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(ominous music) (water trickling) (ominous music continues) (water dripping) (light dramatic music) (knocking) (August groans) (knocking) - [Hannah] August. August, are you there? (August sighs) (door thuds) (paper rustling) - [August] You still have your key. - It's still my house. (water rushing) I didn't come here to fight, I came because I have something to tell you. - [August] Okay.

- I've accepted an offer on the farm. (thudding) (heavy breathing) - You're kicking me out. - August, we've been through this. - Yeah, but I didn't think you'd actually do it. This...

This is our home! - You know I can't afford to keep it. - That's bullshit. You gave up on us.

- No, I gave up on you. (August sighs) - Hannah, please don't do this. - It's a mausoleum. You don't see it 'cause you haven't left.

(light dramatic music) It's not giving up, it's letting go. That's what you have to do. I wish we could go back, but we can't.

It isn't real. It's a memory. Listen, just take a couple of days, we've got time. I can help you find somewhere. I think this could be really good for you. (August sighs) (light dramatic music) - [August] Hannah.

(somber music) (door clicks) (light dramatic music) (fire crackling) (bird cawing) (fire crackling) (ominous music) (engine rumbling) (light dramatic music) (August groans) (August grunts) (blasting) (light dramatic music) (dramatic music) (ominous music) (fire crackling) (wood creaking) (footsteps tapping) (door squeaks) - Sorry to disturb you so late. You, you probably won't remember me. I'm Zeb Vincent. Cammy's brother. - Zeb.

Yeah, of course, I remember. You're older than I thought you'd be. - It's been a long time. Can I come in? - Um... Yeah, yeah.

Of course. (light dramatic music) (door clicks) - I love this picture. I've got the same one. - How's Cammy? And your parents? - Sorry to just show up like this. - So, uh, how can I help you, Zeb? Are you in trouble? (paper rustling) (light dramatic music) - No. Nothing like that.

Got a few questions about what happened that day. - Okay. What do you wanna know? - Did you take Cammy? - What do you mean? - It was her that went missing that day, not Lily. - Um, uh... I'm sorry, Zeb, I don't follow.

- All of this, it isn't the truth. You've just been made to believe it is. (August clears throat) - All right.

All right. Maybe there's someone I can call. - Tell me what happened that day. - I'm not doing this, Zeb. You need to leave.

- Where were you? (girl giggling) - Lily? - Where were you? - Lily. (dramatic music) (door thuds) - What's wrong? (heavy breathing) - Cammy! (light dramatic music) Cammy! Cammy! - Something wasn't right. How is this happening? - It isn't happening. It's already happened. (light dramatic music) (heavy breathing) (knocking) (sirens wailing) (cameras clicking) Do you remember this now? - They came for me. - Of course they did.

- Why? - Why do you think? Apart from Lily you were the last one to see Cammy alive. You're out here in the middle of nowhere. You were the only suspect. How does someone just disappear like that? - I don't know. - It took you two hours to call the police! - I was trying to find her. I looked everywhere.

The barn, the woods, down by the stream. (water trickling) (light dramatic music) She wasn't there. - It was getting dark. (dramatic music) You didn't even call my parents. Why wouldn't you do that? Maybe you needed time to hide her. (August sighs) (handcuffs clinking) - That's what they'll say.

(light dramatic music) You understand that, right? We found this snagged on the fence down by the river. Fabric that matches the dress Cammy was wearing. The blood is hers.

Can you explain that? - Yeah. I told the officer this at the time. They were playing, she cut herself, I patched her up and that was it.

(plastic rustling) - What about this? What does that look like to you? - Hair. That looks like hair. - Cammy's.

Can you explain what that was doing in your bedroom? - Come on, Tom. - Do you always invite Lily's friends into your bed? And maybe while Lily was out looking for Cammy you were playing a game of your own. - Oh, my God.

(August sighs) - What have you done to her, August? (light dramatic music) At least tell me she's alive. - I want a lawyer. - Have it your way. (dramatic music) (metal clanging) - [August] Aren't you tired of coming here? - [Woman] I heard you lost your appeal.

- So you thought you'd take another run at me. I told you before, I'm not signing anything that says I took Cammy. - Even if it means you're getting out of here? (August sighs) You've been in here nearly two years, August. How much longer do you think you can survive? - And you're gonna get me out, are you? - If you agree to the treatment.

(August scoffs) At our new facility we can change the behavioral patterns of even the worst offenders. By manipulating your existing memories we can create an inverted reality- - Just, just, what do you want from me? - I want to make you the victim of your own crime. (ominous music) - You wanna take my daughter away from me. - Yes, but only in your mind. We'll help you develop real empathy for your victim and her family. Complete psychological rehabilitation.

Why wouldn't you want that? - Because I'm innocent. (woman sighs) - If you respond to treatment you could be out within five years. That's a fraction of your sentence. (August sighs) I'm giving you the chance to get your life back. It's the only way you'll see your family again.

To hold your daughter. Help me break the cycle. End imprisonment as we know it. - I don't care about that.

- Then help yourself. Save your family. - I need to talk to my wife. - Fine. (phone clattering) (August sighs) (muffled talking) (light dramatic music) - Don't touch me, don't touch me! (muffled talking) (somber music) - [August] That was the last time I saw her.

So familiar. - Where do you think it all comes from? (light dramatic music) These are your memories. - Why are you really here? - I came to see the truth for myself, to prove your innocence, and to get you home. She's been waiting for you. (light dramatic music) (door creaking) (light dramatic music continues) - I found you. You've been gone so long.

- I've been right here. (Lily sighs) Is this all a dream? - Yes. But you have to wake up. (electrical zapping) (light dramatic music) (glass clattering) - I don't wanna leave you. - You won't be. You'll be coming back to us.

(clattering) Focus on me, listen to my voice. You have to wake up. (wood creaking) (light dramatic music) (heavy breathing) Remember our last Christmas together? There was so much snow and I was so excited. We stayed out all day. - And we nearly froze. Your mom was furious.

- She wasn't. She loved you. She still does. (somber music) (wind howling) I'm right here. (light dramatic music)

I'm not going anywhere. (August sighs) (dramatic whooshing) (August gasping) (heart rate monitor beeping) (raspy breathing) (ominous music) Take it easy. Take it slow. (August groans)

(light dramatic music) Easy. (computer beeping) (dramatic music) (alarm buzzing) (light dramatic music) (muffled yelling) (dramatic music continues) (muffled yelling) (door clanging) (alarm buzzing) (light dramatic music) (metal clattering) (knocking) - Run! (light dramatic music) (lights clicking) (somber music) (light dramatic music) (zapping) (light dramatic music) (heavy breathing) (ominous music) (light dramatic music) (dramatic music) (light dramatic music) It started with the small things. The taste of food. The smell of flowers. The purple dog. I just couldn't put my finger on it...

...but then it hit me. What the... Testing, testing, hello? Is this thing on? - Hello? - Ah, hi, miss Marley is it? - Marie. - Hi, Mary. I just wanted to let you know that we are aware...

...of the technical difficulties you’ve been experiencing. We are on it and it should all be sorted out... a few days of your human time. Couple of years, max. What? Uhm...Meg, are you...

Have people in your society accepted the simulation? Shit. Sixty four, I thought, I thought... I'm a ghost. I'm a ghost person.

Sorry, I just... What do we do now? Do we reset her memory? Delete her? Are you craz-- Our world... a lie. I'm just a glitch in their system and all I can do is wait for them to come for me. But do you know what's worse? Amidst all that code, all that alien shit... I was able to make out a name.

The universe in which we were born, in which you beat cancer... ...and where I sometimes can’t even face to put on my socks in the morning, is all... untitled simulation. Sixty four! Well... - But nothing's changed though. - What do you mean? Sun still goes up in the morning, waffles taste the same... ...and Bird Face Bradley, is still a creep. If this is all some kind of a video game it's a pretty convincing one.

- Even if it has a stupid name. - But it's all a lie! Maybe if you were religious, but...'ve never believed in anything. All you've done is found proof that there is a creator.

You found God. God is trying to kill me. Oh my god, oh my god! Call psychiatric hospital.

Calling Bird Face Bradley. Oh my god! One, two, Maryloo? It's Marie, goddamnit! Sorry, sorry. Look... Here's the deal, I'm not really a ghost.

I'm a researcher and I'm the head of this whole-- Whatever, man. Just kill me, or delete me or whatever. No, no, no. We're not gonna do that. Look, these malfunctions, they're gonna be sorted out soon... ...and I can assure you that you’re safe. I don't care. Life's a joke. Maree. Look, we're simulated too.

And I’m pretty sure the ding-dongs who made our simulation are also a simulation. I mean, sure, we created you, but you guys created frickin’ Forrest Gump... ...and muffins, and Beethoven's Fifth! Beethoven created Beethoven’s Fifth. You know what I mean. The circumstances of your existence doesn’t matter. I know life must seem strange and ridiculous right now...

...but I think that was always the case. Not to criticize your work or anything. But Jesus...Christ, man. Are you sure you made it scary and confusing enough? Jeez, I...I don’t... I mean, I could delete you, if that’s really what you’d prefer? I guess the shitty stuff is what makes the good stuff so good. I suppose the pain means it all... ...meant something? Sure...

Look, I can't really give you any answers here. All I know is that existence is indeed whackadoo. I think you should relax and enjoy it while it lasts. Fair enough, alien dude. You got it Morgan-- Megan-- buddy. What did you mean "while it lasts"? Before I die? Yeah, before you die, before the simulation dies.

Well, we've been having some budget cuts around here... ...but don't worry, it's not gonna affect you guys. Cool. Wait, wait. Sixty four... Ah, shit.

(wind blowing) (dramatic music) (loud thud) (sounds of traffic) (urgent beeping) (higher pitched beeping) (footsteps) (intense music) (tires skid) (people using walkie talkies) (buttons beeping) (muffled zap) (electronic crackling) (engine roars) - Thank you. (crickets) (muffled zap) (sighs) (distant siren) (distant dog barks) (loud breathing) - Hi. - Hey. - [Sleeping Girl] What time is it? - It's late. I brought you dinner. - (groans) Five more minutes. - Eat first, then go to sleep.

- [Sleeping Girl] No, I'm not hungry. - [Woman In Green] Just take two bites. - No, I'll eat it in the morning. - Fine. - Where were you? Did you go see Mom? - Yeah. She was sleeping.

Put this in the fridge. (car engine roars) (tires skid) (screaming) (loud thud) (electronic crackling) - [Man] (coughs) - [Voice In Walkie Talkie] Anybody got eyes on the suspect? - [Woman] (breathes loudly) (helicopter propeller whirring) (groans) (buttons beeping) (high-pitched ringing) (muffled zap) Ah! (electronic ringing) (grunts in frustration) Have you heard back from any schools yet? - No. Nothing yet. - You sure? Like, nothing at all? - I mean, there were a couple rejection letters, but usually the acceptance letters take a bit longer. - Right. - [Girl In Braids] I saw a couple job postings at the mall.

I was thinking about getting a job. - Yeah. Maybe during summer. - Or, I was thinking maybe I could take a break from school and help take care of Mom? - Sorry? - Jane, we really need the money right now.

- Yeah. I get that, but you're not quitting school to work behind a cash register. - Why not? - Because your job is to stay in school.

- I don't even know if I'm even gonna get in to a college. - [Jane] You're in. Congrats, thanks for letting me know.

- [Girl In Braids] Jane, I just... Maybe we could use the money for hospital bills or rent. - Yeah, yeah. And if Mom doesn't get better, then what? You're just gonna keep working shitty jobs while you throw your future away? - No, but I need to do something. All I do is sit in school all day while Mom is dying.

And you can't even hold down a job. - I'm bringing in the money, Katie. - Yeah, but how exactly do you do that? You think Mom would be proud knowing her eldest daughter is hopping in and out of shops, running drug deals every night? - (breathes loudly) (dramatic string music) (glass breaks ) (car alarm blares) - [Voice In Walkie Talkie] Level two, north structure. - Copy that, let's go. (engine roars) (car alarm blares) (engine roars) (distant car engine hums) (helicopter propeller whirs) (high-pitched ringing) (man grunts) - [Jane] (screams) (thud) (grunts) Ha! (muffled zap) (intense music) (muffled zap) (siren blares) - [Police Officer] Freeze! Step away from the vehicle. Drop the bag. Drop it!

(thud) (dialogue obscured by walkie talkie sounds) I got eyes on the robbery suspect on the north town lot. (high-pitched beeping) What's in your hand? What's in your hand? - [Jane] Wait. - [Police Officer] Hey! I said don't move! - Bye. (loud blip) (gun fires) (tires skidding) (wind whistling) (muffled zap) (violent coughing) - [Katie] Jane! Jane! Jane! (person vomits) - What is it? - Something's wrong with Mom! She's vomiting a lot of blood! - Okay. Keep her still. Don't let her fall over. - [Katie] Where are you going? (dramatic string music) - (grunts) (high-pitched ringing) - [Katie] Jane! Hurry up! - (whispers) Come on, come on, come on! - [Katie] Come on, Jane! - Give me one second.

- [Katie] We don't have time for this! (violent coughing) - [Jane] Mom? (soft blip) (high-pitched ringing) (alarm sounding softly) - [Jane] Stand up, okay? There you go. Put your arm around me. You're okay. Just hold on tight for one second, okay? I'll be right back. (muffled zap) (high-pitched ringing) (alarm sounding softly) Help! Help! (screams) Help! [Woman] Security to the ER.

- Somebody help! (screams) Help! (somber orchestra music) (muffled zap) (music becomes suspenseful) - [Katie] Jane? (high-pitched ringing) (music grows somber) (wind whistling) (static and mumbling) - Hey. - What time do you have to leave today? - Not till three. - You want to go get breakfast then? I don't feel like cooking.

- Thank god me either. How about before breakfast, we make a baby? Been talking about starting, so let's start. Let's start.

- Okay. - Yeah? - Okay. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Okay.

- I love you. - I love you. (giggling and kissing) - Oh Hey, did Seth and Megan ever get back to you about this weekend? - No, I can text them again.

- Nah, say at this point we just assume they're a no go. - Lets us still go. - Oh absolutely.

Any chance I have show off my trophy girlfriend. Is that okay? (muffled voices) I remember this. Come on I need those carrots. Shit, god dammit! - Are you okay? - No, obviously I'm not all right! - You don't have to yell at me. - Oh my god, I'm not yelling at you! - Yes, you are. - Okay well, I just got a third degree fucking burn.

Can I take a second to be angry? - No. You always do this. You'll always say that something else makes you angry. - [Together] But I'm the one you yell at! - What? - I remember this. - Remember what? You don't have to yell at me because you weren't paying attention. - I'm not yelling at you - Yes, you are.

- I got burnt and then I got angry. - No, you always do that. You always say that - [Together] something else that makes you angry but I'm the one you yell at.

(static) - Our first date. This place is cute. How'd you find it? - Honestly. I, I don't remember. - Oh no, it's great.

I'm just glad you asked me out. - Yeah, me too. - All right, folks, I'll give you a few minutes to look at the menu, but I just want to let you know our special for this evening is a delicious poached Whitefish served with a mango chutney. All right, folks.

I'll give you a few minutes to look at the menu but I want to let you know that our special for tonight is a delicious poached Whitefish with mango chutney. And for you sir? - What is happening? - I don't know. - Water? (water fills cup) - Do you understand? Do you understand? - I'm not ready for this. - [Alex] What? - Huh? - Ready for what? (fast paced Breathing) - Let's get out of here.

(piano music) - All right folks, I'll give you a few minutes to look at the menu. - Alex. Alex. Alex. (dramatic music) Alex. Alex.

Alex. Alex, where are you? Alex (dramatic music) - Hi - Hi - I'm Alex - Camille, Cam. - She said yes. Happy New Year. (cheerful music) Oh good morning, good morning.

I need those carrots - Do you understand? - Yes. I remember. - I need to be clear. The damage from the accident is permanent. He's not going to wake up. I understand this is difficult.

Some neurons are still firing. We can connect you two for a short period of time. You'll find each other in your memories.

You won't remember what happened right away. This will seem very real, therefore also very disorienting but this will all come back to you. Do you understand? - I'm not ready for this. - [Doctor] I know. You'll be able to say goodbye. That's all we can offer at this point.

You won't feel time the same way but we'll pull you out after an hour. - I want more time with him then. - I'm afraid it's not safe for you to be connected longer than that. (monitors beeping) I'll be right here the whole time. All right? Okay.

Close your eyes. - I'm sorry I yell at you. - I don't care. I don't know how much time I have left here.

- That's okay. It's okay. I just want to look at you.

I just want to look at you. - [Doctor] Cam? Cam? (monitors beeping)

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