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hello everyone, welcome to my YouTube channel  "QPT". In this video, I'm going to tell about   my book titled "Emerging Technologies for  Profit". Actually I released this book a   few months back and recently I added a lot of  new chapters to this book and now I'm planning   to rigorously selling this boo, ebook version  from my blog, and both Kindle version as well   as paperback version from Amazon, and these  are the chapters okay, the purpose of this   video is for showing the chapters available  with this book, these are the chapters, just   check them, mostly it will be related to emerging  Technologies, and online business related stuff,   apart from that I shared my experiences  of earning money online okay, these are   the things available with this book and I came  up with this things based on my many years of   experience in running this YouTube channel which  is giving news about emerging Technologies which   are based on Innovations from research papers  that are published in reputed journals okay so   I believe the content will be somewhat useful for  the people who are willing to know about Emerging   Technologies and making use of that for earning  money by doing some kind of business especially   online business okay, this is the overview of  about this book okay, these are the chapters okay,   and this one is, first one is Introduction okay  and I highlighted the need to focus on emerging   Technologies by sharing my personal experience  and then these are some random thoughts,   but I believe it's a very important one though it  is having a lot of links, initially, I hesitated to put   that, but it adds some value so that anyone  can understand the overall picture of the   emerging technologies so I kept that okay but the  thing is it will be available only with ebook and   Kindle right the in case of paperback you won't  be seeing that links so I recommend buying ebook   version from my blog and another reason is, in that  blog, ebook version, I will be making any kind   of corrections in the coming days, these are  the things and the next one is, ways to generate   income from emerging Technologies I listed some  ways of earning money with the help of emerging   technologies or by utilizing emerging technologies  and for this kind of chapter, I have taken the help   of AI tools like chatGPT and Bard for creating  the content, but the concept or content is mine   and I just asked them to convert it into a pleasing  way of reading because I'm not good at writing   okay and other chapters like it is about giving some tips for future-proofing, so everyone   knows about Darwin's concept right, we have  to be adaptable to the change, then only we will be   able to survive, the strength and intelligence  are not going to help, the ability to adapt is the   key so we need to, even from technological  perspective, we will be able to adapt to the new   technologies, emerging Technologies, so it is very  important to first be aware of that technologies   then if there is a need we have to switch to  them okay so the purpose of this book is just   to make, I mean creating awareness  about that okay, because, if suppose CRISPR Gene Editing is coming into the mainstream, all the hospitals, that medical, everything will be like   completely irrelevant in the coming days okay so  that is the power of Emerging Technologies okay   and similarly, blockchains, if they're taking a mainstream role then the governments,   Banks, everything will be irrelevant okay, so  that much power the technology is having, but   we don't know whether it will happen, but  it is having that much power okay, so we need   to be like, just familiar with that, if there is  any specific need then we can go into detail okay, so   and again, tips for doing online business, as  I said this book is for giving some overview about   Emerging Technologies, but the core, I mean the purpose is earning money by doing online business okay   but the thing is you have to focus on emerging  technologies, that is the core message okay, so I   provided both kinds of things, maybe there won't  be any direct connection between both of them   in this book, but actually, for earning money  online effectively you have to go for emerging  technologies, that is the concept, so I listed both  things, some chapters will be talking about online business, some will be, most of the chapters  will be about emerging Technologies, here I listed   based on my own experience, these tips are  based on my own experience, so it need not be 100%   correct okay, just read them, and if  it is suitable you can adopt that, but mostly   I believe it is very useful okay, these are  all valid things, okay, and then I explained   about Imagining the Future Okay, because we need to get the overall picture right, that's   how the current Internet Revolution is happening,  not just because of the Internet, it's not just because   of the Internet alone, but because of the growth  happening in various sectors, like, mobile phones   and video delivery Innovations, so  everything is combined, then only we will   be getting more power okay, similarly  in the coming days also it's like combination of various things, Quantum Computing, blockchain,  AI, like that, okay, and apart from technological   perspective other things, ethical things, and the concepts like Universal basic income, that are also   going to play a major role okay, so I explained  that thing and this chapter my experiences   of earning money online, it's basically just to  share my experience okay, it is not directly related to emerging technologies, but by reading  my experience, you will be able to understand the   power of focusing on emerging Technologies, because I explained how hard to do the software   development business these days while it is  comparatively easy to enter into running YouTube   channel okay, because, the Youtube channel in the year, I'm talking about the year 2008 or 2009, that   time okay, that time initiated both things [software development, YouTube channel] but I faced  difficulties, I mean   hardships of running the software development company, but I didn't face issues in running my   YouTube channel okay, because at that time it was emerging condition, but now that the situation   got changed, because the YouTube channel itself somewhat stabilized, it matured, right now we   cannot consider that emerging Technologies okay  so the core thing is, by reading my story   you will be able to understand the importance  of looking into emerging technologies for   doing any kind of business okay that is the core  message, but if you're willing to do like running YouTube channel for earning money then  this chapter will be useful for you or if you   want to do freelancing work then somewhat it  will be inspiring to you okay, so mostly it   is talking about running a YouTube channel okay  actually, I published a separate book, I just shared some key information in this book also,  so the next one is, to earn from emerging technologies   okay and just with some practical ways of  doing that okay it's my own suggestion okay so   obviously these days we have to use the digital  marketing right for doing any kind of business so   I explained that also and obviously doing any  kind of business related to emerging technologies   is coming with its own risks, because all the  Emerging technologies won't be reaching the main   stream, so we need to take our steps very  carefully, we should not put all our efforts and   money into one particular technology even if it  is having a lot of potential okay, we need to be   very careful in that, so I explained that also, and  this one, as I explained, this is the core of this   book, key emerging Technologies, I listed around 48  Technologies, I provided brief information about   that and then linked my YouTube videos related  to them, some samples, but in this channel you   can check my playlists to see all the things, I  have a lot of playlists like: 3D printing, AI,   for everything, I have a separate playlist, but here I provided some key information and provide the link   to that playlist also okay, so these things  I short-listed based on my own understanding okay   but mostly, personally, I believe  these things are going to play a major role in   the coming days, okay, so if you believe I missed some important thing maybe you can add comments in   this video, I created a lot of videos related  to these topics, actually, I came up with   this list of topics based on the number of videos  related to that topic okay so a lot of topics, 48   topics, okay, so my suggestion is, just go through  all the things, okay, even if it is not directly   relevant to your field just knowing about emerging  technologies is important, in some way, you'll be   able to use it for your own benefit okay,  I used to [see] that kind of [seemingly] unrelated, but   surprisingly related in some way okay, that is where the unique business   opportunity is there, so [in case of] obvious things, mostly many people will be trying that right, so you need to look for uncommon things, so for that you  have to know about other technologies even   if they are not related, directly related, to  your own field okay so these are the   topics okay, around 48 topics I mentioned right,  Fusion power, so similarly, if the fusion power is   coming into the mainstream, almost all the power/energy-related companies, businesses, work, job   everything will be completely changed, smart grid, space solar power, so these are the topics okay, but   I just provided the things I haven't mentioned  about any idea, like you can use this way, that   way, okay, so it's obviously whoever is going to  use that technology in that field they should be   knowing more things about [them] than me, so I didn't give any kind of suggestions, just to provide   the overview only, okay, and in this chapter I listed  some subreddits which are useful for learning   about emerging technologies, because just reading  static content like books is not going to be helpful   particularly in the case of emerging technologies  which is dynamically changing, so we have to read the discussions and updations dynamically  okay so these subreddits will be really useful and   I suggest actively discussing that, instead of  just reading them you can actively ask questions   and add commands, you have to be involved in that, and I listed some best practices for utilizing emerging   technologies okay, and for giving inspiration I  listed some successful businesses that utilize   emerging technologies for Revenue generation  okay, but they are big corporations, so we   cannot directly compare with them, but we  have our own kind of opportunities also, I   listed some chapters for that also, okay, so this  chapter is for listing the resources to learn   about emerging technologies, mostly websites okay,  so this is the main reason I suggest buying the ebook   version, you can just click that and you can read, go  to that website right, and this one, medical   Innovations okay, key medical Innovations, I thought  of releasing a separate book for that, but as   of now I added as a chapter in this book, mostly in the the coming days I'll be considering about    publishing a new book purely related  to Medical Innovations okay, here I mentioned   links to my website okay, so that  people can read that and on that website I embedded  

the videos, okay, a lot of Innovations are there,  I listed a few of them, these are the medical Innovations, mostly all of them are based on research papers, that too, published on reputed   journals okay, these are all simple ways of using  AI tools for making use of emerging technologies   effectively okay, and how to earn money from that,  even I am also planning to write a book about prompt engineering, so that I can make use  of that opportunity to earn money by selling   books, okay, so these are some free tools for  running online business okay, and this is like    some suggestions of start doing any kind of startup okay, how to build the team, like that, but   these are all very, very very common things, I used  AI tools for writing this, but I have my own way of   [telling] suggestions also, but I don't know whether I'm sharing that kind of information here will be   useful for the readers, so I provided some common  things, but anyway I will be writing separate   book or I actually mentioned that in my blog  post okay, so that way, even I talked about them   through various Live, YouTube Live through this  channel okay, but here I thought of providing very common, generic information, so I  used AI tools to come up with this chapter okay   so obviously Emerging Technologies, they are having  their own shortcomings as I previously mentioned   'Risks', similarly 'misinformation', so we have to  separate the fact from fiction in the emerging Tech Buzz okay, that is the key ability to survive in  that field okay, otherwise we will be misguided, and   this chapter, list of interesting innovations,  it is available with the ebook version only, it   won't be there in the paperback, I mean the links  won't be there, here the links are the key okay  if you click the link it will take you to  the YouTube video, and there, in the description   you'll find the research paper link, even  a link to the news source, okay, so they are   really breakthrough Innovations okay  I shortlisted, out of 2,000 videos, I shortlisted   this number of, hundreds of videos here  these are all the things, I haven't ordered   them okay it's in random order okay there is no  any specific order and here I listed a chapter   for harnessing the AI revolution okay, for our online business and then though I explained   about blockchain in the key emerging technologies  that chapter, I thought of giving a separate   chapter based on the importance of blockchain,  similarly, for a few other Technologies, I provided   separate chapters, it is about blockchain and  just knowing about emerging Technologies and   start doing business, knowing about business is  not enough, we have to have some motivation    it's really important okay, so I thought  of sharing the motivational quotes related to   business okay these are the quotes, I  believe they are really worth, and here I   listed about the ways of [doing] small businesses  using emerging Technologies okay, how to use them, and similarly, similar to blockchain,  for nanotechnology also provided a   separate chapter, because I believe it is  very important one okay, it's going to impact   many fields including Medical okay, so similarly I  provided some case studies kind of stuff for   each department like the construction industry, this  one is for the construction industry, and for web development, for teaching, okay, for Education  okay, and this is about 3D printing, similar   to blockchain and nanotechnology, I provided a separate  chapter for 3D printing also, and here I talked   about telemedicine in transforming patient care  okay but all these things, in the case of telemedicine   everything is related field, it's because of AI, and the growth of the internet, the availability   of devices with both doctors and patients  okay, and this one is Wearables, so they are   also going to play a major role, especially in  medical, so I provided a separate topic, I mean a separate   chapter and this one is for using emerging technologies for agriculture thing, for   Farmers, okay, and similarly, I listed a separate  chapter for using Emerging Technologies for writers, okay, so this book is, as I said, it's  giving some overview, and like, telling   about the potential of emerging technologies, but the real thing is, you need to do your   own work to collect information related to your  own field, okay, so mostly in my YouTube channel   I'm providing a lot of information, so as I said  I'm providing it from the year 2009 itself, but   in the last few weeks, I'm not uploading  many videos because I'm busy with this book   creation and promotion kind of stuff, and in  the coming days I will be start doing it again   okay, so these are the chapters in that book, and I  believe it will be useful, but I won't say that it   is a complete guide, if you read that you will start earning money from emerging technologies   not like that, but it is a starting point  okay, so you have to just read them and   you need to do a lot of work, okay to achieve  that, but the key is without knowing the emerging   technologies it is very difficult to survive in  any kind of business in the coming days okay if you want to be very competitive then you  should know about emerging technologies, even if you're not   using it right now, knowing about them will  be very important so that you will be start using that step by step or at the right time  okay so if you have any questions just you can comment and if you like this book, share your ratings and review comments, feel   free to add any kind of negative comments also  okay so that only people who are really    finding it useful can buy it okay, so there is no  problem about negative comments, but specify it   properly okay, instead of just saying that it's  waste like that, if you provide [details of] why it is not   useful, then it will be useful for me to  correct the mistakes in the next books as well   as for the potential buyers, it will be useful  for them to decide whether it is relevant   to them okay because one book or any kind of  product useful for one person may not be useful   for others and vice versa okay, so provide specific  details in case of negative comments okay okay thanks for watching and if you like this  book, share it with others okay, even if you   are not buying it you can share this okay  because other [emerging technologies related] books are selling more   than $50, if you go to Amazon, you can search, and right now I'm just selling it for $5 on my blog okay   but it's a temporary offer price only, maybe  in the future, I'll be deciding about the actual   pricing, I'm deciding to set it as $29 okay  but right now I'm just selling it for $5 only   so you can refer this to your friends who may  be interested in it or find it useful okay, I   provided, providing samples, some free sample  downloads, so you can try that also okay okay bye

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