Rebranding Live Stream - Kia Argentina

Rebranding Live Stream - Kia Argentina

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Welcome! Kia is embarking on a new journey of inspiration And I want you to join us. But first, I hope that all of you, your families and your loved ones, Are doing well in this particular and difficult moment that we have to endure. Kia began its history in 1944, and from that moment on, it lived through a unique path of growth and improvement. The production of its first car began in 1962, In the 80s it expanded outside of Korea, and in 1992 it launched the Sephia, the first independently developed car. Then came the SUVs such as Sportage and Sorento which we know so well in Argentina, All through today, in which Kia is the protagonist of the automobile industry, It's the 8th brand by volume in the global automotive ranking Building its image thanks to quality, robustness, reliability and innovative design.

It's time to take another step in this incredible story. Today, I am proud to share with you the total transformation of the Kia Brand for the future, which was globally announced a few months ago, and today kicks off in Latin America, and particularly in Argentina. Let's talk about inspiration. Redefining our purpose as a brand: At Kia, we believe movement inspires ideas.

That is why, through our products and services, we create the space for you to get inspired And more time for your ideas to come to life. We also redefine our vision for the future: To create sustainable mobility solutions for consumers, the community and global society. This leads Kia to seek a leadership position in the global Electric Vehicle market, As well as to implement sustainable manufacturing processes through the use of recyclable materials and clean energy. We want to create a new work culture, to empower those of us who make up Kia around the world And to put the customer at the heart of our decisions and actions. In this sense, Kia is focusing on experience and connected services so that both our products and our services perfectly complement our costumers lifestyles. We are proposing a new product and design philosophy.

A change in our logo. This new Kia needed a new logo that could express more fully its new brand purpose and its commitment to lead change and innovation. A new business strategy, moving from a traditional model based on the production and sale of cars, To offering innovative and sustainable mobility solutions to improve the daily lives of our customers. As a first declaration of our total transformation, Kia is changing not only its logo, but also its corporate name. It's no longer Kia Motors Corporation, it's simply Kia.

Welcome to this new journey of inspiration. Welcome to the new Kia. Kia is a brand that is always on the move, a movement that inspires. From the constant incorporation of new technologies to the uninterrupted launch of new products and designs, All developed around the client and their needs.

For us, "movement that inspires" is not just a catchphrase, but the way we think and live at Kia. That movement and transformation so typical of our brand is what we see reflected in the new logo. With a symmetry designed to demonstrate confidence in the future and the reliability of the product and service But also with strong ascending lines that represent the ambition of the brand, and of those who choose us.

The new logo is a symbol of inspiration that seeks to spread the confidence we have in the future to continue generating unique experiences in customers through our products. Color is also a big part of the change, as this contrasting combination of midnight black and polar white speaks to the myriad of opportunities we envision for everything to come. While secondary colors evoke human quality And the different natural elements that we value and feel essential to achieve our goals.

However, the most important thing for us, is that you can perceive in this logo the new vision of the company, which believes that mobility and transport are fundamental elements for people. Movement inspires us. Every movement, every step we take, we take to inspire. Movement that inspires. We believe that movement inspires ideas. That's why at Kia we create the space for you to be inspired and more time to bring your ideas to life.

Movement that inspires. Good ideas. They come to you.

When you are on the move. Bring ideas to life. Good ideas come to you when you are on the move. Bring ideas to life. Get moving. Get inspired. Our ideas are born from inspiration, they come from the needs of our customers, and end in the future we envision for our brand. That's why our focus is not only on vehicle production. But in improving the customer experience, so that it perfectly complements their lifestyle.

We want our products to provide an instinctive and natural human experience that inspires those who choose us, as well as ourselves. Because we believe that movement is the source of human growth, not just a right, but a necessity to learn, discover and grow. As we study and design our future vehicles, we are driven by our purpose, our philosophy and our mission: that movement inspires us. That inspiration is what helps us generate everything we do. We believe that our brand and design have to work together in symmetry, So that our future allows us to leave a mark.

Opposites united is the definition of our design philosophy. We celebrate the perfection and simplicity of nature, And apply it to everything we do. We want to share with you our vision, in which nature and modernity can coexist. We want you to witness that even in moments of tension you can find a feeling of serenity. Create memorable and emotional moments in life, Giving them technology, using it to put people in the first place. We want you to feel that you can even discover joy.

We can combine them creating unique experiences, Designing vehicles that symbolize the power of speed. We define the meaning of progress with inventions and innovations that inspire the way we think, move and live. With this in mind, we create time and space to inspire you.

Movement is also challenging ourselves in every step we take towards the future. That is why our brand is focused on the popularization of electric vehicles, and plans to reinforce its global product line with the introduction of seven new electric vehicles by 2027. Just a few weeks ago, the new EV6 was launched globally, A vehicle that demonstrates the new global strategy for sustainable mobility.

These new models will include a range of commercial and passenger vehicles across various segments, each incorporating industry-leading technology for long-range driving, and high-speed charging from the new Modular Electric Platform. And to take even more care of the future we envision, We also promote sustainable manufacturing through the use of clean energy and renewable materials. Our plant in Anantapur, India is a clear example of this. Since there are no polluting emissions, and the water is 100% recycled. In a constantly transforming society, It's important to adapt to the changes and to evolve, in order to improve everything we already know.

Therefore, in the coming months, we will be launching in our country two new vehicles already known in our market, capable of meeting all the needs of our customers. These new models represent a radical change compared to their previous generations, incorporating sophisticated systems of driving aids, advanced safety systems, as well as a new language of technological and sophisticated design. The simplicity and perfection of nature. First up, the 4th generation Carnival, with a stronger and more streamlined presence, with new futuristic details and an SUV-inspired design. The Sorento evolves into its 4th generation, designed to maintain a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic For the new generations of Kia SUVs. This global trend toward SUVs is here to stay.

These new models, together with the Seltos and the new generation of Sportage, represent the constant evolution of our products and our brand's commitment to the future. We see this new era of mobility and evolution as a unique opportunity to take the design of our creations as far as we can imagine. Because we know that only in this way can we satisfy and inspire this society in constant movement.

As we begin this new journey, we hope to continue building and strengthening the relationship between design and brand. Forcing ourselves to be better each day, creating better products, better experiences and improving the quality of life of our customers. We believe in the power of ideas, in the power of progress, and in the power of inspiration.

At Kia, we believe movement inspires ideas, this is the reason why Kia evolves. It evolves towards a new Kia, which puts people at the center, offering products and services adapted to their needs, and offering a new mobility experience, through technology. And a new design language, always in a sustainable manner. It evolves into a new Kia. Which is manifested through its new logo and its new brand motto.

And this global evolution is going to have concrete manifestations in Argentina. It all comes together through our strengths, through what has already been achieved, and going further. With new products such as the next Carnival and Sorento, which will complement our current SUV range, proposing innovative designs, technologies and experiences. With new ways of communicating with our customers, And new services, such as the next e-commerces and virtual service channels. With hybrid and electric products to come in the future.

At Kia we believe in the power of Ideas, In the power of Movement, in the power of Inspiration. And that's the reason why, from Kia Argentina, we want to inspire you too. To ask ourselves what moves us. That's when we must move forward. Moving. To find inspiration.

Trust. To get out of our comfort zone. To explore new terrain. To defy the rules. We are ready.

For new challenges. Kia. Movement that inspires. Thanks!

2021-08-10 00:03

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