementations and this would have been from ten years ago here We're looking at what we call the MH 370 satellite video the description said satellite video airliner and UFOs You can see this orb come flying in here at roughly Mach 2 or Mach 3 speeds Second orb comes in from the water and a third orb comes in from the side In the bottom left of this video, you can see coordinates that move when the perspective changes. We're looking at a citrix session here in a cropped screen, which would indicate that somebody was logged into a secret satellites database that nobody really knows about that we don't even know we have video capabilities in 2014. Yeah.

that data. How do you know that? I don't mean. determined a citric session is the mouse that we saw come into the screen is moving at 24 frames per second, which is consistent with a citric session, but the background with a plane moves is only six frames per second. So this would be an indicative of looking at a database that's there in six frames per second while you're logged in and the mouse, it would be the mouse on the person's computer that's actually recording it. And then the field of view we know is larger because the mouse comes in from the top right and then it moves off the screen to the bottom left, kind of like how my mouse is doing right now. So there's like I'm looking at my mouse is going off the field of view on my screen right now as I'm sharing this with you guys in the same way that someone who's recording this would be doing.

We see them first begin. to form this zero point sinusoidal pattern mapping the plane or something, we're not exactly sure. But then they form a ring formation here. When I continue, as it gets to this cloud right here, the orbs actually slow down slightly. Now this is consistent with when Bob Greenyear pointed out that the monopoles begin to reorient and then converge on the plane. And then the plane's just gone, just literally gone out of space time in this video.

We know that this again, Ash. let me go back here. And you can watch now, if you look at the orb's speed here, you'll see them slow down right there.

They're slowing down a little bit, and then poof, plane is just gone, right? And then when we look at it in the second video, because there's two videos, and the operator scrolls over to the right, and then they close the window here, which would indicate that this was recorded after the fact, not in real time. And it may mean that we have the United States government potentially has, you know, real-time satellite video playback of the entire planet, which we think we've proven by Lockheed Martin, Sibber's space-based infrared system. You may have said it, but you proposed that video was either intended to depict satellite from space or was actually a satellite from space filming down.

Now that is not normally the kind of imagery that is shared with the public. In fact, I don't know if we've ever, have you ever found any imagery where you see a commercial jetliner from above? I don't think that satellite secrets and capabilities are some of the most Closely guarded secrets in the entire United States I think the last time they were publicly leaked to somebody it was like in the 80s and somebody went to jail over it Trump leaked a satellite picture on Twitter, which is very similar optical look and feel as to that video But it was just a still image of like an Iran missile silo or something like that So there's so many details that we don't have time to go into but there's the length the list of details in order to fake and have the knowledge base, essentially would preclude the public from even having any idea of what this stuff would look like. You would really have to be somebody who's in the know about these systems in general, including the drone video that we're looking at here, which we believe comes from an MQ1C Grey Eagle, based on the nose of the drone right here. But theoretically, it would also be an MQ9 Reaper.

This is a Raytheon camera. They've got settings in this camera that can change the color Even after the fact which is why I'm potentially not looking at in black and white like you recognize most FLIR footage Both these videos are in perfect synchronization with one another from two completely different perspectives So this would mean that you would need to create a 3d rendered environment in order to get this to match even the clouds match Later on now. This is the one where you start to see the stuff. That's pretty anomalous like the first video You know, it's cool, but not that impressive in this video. This is where I'm curious about stuff like Thomas Thompson Brown and synthetic gravity, because especially when it zooms in here, you can see the dark lines in front of the orbs pulling them forward. And they're not just being pulled forward.

They're also just completely ignoring gravity. Like they're not falling down to the earth either. It's almost like there's two different anti gravitational effects happening. Honestly, this shot right here, to me, is mind blowing if someone was able to fake this, because you can actually see this heat signature in the belly of the plane right. where the AC exhaust ports are morphing in real time while the orbs actually get displaced when they go through this smoke trail here as well. And then in the final moments here, you can actually watch the orbs converge and then the plane disappear within a fraction of a second.

There's actually a slow-mo. This is the original footage that was loaded onto the Regicide and non-YouTube channel back in 2014 on May 19th, 2014, roughly eight or nine weeks after the plane went missing. and you can watch it in slow-mo here. Or if you watch this in slow-mo, this is where the orbs are reorienting right here, where they kind of blur a little bit, and then they come out of the reorientation, and like Bob Greenier points out, it's like they're aiming their monopoles, like if you imagine, directly at the center of mass of the plane, and then within three frames, you can see this endothermic event happen, and then the plane's just gone. And normally I wouldn't take a video like this seriously without...

Engineers and scientists going yeah this matches our scientific expectations as well as the fact that they never found this plane They found a few pieces of debris in Africa While they argued this plane crashed in the South Indian Ocean and yet no debris washed ashore in Australia So real quick I like to extend the condolences to the families of the victims of this incident because it's a tragic one No matter how it plays out and I'm not trying to dig up any old wounds, but The more investigation that we've done, the more that what we see in these videos checks out with the evidence of the witnesses, the fire event related to 500 pounds of lithium ion batteries on board, and the cover-up. And they didn't know when the video came out, was it public knowledge that there might've been a lithium ion battery fire? It had been posted a couple of times but pretty much it was just overlooked for the most part like no one really took it seriously so That's the part where I like we found like one or two articles and there was even dr Edel which is an expert in lithium ion battery fires mentioned that you know, they can keep these fires at bay for a few hours And we found a witness who saw the plane glowing orange at the location where we see those coordinates in the satellite video The raw telemetry data so the satellite ping data where the plane actually wasn't even made publicly available until may 28th Which is nine days after the video was published So I don't know if the person was psychic and they were like, oh, yep We know exactly where to place the plane But the public really had no idea and the people like all of us here are old enough to remember when that happened There was so much obfuscation in the South China Sea? Did it disappear somewhere in like the Straits of Malacca? So, you know, my conclusion is that there's far too many elaborate details in these videos for them to be fake or hoaxed by anybody that's not a state actor and they would seem to implicate the United States government because both assets film in their United States government assets and I think the bigger thing is that in 2014 planes don't disappear. As simple as that. We know the United Is what happened or something else the United States government absolutely knows? That's why they've rejected every FOIA request to every single agency based on national security and foreign policy And so I kind of leave it up to the audience to determine what they think happens I think my opinion is that this technology is so advanced that it's gonna take a while for us to Catch up to it and what I want to know from the other people on the panel here is You know if there is technology like this or like what you guys have discovered You know Why do you think they're hiding it my opinion? is this is a national security implication right but I would want to know what do you guys think Paul and Bob had a question too, so question or comment. Sure. Mm-hmm.

Yeah. Great question, yeah I do. And the flapperon, I believe, is the only one that they used a serial number on.

Turns out the flapperon, an eight foot long piece of the wing, was missing its unique serial plate. You can Google this and find out, it made the connection miss it like a while. Yeah.

incident that involved planes where they found parts of planes but none of them had their serial number on. Now most people don't know this but I had a girlfriend who worked for the Boeing Service Centre in Gatwick Airport. So she managed the engineers that do the swap out of parts.

And when you are maintaining a plane, every single part that you can swap out has a serial number on it. and they track where that serial numbered part goes. And then they get another serial number, which might be a reconditioned part or part that's been certified as being suitable to put back on the plane and it has a serial number.

And it's interesting that you have these events that occur where they find a fragment, but none of them seem to have their serial numbers on. Yeah, and so the part number is what they used to match to the plane. And so they found a partial match on a part number related to some numbers. And they said, oh, well, we've looked back through the maintenance records and decided that this must be MH370.

But there was also a 9M MRI, which is another exact model of the plane that was scrapped and purchased by GA Telesis the year before in October of 2013. And then there was even another 9M MRK, two of them both. Purchase from Malaysia Airlines that both could have had you know equivalent pieces of the plane if those were scrapped and throw in the water Our argument what we presented this plane is getting teleported somewhere else Although I think from talking to Bob there's a possibility that we're looking at some type of annihilation event on these videos But if it was teleported the most likely location is somewhere else on earth. Go ahead I don't have a problem with teleportation. So this is something that effectively ball lightning can do. Sometimes it's able to go into a plane, in fact, and come down the corridor of the plane.

That's a known example. But it can go through walls, it can go through particularly glass, sometimes by leaving a hole, and sometimes apparently not by leaving a hole, although some have identified an extremely small hole at the centre of where these things have gone through. So teleportation I don't think is a problem, and I think it comes from this fractal toroidal geometry that all of... I mean, I can share some material if I can. Okay. So...

it's OK, because I'm going to have to drop here in just a second, like you guys can continue on. I just want to make sure that I get out what I need to get out the right way. That is that, you know, I think that our best investigation efforts and arguments would be that this plane showed up somewhere in the Indian Ocean, but west of the Maldives or near the Maldives, because there was like 20 islanders on a small island of only three thousand people that don't see planes, see a jumbo jet flying incredibly low with the red and white stripe of Malaysian airlines at six a.m. Diego Garcia military base and there was also a B777 fire suppression device that washes up in the Maldives and both of these things were completely discredited and ignored By the search I think that our investigation Has used more evidence than anyone's to date and what I would say is as impossible it is to believe that this could be real As long as they keep not finding the plane in South Indian Ocean I think that people will begin to come up with the idea of maybe the embers at pings that have it going down there manipulated, misinterpreted.

I don't know how you want to phrase it. But if you ignore those pings, then the next most logical answer is the story that we've put forth. And I think that they had to come up with a novel analysis, actually.

It was actually the last name of the person who helped develop it was also named Ashton, weirdly enough. But yeah, and I think the experts out there would want to clarify. No, no, and then and just to Paul's point too is there's been the all these stories that come out But you'll notice they never talked about the story that we presented even though it uses more evidence There's people claiming they've pulled up a whole wing of a plane, which is a 100 foot long wing of the 777 There's no chance that happened.

You've got people saying oh, we just missed it It was in this little crack and well, they've already searched everywhere along that seventh arc, right? You know, so I wish yeah I wish them the best, but in the end of the day, I don't think they're gonna find that plane ever because those videos I think are really what happened to it. Unfortunately, I have to drop. I appreciate the time I've had with you guys. I will definitely check out when it gets posted if you guys want to talk about the science and what have you. One thing I'd be curious to talk about or hear from you guys in general as well, especially Paul, because he looked into Bifield Brown, would be like if he thinks the Philadelphia experiment might have actually happened, and if this type of technology that Thomas Thompson Brown implemented was actually used on some of our aircraft like the B-12. And then of course condensed plasma physics.

Both of you guys are, it's very interesting to me. Well, I'm going to hit straight with the teleportation argument. So thank you, Ashton. That's that gives me a really nice thing. Mm. Yeah.

Yeah, the V12, yeah. Well thank you guys, I can't wait to meet you guys in person as well. Yeah, please.

That the structures have quantization and the universe is self-similar. Normal atoms have a pixelation of where they can exist at that kind of scale. But when you make these exotic vacuum objects, which are hundreds of orders of magnitude bigger, their toroidal package can only exist in this point and this point, let's say, which are vastly far apart. So they're only moving in their space time a small distance, but actually moving a very large distance with the same number of steps.

And so it appears to have teleported. And you could probably define how far it would teleport by energizing it to a certain level. So it would disappear in one point, and it would appear in another point.

So yeah, I think the teleportation is very feasible. And to talk about the Philadelphia experiment, I think you can look at an... Yeah, cheers Ashton, catch you later. Go on. Yeah.

Because I... Who's using it? Yeah, well, there's not a lot of nice places nearby that you can teleport to. And so I don't not so saying it's when you blink and you you're in one place and you're in another place, you have effectively teleported. Right. When when people kind of they think of teleportation as you disappear for one part point in space and time, you instantaneously appear in another. That isn't even what happens when you're communicating.

you know, using electromagnetic waves and you're sending a packet of information, like, for instance, in this call, the packet of information is gathered, it's encoded, it's sent through some data transmission medium, but the delay is imperceptible, hopefully, between the sender and the receiver. So that information, at all intents and purposes, is teleported. The only thing that is really instantaneous is if you had some coherent condensate or entangled structures where an event in one place is instantaneously reflected at the other, but it's not being teleported. The information has been teleported instantaneously, but it hasn't been moved. It's in both places at the same time, if you know what I mean. It's not moved, it's just communicated.

With regards to teleportation, I think this came about from the Tesla's homopolar generator. And I will talk about this in more detail, but when you understand that his 1880s homopolar generator was quite unique, it's never really been developed by other parties. The British Rail patent for a UFO from, I think, the 1860s, is it, so it's in 1960s rather, or 1970s, or 1973, I think, something like that. That... had a homopolar generator in it, and so does the so-called alien reproduction vehicle, sports model or whatever it is, have a homopolar generator in it.

Is that Bob Lazar's thing, or is that the... when I think the sport model, that's the way he described one of the craft. I don't know whether that's what you're getting. the homopolar generator appears in a lot of these things, both awarded pattern and then the reported thing. There's a lot of truth there, but I think what tenseless homopolar generator was quite unique because it had two discs, and both discs were arranged so that the big problem with a homopolar generator typically is that you have the biggest one in the world, I think, was officially was made in Australian University, I think in, I don't know, there was one in Australia. And you have this problem with how do you get the current off the outside of the ring compared to the inside of the ring because, you know, it's moving very fast and you need to have a good contact and it's extremely high current.

So if it's extremely high current, if you don't have a very low resistance, you're going to have a lot of thermal losses. Okay. Well, actually, Tesla got around this in the 1880s by having the magnets, two disks that were bound together with a conductive pulley.

And he had the magnets arranged on one disk one way, and the magnets arranged on the other disk the other way, such that he could draw the current from the axles on both sides. And in certain configurations of this device, he will, without whether he likes it or not, in my view, he will create a toroidal moment. And I think that Tesla, and this bearing in mind is before the discovery of an electron, right? They had electric current before they had the discovery of an electron, right? So this is in the 1880s. So I believe that if he spanned that fast enough, he would have created weird effects. including time distortion and maybe spatial distortion. And I think that led him to produce the Wardenclyffe Tower, to understand better the Wardenclyffe Tower essentially, and devices that would have led to anything that could have been used on the Philadelphia experiment, if that is a real thing, would have been an electrodynamic version of this mechanical device, which he uniquely invented.

Okay, so rather than spinning a thing containing electrons, he's causing something to move the electrons electrodynamically rather than mechanically. And it would yield the same effect. Sorry, you're gonna ask a question.

Yeah. if you've got a comment, you can lead with that, then I've got a question for you. Okay. I just, okay, I just wanted to return a little bit to Morgan. You're the only person on the call, I believe, I haven't pinned Bob down on this, who apparently was contacted by a dark project operator.

who worked in those fields for years and you've kept his name secret. You know his real name, I presume, right? Okay. Why did he tell you, why did he reveal some of this information to you over such a long period of time? Tell us more about Morgan. I just think that.

Listener. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah.

That's what makes it interesting. Bright. Understood. Mm-hmm. Colleague? Oh yeah, yeah.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Yeah. That's Brown's daughter. Linda is Brown's daughter. You speak to him about him in the past tense, so he's not with

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