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my movie too [Music] hey everybody how's it going today this is your host chris drager and we're here at my new podcast well anyway i hope that there's people out here going to join me today as we go in search of anyway the name of the podcast is the ancient arm of draga podcast and anyway i hope everybody's having a great day it's a sunday and we're going to stop start this topic out with um literature we're going to take literature we're going to find some things that we can find archaeological and stuff like that geological evidence that's factual we'll take some myths and we'll take backsmiths and we'll see if there's anything to any of it and see where it goes um we're going to start with one of the why i'm doing this and why i'm going to treat some of the so-called myths as actual facts you know there was a german scientist who uh decided to take a book and follow it and he did and i remember growing up and learning about troy when i was a kid and i remember it being you know as a myth troy wasn't real well it turns out that you know this guy took this book billion right here this literature which is very good reading by the way um and he followed it and ended up on the shores and in the long run basically found troy which means it verified that it was real and of course then it has to make you wonder about the rest of the content in this book of course there's other books like that too you kind of have to wonder when you when they prove stuff and we're going to touch base with maybe uh things that have to do with atlantis as you can see and we'll see where this actually goes we're going to start this day off with the very first book of all to start reading and the beginning of all things right well let's start there see what happens when we go there well this is from the holy bible king james and i can say this right now [Applause] i kind of like my antique version right here this predates america has no copyright in it it's uh very thick has great information in it compared to a brand new one let me tell you something that's good read hard read good read so anyway let's start this thing off and kick it and see where it goes uh let's see here we got genesis supposedly the beginning so that's what i figure i might as well start this podcast going is in the beginning see how it works and see if we get any people joining and seeing if they follow and hey i don't care where it goes if people follow me great you don't that's cool too i understand it's all good so anyway i'm gonna start reading this and then we're gonna kind of dissect it a little bit as we go and pull out some things that well kind of explain some things i think and show some things that correlate and my way of thinking so here we go in the beginning god created the heaven and the earth okay cool and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters oh face of the waters makes me think that this place we live on was basically a planet that was solid water and that's very possible i mean water in space oh water in space did you hear that i wonder how we came up with it but i want to look show you guys some if you look right up over here i got the cursor you see that that's water in zero gravity and it's holding a sphere so those of you that are trying to question gravity which you know there's no definite answer for it well how does water stay on a sphere there's water holding a spherical shape right there so let's see if we can go [Music] [Music] and that's what says happens here when we go back over here real quick is we got the firmament but that doesn't happen yet we're in a body of water okay and so we get here to three and it says and god said let there be light and there was light okay cool now we got light that's way awesome i mean look at the golden orb up there that's one big cool awesome thing especially in the summertime uh now that we got next we got number four's next and number four well heck it says and god saw the light that it was good well yeah i mean heck any of us in the summertime we all think that i believe especially when it warms us up to the bones well anyway here we go and god divided the light from the darkness oh that's pretty cool you know it it kind of makes me think of the yin yang symbol i don't know how many of you have ever seen that symbol but it's light dark and uh you see here i go my documents real quick and we'll take a look at something here real quick in my documents um but i saved it nope i didn't sorry folks i'll look it up real quick but the yin yang symbol when you look at it's light and dark and divides pretty uniquely i'm going to pull that up here later i want to get back to this anyway and god called the light day and the darkness he called night and the evening and the morning were the first day okay so we got that over with six and god said let there be firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters hmm that's kind of interesting waters from waters well let's go back over here real quick and we've got that remember take take a look at that spherical remember that's that's water in a sphere brown circular that's another theme to everything in life it seems yes the circular and go over here to the firmament and like in this they show this we know this that there's this glowing shimmer and if you think of an egg shell and then inside that you've got that little thin membrane and inside that's the clear and inside the clear is the yolk well our planet's kind of made up the same way with the hearts a shell that's fracturable a thin membrane but just think about this on the outside no shell just that thin membrane keeping us protected from the very deepest part of space here's what i'm going to get to here as we scroll down one of the cool things about this is the firmament well it gives you a description here about the firmament right genesis 1 it's telling you about the creation well one of those issues concerns the second day of creation where god made the expansion or the firmament the hebrew word for this is pronounced your key biblical scholars understand their key to be a solid dome-like structure it separates the water into two parts so that there is water above the rickey and water below it the waters above are kept at bay so the world can become inhabitable on the third day the water below the rickey is gathered to one place to form the sea and allow dry land to appear that's quite an amazing thing isn't it ancient israelites saw the barrier well saw this barrier when they looked up well can you imagine without the stuff we have today and there's no street lights no extra lights like we have and it's complete darkness and there's no extra noise there's no extra anything going on and you can observe stuff that you normally can't now i mean you can barely observe the stars as it is if you're in a heavily lit city area you got to go way out there to really see all the stuff so anyway in a certain time frame yeah they didn't have tvs and all this stuff anyway back at it where was i there were no telescopes space exploration or means of testing the atmosphere they relied on their senses on what their senses told them excuse me even today looking up at the clear sky in the open country the sky seems to begin at the horizon and reaches up far above the ancient israelites and others in that part of the world assumed the world was flat and yes some of the writing leads you to believe that sort of i believe that if you could take it the rest of the way you can stick with the basic story and it's still be true like i said i'm looking at this stuff as factual because if a gentleman can take this book and actually find troy out of a book called the iliad and tracing the pathway that egg magman took to get to troy and that's how he found it just by using that book then we're going to treat the rest of this as fairly literal you know there's literal stuff and stories but you know storytellers they like to hype it up make you you know people want to keep people listening and paying attention so you know they do things to help give extra to the story so anyway back at the story here we go um where was i uh oh where was i oh i lost ancient israelites and others in that part of the world assumed the world was flat and so it looked like the earth is covered by the dome and the blue sky is the water above held back by the recape translation firmament firm ie gets across this idea of a solid structure okay well you know what i can buy it think about what i showed you that thing of water up in space floating and it's in a round ball even though here they cut it off and make it a flat earth but imagine that the core the yoke of the egg let's say is the ground the firmament that comes forth and separates its own out of the water so we're still in around ball earth with the firmament hard land sticking out of it there's a thin membrane just like in the egg shell you know when you hard boil and you're going to cr and that membrane sticks well just think that membrane is what we're looking at up here you know that's what we're looking at right here is this membrane just like in that eggshell and it's going a circle and there's water there's a thin thing of water too at this point and then there's an area where they let air oxygen air and here's the thing the reason this is like this and holds and it inflates like it does you know people may think i'm crazy but by going to the motorcycle institute and going to school and learning some a few things about liquid law bar no less law you know newton all that stuff got to go to school on and math and well i'm going to tell you something that our motors work on the factor of 14.7 psi at sea level that's pressure well if you think about our planet as a balloon what's holding it in the shape is pressure the air pressure was inside it it's holding and that thin film is holding back what they call the oceans of heaven and then there's the primeval ocean down below but realistically what they're talking about is there's the ocean of heaven that encircles us there's a membrane and then there's the heaven of heaven past that so you have two membranes is the way i see it or maybe more of a solid mass up here that encircles us more maybe not i'm going to go with the softer tissue type theory and uh so it's really pop it proves that being round is very possible and that we have solid maps that's and where it says underworld right here i find this fascinating looked at some other pictures they darkened this out to black well in my opinion that's probably our crude oil is where we're getting our crude is the underworld because in other photos and ideas is the same pictures i pulled and all i did was pull up firmament just to see what firmament meant when i was reading and this is the first thing they come up with so it's no wonder why people think oh we live on a flat earth well yes when i'm out there sailing and when i've been out of my boat i grant you the water does seek its own level does sit within a container excuse me but it takes something to hold it in place so again think of the earth as in a glass of terrarium maybe and you stick some land in the bottom of it you stick some water in it you do have kind of the theory of a flat earth that floats around and moves around you see it still moves around in that dirt so it has to be more where it's still all globular no matter what and the water how it sticks to the earth exactly i would say it's all based on this air pressure theory i have just like you know the dome the astrodome it you know the air roof it's held up with air pressure and we're back to that air pressure you know that's how our that's how our storms work or high and low air pressure you know one's pushing the other and that's what makes it move that's what makes air and gas flow through an engine is because of velocity and a high and low pressure difference that happens it helps create this flow well because of air pressure and again at sea level you're at 14.7 and the air pressure changes as you go in elevation this is all fact this is stuff you can prove just by having a gas powered engine and you go up in elevation and the air thins and all sudden you're too rich on gas for the air that's up there and you gotta thin out the fuel mixture to compensate for the thin air so you can keep going so there's physical proof of how our system does operate now as far as whether i'm right or wrong i don't know i'm just going with what i said that guy said he followed this book and we know today and you can prove today that troy has been found dug up no exception to troy so then it has to make you wonder about hercules not only that but achilles which you know he happens to be born of a a human mother and a god making him a semi-god and he could not be beat until he was into troy but he was in love with the woman who had gained all his attention and took his mind off a battle and while this was happening he was succumbed by an arrow in his achilles tendon hence a word we use today his name lives on in infamy because of it and he was a demigod oh but that brings us back to the bible stories again and the nephilim or the fallen angels that decide to come down to earth because they saw [Music] women and they look beautiful so they came down and made it with them took them said hey we're having you for sex and that's it cool and in the interim they ended up producing offspring they were hybrids at this point in time hybridization is not an issue because most of us understand there's hybridization i mean heck there's plants that are hybrid there's food that's high what isn't high breaded nowadays i mean heck it's amazing what's been hybrid and water in space i mean here's it that's water in space but here's another great one about water and space water bubble floating in space right but here's the best one is the space walk the moment a water bubble and a tim peaks space walk now i remember with that diagram i was showing you water above the membrane and then another membrane that takes you into outer outer space where the heavens however you want to look at it i mean it's really up to you i'm not trying to tell you which way i'm just telling you how i see this i doesn't mean you'll see it um but anyway they see water and that's an amazing thing here let's check this out real quick hopefully we get this thing to stream no that's right well let's run in an ad my podcast is brought by me chris drager it's all worked and done by me so if there's any flaws or foulation on this podcast you can only blame me oh hey we're back at it here let's watch this real quick turn this okay guys so we're working right now for tim cobra we know it's a small amount of water we already got the location and the quantity if there's any way to get a temperature of the water i don't know if you can move it around to get to that or to try to drink it and know the taste it's about three inches above my head and uh if i can make it mobile tim cobra reporting a small amount of water inside the helmet of his extra vehicular mobility in it the next little line there is if the didv is a confirmed uk astronaut reported water in his helmet on a space block boys and girls this is mission for our 10-minute mark into today's ebay guys you can start opening your cuff checklist to page seven where you're in a terminate case so he has his suit leaking well he's out here in any emergency situation the crew is just fine outside all of the other systems hence why it's a flat the space station is designed where it is to flip the space because they're floating in water up there as much as they're floating in water because one here's what happens sorry about that i did not mean i forgot to turn my volume down but here's what i'm talking about in the zero gravity of space out there water holds the form of a globe on its own so are we spinning and moving i have no idea if we're doing what they say we're doing scientifically you know spinning around the sun and doing i kind of have a hard time finding that i would say that if you to watch this bubble and if you interact with it it jiggles so no i'm going to say that we are stationary in space and other things are moving around us there's movement and the reason i say moving around us is because well you know the bible talks about keeping your time keeping not with the watcher calendar you know it says not to do witchcraft stuff like that in here which is amazing but it also talks about timekeeping and how but let's get back to it and god made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which means within this hard substance is in case water which in the story of noah's fled god supposedly released water from within and from on top to flood the whole thing now that's a good story i'm thinking a little bit more like something solid from outer space came through penetrated our very malleable thin protective layer and slammed into the water that's how we got our great floods stories from around the world and other things because even ancients always associated comet sightings with danger and most the stories lead that way even in the bible so here we go let's get back to it so there was firmament from the waters which were above the firmament and it was so and god called the firmament heaven wait a minute heaven isn't heaven isn't the firmament solid so that means that that next barrier out to the heaven heavens is solid which means that we theoretically cannot penetrate our way out if you want to take this literally so here let's continue on and the evening and the morning we're a second day and god said let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place and let the dry land appear and it was so hey and it was so i like it so you speak and it is well there may be a little truth to that you know there's people that have proven that they put something into thought with their thought in the universe and they concentrated on it hard enough it comes forth i mean there's people that have swore by well i foresaw me getting to hear and i wrote it down and i caught i kept that with me and that's where i was and that's what they thought about and they made it because that thought is in the universe because oh it says we're all connected so here we go number 10 i think is where i'm at and god called the dry land earth and the gathering together of the waters called the sea and god saw that it was good right on and god said hey let the earth bring forth grass we all like grass right the herb yielding seed big point and the fruit trees yielding fruit after his kind because his fruit is what brings forth life almost don't trip me up on this but being the earth is of feminine quality bringing forth life by itself it doesn't it still needs a seed implanted in the ground wherever to spawn life forward we know this that's just basics we know that we can plant a seed and it'll sprout most of the time now let's get back to where it said that his fruit after his kind right so whose seed is in itself upon the earth and it was so so we get down here in 12 and the earth brought forth grass and herb yielding seed after his kind and the tree yielding fruit with seed was on in itself after his kind so all the different fruits and veggies that are out here for us to eat they're originally stuff like blackberries didn't have thorns on them originally they do now it explains why these plants still bear food but not with the ease of getting anymore in the beginning we were given the choice of easiness and we uh somehow blew it or something happened who knows what but hey whatever happened happened it's late to change it especially in this day and age so where was i here let's let's find out where where was i it's on 12 so we're on 13 now aren't we okay so in the evening in the morning we're the third day so we got three days over with quite a bit's happen and god said let there be light in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years wait a minute did i understand that right signs and c's you know what that means that means the for the signs and seasons that they're taught you know [Applause] let's see if i can find something here that gives us i think it's this one right here let's open this one up right here the sign of the seasons right here let's blow it up a little bit there we go signs of the season the sun the moon and if you notice something else in the season and signs something to keep looking for here's a ball kind of shows a city in the center which is kind of unique i wonder if this is the burning city of gold that comes barreling into renew things here it's got tail off of it so you kind of wonder there here's the two dragons and of course in lore dragon lore means comments and of course what we're seeing here is a zodiac symbol and if you're looking at this really good you'll see that it has these cross lines right here right here that correlate with the dragon and then you got two lines that go out from a certain point and widen towards the sun and moon which i would take this depiction meaning that whatever this is is coming in through a certain time period and if you look it's kind of weird but this is the i believe a goat's head and dragon tail and you got a line going over to libra hello my connection kind of looks like my symbol from draga almost other than the wings not there and libra i was born in october so that makes me a libra i understand that sign of course you got virgo and you get leo you get scorpio you got the crab which looks more like and this one more looks like a lobster than a crab but hey that's all right so anyway these are this is how you're supposed to time keep according to the book not by our watches in our julian calendar that we made up it seems to be left out stuff for celebrating on the new calendars i don't understand it but there are some important days much more important than this year's uh celebration on a certain january day not worth celebrating and honoring as our forefathers that lost their lives in december seventh let's give them an honor but this is how we're supposed to time keep it's kind of amazing that's what we're supposed to do for time keeping so i got to open that back up because that kind of ruined my presentation i didn't realize i closed all that sorry folks that's not even really that's has to do with something totally unrelated to this my apologies there we go bring that back up i know you see this what atlantis again why is he bringing that up well here in here in time we're going to bring up what this caption's all about down there we need to get back to what it's doing up here though much more important to fill this in for the moment get this out of the way that was down here 14 and god said let there be light in the firmament of heaven and divide the day and the night and let them be signs and for seasons and for days and years we don't do that anymore we don't follow that calendar so how do we know what time it is according to the celestial calendar i don't know i'd have to do a lot of studying myself to find out in the changes that have happened to the calendar system here to make it land-based for us people to pay attention to so anyway i'm gonna get back up here and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth and it was so so out past the waters in that firmament that dark stuff the heaven of heavens that's where the lights are makes sense i mean we can see it ourselves and god made two great lights a greater light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night he made the stars also and god set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth and to rule over the day and over the night and to divide the light from the darkness and god saw that it was good i'm sure he did and the evening and the morning were the fourth day and god said let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creatures that have life and the fowl that may follow above the earth excuse me in the open firmament of heaven whoa the moving creature that have life abundantly huh in the waters so all the creatures in the water come forth first but not just the creatures of the water there's one other creature that came first too equally at the same time according to this and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven so that means that birds have been here since day one and all the seafood or sea life has been here since day one so birds are some of the are the oldest animal alive today and have survived repeatedly throughout the life of the earth along with the sea life which we'll get to some of that ah where are we oh yeah 21 and god created great whales and every living creature that moved the witch the waters brought forth abundantly after their kind and every wing fell after his kind and god saw that it was good i would look at the size of them whales there's hardly any of them now just think the record showing when they wailed how many were alive compared to today it's amazing and yes we people are at fault for not tendering and taking care of our duty here that we're supposed to that's been the downfall of humankind since day one it seems like we're not doing our duty that we're just a simple thing tend to garden eat freely and have it easy just don't eat a couple things and you got it made no but we can't do that can't we it's just like the cookie jar or doritos can't just eat one can you same thing 21. i think that's where we're at nope i read 21 let's get down 22 and god bless them saying be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas and let fowl multiply in the earth so sea creatures and the birds filled the land and the waters before anything that's what i'm getting out of that is that that's what's taking place so let's get back over here and the evening and the morning were the fifth day number five okay cool we're live on number five all right and god said what did he say let the earth bring forth the living creatures after his kind and what's this we got cattle gotta have cattle gotta have that red beef you know there's most of you people out there think that red beef's a problem it's not in excess it's a problem but little amounts of that protein is good for the brain actually to have red meat not just veggies at this point but in the beginning no we were supposed to eat just the fruits and vegetables and certain things otherwise we weren't meat eaters in the very beginning it's kind of amazing but we returned meat eaters because of what happened even says so so after it's been creating god's been creating the beast of the earth got the cattle and god made the beast of the earth after his kind i wonder what the beasts are and we were talking the big heavy stuff big stuff you know there were giants at some point but we'll get we'll get to that now where was i and the cattle after his kind and everything that creepeth upon the earth after his kind and god saw that it was good and god said let us make man in our it whoa time out timeout time time i should look at my original bible and see what it actually says about that r image r you know r means more than one i mean oh hey guess what in our image it says in there in our are who's are now god is a singular i thought of course that was the catholic education screwing with my head not teaching me the complete book because they cherry picked through it according to the cardinals so anyway of course i went way away from it for a long time but at least i got back into reading books and i see it in a whole different light this whole book is actually a great history book of things that happen not things to come the things that can come or only because there's repetitiveness in a circle life's a circle things are circle beginning and without beginning without in keeps going the earth is without end you know it says all that because it won't but there'll be renewals from fire and water for sure over the life of the earth longer than we're around so back at it in the image of god created he him male and female created he them so right in that sentence right there according to that he made a male and female at the same time they whoever r is they made whoever they are and we can always research that if people are interested in looking up the day i think if you uh look at the sumerian text it might explain a little bit more in detail about the they who made us a slave species to the gods to slave for gold another interesting fact that we lust for gold in our genetically people have this thing for gold automatically and it stems from the very beginning and you read sumerian text and you find out why and that leads me to this book right here some people don't agree with the zechariah stitching but i guarantee you that the 12th planet's the only one you need to read and people block at him but i would think that somebody that's highly educated from the middle east who studied cuneiform tab and studied it for 50 years and translated and wrote books this being one of the first books he wrote a long time ago actually back in the 70s and uh or even before that i think we're right around there i have to fact check that you know the way people are these days but it was back before recently and it explains the creation of humans and sumerian texts in detail versus just this this is a simplified version this book was written after sumerian anyway when you look at the chronology of written material the holy bible actually comes afterwards it's written later so their stories adapted from earlier put in this book there's a lot of that where stories are adapted there must be facts to them because they seem to have managed to take and continue on to this day for a reason so we know what to expect most likely but now it tells something in 28 that's pretty fascinating i guess is after they've after god created man and woman female male female only nothing else another thing about that is kind of hard to multiply without the two can't have that offshoot doesn't work sorry can't give natural births to offshoots you can splice and you can dice and you can hand over but you so anyway and god bless them and god said unto them be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves with upon the earth dominion subdue it fascinating words to use to tell the humans but you know at the very beginning i could probably understand that theory because in the beginning to survive it's hard to probably express how important it is to survival and that you're gonna just have to be that way at some point we had to change our ways because i mean there's so many people now that we can't live in that same philosophy that's for sure but again the stories kind of tell you that you don't get to live in that philosophy anyway forever changes happen whether you want it or not they happen after a certain amount of time after certain amount of growth and rebirth and regrowth and death and rebirth it's a cycle that's what i get out of the material okay where were we and god said behold i have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat at this point there's no red meat at this point it's not even talking adam and eve really it doesn't matter it really doesn't mention it yet which is fascinating and the thing is is at this point they made men and women simultaneously in this one and maybe that's where the story somehow connects to that lilith the first woman to be with adam who did not obey and i know people have a problem with that but i don't care i'm not here to view the opinion one way or the other just that's one of those things that's written so take it for what it's written not for anything else just for the way it's written and lilith is mentioned very briefly but it's pretty much said that she was the first wife and she's the one that antagonizes women to be uh promiscuous you might say and to do things that are a little out of the spectrum of norm to have fun over-the-top fun you might say that's her game and that's kind of a funny tale just in its own so after we're supposed to eat fruits and vegetables in the beginning for me moves on and to every beast of the earth and to every fowl of the air into everything that creepeth upon the earth wherein there is life i have given every green herb for me and it was so oh that's pretty cool gotta say you know somebody or some bunch of these whoever more than one of course you know like i said are they're making sure all this stuff's happening and all these things are so that the humans can be here and all the life can be here and god saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good and the evening and the morning were the sixth day yeah you know what that means boys and girls on a weekday that means the next day's rest of course that's actually not sunday because sunday is the very first day of the week that's why i started this podcast today first day of the week and we're going to continue on a daily basis if i can keep up with it and keep everything caught up and going it's going to be quite an interesting task doing this by myself so please bear with me i hope you guys are enjoying and uh i'm making this somewhat entertaining i don't know so anyway we're in the second part of genesis one so we're two one now thus the heavens and the earth we're finished and all the hosts of them host of them well in my opinion the host of them of course are the other planetary bodies we know about and on the seventh day god ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made haha dig it dig it dig it i love resting after hard hard work play hard work hard they both go hand in hand most people that play hard work hard i mean that's a fact well and let's see you know and god blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because that in it he had rested from all his work which god created and made right on just like we do we rest after we complete a task you know and we stay on it and we rest after we're done the body needs it you know we're made in their likeness not his necessarily there i mean come on that says r so there's more than one happening here there i mean obviously the person that's god in this which you can call yahweh or whatever you know jehovah or however you wish to give him a name is a person or a entity or whatever is talking to others in this too so it ain't a soul that's where i kind of get lost on the religious end of this whole thing so i call this a good history book it was well written and no it wasn't written by herdsmen pushing sheep around because most of those people were kind of illiterate and couldn't read and write this took somebody to be able to read and write and we know that takes education without education uh humans are kind of screwed without education and teaching young ones how to do things the right way so i think we're on number four now these are the generations of the heavens generations mind you and we all know what generations mean i mean in in terms right now but you know my grandma was a full generation that's 100 years is it one generation my dad's another generation okay i'm another generation my sons are another generation another generation so here we are we're looking at this and it says these are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created in the day that the lord god made the earth and the heavens kind of sounds repetitive to me generations mean there's been generations of recycling that's another good point you know the earth's really great at recycling all life's really good at recycling except for us human we sign it for some reason the ones that are not native and that we're definitely made to be here for a slave for these people to get gold i believe and we'll be back at some point they promise uh we'll see about that i would say there's more chances of a an asteroid or comet coming before some extraterrestrial life-form landing everybody better remember it does say there's a big con that happens and people are fooled by one of the largest fools ever and i don't know if the blah blah is one of those cons but i will say that the one thing that could bring the whole world together as one would definitely be an invasion from an outside source kind like ronald reagan the president said wouldn't it be great as he put it that we could put all our differences aside because all of a sudden there was a threat from the outside of course he liked to deem it towards aliens because of star wars but again there's still a threat from the outside where the world is a whole should be worried more about things like that than what they're doing today because moving bodies out there pass our way all the time so there's plenty of things to be paying attention to besides some of the rhetoric and garbage they like to sell everybody to keep them amused dumb and blind you know people should think about jesus healing a blind man after all the things i've read i'm going to say jesus didn't heal a blind man and now he can see because he wasn't physically blind he was probably going around in life like a lot of people that we consider people these days like this with blinders on just like they do to horses so the horse doesn't notice these things happening to the side so it focuses straight ahead and you take them blinders off and take a look-see because there's a lot more to it so where was i oh yeah we already did four it's amazing about the generation so that means that there's been generations which is amazing when we get into some other literature that crosses over and it coincides with atlantis and stories about that and generations and how things happen in a very cycle type events i mean you got all sorts of cycles and they they build and drop come around build and drop that's a circle for you i mean the economy everything you name it it everything has a cycle to it from short to long and we're at number five and every plant of the field before it was in the earth and every herb of the field before it grew for the lord god had not caused it to rain upon the earth and there was not a man to till the ground so at this moment you got a man and woman only who were supposed to be fruitful and multiply and haven't and that's again where the little thing comes from because those didn't want to be a part of the plan you might say it's speculative okay so i can't say that for sure there's just written material that kind of lead that way again like i said written material though gotta treat it kind of as factual take a piece and eliminate all the hype and there's a fact somewhere in there so it's amazing there's no rain stuff's grown fruits and vegetables all that stuff's been doing it's there hasn't rain isn't that amazing so anyway as we go to the next page we're going to find maybe some more answers but it's kind of interesting there was not a man to till the ground which means at this moment in time adam and lilith haven't been doing the job of repropriating and making more babies and creating more they weren't doing it there was a problem obviously so on six but there went up a mist from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground oh you know that's kind of like a terrarium basically see that's why we're in this we're in an enclosed unit because all the plant life creates the mist the moisture to the clouds to create the rain and help create the fresh water that is around everywhere i mean it's an amazing cycle it's like our bodies the human body is an amazing machine it's an organic machine that we house ourselves in i mean it repairs itself so if you cut yourself it heals if you get sick you usually get over it because you know your body has weapons of mass destruction inside you that knows how to take care of germs you know your body learned a lot of that when you were a kid i'm surprised most people they don't seem to remember that one very well don't understand that oh hey we're at number seven number seven number seven are we at number seven yes and the lord god formed a man of the dust of the ground and of brethren and breathed into his nostril the breath of life and man became a living soul oh timeout you know what that means there was an error and god had to remake man again wow because here's man being made again no woman at this moment okay cool so his first build was not so successful obviously with man and woman made together and they weren't doing they weren't performing already and this place obviously needed crops and stuff like that and well needed all that stuff tended to you can't have a garden without 10 in the garden gardens don't work without tending that's just the way it is we anybody's ever done a garden knows that so anyway let's get to number eight here and the lord god planted a garden eastward in eden and there he put the man whom he had formed cool so he stuck the man in the garden of eden most of us believe that that's where iraq or sumer is and it's possible that's where the gardening eden is but there's other stories that make it in the northern hemisphere depending on what culture you're reading from but everybody has one about an eden location that's been blocked off to everybody and we'll get to that too on maps and ancient things that show that aren't there now but they're there once upon a time for somebody to mark it down where are we oh i lost my place got so busy talking that's right after he planted the garden eastward in eden he planted a specific garden here that needs to be specifically and dealt with so it can spread and be good that was his plan anyway and now the ground made the lord god to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and god for and good for food sorry about that the tree of life also in the midst of the garden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil now most people probably don't think about this but the yin yang symbol represents the same thing the scale's the same thing you can't have good without evil and the objectivism in life realistically is to keep a balance there has to be a balance and if there isn't then the natural world the natural order in the world will correct itself and that's what happens when it gets out about it's what these books are trying to tell us and we'll get to that let's just i'm jumping way ahead of myself at that point so let's get back here so you have a tree of life it's supposed to give you forever life and then you got a tree with good knowledge of good and evil so hence the first humans had no idea that they were naked they didn't know nothing they weren't showing nothing which is kind of weird that's brought up but i'm going to bring up a point at this moment because of that is i know there's a bunch of people that understand the fedex and having the white arrow in it and for the longest time it was there but there's a lot of people that never see it until it's pointed out to them that it's there their subconscious is seeing it but their conscious eye is not hence the jesus making a blind man see his subconscious was getting stuff but consciously he was unaware and that's what jesus did that was his objective is to make people aware he was being successful that's why the romans got rid of him because you know you can't be a rebel long-haired rebel like jesus because you know they persecute people like that been going on for a long time he ain't the only one either he's just one of many for being persecuted for speaking out which we're not supposed to do i'm trying to keep my tongue keep my sight going so we don't get punished or stop don't need any of that to happen so anyway let's get back to the story so we can keep this thing wrong uh where's my time at yeah i barely think about wrapping this up real soon i've been on here long enough for my first podcast i hope people are out there enjoying again this podcast is brought to you by chris drager i hope you're enjoying i hope i'm not boring the [ __ ] out of you maybe i am but hey i hope you're bearing with and hanging in there as i go through this and show things and explain things to give some logic sense in my opinion i don't know that i'm right i don't know that i'm wrong my gut says that i'm right i like my gut my gut instinct most people have a good instinct and most people know that they've learned over their lifetime that that first instinct of the gut was right and they second guessed and went their other way it was wrong well you know that's just how life is when you are given choice of two roads easy path the hard path but always you're given a choice every morning you get up you get two pass to go down and you're given a y and your day begins that way so anyway let's get back to the read here oh we're now on number 10 and the river went out of eden to water the garden and from thence it was parted and became in and became into four heads now there's something interesting about this most people like to put this in iraq summer euphrates rivers all that there's an old map that i'm going to introduce after a bit that we'll get into the topic of eden [Music] in the description of the water the river in the garden and how it went and how it parted and then it became into four heads after it's exiting there's kind of an interesting map that kind of actually shows it we'll get to that one later that's going to be in another podcast from today but i want to continue reading because we're not even that far into this this literature right here and i yet have other literatures that i need to read that correspond so this can be a definitely a long series podcast going on for days and days so i hope people join me probably won't be every day but i sure hope people join me when i am able to get on here with finished material and ready to go anyway we're on number 11 right here right there the name of the first is pison that is which encompasses the whole land of havelock have a law that name sounds familiar have a law where there is gold gold my favorite topic gold gold panning uh oh yeah well that brings me to my character cactus jack panning with cactus jack yeah that's me well anyway goal yes day one goal like i said we were meant to mine the gold for the gods i believe or whatever you want to call them okay they don't even have to be gods maybe whatever you want to call them um we were made to service them for the gold and minerals for where they live i believe the the material written leads to that fairly clearly if you want to take stuff literally or for truce anyway let's put it that way put as truthful as it can be you know there's highlights in any storytelling so anyway let's get back to this highlight and storytelling anyway i'm going to do some more storytelling i hope you guys are enjoying i'm having a blast doing this because i love the subject matter so here we go back at it number 12 and the gold of that land is good of course it is there is bedlam and the onyx stone yeah i looked that up quite an interesting looking stone whoa we'll get to that i'm gonna show that we'll touch that topic to those stones on my next podcast actually and we'll get back here in 13 and the name of the second river is gion the same is it that a compass the whole land of ethiopia well that tells you what you need to know there what the name of the second river is and it encompasses the whole land of ethiopia now on today's maps and world there probably is not a river that encompassed the whole land of ethiopia it's pretty dry there these days which we'll get into that and look at that too again that's why there's gonna be multiple podcasts involved in this one and i hope everybody's enjoying here we are we're at number 14 here comes number 14. and the name of the third river is the duckl that is which goes toward the east of azeria okay those places are easy to look up on a map names are available places like that and the fourth river is euphrates and that's pretty cool most people understand where that's at you know summer iraq in that part of the world at least i know where that's at hopefully you guys all know where that's at i assume everybody does i assume most people have heard this story anyway but hell it's better to rebrace this story and do this than the topics that are on the news don't you think i mean this has got to be better than what you hear daily on the news which we're not going to even cover all right where the heck was i i lost my place lost my train of thought how do you go figure that's what happens when you get older oh yeah here we are number 15 and the lord god took the man and put him into the garden of eden to dress it and to keep it again gardening you can't have a nice garden if you don't dress it and keep it you do that you get these wonderful beautiful gardens people prove that all the time i've seen some awesome gardens but they are tended with love and care you know love and care remember that folks love and care those are key words to everything out there is love and care for anything and everything and everybody out there if you don't well there's consequences for all that we all know it and deep down in our guts we know even if we deny and we're deniers our guts tell us the truth even when we deny we our gut tells us the truth at least that's my personal experience i like to believe other people are similar i think we're all very much similar i don't care what your skin color is well that's right i'm not white i'm a jew german jew and in the summertime i get olive colored skin so it's only because being in the northern hemisphere that i lighten up in the first place gives me that greek that mediterranean look kind of like a friend of mine you know his mom's got that nice mediterranean rich skin uh zoli my friend's always shout out to him his mom grandma from hungary so yeah they got that mediterranean dark skin hopefully zoli's out there watching this podcast i don't know if he is he'll probably shoot me for even mention his name on here well anyway let's get back to my read so they're keeping the garden he's got man there keeping the garden and the lord god commanded the man saying of every tree of the garden you may freely eat that's pretty cool like that idea freely yes definitely 17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shall not eat of it for in the day thou eat thereof thou shalt surely die so whatever this tree is that gives people knowledge which i think modern people have come to understand to be stuff like mushrooms or peyote things like of that nature that give you knowledge you know there's mind expanding drugs tribal people have used stuff dmt there's a range of plants even in the jungle there's plant mixtures that the people say that's how they've learned how to do and everything it's right through doing that plant and that concoction because part of it's in our bodies dmt stuff's in our body apparently well of course as we know some of those magic mushrooms or you know different mushroom types that have different strengths can kill a person that's a definite for sure you know so not everybody dies from it but it could have effects later on down the road who knows but that's what their basic that's what it's getting at is it's a it's something that gives you the ability of foresight broaden your vision i think we're i'm pretty sure i got some friends out there that we shared broadening a vision many years back uh would it be to be young again of course i gotta say the body's the only thing doesn't feel young little brain up here it feels younger it it hasn't grown old and up as far as i can tell well anyway let's get back at it 18 and the lord god said it is not good that man should be alone i will make him and help me for him so he's basically gonna he's talking he's gonna make him a woman because now he's alone because the first woman failed according to one story of lord now this just could be some of the same stuff being interjected again about the first build of humans but i don't think so i think there was trial and error you know just like any test tube babies there's trial and error dna splicing trial and error anything like science it's trial and error until they get it right the same thing here because kevin's made in his image and likeness and everything so we have the same temperament same everything people ask why can't then it yeah let this have that because humans can do that because we're made just like that we have jealousy we have anger we have happiness you know all that so we share all that happiness and love and peace that's the best thing to share that's pretty much what it tries to get people to understand that's most important and when you deviate from it well you end up in the chaotic situation we're in today so we're at 19 and out of the ground the lord god formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air and brought them unto adam to see what he would call them and whatsoever adam called every living creature that was the name thereof there we go we got adam and it's spelled differently in different tongue it's spelled like the atom atom you know tiny atom in certain that's kind of fascinating that's why i say the test tube baby thing these were advanced science made us humans so where are we okay we're at number 20 and adam gave names to all cattle so that's how we got the name of the cattle we know the heifers and the different i wonder why he called it that in the first place that's an interesting name for a cow and to the fowl of the air and to every beast of the field but for adam there was not found any help me for him now see i find this new updated king james downloadable version not that great i should be reading out of my really it's over 200 years old this bible i have it's hard reading because it's uh real english and so it's really just a little easier for me to read quickly and i'm not doing a great job with that am i i'm only on page eight holy cow we're not making headway or are we well you know you guys can make comments leave me notices uh by the next podcast i should be able to respond or comment on anybody's comments uh i will answer all i will debate or talk discuss any of the matter with anybody's willing to discuss it so give me a shout out let's change the page because we're on the next page so at this point we have a medical procedure i believe happening because if you know you're the almighty sovereign you know i've got magical pow i can do things with my mind my hands i'm just putting that out there first before i read this and the lord god caused a deep sleep to fall upon adam and he slipped count backwards from 10 10 9. [Music] medical and he took one rib one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead of there of now i'm sorry i gotta stop a second closed up the flesh again there's probably some great power somewhere some whatever spiritual being way the hell out there somewhere but that's not this right

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