Surviving Mars Gameplay | Episode 1 | The Red Planet

Surviving Mars Gameplay | Episode 1 | The Red Planet

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Hi everyone, Agent here, and in today's video we're going to be playing some Surviving Mars.   It will be my very first let's play video on  the channel and I hope you guys enjoy so without   any further ado let's get into this. So I  paused the game and I've actually played   just a tutorial so far. Let's see. The first thing I need to focus on is getting water   and I can see one, two areas that might have water so let's use our probes and that was quite unfortunate really. I was hoping to get some water so let's see  we need to queue some scans I think we'll do   this section first because we know in this area  there's a possibility of water let's do that   and hopefully this start won't end our little  colony okay so let's quickly jump into this area   have a good look so this is what we're looking at  at the moment we've got some concrete over here   it's high-grade concrete and this side very low so  I think we'll be aiming more on the lines of down   here we have a vista and we have an anomaly so  it doesn't seem too bad I think what we'll do is   touch down in this area but first let's get some  research going I pretty much picked everything   at random so I don't know who my sponsor  is I think it's the USA and I'm not sure what the rest is so let's see we've got  terraforming biotic and hygroscopic vaporators,   okay so this is an upgrade for the vaporators  and we might actually need to get some of those   if we're running low on water we can increase  our cargo let's see we've got explorer   and we've got some adapter probes and we've got  Mars crowdfunding so we can receive once-off   one million fundings but anyway let's just go  with research with adapted probes and I think we'll just wait with that for now okay so  we've got a sector scanned or being   scanned in the process and that is terraforming maybe we'll get into that I'm not sure yet   so let's see we've got our rocket and It's  ready to land and this is the sector that's not   scanned yet so let's just move it to the  edge maybe move it up just a little bit but we won't want to be in the way of the vista  so let's drop it on this side it's out the way   no issues there so that will be the rocket landing  and I think we can go let's get this rocket down uh we scanned the sector and we found some  concrete and metals and two anomalies found so let's see these anomalies are way down here yeah we are fully aware of those I'm  gonna go back up why does it I think I think we might need to get a  vaporator as soon as possible   so let's just clear these first things first  our drones and let's get this anomaly scanned   and our drones should immediately start  collecting resources around us which I assume will   be right here what's this, metals so I  guess what we can do for now is just drop where is storage right here this is the  universal depot and I think we'll drop it right   there and let's get this going probably pause here and there just to keep things in check I have actually never heard the radio before okay we've got buildings   not working obviously we also need power and  we can put down a Stirling generator right about there and we'll also need  some cables like so I'm pretty sure that was a meteor and we need some more materials so down here somewhere  should be more resources I'm not sure yet   okay so we can get   200 million funding get two drone hub prefabs or  get four moisture vaporator prefabs wow okay so   I'm thinking that might be the way to go so  we've got that let's see where is our prefabs we've got the fuel refinery for our rocket and let's keep it to the side somewhere unexplored sector uneven terrain ah we've  got an issue with uneven terrain over there we don't want any buildings near the concrete  so let's just drop it here at the top like so and I would like to get that vaporator  there we go produces water from   the atmosphere production load when  placed near other vaporators no   production during dust storms okay so  we don't need to worry about all of that let's get this vaporator down I haven't decided  where yet we'll need to make sure we place everything so they don't bugger each other up we also need cables did I close that I'll probably  close a few things because   controls vary from game to game quite a bit  so let's see both buildings require power how do we want to wire these I guess one of each should do let's do it like that I'm trying to keep everything as clean   as possible also with lowest maintenance  cost that boy has already run out of power   and we also need an extractor I'm still trying to  get the hang of the game there's a few things that   can go over my head a bit let's see we need  to figure out which one was the high grade   this is the very low grade this is the high  grade one so let's build it right over here like to get the maximum   well that wasn't close at all okay  so we need to focus on storage must be connected to water okay  so this boy is not connected okay so no not a switch, not that, power cable we'll do that connection we also need pipes here's the pipe okay that's connected now this fellow  down here also needs to be connected   so we'll go to our power  section get some more cables drag and drop that's in the way that's straight up well it doesn't seem like things  are going bad at the moment   we need some storage let's go to specific  storage and let's go with concrete I think  we'll drop it just in range   So let's drop one there we also need dumping sites. Let's do the dumping site here at the bottom. So technically. . .

I do, I don't want these things to be in the  way though I guess we can put one there and   nothing's happening which is worrisome. Okay  we've got some things idle here and there let's   look at research first. We can harvest resources  faster which is good and nothing else let's see.   We can increase this as well that might be good.  We've got a sector to scanned we'll dismiss that. Okay, we've got that. And the issue right here is that we  don't have any drones in the area.  

So let's move that over there, let's see  if we can find anything else to scan.   So there's the valuable resources.  Oh, these are the valuable Oh, these are the rare metals. Okay,  so let's see. I don't see any other   anomalies at the moment so our little  explorer needs to be a little bit more patient but what we can do is find some resources to gather, if remember correctly. We need to click this. Gather all and drop it over there. Okay, let's get this going, fairly simple.   I would just like to get the basic things set up.  I haven't decided how I'll do these videos yet.  

But we'll see. So apparently, they're  clearing some storage.   Well yes, obviously. We will fix that pretty soon. Apparently, this one is not necessary. Uh, okay. I can see the issue. That over there is not  enough, so what we want to do...

Yes, because we're running short on electricity. Interesting, so I think. The radio is slightly off-putting. Let's see heirloom, you have received a

strange package with a little touch as you  read the litter your eyes full of tears.   Let's see TOY reveals super fungus breakthrough tech. PAC reveals superior cables and superior   pipes breakthrough tech that sounds important.  PAX reveals plasma rocket breakthrough tech.   JFD nano refinement breakthrough oh my goodness, you know what I have no idea what any of these   will give me super fungus. It's either good or bad.  I assume if it's good it's food if it's bad it's   it's terrible because our whole colony will have athlete's foot but the one thing that does seem   important is probably this one  superior cables and superior pipes.   Which I assume the gears unlock with a  mechanical click you know that you would find   you know what you would find inside and yet you are grateful for this last gesture of love and   goodwill effects anyway enough of that we  were busy setting up power and since we are we've got a two percent elevation boost even though we are pretty low. Let's see if we move  

around a bit, it stays pretty much the same.  Okay, so this area has been scanned. I think   what we'll do is we'll drop these right here let's do three for now. We need some cables and I'm pretty sure all we need to do is. We'll take it from here. Let's take it from here.

Like so that should be fine this building  is not being built because it's out of reach and that is also not being built.   Oh, I see. That's going to be unfortunate  what we need to do but why though. Something is quite odd.

Let's set this to priority. This way everything will... work a bit better. There's a heavy load. We are fully aware of that. Fuel refinery doesn't have electricity which makes sense but we need... things to work a bit faster. So  let's grab these bad boys and

I'm still not sure as to  why not a lot has happened. It seems like they're building. What we can do as well. Let's put  down some solar panels but I think   we need to wait just a little bit.  Let's have a look at our research and we should have a breakthrough. Instant  and free power cable construction, power   cables do not suffer from power faults. Perfect, I think we put that on top and instant

these are perfect. I think that one  should be first that one be second,   third, fourth and fifth. That's five upgrades off the bat. We're not worried about water just yet. I'm trying to see how clean this setup actually is. Can i get in closer? Because it seems like   we've got unnecessary cables. Apparently, I can't select Oh, we've got a ton of metals. Okay,  this section seems to be full. I think.

That's going to be a dome area. I don't see any concrete. Oh, everything is going for turbines. I also do not see anything related to salvage. That I can salvage. Power  cables apparently I can't, I can   but I don't know how. Anyway  let's collect more resources. Collect all let's just drop them here for now. I need to basically make more storage. Let's grab some specific storage and it  seems we have a huge amount of metals   and I think we'll do a storage  section down here for now.

This seems to be going pretty well.   We've got our fuel going. Water is  slightly irrelevant at the moment.   So our power at night with our little sterling  and our wind turbines are currently pushing out 25.3 power demand 18. we  don't have any stored power. What I think is we should probably add a little bit more power so what  we'll do is we'll do solar power as well let's do three of these and obviously, they'll switch off at night. Let's get more cables Take it past so that should  give us enough electricity.  

Our concrete is coming along nicely.  Excess metals are being stored. Perfect. Eventually when things are  running a little bit over the top. Okay, we should actually focus on   bloody scanning but I keep forgetting. Okay,  it seems like we're moving along fairly well. That boy is not connected for some reason. Well, there we go.   Drones are doing their job. Everyone's doing their job. Perfect, let's move this a little bit  

lower so we don't have heavy loads. We need to keep an eye on our storage and so forth. Well, it's nighttime now. We're running back on seven. It should be fine. We need to expand a little   bit later on. Perfect. We found new tech.

Tech has been revealed on the research screen. Low-G high rise and dozer rover. Let's have a look. Oh, so this boy does the terraforming. Okay, it's probably not a bad thing to get.  We've got high rise this is the apartments   and our research is coming along fairly slow. I'm just waiting for these solar panels to be finished. I've got a heavy load somewhere.

Okay, never mind. Okay, it doesn't seem  like things are being pushed out properly.   Let's see what is the range on this? It's fairly good range. Covering all the   necessary things. I'm waiting for the scanning to happen down here. I should probably build a sensor tower.

Let's keep it close. Uh, let's um drop it down here. This will just  help with the scanning I tend to forget these   towers quite often.

I know what they're... Ah,  Okay. I know what they're supposed to do. Let's see we've got a scan down  here and we found absolutely nothing.   Let's see do we have any more resources laying about. What is this? Nothing that's just rocks.   Nothing special. Okay, so all of this is going well. We've got our fuel ready. We've got concrete going.  We've got energy and I think what we need to do  

is add one more. How many special resources do we have? Still have quite a bit. Things are going   fairly smoothly. Let's add one more turbine. Solar, we can skip that. We are producing enough. I would also like to get a power accumulator. I would like to keep this on the side as well. Let's see.

Let's drop this one down here.  Extend the cables. We're moving   further and further away from  from where we should be but I just want to keep things as clean as possible. Found an anomaly. Let's see if we found...  Sector scanned. Okay, so what we can do is... I do not see these resources

apparently. Concrete and metals. Okay, well, it's literally right there. Gather that. The concrete's still fine.  

Dumping sites still fine. Battery is  charging up fairly quickly as it should. The scanning should be going smoothly and I think we're doing fairly well, to be honest   So I would like to start storing some water and I've noticed that these pipes carry both fuel   water and everything else as literally no worry of splitting everything up. That will produce   fuel on its own and apparently it will bypass  fuel and drop clean water in there which makes a lot of sense. That's built. That's a really odd split.  

There are a few things happening around  me that I'm not sure why though but anyway, that connected on its own. Resupply. We are able to resupply I think.   Yes. Do we need anything at the moment?  Probably? Maybe? Things seem to go fairly   well at the moment. Metals are building up really quick and my aim. Whoa! Okay, well, that's   not nice. The aim will be to get a dome down as soon as possible. We also have some  

new unlocks. Okay, we've got some more metals like we   don't have enough hopefully this will  go away soon so we can get our little. How many did you load up? Nothing yet. Oh, you loaded up everything.   Okay, so what i want to do with this  guy is collect the rest of these and drop them right here.

And it seems our water tower is coming on slowly. You're producing how much? Water production is one. Consumption is one so basically, this won't even do much. Okay, so what we  can do is we can drop another another one of these vaporators  and all we need to do is basically make sure they're not too close, but let's drop this one here at the top. This one will  slowly give us some water and what we can do is we can drop  some electric cables over here   or at least on this side. What is that? I think I selected the wrong thing, to be honest, I need this

 Let's wait for that to come back first.   Let's see we've got a new milestone. Not too bothered with that. Superior cables fantastic   We've got these greenhouse Mars this slowly.  Elon Musk you could warm mars up over time with  

greenhouse gases interesting okay so it requires  quite a bit of materials and it burns fuel to   increase the temperature of Mars using greenhouse gases okay fairly simple I guess. We found  new anomalies. Let's take a look at research. Okay, so we've scanned most of that let's add these sectors because we've got the boost and then slowly come down this way and I'm pretty sure no, I haven't found any any water yet which is strange.

you're done go scan that anomaly. That one's collecting resources and I'm pretty sure we've got the ball rolling. What is it? Is it daytime or nighttime? Let's see it's night time   and we're producing 10 energy. Perfect. Let's get this drone over here and I'm pretty sure that

What is it called again? Where is the little machine? I'm looking for a vaporater that's the word. Right here. Let's place it there and quickly get this going. If I can get that breakthrough  tech over there or new unlock things should go fairly well and  we need to connect that to some   power. We should have quite a bit of that

Let's take it over there and straight to  that connection and let's take in another pipe. It should be here in life support. And let's see we can take a pipe  straight down here. Okay, well, I think we're slowly building a decent-sized base that will basically just give    a slow drip towards so we actually have  some water when we need to build the dome   we've got enough energy at nighttime we should be running it at what I think one but one less.  

Oh, it consumes five so we  might need to increase our battery is full we'll need to manage all  the small things. Sorry, I thought the guy would keep talking. Drones work faster on landscaping  projects that would be perfect   if we combine that with the dozers and I'm pretty sure I can create all  kinds of interesting things with these   from clearing areas to  leveling to also making ramps. Okay, so we've got a few things lined up. This will...

this is, put in a dome. Oh and wait an outdome building that produces food. Okay, so it requires   people and I think we are  doing well enough, to be honest   I think I'll cut the video short right  there because I haven't decided how I'm   going to do this yet. Thank you for watching and see in the next video.

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