The purpose of the detention tank underneath Singapore Botanic Gardens | Curious City 小岛国 大发现 EP11

The purpose of the detention tank underneath Singapore Botanic Gardens | Curious City 小岛国 大发现 EP11

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Thank you, auntie -You're welcome Let's go -Hello Can you behave yourselves? It's tiring having to babysit you We're here to watch a movie today, so we got soft drinks and popcorn! Yeah, don't you eat popcorn during a movie? Don't worry - this is for you But we're here to see the theatre, not watch a movie -We don't get to watch a movie? -We'll refund this then No, we can still eat the popcorn -That's true. Let's go! -Yes, let's go Hello! Welcome to Shaw Theatres PLQ I'm Xuanling from Shaw Theatres -Oh, you're here to show us the theatre? -That's right Is it okay if we eat popcorn while you show us around? Sure! We'll be going that way Okay -We'll follow you. Let's go Take the small landmark -I'll get it Okay This is the small landmark Not too close - I don't have make-up on Give it to me "What's the most important thing when you go to the movies?" I think the most important thing is who you're going to the movies with I think it's the movie you choose For me, the most important thing is ensuring my phone is on silent mode And making sure Ke Le isn't there -Why? Because she talks and laughs too loudly No, I don't I swear - I'm very quiet in the theatre I'm totally focused on the movie No way - talking is like breathing to you I doubt you'll keep quiet We have 12 halls here - 9 normal halls, 2 Lumiere halls and 1 IMAX with Laser hall I hear there's a hall specially for kids Where is it? It's at Shaw Theatres Jewel, which is at Changi Airport The hall is called "Dreamers" We don't completely turn off the lights, and the sound system isn't as loud The hall design is also more colourful I think it's a great idea to have a hall designed for the whole family It makes it less stressful to bring kids along Well, we can't take Ke Le to the Dreamers hall today -So, where can we take her? -The IMAX with Laser hall -Let's go -Wow, okay. Let's go -Take this -I don't want to -Hold it for a while -You can hold one item in each hand -You have a share of the popcorn too -No, I don't -You're so infuriating -Let's just go -Don't ask me for any popcorn later -I won't Wow! It's huge! -Wow! So, what exactly is IMAX? IMAX is a sensory experience There are three special features First is the sound The sound not only comes from the front and the back... but also comes from both sides and from overhead Wow, look! -There are speakers on the ceiling -How many are there? They call it the 12-channel system, so there are 12 speakers, and the seat acoustics are all Laser-aligned Second is the seating There's a bigger gap between each row, so your view won't get blocked no matter where you sit Maybe Herman won't appreciate it...

because he's so tall that he doesn't get blocked anyway Yeah, he always gets a clear view But in this IMAX hall, even Ke Le won't be blocked by the person in front Yeah -That's right There's also plenty of legroom, so you'll be more comfortable Let's go with this Bring it on. No question is too hard for us "Are there best seats in movie theatres?" Yes! There are the prime, optimal seats I think that the middle seats are the best The sound experience will also be the best there That makes sense But if you're like Ke Le, who does weird things, you should sit at the back away from people -No, I don't do weird things -Or near the wall -You whisper a lot during the show -No, I don't! I just feel safer near the walls If you want to feel safe, put on a seatbelt Or wear a helmet I'm just kidding There was this question from the Question Room - where's the best area to sit in a theatre? For IMAX with Laser, there probably isn't one, right? -Because all the seats are the best -That's right No matter where you sit, you'll experience the same effects This screen seems to be bigger than the usual screens Yes, the screen covers the area from floor to ceiling, and there are no frames or lines that will block your view Oh -It's one whole screen Have you noticed that the screen looks different? Different? We can't really tell from here Can we go down and take a look? -Sure -It should be more obvious close up -Yes, it'll be easier to tell the difference -The screen's really huge -It looks even bigger the closer we get Wow! -It's magnificent -It's my first time seeing a screen close up Hey, be careful! -Please don't touch it -Why can't we touch it? There'll be a mark on the screen if you touch it, which will be visible when we screen a movie We'll then have to decommission this screen And changing the screen is a massive undertaking How so? Back in 2011, for our first IMAX theatre at Shaw Theatres Lido, we had to remove the glass walls in the lobby... and lift the screen from the first floor to the fifth floor... in order to install the screen Can't you take it apart and install it bit by bit? No, it's one seamless piece, and more than 10 people are needed to put it up Huh? Then it's a huge screen -Yeah What if the screen gets dirty? We still can't touch it directly We can only clean it gently I wanted to touch it to feel if the screen is as curved as what I see -You can't believe your eyes, right? -Exactly It's so big close up that I feel a bit dizzy looking at it -Yeah, we're so tired that we want to go home -I didn't say that! Yes, if you look closely, it is curved Oh, so, the difference is that this theatre has a huge curved screen, while other theatres have flat screens Yes, you're right Guys, let me tell you, the old projectors I saw in the past had parts that rotated like this I'm sure IMAX has a more advanced projector -"Xueling", can you show it to us? -It's "Xuanling"! Oh, I'm sorry. Let's do it again Sis Xuanling, can you take us there? Okay, let's go -She moved her arm like this just now -Yeah, she did -Hasn't she seen one before? -And her butt moved along too Have you been inside before? -No I've actually always wanted to go inside the projection booth We finally get the chance -Yay Wow! Ke Le, it doesn't have that rotating thing you mentioned earlier Yeah, it doesn't. This is so advanced!

This is our IMAX projector and sound system Oh, this is the projector It's huge -Yeah We need high-end projectors and sound systems to meet the IMAX standard Together with the movie, they will create the full IMAX experience Do other theatres have smaller projectors? Yes, they are smaller, and files will need to be downloaded digitally into a computer Wow, I didn't know that This is a huge discovery That's why the tickets are more expensive Yes, but it's worth it After all that talk, can we get a chance to watch some movie clips in IMAX? You know, just some clips to experience what it's like Sure, we'll show you a small demo Yay, that's great! I love watching movies Once the lights are off, I'll be immersed in the movie world I'm so glad to have the opportunity to visit a projection booth today I'm checking in here. Yeah! <i>Why live in just one... <i>when you can immerse yourself... <i>in the richness of others? <i>Worlds that will break your heart <i>Experience these worlds to the fullest <i>Then experience a thousand more Wow! That was amazing When I came in, I wasn't sure if I'd seen anything in IMAX before, but after watching the demo, I can confirm that I definitely hadn't It's my first time experiencing something like this -Yeah, it's completely different -I literally forgot to eat my popcorn I had goosebumps Yeah, my eyes were glued to the screen It felt like 3D IMAX is truly a next-level experience What an eye-opener! -Yeah What a great discovery! It seems only two of us were watching it. Herman wasn't No, I was. I was shocked speechless! Oh wow! -My jaw dropped -It's really a special experience -I agree Isn't this experience great? Do you want it to continue? -Continue? -Yes, we can buy tickets. Let's go!

-Buy tickets? -Wow, she's speaking in English -Yeah -This is perfect for Curious City We often see the things around us without knowing how they work We've learnt something new today We're watching an IMAX movie. Let's go Let's check in before doing that Huh? Safety helmets and boots again? To think we got up so early to do our hair Yeah, it's going to get messed up after we put on these helmets We're going to get tanned again I have a plan Why don't we... One, two, three! Stop! Hi, I'm Jiajun. You can call me "JJ" You're JJ (JJ Lin)? Then I'm Stefanie Sun Why do you need to move like that? And they're Singapore's Power Station You're dressed like a construction foreman. Aren't you A-do? No, I'm Zhuang Jiajun, a senior architect with the Housing and Development Board (HDB) Oh! What are you showing us today? I'm going to show you how we build HDB flats What? -Isn't that dangerous? I don't think we should go -Yeah Don't worry - we have safety boots and helmets for you Oh well... Looks like we don't have a choice then

-Come on, let's just do it -Fine. Running away isn't an option anyway -Yes, we'll just have to do it -Yeah, let's go We've worn these before Will it make us look unpretty? You don't look pretty anyway, so don't worry I still look pretty, right? I don't feel like blood is flowing to my brain Is it too tight? -Yeah -You can loosen it -It's already at the maximum allowance -I told you before that your head is too big -It can't be any looser Here, that's the loosest -Is this the biggest? -There's only one size Well, having a big head isn't a bad thing Follow me. It's just straight ahead Wow! It's my first time here. I'm so excited

Yeah, I'm amazed It's like we've stepped into an entirely different world This is my first time at an HDB construction site So, JJ, how are HDB flats constructed? We're at a construction site in Yishun right now, and we use Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction here Wow! -Is there an abbreviation? -Yes, it's "PPVC" What's the difference between PPVC and regular construction methods? We manufacture modular units in factories... and assemble parts such as interior walls, floors and window frames, and then we transport them here for assembly Get the small landmark over there What will the question be? "How are HDB flats constructed?" They are built by construction workers Who knows? They're built using hands like this Yeah, and they drill like this They apply cement like this And the excavator goes like this They're constructed brick by brick The bricks are stacked one by one But they don't do that nowadays The flats are put together layer by layer I think they're put together box by box, one floor at a time You see, arborists take care of trees, and aquarists take care of aquariums So, HDB flats must be taken care of by... architects Wow, you're a genius -Impressive Wait a minute I was right, wasn't I? The flats are put together box by box, right? Yes, it's similar to building blocks Wait a minute I said that they're built by construction workers Am I right to say that construction workers are needed to put them together? Well, yes -That doesn't tell us anything -Wait a minute! By that logic, the work's done using hands, right? I can't do this any more Come back You guys are full of nonsense Our show needs cameramen, right? -Yes And they use their hands too, no? -Yes I have a question When did you start using this PPVC method? We started using it in 2017 Really? Why do I think it was earlier? That's because we've been looking into it since 2014 But we only officially promoted its use in 2017 By 2019, 35% of new HDB flats were constructed using the PPVC method Why do you use the PPVC method? There are several advantages, such as better construction efficiency, better construction quality, lower environmental pollution and better workplace safety, all while requiring less manpower Oh! I have questions too Is it safe? How high can the flats go? Will the flats collapse? That'd be dangerous for us on the ground Not at all. It's very safe We have constructed 40-storey flats using this method Wow -40 storeys is very high! Change happens every day With the advancement of technology, flats can now be built faster, safer and with less manpower I'm checking in here Hey, guys, look - this is what we saw in the Question Room That's right Here we go "What is this?" Oh, I know It's a bomb shelter -No way! -Then what is it? That's an exhaust fan -You think it's a toilet? -It's a kitchen I don't care I think it's a bomb shelter under construction I think it's a kitchen under construction I also think it's a bomb shelter under construction This is a 3D module of a bomb shelter -Give me a round of applause -It's a bomb shelter What? I forgot what I said Do all HDB flats now have a bomb shelter? In 1996, HDB decided to build bomb shelters in all HDB flats... so that residents can take shelter in times of crisis Are these 3D modules all the same size? No These 3D modules are for bedrooms, bomb shelters, kitchens, toilets and so on, and there are variations depending on the flat type and orientation of the unit I have a question Why did you place these modules here? Because the construction site has limited space, we move them here for assembly after they are made at the factories, and they are stored here until they're needed at the construction site Different 3D modules are put together like building blocks to form an HDB unit That's so amazing I'm checking in here. Yeah! Where are we going now? We're going to take the lift It's a special construction site lift This way, please This is the lift? It's a temporary lift. Is this safe?

Its capacity is 21 people. There are only 4 of us, so it should be safe Look - he's closing it -Oh, he rang a bell -I got a shock You should've warned me first! Are you scared of heights? No. What's there to be scared of? Are you crazy? He's 1.9 metres tall. Why would he be scared of heights? Imagine being scared whenever I look down This is a corridor, right? -Yes I brought you here to show you how the modules are put together using cranes It's starting So, the entire block is built using 3D modules? No, we build the first two storeys using the traditional method...

to act as the base We then use cranes to put together the modules one by one Do you only get one chance to place the 3D modules in the right position? Before we install the modules, we'll make sure that the four corners are properly aligned, because we can't move them after they are installed There are really not many people on site There are only five or six people there They can handle the work with just a few people Are we standing in a module too? Yes, we're standing in a module And it's a different module over here and here Oh, different modules are fit together to make a unit That's right "How many people in Singapore live in HDB flats?" This type of question again? I think Herman can answer this question Go About 80% 80% 80% of Singapore's population live in HDB flats 80% of Singapore's population live in HDB flats 35% of the new flats are constructed using the PPVC method 80% of Singapore's population live in HDB flats We (wo men) got it right! No, Herman (her-men) got it right! Are you sure it wasn't Desmond (des-men)? No way -Or maybe it was "Ke Le-men" -Okay, Herman got it right -Good for you Oh, they're done! Are they done? -Yes Congratulations to the owner -Yay -One of the rooms is ready -Yes, for their future home Let's thank JJ, who's not JJ Lin Thank you Do you have anything to say to us? -No But I have something to say to you since you have a tough job Even though there's new technology, it can still be dangerous Thank you for your hard work - for building these lovely new homes for us -You guys are amazing! -Thank you! And technology really makes our lives easier Most people in Singapore live in HDB flats It's been an eye-opening experience seeing how our homes are built I'm checking in here -Wait for me! -Where's Ke Le? We're here at Gardens by the Bay But it's so hot. I want to go home. Bye -Hey, come back! -Wait! Who are we meeting today? I don't know. No one told us. So, I think we can go home Are you sure? -Here it comes -She's our assistant director, Cai Yiting She's the "younger sister" of Jolin Tsai (Cai Yilin) -Here you go -Okay, I'll open it -Let's take a look -What do we have here? -It's a photograph -What's that? Is this a human dressed up as a tree or a tree dressed up as a human? Come on, you should know by now - we'll find the person when we find the tree -That makes sense -Let's go find the tree Let's not waste any time because the weather is so hot Wow, this place is beautiful Quit jumping around. Do you remember what it looks like? Wait a minute! Relax. Look over there Isn't that the tree in the photo? -Yes! And there's someone under the tree There really is! I told you - find the tree, and we'll find our guy Let's go ask him Hello! Are you the person we're looking for? Hi, I'm Chaoyi, a horticulturist working here What's a horticulturist? We take care of the plants here How are you different from arborists? Arborists take care of trees, while we take care of smaller plants Oh, I see When we saw the photo of this tree, we thought that it looked really unique It looks like a baby bottle brush It's like a hedgehog -Yes Can you introduce this tree to us? It's a type of palm tree Its unique characteristic is that its stem is covered in dried leaves Even as the tree continues to grow, it doesn't shed these leaves Wow, that's unique -I've never seen something like it -Yeah, rarely Yes, it's one of a kind in Singapore because we imported it from overseas Wow, it's the treasure of Gardens by the Bay Wow, we're so high up, but I'm not scared at all! -Ke Le, you're not scared? -No, because I'm a bird I can spread my wings and fly! Chaoyi, how high up is this bridge? It's 22 metres above ground 22 metres? -Yes -And how tall are the Supertrees? -Between 25 to 50 metres -50 metres is the height of the tallest one? -Yes, it's the one behind you Wow! I was under the impression that the Supertrees are of the same height After coming here today, I realized that they're of different heights How many Supertrees are there here? Let me count. One...

You can take your time. I already know the answer -How many are there? -How do you know? Let's wait for her to finish counting Okay, I'm done. There are 13 Supertrees You're wrong. There are 18 You're right - there are 18 Supertrees -Herman's secretly reading the script again -Why is he always doing that? No, I've been counting them from the moment we started walking I wanted to properly introduce this place to the viewers But you didn't do so in the end -Yeah Why did you build these Supertrees? Oh, it was meant to complement the neighbouring skyscrapers You can see a variety of sights from Marina Bay Sands Oh -Yeah What kind of design considerations were there when building the Supertrees? The designers grouped the Supertrees by their plants' colours at first, so each of them had its own colour There were Supertrees in colours like yellow, orange and red -What? I don't see it -"At first"? They all look the same now Did they change colours on their own? They slowly turned green because of Singapore's different climate... and are no longer red, orange or yellow, as they were when we imported them I didn't know that plants will change colours depending on the climate There are 18 Supertrees, and they're so tall. How do you take care of them?

We have three professional teams taking care of the plants on these Supertrees -Only three teams? -To take care of 18 Supertrees? Yes, it can be quite challenging They're here! Wow, they can really go up to a height of 22 metres How do they tend to the plants? Their job consists of pruning, watering, cleaning and inspection This is especially so for the bougainvillea, which is a climber plant To prevent it from blocking the lights that are switched on at night, we'll tie the long ones to the metal poles or cut them off altogether Oh, I see -Yeah Horticulturists have to work every day under the hot sun... to prune, water and inspect the plants on the Supertrees That's no easy feat I'll check in here. Yeah! -Yes, that's the one -All right "Guess how many plants there are on a single Supertree" They mean the individual plants Even if they're of the same species, you'll still have to count them individually Wow, then there must be a lot -Yeah I say 108 I say 500 I say 800 Where did you get your answer from? I just don't want to lose to Desmond Oh -Because I think there are more Are you sure it's 108? -No -Why don't you switch the numbers around? -Go with "801" I think there are 801 plants on a Supertree How many plants are there on the Supertrees? Across the 18 Supertrees, there are about 1,580,000 plants and over 320 species Wow! -1,580,000 plants? I thought he said it was just "158", but it was "158" with 4 more zeros Even though I had the closest guess, I was still wrong This is the nursery at Gardens by the Bay Oh! The nursery is used to cultivate different types of plants, and with over 500 different species, it ensures that there are sufficient plants for replacement purposes How big is this nursery? It's the size of two football fields Two? -Are you sure? Yes -Wow, it's massive! How many plants are grown in a nursery of this size? There are over 10,000 plants here Over 10,000 plants? -Wow How many species are there then? The area that we're standing in now mainly cultivates two species - air plants and bromeliads Air plants were the ones we saw on the Supertree just now Yes These are also air plants Oh, they look different -Yes And I see a unique plant that's as beautiful as me - this bromeliad Wow -This one is exceptionally huge This is a type of bromeliad named "Billbergia" So, this is a bromeliad -Yes How big do the plants have to be before you put them on display? As long as they're healthy and look aesthetically pleasing, we'll plant them outside -How old is a bromeliad of this size? -Around 10 years old -10 years old? -Then why is it still in the nursery? It's a species that we're collecting, so it stays in the nursery What's the oldest thing in the nursery? -Like a plant or something -The oldest might be the person in charge Is that so? -Is an auntie or uncle in charge here? -Yes, the person in charge is an uncle What's with that answer? She was asking you about the plants! I'm now showing you the more unique air plants What does that mean? These air plants are our first-generation ones By "first generation", do you mean the ones planted when Gardens by the Bay was being built? They're the first generation... because they were the first batch imported from South America Do you plant these on the Supertrees as well? No, not currently, because we can't source these easily, and they have a unique structure You can only find this species in the nursery because they're part of our collection I see a beautiful flower -Can I take it? -Of course you can It's really unique. It even has a flower growing on top

It has a beautiful pink flower May I know what it's called? It's called "Tillandsia stricta Hard Leaf" -"Simlansia Swiliam Sups Leaf" -It's "Tillandsia" -"Tillimpsia" -It's "Tillandsia" It sounds like a luxury brand name It's a very high-class name -Yeah Do air plants usually bloom? The ones grown at home don't usually bloom, so this is very rare Yes, it's very special So, which one is prettier - the flower or me? Don't put me on the spot -Okay, don't answer her then -Yes, just keep quiet I'm putting him on the spot? Is the question that hard to answer? Of course it's the flower Okay -Okay, we can go now The Supertrees are designed with the colour of their plants in mind To ensure that there are sufficient plants for replacement, Gardens by the Bay also cultivate plants in a nursery I'm checking in here! What is this horticulturist doing? Remember the air plants that we saw in the nursery? He's tying them to the Supertree now Oh! -Can we go take a look? Sure -Okay Hi, uncle Hello -Sorry to disturb you Are all the plants on each Supertree put up one by one by hand? Yes -Wow Under what kind of circumstances do you have to change them then? If they're sick or withered, we'll remove and replace them with new plants How do you pick the right plants for the Supertree? They have to be suitable for vertical gardening, able to live without soil, easy to take care of, strong... and not commonly seen in Singapore Wow, there are many conditions -Yeah Do we have a chance to get a hands-on experience? -Of course. Go ahead and give it a try -Yes, come on Hi, uncle -Hi May I try? Thank you Hold the air plant against the rack and then tie it Does the way I'm tying it matter? This is better. That's right -Okay As for the extra bit... Cut the cable tie -Okay Cut them short like this? -Yes Look - it was as easy as pie Don't ask me to do such simple tasks any more Wow, she's arrogant Are there any difficult tasks for them to try? They can try cleaning the plants Okay I need to move -Be careful -Do I go lower? -Clean them on the inside -Look carefully and wash them well -Clean out the dirty water You're cleaning them, not watering them Be careful! -Sorry! -You did that on purpose! -Don't abuse your "power" to take revenge! Sorry! -Let Desmond try -Here, you can continue You can do it on the other side I'm drenched! Look! Why are you still standing there? Come over here! I'm worried that I'll be out of the frame -Wow, she'll do anything for screen time -You can clean this area Here? -Yes Wow, you're good. You seem experienced

Truth be told, I used to wash cars for a living Excuse me, you're cleaning the pillars instead -How about I wash the floor as well? -Hey! -I think that's enough -Here you go, uncle Hey, I think the way you did it just now was incorrect and unprofessional! What do you mean "incorrect"? You said we were cleaning the plants Yes, that's how we clean them -Oh -And we water the plants at the same time -Yes, conveniently -It's killing two birds with one stone -That's right We're glad that we managed to try things out and learn new things today Thank you, Chaoyi -Thank you It turns out the plants on the Supertrees need to undergo a selection process Conditions include not requiring soil, being easy to take care of... and being rarely seen in Singapore I'll check in here Where are we? Look - the Botanic Gardens is behind us -Maybe we're here to look for an arborist? -It's possible Hey! I found a clue What? -Come here See this? "Sec Four Dynation Tech" Wow! This is the first time that you got it right It's "Sec Four" -Not "Sec Three" or "Sec Two" -Yes, "Sec Four" It's read "Stamford Detention Tank" I almost got it right, okay? -No Finding this won't help... Oh my gosh! Hello. I've been waiting for you I'm Ruiqiang, a senior engineer with the Public Utilities Board (PUB) We've been looking for you, Bro Ruiqiang How do you know he's the one? Are you the one we're looking for? -Yes Where is this place? We're at the Stamford Detention Tank, which is located underground It's underground? -A detention tank? A reservoir? You'll know when you're inside Are there crocodiles or fish? -Is it clean? Will it be smelly? -I hear there are no restrooms here For safety reasons, please put on the safety gear -Bro Ruiqiang, what about your safety gear? -Mine's different -Huh? -No need to be so proud about it -His has a zip -The helmet is also different The safety gear for visitors is different from that for staff members -Let's not ask more questions -Bro Ruiqiang -Where are you going? -I have a question for you Why was the Stamford Detention Tank built? Do you remember the flash flood in Orchard Road? -Let's pick the one with the female face -It's not a female face "Which year was it when Singapore had her worst flash floods?" Was I born yet? -I think it happened at Orchard Road -Me too I remember it happened at Orchard Road... because the shops in Lucky Plaza's basement were all flooded I remember the place, but I don't remember which year it was I think it happened between 2004 and 2006 -You have to be specific -I'll go with 2005 then I think it was around 10 years ago So, I'll go with 2010 at Orchard Road I say it's 2008 at Orchard Road -You're just randomly guessing -Oh, I know It was 2011 at Orchard Road I changed my mind after giving it some more thought I think it happened when I was 14 years old, when I was in Secondary 2 I was definitely in secondary school, not primary school Were you in Secondary 2 (zhonger) or poisoned (zhongdu)? What? Did it happen in 2010? -Yes -Give me a round of applause -Then you're right. You said 10 years ago I remember it happened at Orchard Road, and many shops were affected Yes, and this detention tank was built to prevent that from happening again -Yours is so reflective -Are you sure you're not the police? Why does ours have so many holes while yours doesn't? -We're not worthy of a response -He doesn't want to reply to you I wanted to call him on his phone since he's on "silent mode" The "reception" isn't good here -Yeah -This is the entrance to the detention tank -Right here? -It's behind the doors? -It looks like those shopping mall lifts Yes, we'll reach the tank when we take the lift down -How deep are we going down? -10 metres -10 metres? -That's very deep Didn't I tell you to set your phone to silent mode? Wait, it's an important message "Take turns going down to the detention tank "Who's going down first?" -Who? We're taking turns? -Yeah Where did he go? -He's gone! -How are we supposed to go down then? Look, I think the button is over here -He did say that this was the lift -Yes, we need to go down Oh, the doors are opening -All right, who wants to go first? -You can go first -You can go first -Ladies first? -Stand right there -Right at the marking on the floor It seems really scary inside. What's that behind you?

I'm all alone in here Oh my, this is making me nervous Am I there yet? I can hear the echo of her voice -Yeah Who is she talking to? She's alone -Yeah What's the meaning of this? Is this an escape room challenge? Can we go down? -We have to film ourselves -Go down on your own -Remember to film yourselves -We're going down now -Start filming -Yeah, it's filming We're almost there. Oh my gosh! Will Ke Le try to scare us? -See? I knew it -I knew you'd try to scare us -You guys are no fun at all -Such a poor effort Try harder next time There's nobody here There's really nobody around! Hello? I'm terrified to be here all alone I can't see anything at all Hey, I see you, Uncle William I'm so glad to see you I'm going to scare them now Okay I think they'll know that I'm going to scare them -It's so dark in here -Where is Bro Ruiqiang? Bro Ruiqiang! We're very scared because it's too dark, and we can't see anything! Bro Ruiqiang... Oh? Hey! The lights are on Bro Ruiqiang! -Over there! Why did you abandon us? -Yeah, where did you go? -We finally found you Why did you abandon me? I was so scared because I was the first one here The lift ride took three minutes, but it felt like three years to me Although it went down 10 metres, the lift was slow-moving And it was very spacious -Yeah Do you know what we did inside? What did you do? -We danced Bro Ruiqiang, where are we? You said it's a detention tank, but there's no sign of water Oh, we are underneath the Singapore Botanic Gardens The tank here can hold 38,000 cubic metres of water, which is equivalent to 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools? That's here? -It's the question from the Question Room -That's right -And we're underneath the Botanic Gardens -Exactly - I was going to say So, the Botanic Gardens is right above us? The first question is placed somewhere high up, so, being the tallest person here, I'll retrieve it What a bold claim -See? "There are '15 Olympic-sized swimming pools' built somewhere in Singapore "Do you know where it is?" -Where can we find such a massive place? -Oh, I know! There you go again At the NEWater facility, where they process and treat used water It's possible that it can hold that much water That's my answer -It makes sense I have no idea where it is I think it's Bedok Reservoir That's a possibility Will the answer be that easy? -But we still haven't seen the tank yet -Right. Where is the detention tank? -It's inside -Further inside? -Be clear - is it inside or below? -Both inside and below You'll see when we get there Follow me -Okay Oh my! -Wow! Wow! Wow! It's huge! If you look down, that is the detention tank Oh, so, a detention tank looks like this! It has a depth of 30 metres, which is equivalent to the height of six double-decker buses So, all the rainwater from Orchard Road will flow here to this... -What's this called again? -A detention tank -Am I right? -Not exactly Rainwater will usually flow directly... from the drains in Holland Road to the Stamford Diversion Canal Only excess rainwater will flow here for temporary storage What is a diversion canal? A diversion canal is located...

at the downstream section (xialiu) of the Stamford Detention Tank <i>Xialiu? As in "despicable"? It'll flow downstream, right? It's a canal, right? -Yes Oh, it's a canal -Right So, what is its purpose? The two-kilometre Stamford Diversion Canal runs underneath Tanglin Road... to the Singapore River It'll divert rainwater from Orchard Road and towards the Singapore River Under what circumstances do excess rainwater flow here? Let's take the drains at Holland Road as an example If the water level in the drains rises to 20%, excess rainwater will flow here Oh, I understand now Constructing the Stamford Detention Tank and the Stamford Diversion Canal... was very challenging To build the Stamford Detention Tank, we had to use a top-down construction method To build the Stamford Diversion Canal, we had to work underground round the clock... without stopping the traffic above Wow, that sounds really challenging I'm not an engineer, so please enlighten me You said that this place was built using a top-down construction method But isn't this a common method used for tunnel construction? Since you'd need to keep digging downwards The conventional method is to dig to the required depth first... before building it upwards from the bottom But for this project, due to space constraints, we had to adopt the top-down approach Oh, I see How far are we from the bottom? We can still go down another 20 metres What? -Is there a lift to take us down? We need to take the stairs down It's already difficult for us to breathe at 10 metres below the ground level I'm about to suffocate If I go down another 10 metres, you'll need to do CPR on me It won't happen. Walking a few more steps won't hurt -He doesn't want to do CPR on you either -Are you sure? Oh man, we'll still need to climb back up the same way later This is so scary People with acrophobia won't be able to work here -They can. Why can't they? -How can they? Look - it's so scary

So, this place is huge Do workers often come down to do maintenance work? Yes, we often have workers carrying out maintenance work down here We also do a more thorough maintenance and inspection every year We're now at a depth of 20 metres -Oh I have a question What's the highest water level recorded in here so far? We built this place in anticipation of extreme weather conditions, which hasn't occurred yet -So, what's the highest level? -Probably only 1 to 2 metres Right As the idiom goes, "Save something for a rainy day" Indeed Since we're already down 20 metres, let's go down to 30 metres I don't think that's a good idea because it looks quite slippery down there For our safety, we won't go down today Yes, it does look dangerous as there's also moss below In this case, may I know how you drain the water? Sure, you'll know how it works when you see the pump system Okay These are our water pumps How do they pump out the rainwater? For example, when the water level sensor at Holland Road detects a fall in water level, these four water pumps will pump rainwater back to the drains at Holland Road The water will then be discharged into the Stamford Diversion Canal... before finally flowing towards the Singapore River -Oh, I see -Wait a minute He said four water pumps, right? But there are five here Are we seeing things because we've been down here for too long? Is there something wrong with our eyes? No, you're right. The last one is a backup pump How long does it take to pump out all the rainwater? With four pumps, we can pump out all the rainwater within four hours -Regardless of the water volume? -Correct What other flood protection measures have you put in place? Other than the storage and diversion of rainwater, we have also raised the road at some parts of Orchard Road... and encouraged building owners to install flood barriers... so as to prevent rainwater from flooding their shops Due to climate change, these measures are put in place... to prevent Orchard Road from being flooded again That's great! We must thank Bro Ruiqiang...

for giving us the opportunity to experience going underground to a depth of 20 metres Thank you <i>Curious City! Wow, the reverberation is so strong! I really like it because my singing will sound good Don't do it! Did you know that beneath the Botanic Gardens... is a huge detention tank the size of 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools? It has a depth of 30 metres... and is meant to help keep Orchard Road flood-free It's such a rare opportunity to be able to visit such a place We must check in here to remember this moment Yay! Subtitles: CaptionCube

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