Trapped in A Tiny Room & Forced to Connect | EP 2 | The Friend Zone (Reality Show)

Trapped in A Tiny Room & Forced to Connect | EP 2 | The Friend Zone (Reality Show)

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Everywhere in this house is now  out of bounds. Throughout your stay, complete missions to unlock spaces. You are trapped in here for two hours. Syazwani: What? Charmian: I thought we're getting dinner.

Oh my God, we should play burning bridges. Not yet la, not yet. Fourth night! We haven't even build the bridge yet. That's why, burn it now! We can play truth or dare. Truth or dare? Okay, I don't mind. I've told everyone I'm going to try my best to make David Guetta and Syaz get together.

I don't know what's his name la okay it's some David stuff but it's very extra. I mean it's a very unique name but  for now I'll just call him David Guetta. It's the Beefcake man. I think he's interested in her because  like he doesn't really talk to the rest   of the girls except for her and I felt something.

Ready and go. Okay, you. Dewy: I love your eyeliner Putra: Truth. Thank you. Who here do you think has a smelly underwear? Cannot be me ah! Cannot be me. You will say her and then she's like "I'm not wearing anything." I feel like it would be, I am very sorry but  I feel like it would be Sasi.  

Have you guys seen his luggage?! Syazwani: Why? Putra: Oh my, no you don't want to know. Everything he packed in his bag was like that. And he took out everything like that. I was like "how do you count how many clothes do   you have?" and then when he was putting  back the whole thing, "Close your eyes."

Okay, ready? Okay truth first, start with truth first. I'll ask you an easy one. What do you look for in a guy? Sasi: Okay never mind, you keep thinking. Yashora: Can you stop talking and let me think?   I cannot hide my reaction if I think something is ridiculous and I also have the kind of face where like what I'm thinking will show up in my expression. So I can't hide it.

That is what she does not look for in a guy! Actually I was going to say patience. One of the girls that  intimidates me is probably   Yash. I think she she comes off as very alpha. Truth or dare.

Dare. I dare you to do a lap dance on her (Syaz). Me?! But you can't molest her ah! 3,2,1...

~Tears on your lips, I'm on a ride~ ~You're toxic, I'm slipping under~ I don't know how to do a lap dance. Little bit lower. Open! Open! Remember my plan to make like Syaz  and Beefcake get together so that's my first attempt. But the more I look at Beefcake the more I think he's cute.

So I might have him for myself. Brandon: Would you pay for this stripper? Syazwani: I wouldn't. I wouldn't pay a cent, I'm so sorry. He was just like very subtle about  it and it's like go big or go home! Just like take off your shirt or something.

Mary kill everyone in this room go! Brandon: Everyone in this room. Charmian: Okay so what? Only 3 people? Okay, okay, okay. No, all the boys, only boys. I'm sorry Sas, I'll kill you. Yessss! I will f*** What's his face? Davin.

Davin, Davin, Davin, Davin, Davin. And then I'll marry Brandon because I think Bran and I can be like good friends. I think we can take care of each other yeah. In our one-to-one conversations, he has been nothing but sweet. We have some similar interests.

We talked about you know taking care of our headspace and stuff like that and so I quite enjoy his perspective so far. Wah, two hours ah. 15 minutes only. I wasn't feeling drained  at all after the two hours but I know that some   of the other housemates that were kind of like  "I need to recharge now." Okay, no I dare you to teach us a yoga move and we all have to do it. Like right now. We all have to do it. Syazwani: Like right now. Something we can do.

Okay we try dancer pose. Okay so  everybody holds the the wall you can you can   come down to your elbow okay then you hold on to your right leg from the inside. Yashora: What is wrong with you?! Brandon: Move forward and kick! And kick! Can you adjust us? Guys, guys, there's food outside! Oh! Thank you! Thank you for feeding us! Yay! Okay at first, I thought I wouldn't really get along with Dewy. I think the more like I talk to her the more I think actually we can get along really well. Hmmm, Sasi's a bit of a wildcard for me now. It's like I feel like you can border, like on annoying if I don't know you on a deeper level.

I feel like you can cross that line but I  feel like once people get to know you actually, You're harmless. I mean they're just saying how  they feel about me what so people are open to feel what (they want to feel). You can like me you can don't like  me you can hate me you can love me. Bro just you do you that's fine. Just here to be myself. If people like me, cool I'll hang out with them. If people don't like me, no choice still hang out with them.

I don't know if I will be besties with Sasi. Can't really see myself going too deep into that friendship. They off the aircon ah? They did, they did. Dewy: What time is it? How about we go one round and we say like something about people, what people don't know about us? Oh okay okay. A fun fact, okay.  Brandon: So we can give you, give one fun fact.

It's not really special but I was a fat kid when I was  growing up and I was so insecure to go to the   go to the gym. I would go at night right  to the exercise corner to work out myself. This is why I'm so passionate in helping, helping people la because I understand where they are where they're coming from. I understand their insecurities. He's a gentle giant! I told you! Yashora & Putra: They're all like that! But I'm not patient though. My temper is bad. I'm not patient but Wait listen ah, it was either gonna be her or me. Would you prefer that it's me? I would prefer that it was from her. Dewy! Dewy stop! I'll do it for you if that's hot.

Pur! You want me to do it? So I did it for him. I was like "I'll do it for you." Love it. I'm adopted, that's all. Yashora: Oh really? Brandon: Wow. Yeah. How did you find out? Like your parents sat you down and... No my mom was like telling my maid "She's adopted."

So casually?! Putra: While you were there? Dewy: Yeah I was two years old then I was like "Huh?" So they've always been open with you la? I don't know. I think at first they didn't want to tell me. Brandon: But you heard it. Dewy: Yeah, because my mom was talking to my maid. Then I was like "Wow." No but at two you didn't know what it was so you asked her when you got older or? No, I told her I kind of knew. I just asked her like "You're not my mom?" Then she's like "Yeah, you're so naughty." Then I was like "Okay." So I knew from quite young.

Brandon: Oh that's amazing. Charmian: Guys I'm so mind blown eh. Like seriously it's like night one. I was expecting this to be like PG. I mean not that this is R-rated but I feel like we're going way deeper. Very deep. I honestly didn't expect this during the first day. I was expecting just like some normal bonding activity.

But it became like pretty deep, pretty fast. Oh there's light outside. Group hug! Oh, read aloud.

The patio across the hall is now unlocked! Let's go! Oxygen. Is it that way? Stop it! Stop stop. Beefcake! Beefcakes! - We can do yoga tomorrow! - We can do yoga! Yeah! I am pleasantly surprised at the patio. I am currently testing the wooden bars to make sure   that they can support my weight because  I will be trying to hang rings tomorrow and do some exercises on it. Shall we all remove our makeup together?  How was the lap dance for you? Oh! Oh my god.

Charmian: I was like "Can you do more?" Dewy: Yeah! I also feel so. He like so No I think he hasn't, I think he hasn't warmed up yet. Honestly, like I got a good look at him just now and thought he's quite cute.

But actually right, you know because Davin sat next to you right? I thought you guys looked good together. Dewy: Davin? Mmm, not bad, not bad. Yashora: Not bad, not bad. Dewy: Because she's also very fit. Syazwani: Ya! You guys can be that athletic couple and you   can open like your own studio. I should go up to him and be like "Can you train me?" Yashora: "Do it!" Dewy: "You want? You want?" Dewy: I can help you. Syazwani: Dewy can make it happen. Eh she made the lap dance happen.

You played my favourite tunes when I was a kid. I will play your favourite tune now. You're damn precious! I love it. Dewy said something that really  triggered me. She was like "Oh my gosh I used to listen to you when I was a kid." And I was like "How old do you think I am?" I feel like, Dewy right, being like thinking that  she's crazy is an understatement. She's like really really crazy and we cannot do anything about it.

She knows how to switch personas pretty quickly which is quite impressive ah. I feel like it just takes a while to get to know me especially because I'm in a house full of like new people so I don't know if they're ready to know who I am. I just hope that maybe by the end of the five days they would say that I'm more than just crazy. I feel like either Dewy is actually putting a facade. Not intentionally putting a facade but I feel like

as time pass(es) by and she would open up more. All right guys good night, see you guys tomorrow. Good night ladies. Good night Dewy. How did you all sleep? Like that lor. I couldn't sleep eh. I couldn't sleep at all We couldn't either. Both of us didn't.

There was ambient lighting in the living room  and it would come in through our glass windows but   I didn't think that I'd be affected  by the light and I just I couldn't sleep at all. Basically Davin was snoring *imitates snoring*  and then suddenly like Brandon was like *imitates stronger snoring* and then Davin got so loud and then I felt like it was like a snoring competition. So it was so, so loud I couldn't sleep. I mean I slept straight after  nights out so that was great. The mind is where you know it affects your body, affects your day. I'm feeling really good I started with yoga.

I think the yoga session was really touch surface like I mean we tried some of the rings and stuff which is   really fun and then those who turned up, like you know... I didn't ask anyone to come but they came. I had a mini workout with Brandon who promised us that it's going to be easy and it's not. Yes! Come on, Sasi! This morning, me and Dewy were the last to wake up   and we just looked at each other and we  were just like this "F*** this." because they were so loud. Syaz!!! You should get something to eat. Syazwani: Oh this is your breakfast? Brandon: Yeah.

Someone get her a real breakfast. Acai bowl, now! We were going around in a circle and  asking each other okay what are our   first impressions of each other and  then the one thing that stood out,  that everyone said was, "Oh she seems like a really like princessy person." I just saw moments of her that I was like is  that what people meant when they said princess? Whoa! Work for your food! Now that you had your fill it's time to work for your food. Unlock the pantry by playing a game. Each of you will stand behind one pillar asking your housemates to guess the person featured on the card. I am driven by food and food alone.

What happens if we burst the one minute? Then we cannot unlock the pantry! Oh sh*t! Okay, okay, okay, okay. All eight box(es) ah. All eight boxes. Okay all right three two one and go! What the hell?! Who's that?! I don't know who's that! Can you act something? He's just nice to look at but so far, honestly, I think he like got nothing inside. The husband, no, the wife of Jay-Z.

Everyone: Beyoncé!!!! You don't know Beyoncé?! You don't know Beyoncé?! You're freaking kidding me, Beyoncé. Who the f*** doesn't know who Beyoncé is? I myself was singing Single Ladies you know at the back. I'm like "F***in idiot." Ah! The wife of Obama! Michelle Obama!!! Oh my God okay he's a comedian in Singapore. Kumar! Kumar! Come on, come on, come on.

Charmian: Thor! Davin: What? Thor? Chris Hemsworth! Syazwani: He recently slapped someone. Yashora: Will Smith! Will Smith! Will Smith! Oh my god okay, our next Prime Minister. Lawrence Wong! Wait what? Lawrence Wong? Chinese, wear specs. I said Lawrence Wong. I said Lawrence Wong!

Oh I didn't hear. I said, Lawrence Wong. Yashora: Beyoncé?! Davin: Look at that photo. Look at that photo.

We were just all so disappointed during that part. Yashora: Beyoncé?! Davin: I don't know the answer! How do you not know Beyoncé?! Let's go to the kitchen. What food do we get? Oh my God... Guys... Obviously we're gonna have meat.

Yeah I think we need protein. At least protein and a few carbs. Okay which are your lowest two? We go one by one like that. Davin: I'm going to eliminate this (wholemeal wraps) Brandon: Yep and? And I'm going to eliminate rice because we have pasta. Okay, all right. Okay, wait so Sas, which two (do you want to remove?) I think wrap and rice. Wrap and rice. Dewy, which two?

Wraps and rice also. Really? You want no veggie? You said you're not a veggie person. I don't like veggie but you guys will eat what so I eliminate for what? Aww. Charmian: But I love rice. Brandon: See ah, eggs is a lot. I might want to eliminate seafood. Yashora: Actually, me too. I'm not a seafood person. Syazwani: I don't mind seafood.

No, I can go, I can go without seafood for a while. I will do seafood and wraps. I know we definitely don't want wraps right? So how about we take out the wraps. So now it's between the rice and the seafood.

Don't eat seafood, don't eat seafood, not a seafood fan, could do without seafood, don't eat seafood, don't eat seafood, don't eat food. No, this is a staple so I think this trumps this. So we take out seafood? We take out seafood? My beautiful fillet, my protein. Now my only worry is like, I am not hitting my my daily protein intake. Yay! Fridge is unlocked! Yay!! Eh there's a mission card! Nothing brings people together like good food. the food items you have won are not just for  your next meal but for the next three days.   Putra: That's why I say that rice is good. Yashora: I think we made a good choice. We made a good choice.

Discuss and plan how to ration and allocate your food supplies. Prepare your first lunch in one hour! Egg and the rice I can do. Meat you all cook. Okay how many eggs do we need? Yashora: I think like four? Syazwani: Like four? Okay. We go and make the table. We make it very nice ok. We make the table very nice. I don't want to do that. You do yourself.

How much rice do we need? Wait do you know how to cook rice? For how many people? I only know the palm thing. I think per person is about two to three cups of rice. Davin: What? No la, 2 cups is a lot eh. Putra: No, no, no, no. At home right, for four people, we use two full cups of rice. Yep, yep, yep, yep. Roger that.

Oops I feel like I should help set the table. I was not helping at all for the cooking challenge. I'm avoiding cooking.   How long would it take ah? Just pop it into the cooker and it'll do its magic. This is wife mateial, wifey material. Syazwani: You're so wifey. Yashora: My father's going to watch this and be like "Why do you not cook at home?"

Oooh! Woah woah woah! This is like the Mom! I feel like, I think it's time to show  people that I can actually cook. You want my apron or not? No, no it's okay. Hey guys, look he's wearing an apron! Who gets the other apron? Sasi: I think Putra should. Syazwani: No, it's fine, it's fine, Putra should get it. Hey! Yasss! I think like when I was like cooking with Putra, and I was helping him cook but everyone was just  saying good job Putra but nobody said good job to me.

How about the next four days we can like take turns to prepare breakfast? But what are you going to prepare? Brandon: Oh I can do breakfast. Charmian: Ah okay. Eh we need to plan the next few meals also hor. Dewy: Pasta! I want to cook pasta. Brandon: I love pasta. Okay you cook! Eh I got one question, the rice cooking or not ah? Dewy, do it sexily. Sasi: Is the light on because it's  working or does it need to work? Yashora: It's working. There was like a silence you said that.

Oh, done already? No, no, it's not, it's not, it's not. See, why is there a timer now? There was no timer just now. Or if not, we can just boil the rice what. The people that are in charge  of the rice are Davin and Sasi.  

And then they put that pot inside the rice cooker. We waited for 10 to 15 minutes and it didn't cook. It's a freaking rice cooker. How could you not know how to cook using the rice cooker? Hi, what's wrong? The rice taking too long (to cook). We're just going to boil here. Let's go, let's go, let's go. Change of plans. Wait ah, wait ah, wait ah.

Is anybody looking out for time? It's 12.25pm. I think I'm mostly irritated by how unorganized the group was We wasted a lot of time and they said "Okay don't cook the eggs first if not it's going to get cold." Then I'm like "The egg's not cooked, the rice is not cooked."  But at the same time Putra was spearheading the entire   session so I (was) just like "Okay you're that confident you just take. I'm fine."

Sasi, what time is it? 11 more minutes to go. I think the max we can wait is two more minutes if not we won't have time. Stop!! Oh my God, calm down. We've prepared a special room spacious enough for you and maybe a partner of your choice! How about the girls pitch to me? Pitch to me. Pitch to me.

Who do you think you are Beefcake?! Girl, let me tell you it was such a turn off. You're shining now. Awww, thank you. And then the moment the cameras are on, it's like you start commentating on certain things.  

Is she with me 24/7?? Like now I'm here, is Charmian with me right now? I need you and I need you. All eyes on me...

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