The Unexplained Phoenix Lights Phenomenon

The Unexplained Phoenix Lights Phenomenon

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Tonight something, strange, happened, in the skies over Arizona, that still hasn't, been fully explained, an event now known as the Phoenix lights it, was extraordinary no one knows for sure what, happened that night in the skies over Arizona. In March but. Thousands, of people saw something. This. Week on BuzzFeed and Saab we investigate, the Phoenix lights a possible, UFO sighting, in Phoenix, Arizona this. Case is regarded, by many to be one of the bigger UFO, cases of all time mainly, because of the amount of witnesses, you're already look like you're you're stoked I love it. A lot. Of times it's like Oh. Lady. You get abducted by minions but nobody. Had a camera well, not, today friend not today because it's, boiling I just take a little peek in there ah you. Didn't even look oh there. You go there's so much heat in here let's, get into it okay. On. March, 13th, 1997. Around. 7:00 p.m. a string. Of about five lights in a v-formation, appeared. In the sky above, Phoenix Arizona the. National, UFO Reporting Center, reported. That the first call regarding, the lights came, in at 8:16. P.m. from. A retired police, officer, in Paulding, Arizona, which, is about two hours north of Phoenix, the retired, police officer, reported he saw quote a cluster. Of red orange lights arranged. In a v-formation. End quote the, national, UFO Reporting Center, reportedly, began to get a flood of calls from, Selda, Paulding, suggesting. The lights were moving, in a southeastern. Direction, allegedly. There, were over 700, witnesses. Including. Pilots, police officers, and military officials, that, were lighting up the national, UFO Reporting Center, switchboards. Looking, for, an explanation, some. Describe the lights as orbs, others. Said triangles, a large, amount of witnesses, described, the lights as part, of a singular, massive, craft. A craft, that made no noise so. Some people saw a craft, I got a bubble I got an air bubble in my throat right now you hear that you ever get that this, is scary I don't like myself oh you sound I sound. Like an alien you sound alien yeah I'm a like a pod person, oh. Okay. Yeah. You know that's that thing yeah look at you look in the darkness long enough you're gonna see something yeah seven hundred people are gonna say, I'll hallucinate, at the same time yeah. Okay. I mean some of them did some of them didn't I mean it's not hallucinating, I'm saying some, of the people looked up and said yes I do I. See staring, at the darkness it, was all connected Wow, what's my mind doing here's. A crazy March no this may be I may be going off the deep end here but if 700, people will say they saw something what. If they actually saw something no, doubt they saw something but, what, is that, thing. That's. The question, one man named, Terry Proctor, captured. One of the only videos, of this event, the, grainy low-quality, video, which, we can't show you due to copyright seemingly. Displays, five, lights in AV light pattern, in the sky around. 10:00 p.m. a, second. Set of as, many as nine, lights appeared. In the sky seemingly. Hovering, in the same, spot, whether, these lines are related, to or are in, fact the, same lights from the seven pm sighting is unclear. However. It's. This, set of lights that comprises most of I witness testimony, as it, was later in the night after the buzz of the first, sighting had people on alert it seems not like not the usual mo, for. Aliens, right. To, sort, of do a little appetizer, this, is a weird case because there's a possibility, that, one was legit and one, actually was something normal but, was misidentified so. It confuses, things curious. Or they. Were the same thing I think. Either is just, as likely I think it's possible that. Aliens. Knew they were gonna be seen or didn't know they were gonna be seen one, of them up was asleep at the wheel forgot. To turn on the cloaking device or some crazy, like that it's just a button and now he's fired he's looking for work as well divorced, him his little alien kids don't have income to live off of it's a really bad situation, for that alien father, a, laser. Printer technician, named Dana Valentine, witnessed, the craft from his yard in Phoenix, quote, we, could see the outline of a mass behind, the lights but, you couldn't actually see, the mass it, was more like a great distortion, of the night sky wavy. I don't, know exactly what it was but I know it's not a technology the public has heard of before end quote. Tim, Lee a management, consultant. Described, the event saying quote he, was astonishing. And a little frightening it was so big and so, strange you couldn't actually see, the object, all you could see was the outline as, though, something, was blotting, out the Stars the.

Lights Look like gasps there, was a distortion, on the surface, also. The, light didn't spill out or shine I've, never seen a light like that end quote. According. To a USA, Today article from, the time air-traffic. Controllers, could not see the lights on radar, despite. Seeing them with their own eyes in the sky that's, pretty significant, yeah, if, there are planes you would see them on the radar yeah so. It's not a plane unless it was stealth. We'll. Get into that later okay based, off of reports, it appears, that the mysterious spacecraft. Was enormous, made, no sound, moved, slowly, and on occasion, would hover over, an area Phoenix. Physician, dr. Lynn Cote was, a witness, of these lights and states quote he, was a mile-wide formation. Of these orbs, and I caught them head-on, turning into a V and quote. Witness. Sue Watson described the craft as quote a shopping. Mall flying over my home it had these lights in front and then it was totally, illuminated, underneath like, a yellowish, amber, he was a totally, rounded, boomerang, shape end quote. Videos. Of this second event showed the string of nine lights hovering in the sky the. Lights illuminate, off and on randomly. Over, the course of a couple. While floating in what could be described as a loose, belike formation, other, videos, captured the events of March 13th, 1997. And, according, to a USA, Today article quote. Computer. Analysis, of the tapes puts, the object, at 6000. Feet long or, more, than. A mile end quote. With these things I tend to. You. Know I tend, to put it first. On on spooky. Military, activity, more. So than, extraterrestrials. It, just seems like a big gamble, for extraterrestrials. To just, I mean. If they're coming down at night in the first place. You. Know clearly, and they're, trying to cloak themselves well, great maybe, hang outside a few miles outside of town I mean, really it's not that much of a gamble what's the gamble they're clearly more advanced than this what's gonna happen okay we see them we, did see them we're. Not gonna attack them so it's. A pop on by around. The afternoon because maybe get some peepers on that ship maybe they saw they, saw us and they were like mmm, not interested, swipe right or laughter wherever the Twitter is it, went to Twitter twin sender her she sounds like an 80 year old. Whatever. Whatever, twin, Dirk winter. Yeah. I, think. Maybe they saw they came to check out resources they didn't like what they saw so they just left while. There are people who say the lights were part of one giant craft there, are others, who believe the lights themselves were, the crafts a truck, driver named Bill Greiner 'he's recollection, of the event seems, to suggest the latter Greiner. Said that his truck route took him within a mile of Luke Air Force Base he, states that he witnessed, two orbs, one, of which was floating over the Air Force Base at that, moment three, f-16s. Took off after. Which the, or pursued, one but, then shot up into the sky and disappeared. Quote, before, this if anybody, had told me they saw a UFO I would, have said yeah, and I believe in the tooth fairy now I've got a whole new view I may, be just a dumb truck driver but, I've seen something that don't belong here, I wish, the government would just admit it you know what it's like in this city right now it's, like having 50,000. People in a stadium watch a football game and then having someone tell us we, weren't there. End quote. Love. This. Guy, yeah, I I love, it he's he's. Like he realizes, that the first thing a skeptic is gonna say is that's a truck drivers yeah check that box yeah I was gonna say that's a truck truck he got me dead to rights and then he gave a solid. Analogy, of people, watching a sporting event and then having people go hey, you didn't watch that and, he also gave the I was a skeptic until I saw this defense, movie it, was oh yeah and I believe in the tooth fairy go. Yourself, there's a three-pronged attack that's, pretty good, this guy's he's, a savant. When it comes to rhetoric yeah on May, 6th, during a council meeting City, Councilwoman Frances, Barwood, asked, city manager, Frank Fairbanks, if there was going to be an investigation, quote. I asked, if anybody knew what this object was and could we check into it I was met by a whole bunch of stairs and quote, she, claims that following the meeting a city manager approached, her and said quote you shouldn't have asked that question end quote. Then, the, Arizona Republic, published a cartoon of City Councilwoman Barwood, with, a light switch on her forehead and a button on her jacket saying, quote I love, UFOs, and quote, Barwood.

Continues, The mayor's office put, signs on my picture, in the hallway and I found out afterwards, they handed out business cards with my name on it that said speaking, to the tinfoil, I will hear you end quote. Despite. Being ridiculed, Barwood. Began receiving phone, calls from, other witnesses all, describing. The same thing nonetheless. For. A while the case went unacknowledged, until. A USA, Today article released. Three months later on June 18th, 1997. Described. The event effectively. Bringing the story into, the national, spotlight from. The article quote, on March, 13th. Hundreds, of people reported, an enormous, object, or objects. In the night sky it's. The most confounding, UFO, report in 50, years, so, far the, no explanation. But, the government, is not investigating. Local. And federal agencies, disagree, over who should purse, the report in, yeah. I guess it didn't so there's been almost no coverage of it up until here and this is three months after the sighting because this is this is before YouTube. Or yeah, no one's on Twitter going holy, yeah, cuz you know I mean for example remember. Was. It like a couple months ago when the SpaceX launch happened yeah and it looked like the sky was breaking, mhm if that happened in 1997. And we, didn't have Twitter everyone, would think it was everyone would think it's an alien they would lose their minds yeah of. Course the, government was to. Their credit able to give an excellent explanation they. Even announced that was gonna happen, they said this shit's good you know it wasn't a covert operation so in that case I don't know if it's too. Similar. Mm-hmm, but the. Internet is a. Tool. Of knowledge I suppose in some ways yeah, or it could be a means, of destruction in, the end of us yeah we, just hang in there everybody with the country hungry for answers then-governor. Five Symington, held a press conference where. He claimed, he, knew who was responsible and brought, out the, accused, and now I'll ask officer, Stein and his colleagues, to escort the accused into the room so that we may all look upon the guilty party don't get him too close to me please and. It's. Here that this story gets interesting because despite, making a joke of the event Governor, Symington would later publicly. Admit that he too had, seen the Kraft quote. I saw, a huge craft come right over Squaw Peak he, was just breathtaking as a pilot and a former Air Force officer. I can, definitively say that, this craft, did. Not resemble, any man-made, object that, I'd ever seen it. Was certainly, not high-altitude, flares, because, I've never seen flares fly in formation. Unquestionably. It, was a UFO. End quote, another, interesting fact from governor Symington was the fact that his office, did inquire, about the object, but they never received, an answer, and if, a governor can't receive an explanation from, the powers that be what. Could they be hiding there's. Probably a lot of things they don't tell governor's. Sure. But that when the, governor in question, has a state full of people that are pressing. Him for answers you would think that they would be like handing, a lot of people or on you right now you're under a lot of heat this. Is what you this is what you do but, instead they. Ostracize. Him they keep him on the outside to think oh I wonder what he's gonna do maybe he'll run his mouth I would, be more concerned if he did know something I'm just saying that if they, had talked to him he wouldn't have said anything ever. I think because. He would have had the fear but then but then he's, still, he's. Still like a, loose. Cannon. You. Can't know for sure that if they tell him something he's going to he. Could go nuts they don't know yeah you can because it's your job, I'm. Just saying by keeping someone in the dark you get you're giving, them the Liberty to say whatever they really want with, with, no. Basis. For it though I think one, hears that they're not gonna it has a little bit of basis he's a governor saying something so that already inherently, has a little bit of basis but. He doesn't know more than anyone. Else in town I know is the thing but it just makes it look more suspicious I don't, think it does I think it does well agree to disagree here with. That let's, get into the theories of which, there are only two, the. First theory is the official explanation from, the Air Force that, the lights witnessed, in the sky were merely flares, dropped in a training exercise from, high altitude, that night the, military, states that the flares were dropped over, the Barry M Goldwater range.

Near Gila Bend Arizona. Though, it's, worth noting, that two, songs' davis-monthan. Air force base, the base that allegedly carried out the training exercise, originally. Stated that it had no planes, in the air at the time former. F-16 pilot. Ty grow believes. That the lights may well have been, military flares he, says that flares go where the wind takes them a breeze, may have been able to carry all of them at an equal distance in June, of that year a local, news anchor taped, another, flare drop by the military, and skeptics. Suggest, it bared a striking, resemblance to. The Phoenix lights one. Important, detail is what, time, the, military reportedly. Dropped flares on the night of the Phoenix lights the. Flare drop apparently. Occurred around 10:00 p.m., aka, the, same time sightings, of the second, set of lights were reported, but, while that possibly explains, those, lights that still offers no, explanation for, the first set of lights that were seen nearly three hours earlier. One. Man named, Mitch Stanley, claims, that during the time of the first sighting, he, happened to be using a high-powered, telescope, capable. Of seeing, 1,500. Times more, light than the human eye when, he looked at the first set of lights he claims they were plans, while. Compelling, this story seems odd when, you consider the fact that no, plans were reported, in the air during the time of the first sighting, and since, it wasn't just one light but rather five, lights it seems, odd that there would be five, unaccounted. For planes flying in tight formation, my, gut tells me it's just some shady, military, activity, coulda been flares could've been Stealth's you, know who, knows they've only given one explanation for the for. The second set of lights and even that explanation, to me is is she is, I would. Say I, think. This. One's, I just think that the flares even if you do buy the flares sure the, first set of lights still unexplained, except, for one dude with a telescope, who's competing against 700, witnesses, and. Why the is this guy with a telescope, he. Just happens to be using a telescope at the exact time of one of like the craziest, events of all time I gotta be honest telescope, people are weird. Because. He's actually I want to be one of those he's a favorite among, skeptics they're like see this guy was using a high-powered telescope with his momma which is what he was using he was in Tibet you know I don't, doubt that he was that him and his momma were out with their telescope, I'm just sayin telescope, people I mean. How, much are they spending on these telescopes they're gonna be out there every single night with, a like a margarita let's. See what I find all that's true empty sky again whoa wow what a night, well, that's been eight hours I'll go to sleep because the sun's coming up there basically, vampires, then he says to his mom good scoping she goes good scope and Sun and then they go when are you gonna move out.

Which. Brings us to our next theory that, the lights were not flares, but, actual, UFOs, and perhaps proof, of extraterrestrial, life. On the, third year anniversary of the lights another, flare demonstration. Was performed, to attempt, to mimic the lights this, time by the National Guard but, people remained unconvinced, that this was what they witnessed three years earlier, the, flares quote flickered. And moved erratically unquote, and not, in the bizarre grouped fashion, of the Phoenix lights Jim, della Tosa a special, effects expert analyzed. Videos of the lights and said quote I have no idea what they were and quote, him, and his team detail, the orbs as quote a perfectly. Uniform light with, no variation. From one edge to the other and, no, glow they, have ruled out lasers, flares, Holograms. And aircraft, lights as sources, and quote, to, gain further insight on, this case we, sat down with, ancient aliens expert, giorgio a sooo close what, do you think the plausibility, of this event actually happening, is well we know it happened, so. We. Do know what happened right and I agree we. Don't know what, it was what it was yes correct and what I think is fascinating is, that something. Similar happened, seven years earlier in, Belgium. Which, was also seen by thousands. Upon thousands, of people same. Triangular, formation and then also the. Individual, lights so. I, think it's fascinating have, you seen anything that, could maybe be an early version of what we saw in the Phoenix lights sure what's, interesting is, that Alexander. The Great and, also. In some accounts of ancient, Constantinople. There, are. References. Of giant. Flying shields. Giant. Shields, that are glowing, in the sky. And just, crossed, you. Know over the lands so. When, you have these, accounts. Of of ancient. Flying, shields, up, in the sky there are witnessed, by, armies. You. Have to wonder well, were. They all drunk. Were. They all smoking. Or, did, they actually see. Something even. If the lights were misidentified. Flares or planes this, still doesn't explain numerous. Witnesses describing. A massive, craft that the lights were attached to piggybacking.

Off That on March 14th. 1997. The morning after the Phoenix, lights an airman. From Luke Air Force Base detailed. A disturbing. Story from, the day prior he, claimed that the base got a call from Prescott, Valley Airport, quote. Reporting. An object, that had a near miss with a small Cessna end quote. He claimed this call came at quote approximately. 8:32, p.m. that. They encountered, something, over, Phoenix Arizona end quote, as a, result, the airman claims that Luke Air Force Base sent, two f-15s. To investigate, upon. Their return to base, here's, how the airman described, the pilot of one of the f-15s. Quote, the, command pilot of this particular, flight I've never, seen this man scared, and he. Was scared, to death he's. Not sure what it was his, statement was that they followed this aircraft, it went on a straight-line course he, saw five distinct, lights in a triangular pattern how, often would this happen where the military, has, stealth. Planes out that, they don't tell Air Force bases about it's, possible that, seems, wildly. Counterproductive. To, me you don't want to be sending out a bunch of plans to investigate, things when, you could easily be like oh yeah that's one of ours yeah. I just feel like the military you know it's hard to pin down. Hard. To pin down what, they what they might do I think I just made a good point I mean. Certainly certainly, a good point for you after, this revelation the, airman claimed the Air Force Base quote had, a complete, lockdown all, hell. Broke loose basically, and, facility, was, closed and quote. Noteworthy. Is that this encounter occurred, around 8:30. P.m. at, the time, of the first sighting, about, an hour and a half before the military claims they dropped flares in response. The, Air Force has denied, this encounter ever took, place classic. No of that classic. Do you think they just have a dartboard that they throw whether or not they're. Gonna deny I'm just spin a wheel which. We tell open this time yeah I think it would be a fun job to, be the person who makes up fake stories, that the military doctor. Oh a, spin, doctor yeah and then he spins his wheel has. Topics. On it and it has topics, on it we're, going with flares. And. Everyone in like the office who had flares in their polls like yeah, they, choke alpha, a little bit more. It. Makes sense that the Air Force would deny this story, since, denying, interest, in UFOs is, something, that the government has already done, in December. 2017. It, was found that the nation's Defense Department had used 22. Million dollars of their annual six, hundred billion dollar budget for, an advanced, aerospace, threat identification. Program Defense. Department, officials admitted. That for years the program had been investigating. Unidentified. Flying objects, here's, a quote from a New York Times article on a 60 minute documentary on this topic detailing. Documents, provided, in the documentary, quote. Documents. That describe sightings, of aircraft, that seemed to move at very, high velocities. With no visible signs of propulsion, or that, hovered with no apparent means of lift, end quote, why. Do you think the government, approaches, the topic of UFOs with such trepidation. Why do you think they're so, against, it that's, a great question, because as, we now know ever. Since the 50s, and the 60s you. Know open. Money people, like the, three of us and our great, audience, we've. Always been laughed. At and oh you know those are the Kooks those are the crazies, yeah and then there's reports, coming out well we've been studying this you, know files, and files with hundreds. Of thousands, of. Worldwide. Not just by the US government but by governments. From Brazil, England, all, over the place, that. Ultimately, this. Stuff has been investigated. And. The. Fact that the Pentagon, in December, of 2017. Released. A statement saying hey we're. Investigating, UFOs, that. To me indicates, that, we've passed. Or, we are, experiencing. A paradigm, shift which. Is great in the end now, they're skeptics nor believers, can concretely prove, what happened that night despite. Hundreds, of witnesses across an entire state, the world seems content to leave what transpired, that night as a mystery, perhaps. One day we'll have an answer but, for now the, case remains, unsolved.

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Ryan looking like a snacc this episode

It's a huge stealth bomber

Also UFOs do not equate to aliens. An unidentified flying object is the literal definition of UFOs.

When you gotta do buzzfeed unsolved at 7 and rob a bank at 7:30


20:06 If there were no reports of planes in the sky at the time, why would there be a near-miss?

Please do an alien sighting series, so many interesting cases (I remember so many debunked in my old fav show mystery hunters)

Do the Mysterious death/Murder of Princess Diana


ITS THE GUY!!!!! I’m screaming. Y’all really made it

When there's a Alien sighting in the neighbourhood, WHO YA GONNA CALL??!!

All I'll say is, certain Airmen have to work on, with, or around certain aircraft. To say that these Airmen don't know is preposterous. And generally even if you work in finance, you know what your base's mission is and if they fly aircraft or not and what type of aircraft if any. They don't announce flights basewide, true, but they're certainly not ignored during takeoff either.

Ancient aliens guy made a bad point with Alexander the greats army seeing lights. They were drunk a lot of the time per Alexander’s demands

Please do Madeleine McCann

I have two words for you, Aurora Project. Based out of Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson. It's a massive stealth craft, designed for sub-space, stored in the Boneyard. When it's flown an entire section of town, including two major roads, gets shut down. I believe the project was originally completed in '96 or '97. Look into it.

Im sorry but am i the only one who gets a little mad when people say UFO as like an alien space craft or something, it means unidentified flying object, so a football could go over your head and if you didnt know it was a football then that would be a UFO because it was an unidentified flying object.

That guys who is an alien expert looks high af..... I don't trust him HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA and the looks on your face says you don't trust this dude as well

I'm pretty sure that the US started declassifying documents on UFO's so idk why there's still question as to whether or not they exsist

Dude looks like a cold homeless junkie from Europe.

Every now and then you guys looks very exhausted, each and every week of your effort, while doin' this video..... but then I really appreciate and enjoy your work, your efforts. "GOOD JOB" guys...

2:00 maybe its an aircraft from wakanda ... I'll go home now

Can you guys investigate the Winchester Mansion? I just think that if Ryan wants to see or feel real ghost experience, the Winchester Mansion would be a good investigating site :)

The only thing that makes this show famous is Ryan wheezes

467 people are in denial

If it's not aliens... IT WAS ALIENS!

7:36 Ryan momentarily suffers a midlife crisis "Man i'm getting too old for this." (even though he's in his 20's)

Buzzfeed showing a Fox News clip... who would’ve thought the day would come

For the Q&A. My theory is that it was a experiment. Low altitude, no sound, no radar... My guess is drones or meteorogical ballons. And the craft could be an optical ilusion. When you see a number of points your brain makes the line. Like a pareidolia. It could be easyly a mistake, imagine a couple of scientis somewhere... Oh, man. We were flying the sensors to low and everybody is freaking out and asking questions. Shut up Tom, they all think its aliens.

I feel like every creepy events (well not every events some events are already solved)still can't be solved even if we have a modern technology

Leeme just go turn on all the lights real quick

Was anyone visited in the Men in Black after the Phoenix light event because people after witnessing some shady paranormal or alien things can get visited or get a feeling of dread or being watched by something after incounters because if there was evidence of that happening with the Phoenix lights that might be a bit compelling

hmmm I feel like Ryan works more than Shane on this sometimes? Like he does all of the research, but Shane never seem to come up with references to existing scientific explanations that have been presented for those events. He more kind of guesses than actually proves anything. Like, when he says, maybe it's just a collective hallucination...It's like, he's the science guy, but he doesn't know the science very well. Maybe he does, but the directing/script doesn't show it enough then.

UFO does NOT equal Alien!!!!! The constant misuse of the term UFO pisses me off. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, any object, an Alien could be a UFO so could a balloon if it's foggy.

I think I'm a #shaniac on all other topics but this. Aliens are totally real. The universe is Huge!

Sorry guys but this episode is probably the most boring one. This just makes me more excited for next week's episode!

The rank and file night not know about secret test but their commanders do to keep them out of the way so they don't send up planes or anything that might mess with the tests. and everyone knows something's going on but not what. so if ti was a military test someone had to know. whether or not they told their soldiers is the issue. because it could have been part of the test to see how this base handled things of this nature. but then again it could also not have been part of the test.

What if aliens are just evolved humans from the future who are just time travelling for fun?

Years ago i've heard from a similar formation with only 4 lights in an triangula formation with the fourth light beeing the biggest one in the middle, it was an actual ufo. It was seen i think in 1995 in germany. It was hovering next to an retirement home and a light came out, invastigating the retirement home and then going bag in the ship and the ship disapered in the sky.

a couple yrs ago near Edwards airforce base, I was driving on the freeway when a flyover of the stealth was really low ond blocked out the was huge (or so it seemed as it was flying so unusually low), I thought it was hovering (but the stealth doesnt hover and I swear I heard wasn't until it passed that I saw it was the stealth and if it had been dark, it wouldve matched these descriptions to a T..specially to anyone not used to seeing military craft all the time. The B stealth bomber is one helluva aircraft. spooky af too. I think this is just a case of a test flight catching people way off guard at night. The Luke AFB is in Phoenix so....this is REALLY likely.

Dont press read more..... I knew you would You thought i would end Ok I will stop Or Will i? You must have been scrolling along time Ok i will stop


what is ryan's ethnicity?


*A L I E N S*

the battle of los angeles. would love to see that ufo story.

Please please please please do the disappearance of the Inuit village Anjikuni!

I once witnessed flares outside of 29 palms. They can look like a craft. Not saying that I don't believe there could be aliens. The flares look like they travel in a formation and close to burning out blink on and off.

Forget Infinity War, that alien meme guy showing up is the most ambitious crossover ever



Maybe they wanted Vagina

Giorgio Tsoukalos: Clothes by Steve Irwin; hair by electrocution.

Adam ruins UFOs

GEORGIO!!!!! I ADORE that man

*X-Files theme plays*

When hundreds of people who don't know each other reportedly saw the same thing with the government denying anything,....something is up.

I'm sick of trying to engage with idiots, but for nostalgia's sake: FLARES!!!

Ok I clicked on this video because I thought it would be about the fact that bizarre lights show up in the sky on a regular basis over Phoenix, and people generally don’t have explanations for them. Apparently this is about just a specific day.

It's the Executor-class Star Dreadnought

Love watching this stuff

after this was filmed... shane went a robbed a bank

*it was the government*

Shane looks like Santa's little helper

It’s most likely experimental military aircraft, remember the Stealth Fighter is over 30 years old, considering the leaps and bounds the technology industry made in that time period I hypothesize so did military advances in aviation and flight. Also regarding The Air Base going on lockdown, and the Air Force pilots not being familiar with The UFO, I can tell you as prior service that one division even in the same branch may not relate active missions to other divisions, and especially if those managing the secret development craft are contractors who are most likely, under penalty of law, not to disclose any data regarding such projects.


hey that's like 10 days after Camila Cabello's birth.

sry im a biggest fan of hers ^

you can see the phoenix lights in the intro sequence!

Maybe it was Ebony Maw spaceship

"insert Aliens meme here"

Can i join buzzfeed? Id be great at this job

Why does Shane look like a cool skater boy?

It was an aircraft flying in from Wakanda, obviously.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this one!

Awww, this happened on my 16th birthday!

Now that's the most ambitious crossover ever

This is exciting because I live in AZ and have been hearing about this almost all my life!


idk but pls have an episode regarding princess diana’s death on the next true crime season thanks

They coulda spotted the lights and then said “hey fire some flares if people ask we’ll just say it’s flares”


*gasp* was it Wakanda?

I like your glasses

Maybe its the ship from Arthur Christmas

Ok but why aren’t you guys in Arizona exploring

The only interesting thing happened in Arizona

both my parents saw the lights when they moved to phoenix. they were concerned but the news just said it was nothing so they left it be. now every few years we see these other lights similar to the lights by Ak-Chin/Casa Grande but they don’t last so long. they pop up individually in a line and sometimes form a triangle and one by one, they disappear. it’s always at night and there aren’t stations with lights in the distance or bases for aircrafts to go to/land. idk if anyone else sees these but I swear arizona is a hub for alien activity long is a mile in the metric unit?


How bout come visit more paranormal sites here in Asia? Any how, more ghosts please :)

Is probably some group of people try to prank the whole city

It’s the Empire deciding whether they want to attack earth or not

love the matching red pants

Maybe it was an experiment by aliens or the government


Why'd you have to ruin the episode by bringing in that Ancient Aliens guy? Come on. He's a proven fraud and conman, about as much an expert as a bag of rocks with googly eyes glued on them.

I have to tell you that both my parents has seen strange large flares/light flying so close on top of our 3 storied house. They were dead scared when they're telling me what they saw that night. I went upstrairs to see what they told me but nothing was there. But this event happened long time ago. Probably 4 years ago I think.

Shane looks like a hot elf from the North Pole

i like true crime so much more than supernatural

If I had to guess what a alien investigator would look like, I would say that guy was spot on...

I believe that intelligent life do exist in the universe. If our universe is infinite, there is also an infinite number of planets with intelligent life out there. But the closest planets believed to be habitable are still lightyears away, and assuming that the aliens have the technology to travel at the speed of light (which many believe is impossible), it would still take at least 12 years for them to come here. We aren't that interesting! Why would they travel a minimum of 12 years (but probably more, because what are the odds that the closest habitable planet is home to a advanced civilization) just to hover over a city?

Why does it only happen ina merica

Y would y'all do a vid, on a vid that y'all can't even use?...

My dad has a really good torch that can shine on the clouds... what if a bunch of kids were just messing around

love having you both back in the lab or whatever, the expeditions are cool but honestly i prefer this.. more murder cases soon too please

Oh god they got crazy alien meme jesus!! who never combs his hair!

Ryan with his eyeglass .


12:01 thank you

Doris Bother case pls

Great episode! Loved the detailed info Ryan, great job! I found the last statement about the Pentagon chilling. So fucking crazy!

do a video on the queen mary ship. i KNOW you've already done it but i mean you should do a video in the room B-340 and stay overnight.

It’s gonna be some secret military hardware. The reason the pilot was scared is probably because he got a radio transmission from the government with some kind of threat if he was to talk about what he saw.

Damn they brought out the homie Georgio for this one

@4:53 thats how women describe my penis

That moment that you witnessed a real sighting of a UFO, but you only have a crappy, potato camera.

"open minded people like the three of us" LOL

Do an episode on 9/11 and the different theories behind it!!! Plssssss

Everyone go check out my comment from the last video. I was right about the guest!!!

Wakandan plane? Just saying.

Am i the only one who ships Ryan an Shane? (Shan)

It could be some top secret plane from area 51

Can you guys please do the conspiracy theory of the royal family orchestrating princess Diana’s death in light of the royal wedding

ALIENS GUY! and even his hair is crazier than ever.

Cute matching pants boys.

They said it made no noise , ITS THE BLACK PANTHER SHIP !

It was clearly some sort of military project. Flares clearly can't fly in formation and initialy there were no planes reported and they probably never would report it if it was some secret project. I highly doubt that it is aliens and that would be jumping to conclusions. Everyone knows the US military does these kinds of secret test and even things like mk-ultra and therefor if you think rationally i think that you can't land on any other conclusion than that it was a secret goverment project to test some kind of stealth craft.


These have also been seen in England

Probably a bunch of death eaters from Harry Potter

the unsolved robbery by shane

12:35 random but that's a gorgeous and accurate animation of Squaw Peak.

They do realise that 'telescope people' use their telescopes to look at stars, right? They aren't usually out there actively looking for UFOs xD

I remember when all of this happened I was about 8 years old in Texas. For years after the lights they would put out all these documentaries about the story. I still remember seeing the video tapes. Wow what a flash back lol

Did Aliens Actually Build The Great Pyramids?

I was born and raised in Phoenix, and I grew up down the street from Luke Air Force Base. I grew up seeing flares and jets in the sky. Those were not flares.

i knew it. the aliens brought me onto earth in the year 1997.

Used to live near Luke Air Force Base and I remember seeing a smaller occurrence of the Phoenix Lights back in 2012. 5 orbs in a triangular shape that would occasionally merge to one larger orb and then align back to triangular shape again. News outlets later reported that they were "flares" and "routine air training" but still believe they were not of this world....

Why is something that’s been solved on a show called Unsolved

Maybe its a spaceship from starwars.


My theories based on science.. I do believe in UFO.. Cause there is a uncountable amount of unknown planets out there.. If our earth have living creatures.. Other planets might also have a living creatures too.. There is planets out there might older than our earth.. There might be a chance that aliens do exist.. They might called us aliens too.. Hahaha

it was voltron

Looks like a star destroyer to me.

for the next season of true crime, you guys should do an episode on princess diana!

i saw an alien with my great wide green eyes i saw him in the mirror

I live in Arizona

Just putting it out there...what if it was an excerise by the military, testing high powered drones. This was '97, the idea of drones was unbelievable to the majority of us. They hover, are mostly soundless, could be fitted with a bright light and can fly in formation. Reports of it being one large shape, could be explained as Shane said, the human mind finding the pattern and the eyes filling in the blanks. Alternatively, it could be a feature of these drones we can't even imagine at this point. I honestly believe the reason the military/government usually stays quiet, or even neutral, about these "sightings", real or not is because their silence perpetuates more mystery for the masses, providing the perfect cover for any activity they are actually conducting. Better to give more questions than answers.

the aliens and the air force were communicating, thats why the flares made the same shape as the aircraft

Two words: Chinese lanterns... We sent off ten of them near Montreal a while back. The day after, ufo sightings were reported on the news all across the region... Formation was similar to a triangle, moving fast or seeming to hover, and we could see it for 30-45 minutes... We had a good laugh the next day!

Does anybody have a link to the video they couldn’t show?

Its the Mothership it is in Camouflage state that you only see is the light

and the two orbs is their scanner

I agree with the truck driver... the fukin government has to be hiding the truth about those lights and i wish the government just tell the people about these kind of stuff instead of hiding it from us

I cheesed ear to ear with the Ancient Aliens expert .... that was mother f'ing legendary. hahahaha

I would LOVE for you guys to do a Fact or Fiction Paranormal Files type show, PLLLLEEEASSSEE

They should do the Shark Arm Murder

They look like flaires

Wtf why did the governor brought the fake alien wtf

Is it lighting or does Ryan look very thin? RYAN you okay buddy?

I'm surprised that they asked him about the incident and not about his meme status

Arizona is a perfect place for UFO Spotters

Hawaiian night marchers, come to Hawaiʻi Island just to investigate that!

What if it was king T'Chaka from Wakanda?! U guys think over it

They should do the sky trumpets next


Shane dressed like he just hit a lick

i imagine ryan binge watching every episode of ancient aliens

Imperial Star Destroyers.

What if it is a work by a person who believes in alien but since no one believes in him he made this up to start a debate?

Sitting with the least credible alien expert on this planet was a bad move. Anyone who doesn't know, look up this guy's credentials. He's apparently very good at telling a story.

Someone tell me why Shane looks like shaggy

There is/was a serial killer in my hometown that killed nine women in total (I believe). It is the highway killer from New Bedford, MA. Would be awesome to have you guys look into it cause it is messed up

You should to an episode on the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado! Its famous for its paranormal activity

My Dad was in the Airforce at Luke AFB at the time...he was a crew chief for F-16 fighting falcons

You should do an episode on Chicago. Like Resurrection Mary, Bachelors grove cemetery, Congress hotel, Excalibur club.

omg it's the fucking "ALIENS" guy from that meme

But I hate that now you can’t tell what’s real and what’s fake like everything looks to real with technology.

I’ve missed you guys so much


....why won't the government just say "it was aliens"? *bruh just admit it*

Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes!

Why is Shane dressed like a burglar

I’m not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens.

its SHIELD's helicarrier y'all. it was supposed to be on stealth mode but the Galaga guy forgot to turn the lights off. solved nah. kiddin'

Imagine this is a secret aircraft that the u.s government wanted to test out and in the event of a world war. They just bust the air boi and we all are like "oh so that's what that was." It would explain why they kept it a secret. Wouldn't want other countries to know about it.

So, Phoenix was Night Vale in this situation.

The V formation just makes me more sure that they're glowing geese...

can we possibly get a shane dawson and buzzfeed unsolved guys crossover?

Alien guy

18:20 A Wild Meme Has Appeared!

Shane in this episode is the when you have “whatever” at 5 but have to “whatever” at 10. Example:When you have an unsolved episode to film at 3 but have plans to rob a bank at 6. Because he’s wearing all black and has a black beanie on. Bro, wtf?

There is no way that we are the only one in the galaxy

Did Ryan just lose some weight? He looks like a Skinny Legend though

9:35 what city manager? Who was it who said that? Furthermore - investigation into who came up with the political cartoon of Barwood at Arizona Republic would be useful information.

My uncle saw something exactly like that but in Mexico

Love those glasses!

Please do the Battle of Los Angeles!!!

Shane why are you dressed like a burglar

It's not unusual for the government/military to look into ufo's. The same reason why they also have a zombie apocalypse plan. It doesn't mean that there are zombies or ufo's. Planning for contingencies, I'd say, would be a big reason why the military exists.

History Channel and Buzz Feed Collab WTF! BOOM lovin it!

Shane look like theif from nody!!


Totally a star Destroyer

there is a spirt box app


Please do the missing Malaysian flight

Am I tripping or do these guys look strung out?

Let’s Sue Watson

“Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth bomber” That’s what I really was.

it takes 1000 people to have a good statistic #shaniac

Maybe they’re just giant headlights taped to some ducks

It was just me . I was born 6 days later.

I was expecting it to be mass hysteria, but after I saw the video Idk what to say anymore

When’s the next true crime episode coming?

Why do aliens only come to usa?

okay but when ryan crossed his arms at 18:38

Maybe It's Just Another Human From another Galaxy

Its Voltron comig in hot

***"Its a very bad situation for that alien father."***

margaritas and telescopes sounds so rad

My husband and lived in Camp Verde AZ when this happened. We also saw the lights. Its was crazy weird. Back then there were no cell phone cameras or else we would have tried to film it. It looked like a space ship and no sounds. We were driving North Bound on I17. It was dark and there were no other cars around. We saw them in a "V" shape. And we were confused and scared. The next day the news said it was flared!!!! IT WAS NOT FLARES!!!!!We always used to go to Phoenix every weekend and we always saw ufo's. We also used to gaze up and watch falling stars and shooting stars.

It’s just a reflection of other aircrafts in an alternate plane. That’s why it didn’t show up on the radar.

The V in the sky was just Taehyung saying hello.

this reminds me of the marfa lights

You guys should do the Hoia Baciu forest in Romania!!

Does no one remember that time where there was some weird space craft above L.A. and Jenna marbles saw it and so did loads of other youtubers

Did anyone read through the comments reading how Shane is dressed like a French Burglar and confuse it with Shane looks like a FRENCH BURGER.....nope just me ok...


It's been a tough season so far for Ryan, but this one, even as a skeptic, I got to give a point to Ryan.

When you gotta film buzzfeed unsolved at 5 but you gotta rob a bank at 7

That mannequin got me at 4:21 I've watched 20 of these videos, how

Do an investigation on Princess Diana.

I thought you guys had covered the Collar Bomber/Pizza Bomber in the past. Did I completely make that up? If you haven't covered it already you should do a summary of the case. It's one of those cases that has so many involved and is so twisted that it always leaves my stomach in knots. Now that the case is regaining popularity I would love to hear your take on the event.

its the simulation

I was playing outside when this happened it was weird to see . we lived on central Southside of phoenix because I asked my dad and he was like I don't know and then we saw it on the news and we saw the planes

The lights were floating btw. They were static. The flares were moving

I think it was just drones and at that time it was a classify military technology ... I remember the story (I was very young) but now I can’t believe it’s nothing else but drones . Btw I loved you got Giorgio Tsukalos as a guest!!!



ancient aliensss guy xD

Russians, its the Russians trying to get their revenge

About the Belgium lights, i wonder if that days weather patterns were the same as the phoenix lights. Maybe it has a similar effect the northern lights have.

Can you follow up with analyzing the footage To The Stars Academy released from the Pentagon this year? This is the company Tom Delonge founded to expose this sort of stuff.

I wasn’t paying close attention and was startled at the “aliens” meme guy was suddenly on screen. What a plot twist

I bet that was just a Wakandan ship.

giorgio : and then there's open minded people like us *gestures to shane and ryan * me, looking at shane : *uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh weellllll*

no why do invite him of all people him

Wow, Ryan looks super sexy with glasses. Just me?

I've been to phoenix, arizona to visit family and let me tell you, mostly everybody is high on prescribed weed or marijuana.

Not saying it is advanced military technology because it doesn't make sense to test that sort of stuff over a big metropolitan area, but the US military does have restricted airspace even for fighter jets. One of those restricted zones in famously known as the "black box" which is the area in the Nevada Test Range known as Area 51. So there are secret projects being performed, but if the government has their own private airspace to test developmental projects then why the hell would they test a secret military project over a heavily populated area?? That is where I draw the line at the advanced military technology theory.

Refine your definition of UFO- doesn't mean aliens!


whoever put the English subtitle, you are the real MVP. Thank you.

Yall got the link to the video?

It’s wakandan from black panther

This video gave me Chills. :)

btw just as a general thing skydivers have been often thought to be UFO's when it's Just jumpers.

Y’all should watch a case for Christ on Netflix. Especially Shane


why is shane dressed like a goth gnome

so it was a bomb drone before they're info was released to the public


You guys got Giorgio Tsoukalos! That's so cool! Nice work on your research. I appreciate that you didn't do the typical, "We're gonna camp out 21 years after the event and look for aliens in Phoenix."

Can we get hosts that aren’t beta males please :(

Shane looks like he had a B&E to go to after filming this episode.

*video gets taken down due to government secrets*

I’m back to say that I just realized the ending music for Unsolved is the same from the judging segments in Best Baker in America haha

when did shane and ryan switch personas?

I find the Ancient Aliens guy strangely attractive

Do Marilyn Monroe plz

What is the video link to the copyright video?

omg they got the alien guy

The outline looks very very familiar to the aircraft in Black Panther.

Do an episode about the mysterious death of Princess Diana, because *royalty*

My grandpa was in the military when this happened and went to a house that the lights were flying over. They would be changing colors.

Hi, same case happened here in the Philippines about 3 yrs ago

it could just be birds with flashlights on their feet

Agnews insane asylum in San Jose CA

Minions don't abduct. They just annoy the hell out of people and try to create a billion dollar merchandising line.


March 13 2016. I was driving with my friend back to Tempe (suburb of Phoenix) with my friend. We were about 40-50min from the outskirts of town, and we saw three lights in the sky to the east of us that were moving faster and in directions that planes didn’t move. They seemed too big to be helicopters. There weren’t many vehicles on the highway that night but the minivan next to us slowed down and the passenger was trying to film the lights. My friend and I got to talking about the Phoenix lights. My friend googled to find the wiki page about it. To our surprise, we found out the original lights event happened exactly 19 years earlier to the day which creeped us out and we sped into town.

more Alien stuff

This reminds me of that movie that came out last year

Guys I am logical but this is hard nut to crack.

this is the most ambitious crossover in history

I would love to have lunch and talk with the alien meme guy!

These two would make a great couple

This expert dude looks like that guy from the picture of the conspiracy dude. What is he from? Hes used for hella memes


Make a video talkin' about the hat man ora the Shadow people

Ok but obviously these lights were UFOs. Unidentified. Flying. Object. We just associate ufos with aliens.

If they manage to create a cloaking device why would they stick some useless lights

i live in phoenix :((

I get so scared from these but I watch them anyway

When you have to record a video at 8 but gotta rob a bank at 9

Gotta say it does get kinda annoying how staunchly Shane doesn’t give at all and almost seems to look down on Ryan’s views :(

2 lights by the spin doctors lmao

Pls do Betty and Barney hill abduction!

Im not saying it was aliens but it was aliens

y'all ever looked into the pizza bomber mystery

Can u guys do the mysterious death of Princess of Diana!!!!

The alien meme guy looks like he’s about to steal the constitution, a la nick cage

if aliens can reach us it means that they are more advanced and smarter than us, we can't even identify and reach them

You guys need to research the Westall, Melbourne, Australia UFO sighting! It’s an incredibly interesting story, and would love to hear your take on it!

It’s just some big ni

Literally just LUU-2 flares from a jet. Almost anyone in the military can tell you that. A bunch of civilians just must of saw it and freaked out.

Do the murder case of Brian wells

They should do an episode on Kurt Cobain. Like if you agree!

You know how in the Q and A or I guess even the show Shane has a cup of coffee? I think it would be a funny bit if you just some or made the cup like 10% smaller each episode. To accentuate Shane’s gigantism


There was a documentary about this and they took the footage just like 6:20. It showed the lights disappear behind the mountain range. Then it was confirmed that the military dropped flares on parachutes for training. Depending on the angle you viewed hem and how they fell it looked like a giant moving craft. 21:30 The reason "all hell was breaking loose" was the base was in the middle of a training drill. Not that hard to look up. Phoenix Lights Explained & Debunked

They should do the Villisca home in Iowa. Not only is it an unsolved true murder story, but the house is available to numerous supernatural events.

why do I watch this late at night

They actually got the “Aliens” guy amazing!

If you guys haven’t you should check out the House on Brownsville Road in Pennsylvania. It’s supposedly haunted would be a cool episode.

LaLaurie House pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

please make a video about agartha or "the hollow earth


Could you do the Villisca axe murder house? It’s haunted and was the site of an unsolved murder

that truck driver image is always the most sketches guy

I'm sorry but once you put an expert from the show ancient aliens you will immediately be discredited by myself no matter how entertaining both shows are

Why does Shane look like he's dressed for a heist in GTA?

Hey guys, have you noticed that your "mystery" theme is also on a TV show?

You guys should do an Unsolved mystery’s Coughing Giraffes

You guys should do the Oakland County Child Killer. This person murdered 4+ children in 1976-1977 in Michigan. It's very chilling, especially because it literally hits close to home. One thing especially odd about this case is that a person who named himself as Allen wrote a letter to a psychiatrist claiming to know who the real killer was. He told him to meet him at bar. Wikipedia claims that Allen never showed, but in my Crime Causation class, I learned that it is possible he did show and tried to get the psychiatrists attention but he paid no mind to who may have been Allen. You can find the letter online. It's very interesting to read.

I believe the aliens were testing human response to possible alien activity

Solved. Spotlights

Jenna Marble or Julien Solomita Anyone? Any OG Dinks out here!?

do the Darress theatre in Boynton NJ, its supposed to be extremely haunted with"freak show" people from when it was used as a vaudeville theatre. People have been pushed down stairs, doors slam on their own and voices can be heard from the walls

Anyone else just think of the “Aliens” meme?

Hey would you be interested in mh370?

They brought in the fucking meme guy I love ittttt

lol shane goes so try hard in this episode to oppose ryan's argument.

It's the government. They managed to hide the creation of the B2 Spirit Bomber for 20 years until it was leaked, it's clear that they're hiding something. _Edit:_ Of this B2 Spirit Bombers is flying over public areas and will be seen, people will believe it's a UFO or alien aircraft.

You guys should do on of the haunted dolls like Robert the doll or the real Annabelle doll


when you have to film a video at 9 and then rob a bank at 11

Do the chupacabra PLEASE

You should investigate The FaZe Rug House! #UNSOLVEDFAZERUG

Not that it's aliens, but it's aliens.

Can you make an episode on what happened in Brazil some years ago in a island, don't remember the name, but lights coming from the sky attacked people leaving them with burns and very ill and no it wasn't a lightening bolt. The Brazilian military where baffle and didn't knew what was happening, they were investigating until for some reason USA government decided that like always is their job to join in other countries business and crash it and so they stoped all the investigations, and closed the case...

Oh heck that's where I live

I’m waiting for the day they won’t say unsolved at the end and just make another

why UFO or something like that loves to visit America.

Government operations

my favorite history question is where the Egyptians tight with aliens or just all on hard drugs

also do they teach you in government school to just completely shun the idea of aliens?


Shane looks like an emo teen that just got told he can’t dye his hair black

“Cognitive Dissonance.”

I absolutely love how they open this video with stock footage btw! Even though I do completely agree that there are other life forms out there... I don't think this instance was actually aliens... Because if you just play the odds game, there are soooo many other things it has to be before aliens... RIGHT???

"I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was probably aliens." -GIOGIO A. TSUKALOS

Man you guys bring in the ancient aliens guy like you're allergic to credibility.

I'm an astrophysicist, and I'll be interning with NASA this Summer. Personally, I totally, absolutely believe aliens exist. However, I do not believe we've come in contact with any, nor have any come to visit Earth. And if they did, I believe it would be hostile. The day they pay us a trip _if_ they pay us a trip, believe me, we will all know it.

Y'know, I know this is a Supernatural series, but a pretty interesting couple for True Crimes' next season: Lord Lucan The Monster With 21 Faces The Monster Of Florence The Mystery Body of Christmas Isle One of the other choices does require a little explanation, but the 1975 Moorgate tube crash. Basically, in 1975 a London Underground Train was running into Moorgate Tube station where it terminated, but the Train apparently overran {Some even claiming it accelerated down the Platform} the Platform and crashed into the Overran buffers, killing 44 Passengers and the Driver. The evidence showed that the Train had no mechanical faults, the Driver had no apparent health defects, {Though the examinations were hampered by the fact that his corpse was decomposed by the time he was recovered, so a Brain or blood alcohol examination was impossible} and was seen as being upright in the cab prior to the accident, not even trying to shield his face from the collision about to ensue. The Driver was not highly experienced and knew the line, but was not Suicidal and had plans after the accident, and even if he did want to kill himself by crashing the Train, he had been driving the Train multiple times that day.

shane stopped by some houses and stole some TVs after this was filmed

You sould investigate next time the Disapearance of Paulette

We also saw them here in Mexico. Probably like 5 years ago.

You should do the Jersey Devil next!!

do the story about the flat woods monster.

You guys should release this series as a podcast as well. This is good driving material.

Shane is dressed like a bandit

The phoenix lights is just a star destroyer, don’t @ me

Shane and Ryan look like polar opposites

Its Almost a spy plane experiment

its at 6,666 comments but its about to be 6,667 comments

Oh my gosh buzzfeed unsolved has accepted the meme. They just completely disregarded the theory of ufos by having the ancient alien dude come on

Yaaaalllll they was in south phoenix. Thats where I liivvee

The legend of sawney bean

Black night satellite? I’d love to see more UFO coverage tbh.

you should do a video on the Frogman

I love you guys so much you guys are the best

I think it was a projection in the sky

Pres-kit not press-Kawt

"I mean I think I made a good point." "Certainly, certainly a good point *for you* ." I'm wHeEziNG

As an Arizona resident, I definitely cringed when you said "Prescott" as Pres-cot and not Pres-kit lol


It looks like sperm

It was the avengers

Is it just me or is 20:00 the stranger things theme

I'm from Belgium and I didn't know about the UFO's in our country ... What I know is that in 2011 the photographer confessed it was fake.

Shane robbed a bank and then came to work

Is no one gonna talk about how they met a meme God?

What happened to true crime?

It was the Wakanda jet, they even showed it in the movie.

This dark secret stuff isn’t the cia, fbi, it’s military. The high up military officials are the ones behind it

Dang! Ancient Aliens

This buzzfeed video is actually personal to me because I witnessed this myself in New Mexico. I have video footage of it on my phone

I’ve never posted it online cause I didn’t want people to think I’m a nut job . But the object floated with no navigation lights , propellers or jet engines . It flew in a way that defied gravity almost . When I say this is real, it’s very real.

Lack of evidence isnt proof of that something isnt real there is evidence no matter what evedince you show people thell never believe god cpuld appear and say im god and they still wouldent believe

Atheists are fools and liers what makes some think that in all they see in the absolute perfection of things that there is no god they lie to them selves

20:08 I thought there were no planes in the air so how did the object have a near miss with a Cessna

Boi when i heard “ancient alien expert” i alr knew who it was gonna be.

V for Vendetta

Ryan looks like a SNACK at 18:40

Well, get an iPhone X to record 6x video and get better video quality for recording UFOs.

I feel like USA is the only country where everyone cares about aliens. Why are americans the only ones hwo see aliens? Like, do the aliens just really like to fly over America or something?


Phoenix sighting phoenix is a burning bird flying alot higher so you cant see it thank me later.. ooh an alien hmmm ALIENS NEED THE TACOS FROM TACO BELL THANK ME LATER AGEEN!!!

I guess that's free V-bucks

when you live in arizona

Ryan and Shane please do Cry baby bridge!!!

shane lowkey looks like amycus carrow from the harry potter series

Ancient aliens!!!!

Please do a video about Shiloh Dynasty! WE NEED THIS

These kind of episodes are my favourite. No fake ghost stuff, aliens all the way!

Why is there no true crime☹☹

I’m concerned Shane might have scurvy...

Will Giorgio A. Tsoukalos get a visit from the MIB now? Considering he has some interesting facts about UFOs and Extraterrestrial beings?

I like the ghost hunting episodes so much more but these guys together are fun to watch no matter.


Hey, can you guys do the “Battle of LA” 1942

its black panthas ship men

It was a UFO. A UFO is an unidentified flying object so until someone publicly identifies it, it is and will remain a UFO. That doesn't mean I believe in aliens coming to Earth. I don't, I believe they may be out there but not that they bother with us

so i've got something to share. Last year in the Philippines, I forgot around what month it was, I , my sister, and our "nanny" was sitting outside in front of our house. We were just enjoying the breeze , we played badminton and we were just sitting there after. Our nanny then pointed out something in the sky and it seemed unusual. It was a solid mass in the sky, really big , and it had a boomerang shape. We didnt think much of it, we thought it was a blimp or a plane or whatever. We were sure there was a plausible explanation for what we saw, but we were really kind of skeptical about it. The thing that was weird about it was that it glided so smoothly and fast, it was just really bizarre. I've never seen anything like it. We didnt get to record it, we didnt think to at the time, we really thought it was just a plane or something. It had no lights though. This was in the afternoon, I remember around 4 or 5. I really cant justify what we saw, because the human eye is poor when it comes to those. Hard to believe this , but I thought I'd just share it. I swear this isn't made up. does anyone know what it might be tho

Did anybody notice 00:19 has the pheonix lights stars in it!! Minute detailing!!

There was a thing like this in Australia a few months ago

The actor Kurt Russell was the pilot who phone it in he was in the air with his son. There is a video here on YouTube where he speaks of it.

"Imagination is More Important than Knowledge"

It could be birds who ate a light... they also fly in a V formation

Do the caylee anthony case for true crimeeee!!!


People with high powered telescopes are called amateur astronomers.

those are u.s jets in formation

video of the pheonix lights can be seen here (starts at 1:21)

Who cares what they are wearing? They are talking about something fascinating.

jesus christ shane madej in all black AND A BEANIE *WITH STUBBLE* ARE YOU SHITTING ME RIGHT NOW

Stop saying quote ffs Ty

Shane looks exactly like ben from parks and recreation

Shane= the idiot Ryan= an even bigger idiot

omg that crazy guy from ancient anstronat alien show

WESTALL 1966 was the original Phoenix Lights, only it happened in the middle of the day, and people saw the landing craft at close distance. One day, these guys will actually cover the westall 1966 UFO incident

23:21 "Open minded people like the 3 of us and..." *points to the camera* " our audience" I honestly thought he was about to say the camera person/crew . huh? Excuse me ancient alien guy ?!

They’ve got vibranium

why have you guys not been vist by the MIB (Men In Black

Arizona yuhhhhhhh

If drones aren’t brought up in this or the q&a I’ll be pissed

What if WE’RE the aliens and were planted here thousands of years ago and the ships are the more intelligent aliens checking up on us to see how we’re evolving

actually that is possible and i partly believe in that, cuz in ancient writing u can read people describing something with fires and lot of shiny things land on the ground from sky and if person from 19-20-21 centuries would read that they would be like this is description of rocket. so maybe we really are part of a project or smth.

I have seen these giant triangle aircraft out in the desert in California....they are real for sure.....people have been seeing them since the 80s ....we are probably decades past this "secret technology" by now


The fact that Ryan thinks because its his job if the government told the governor the truth he would just stay quite is funny


I know Ryan is gonna hate me. But do THE AMYTIVILLE(DUN DUN DUUN).

You should investigate La Llorona

Why am I scared, this one isn't even spooky.


During the time period, Nellis AFB Nevada was constructing an “aggressor” squadron. The 4520th “training team” was changed to a functional tactical fighter squadron at Nellis I believe to aid in training “aggressors squadrons) All this was in preparation of the now annual Red Flag exercise to coincide with the Canadian Maple Flag air combat exercise. While Nellis has ~12,000 sq.miles of flight exercise air and ground space, it is not uncommon for Air Force (and other services) aircraft to fly sortes over cities for training. I think people were witnessing afterburner plumes and flares. Just my humble opinion.

Who's from Arizona!??

I have suggestions for upcoming Unsolved episodes: for Unsolved Paranormal I would like you to visit the Amityville house, the Cassadaga Hotel, Resurrection Mary, the ghost of Grace Brown, and/or the Villisca Ax Murder House. I don't know a lot about them I just have heard about them. For Unsolved True Crime I would like you to do the case of the CircleVille letters. That case has always confused me. Maybe you could explain it better. Also, the Alcatraz Escape (some say at least one did survive and live free), the case of Dale Kerstetter (did he help in the crime or was he murdered?), and Amy Bradley (did she fall overboard or was it murder?).

looks like a star destroyer

If this was in 2018 there would either be a lot of videos in good quality or everyone would not believe it cause of video shop

Shane totally looks like he’s about to burgle somebody.

Shane lookin like he’s going to kidnap some Dalmatian puppies.

The man in black at the back always creeps me out

You went to the aliens guy :)

It was rick and morty

If anything its more of a gamble for the military to do something like that over a city than for extraterrestrials.

Aliens t posing in a formation

I just got back from prescott today!!! this makes me want to try to visit the airbase XD

Ryan is so used to having to fight Shane that when Shane agrees it was something out there Ryan doesn’t understand


Ryan with the gun show 18:38


If you you know how big the universe is there could literally so much life there’s so so so much planets like look up the how big is the universe or something like it’s pretty interesting I’m 100% sure there’s some other type of life

Okay so I live in Phoenix and I think it was military. I mean in the valley right near the Phoenix Zoo there is a military base that is ALWAYS testing stuff. Soooo??? Gimme your opinions tho

I just dont see the military sending F15s to investigate then ditching on the object. It’d make more sense to me that they follow the craft or engage it. You don’t left an unidentified object fly over populated areas.

I didn't read the description so when Tsoukalos showed up I absolutely lost my mind. Ohhh my gosh.

buzzfeed has had far more popular celebs but i was still shocked to see georgio there. like i wonder if ryan fan girled or something

OH NO! The Soviet Union called in 1991

giorgio looks like the aliens meme guy


And this is true

My uncle in 1997 was looking through a telescope and he saw 6 lights in the air forming a triangle and he said he saw 6 more lights go into the triangle and the he hear whispering he passed out from the shear terror and when he woke up he packed up his stuff and left


Nah, that’s just Wakanda visiting N’Jobu


there was something that happened like this in kayenta Arizona not too long ago with lights that moved in circles and moved into a line, so maybe they came back

Another thing I learned from this is that Shane doesn't know how telescopes work lol. "Another night of empty sky" .... WHAT? Especially if you live in a more rural area, it's breath taking what you can see through a telescope. And no, I don't have one... I live near New York City - I'd get bored of looking at the same 7 stars, I'd imagine.... but I know someone near my Summer house upstate in the middle of nowhere (on a popular lake lol not like, unibomber "middle of nowhere" lol but I mean, at night it's totally dark and there's so many stars it's insane) who does, and it's legit unreal what you can see. And it's not even a really good one lol.

"A big gamble" A BIG GAMBLE?!??! LOL Hell yes Ryan, I so agree. Shane is so "human-centric" - Think about it Shane - it was a huge feat that we got TO THE MOON. It's not even that far away! Even if the other intelligent life came from WITHIN our solar system, they would have to be like a thousand years (at least) older a society than us. And if they came from another galaxy?!!!?? OMG. Lol, it just seems like any society that advanced would have to be coming here purely out of curiosity, and bc they can... or because they needed something we had that . they didn't, and miraculously couldn't reproduce.... OR because they're LOOKING for something. Anyway, regardless of the reason, they would have absolutely no reason to fear us. To a society able to do interplanetary, possibly interstellar, travel, we would be a primitive society... like only slightly above apes.

Area 51 is not to far a way aka new plane testing in area

0:48 the tea is Scorching................................................XD

in this episode, shane looks like Jughead Jones' older brother who is trying to act cool.... XD

Ryan crossing his arms at 18:38 is the best part of the video

Shane: I love ghosts Ryan: well I don’t

It was Megan parker

So even if it wasn’t some sketchy U.S. government thing, couldn’t it be from some other country? Like Russia or something? Especially assuming it’s true that they saw the same thing in Belgium 7 years prior.



Ever seen a C-130 with all it's lights on in the middle of the night. There like three to four bright, white, lights that can look different than normal aircraft. And at 20:46, just to answer that question asked by Ryan, it happens. But I am not going into too much detail.

Poor Jevnerok, He lost his job, his wife divorced him, embarrassed by humans on human tv, and his kids have no father to look up to. I wish him the best.

FINALLY ya'll made this an episode. much satisfied. very aliens.

When you gotta film a video at 5 but you gotta rob a bank at 5:30 Kurt Russell Phoenix lights

Bisbee, AZ or Tombstone,Az

omg when shane got that air bubble ghghghf tbh i know that feel too fuckin well. i get those all the time pfft

Stealth black ops helicopters ??? I mean they’d rather have the public think it’s aliens then some experimental aircraft

That happened on my birthday lol

Military craft .....

Do more interviews like this ! THis works very well

y'all ever heard of the Ashtar Galactic Command incident in the 70's or something? it spoke of Vrillon, the representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command speaking to us interrupting a news station. And what if the "V" in the lights above symbolizes "Vrillon"? go look up the video. "Ashtar Galactic Command"

Do you believe that if aliens discover a planet, they will wait until its 'safe' to enter the atmosphere for not wanting to be seen?

I wish something like this would happen today. There'd be hundreds if not thousands of high-quality videos of it.

13:35 why does the mannequin scare me?

That's not how you pronounce Prescott, Ryan. :) But man this happened just a year or so before I was born.

all I'm saying is... watch the the unacknowledged

BuzzFeed Unsolved AKA X-Files. One is a believer (Ryan/Mulder) and One is a Skeptic (Shane/Scully). That's why I like these two guys.

do mh370!

Similarly I saw something like this when I was with my dad in the grass we were talking about some stuff and I looked up and behind the clouds I could see a sort of like circle of lights or maybe a v formation just hovering and kept moving without making any noise, my dad saw it too and still don’t know what it was to this day, like I said it made no noise and moved Slowly without any sudden movements

18:18 is the greatest crossover in the history of mankind!!

this is the


maybe the craft was from wakanda? no im just kidding.

That was the day when king T'challa's Father went out from Wakanda

They should collab with Shane Dawson Who’s with meiii!?!?!


They forgot to mention that actor Kurt Russell reported the lights.

my teeth hurts


Phoenix lights was the government doing a fake ufo event to see how the public would react.. it's all part of project blue beam

Why dose Shane look like a burglar or about to do some robbing of a museum

Ryan, people release classified information. There’s no guarantee the governor wouldn’t talk.

You guys should do a video at the Titanic Museum in Breton (sp?) Missouri!

your vulgar.and boring.


Wondering if Ryan meant "ie" rather than "aka"?!

It was telling the future for V-Bucks.

18:26 lmao shut up shane

Try the L.A. UFO sighting the circular thingy that the helicopter checks if its a ufo

The unreported plane theory could be the terrorists from 9/11.

It’s common knowledge where I’m from that these are Chinese wedding lanterns. We see these a couple times a year from weddings. The one light that followed the jet was a lantern that got caught in the jets air current momentarily. The lights moving at different speeds and staying in place at times is from air currents. The lights flickering is just from the candles inside the lanterns flickering. There have been multiple paranormal shows that have talked about this theory, and a few journalists have covered this as well.

it’s fine guys it’s just voltron

i was hoping you guys would do this one! i'm so happy

i was living in mesa(very close to phoenix) at the time, i was only like 2 years old but i remember being on my dads shoulders as my family looked out sliding glass door at the lights as it moved past our neighborhood.

9:45 jacksfilms, is that you?

Wow my tiny town of Gila Bend was actually mentioned

DRONes. They look like tiny planes, they can be attached with lights.

That guy has to be someone you hired with an ad on Craigslist that said "someone willing to dress up like a guy who loves aliens. merch from the show Roswell will be provided"

I love Buzzfeed Unsolved. You guys are hilarious and fascinating. I never get tired of you guys and I never will.

I've caught ufos on my snapchat twice, I totally believe we have visitors... or guests

Who here lives in phoenix


Anyone here form Arizona see this ?

Hundreds of people saw Justin Bieber turn into a lizard.

^ /\

star destroyer?

I'm waiting for Shane and Ryan to cover the Kecksburg incident. There's a man named Stan Gordon who specializes in it that they could talk to.

They made a movie about this and at the end it shouwed the kids being Taken on live Video they found a camera with live Video it was so creepy Movie lol

Shane is so annoying oml

PLEASE go to the Queen Mary or the Stanley Hotel

I vote AC130 angel wings chaff and flare pattern.

Did you guys know that "KURT RUSSELL' was the pilot of the cessna plane. He also came out and said on various interviews, look into it. Kurt Russell and phoenix lights.

Villisca Ax Murder House next?

Anyone who denies aliens played a part in this. Is a Hang-up.

i saw it happen it was very strange

As someone who works in a state legislature and knowing how a governor's office operates, it would be wiser for higher powers to give an answer to the public/public leaders. It's completely possible that the Governor had received an answer from the federal government to say "make a joke of the situation and pretend like we never had this conversation." That is 100% in the realm of possibility. I'm with Ryan on this. They should have said something to the Governor's office. It's better to control the message than not. Even if it's with a completely false narrative.

6,000 feet long is longer than 2 miles even more impressive than a 1 mile long ufo !!!!

You guys should check out the Winchester House!! Lots of creepy stories and tons of rich history behind the owner and the construction of the home!

You guys should do something on Dear David. There's this artist named Adam Ellis who has some pretty compelling stories about a ghost in his apartment. I'd reach out to him. You can read a whole Twitter reel of his experiences here: His twitter is @mobydickhead.

Does anyone else think Shane looks like Mike and Nancy's dad from Stranger Things?

When you guys go back to “True Crime” you should cover the case of Brian Wells the pizza delivery guy that had a bomb strapped to his neck and was forced to rob a bank to try and save himself. Unfortunately he died but the people who did it have never been caught. The case happened in 2003

I hate watching these they scare me, I guess I'm a masochist

This is amazing im so glad you got acient aliens guy !

I lived in Phoenix in 1997, and I didn't see a damned thing. I don't know if I was looking at the ground on that night, or what. I know this isn't a supernatural topic (probably) but how about doing something about Tara Calico? I plugged in the two topics to see if you had already, and didn't come up with anything.

I think the government would confirm or talk much about it because they dont wanna freak people out or let them believe that there is more powerful community than them.

Can you do the Assassination of Bobby Kennedy?

18:2o I think by now he is more famous for the meme

11:44 is that a still from _The Godfather_ ?


That was on my birthday!!!

This video is full of some of the best classic memes

My and one of my friends were camping out in her backyard and we saw red dots in the sky that had red strings attaching them and were moving around eachother while going across the sky at like, 10pm, but we saw them twice before they didn't come back

I love these two so much

Well it is a flying objekt, and it is unidentified. So it is Acually an UFO

For those who have not seen ? AZ Gov. account >

is it just me, or is Ryan hotter with glasses on???

you got George Tsoukalos. this is officially my favorite episode of unsolved.

*Anyone got the link to the video they didn't show cause of copyright*

Its "Bomb Voyage"

"Open-minded people, like the three of us," **collective laughter from everyone who knows anything about Shane Madej**


I have seen that video

maybe they are testing an airborne carrier but suddenly the cloak got a malfunction and they tried to cover it up because they knew other countries will know about this and will have a counter attack if this attacks?

The thing that annoys me is that everyone connects UFO to aliens. UFO stands for UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. It could be anything, as it is NOT identified.

Batman and his clones?

It's glowing geese

Is there a link to the song you guys always play during the times ryan explains things

18:18- Somethings never change... Case in point - Alien Meme Guy having the same hairstyle

You should do the Marfa Lights in Texas

Every day a UFO only flies over America

Maybe, the reason that there was not alot of evidence/video clips/ pictures of these events is because the men in black had already threatened them to delete those evidences

This was so much better than the ghost hunts

Tbh alien stories are cringy af

It's the voltes five

i really love that they added the news reports at the beginning of this one!! that was a super good way to start the ep and i hope they do that again

Even the actor Kurt Russel saw the lights. Check out the video "Kurt Russel Phoenix Lights."

Shane has this look, I'm so drawn too. So handsome

It's the guy from the alien memes! He's actually not as weird as he looks in the memes...

I feel like if this stuff happend here in new zealand it would be more believable

The Blek Pantha lives!

Not saying it was aliens, but probably aliens.

Rarely post comments. Feel uncomfortable. But I saw very similar ‘lights’ in Spain. We were along the cost, on the roof taking pictures of bats, the moon, anything.. I then noticed 3 red/orange dots appear high (40,000ft +) above the sea. Similar to when you see a satellite but slightly bigger. They were in a triangular formation and I immediately thought it was something strange. They stayed in formation for a few minutes so we were leaning towards thinking they were military jets or something. I could not take my eyes off them and watched as they separated! Two stayed close while one wavered off slightly and took turns too short for any aircraft to manage. There was no way whatsoever that these were jets. Like lasers in the sky teasing a cat they started to almost play around doing turns and speeding up and slowing down. They went back into a triangular formation... and disappeared. To this day, I still wonder what it was that I witnessed. Not balloons, not jets, definitely not flares. Who knows. But I was frozen with fear and I will never forget it. But yeah, anyways, you guys are awesome. The suspense and stuff in some of the episodes gets me so bad. So much so that I actually went into labour in January after watching an episode. All was good!

Wait, does this mean Tae is really an alien and they are calling him back?

I call bull, not aliens. #shaniacs

If I saw the Phoenix lights my quote would literally be "yay I'm finally gonna die"

I like in Arizona, I have yet to see a UFO!

Here's an idea what if it was classified government equipment maybe like a flying stealth vehicle that doesn't show up on radar

Can u do more murder unsolved I like those better tbh

As someone who grew up in a community of people who make their own telescopes, I concur, telescope people are weird.

Yyyy dooooesss thiiiingsss like this onlllyyy haaappppeeennn innn theee U.S!!!!

*_E N D Q U O T E_*

I live in Phoenix and lots of people say that they see unexplained lights often here. I will not say my beliefs on it but I will say that it happened a few months before I was born.

I think it's very possible that it was some sort of extraterrestrial life. We can't honestly believe that we're the only life in this universe, and all of these galaxies. Not only that, there are many pictures and photos of strange objects in space, not the sky but in space that humans have not made or the society is not aware of. Whether those pictures are photoshopped or not, I guess we'll never know, but let's just say they are real for argumentative purposes. When we look into space with a telescope, we are seeing something that happened thousands of years ago. This means that when we see these strange objects in space, it was there thousands of years ago. When we were cavemen or still advancing(I'm not sure what era) there were advanced objects like that in the sky. Somebody had to have built it! It could have been other forms of life. That means if these supposed aliens are real, they were so much more intelligent and advanced than us humans. Let me know what you think, I would love to hear some opinions.

you're losing my respect with the Ancient Aliens guy.

12:59 the governor does not have the security clearance for that kind of information if that's such information did exist.

12:38 UFO stands for unidentified flying object and by that definition it was an unidentified flying object. whether that object was terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin remains to be seen. Just because he said it was a UFO dose not mean he is stating that it was a craft from another planet.

Ayeeee my home

can y’all stfu and just tell the story and not try to be funny

I was scrolling through something interesting and haunting, La Pascualita, it is said the corpse of the bride died before her wedding and has been living (dead) through a display shop in Mexico, and I would love to hear Ryan and Shane investigate this haunting truth or false.

Everything is a ufo if you're bad enough at identifying things

Avengers helicarrier

oh my god! He's not saying it was aliens.. but it was aliens!

It had to be the place I live...;)

I live in Phoenix, my dad just says the lights are planes. He’s boring

I never heard about this before

It's a star destroy! (cues star wars theme music)

Um... there is no way that an exersise done in Tucson would be seen in Pheonix at the same time. They are almost 100 miles apart.

Its the meme guy

A part of Stranger Things?Illuminati confirmed.

I live like 2 hours away from PHX lol

Maybe it was from Wakanda

Do the millennial hotel opposite the site of 911

c’est la vie -Shane

When you have to rob a bank at 6 o’clock but you also have to make a video at 7...

NO. NO. NOOOOOOO. Don't fucking do this guys, not the fucking ancient alien people. Don't stoop to that level. Please. Please.

Ancient Aliens guy!!!!

I was in Phoenix all week for work and waited til I got home to watch this because I’m a wuss

Yasss a ufo episode! This was great fun and really intriguing. Awesome to see Tsoukalos too. Wish you guys made a ufo season!! This is so much better than the ghost stuff.

that guy looks from jumanji

shane dressing like the sims burglar


Hi Ryan and Shane, do you guys know about the man from tauren or the dyatlov pass incident. Maybe you can make a episode about it. It's creepy and interessting.

Propaganda, to get you to visit Phoenix. Remember all those phoenix university letters in the mail that you all received? They are desperate.

I'm not a big fan of this season. It's obvious Ryan does not fear spirits and ghosts. I think that blocks them to connect with them too. Until Shane was pessimistic but Ryan open, things happened. Now barely anything and they keep joking around. I liked it more how it used to be.

Damn !!!

You ever notice that these things always happen near military air bases?

I'm a little disappointed they didn't go out to Arizona and yell at the night sky.

Dude, I live near Phoenix

*hits blunt* what if it is just us from the future wearing costumes so we do not give away the idea that time travel is more probable than some alien race having any sort of interest in us. . . think about it , if it was an "alien race" I am pretty sure they should be so advanced that they should be absolutely fearless into making communication whether to rub it in our faces of how much more advanced they are and to throw the idea the is more life out there . . .

9:17 I feel so bad for Frances Barwood and at the same time angry at all the Shanes out there who went after her.

Idk but this makes me proud to have been born and raised in Arizona

Sorry but Giorgio Tsoukalos has no expertise in this subject. He doesn't have any schooling or history before starting his alien career path

We need the wheeze merch now

It's Wakanda air crafts


Is that the guy in the 'aliens' meme?

This happened too near Chicago they were changing colors from blue orange and red they were multiplying and they disappeared a while after

14:10 th Asians Wright

*W H E E Z E*

it was thanos searching for infinity stones

They should do The Trumpets of Death


Shane lé French robber oui oui

the man on the left is suffering from severe sceptic schizophrenia , the pictures are legit and if he doesnt remember when that happened then he isnt old enough to be an expert sceptic

I am just going to say it’s a “UFO” in the sense that they were “unidentified flying objects” but that’s it. It was most likely planes using stealth and the airforce etc lied about it probably because they were embarrassed that another countries aircraft flew across American air space.

I lived in Phoenix Arizona at this time my family and I saw the lights. I was 6 at the time.

You guys should investigate La Pascualita

I do like a good ailen videmo

not going to lie, that description of the craft/even at 6:09 gave me chills. I've seen something like that before in the sky, the only reason I was able to see it was because it was overcast that night. (my father and I were driving through some fields and we both saw it and just stared. It was weird as hell! It didn't make any sounds, just hovered, and we both saw the outline of it, which was the boomerang shape that was back-lit. I swear that I'm not making this up, as soon as I heard that description I was freaking out. And I saw that back in 2009)

By the way, I did not have a phone a the time so I unfortunately do not have any physical proof of the craft.

This one is fake cuz i dont trust memes

I've actually seen these at night in Tampa, Florida once. I was on a highway and I saw them in the distance. There was 4 of them and they were moving but one was really bright but kept dimming and going out. ( I thought it was street lights but if they were, why were they so close together and flying across from us...) Anyway, I'm not sure what I saw that night, but....

It’s that guy!

"Telescope people are weird"!? ..You mean austonomer?, You mean scientist? You mean people who search for the most important key to our existence?!…... Yes they are usually weird but u shouldn't say it out loud lol... I love telescopes for the record


Even though those lights arent aliens, etc. I still think aliens are real because, there is so much proof, and it couldn't possibly be all fake.

This episode was quite boring tbh Still love you guys tho! #shaniacs

Aliens probably haven't landed yet because they realised it's not worth it. I mean, we are LITTERALY the generation that eats tide pods and watches people like Jake Paul....

I saw lights just like this in 2014 when I was living in North Carolina, right over lake Norman and I'm guessing right over the nuclear power plant....

Have you ever read ‘they’re made of meat’ by Terry Bison?

I’m not saying it was aliens.... But it was aliens!

YALL NEED TO COLLAB WITH GHOST ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!! itd be so hilarious to see you two with zach and aaron and the rest of those folks

Its the covenant from halo we need master chief XD

Literally published this video on my birthday

Why do I always watch buzzfeed unsolved during the night?

Tsoukalos is so funny!

Guys it's voltron

18:14 isn't that the guy from the "Aliens" meme?

Luminescent humongous geese, I'm telling you.

Do slenderman

Shoot. Im watching this at 2am and i live in Arizona. OH HELL NO

It'd be nice if HD cameras existed in the 90s.

MH370 Please

It makes it more interesting how Shane changes his voice to a more interesting voice

How about everytime they see an unidentified Flying object in the skies they ready the military And then shoot it downwhatever it is so that they can figure out what it is

Wtf kind of harassment all for a question. Messy

what if our lives were just a simulation like a game controlled by aliens?Lmao ill just shut up

Chicken little is quaking

To be fair the military can have some pretty terrible communication. I go to school on a secure bases in the states. One day out in the testing area they were trying out new weaponry simulator and they did not inform the school causing the entire base to go into a lock down because they thought it was an active shooter and they didn't know I was their own guys testing things.

That air bubble that Shane is talking about that gets in your throat and makes you sound weird.. yeah.. i hate that. I didn’t know if it happened to other people.

Do the Stanley Hotel.


This thing was not aerodynamic as our aircraft. You would need to understand the possibility that these craft are not operating under the rules that we understand here on this planet. Everyone thinks the government actually knows what is going on but they are just keeping the truth from us because we would panic? What would we to Walmart and stock up on oatmeal? These things are not ours or anyone else we know so we just have to just get our minds around it. Whoever it is would certainly have no use for us or our history of fucking things up. Jesus said.".in my Father’s house are many mansions…I go to prepare a place for you..”

Could you get a more manly sounding narrator? It would add a lot of offense

it’s an aircraft from Wakanda lmao

It was Wakanda

I live in Scottsdale Arizona, I was apart of the local Civil Air Patrol and one of my officers told me he was flying the night of the lights and radioed Scottsdale ground to find it was a Canadian stunt flight squad, Its highly illegal to do such formations and close flying above such an area at that time of day. That leads us to believe that's why they never came forward to say who it was.

"Giant flying shields"- WAKANDA FOREVER

Plot twist: *they were drones flying across the sky.*

IN 1997??

As a telescope owner, I feel deeply attacked.


How about an episode on the Coral Castle in Homestead, FL? Actually you could do a whole season on things that have happened in Florida.


please go to the haunted vampire school plsssss pls

The explanation is obvious- it's an Imperial Star Destroyer.

marilyn monroe please!

These guys r the only stereotypical people I find funny Nd love

me as president "get 9 f16 and shoot them down" lol

When I was about 17 or 18 (I'm 32 now), I happened to look out my bedroom window at 11:15 pm (I wrote about it in my journal). Moving very silently and slowly was a large, triangular-shaped aircraft with lights. It reminded me very much like a stealth bomber plane. Anyway, it glided just above the trees across the street, which was just empty country land otherwise. It was so low. This was in a small town in northern Indiana.

23:18 Shane’s just like uh huh wait what

That truck driver provided ethos, logos AND pathos

Isn’t that guy from that meme

Is that the conspiracy theory meme guy

So Ryan got over that strop

Ignorance is bliss. If the government released information about UFOs, the panicky bastards that are humans will destroy themselves with fear and paranoia.

When aliens like kim taehyung/V As much as we do

"that he *tOo* had seen the craft"

only way to know if aliens visit us is to ask them when we meet em

anyone else find it wierd that majority is gov employed.. unless theres a military base then that makes sense


Aarushi murder case



the universe is huge. how can one believe there's no other beings who is unlike us that lives in it?

It’s just a prank bro

Watch in like 15,000 when each 1,000 years go by another arrow appears then when you connect them all it’s an Illuminati. Tum tum tuum tuuuum

it might have been another country's airplanes

Shane's whole bit about telescope people had me dying

I love shanes outfit. It gives me robbery chic or where's waldo is going to a funeral. No hate, i like it


It kind of makes sense to me that governments spend money and time investigating UFOs. Thinking about it from a military defense standpoint, you should be doing that. You need to know if your neighbor is spying on you, or worse. With the state of the world now and how "small" it is, you need to keep up with your neighbor's technology as best as you can. As far as aliens go, just because we haven't seen it yet, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The real question is, what happens next? That's what military defense researchers should probably be looking into when it comes to aliens. Best case scenario, they're friendlies. Worse case scenario, we're fucked. But that doesn't mean we should stop looking up towards the sky. But that's just my two cents.


Well we dont actually know if there are aliens because for right now scientist are exploring our solar system but did you know each little star has a galaxy even the milky way has billions of galexys so there could possibly be aliens somewhere in a stars galexy but since there are billions of stars it would take forever to search each stars galexy

What if that ship is that vehicle they used in black panther where he jumps out into Africa


Ryan an an 80 year old- when i was your age we had Twinder

*Okay now aliens, lets get in formation*

stanley hotel/queen mary

Mabey they were similar to swamp farts?

Give us more alien content

The only good part about buzzfeed.

It looks like the star destroyer from star wars

If it was a UFO, aliens would be inside the craft, but what would they be doing there? If the aliens are doing some type of analysis on Earth why do it specifically in America? Plus if aliens were supposed to do an analysis, they should do it discreetly, and not giving it too much attention as possible.

Ryan: So 700 people hallucinated at the same time? Shane: Yes.


Those damn geese



When u have to do a vid for the most suspicious lights in the world U wear clothes like ryan Its soo creepy that the girl wore iloveufo

can you do more in England please

Annabel Wallace-Dodds bout what?

I want stefon from snl sandwiched in the middle

Every time he says Unsolved, I say Bunsolved in my mind, lol

0:10 was that music from luigis mansion 2 game?

4:52 "it was so big" that's what she said

shane is like going to rob something

I was born that day.... coincidence????

Why does Ryan look old lol

WTF is wrong about revealing aliens do exist and that some secret organization under the US government knew all about aliens for over 70 years. wouldn't be exciting and thrilling to know that we are not really alone in this big universe. why are documentaries about ufos and aliens always point out that there will be A MASS HYSTERA if the whole world knew that aliens do exist? i mean come on, if area 51 really had experimented alien bodies, WTF IS wrong if they could just reveal it to the world???? tell me, REALISTICALLY, how will the general public react to this revelation? for almost 80 years, people got fascinated with the idea of the existence of extraterrextrial intelligence and this topic has been used all over entertainment, pop culture films.

Unsolved >>>>>>>>>> Worth it

Can we get unsolved true crimes pls

You should do the hum phenomenon!!!

LA CA MUSIC (ASCAP) Presents, "Buster"...Amazing UFO Space Gem! This email is not a "fake news" or publicity stunt, but in fact news about an amazing animate space gem discovery in La Jolla, CA a few years ago. This is one UFO that did not fly away but is in safekeeping, and therefore serves as proof that alien life forms exist! "Buster" (like,"Hope" diamond) information and videos can be seen at, http://ufogem.wixsite.comufogemdiscovery Here is one image: Inline image 8 Buster is in safekeeping. At this time the Buster founders have chosen to remain anonymous, however, for the advancement of human and space intelligence, have appointed LA CA MUSIC (an ASCAP publishing company) as Buster agents. We are extending an invitation to select qualified authorities, news, management, agents, companies, interested parties (or even a challenge to scientists or news media skeptics) the opportunity to help research or promote this extraordinary discovery. Please send your offers, with credentials, the scope of interest (e.g. news, video, TV, toys, marketing copyrights etc.) and contact information to: c. 2018 LA CA MUSIC


Hope they make an episode of the Battle of Los Angeles one day. I enjoy these alien episodes more than the ghost episodes.

Sorry I tied a bunch of Christmas tree lights to flocks of those formation birds

I'm not saying it was aliens but it was aliens

Does anyone know the name of the documentary they were referring to that the NY Times published an article about in 2017? I would definitely be interested in watching it!!

tons of videos showing a light that dispurses. from 1 to 3. those are UFOs

Seriously though. To believe that we are the only living species out there is just idiotic and close minded. The universe is a vast place and i wouldn't be surprised if there were aliens

23:16 If you look closely you can see Shane's will to live escape from his body after the guy included him in "open-minded people like the three of us"

I saw a few videos from that night, there was one video of lighting in the background and I slowed it down and caught a gani glimpse of a strange V like shaped craft with wings on top of it pointing in a vertical way. Also flares do not last long and they probably would not be able to form a perfect V formation with an equal distance. I think it's aliens.

The reason I believe in aliens is that its nearly impossible that we are the only life in this vast universe. (Whether or not they are on or near our planet, I have no idea or opinion)

Thts black panther frm wakanda comin to U.S

Shane and Ryan seems puzzled, confused and scared of that guy’s hair.

*Do they like Arizona because they have a Capital named Phoenix. Phoenix means Fire Bird, It's a legend and part [maybe Greek] of mythogly. No? Sorry.* ♡ ♡ ♡ *Or is it BT21's Tata taking over the world with his crew? I mean, he would have a formation of V because that is his name creator. Literally. No, his creator is actually BTS Kim Taehyung.* *[K-Pop Reference]* ♡ ♡ ♡ *I got another one!* *A group of human-like aliens from a ExoPlanet, they lost 3 members... They tried to search for them.* *This one wuz horrible. Good Bye ♡* ♡ *Or Shane is a member of the aliens and tries to deny every facts!!!*

2:28 If a whole town can dance themselves to death, 700 people can sure as hell hallucinate at the same time haha

Where the heck are the men in black, honestly

8:12 My uncle claimed to have seen a similar thing (in canada). He was staring at the sky and six lights were there (three and three). They then switched places, and shot up higher into the sky disappearing.

The star wars universe is real it’s a star destroyer

Shane, you're perfectly right; "Aliens", don't have money $$$$ and that's a #FACT.

It could be B-2 Bomber because they bounce off radio waves so it can't get tracked, but idk if they were around in the '90s.

There's much cooler lights than the "Phoenix Lights", *TRUST ME*.

On a normal control tower radar, you can only see commercial planes, one JAL Cargo flight was followed by a UFO, it wasn't seen on the Anchorage Airport Radar, but seen on the military.

There's lights like the "Phoenix's Lights" that aren't documented (electronically) and most of the time are mistaken, let's just say for "high-school stadium lights" 2 Miles away from the actual "lights" location; mostly due to ignorance and denial.

*I Miss Phoenix.*

I feel like 722 F-15 pilots could have launched sidewinders and still... Flares

It's a star destoryer

Ryan is so gullible believing in this fake stuff

*and they choke Alf a little bit more*


Look into the disappearance of Felix Moncla

Its the the guy from aliens meme.

Here let me help you out this is what i know this will help. This sightings are not military activity it is an alien ship. The alien ship has a system that makes radars jam for that alien ship the radar is not for does types of alien ship. So alien ship can hide from radar and people the only thing that you can see is lights of the out-line of the ship. Hopefully it help you with it.

that's a vehicle from Wakanda hahaha

Shane (noun): a mf look

“-...... which we can’t show you due to copyrights” OH COMMON... damn you copyrights..

Fking giorgio is in here ahahahahaha

if there's something that i learned from iron man, the government makes a lot of excuses for stuff...

It was a death

Probably a Star Destroyer......

This has been happening quite a lot in Australia, more so in Victoria around the bush areas!

Luke 21:11 Verse Concepts and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. Jeremiah 10:2 Verse Concepts Thus says the LORD, "Do not learn the way of the nations, And do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens Although the nations are terrified by them Revelation 12:3 Verse Concepts Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. Joel 2:30 Verse Concepts "I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth, Blood, fire and columns of smoke. Matthew 24:30 Verse Concepts "And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the SON OF MAN COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF THE SKY with power and great glory. Revelation 15:1 Verse Concepts Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous, seven angels who had seven plagues, which are the last, because in them the wrath of God is finished.

Revelation 12:3 Verse Concepts Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems.

Ryan and Shane are wearing the same pants.

Hellhounds, why not

*the men in black are coming for them*


Anything can be a UFO if you're bad enough at identifying things.

Dun dun dun dun Dun dun dun dun.... Batman!

When you live just a couple of minutes southwest of Phoenix and didn't know Paulden, Arizona was an actual place.

I vote Imperial Star Destroyer


anybody else die a little when Shane was trying to get his "bubble" out lmao or just me haha.

that’s just voltes v

It was a star destroyer! Boom case solved.

There are similar lights on the island of Gotland in Sweden. They are called the lights of Martebo. They can be seen on several different places around Martebo and they are often described as one or several light-orbs, wandering lights or just a really bright light. It would be awesome if you could do an episode on these lights! I know it would be difficult to travel to Sweden to do it but maybe look it up on the internet and ask professionals?

did they actually brought a meme to interview

It was an air craft, that had to be like 3 miles wide. It was quiet, there wasn't any sound coming from it.

Maybe.. meteor

My favorite episode

Ever since I move to Arizona , I always got told by this story and no one knows what these lights , I always heard that they were lights shining at the sky but others saying it was an unidentified objects that no one know what it could be but idk what to believe

maybe it's just King T'Chaka visiting his brother that become a traitor to Wakanda because he's been selling vibranium to Klaue yeah, just maybe

The aliens are looking for V from BTS

Maybe the reaskn why they are denying the sightings is to AVOID PANIC... Just Imagine tons of people scared of the unknown continously visiting us, giving people the chills, and people tend to do crazy sh*t when they are in panic...

Please don't bring that wacko from Ancient Aliens on again - it's a quack show, don't ruin your integrity.

What if it's their way of floating ?

Cloaked star destroyer. The Empire is comin.

What if Earth is just a tourist attraction for aliens, and there are ships that take aliens on a tour of Earth or a part of Earth? And one tour ship just got a little too close and made itself a little too visible in Phoenix, Arizona. And the alien tourists are all super excited, looking through their alien binoculars and snapping pictures all like "wow! Look at all the humans! We have such a great view! This tour was definitely worth the alien admission fee!" and the tour guides know that they're gonna get crap for it from their bosses later

Once i got an air bubble In my throat I sounded Like Liam Neson

I know someone that lives in Phoenix, she said that she's never heard of the Phoenix lights

Is Shane afraid of aliens?

birds that are on fire

9:32 The error tho

shane always has something back to Ryan's theories

Investigate Area 51 next please!!! :D

Ughhhh I hate non-ghost episodes

Damn Ryan why do you look so great in glasses?!?

I live in pheonix and FINALLY some exciting happens

Battle of LA please.

Is that the alían meme guy? Lol

Throughout this whole video all I could focus on was the fact Shane looks like a fucking elf

Fucking sontarans

aliens thought their ship is invisible.. but thousans of human seen that

why is shane the hamburglar

Shane is getting annoying im sorry but at some point logic should point him to a unknown factor but hes like nope nope nope im right thats it. I think its time to let go of Shane sadly he forgot what the show was about

can you do the 2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly

shane out here representing the burgler community. solid.

Wakanda is real

*lives in Pheonix, Arizona*

Oh guys sorry...i forgot to turn off the light :(

I was in Malibu when the SpaceX launch took off, and I am not one to believe in aliens, but oh my god, I thought I was going to die. When we later figured out what it was, I was reassured, but it was still very traumatizing.

The highlight of this episode was when Tsoukalos came in, a.k.a. the Aliens meme guy.

How many fucken end quotes do you have to say?!?!

Omg the dude from aliens meme appeared

Omg Jenna Marbles wya?

it pisses me off that people always assume that if aliens exist they've gotta be smarter than us cause there's literally no proof of them existing let alone being geniuses. they might be smarter, they might be dumber, but we can't just state that they're more advanced just because. besides, to them, we're aliens so perhaps we're the smarter ones.

the fact that these sightings are as ancient as Alexander the great is scary! Because back then the technology as aircraft was non-existent! And i think maybe we are not alone in the universe....


Giorgio is the fucking man.

as soon as you bring out the ancient aliens guy you loose all of your already fleeting credibility

geese with head lamps on so they can see where they were

The v is for v bucks it all make sense....

oh god, they got the fucking crackpot ancient aliens guy on. i would have never expected that.

It’s funny, at the beginning of this video, I was like: “oh, this happened three months before I was born.” And then the USA Today Article came up. And that was published on my literal day of birth. Alien bb.

It is a military test of a antigravity stealth bomber you used to be able to look it up from Google but it was removed

Remember reading somewhere that Kurt Russell was the pilot who called it in.

My parents saw these lights in phenix a year ago

Man, why does nothing like this happen in Iowa?

Couldn't it just have been military drones??? I mean , that seems like the logical explination.

I’ve only ever seen the ancient aliens guy in pictures looking crazy so watching him talk really calmly and concise was really weird to witness

Y'all should do demon road in Huntsville Texas

18:19: Best meme ever !!!

i love the whole video exept the part when it says it remains unsolved

Cue X-Files theme song.......

I’d love to see a followup video now that the Golden State killer has been found !

Why these two soy-boys? Somebody feed them D-Bol, quickly! And what kind of numb-nut is narrating? Sounds like they are talking to a puppy or cat! I can't stand that crap, don't talk to me like a snowflake having meltdown in a safe space. Garbage TV!

I personally think that it is just geese with orange beacons on their belly’s flying in a v formation

Do you ever wonder if the worlds has a series of movies on standby that they can just whip out when ever something weird happens that they can just say is some form of viral marketing for said movies?

they need a ufo expert to investigate the sigthnings of ufo or different craft

2:55 is when my video stopped to load

How much soy do you think these two consume?

Bully stole your lunch money, ALIENS

wakanda at it again

It was a secret Russian aircraft, that managed to get inland , they also managed to creat a wormhole, when they tested it out they got what they wanted, to get to the US, but when they tried to get back, they got thrown out into space, crashed on the moon, that’s why both US and Russia were racing to the moon, to get the aircrafts technology

"I don't think aliens have money."

Don't worry it's just black panther

Looks like a star destroyer

I live in Phoenix if those crafts where aliens any military forces would’ve seen them come down in our atmosphere and the would send out an alert and the ISS would’ve prolly seen it

you guys should really match again

So flares can defy gravity? Okay sounds legit


It's 'aliens' meme guy!

16:00 "Five Unaccounted-For Planes Flying in Formation" ah my favourite Tame Impala song lmao

Why do these things always happen in America?

Please cover 'The Wyoming Incident' on Unsolved. Fascinating cable hijacking mystery.

V’s Suga Kookie hows that a error ?

I wonder why there’s no more UFOs now that we all have really good cameras on our phones

Why is this episode not popping up on the "Buzzfeed Unsolved" playlist?

I have seen this 2 years ago in indana

Omg when I saw the alien guy I lost it

ryan looks like a daddy

There'd no aliens you guys said there's aliens at mars but scientist discovered there's no aliens

It's a group of F-22 raptor I thing

Plot twist: Geese that were exposed to radiation rays and began to glow

It could of been a battlecruiser

Tinder? I only know Twinder

9:48 reminds me of jacksfilms

0:31 WHAT THE HELL IS IN THE BACKROUND??!?!!! GET HELP YOU MORONSSS!!! (I love you guys btw)

Even though this is buzzfeed, i actually like these guys and these videos.

If you guys wanna see the Terry Proctor video, I found it off Reddit:

i dith not know somthing simular happen in belgian only knowed after the ufo expert told it

Belgian UFO wave

It's okay, they're just promoting Kim Taehyung

Oh my god they actually got the man of the meme

Do the Edinburgh vaults!

Phoenix Forgotten

It was Han Solo

I'm researching a similar topic to this at school! There was a similar phenomenon down here in NZ called the 'Kaikoura lights'

UFO encounters are awesome!

I believe aliens exist, but I don't think they'd waste their time with us...

One time I was out at lake powell(way in out in the middle of nowhere Utah) and I did see a UFO type thing similar to what is discussed here. I was on top of the houseboat and I just saw this glowing fiery mass hovering over the horizon. I thought you know maybe airplane maybe helicopter because it was just slow rising up wards getting higher and higher. I just had a hunch though that this thing was not one of those because it looked like it was on fire and was super orange. Suddenly after 5-10 minutes of hovering in the distance in the same exact spot it shot across the night sky faster than anything I had ever seen any plane, shooting star, and even satalite go by and then an actual jet plane trying to keep up but was tremendously slower. It didn't have a tail on it like a rocket would so who knows. I don't know if it was some kind of military experiment(you know being in the middle of nowhere desert at like 4 AM) but I still can't explain that one. I mean by definition it was a unidentified flying object but I heavily lean on it being military(you know occams razor). But I just don't know what craft that could be stationary and hover and then seemingly floatlessly(instead of rocket like) go faster than military jets could even be. Ive went several times out there on vacation and never saw it again.

A-10 flares

It was so the military, after all these cover-ups, they're either trying to prevent chaos of the possibility of an extraterrestrial encounter, or a super weapon. Anyone remember the military's UFO?

Say, why does all this stuff happen in Usa and the Uk I know but i am not gonna tell ya'll

Wait... what happen when you where IN the triangle of light?

UFO means 'Unidentified Flying Object', doesn't necessarily have to be aliens from outer space. The lights are flying objects, or at least being projected into the sky, and they are still unidentified; so technically they would be classed as UFOs, whether extraterrestrial or not, until a proven explanation is given.

Sceptics to this event are idiots. Okay come on! Have you seen the size of the universe? How fucking massive it is? What makes them say there can't be any life other than us?

like this if you agree that shane is hott

Did Shane rob a fucking shop before this!!

The lights looks like the formation of the Voltes 5

Interestingly, the civilian pilot who notified the Phoenix Airport (which then notified the Air Force Base) was actor Kurt Russell...Snake Plissken himself!

ok but every video that's like 'omg look at this alien!!!' is like 10 pixels

This is what i call a rare geese formoration

I truly believe there's something out there. Just because we don't even know how big the universe is, and wouldn't make sense? There was a specific situation that caused life on earth possible, why couldn't that happen somewhere else in the universe. I'm aware that earth is an extremely extremely rare situation, but just saying. But I think that if there is other life out there, and they have come over to see us and to study us. But I'm probably just crazy

when they are talking to the alien expert...they are wearing the same pants....true bromance haha i love this show, so funny!!

Shane looks like a Gothic verson of Waldo heh


It was definitely a ship from Wakanda.


16:18 that mannequin still freaks me out!!

Make a cicada 3301 vid

The Rendlesham Forest sighting in Suffolk, England would be a interesting case to look into.

one word, area 51

Um, everyone was watching t.v. in 1997. So you'd turn on the evening news, and here the official report. Especially before a known event. Before that, humanity had the radio. Before THAT, yeah, maybe you were screwed. Or, probably, everybody just came out from their houses & said, 'heh, did you see that?'

“You didn’t even look at it”

Phoenix Arizona. Ayyy my place.

It's frustrating to see how little Ryan understands about the basis for credibility, and how much faith he puts into his uninformed beliefs on it. Though it does explain other aspects of his reactions in these videos, it sucks that there are people like that, firmly against learning something that runs counter to their initial assumptions. This is in reference to the whole bit about the military not disclosing anything to a public official, btw. Shane is 100% right--if he doesn't know anything more than the average person, then yeah, his opinion will have more weight than someone else's, but he still doesn't have any more proof than anyone else. From every viewpoint but one of pure perception, there would be no benefit to including him on any potential military knowledge here.

I live in arizona..

lollll i live in phoenix az

Finally something interesting about Arizona

Do the Marie Celeste

It was alian warning people about vbucks and how firtnite will come

I was actually there for this event

Yay finally something about my hometown

synchronised droning

What if it was a different universe colliding and making some of the lights

What if the flares were shot in a formation

What if they were just stars LOL

aliens have money its called starbucks

The old idaho state penitentiary

wait... did they talk to the "ALIENS" guy???

i now ship ryan and shane HEAVILY

Maybe it was some late stars

Maroon 5 was just playing know because the V and there album omg I need help.Hey Buzzfeed do an unsolved about why I can't get help

You should go to the Hinsdale House in New York!

Might be flares might be a UFO who knows lol

We are the Aliens to the aliens

If it was a military experiment then why would they allow the public to see it? I would think they wouldn't take things like this lightly and would make sure that they were in a place where people were not allowed to go. I think it is a military experiment on closeted technology meant for the public to see along with other unexplainable sightings? Maybe to suggest a certain idea that may come into play later in time and benefit them?

I live in Arizona and my dad told me about this and he believes it was a UFO by how it looked like and just seeing it live.

i think that the lights were a spaceship/ships, but that they were here to purposely get our attention to gauge how we would react. I think it also explains why it happened thousands of years ago - it’s a routine thing that the aliens do to gauge human reaction to nearly perfect proof of them. And the reason it hasn’t happened again is because they don’t want us to know they exist, for a fact, yet- and they know if they did another fly-by, there’s no way they would get away with it.

"Unsolved" has given me a different view of believers than what which is portrayed by the media. People that see UFOs or BigFoot aren't 'crazy,' they're most often working-class folks who genuinely believe they saw something (when it's not a local government hoping for more tourism). And the media goes out of their way to cast a really disgusting, classist angle that portrays regular folks as forest-dwelling hicks that only come out of their cabins to buy more tinfoil.

I miss these episodes where you just sit and talk about it and explore the theories instead of going outside. So relatable

Or the Clownn

You should do Anne frank

There so funny

Wait - I'm from Belgium, why haven't I ever heard about those lights??

What if I was a symbol of the illuminati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because if you turn the v Iight the other way round.!!!!!CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously it was some wizard kids on their way to Ilvermorny.

*”A lot of times it’s like ooh this person saw a lady get abducted by minions but nobody had a camera.”* -shane

BuzzFeedBlue IT WAS A WFO (Wakandan Flying Object)

okay but 22 million out of 600 billion is still....00367% or something like that

The footage from terry proctor that you see of the phoenix lights ARE infact flares from the us airforce, to try and prove that the ORIGINAL sightings where just flares. But the sightings that people saw where NOT flares.

I remember hearing a group of people saying they were sky divers and sky diving that night. Or it could be a military investigation that they are keeping secret from us.

I don’t like when the government doesn’t tell us the truth but we the people know the truth

I think it was a hologram.

No men in black??

You guys should investigate the weird "Trumpet Sounds" that has been heard ALL OVER THE WORLD on the same day. "And once again the US Military was blamed"

Its like the burmuda triangle a portal watching over for there next time coming to see what there dealing with


The background music is literally Stranger Things.

Whre the hell is the search lights, you can't just see something in the sky that is suspicious and call it ALIENS!

Scary and weird

50,000 people used to watch from this stadium. Now it's a ghost town.

19:02 - Here we go

"Twinder" an upcoming app by Buzzfeed Unsolved. Where you can swipe left or right on reported/"tweeted" ghosts/spirits/criminials/e.t.s...

tsoukalos is a racist.

Shane in that burglar-like outfit with the black beanie and black shirt.... And ryan looks like a private investigator on a day-off but still working late at night... AND THAT DAMN MIB MANNEQUIN . Some twisted episode where they try to solve this extraterrestrial-ish case together

What if the air Force actually saw something and the flares that they dropped was to light up the unidentified craft



This reminds me so much of Iron Man. "It was just a training exercise."

I love this episode because it kind of mixes true crime with supernatural

Cut to me, taping flashlights to geese

Eventually, humans are going to encounter aliens who give us technology, landed in the middle of a city, walked out of the craft, told us that they had used "flying saucers" as a standard ship, left, and then we caught it on camera, with thousands of witnesses. When that happens, the government will have no way of debunking it, and will have a stroke. It's better they just tell us now than later.

its either space tech tests or some natural light formation ugh ufo sightings dont make sense, if other life ever finds us why would it be flying around our orbit in a space craft

Maybe it was the govt testing its new tech such as drones.

I live in Phoenix

My step-dad saw the Phoenix Lights

Lol my father and uncle swear they saw these lights and now they both believe in aliens

Hah! Aliens DO exist! They're out there, watching our every move... BEWARE!!!! Read more

Technique flow realize guy cluster lose observation Internet district brand altogether boat.

Welp... It's a star destroyer.

Shane looks like he’s going to rob a bank and Ryan looks like that one smart nerdy guy in your class.

Giant lightning bugs

Maybe it's for the opening from the movie when those light thing go around a mountain of a circle shape

What if it was a plane with a lot of lights and was big red and white that's the same as a plane

ok idk why but I just really like how ryan looks in this video lmao let me live

i try not to fangirl but the giorgio appearance got to me

0:47 that mannequin scared the life out of me gosh darnit

Even though I’m freaking scared as heck... Shane makes me laugh so hard

i cant keep my eyes on the screen whenever they do a shane shot and u can see the manny in the back

But they are ufos because they are unidentified flying objects

I mean why would aliens visit this faliure of a planet?

Time travelers??

i came here to learn more about the PL's, but all i got was metrosexuals joking about of the most important event of the 20th century and making alien jokes....amazing.

An old bunkie od mine while inwas doing time said that in 97 he was in a arizona penitetiary and while they were out at yard they saw the lights he told me his life was never the same he didnt know what to make of what he always made me curious to find out.

"Telescope people are weird" idk man I got to look through some pretty intense telescopes at an astronomy class camping trip and it's soo freaking cool. Seeing the sun and watching the surface of it move? seeing the moon (

Hey my last name is Greiner. I totally geeked when I saw 7:55

can i just....can i just say something this not around the same time that Independence Day and Men in Black came out in theaters..?...ijs


Minions abducting you is the scariest thing I've heard in this entire video

Man I love Phoenix Arizona I would want to see the "UFO"

What if they were drones

I live around 30 to 40 miles away from Phoenix. I see those lights all over the place over Phoenix and the Estrella Mountains right outside my town. Also, stealth air crafts do not have the ability to be soundless. They only have the ability to evade radar. Military flares also have a trail that follows behind them due to their powerful magnesium components that is also lit up from the flare.

It was a star destroyer, nuff said

They where flying away from the way of area 51 lol

Ayee my birthday is March 13 and my name starts w a V


Unexplained lights? Aliens

22:26 more like corruption


The US government has been known to test new equipment in the area.

By the aliens guy is just a random guy. Last I heard he had no credentials

I think aliens are definitely real. However the sheer vastness of the universe combined with the un imaginable speed of the expansion of the universe makes the possibility of aliens capable of space travel visiting us almost 0.

I don't think star destroyers have lights on the bottom...

The Bat-Signal, alien style

There is a scientific answer, that answer is that the light from cars in the distance being changed that way by none other than atmospheric lensing from what I know

"hmm no doubt they see something"

And that's why they created the men in black

Bruh my bd is march 13


im gonn binge watch all of these

No matter what I still think it was people sky diving with huge lights!

Don't know about the lights but the strange deformed greyish mass behind the lights sound like a big ol' cloud to me


Imagine if it was just stars that were aligned perfectly.

one word: aliens

It’s a stardestroyer

I live in Pheonix but Never got to see the Lights because I wasn't born Yet.

This got started in Paulden? I'm from Prescott, just a little bit south of Paulden!

They were telling us about the V bucks y'all. They knew it.

Solve the mystery of why people prefer to embrace igorance and irrationality over facts, evidence, and thinking logically.

Suggestion: Coral Castle in Homestead, FL Basically a tiny recluse man built a huge yard of structures from rock and said he used reverse magnetism and no one understands why

That can be a satilite or a plane or heli

3:21 damn Maroon 5 really upped their branding services get that clout

does shane have a KeepCup in this episode?? oh hell yeah

The hair guy!!!

What about the Air Force? Didn't they check that?

Why is it that I'm terrified of aliens but not ghosts and demons.

There’s only one explanation: Wakanda

What if aliens are future humans????

The fact that the flares were sent out 3 years later in order to try and prove that the previous lights were not ufos is suspicious I think that It links to the government and military trying to cover up something

Is Giorgios Tsoukalos Greek? His name sounds Greek

Don’t a lot of stealth bombers look like that? The gov could just be testing a new bomber in secret so other nations don’t find out about it

We some thing are they traying to talk to us by making different formations

Shane narrating : a concept.

I saw a flying saucer in Tampa FL!!

“It seems like not the usual MO for aliens” ....What the f is “the usual” MO for aliens?

Ayyye I live in Phoenix

You guys should do the Golden State Killer

What if they all had a bad batch of weed

I live in Arizona it barely gets any action

lmao UFO stand for unidentified flying object, that doesnt fucking mean there is aliens just means they havent identified the object, once they do it will be a disappointing answer

i bet it was the russians or koreans airforce spying on the us and did that to see how the gov would react and it didnt effect the airforce because they were so high up and made light s in a formation to look like aliens so they would think it was the koreans or russians

I live right next to south mountain

Of course it’s a ufo Unidentified Flying Object

It could be Russian stealth planes


You guys should investigate the Paulding light in Paulding michigan

There could be an explanation for people falsely interpreting the lights to be a single spacecraft. humans are naturally wired to see patterns, to the point that we'll see lines that aren't there. Look up the Martian Canals; with a crappy telescope, the mind strained to interpret the blurry image, and some people saw lines. They figured Mars was a desert planet, and its inhabitants had to redirect water from the poles. You can find maps of canals drawn from lines that weren't there. Now, some of the accounts said the stars were blacked out, and that would be different. but when they say "outline," that's what I thought of.

I'm in Phoenix and recently saw a V shape with my wife at night and we have video it's not as loud as a plane but it doesn't fly it glides

It's a bad situation for the alien father kids have no income haha

If aliens ever do visit earth, they will probably be like the Kanamitts from the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"

My theory is that aliens fly over desert areas because they think it's actually deserted

these guys a pair of Bozozs.

UFO: unidentified flying object... bit necessarily aliens

The counterproductive comment regarding the air force hiding activity from other parts of the air force makes perfect sense. The US military and even just the air force is not some tiny organisation. It employs hundreds of thousands of people. If they go around releasing information of R&D flights to anyone it might attract unwanted attention from other nations. This was probably especially true during the could war. Heck the mere existence of the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk was kept secret for several years and only 50-60 planes were ever built. Do you really think they told every other part of the branch when these were flying or even that they existed from the very beginning?

Just when you think these guys are somewhat more realistic about things they bring in the "ancient alien expert". Don't get me wrong this is one of the more compelling cases where even if it's not a UFO it's clearly something we don't understand. Even so this moron thinks anything built before modern writing was a thing is somehow done by aliens. Given all the advances we have solely after these two were born that is clearly reaching. You gotta remember there are still people around who predate electricity yet we are walking around with iPhones in our pockets. I mean the technological leap there, not just in manufacturing but physics and chemistry etc, is insane. If we could figure all this out then surely somebody could make a massive stone monument without much of a purpose if they had enough resources available.

You forgot the weirdest latest twist in that story......Mister Kurt Russell's testimony. He was in the sky and reported the lights that night. He didn't think much of it for years until he saw a documentary on the Phoenix light mentioning that a small plane reported the lights. All of it seemed incredibly familiar so he went back to check his log book and realized that he was the pilot who called it in. Go check it on YouTube, it's there.

It's not a potential UFO sighting, it's a potential Alien craft or secret military craft sighting. Nobody from the public knows for sure what it was, therefore it is a UFO

southeast soft depend vlbhh mm-hmm pack concentrate thank signal greek series.

jesusss that narrators voice is annoying af

definetly starwars

This just became my favorite Buzzfeed Unsolved video at 18:20. Bae made an appearance!

A lot of the witness evidence is unreliable as people can easily be subject to post-event discussion which affects the accuracy of recall.

What i dont understand why no one fired a Silvester rocket up in its direction


Hey! This was posted on my birthday. Nice Birthday surprise yall :P

V TOGETHER! Its Voltes V bois

I have a feeling that Shane & Ryan made a vid bout AREA 51 but they never released it because the " men in black" came and flashed the hell outta them

Dude on the left looks like a bank rober

Wasn’t this explained? There was another very similar occurrence and it turned out to be people formation skydiving. Idk but seems likely

"When are you going to move out" omfg

Plus radar said no planes

Is this the copyrighted video?

The government is doing it lol.. they stated that they had a team on it but claim to know nothing yeah right why spending all the money on area51 and investigations for decades when there is ''nothing''


I just think a lot of these ufos are secret weopons made by the military that they don't want other countries knowing about so they don't tell us anything. Kinda like how the military never wanted other countries being able to make nuclear technology but that was ruined when someone gave them the way how to make it. I think they are just trying harder to keep it from getting into another countries hands.

I feel like this isn't aliens but a secret government aircraft.

This guy sounds just like Chills... What is with that intonation lol. "Burger King Foot Lettuce" ...

Why is our country such idiots? We're primitive beings and our weapons are no match for a obviously far superior race!

The empire is coming!

Its defiantly a star destroyer!

I feel like they get stoned beforehand

Arizona finally its not so boring lol

I once looked to the sky at dusk and saw a light, much like a star but not shimmering, moving through the air at a very slow speed. It was fast enough that I could see the movement, but not fast enough or large enough to be a plane. As I watched, it slowly faded until it completely vanished. Having assumed it was a plane beforehand, my eyes were glued to the sky. What had I just seen? Moments later, I saw another light, but this time my siblings saw it too. They witnessed it fade into nothing. I'm a major skeptic when it comes to extraterrestrial life and UFOs, so I looked into it, if there was some sort of strange meteor shower that day or if any kind of debris had passed by earth. I eventually concluded that it was probably a satellite briefly dipping into orbit by some chance, maybe catching the last rays of the set sun's light, before losing itself to space once again. But the fact that I saw two within the span of a minute, the fact that I happened to glance at the sky to see these, the way they moved and seemingly evaporated before my eyes... Gives me chills, man.


Omg I’m am not kidding last week my family and I were driving to the airport (Houston) and like 2 hours in I see those exact lights in the sky, small full bar of light then one my one disappearing.I was paying attention to those lights bc I was bored and thought it was a plane or something but I haven’t seen this full video yet and right now I’m 2 mins I’m and the live footage of those lights in the sky you showed was exactly what I saw last week

Thought I should add some more: the lights were blinking off and on before it disappear and it was moving but I Watch Shane Dawson so I was like “this might be an alien” I was kidding but it was weird bc I never seen anything that does that in the sky so it couldn’t be a plane P.S. there were not any clouds in the sky so it didn’t disappear from that

BTW does anyone have a gramma that is literally a fan girl for Giorgio or weird conspiracy theories.

Aliens from the Illuminati, definitely aliens from the Illuminati

Crazy-haired alien meme man is here? Oh boy what a treat

Birds holding a light

idk why but not of these things ever seen in asia. i mean especially my country. why do they have to choose successful country? like always

this is not the only one the fly like a v

why does ryan look like a sexy dad?

Imagine if it happened on March 22, when yknow, it happened. Gerard Way's album is called hesitant alien

that manakin looks alive

I don’t understand why it usually happens in Arizona because mostly all sightings of UFOs are in Arizona


@Buzzfeed they look like humans

That was the Yayel Extraterrestrial species.

I don’t believe in aliens but why is majority of this stuff in America like we must be all on drugs or something

I’m from Phoenix and my grandpa remembers seeing those lights.

Petition to start a new series by the name of Unexplained where they explore area 51 and other alien related stuff

shane looks like the black version of link from super smash bros brawl

Why is Shane dressed like a burglar tho?

SPACE FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was not fucking expecting alien guy

it's definitely one of those highly advanced planes from Wakanda

Did buzz feed go " All Asian? "

I don't understand why so many people always think that ufo's are the same as flying saucers, ufo's are officially any unidentified flying object meaning that some Cessna with a broken transponder is also a ufo. However, I do believe that somewhere in another planetary constellation there may be living species. I don't believe that we're ever going to make contact with those let alone they visiting us.

These lights were absolutely never seen in Belgium.

Plz do an episode on the Roswell accident

what if aliens are just giant trolls

Obviously it’s going to be labeled a UFO. It’s an unidentified object.

STORY TIME!! its weird and a little freaky because somewere in los angeles (idk how to spell it oops) it was night and my family were outside talking to my uncle"s family and i saw three lights heading together forming a v shape soopy correct me or give answer please .. :x

i mean triangle :X

Have any UFO cases ever occurred outside of America?

Nice video buzzfeedblue -- team yellow signing off

Beware the ides of march

*2012 memes intensify*

Most likely a secret military project of some kind, I suspect the craft in question experienced a problem (or an emergency) of some kind and ended up there. That we concerned anti gravity technology years back is pretty clear from all the totally quiet crafts seen all over the world. That's my opinion of this matter xD

Arena 51

Shane looks like the Nerd Bandit in this one lol Now all we need is for Ryan dress as the clown in "It"

so why doesn't the air forse base just conduct this training again publicly so that they could shut our mouth. They give us a preview of their Military flare training. and we can be the judges

it was just swamp gas broz

The laugh

Midgard saw our ship, sorry guys just passing by to get my people to safety.

I got a wild theory, and trust me on this.. It was ducks....with lights

How does this thing not come up on radar or military radar?

Holy s#it I saw this above my house I told my mom u crazy till now f###

Lets see if these people get visited by the men in black

144p video

"Over 700 witnesses." God I feel bad for the men in black

I ❤️ BFB! Woop!

Drinking game: drink every time the word quote is spoken.

damn shane looks like he could use a nap

It could have been the local aviation department practising for an aviation fair. I live on a peninsula in Australia, made of 11 small towns, and not far from there, there is an aviation school that hosts annual shows complete with shining lights. Maybe this was something similar, as most of the planes used in fairs like this are vintage and don't have the right systems to be tracked. This is just a theory don't kill me Americans.

star wars star destroyer?

am i really going to spend 25 minutes on this? might as well spark a bowl. couldnt last long enough to pack a bowl so cringy.

7:00 to 10:00 at night your telling me and everyone else watching that in the Arizona desert the perfect place for using a telescope at prime time for stars, planets and the moon that it is weird someone had a telescope

Was a star destroyer

The future is here, and it's about 100 ft above the arby's

These two dudes totally buttfuck during the editing process

the 5 triangle lights always are in the intro to buzzfeed unsolved near the top left corner

A little late, but YES FINALLY ONE DONE ON THIS.

Aliens Visiting: Impossible. The universe isn't old enough; there isn't enough energy without sucking up all the matter in the universe. Speed of light, et cetera. You can look it up in astrophysics somewhere, and I could probably explain better if I tried. It was probably military maneuvers, and people saw what they expected to see.

Where is the men in black

Lol, that Stranger Things vibe music

He and his momma where out with his telescope.

Me and my family seen them put it was not Finex it was in Washington in New Years 2015 put we don’t know what they Were we seen them decepción Slowly into the sky. I stand by it people can say it fake but is not fake.


I'm glad his hair hasn't changed over the years

Yahyel surely laugh out loud about this.

“Open minded people like the three of us” wheezing (haha see what I did there) because Shane’s just like ?? Yeah ok sure bud sureeee

Kurt Russel should have been listed as an individual witness, because #Snake

Do you think the Space Force that Trump is trying to create gives credence to the existence of UFOs and their cover ups by the government?

Definitely, these sightings only happen over de USA, which is pretty suspicious, to begin with.

I was born March 13 I was also born in Arizona plus I'm adopted bam I'm an alien

thats my birthday

Shane lookin like a German Mime

It was Elon musk everyone relax.

If the gov says it was flares then I believe them! As we all know the government does NOT lie!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw

Crap I live there

Just ask the guy for permission to use their video next time there’s a copyright issue

Pilot that was followed "WTF where did it go" Control "Ummmmmmmmm..." Pilot "Is it behind me?" Control "..." Pilot "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-" This is assuming that it was ALIENS

Aliens watching this like “damn,they’re onto us hahaha that took a fkn while”

I do not believe in aliens at all, I do think that ufos do visit earth but see that we are no threat so they don't bother with trying to make them self's known to us. they visit to see what its like here and to see what's going know but know that we cant do anything to stop them so they see no need to bother

Maybe some one attached some lights to a flock of Canadian geese eh?

*a* *aL* *aLi* *aLiE* *aLiEn* *aLiEnS* *aLiEn* *aLiE* *aLi* *aL* *a*

I'VE BEEN GONE FOR ALONG TIME CAUSE MY PHONE BROKE NOW WHEN I SEE THEY UPDATED SO MUCH, I just have to say THEY LOOK SO FREAKING CUTE AND HANDSOME!! Edit:I really enjoy these they give something to really think about and since shane doesn't really believe in much of world's we don't know of and Ryan does believe and has good evidence it goes good together really I love their videos and i love them! 귀엽다!!!

They should really do a live stream

You should do the Masterson house in Queen creek, AZ. They made a movie about it called "death of the ghost hunter".

Is that the alien meme guy?


Sat down with a living meme

Time itself has ended sending shockwaves back this is how we see UFOs and cities in clouds, and mobile phones in old photos


He don't need to look at the folder to feel the heat

why i got stranger things vibes here.

Easy gooses from Canada with lights


Maybe the ufo was trying to make a transmutation to get a philosophers stone (ill leave now)

Take a shot everytime Ryan says "quote end quote" or "V" in this video. *DIES OF ALCOHOL POISONING*

Imagine if this happened during our time today and NASA couldn't even explain the sightings.

Its a fucking mother ship

It might an Air Force Stealth B-2 air bomber

The **aliens** meme guy

don’t mind me, I’m just here to cure my world cup depression bc Argentinia is out

Geezus. This has been solved already. Skydiving team

what is it with unsolved cases and people named proctor

Sounds like a stealth bomber

The aliens T posed for us

“ i don’t think aliens have money “ bet they have Starbucks


I've seen the exact same lights in the mountains of South Korea in 2014

do Xxxtentacion

Shane is so annoying

Xero Shadow f

So much went down in 1997. I was thinking either smoke screen to deter, or something to bring people together in trying times.

Your voice is awful. Let the other guy voice over.

plot twist: it's the wakanda ship

Welp we’ll see you when the men in black erase your memory or threaten you not to speak about this

And my dad said it looked like a huge space ship bigger then Phoenix

My dad told me he was in Arizona at a bbq and they looked up in the sky and saw it

They were focused a lot about millatary

The Russian it has to be the Russian they had stealth bombers

Gimme clout

Oh, come on, the ancient aliens guy?! Well, it's entertaining. Also, I really dig the Stranger Things-esque synth music toward the end.

People always assume that UFO's are aliens :/

Aliens : Hmmmm they're looking at us weird Alien commander : Its ok our cloak is on Next day Aliens : Sir they saw us our cloak wasnt on

Ryan: on march 13, me: *aYe mY BIrtH*

18:39 dang. you're welcome

me peepers



Surgery opening wash salad drinking today database advance.

For another demon episode next season (or this one RYAN PLEASE) you should recap on all thing but both go on separate area so like Shane goes to Goatman bridge because he loves Goatman and Ryan can do who knows maybe go back and see Bellaire house idk he can pick and then you flick between both of you separately that way it is kinda like a two for one special oh do it for season five and call it Bellaire bridge special because Shane is funny and whenever Ryan is alone everything happens remember the eastern state penitentiary back in season 4? or 3 idk when Shane went into one of the cells and then Ryan heard footsteps and voices that was cool but please make my dream a reality I'm more hoping on Ryan wanting to do it so yea please also BUZZFEED RULES.(like if you want it to happen aswell)


They should have their own channel, where they post updates on cases and such. This series is the only good thing that Buzzfeed has done.

It was publicly explained. A discovery channel special also explained it. In detail. A-10s flying in EAST TAC (part of the Barry Goldwater Range complex south of Tucson) were using LUU-2 illumination flares. They are reddish yellow and slowly descend by parachute. They stay illuminated for about 10 minutes.

Were they them Chinese things u light and float away cause I seen these “orbs” in florida couple times I thought something was up by movement and then Chinese floating candles came to mind but they moved the same then back tracked and poof

This is a damn good look for Ryan

Someone just put lights on birds that were migrating to a warmer place

No aircraft, no flares but a possible art project or military exercise. It all goes down to the creativity of the human mind. When the mind tries to make sense of what the V-Shape might be, and the desire to see an alien craft and having heard loads of stuff of alien space crafts in the Nevade/Cali/Texas/Arizona area and from alien movies, the only conclusion is, people will see what they want to see.

They should do one on the chupacabra

Do the mystery of Edgar Allen Poe’s death! It’s super interesting all the different theories

the commentator sounds so sarcastic

Its the Wankandan tribe (from Black Panther)

Anyone else notice that creepy manican in the background when the camera goes to the left guy???

the people who work on this are carrying buzzfeed

It's 6:26 at morning and I am turning not to laugh but I am turning not to cry too

Little do we know it was a Chinese spy plane

There needs to be a hair spray gel mousse intervention for George :)

Damn, local politics are cruel

I 100% believe in aliens ever since the ex prime minister of defense of Canada said that aliens exist and are on Earth. I mean... wtf??? The fact that someone as high rank as him says this convinces me :/

A wild meme appeared

maybe the governor isnt in the dark but he's playing like he is. thats what i would do if i were the governor.

funny thing is, I saw something unexplainable one night in my hometown not too long ago. It looked like a door in the sky and blue light shone through it, then it closed like a sliding door only not sideways but from the bottom and up. Like, in the middle of the sky. Found it confusing af, but still don't think it was aliens.

Chill it is a imperial star destroyer

WHY TF did the spooky stuff happen back then but now not really cus now we got cameras

The description makes it sound like an Imperial Star Destroyer

right this buzzfeed unsolved

My theory: The government were 100% aware that this is happening, so 3 hours after the craft apperead, the did the little military flare drop thingamabob, to cover up the extraterrestrial behavior that happened. Though I have no clue why they would try to cover this up, unless they have ties with MARS! Lol, obviously this is a very farfetched theory, but aren't they all? ~ hey demons, its me, ya boi.

Adam Willems good theory, but i think it could be a bit more credible

Did the men in black come to the witnesses?

Have either of you actually used a telescope? There's no such thing as an empty sky when you use a telescope, even in light pollution.

Of course UFOs exist, here's why, it literally means "Unidentified Flying Object" so if you don't know what it is and it's flying in the air, it's a UFO, if you then figure out what it is then it would be an IFO "Identified Flying Object", whether or not aliens have flown over us in spaceships is a totally different question than if UFOs exist. Also I do believe aliens exist out there in the INFINITE universe, how could they not? The universe is too mind mindbogglingly vast and filled with more galaxies/solar systems/planets etc, than we can count. If aliens have visited us is a whole other question.

color grading is my passion

This years Halloween costume. Shane the French burglar LMAO

omg crazy hair Tsoukalos!!! i love this guy!

19:07 I knew it Captain America is real

oh no I know what is in the sky its a bird , its a plane , its V-Bucks

I like how they have Shane who does nothing and Ryan who greatly supports these cases with details and facts

and why didn't they just send like a helicopter or something to see whats up

it could just be 5 of those spot lights

Tsoukalos is a fraud....

Pheonix not veonix


men in black where you at

This thing has been debunked so hard it ain't even funny. is a fairly detailed lil article about it

My family and I saw something that looked a lot like the Phoenix lights near lake placid New York 7 years ago.

entertaining as always but wtf w this outfit

Radioactive ducks.

Hold on , i'm from belgium , how come i've never heard of this :p

We land on Mars and Martians refuse to believe there are aliens visiting Mars but insist there are aliens somewhere in cosmos

Honestly,i cant stand your jokes,they are so lameee..

Plez Ted Bunty

It's very weird hearing your state's name over and over.

It was a legit UFO

Government starts testing new weapons, aircraft and crowd control. People shouts "it's aliens", the government says "Yes.... yes it was."

It was S.H.I.E.L.D

I can’t stand it when people are like “is it a ufo?” “no it’s not a ufo” UFO STANDS FOR UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. IF ITS IN THE SKY AND YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS ITS A UFO

Every six months my dad goes out to Arizona and stays there for six months to work well one day while working ( he washes the machines used when working in the field at night ) he saw the lights from a really close distance he took three pictures were u can clearly see the lights

Do a video on the mysterious death of xxxtentacion

Jokes on you, its King T'challa judging ya'll.

Ok here me out its just 7 biolumenesect giant birds moving south in migration

They were probably building a wall there.

*"Oh I was gonna say, he's a fucking* *truck driver, he got me to the right"*

In the dark anybody can do anything

Thats the thing with aliens. If they manage space travel, they are clearly more advanced than us. If they enter a planet where they see an alpha form of life controlling the planet there is no way they would not view it undetected. As such, we would never see aliens.

you guys are awesome as usual

if earth is "flat" does this mean the moon is also "flat"?

I remember when the space X rocket launched,l. My sister practically kicked down our front door and was like "ITS ALIENS"

The most convincing thing, is the Fact that the object was TRAVELING in a horizontal direction and Levitating for many many miles.....and they have police Records to Prove this Debunks the theory of "paratrooper flares" the objects did NOT drop, they stayed there and moved sideways in Perfect formation.....

My parents saw it. I live in phx, az. Lol

Didn't they recently debunk this? I remember people recently debunking this as paratroopers on a training exercise and that they were dropping at night so that it would be harder to land. This would train them for late p.m. landings.

Nah, they actually Debunked the "Debunk"....because this "object(s)" was moving Horizontal, NOT dropping down like flares would. They actually have the police calls on record, showing the calls coming in at a South East direction with the craft.

If you've lived in south PHX AZ along the path it was going, you know these lights still show up every now and then


If this happened now, everyone around the world would consider this to be fortnite season 5 leaked footage.

Okay this is weird I have never heard about this but last night I has a dream about circled lights in the sky and now I am watching this...

Is Shane ok he sounds like Mickey Mouse and spongebob had a Baby together

honestly this could be something from the future passing through our time

it could be tony stark from a parallel universe for all we know

thanos is at it again

You did say it was all men and women who’s jobs were police and military maybe they had a ptsd episode?

its so scary edit:yup it is

Shane lè French robber is an alien

It’s a military test of a scare tactic, make the enemy think they are being attacked from the air and move in ground forces... it was a hologram that is why people saw a haze and they didn’t appear on radar

If ITS 1 craft ITS deathstar

That's thanos's ship

I once saw pretty much the same thing in the night sky, only they didn't just stay in a triangle formation, the lights — a brilliant white in color — spread out in a dome around where I was standing and filled up the entire view of the sky. It lasted for about half an hour, after which all the lights went out at once. It was pretty strange.

We were just putting an aerobatic show for the locals of Phoenix. Don't worry guys!

its tchalla

a giant drone .

our "galaxy" is LITERALLY a grain of sand on the beach.....there are Trillions and trillions of galaxies out there(each containing millions of stars and planets of their own)......I mean, you're just flat out Ignorant, if you don't believe there's other civilizations out there....period. The reason they don't "visit us", is because they are Millions of years more advanced.....we are insects....compared to Their technology, and we have NOTHING to offer...they aren't interested in us....just looking real quick.

Do the Hum sound.

i just cant take the narrator's voice. . .

Wakanda is comin for r asses

and also that wasn’t a helicopter bc there was no noise no machine or nothing and also there was no plane either went it hovered over me and left I didn’t see anything not a machine or anything

But when I saw them there was about 4 lights and they were about in a v shape too

I’VE SEEN THESE BEFORE I WAS LIKE 6 I WAS walking to my aunts house to get some candy bc it my cousins birthday and they candy bags for us and so I walked with my aunts To her house which was like two street away and so we were walking and so like we got to her house and like I waited outside bc she had dogs and I was scared of dogs and so I waited outside and so I was curious bc I never went to Phoenix so I look up at the sky and see these weird lights and my cousins live in a part of Phoenix where not a lot of concerts happened or big fairs or whatever it was a trailer park place and so it looked like a casino lights or mall lights, like I didn’t see them far away I saw them right underneath me and I saw it go over me and I told my aunt and she said it was probably thunder but I since I was gullible I believe but now seeing over it it wasn’t thunder reminder this wasn’t like 1997 it was like 2011 bc right now I’m 12 like sis I wasn’t thunder

Plot twist: Elon Musk was going on holiday

This is the original footage from 1997 =>

They sat with yah boy

Shane looks like a cat burglar from a 1920's or 30's movie lol

Flying v-formation over very bright city? I call geese with very reflective stomach's

the legendary ALIENS meme guy LOL

Do one on the battle of Los Angeles during World War Two. Also do one when the Germans had a secret lab in Antarctica and ufos were blasting off.

It's the shield helicarrier

I have sore a video of a bird floating in mid air and people be saying it's a robot or the bird is being controlled and it was a glitch. But birds fly in v shapes and so did those lights. So maybe birds came from those alien UFO craft/s #shanedawson #conspiracytheory

lol, aliens dont have money. Well, according to Star Trek, space faring civilizations no longer have use for money because of their mastery over natural resources, so that would make sense.

I'm pretty sure that they were aliens

Theory: it’s a empire star destroyer

People fear aliens. I don't. Whatever happens, happens. If they come to appraise or destroy us, wtf can we do?


glow in the dark geese

Its impossible fir it to be stealth bombers because they fly at so high that you wouldint see it and they don't have lights

Ayyyy it happened on my birthday (before i was born so technically not YET but who cares)

*Aliens* -101-

Sounds like a B2 spirit stealth...

v ?? could be calling out to the people who don't have v bucks

And tonight on "Buzzfeed Unsolved" we investigate....a meme

Lmfao ancient aliens dude

this happened on the day i was born lol

Conspiracy theory : maybe it was the illm

I live in LA and I honestly thought SpaceX was a nuke. In my defense, there was a lot of political tension with North Korea at the time. >:(

am i the only one who watched phoenix forgotten?

make merch *now*

They should investigate the Tom woolfolk murders. A man named Tom allegedly murdered his entire family by hacking them up with an axe.

Let me get this straight, this was going on for a while, why doesn't anybody just fly a helicopter right into where the lights are...if it's a craft they'd hit it, since it would have mass even if it was cloaked...sure the pilot would probably die, but everyone would know aliens exist! And probably would have surged our growth as a species!

Do the spiral in Norway

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a UFO!

Years ago my aunt was at the beach and then everybody started looking and pointing at the sky.Suddenly everybody saw red lights almost in a straight line and then they started to like depart. They still don’t know what the lights were...

That's the most logical I've seen the guy from Ancient Aliens ever act!


Aliens: Where we dropin’ boys?

Alien’s - let go look at the Air Force at Arizona to see if we can see our alien friends Alien 2- I don’t think there are there let go to Area 51 instead

what if it was birds with some flashlights


I'm leaning more towards military operation, particularly because that truck driver was near an air force base. It's not that far fetched that the american military would use people's fascination with aliens to cover up them working on something that they don't want the public to know about.

Do the Belgian ufo wave over more than 13500 people saw it including law enforcement military etc... Edit: I watched the whole video now so never mind

Guys you could visit the Madam La Laurie house! That would be in a true crime season though, right?

ginu force formation!


Living in las vegas on July 04, 2016 saw a triangular shape over the strip. Its everywhere.

Aliens are wakandans and are from Wakanda. Wakanda Forever (this is so cringe, smh)

Just think of how many abducted cows you could fit inside that thing. It's right there on video.

I lived in Phoenix I actually saw this! For weeks everyone went crazy about it

A message to the germans. Dont you remember the 6 Lights that were flying over the border of Nederland and germany? No one remembers them, even my Parents or my Family claims they didnt saw it. It's like im the only Guy that knows about it. I swear to god i werent freaking out and i never had any psychological Problems!

It’s the star destroyer


Probably ducks that some prankster strapped lights to em.

Aliens : Where we dropping bois?


Dedalus Diggle? Death Eaters?

*which we can't show you due to copyright..*

Did you guys plan on wearing the same color pants when you met Giorgio?

Ryan’s hair looks more floofy here

Can I consider this a episode of Ancient Aliens ;-;

Just like we can’t go on another planet because of gas, temperature etc, I think aliens can’t get on earth for the same reason. I’m with Sean here and I’m gonna go for spooky military activities.

I remember when I was a child I was driving home with my parents this one particular evening. We were driving past squaw peak mt. and I saw these bizarre lights in the sky. I asked my parents what they were, but they couldn't really tell me. I never forgot them. Some time later, I saw one of those ufo shows mention the same lights I saw and I almost lost my freaking mind. I always wonder if its them same ones I saw that night. So anytime I see someone mention the phoenix lights, I watch to see what they have to say lol. Love this :) btw I almost lost my mind again at 12:14 ish haha

Skywars spacecraft

So if they are government test things then why are they testing or practicing flares where people can see them? Why not text it where no lives because people are goi to get scared and assume things. So this is why I believe it was a ufo

You yelling me a ufo was 2km long? Not taking it


I haven’t even watched this video yet, but I’ve actually witnessed these lights myself roughly 3 years ago. My cousin and I were driving in Mesa/Phoenix area and we were out around 11:30 at night when I saw 3 lights in a perfect row at a slight tilt in the sky. I thought maybe it was helicopters flying over, as they usually do in this area, but they were staying in the same spot for quite a while. We drove closer as our interested piqued and as we’re driving closer, about 20 other lights came into sight. They zoomed in really quick and stayed in a formation for roughly 45 seconds before zooming back out and disappearing. There were no sounds and they were pretty low, so you’d think we would’ve heard something. We were out trying to find where they were for maybe an hour before we realized they were a lot further away than we initially thought. To this day we have no idea what they were and it still freaks me out thinking about it.

Aliens! Form Voltron!

growing up i would watch ancient aliens and call that guy “man w exploded hair” before it was even a meme.... and he was such a big part of my childhood hahaha. wow. look how far he came.

0:34 we already have a wheeze

This video is out of this world... K ill go home

Yes Shane, aliens are communist.

were they talking about trump 13:28

$500 Demon lights Vs. $5000 Demon lights


The military is notorious for not communicating these things. I would not doubt miscommunication.

Aliens meme 18:17 !!!!!!!!!

why are all famous extraterrestial activities in AMERICA, its obviously governement military

I saw these, same "lights", same date and times, same directions, no sound, low flying, zipped into space faster than I can describe.

Oh and I live in east Tx, Marshall, Tx


My mom saw this when she was little

The history channel should be changed to used to be about history channel

Me: alright i live in phoenix and like aliens, lets go "i saw a huge craft come right over squaw peak" Me, living at the base of squaw peak: *WAIT*

That Tsoukalos guy is Greek! I know this might look irrelavent but as a Greek person I get excited when other Greek people appear on shows!

Is it not possible that it was a number of stealth planes belonging to another nation. That would explain why people saw planes but no planes were said to be flying. No country would own up to America the nation of nukes and probably engage in a war

what if they were planets?

Shane rocking that fisherman chic.

2:46 *hits blunt*

Could you guys do the battle of Los Angeles

It's probably aliens checking in on humanity to see how far we've come. It's okay guys they're just doing a survey on us, don't worry normal protocol from our intergalactic government.

Shane looks like a little elf

For aliens to exist anywhere near us, their entire civilization would’ve had to have been traveling through space for millennia at the least, I do believe there are aliens but they are probably so far away that we will never make contact

what if it was a craft but they forgot to turn their lights off

I found Waldo on laundry day!

I bet some one and his buddy’s got there drone put a light on it and messed with yall

What the hell?! 1997!? I didn’t even get a chance to see it!? This bull. If I don’t see it it’s bull.

Did anyone notice the sketch of the zodiac killer on the board behind Ryan?

That’d be so funny if the aliens came to check out Earth, happened to see Phoenix and was like, “Meh. Not interested.” And left.

Fake because Fox News broadcasted this.

okay but if I was that city councilwoman being ridiculed by the local media, I'd be throwing fists

My mom would tell me stories of seeing the exact same lights in Salton City, CA. When I showed her the footage, she said they wrre the same ones, but when she saw them it looked like they would come out of the Salton Sea and fly around, eventually flying into a circular formation before disappearing back into the sea.

Maybe it was just a flock of geese with lightbulbs on them

I know I sound like a weenie, but I don't really enjoy the tense music thrumming through the whole video. It fits for the spooky ghost themes and the real life crime, but aliens are more laid back and I don't want to be spooked while learning about something fascinating.

Anything can be a ufo if you’re bad at identifying things

You guys need to investigate the “Villisca ax house”

I was hoping they would of gone to Arizona and complain about the heat

It may have been helicopters

oo its like oxenfree!

On my channel there is a video that my husband and I took. We saw something that looked similar to the lights last year on the fourth of July. Not sure what it was since we also saw fireworks and a plane in the shot. It was over a huge field across from our house that faces Denver.

Albert Einstein’s “Netflix and chill” would have been “Margarita’s and telescope”

am i the only one that jumped when i saw the person ( probably slenderman ) behind shane


Just one thing tho how come ain't no black people never saw a alien or aliens never came to the hood to abduct a black person and they be all over the news. Cause aliens ain't real str8 like dat

3:04 "A video which we cannot show you due to copy-right". TRANSLATION: "video we will not show you because we are too cheap to pay the man for the rights to the video." As of this comment, 8,500,000 views. How tight is your budget? Sad.

Me speaking into the tin foil: "Trump is your president"

What have you guys got against amateur astronomy and telescopes?

Why are more people not talking about the meme guy?

It could of been an sr91 craft

They are ufos..

Petition for the mannequin behind shane

bioluminescent geese

scarest thing is this was only 21 years ago

jeez man the geese need some way to migrate in the dark.

Triangle huh? Illuminati confirmed.

is the helicopter invented in this year if its invented why did they not send a helicopter so gay

Its a Star Destroyer!!


England is a hotspot for aliens. Have you seen Doctor Who!!

They should cover cattle mutilations or maybe the Battle of Los Angeles. Both are pretty interesting and it'd be cool if they were explored.

Shane looks like he is about to rob a Starbucks.

UFO is unidentified flying object so if it was captured then it is a ifo which is identified flying object

dame tu cosita

What if they were just robotic geese

My bad guys, that was my ship, forgot to warn you guys in advance

Shane's wink was beautiful

I live in Arizona

Back in April I was in Hawaii and I seen something similar to those lights on April 18th around 10:00 pm

Looking at the pics of the lights that they show, they remind me of sprite lightning, which are rare but does occur in thunderclouds. I don't know what the weather conditions were that day, but I think its entirely plausible that it was jusr a strangely shaped (triangular) mass of thunderclouds with sprite lightning. This vid said that the lights were longer than a mile, which is a relatively common size for a thundercloud. Y'all can look up pics of sprite lightning. They looks fairly similar to the phoenix lights.

Maybe it's just something extraordinary out there in the universe shinning light on earth.

22:00 they just described cabin in the woods lmao

Alice Cooper saw these lights. It wasn't just Podunk good-ole-boys, stars and scientists saw these lights. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!"

Theres a STAR about 2.9 BILLION time larger, in volume, than our sun. Meaning almost 100% theres multiple galaxies. If theres multiple galaxies there HAS to be other living beings. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them came over here to explore.

My God, I remember this so well. I was convinced we'd actually have a decent investigation, but the media simply dropped the story.

My older sister saw those.

Why does the theory music make it 10 times creepier

Dafuc with that maniquin. I was more scared with that

i was there when that happen


Hey does anyone else remember when someone made the mannequin in the back move it’s head while Shane was talking?? Ya I’m still salty about that small heart attack I got.

Darn aliens I'm trying to sleep

My dad says he remember seeing these when he was younger. He lived in Phoenix at the time. Pretty cool mystery

It's part of a black project.

I believe in

Damn I always see that guy when I’m watching ancient aliens


They were searching for Intelligent life signs and found none

This happened in Killeen, TX by Fort Hood, TX

Why the narrative tone

Maybe it was just a plane cause they had a top secret plane that has triangular shape

Light Switch on forehead jacksfilms

The government don't have to investigate it because one way or the other they already knew what it was

they both look like they just woke up

fact or fake made a episode and concluded that it was a hanglighter

I'd like to see you guys Investigate the Battle of Los Angeles event from 1942

I lived right outside the 29 palms military base for years. The tests rattled my house all the time. I've seen flare drops. They don't fall that slow or move in formation. Not even on a night with no to little wind. Especially not for miles....Sorry... Not flares. So what was it? The military fucked up, that's what. Lie after lie since the dawn of the military age. They got caught and had no decent excuse that fits what people saw. Last option: ALIENS.

Who else lives in arizoma and in Phoenix if you do leave a like

Do a video about bigfoot

I wonder how many people shot a gun at it

The military or government may not want to explain or know because it doesn't know. Ifyou acknowledge it to be alien or not from your military it can and will cause a degree of panic I would think. They have gone to ggreat lengths over the years to explain away sightings but with smart phones and practically everyone having the ability to capture sightings on camera they have had to change their approach. Denying just won't work anymore.

V formation to warn about the coming of vbucks

People who are denying the existence of other intelligent beings out there. Are simply afraid to accept that we are inferior and that we are at the mercy of other beings. Humanity has come to the false assumption that we are Gods, when aliens do come to our world I will hope they humble these arrogant people. It's not a matter of "If aliens will come" its "When aliens come" We will simply have to wait.



9:46 Jacksfilms.

ryan is so cute in glasses omggggg

*Money longer starts playing*

If the shape of the lights changed, which they reportedly did, there was no singular object. It wasn't a mile wide craft. It was a string of lights, each originating from an independent source.

If it was airplane how would it stay still and “hover”

Shane looks like he dressed for a burglary lol

The lights were LUU-2B/B illumination flares dropped by the Airforce. They've already stated as such. The other lights earlier were the planes flying in formation causing illusory contours. This isn't unsolved.

Am I the only one that's scared that one day the MIB statue behind Shane is going to move?

They want us at Venus for a fist fight at 10

The greatest moment in history. Buzzfeed meets a meme person

I think they WANTED us to know they are there but they DIDNT want to cause wide spread panic

If you think about it, we are extraterrestrial to aliens or other extraterrestrial

ufos do not fucking exist

...When I was little, I saw something similar to the Phoenix lights in Washington when I was little. I My dad and I were going to Safeway late at night, just he and I. As a little girl my eyes were just sort of naturally drawn to the night sky at all times. I found it fascinating. I noticed a few circular, orange lights in the sky (I don't remember the exact number since it was so long ago, but I believe it was about five? All I know is that the number changed later on). I was telling my dad to look, but he didn't. He did that thing that parents do when they're tired when the respond to everything with "that's nice, dear." I distinctly remember watching the lights from the Safeway parking lot as my dad walked into the store. They were in a strange pattern. Then, a few more appeared, and the pattern changed to the V shape. When we left the store they were gone.

17:56 more like dr Phil

Lights go over China shoot down that modutrucker they come without permission China has a law that you must schedule a flight and that if you don’t work with them they will shoot down the plane

I also had a biology teacher who believed highly in aliens she would always say to non believers why would the God or Gods of the universe make other planets and solar systems and such an us be the only thing out here

Who else just learn that there is a UFO calling center because of this video

Voltes V

I may seem crazy, but there’s no doubt that aliens aren’t real. There’s literally billions of stars and planets and cameras have been sent to some of those and found wierd looking footprints. I don’t know how people still deny that aliens aren’t real.

Park Chanyeol is that you?

12:00 I'm sorry, did the Governor REALLY make fun of it and go with cosplay? What in all holy hell? I would be a super pissed citizen for sure.

i once watched this video while tripping on acid and i started crying for no reason

It was the blue angles or something there a bunch of show fighterpiolets

Professor Alien: You were seen! By no less than seven-hundred Muggles! Do you have any idea how serious this is? You have risked the exposure of our world! Not to mention the damage you inflicted on Whomping Willow, that's been on these grounds since before you were born!

Big planes

Genetically modified geese.

Its a star destroyer, ppl. You can relax

Alien commander: ok aliens we will fly over Arizona undetected form into a giant triangular V shape and fly from there and remember: DONT FORGET TO TURN ON CLOAKING all aliens: YES SIR *1 night before the Arizona lights occurred* alien:era check out Twitter *spends almost all night on Twitter* alien: I will get some rest now *the next day* alien commander: ALRIGHT GET IN YOUR ASSIGNED UFO alien: I’m so tired what did I do to make myself so tired? *while flying towards Arizona* alien: I’ll take a short nap *everyone is hovering over Arizona* alien commander: ALRIGHT ACTIVATE STEALTH MODE alien: zzzzzzzzzz alien commander: TURN ON STEALTH MODE!!! Citizens of Arizona: what are these strange lights? Alien commander: WHY ARE WE BEING BROADCASTED ON LIVE TV another alien: sir the alien you put in charge fell asleep alien commander: EVERYONE RETREAT!!!!! *when they arrive back at the alien headquarters* alien commander: WHY DID YOU FALL ASLEEP AT THE WHELL??? Alien: I’m sorry I was just trying to take a quick nap alien commander: WELL THAT QUICK NAP GOT US BROADCASTED ON LIVE TV!!! Alien: aren’t you happy about that? Alien commander: NO!! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO NOT EXIST TO HUMANS! YOUR FIRED alien: no please! I need this job to support my family! *alien commander writes him a check* alien commander: YOUR LUCKY IM GIVING YOU A PAYCHECK USUALLY I MAKE THEM LEAVE WITHOUT PAYMENT NOW GO! *the end*

The Terry Procter tape shows 9 not 5 I watched it just now lol

google Morristown NJ ufo hoax, watch the clips, I believe phoenix lights were a hoax that fooled civilians and military, "floating" lights , floating in the direction the wind is blowing, silent, also march 1997 was the month that the hale bopp comet would be the most visible and closest to earth, and would not happen for another 3000years,  people were looking up!! watch the Morristown hoax, people embellish things they see that they can not understand, its not lying, it is human nature, in Morristown a entire family made the rounds on national and local media excitingly telling there story of what they saw, yet the two guys that constructed and documented the "UFO" have video proof it was not as amazing or a "solid object"  as the witnesses made it out to be,  wire connecting equally spaced helium balloons in a V formation with road flares attached,  I want it to be aliens!! yet I don't believe this case is,  also the "dark skies" TV series was cancelled at the end of 96,  the show was compelling and got people thinking, LOL!  I know that's got nothing to do with it, it was just a side note,  but I sadly believe the phoenix lights are just that, simply lights in the sky, but I continue my search!!!l

And we also know a congress man spoke about the government working with aliens and other details about area 51, ( watch Shane Dawson )

We all know that Aliens are real now, or was it just me that saw ON THE NEWS that the government released footage of a ufo? Here's the link:

Its a star destroyer

It's always funny that all UFO sightings are in America while the rest of the world is jus' chilling

Possibly area 51 had stealths, the planes they said they would be building. And obviously they wouldn't tell anybody. That explains no reports Unidentified Flying Object -> Identified Lol just kidding. Someone posted this somewhere else and I remembered it.

F-117s existed at the time and were known to the public. The US Air Force is the only operator of such therefore your talk about the Air Force never being told about them is invalid.

V formation? No no, I’m sorry you meant the finger four formation.

is it possible that it was just a satellite dish seen on a clear night? I know nothing about satellites sorry if this is impossible lol

You guys should go back to somewhere youve been and see if anything changed

Did they recorded the video on laptop?????????


YOU GOT GIORGIO!!!!!!! YOu know youve really made it when he shows up.

E.T'S!!!!! ASSEMBLE!!!!

in the footage you can see the lights bob up and down unevenly

Have a high school friend that became an air traffic controller. He said the government had developed and tested the stealth airplane ten years before they announced it to the public. Never know what those sneaky-pete's are up to.

They were obviously flares

What if it was a bunch of drunk alien frat boys that decided to be dicks & scare people *insert aliens meme* When I was 12, I saw something I couldn’t explain on my way home one night. I thought it was a shooting star but the base of the object had a green glow and the tail of it was red. It flew forward, quickly jerked backwards before shooting off again out of sight as if leaving our atmosphere. I told my mom about it since she was busy driving and only I had seen it.

Do The battle of Los Angeles

people said aliens when the SpaceX launch happened and Elon Musk was trolling them on twitter feeding into their stupidity :))

That guy looks like Adrian Pimento

I feel like I’ve seen an alien aircraft because when I was out walking my dog, a large bright light in the dusk sky. It was the for like a minute or two and I blinked and it went away. It was so weird

Aliens are an interesting topic, since there are so many things for and against them. I think something to take into consideration is the great filter. There must be other societies or intelligent beings out there. There is no way we're the only ones. However, since there has been no solid proof of aliens coming to earth, it's safe to assume that the great filter is preventing other aliens from coming to us, or answering our calls. The great filter is basically a problem that all societies eventually run into, and they either die from it or surpass it. For example, nuclear war might be a problem in the future and nuclear war brings mutually assured destruction.

Haha you guys are pretty funny. Good vid. Thumbs up from me!

This ep demonstrates perfectly why I’m a Boogara. Even in the face of such incredible evidence, Shane still refuses to entertain the possibility that its real. Not everything Ryan believes is real, but some of it is. I’m not hating on Shane tho i love him so much too

Is that the aliens meme guy. Cause I swear it is it probably is

don't know why but that unsolved logo at the end of your videos always gives me the chills.

I think the idea of aliens are completely plausible, but the chance that they’d come here, of all places, is pretty low. This planet is rather boring. Also the alien meme guy looks like one of the ghostfacers from supernatural. He acts the same as well.

i got crapped my pants and cried at 11:54 im such a baby

drunk air ballon pilots

In case anyone’s interested about that comic about the councilwoman Barwood, I was like what’s with the light switch on her head? So I googled it and there was a caption which Ryan left out which read “Those mysterious lights over Phoenix - They're on, but nobody's home". Makes a little more sense now. Ok sorry that was bothering me lol I didn’t get it.

Didnt this happen in ww2 in los angeles or atleast something like this

"Why wouldnt they tell air force bases they were doing stealth tests" So they can test if their stealth works. Obviously

Ryan there is No UFO.

it looks like a star destroyer

I agree with shane. I believe in aliens, but I think it was just shady military stuff.

They should have shoot a missile at it

This happened on the day I was born!!

An Alien Expert is A Meme material on the Internet,damn


It was a stealth bomber

hey the beginning of this video sounds like the beginning of the spotlight by logic

What of the aliens from the time of piramides came back and were like:nope ,they evolved,go back

UFO just means unidentified flying object so this was definitely a UFO, that literally gives us no information as to where it came from or what it is.

Tony Ortega at eSkeptic: "Few sightings have been so thoroughly investigated by reporters, and so well debunked." The V-formation of lights was a flight of A-10s, the later lights were dropped flares. There's a great video where they sync the flares footage with a daytime shot from the same place, and watch them wink out just as they touch the mountains, i.e. fall behind them.

I would feel kinda uncomfortable being grouped with the ancient aliens guy

the cesna plane, was actor kurt russell... he said it on tv. AND IT WAS NOT FLARES!!!

so could the telescope be a govt shill... to put out disinformation

There’s no question it was a ufo. Unidentified Flying Object

Y’all should do an episode on the Payton Manning house in Williamsburg, Va

im surprised tom delong isnt a special guest on this episode

i believe the truth is the military testing spy planes at area 51 at an aero space meuseum in nebraska i learned from a U2 spy plane on display that each of those lights were 1 plane. they didnt show up on radar because, well, they are spy planes and U2's are supposed to fly high up to avoid detection by the eye so of course since people thought they were aliens the government kept it secret and agreed to hide it because if they revealed they were spy planes people would be scared that conflict could break out i dont know if it is true but its just my theory and im not a know it all

When you live in Scottsdale

Is that the history channel alien meme guy????

could have been a star destroyer





















guys, obviously its a star destoyer

they are 5,200 ft long sooo

it's the bermuda triangle moving places

You didn't have to say quote

Do the alien sighting at Chicago O’Hare airport


You should have also put in this video that KURT RUSSELL seen this and was the pilot to radio this in


1000 aliens disliked this video.

I think it’s aliens honestly.

the mind just connected the dots and it was probably the F117

This was explained. A vid team went to the exact filming spot of the famed video but during the day. They superimposed the light imagery in the new daylight vid. Guess what, the lights disappeared behind the mountain crests. National Guard flares and gravity folks. Not UFOs and not gov't conspirasplaining. Move along now. P.S. Bigfoot does not exist, Oswald acted alone, and the Earth is round.


You guys are fucking funny

It wasn't Aliens

Where were the men in black? Lol, can they interrogate 700 people?

how long did it take to cross the state of arizona that is the clue...

Pheonix lights are as extraterrestrial, as gender is a social construct and not scientific.

Why don’t you talk about Project: Blue Book. Famous investigation by the federal government into the existence of aliens. The files have been released.


it's just trolls flying their drones...mystery solved

Investigate the 2006 O'hare International Airport UFO sighting!

UFOs don’t make a v shap they are round

Get rid of shane he's way too annoying


18:18 *ALIENS*

Ryan sexy af

Wouldn't it be sad to discover we are the only life forms in the universe? I believe we aren't alone, idec.

Yup, 700 people were high.

Wow isn’t kinda odd that 700 people took acid all at the same time. Crazy

Maybe it could be just a test for humans by aliens that how would they react to the situation.

Yo, I’m more upset 700 people got my boi Crypto fired

it’s the illuminati

No, you didn't! Giorgio Tsoukalos? He's a documented liar, conman, and purveyor of fraud! You might as well have van Daniken on. Why would you have on someone who lies and cons gullible people out of their time and money? This just makes you guys and your show complicate in his scams. Shame!

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