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The Home Theater Setup

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I spent hours figuring out exactly how I wanted my home theater to sound and look But Govee wasn't interested in sponsoring a video about that They preferred the concept where our logistics team comes in here tears out all my nice gear And I have to build myself a new ultimate home theater Exclusively with parts from How long do I have to keep it like this? Wow, you guys have got everything a 100 inch projector screen. Wait this is- It’s washable. Hold on. Popcorn maker, but where's the furniture your 90s kids start blowing. Oh

This is Cuisinart. Is this on wish? No, we bought a popcorn maker from wish. It's almost the exact same It's even a similar price, but it didn't show up. Oh a sound bar. Yeah, it's a cinema sound bar It's all your speakers in one. Oh good and wow an 8k projector

Yeah, because our h96 max 8k ultra HD x3 Android HD TV box Does 8k decode? There's no way either of these are doing 8k anything Don't worry with these Govee add-ons like their TV backlight 3 and their Christmas string lights You'll forget all about 8k decode. How am I supposed to use Christmas string lights to improve my crappy image quality? That's the neat part. You don't And Govee’s new permanent outdoor lights pro won't improve picture quality either But they will help light up your life and make any holiday feel special with their next level festive RGB WWIC lighting delivering up to 50 lumens per bulb their RGB and weather rated for IP 67 water resistance and Temperatures from negative 20 up to a sweltering 60 degrees Celsius. And on top of that these lights have a 50,000 hour lifespan so they should last for years. You can get yours today at the link down below I don't want to sound critical, but I expected more what it's a hundred inch. No, I don't mean I expected To be bigger. I expected it to have a frame or something. How the heck are we supposed to mount this?

It's washable and it comes with all the hardware you need Hardware hanging hooks It's washable it's much how many times are you gonna tell me it's washable? I don't care Nothing's gonna get on it. It's much thicker than regular screens and it's not gonna wrinkle. That's one of the comments It's already wrinkled it's not bad you can see right. Yeah Good says it's level. Okay. I'm I'm pressing it really really good on there. Okay, I'm pressing mine really well. Hey You know, we just gotta do like two more. All right. Well, I guess six more you're you too. I'll take these That's what you get ordering off of which It was $15 This is just a sheet with a black border, it's $15. It's not a projector screen.

It looks great. Once content is on it. You'll never know. I'm feeling soundbar for our next adventure. Sure. It's a cinema soundbar It's all wireless This is the new upgraded version. Apparently, it's a strong soundbar for TV and computer TV and computer and computer It was about 47 48 US dollars. So you've definitely 50 bucks for a soundbar on what? Somehow it manages to be even more rinky-dink than it seemed from inside the box Look at this thing Yeah, but look at the product page. There's flames whole theater soundbar. It looks awesome. There's a little horn there It's like speakers. What is BQB? I don't know. Is it battery powered? You know what? I don't see a power cable

I'll tell you that much But it's also yo It's just a Bluetooth speaker In the shape of a soundbar, it's not even high power USB C because it's to a USB-A termination we have got a audio cable and You know a little clip to hold it all together Everything about the specs for this thing make it seem more like an engineering class project as opposed to a real product Wow Hey, it fits. Oh, yeah, we bought a theater sign. This was originally a theater sign They sent the wrong one I was gonna say- If that wasn’t obvious enough What’s theater about this? This is the one we originally wanted it looks a little better I mean, yeah That's great. It hides one of the wall one of the holes in the wall What it's stuck on its own. No, there's a there's a piece of masking tape from the painters Already tilted. It's like about to fall Okay, I think we got to do the furniture now and do the furniture. Yeah, I want to see this

This was actually purchased like three years ago for a completely different video, but it's still available on wish today Really? Yeah, we bought ours on Amazon, but you can find it on Wish and then we also bought brand new a couple of small size beanbag chairs Wow, this is really torn up Does it come like this? Yeah, this is LoveSac’s foam Oh, I had a cat pee incident with my LoveSac and I contacted them about purchasing additional foam. Wow That's great. That looks awful, I mean it's enough cushion. No, it's not 20 minutes later I don't know if I'll be saying the same thing in fairness. We didn't want these originally. We got this deluxe inflatable lounger But that never arrived. That's part of the wish experience. Yeah, we ended up ordering these cheapo

beanbag chairs, it's less of an order and more of a wish. I happen to have an inflator. I have a data vac. Wait, is this from wish? No, this is my own. Oh, but You know, I mean it doesn't come with a pump. It says please make sure that you have a pump

So we made sure we have a pump. It's not plugged in Look at that Wouldn't have occurred to me in a thousand years to use a data vac for this. Okay Look at that, this is way better You trust it way more than I do I would not have like sat down on this thing I wouldn't describe it as comfortable But- It's not bad Ah See this is why I actually bought these for just oh you're doing that no, I'm using this as a footrest I think this is way better. Versatile. This is one advantage to inflatable furniture. Yeah feels like I'm holding nothing at all Nothing at all Nothing at all.

What the hell was that? I see you also brought blankets. Yeah, you know, you got to be cozy when you watch movies and stuff in here Tiger blanket two of them How much were these? I’ll have to check, I think they were like 20 bucks or something. They're really cheap I know they are. You know, the best part is they labeled it as flannel tiger blankets. That's not flannel I know. Subject Christmas season spring summer autumn winter Wow every season So handy, that's real flannel, you know, it says so on the product page Sure.

It’s the Govee TV backlight 3 light it's time to take a break from memeing on our products and meme on our sponsor’s product That's right This is intended to be a TV backlight to help enhance contrast and immersion and we're gonna try to install it on our projector screen, I don't know how well that's gonna go. No, but we're gonna give it a try. Not. Well, not well Now the lights and the power shouldn't be a problem, but I just remembered how this works They have a camera that looks at what's on your screen so it's designed for a 55 to 65 inch TV and it reacts to the content that it sees on the screen without sitting in the middle of the image pipeline, which means This has to mount somehow Also, this is not a 55 to 65 inch screen. And is it even emitting enough light for it to like detect it properly? There's only one way to know ready for some command strips to rip the crappy paint job off my wall Hey command strips were great. They don't don't rip paint. Will it stay? Can you put a little bit of pressure on my arms? I can't put any weight on it I can push one side. Okay. Yeah you push that. Okay Okay, I think it's good. You know what? We have the hooks the hooks will hold the lights. Oh, you're not wrong

Wow can't even admit I'm right tells me I'm not wrong Oh Wow festive Looks more like the state of Utah or something Yeah, that's Texas I don't think our experiment worked UHD LED projector. Yeah, 8k decode 8k decoding disclaimer 1080p resolution 1080p looks great on a you know, 100 inch screen. Well We got HDMI ports we've got Dolby audio. Dolby what? Dolby that's all you need to know You paid $240 CAD which is about $175 US dollars Okay, at least my expectations aren't very high for Christmas wedding party for LAN party 12,000 lumens they claim. Yeah, I don't know, I don’t know about that.

For context This is a $6,000 home theater laser projector from Epson. This does 2,700 lumens but actually does that this does not do 12,000 they would never lie to us on the product page. No, or the front of the box This is not bad, I mean honestly though I'll tell you this the wall looks about as good as the screen The backlights really do help. Wait, are they working? It kind of looks like it. Holy crap. They're working Wow that was easy. Okay, where's my yeah you took it away it's totally working Ahhh! But here's how it's supposed to look.

Hey there it is! Cool, right? It's amazing how things work when you install them correctly this new version of this product from Govee has more accurate color matching No more edge distortion on the fisheye function and much greater brightness. Thanks to their new four-in-one RGBIC lamp bead that they're using they're also claiming that it is easier than ever to install and I mean you guys had this on pretty quickly, so Carefully peeling it You're not supposed to do that that's not how you use command strips You take the tab. It's got a little arrow down and you pull it and it stretches the stuff out Oh off of the back of it. You did it wrong. This is this is user error This is not the product being bad. I have never used command strips before. I just put holes in my walls like an animal

This is user error. All right. Oh my god. Well, that sucks. I got you two projectors Starry sky projector for the ambiance. Oh that kind of projector, you know, one of those ones you see on TikTok and like on YouTube I know the kind you see on TikTok. It's the astronaut man Looks great. That's actually really cute warning laser. Yo, don't shoot it at your eyes, but it just shines everywhere Well, yeah, but it points up it points up Wow it comes with a quick charge 3.0 power delivery wart that does both type a and type C pretty cool That's actually not bad considering the price Plug this into his pack. It was only

$35. 35 bucks. All right. All right bad and it's cool. It comes out of his pack kind of like a life-support system Yeah. A little oxygen, but power. No and off No way According to the product page It does eight colors of the nebula has four levels of brightness and then two working modes with nebula or without Or sorry, it's nebula with or without stars. So you can just get the nebula

No the stars come back. There’s some stars. Yeah, well, you know, it's wish so Wow. Not really. No. Wow right on top of the projector. Yeah, buddy. Wil the cable reach? I think so.

I told you, oh boy his head fell off Is there enough juice coming out of the projector? Power it up there? Oh s*** I hadn’t thought of that, that's a pretty good idea. Oh, wow, the heads magnetic. Yeah So many features also that wall wart has a little power output reading on it. It has a little screen on it That's impressive. Yeah, I’d pay 30 bucks just for the wall wart. What it is working off the projector And it's shining lasers in my face, oh good What all's left? I see we've got an LED neon wall sign. Yeah, we do It says good vibes so that you know, you've always got good vibes when you're watching movies, right? That's I hope so at least anyway, that's yeah It's gonna be great live laugh good vibes. Yeah, and then we've also got this fantastic wall clock from King Live Or Live. I don't know. This thing's actually kind of neat

Little cinema made out of a vinyl record On a clock. I kind of like it. Yeah. Nice. You can hardly even see the thumbtacks. Now, can we plug it in though? Yeah, I'll take that Oh, I'll take the wall wart. Yo, oh, you've got a plug up there Yeah, this is in case I ever wanted to put a motorized projector screen in. Planning ahead, look at- see look at this little display. Yeah that’s great! Wow! That’s pretty good. Two amps

I'm amped up. What? It needs two power sources? Check it out it just has one of those cheap little clock movement things like we showed off when We decorated my office and then it has a separate power source for the RGB lighting Really you know what the best part is it doesn't color match. Why is it white into a black? Oh Aesthetic Where are you putting this? I'm kind of thinking like here I was thinking me and David were actually thinking down below the good vibe. Really? Yeah, so it's contributing to the good vibe That's right, because hold on you gotta wait. You got to see this. We plugged it in while you were away. Oh Wow Isn't that great? No Back to stuff from our sponsor Govee for a second here. What on earth are you planning to do with Christmas string lights? Well, we don't have tree because it's a little too early. These are great for the holidays, but just none right now

we're gonna use them around the outside of the Ceiling, so we get that nice, you know theater lighting. I don't think that's gonna work. Why not? I think it's gonna look really bad Don't say that No, I think the products probably fine. I mean, it's 60 bucks for 10 meters 90 bucks for a 20 meter light They have a hundred LEDs per 10 meters. Yeah, it's really dense

It would look great on a Christmas tree. Yeah, I just think your plan for it's terrible Well, I don't know what to tell you. I think it's a fantastic plan and I think that's what we're gonna do Okay, the thing in your room where you put the Christmas tree lights around the ceiling Yeah when I was 13. Did you see the other products that we've bought for this whole video there's a astronaut light projector There is a good vibes neon sign and there is a cinema clock made out of the vinyl record and a barbershop sign I'm going for a certain aesthetic here And I think that this will actually do that kind of perfectly if you do have a Christmas tree Here's what it can look like on top of having over 60 preset scene modes You can also use the built-in mic in the control box to synchronize your lights with whatever Christmas music you're playing around the holidays Or sync everything with Govee DreamView Check them out using the link in the description below. Is that the little screw-on sealed power plug? Are these waterproof? They're IP 65. Okay, so you could put them outdoor just you probably want to cover them, right for the real outdoor stuff We got the rope lights. Oh, and what are we doing with those? Running lights like a theater?

You know when they got the the little lights so you know where to go in the aisles for a moment I hoped he was gonna say put them outside where they belong Looking cool like that. Nah. No, we're gonna we're gonna Make it bright in here. Yeah for the theater experience Whoa Okay, that's pretty cool. That's super cool And you can hook it up to like your smart lights and everything so you can make it do different patterns. This is awesome I like this thing Are we connecting the soundbar to the projector or to the Android TV? Yes, we do the Android TV box, oh right the Android TV box The 8K Android TV box H96 max 8K ultra HD X3. Yes. Thank you. You're welcome

It's got dolphins on and just wait. This is great. There's a dolphin on it So this should also be Bluetooth and Wi-Fi this looks like one of those ones that Tanner did that video about recently That's like full of spyware well Maybe we don't hook it up to your network then That actually sounds not that bad it's not awful but we got to use the soundbar I thought it was synced up It was synced up. I don't know what's happening Yeah, BS28B that should be the soundbar does it just have like three and a half millimeter jack out It does don't ask me why but I have an RCA pass-through To three and a half millimeter female connector and then I have a male-to-male three and a half mil I think we're good Wait, no What what what did you want again? I wanted aux to RCA, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. No, no, we got this Yeah, so then I'll use my method To plug these together It's detecting something because it's giving me a hiss Check the soundbar or the projector settings and see if it's set to go through Bluetooth or something still You know what? Maybe we're going about this entirely the wrong way Our Android TV box is the obvious solution. Do you want to put that in Bluetooth mode? Let's go. We got this I believe. Bluetooth mode. Hey

BS28B Wow Are we ready to clean up and experience this? Almost, you know what would really complete the Oscar vibe These Govee curtain lights. We just spread them up here and then you gotta like walk through them like a star amazing I will admit this is gonna be hard to pack these all up perfectly with all of the accessories back in the right boxes and Everything because there's a lot of little hooks and stuff Well at least a couple weeks, I'm sorry, did you just say a couple of weeks? Well, yeah, cuz we got to do the other video in here too with the new home theater stuff We're leaving it like this. Yeah for like two weeks You don't want to leave it like this for when we do the Facebook marketplace home audio setup stuff Here's the thing. I didn't tell Yvonne we were doing this, which is my bad But she is already super not impressed When I tell her it's gonna be like this for two weeks. I'm a dead man Well, I told her we were only making improvements. I better at least sell some screwdrivers on

I was like, is that white square? Yeah, you know how we had that transparent TV a while back. This is transparent projector The white square Well, here it is we apparently added this off-camera these are legitimately kind of cool after you get it installed with hooks tape or seamless nails, there's 520 LEDs so you can put up all kinds of cool graphics. We got a UFO Pac-man And a Christmas tree and you can even sync them with your other lights or create your own graphics Wow It's an effect having it all together. Isn't it everything you wished for? It's your new wish home theater.

Oh this is nice. Yeah, that's the Govee light path strip. It's great So that's the funny part is the Govee stuff looks pretty good compared to most of the other wish stuff Except for that good vibe sign. I'm giving some mad credit to the good vibe sign. It’s not even RGB. It's weak Well, we ordered the blue version. It's B It's finally time to turn out the lights and actually experience content on this thing My hopes are not very high. Oh mine are just through the roof. I'm ecstatic. It's gonna be great

You mean through the starry night sky nebula? Excuse me. It's a nebula with stars Wow That's definitely good now, all right experience time This feels very precarious Nah. Not gonna lie. It’s fine. That is really quiet Sorry, what? Okay, maybe don't buy the Bluetooth sound bar if you want to recreate this setup Maybe get something better. It was very cheap. You know what for the price? I don't even mind the projector It looks pretty washed out and crap, but like for the price And I bet you'd look better on an actually like better screen. I bet it looked better on a wall Yeah, probably should we give the projector a shot with all the RGB off fine, I think it's worth it fine.

Oh hey, there we go. Nice Turn off the curtains too Whoa bottom line cheap sound bar still sucks a Cheap projector screen is worse than just firing your projector at a wall. Yeah and cheap projectors have gotten a lot better Yeah, that is very usable Also, don't buy that Android TV box or any Android TV box off of wish they are like full of malware You know, what’s not full of malware? Our sponsor Govee without them This video wouldn't have been possible And if you're interested in any of the products we showed off today You can find them at the link down below along with their permanent outdoor lights Pro Not only will they conform to whatever shape your house might be thanks to their flexible and cuttable nature But they can work with your smart home lighting solution to make integration a breeze these things look awesome If you're into decorating your home for the holidays If you guys enjoyed this video be sure to check out the time we shopped for graphics cards on wish It's less of a visual spectacle, but it was equally disastrous

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