Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2022: Official Replay

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2022: Official Replay

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...and then, for the grand finale... ...the camera will pan down from the billboard... just in time to see our team of acrobats doing flips in the air... the shape of the Flip phones, and diving into the water where... Brilliant!! What a genius idea... ...If our client were the circus! And they’re not. No, Julian. You’re next The theme for the Galaxy Experience space is FLEX, right? Well, when people think of FLEX, they usually think of strength...

but I think of agility and, flexibility, adaptability. Like, unlimited, infinite possibilities. The sky’s the limit. And in the sky... Julian. Does your idea include acrobatic divers as well?

Mayyybeee.. But they sing! Like Sam... -sing!? No, no, no... We need to think OUTSIDE THE BOX! UNPACKED is re-imagining the mobile experience through this hybrid event. So, think... aspirational, engaging.

Revolutionary! Revelatory! Something greater than before! Oh thank heavens. It’s time for an apéro. But it’s only 2:30pm. It’s Close enough! Revolutionary. Revelatory.

Outside the box. Outside the box... What about this? Like our mobiles, the baguette is an essential part of our daily lives... This would play in Paris. But not in London. Or New York.

It’s an international event, remember? She’s right. And respect the baguette please! AAUGGHH! Be careful It’s your fault! No, it’s your fault! He plays with the baguette! Sshh. Silence! This is it! La réFLEXion! It is telling us itself, see? It’s the greater than symbol. It is greater than and better than anything ever before... Hello. Thank you for joining us! When Samsung launched the first Galaxy Fold we opened a whole new mobile category: a new mobile experience.

engineered for a new era. For the first time ever, people had a choice: a smartphone as flexible and unique as you are. And reflecting the dynamic way we live today. A smartphone that unleashes freedom, progress, and wide open possibilities. Our foldable journey began more than a decade ago.

The challenge was a paradox — of size, functionality, and innovation. It took eight years to get from, a prototype screen. to the very first Samsung Galaxy Fold. Eight years of breaking barriers.

Engineering the impossible. The result, a new technology that makes a difference in people’s lives. As an engineer, there is no better feeling! Last year alone, almost 10 million people opened a foldable. Market growth has tripled.

Just three years ago, this category did not even exist. Now, we are leading it into the mainstream. Today, we are proud to introduce the fourth generation of Samsung Galaxy Foldables — The best we have ever created.

This is Unpacked. Welcome! That was amazing! When we pioneered the Foldables category, we wanted you to be able to imagine something different: An entirely new way to think about your smartphone. How it looks. How it works. What it can do. Our Foldables didn’t just introduce a new category.

they changed smartphone behavior — shifting how we use our devices, and giving us more control over what we’re doing in the moment. When you open your phone, you can really immerse yourself and focus. And the simple act of closing your device signals to your friends that they have your undivided attention. That’s an experience unique to our Foldables. They also inspire new ways to express what makes you so unique.

To tell you more, here’s Dillon. Thanks, Kim. Self-expression begins with the smartphone camera. And the Galaxy Z Flip4 brings a whole new world of perspective.

through FlexCam. You can capture photos and videos from different points of view, with bolder angles than ever before. ...from above, below, or anywhere in-between, effortlessly hold your device however you want, to get just the shot you want. Galaxy Z Flip4 has completely changed how I use my camera, and it will change the way you capture your life’s moments, too! Has this ever happened to you: you’re with your family or friends trying to get a group picture and you want everyone in it.

With the Galaxy Z Flip4, it’s like having a camera... and a tripod... all in one. It offers a hands-free experience that lets all of your loved ones be a part of the memory – without having to ask a random person for help! And the Galaxy Z Flip4 combines that hands-free experience with the power of Nightography... into one flexible package. The camera comes with brighter sensors and more powerful NPU than previous models. That combined with a pixel size increased from 1.4 to 1.8 microns helps you capture more vivid and detailed photos.

And with OIS and VDIS it’s easy to capture stable nighttime videos, too! FlexCam also works great in Instagram! You can film stories and reels hands-free. There’s so much you can do with that freedom. To share some of those unique experiences and more, here’s Adam from Instagram. Hi, I’m Adam Mosseri the head of Instagram, and thanks for giving me a couple minutes here today. Now Meta and Samsung have been an amazing partner for years now. And This year, we’re looking to deepen that partnership by improving the experiences of Meta apps on flip and fold devices that Samsung makes.

Now for Instagram, and for Facebook, that means focusing on reels which is driving so much growth for both of those apps. And making generic experiences that working really really well on these flip and fold devices. For messenger and for Whatsapp, it’s about improving the video chat experience on these devices. Because we want the Meta apps to be as amazing as possible on these amazing Samsung devices. And I’m particularly excited about something called Flex mode.

Which lets you put your device down and record content without even using your hands. Which is kind of amazing, and might just change the way that people create content more broadly. So check it out, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the event at Unpacked today. Thank you, Adam.

Isn’t it remarkable how much the Flip elevates how we use our smartphones? FlexCam brings amazing ways to capture selfies, too. The front-facing cameras on smartphones are typically smaller, so they don’t interfere with the full-screen experience. With the Galaxy Z Flip4 the powerful back camera becomes your selfie camera when you flip it closed! And you can see exactly how your shot will turn out, right on your cover screen! Bringing you higher-quality photos, videos, and now even portraits, too! And that’s not all the cover screen offers! The way we’re using our smartphones has been changing. Many of us are trying to manage our phone usage, so we can connect more with the world.

The act of closing your Flip sends a message to those around you: that you’re ready to fully engage in conversation! But, when you need to, you can discretely check notifications on your Flip’s cover screen, without interrupting the moment. It adds so much convenience to my daily routines! I can check and reply to new messages. Or, if I forgot to turn off my lights at home, I can do it remotely through SmartThings all without opening my phone! My cover screen even makes it easy to pay for a cup of coffee. Thanks! My cover screen is my hub: where I keep all my cards, plus my license, tickets, and so much more. It helps me do more, while carrying less! And it’s all securely protected by defense-grade Samsung Knox, so I know my data is safe. The Galaxy Z Flip4’s cover screen is more practical and more personal to you.

Because you can customize the cover screen with your favorite clock, GIFs, or even videos! This cover screen is only one part of the Galaxy Z Flip4’s design. It has more solid modeling, a smaller hinge, and bolder camera housing compared to previous models and, it has an aesthetic contrast between the matte back glass and the glossier metal frame, which makes it especially stylish. The all-new Galaxy Z Flip4 comes in four matte-finish shades: Graphite, Pink Gold, Blue, and our favorite, Bora Purple the iconic color that defines the Flip series. And speaking of icons...

Bora Purple looks amazing, doesn’t it? It’s the shade that Samsung is known for. And now, it’s also available on our Galaxy S22. When we design our devices we don’t just focus on aesthetics.

We make changes that strengthen durability, too. To help it withstand accidents that can happen in everyday life, the Galaxy Z Flip4 comes with an armor aluminum frame. We are bringing you advanced durability on both of your displays. The cover screen has our strongest glass and the main display has an improved Ultra-Thin Glass.

And, of course, our phones are still the world’s only water resistant Foldables, with an IPX8 rating. So, you can rest assured that your phone will stay protected from the occasional spill or rainy day. Durability is all about being able to rely on your device. Knowing that it’s protected and knowing that you can count on it for longer. We wanted to bring you improved battery life, without compromising the Flip’s design. We made the hinge slimmer, too.

which made space for that improved battery – giving you a longer charge which you’ll need, because we use our smartphones every day, in so many ways. Like for video calling! Google Meet takes that experience up a notch. Built right into your device, you can now easily schedule calls straight from the Calendar and connect with more people while sharing experiences together! You can watch videos on YouTube or listen to Spotify together with friends - opening up more ways to connect with the people you care about, right on Google Meet. The Galaxy Z Flip4 lets you do more things at once, even while being so compact.

Whether you’re booking a flight while watching videos, or messaging while on a video call your experience is seamless – and all it takes is a few simple swipes. And we continue to collaborate with our partners to develop more of these unique experiences, for our Foldables! The Galaxy Z Flip4 is all about uniqueness. From its experiences to its design.

We want our tech to be a reflection of who we are, so it’s important for our phones to be customizable inside and out. Introducing... Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition. Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition brings you more options. Giving you greater opportunities to customize your smartphone to your liking! With five body colors and three frame colors, mix and match for a combination that captures your exact personality, and iconic style.

And that customization experience extends to the inside of our Galaxy devices. One UI 4 empowers you to use and personalize your smartphone, your way! Today, we are setting new standards for sound. Our hi-fi 24-bit audio unfolds layers of detail with a high-dynamic range. It means that the precise and detailed sounds from these Buds will wake up nearly every sense in your body! When we’re using wireless earbuds, we usually connect them through Bluetooth which can deliver up to 16-bit sound. But for a truly revolutionary sound experience you need 24-bit audio.

It’s an experience that is 256-times more precise and detailed In order to overcome these limitations, we developed the Samsung seamless codec to enable the sound to be transferred in its original, full quality wirelessly! And the new Coaxial 2-way speaker makes those sounds clearer and richer than ever so you can experience every detail of your music... on par with what you would expect on wired earbuds. And no matter what you’re listening to with improved Intelligent 360 Audio, it’ll feel more realistic, too! The 360 audio algorithm processes sound signals with directional filters, so you can listen to sound that feels like it’s coming through multi-channel speakers.

I love to listen to music when I’m in the zone, at work. When I have my Galaxy Buds2 Pro in, I can zero in on what I’m doing. Their expanded Active Noise Cancellation is now more powerful than ever! And what’s really convenient is that if I need to chat with someone, my Buds2 Pro can recognize when I start talking, and they adjust their sound automatically. So I can get a quick response, and then, dive right back into what I was doing! All without taking out my Buds.

At the end of a long day, I love catching up with my friends. When I’m calling on my Galaxy Buds2 Pro, my friends can hear me clearly, even over background noise, all through personalized beamforming. You can also capture better sound when vlogging. So when people play your video back, they will feel transported to that very moment, as if they are right there beside you.

And later this year, we’re bringing LE audio to the Galaxy Buds2 Pro – a first for our Galaxy Buds lineup. It will let you record more realistic 360 sound, to capture the world precisely as you hear it. I love that my Buds provide powerful sound while still looking slick. And for game-changing comfort, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro have been redesigned with a new size and fit. And if you misplace your Buds2 Pro SmartThings Find now makes locating your lost Buds easy! Whether they’re inside their case or not.

After a long day, many of us enjoy unwinding with our favorite show, or movie. But have you ever watched TV late at night while your family was fast asleep? Buds2 Pro can pair easily with your Galaxy devices, including your Samsung TV! So you can enjoy your down time, without disturbing anyone. And if a friend calls, your Galaxy Buds2 Pro will easily switch over to your phone – then, it’s back to the TV! Your connected ecosystem is there to make your everyday life more convenient. And today I’m super excited because I got access to the brand-new Galaxy Watch5. Let’s set it up! I can easily transfer data with Smart Switch just like that! It even pre-sets my old watch face! And let’s see what new ones we’ve got.

You can personalize your watch face using photos and stylish clocks, with intricate colors and details. This one is my favorite. The new Galaxy Watch5 comes in two sizes and four colors. And for the first time in our wearables, the Galaxy Watch5 series is equipped with Sapphire Crystal, a premium material that makes your Watch5 tough, so it can keep up with your active lifestyle! Our Galaxy Watch5 also has an advanced workout algorithm that helps you track many different workouts.

It can help you understand your health, putting valuable insights at your fingertips. You can even track how your body composition changes over time! One of the best parts about our Galaxy Watches is the sleep-tracking technology. It helps me monitor different stages of sleep – detecting snoring, and even tracking my blood oxygen levels and heart rate. That way, I can figure out how deeply I’m sleeping through the night. And all of that health data comes together in Samsung Health. The app is a hub where you can find insights about your health and wellness! It also delivers personalized health and coaching programs to better understand your habits, in order to better manage your overall health! And now...

Galaxy Watch5 can track those health metrics with more accuracy. The Galaxy Watch5 has an increased surface area, which makes more contact with your wrist, helping it provide more accurate readings It also comes with our advanced BioActive Sensor, which combines three sensors into one. Its smaller design delivers enhanced performance. Powered by a single chip, it can track your heart rate, body composition, sleep, and more. It’s groundbreaking tech, right there on your wrist! The Galaxy Watch5 really is all about you, your needs, and your health.

And today, we’re excited to introduce the addition of an all-new temperature sensor to our Galaxy Watch5. To tell you more, back to you, Kim. The Galaxy Watch5 series is packed with innovative hardware and software that work together to meet your needs.

As Dillon mentioned, the Galaxy Watch5 comes with an all-new infrared temperature sensor. It’s an innovation that will expand what our wearables can do. We plan to work with developers to explore and unlock new ways to use this sensor so you can benefit from it in the near future. This infrared temperature sensor can provide more accurate readings, even if the temperature of your surroundings change! When it comes to your health data and other sensitive information, you want it to be private, right? Samsung Knox provides the security you need for your personal information to remain personal. This defense-grade protection means that your information will stay private.

Because at Samsung, we have a core belief: that privacy is nothing without strong security. And it’s applied across our Galaxy ecosystem – from our phones, to our Watches. With Samsung Knox Vault, you’re able to securely store your passwords, authentication keys, and biometric data to enjoy peace of mind. There are some things you don’t mind sharing. Others, you want to keep private. The choice should always be yours.

With Privacy Dashboard, you have the power to manage your own privacy settings. Choose what apps get access to your location, camera, and microphone. It’s all in one convenient place and it puts the control back into your hands. Privacy is closing the curtains. Security is having a strong, well-structured home.

Across your Galaxy ecosystem, we’re making sure that you get both. Your Galaxy devices, from the Watch5 to the Buds2 Pro, will pair and work together seamlessly with your Galaxy Z Flip4, enhancing so many aspects of your everyday life. While your Watch5 helps take your health to new heights, your new Galaxy Buds2 Pro will deliver the ultimate power of hi-fi audio helping you tune into or out of the world around you while focusing on your fitness. All of these experiences are powered by your Galaxy Z Flip4’s Qualcomm AP 4 nanometer chipset! [Bringing you our latest and most powerful flagship performance yet.] I’m thrilled to get my hands on the brand-new Galaxy Z Flip4.

It delivers more flexible and unique experiences, that reimagine what a smartphone can do! The Galaxy Z Flip4 will be available for 999 dollars starting on August 26th. On that same day, Buds2 Pro will be available for 229 dollars, and Galaxy Watch5 will be available from 279 dollars. At Samsung, taking care of the planet – our home – is something we care deeply about. We have a responsibility to serve all people. To use our scale, strength, and reach to help pave the way for a brighter future.

We’re all members of a global community. And when we work together, we can take powerful steps toward a sustainable future for all. I’m so proud of our Galaxy for the Planet initiative – our commitment to taking tangible environmental action across the Galaxy ecosystem.

To do that, we’re bringing our eye for innovation to our sustainability efforts. That includes using discarded fish nets as recycled materials in many of our Galaxy devices. In all of this a cleaner, brighter future is our vision. To tell you more about that, here’s Pranveer.

Thank you, Kim. You have often heard us say that sustainability and innovation go hand-in-hand. Today, with Galaxy for the Planet, we are proving it! Earlier this year, we introduced a novel innovative material that repurposes one of ocean’s main sources of plastic waste: discarded fishing nets.

The Galaxy S22 series was the first ever smartphone to incorporate this new material. And now, 90% of the Galaxy devices we’ve launched this year include at least one component made of recycled materials, either ocean-bound plastic or post-consumer material But, this is just the beginning. Going forward, we will keep investing in new and innovative eco-conscious materials to further reduce our carbon footprint.

And we invite more industry peers to join forces with us! Beyond how we make our products, we’re also changing the way they’re packaged. Starting with Galaxy S22 – and now, with the new Galaxy foldables – we’re using 100% recycled paper in our packaging. This is the same as saving about 51,000 trees by the end of this year.

The packaging of the new Galaxy foldables has also been reduced up to 58% compared to the first generation. This equates to reducing almost 10,000 tons of carbon emissions from transportation this year alone. Samsung has set clear goals – and we are well on our way to achieving our 2025 roadmap, advancing power-saving technologies, and reducing e-waste by providing new life for old Samsung Galaxy devices. We pledge to do more with less – and to hold ourselves accountable on this open and collaborative journey.

Centering your needs, and placing you at the heart of every improvement we make. Over to TM, to explain more about our vision for innovation. Thank you so much! We engineer innovations that matter to the people who use them. Innovations that enable and enrich your daily lives. To move the mobile industry forward AND to reimagine what a phone can BE. With every new foldable, we are innovating without compromise.

Every gram... every millimeter... requires an engineering breakthrough. It demands craftsmanship and passion.

Our mission is to make technology accessible to all. Today, we are proud to introduce the next evolution of that mission— These are foldables for the mainstream. They raise the bar for productivity. So you can work, collaborate and game— Seamlessly, on-the-go. They are designed with sustainability in mind — so you can continue to help protect our planet.

And the best part is: they are the most durable and powerful Galaxy foldables yet. Engineered to adapt with your changing lifestyle. The fourth generation of Galaxy foldables unfold mobile experiences greater than the world has ever seen. Since the first launch, our Fold series has been the epitome of innovation.

And we never settle. Our consumers have asked: “Can the Fold be lighter? Can it be stronger?” Our engineers tackled this paradox by making incredible improvements to the hinge and display. The hinge is at the very heart of the Foldable experience – powering the unparalleled flexibility that makes these devices so unique.

The first three generations of the Fold used gear components which enabled the screen to be folded and unfolded, equally and seamlessly. However, that geared design made it difficult for us to reduce the weight and size of the Fold’s hinge but we knew we wanted that hinge to be slimmer. Our engineers confronted this challenge by developing a new, unprecedented solution. Instead of functioning with interlocking components, the hinge’s new mechanism brings a rotational effect to a more traditionally linear motion. This change allowed us to slim down the Fold4’s hinge making it lighter overall. And even with major reductions in weight and size, this newly-designed hinge is just as durable as the original gear-based construction resulting in the slimmest and lightest hinge for our Fold yet...

It’s truly an amazing feat. But our engineers weren’t satisfied with simply improving the hinge. We continued to search for other ways to make the Fold lighter without sacrificing durability. Our Fold’s display is made up of multiple layers, including a metal layer that supports the display and protects the digitizer. But that layer adds weight to the device.

To make the Fold lighter without weakening its display, we re-imagined the Fold4’s display design. We opted to remove the metal layer. And we strengthened the digitizer with fiber-reinforced plastic a lightweight material used in cars, and even aircrafts... to make it firmer.

Then, we turned to the panel layer, which powers the light inside the display to show content on the screen. By upgrading a select layer of the panel with a stiffer material, we were able to enhance the protection around the numerous wires, so your viewing experience isn’t interrupted. We also improved the damping structure with sponges to increase the amount of shock that the display can absorb. Instead of simply increasing the thickness of the sponge, we upgraded the material to improve the Compression Force Deflection value of the sponge, so that it can better disperse external shock. From our layer-by-layer improvements, to our durability tests... our engineers crafted a device that performs at the highest level – the next generation of Foldables.

This is our lightest and strongest Fold ever, offering our consumers more rewarding experiences than before. We will continue to raise the bar and set new standards for the smartphone industry... And we’ll do all of this together... with you. The Galaxy Z Fold4 has arrived! It’s an incredible piece of technology that will change your entire smartphone experience. You can personalize it for your needs! Helping you be more productive and collaborative with others. What I love the most is how this device feels in my hand.

It feels premium with a slimmer hinge, its design feels more balanced. Thinner bezels make room for a wider cover display, without increasing overall width. When unfolded, that wider area and those slimmer bezels provide an incredibly immersive viewing experience on the main display. We improved the Under Display Camera on our Galaxy Z Fold4, so you can more fully engage with it all! Our new UDC’s sub-pixel arrangement is scatter-type.

That makes the pattern on your display even less visible, so your favorite content is easier to see. The immersive experience on the Fold makes me feel more connected to the content and the stories that I love. Underneath this immersive display, we’re bringing you an improved Under Display Camera, with advanced image processing technology. This camera comes inside a phone that offers more flexibility, an enhanced multi-tasking experience, and an absolutely amazing screen.

To help you take full advantage of all of that space, we’re bringing you the best of One UI 4 and Android 12L. Together, they deliver enhanced personalization, collaboration, and productivity experiences which are most notable on our new Taskbar! It will help you multi-task with more ease than ever before. Over to Camille, to show us more. Thanks, Nick.

Hi everyone! If you’re like me, you’re a multi-tasker. And us multitaskers have a lot on our plates. To get everything done efficiently, we need something greater something to help us stay organized and on top of everything.

That’s where Galaxy Z Fold4 comes in. Over the course of a day, I’m going back and forth between my email, my work documents, my group chats, social media, and more. Taskbar on Galaxy Z Fold4 helps me move smoothly between different apps taking my multitasking experience to another level.

I have my most-used apps pinned on the bottom of my home screen. These, as well as my most recently-used apps, automatically sync with the Taskbar – so I can easily switch between them. So convenient, right? When I’m working, Microsoft’s productivity suite is a must.

And combined with the power of Microsoft, Galaxy Z Fold4 helps me get so much done, so much faster. Word and Excel have improved layouts within the Microsoft Office app, and work well side by side, which lets me do this! I can do everything I need right here, without pulling out my PC. We all know that Office and Outlook work hand in hand, so I’ve even created a shortcut for quick access from the Taskbar. This is smartphone productivity on another level! Emails are more efficient too.

I can write, draw, or even sign things right in my email, using the S Pen. Aaaand it’s off! The S Pen experience is something totally unique. Because it really helps enhance your productivity, especially when paired with Samsung Notes. To stay productive, we also need video calls to keep us connected to our coworkers. I love how I can view the presentation and brainstorm with my team, all at once... and hands free!

Like this, on Microsoft Teams. Productivity means different things for different people. And Galaxy Z Fold4 can cater to your everyday needs – starting with the camera! This Fold comes with a 10-megapixel tele lens with 3 times optical zoom, and a 50MP wide lens providing enhanced resolution.

NIGHTOGRAPHY is also next level, with a larger sensor that lets in more light. That means more impressive night-view pictures that are 23 percent brighter! This is great, because even when you’re inside somewhere dim, like a restaurant, you can get amazing shots without having to blind anyone with the flash. We’ve also upgraded SPACE ZOOM, so now, you can see what you’re shooting without losing track of what you’re zooming in on! That includes your own face, too! You can take a high-resolution selfie with the rear camera, all while previewing your shot on the cover screen. And you’ll love the final result! These are just some of the ways our Foldables change how you’re using your smartphone helping you get something more out of your camera experience. A lot of us unwind by catching up on our feeds. We worked with our partners to elevate these experiences on the Galaxy Z Fold4.

Just look at how the TikTok experience has been upgraded for the larger screen! You can also discover new videos on YouTube or easily share your favorites! We are working with partners to continue to create more experiences that are optimized for the Fold. Whether you’re watching your favorite shows ...or catching up with friends and family... the Fold gives us the freedom to socialize how we want to! The larger screen has also changed how I shop on my phone. Do you shop around to compare prices? I sure do! I always want to get the best deals. Now, you can conveniently access the browser It makes comparing prices, colors, and looks easier... all thanks to the versatility of the Fold! Another huge part of your social life is gaming! You can play and chat at the same time, [for a more social experience.]

The view on the Galaxy Z Fold4 is unrivaled and the power behind it is, too. This Foldable delivers a great gaming experience. It has our most advanced chipset: a Qualcomm processor that delivers improvements in CPU, NPU, and GPU. And through AI, software tuning, and advanced algorithms your gaming experience has been even more optimized. All while maintaining powerful gameplay! Connecting with one another – through gaming and beyond – is what makes our days brighter and better. The Galaxy Z Fold4 will help you socialize in deeper and more fulfilling ways than ever before... it truly delivers something more!

Back to you, Nick. The Galaxy Z Fold4 is like having a console for gaming, a PC for work, and an immersive portal into your favorite social apps, and experiences. All packed into one powerful and flexible device. With this performance and beyond, we are committed to bringing you open and unrestricted access to the latest technological advances. To do that, we’ve always forged deep relationships with key partners... like Google.

And we’ve continued to push the industry forward. Together, we developed enhanced experiences that take full advantage of the unique flexibility that our Foldables offer. From web browsing on Chrome... to video chatting on Meet.

We’ve been expanding our partnership across our ecosystem. Even to smartwatches! Last year, we launched Wear OS Powered by Samsung bringing our latest innovations to more Android users. There are now more than three times as many active Wear OS watches.

And today, we’re excited to grow the industry even further. Here’s Bjorn from Google, to tell you more. Thanks, Nick! I’m excited to be here today.

Over the last year, we’ve focused on delivering major benefits to your watch. From making it seamless to access apps on Google Play, to bringing users’ favorite Google experiences to Galaxy Watches, we’re dedicated to making Wear OS better for you. We’re bringing more of the world’s most popular media apps to Wear OS this year. You’ll see new experiences from SoundCloud and Deezer, designed for listening from your watch. You’ll be able to leave your phone behind during a workout, while keeping the content that matters most close to you. We also recently introduced a new Google Assistant for Galaxy Watches.

We’re working to bring deeper integrations to the experience with your favorite apps, like this one from Spotify. If I want to get in the zone for a run, I’ll say Hey Google, play my workout playlist on Spotify. And later this year, we’re making it so you don’t even need your phone to use Google Maps on your watch. So if I happen to get lost on that run, I'll be able to navigate home.

We also want to improve how you discover your next favorite app. With new device home pages in the Google Play Store on your phone, you can see curated collections just for the devices that matter most to you, like your Galaxy Watch. And later this year, we’re bringing newer app collections and an improved home page with personalized recommendations to Google Play on your watch.

I am thrilled about continuing our collaboration to bring innovation to the next generation of wearables, and I can’t wait for all of you to try this out on Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch5. Thank you for having me here today! Back to you Nick. Thank you, Bjorn! We’re very proud of our partnership with Google. And today, we’re excited to continue growing the wearable space ...with our most high-tech Galaxy Watch yet. Made for people who love to explore the great outdoors pushing yourselves at every turn, and across every terrain. Introducing... the Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

Both the Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Watch5 Pro bring you unmatched innovation - helping you reach your full potential and push your fitness levels to new, unprecedented heights. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro has a wide selection of watch faces that are great for outdoor workouts! From what time the sun is going to set – so you’re not hiking after dark – to a compass that keeps you hiking in the right direction. These watch faces can help you explore remote terrains. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro has an all-new Route Workout experience, which provides turn-by-turn directions... through voice and vibrations! So you can stay focused on the scenery, and not on your wrist. Best of all, friends or your workout groups can sync GPX-format file routes from Samsung Health and try the same trail, marathon, or cycling courses as you! For accountability, or even, a little friendly competition.

And when you reach the finish line what a sense of accomplishment. You want to focus on that feeling, and not worry about getting back to where you started from. The new Track Back function on Galaxy Watch5 Pro helps you get safely back to your starting point, with more ease than ever. Your Galaxy Watch5 Pro has a large battery. So you can focus on adventuring, while your wearable covers the rest.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro excels in the outdoors because it can brave the toughest terrains, with its Sapphire Crystal display. Two times harder than the display of Galaxy Watch4, its strong titanium frame provides additional protection! And through it all, your Watch will look stylish and elegant Galaxy Watch5 Pro comes in two sophisticated colors: Black Titanium and Gray Titanium. And, depending on the occasion, the new D-buckle band can work with a stylish or a sporty look. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro brings you a durable design that can stand up to nature... and with our most high-tech functions yet, it keeps you motivated through all your workouts! The Galaxy Watch5 Pro will be available on August 26th from 449 dollars. And for those of you like me who love golf, there’s also a special Watch5 Golf Edition! From our latest smartwatches to, to our Foldables, and beyond, we’re very excited for you to experience all the new devices we’re launching this year.

Our Galaxy Z Fold4 encompasses some of our most powerful innovations ever and pushes the boundaries of our industry, completely re-imagining what technology can do for you. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Galaxy Z Fold4. It’s available from August the 26th in select countries starting at 1,799 dollars.

Pre-orders start today. And if you pre-order, you will receive a complimentary year of Samsung Care Plus, which provides coverage for accidents like drops and damage. So you can really enjoy your new device, worry-free. I’m very proud of all of the products we’ve introduced at our Unpacked today. From the Galaxy Buds2 Pro that set unprecedented standards for sound to the Galaxy Watch5 series that empowers you to take charge of your health there’s so much you can do with these devices.

And they all pair seamlessly with our Foldable phones. Whether you’re grabbing our new Fold, or the new, iconic Flip, both will change the way you use and think about your smartphone. From more ways to express yourself, to more possibilities for your productivity it’s time to experience something more. Thank you.

I’d like to express my deepest appreciation to my Samsung colleagues — for your passion... and dedication. I want to thank our partners as well —who innovate alongside us, helping to advance the latest mobile technologies. And most importantly, I want to thank all of YOU, our Galaxy community. You are our inspiration - and the reason we exist.

Today, life opens up with Galaxy. Are you ready to experience something greater than anything you’ve ever seen before? Oui!! We have prepared a special Galaxy Unpacked experience. Come and join us in New York and London to enjoy Samsung's latest Foldables first hand!

2022-08-16 20:25

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