The Taxi King: George Mikhael, Revolutionary Transport Technologies. Cafe, CarWash & POS. - GM Cabs

The Taxi King: George Mikhael, Revolutionary Transport Technologies. Cafe, CarWash & POS. - GM Cabs

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a a a a If God wills, one day I will be in Lebanon. I love Lebanon a lot. I go to Lebanon every year. I want to be in Lebanon a lot. Because I love Lebanon. If God wills, Lebanon will stand on his feet again.

It will stand again, if God wills. Because it is a very beautiful country. I came to this country to help the Lebanese who need help. You don't have to work with all the Lebanese.

Because there are no Lebanese around. But if someone comes from a foreign country, he must work hard. He must work.

I am a Lebanese worker. I am an expert. The Lebanese people are experts in food, hospitality, and service.

The Lebanese people have no problem. But because I have a lot of work, I have to go from the Lebanese people to the other people, who are Iraqi, Chinese, Turkish, Australian, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Indian, Egyptian. I have a workshop that is more than 200 employees.

The Epoch machine is a payment solution for taxis. I helped about 14,000 taxis in Australia. I helped about 14,000 taxis, hyacaths, limousines, and if God wills, soon I will cover the cafe, I will cover all the retail shops. I changed the name to HERO, to separate the GM Cab Terminal and the Retail Terminal.

We called it HERO. HERO Payment. The driver comes to me, I give him the machine, he starts working for his benefit, but he gets caught on the machine for GM Cab. The money comes to me, I pay for the driver, in three ways.

The first way is through his bank account, the second way is through his Visa Card, the third way through his cash money. Cash money is very important for a taxi driver, because he gets tired during the day, and he wants take his wife home. He buys milk, he buys for his family, he likes to take cash. I am very successful in it, because in all of Australia, Hobart, Telmania, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, I cover all of Australia. But we are very strong in Melbourne and Sydney. Very strong.

What a man! Wow! Wait. Unexpected. He has a taxi company, but he doesn't have 1,000 taxis.

He doesn't have a famous ride, he doesn't have a GM signature. It's a story of a person who got up from his death, and decided to live. A person who loves Lebanon, a Lebanese worker, he still speaks Lebanese all the way. A person who has a very nice story.

A person who feeds 4,000 people a day. A person who pays for more than 13,000 taxi drivers a day. A person who made a line. Wow. This was his story, but our journey is not that long.

You want to follow us? You can follow us, you'll be on TV. We're going 4 cars to the front cafe, from here to there. See, nice car. You like it, Uncle George? You like it? I don't mind, follow us.

He's going to be in this car, but you follow him, and you follow us. When you order a taxi at the airport, the taxi is waiting for you here. Look around me. Hundreds of cars are waiting in this parking in front of GM Cafe and GM Car Wash, which is the only they have here. People are waiting in the line.

Taxis are waiting, sometimes they wait for half an hour, but the line is still going, going, going, the way. 13 cabs, Champ United Cabs, Opel Cabs, Black and White, there are many companies. Between every 2 or 3, there is one GM.

GM, GM, and so on. I am very excited. Uncle George, I am excited, excited, excited, and he made me excited too.

He is the best. Let's go. It's time for breakfast, lunch. Ok. Uncle George has a scenario. Time to come. Welcome.

He's a king. The cars are not only cars, he has a cafe, not only a cafe, he has a car wash. There is no driver who reaches here to the airport and doesn't pass by him. That's it. Impossible.

He can't carry the passenger unless he comes here. There is no construction in the area, you don't come and eat here. This is GM, this is London. We met him before, he was standing in front of the hotel, we went with him. How are you? I am good. Enjoy.

Shut down. Let's have some food. Let's go. This is GM. Enjoy. We are taking over Sydney almost. Do you know what is the destiny? We met him in the city, he was standing outside the hotel. This is GM Signature. We went together and toured with him.

You can see the pictures on Instagram. We met again here at the airport. This is London.

When I see him, I feel like eating. Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Chinese. Mr. Chef. Mr. Chef, you are going to impress us. Mr. Chef is going to cook the food for you. The food is amazing.

The food is multi-national food. The food is Chinese, Bangladeshi, Iraqi, Lebanese, Egyptian. The coffee is non-stop.

It is not a game to eat 4,000 people in one day. The food is amazing. The Iraqi chef's food is number one. I prepared Fattous, Tabbouleh, Hummus. Now we are going to make Hummus with meat and eggplant plate. My husband used to work in Huffins, a meat factory.

He was young when he started. I will show you tomorrow if I don't want to become a manager. I became a manager, thank God. God bless you. The food is amazing. Half of them speak English and half of them speak Arabic.

I also speak Spanish with him. Yeah. They come and get their food from home or from outside. We warm them and prepare them. We give them a few minutes. I am Zahi, I have been working with Josh for 10 years.

I am the manager of the shop here. First of all, welcome to Sydney. We are very happy for you. You are in GM Caps. We got the chance to meet you. As you can see, we make all kinds of food.

We also make Australian coffee. We also have the spice tea machine for the drivers. If you want, we can make you the best coffee in Sydney.

I am Beddoun, I have been in Australia for 10 years. Start hacking prawns. I am a chef.

You have to put your hand in everything. I am a chef, if I don't put my hand, he won't believe me. You don't let anyone work alone. You have to put your hand in everything. I know. I know.

The success of work is related to the work that has to be present. If you put your hand, you waste time. What are you preparing? I am preparing chicken kebab. How are you? I watch all your shows. Where are you from? I am from the south.

I have been working with Josh for 18 years. Why do you work with him? We are friends. Why? Because we are happy. He said it himself.

How many years have you been working with Uncle George? 20 years. How long have you been here? 20 years. You are the king of meat here.

20 years. Now I will taste the meat. He is indeed the king of meat. Thank you George. He looks at us like a father. Since he was the king of meat, his daughter came and became the king of sweets.

She sent us a box of sweets as a gift. God bless you. How many years have you been here? 47 years. Wow. I went out for a bit to catch my breath.

I think that 80% of the taxi drivers here know me and know what I do. I am filming with everyone. We should taste and try everything in the kitchen. I will call him Uncle George because everyone calls him like that. They love him. I think he knows how to make rice.

The chef is sending me. He knows how to make Asian and Lebanese food. Everyone who works with him is 10, 15, 20, and 30 years old. They love him a lot. He is a king. He is the boss.

What a great discovery. What a person. Wow.

Ok, back to the kitchen. The chef sent me from outside. I am Najwa Mresh from Syria. I have been in this place for 17 years.

I am Sarkis Semrouni. That time you were with George. With you? Yes, with my uncle. Uncle, everyone calls George Najwa. But I don't know if George is here or not.

On tour. I left and came back. Where are you? Come on in. Where did you go? I came back to the kitchen. Welcome. I am on a visit from Yoch Moreshef.

I met George and I would like to help him. You are one of the people who made a difference in the lives of many people here in Sydney. Let's say it as it is. You teach hope, ambition, and success. You started as a taxi driver and now you support thousands of families. I am proud of the work that benefits someone and I did it.

I am proud that I succeeded. I am proud that I succeeded and people benefited from my work. I would not have given anything. I am proud that I won a guy like Zahid who came from Lebanon. I gave him my papers and he stayed here.

His brother Samer got married and had children. Now Zahid will torture me. But I am proud of this.

His brother Torres, who met his husband at my Christmas party. The Lebanese person can reach. The Lebanese person can reach Mars. We want to live like we live in Australia. We want to live in all our regions in Lebanon like we live in Australia.

In Australia, there are 160 regions and 160 countries. Especially here in the heart of Australia, in the heart of the taxi range. The Pakistani, Filipino, Indian, Chinese, and all the nationalities of the world came to you.

They all enter the place and feel at home. They warmed me up and fed me. The atmosphere here is amazing. This is what I am proud of. You told me that the one who watches Ansto will get Tom.

The one who watches Ansto will get Tom. This is an important thing. The kids tell me, Dad, take a phone to see you.

I say, Dad, I should make a sticker in my hand. I am proud. I am proud to tell him to make the Mongolian. Bring him the Mongolian. George followed for a long time.

He learned technology. He now has an application. Many things that people say in your age have passed. Of course I am preparing something for the next 5 years. What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream, if God is pleased, is to stay.

Never fail. Whatever I want to achieve, it should be achieved. I hope to go back to Lebanon and work as I did in Lebanon. A place that I built and built again. Go back to a different level and build a country and Lebanon again.

Because no matter how much we travel in the world, there is nothing more beautiful than Lebanon. I visited you many times. You loved us in Lebanon. When you go to an olive tree that is 4,000 years old, and you tell me that this olive tree is 4,000 old, and you go to the valley and walk to the bottom of the valley, to see the beauty of Lebanon, is natural.

It does not exist in Australia. I love Australia. Lebanon is a piece from the sky.

A sacred land. We will eat. So this food you see here is food that anyone can eat when they come here.

When we came to the airport, all the taxi drivers were eating delicious food. They can eat Hummus, rice, as you can see, Vietnamese food or Chinese food like what you eat in any May God keep this family for you, it's amazing. Really, all of them together. Your kids did a great job.

You told me before, but behind the camera, about this great lady who stood next to you. Mrs. Michael, I didn't have any money at all. We used to work 16 hours a day. We would leave the house and go to work. I was a taxi driver.

I started as a taxi driver. Mrs. Michael took care of the kids. She would take them to school, dress them, and teach them. She taught me that life and modesty are the most important things.

I mean, maybe there are no children in this nature, in this success that they are in, who are as as they are. Because of Mrs. Michael. Mrs. Michael stood with me, especially in the cancer

surgery. She found herself without a ballpoint pen in Germany. She forgot to take the ballpoint pen with her.

Mrs. Michael is one of the believers who believes. She still goes to Hefiani on the 15th day of Eid al-Sayyid every year. Every year, she goes on the 15th day, and God will give us because we take care of the poor. God bless you. We won't take care of you because you are, God bless you, poor. Wow, I can't get enough of them.

This is Michael, the wise man. Wow, amazing. Let's eat. Good food, right? Very nice.

Sweet stuff. The rice is very tasty. You start paying money in these restaurants. Everything is yours.

The food is affordable because the taxi driver can't pay the money he pays in hotels and official restaurants. Excellent food. Excellent quality, super tender shrimp. What is this? Wagyu beef? Super tender, look look.

Butter. Wow, as spicy as it should be. Bravo. We should taste the chef's hummus, who is working hard to make meat for me. We should taste this great meat.

Wow. No kidding, this is very high standard quality. This is high end quality. The guys are not joking. It is not a cantina food. We are talking about good quality food.

Really, bravo. No kidding, you made this? I made this hummus without garlic because I know how not to eat soup with garlic and onion. But you lost in the end because you have a restaurant, a chef, and you are just having fun. We are just changing.

He is changing his job to be a chef. One of the most delicious hummus I have eaten in Sydney. A hero. This is bonus content. Yum. I will call it bonus content.

It is not in GMK, but I don't know, maybe tomorrow they will put it here. Tell me about these, who makes them? My daughter makes them. Wow, amazing. What is their story? How did it start? It started since the day of corona.

Ok. At home. After that, I started using it at home little by little. God blessed me.

A shop opened now. Really, not only delivery, not only online orders. There is a shop.

Yes, there is an online shop. Where did it open? In Bexley North. Which one is the most delicious? I will taste all of them for you.

All are delicious. Wait a minute. We tasted the meat because you made it and we told you that it is the most delicious meat. Wait a minute. Ok. Do you want me to taste all of them? Taste this.

What is the name? Don't tell me, I don't know. Each one has a name. Yes.

It is a milk cake. What is the name? It is a milk cake. Ok.

But I don't know the name. Look, the sugar is perfect. It is not sticky. It is not soggy, but it is not. Do you know how? Yes.

The taste is perfect. The pistachios are perfect. They are a bit crunchy, not chewy. Nicely creamy.

Very tasty. In the end, you can drink the milk inside. I will eat more now. Congratulations to your daughter.

They are beautiful, neat, and well done. Their sugar is light. Their milk is perfect.

How? They are delicious. What is the name? Quality. Enjoy. Quality made. I am proud of him. I told him that I will taste all of them.

Thank you, dear. Thank you. I am Waleed Khoury from Andet. We met and prepared all of his videos. I am working with George.

I came to pick him up and he didn't come back. He took all of his taxis. Payments, email, whatever. That's what I do.

Thank you. God be with you. How are you? Congratulations. I took one.

I took one. Enjoy. I don't have. Thank you. We just arrived to GM Head Office in Irwood. It is near the airport.

The good thing is that it is close to my house. Now, we will see the GM Head Office. The driver is taking a booking. Ride or booking available. As you are in a car, as a driver, you receive a job.

Ride or booking available. Ride or booking available. You accept the job. Then, you press the button.

We will take you to the address where the job needs to be picked up from. One terminal. One terminal. Yes, correct. Yes, correct.

Only he needs that one. Only he needs that one to receive work. And he does the payment on it. Receives the money on the same day.

And one solution covers him all. For more information, visit

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