Son Nokta! Aradığım Voyvodanın Sandıklar Dolusu Definesini Buldum !!!

Son Nokta! Aradığım Voyvodanın Sandıklar Dolusu Definesini Buldum !!!

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The subtitles in this video have been added automatically by YouTube if you wish, you can remove them from the settings Hi guys, do you see that there is a safe, there is a safe, what's more, believe me, I'm in a very interesting place today, let me show you, there are places where my wife lives, there are places where my wife lives, she doesn't look here, she can't see it from there. big video is going by, it was seen. Now why am I here, I will tell him how he came here first, now he described the Store to a friend, they know where it is, their father is also in his time, so more experience than that, they are looking for stairs 20-30 years ago anyway, they are calling here with their friends. They are looking for things here and what do they see? There is a reason for this Merve to be here. Now, do you see, this is where they thought me to be a big safe and they tried to open it, it took a lot of effort here . its ok now b Do n't look straight, I'm going to leave the house in a while, actually I'll show it to me, he said , "Walk around if you want, if you take a video, I said I swear, it would be nice." There is a story ready, but what did I notice, they opened this place, for example, look here, there is a foot mark that we know. This shape. How are you now? Look here, Dad didn't open this universe, I found it , there

was a safe there. They opened it. After that, I saw it once again, I saw things like that and this before I came here. Look, there is this and this, here and there, here too, bye look good okay dear okay okay Good luck, Bye bye bye bye, it's like a finger to sting Yes, what are we going to do now First, I'll try to climb a place here. As far as I

can understand Mevlana songs, 25-30 years. After all, I won't come here, let's get here and see the real thing. I missed you so much. You didn't come too. everyone is hard at work, everyone is hard at work. After all, smiling, you can't bring it by force,

let's examine and see somewhere Eve don't know anything It's not me, it's not to be trusted, but what should we do? The Adventurer we're staying with came out once. This doesn't provide a good head for this place again. This is a Turk. Of course, I'll go upstairs. There was a lot of effort there, they talked too much, they thought they were safe, they thought they looked like a safe. Or maybe he couldn't open the fake safe. Maybe he couldn't open the safe. Now he says there is no machine or something. He says glasses on the conditions anyway

. Let's get me too, we see what we see , he was bored for this, he was broken . I wonder if there is something else, or it seems like this place was made nearby, maybe there is another charge, but it is vicious so that no one else finds it, you know , things like that. It's not just with them, we didn't know, it's very possible someone else knows this place. tana pilgrimage where am i now 78 meters high made hair straight right or They said to you when the big one is round It's OK, this place has been worked hard and connected, you can see it's not all It used to happen Yes now what am I going to do Look here while I'm ready Look here I wish you had written it would be good to have a machine look at it I think A could be here Could it be, now these cashiers can be good news, the real treasure It might be hidden somewhere else . huh download look Do we look here subscribe Ya ok ok ok ok ok ok you ok ok dear I will read it to you below yahu There's nothing wrong with the machines I can reach now . What to open , let's see if there are sims or not So continue ok Is it the reason why they look today Because they looked inside this rock it was going right, it seems like they left it, there is no obstacle, it's just like that, it's hungry, there's no point in it anyway, it doesn't make sense to look there because as you can see, it's a flat wall and you see if it's spreading with that sound . Maybe there is something under the vines there is nothing in the brow 10 Week No No no no here and there No ok I'll go now I've turned it off now there will be a nerve somewhere from the nails what are you going to do this and what is your goal Now it's like you guessed No there is no there now As you can see here I swear there are safes there open, but those here are very likely music. not continue Now let's take a look at this footsteps No let's look here yo k Look, there is this, where it is in the house, it is beautiful, many super things, look somewhere, it has been opened, unrolled, for example , the ones that have been unrolled, the ones that are unopened, they probably are not, it's still a celebrity. The machine has been brought, this wall has been searched nicely, if you ask me, there is no mosquito, these conversations o oo subscribe Yes , you see it here now There is a carving, it's a sleepless stone schway staircase, about 10-15 meters here, now let's have a nice call again that subscribe I went to you, the little cashiers were made, now look at the plate here, now there is this one too. It bit me so bad.

Wow, I sold it, your face itches all over. Yes, now that's it. I said it, the door is open, why is there a nerve in this? Surprise, but you see an old one. Take one piece. now the colored sea I seek them all indiscriminately here because there is a place to search

Here is a there is one more small and he is here there is a smaller one there is also Sinan subscribe he is very beautiful very strong cinel look here too subscribe Yes now there are sims here I have a strong nerve I have a nice cashier opened here again this is the point of the look here It's not exactly a Safe Well Oley all of a sudden there's enough room for a child to sit I'll say more than enough seats for the child but now I'll take delivery Don't sit there I'll have a child too Let's sit long enough to have a child Here and here there is a signal this Ok let's check it out see what this is and subscribe subscribe Yes now it's 10 TL baby they love it so much subscribe subscribe well ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok I wonder if I overflowed anyway Anyway, this stone is gold it's empty I bought it lan Şükrü 6 After all, yes it can be somewhere over there A UV Wow mashallah I hope it's not a piece again Hopa here's another piece of yours what happened this time but god but you brawn every Ross he is the hottest I swear bro ben zey10 is an old box I'm not kidding one of them came to the box of me part of it came to unite things started to get different he 's a lot dude dude dude dude dude dude come out oh oh oh oh dude dude dude what is this but I can't stand still Yes I can't stand now I can't stand still I can't stand still Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow Look at this, silvers have darkened on me, this wow , wow. But from that box , we will talk about what it is . oh oh there 's a lot of stuff, there's nothing else, but this is a pretty darling Yar Aslı, shall we wonder and open it for the next chapter , what do you think, friends, let's open it for the next chapter? mamta nanam Wow wow wow wow full full Mashallah mashallah thank you Sezer Yusra al keep antiques good morning good morning to you now gold These coins still belong to Rome more or less belong to the Roman Byzantine period But this chest then it's not the month, the issue is that the ballot box was placed 60-70 years ago, so it is very likely that it was in the Second World War or in a World War I. There is nothing belonging to the Bandit period, which is the first. Anyway, the result is beautiful. The result is beautiful. Very nice atmosphere.

There is a very nice atmosphere. Music was made there, a customer was made here, and never and here to an unexpected place. But of course Look, now let me show you where Mevla was? We have a gap of approximately 20 25 30 meters at the end of the marriage, you see it right in front of you . The place you see is the wall, the stone wall we know and the old one, it was about the bedroom where it was deployed. What can we say, it's too big to try today, we gave it a very big velebit metal one put in your salvation, a very nice hidden trophy. What we will do it now i will put them back in the box

i will check these machines again and we will get smoke from here look let's check here it is not from this signal now let me bring it like this no your aminal is gone good so that's the thing it's new today it 's nice there is no point in forcing it any more it's already very hot mosquitoes they ruined it Beren thank you next wonder opinion sorry bye bye subscribe

2022-06-12 18:21

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