Q&A Session - New Innovative Cyanide Monitoring Technology

Q&A Session - New Innovative Cyanide Monitoring Technology

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Hi everyone. Thank you for joining us today. My name is Borka Hajdin, and I'm a Content Marketing Expert at CyanoGuard. Today we're gonna introduce you to CyanoGuards technology and answer all the questions regarding our technology and our solution.

We are going to start with this session, and in today's session we are gonna introduce you to our innovative cyanide monitoring solution. How can you increase the gold extraction with our solution, and also how you can test our solution and introduction to our cyanide monitoring solution, and we are gonna go to our main part of this session, and that is our Q&A session. Today's speakers are Alexandra Murray and Luis Neiszer. They are Business Developers at CyanoGuard. And both of them have expertise within the mining industry.

Alex more from the operations side, and Luis more from the chemical side. Now I'm going to let Alex to take over. Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today. I'm going to start out with just a brief introduction of our CyanoGuards' technology. We offer a three-fold solution that gives you the power to control your cyanide usage.

Starting on the left, we have a single-use test cartridges, which change color when exposed to a diluted cyanide sample, which is possible due to our patented non-hazardous molecule housed within the test cartridges. In the center, you can see our CyanoSmart handheld device. This digitally analyses the test cartridges and instantly displays a quantitative result. These results are transmitted to the online platform with GPS information and customizable tagging properties.

The device minimizes operator error and can recognize incorrect measurements, and avoid offset measurements. And finally, on the right, you can see our Cyano.IO, an online Cyanide Management Cloud platform. This platform is customizable to your team's specific needs and provides advanced data analytics and visualization in real-time on any internet-capable device. Additionally, the platform can easily export data into any format you need. Thank you, Alex.

Thank you Borka, and welcome everybody to this session. I'll take over this part. Well, the main objective of CyanoGuard is very simple, it is to make cyanide visible. And by making cyanide visible, you're able to reduce costs with the CyanoSmart mobile analyzer. We are a cyanide optimization program that goes hand in hand with CyanoSmart mobile analyzer. And we also have a solution that gives you a better advantage to manage and control your cyanide during the operation.

By making cyanide visible you're also able to increase recoveries with the implementation of laboratory-based practices. Also, with the use of our platform of data learning and artificial intelligence, and through our partnerships by using process control and simulation software. And additionally, by making cyanide visible, you're able to reinforce your relationships with both the communities you operate and the investors that support your growth. This is basically achieved by assuring measuring of the cyanide levels are in compliance with the "Cyanide Code" levels.

We can also provide third-party environmental cyanide audits and we also have done due diligence for investors in the terms of cyanide. So next slide, please. I will briefly share why CyanoGuards' solution gives you an advantage.

CyanoGuards' solution can give your site a clear advantage over traditional cyanide management practices. By implementing our solution you can see up to a 15% decrease in cyanide consumption, a 2% increase in gold production, and a 20% decrease in detox reagent costs. Your site can see a significant return on investment (ROI) with the increased real-time knowledge gained with our solution. So one unique aspect of our company is that we offer a pilot program, the pilot program gives our partners the opportunity to trial the solution and see the potential results prior to permanent implementation. The objective of our pilot program is to allow our partners to test and evaluate CyanoGuards' solution for themselves and their teams.

The program includes a detailed SOP of the CyanoGuards technology specific to your site, all necessary training and materials, and a detailed report summarizing your trials results. Ideally, the pilot program will take place over a period of three to four weeks to allow for complete information gathering. And our pilot program is divided into four steps. The first one is to provide technical inputs, with them, we will have a better understanding of the challenges of your operation, and how our solution could help you.

The second one is to establish the baseline parameters. This is important because, with the baseline, we will measure the success of the project and the increase in recoveries and the reduction in cost. The third one is to execute the pilot project, as Alex mentioned, it is about three to four weeks, this depending on the scope and the challenges your operation has.

And the fourth and last one is to conduct the evaluation of the project. In summary, this whole project takes about five to six weeks, depending on your challenges and your needs. So, now we will jump to the Q&A part. We will read the questions that you submitted prior to this session. And then if you have more questions about the solutions, please feel free to post them in the chat. So, I will start.

The first one is: What makes CyanoGuard's solution unique? I will say this is a combination of both technology and personalized support, as we see every mine and every operation has a unique business case with its own challenges, priorities and budget. Now, Alex, I will jump to you for the second one. First, thank you.

Do you make site visits to major users to make sure they're using it correctly? And the answer to that is, of course, we visit all of our users for a variety of reasons, such as demonstrations, onboarding, training, and any follow-up training and troubleshooting. Additionally, we are available for questions and troubleshooting via phone, email, or video calling daily in a range of time zones. Back to you Luis. Yeah, so the next question is: Why is your technology better than the existing methods? Well, it's basically on the chemistry side, as our sensor has a high affinity to cyanide.

Our sensor is based on vitamin B12. If you remember vitamin B12 is part of the medical treatment kit to treat cyanide intoxication. So, as I said, our sensor has a high affinity to cyanide, making it interference-free.

And I will say that this, and the combination of the digital part, we provide, makes our technology just better than the other solutions that are currently in the market. The next question please, Alex. Next step, we have: What is the expected accuracy of the results? The CyanoGuard s solution has an expected margin of error of less than 5% which decreases as the user becomes more proficient with the testing procedure. Okay, so the next one: How can we achieve a higher gold yield by using your solution? Basically, when you have other metals apart from gold in the solution, other metals have the disadvantage that they might overread the free cyanide available. So, this can result in an underdosing of cyanide and therefore getting less recoveries. Our solution gives you the exact reading of the cyanide that you have available to leach gold and therefore, by adding the right amount of cyanide, you could increase the gold recoveries in your plant.

Thank you. Next question is what range of cyanide content is within the normal ability of the machine? So, this was also asked in our Q&A question box. The device can detect from 0.1 ppm to 4000 ppm of cyanide.

The next one is: How can we optimize our cyanide monitoring process by using your solution? Well, as I mentioned our method gives you a fast and reliable result of the cyanide available to leach gold in your process. So, this will allow you to make decisions faster and more accurately, and therefore reduce the cyanide unit cost and also other costs associated with the cyanide circuit that could be lime, or oxygen, or some detox reagents. Excellent. What must the users do with used sample containers? Once used the test cartridge is safe to dispose of in any trash receptacle due to the minimal cyanide needed for the testing procedure. Additionally, these cartridges are simply made of plastic and are safe to toss.

There is no cutting hazard there. And if you're interested in recycling the used cartridges can be shipped back to Zurich for recycling by our team at our Zurich headquarters. So, the next one is about the customers that are using our solution currently.

So, unfortunately, we cannot disclose the names of the companies as those are public companies. But we can say that we're working with a large polymetallic mine in Canada, and a gold mine in Central America. And in Colombia, we have one of our first customers, that is still with us for already two years. And then we have one mine in Australia.

We are currently running two active pilots in Peru. And we are currently looking to implement our solution with a large mining company that has multiple operations in West Africa. Excellent.

So next one we have is: Does a company participating in the pilot program have any obligations to CyanoGuard during or after the trial? And the answer to that is of course not. We do hope for our partners to complete the trial period. But, the goal is to determine if the CyanoGuards' solution is going to be a good fit for your operations, your team, and your needs. If not, we understand. Okay.

Can our technology also be used with silver? Yes, as I said, our solution is interference-free, so it can be used to determine free cyanide in solutions with silver or other metals. And now we'll cover how the measurements work. So, the measurement procedure is quite simple. You'll begin with a one-milliliter syringe of your cyanide sample, which is incorporated into a buffer solution. This mixed solution is then flushed through the test cartridge to initiate the chemical reaction. Once completed, the cartridge is then inserted into the CyanoSmart device to begin the reading of the sample.

Then, the CyanoSmart device quickly reports the concentration reading and transmits the data to the Cyano.IO platform, which can be accessed from any internet-capable device anywhere in the world. Thank you Alex.

Can our solution help with other mine operations or only cyanide monitoring? Well, we see some momentum building around environmental control both in mining operations and other industries. Environmental control in the mining industries and other industries such as food and electroplating but I will say like indirectly as you have better cyanide management and control, you can focus your efforts around other areas in your operation. Excellent. So next up, we have: What are the upper limits for testing? And as I mentioned previously, the CyanoGuards or device can detect concentrations of up to 4000 ppm. Back to you Luis.

Thank you, Alex. How much training time is required for the operators to use the CyanoSmart effectively? We say 20 hours of training and this is achievable in the week that we onboard people at the mine site. Excellent.

And finally, out of our submitted questions: How long does it take to receive the CyanoGuards' solution on-site? All materials will be shipped out of our headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and are expected to arrive at your specific site within a week. This, of course, can vary based on your country's customs and import procedures. But we are very dedicated to getting you your materials quickly. And now to our chat box. One of our attendees asked: Can we read directly from a cyanide pulp or does the pulp need to be filtered? Luis, do you want to take that for me? Yeah, I will take that, Alex. So our solution, the cartridges we provide have a filter attached, and they can read up to 60% of solids in the solution.

So, you can read it directly from the cyanide pulp. So yeah, I think that answers Carlos s question. And I have another question among the ones that were submitted. Is there a standard method to validate the results obtained from the CyanoSmart kit, and how often should it be done? So basically, when we are at the mine site, during our onboarding week, we come with cyanide standard solutions of different ranges. We test those on site, both with our CyanoSmart solution and with the current method you're using, so we can compare.

And additionally, to that, we send the mine samples to a third-party laboratory to validate the results. And here is the time to say that our CyanoSmart solution doesn't need calibration or any maintenance. So, we provide regular updates on this device and software that is in CyanoSmart device.

And if you have a problem with the analyzer, we will just send a new one. So those are like the questions that were submitted. If you have any more questions, please feel free to write them on the chat. We can read them and hopefully answer those. If not, if there are no more questions, if Carlos, and the other people that submitted the questions, if you have more doubts or your questions weren't responded fully, please feel free to contact us directly. We will put the contact information in a minute.

And we'll hope we can talk about the challenges of cyanide analysis in your operation. And with that, we can collaborate to find the perfect solution, improve the performance of your plant and reduce cyanide costs. Hey, Luis, our friend Carlos submitted another question, if you would like to address that. If you read directly from the cyanide pulp there is no problem with the interferences.

No, there is no problem, Carlos, as I said, our sensor is based on vitamin B12. Has a high affinity to cyanide. So, there are no interferences. Does anyone else have any other questions? Feel free to ask now while they are still here. And we have still a couple of minutes.

If we want to submit any questions connected to our technology, which devices you can use anything that you are interested in. Because it's a new solution and it uses different technology. Just feel free to ask us anything. Maybe you don't know so lots about CyanoGuard. So we will make sure to share the recording of this Q&A session and also share the brochure. So you can kind of read through all the information.

And all the questions that you have asked and that we have on our site we will include together with the recording. In the email that we will send a couple of days after this session. So, just feel free to ask anything. There is another question from Matthew.

So I can take that, thank you for your question, Matthew. We are currently working with a large cyanide provider based out of the US and we'll be working to introduce the solution to a variety of mines throughout the US specifically in the western region. But at this time, the US market is quite new.

And we are still introducing the solution to a lot of mine sites. A lot of other countries such as Turkey, Australia, and Canada have had, and then Luis can add on Latin American countries that were involved in. But we have more established relationships in those countries.

But, we will hopefully be coming to the US mine site area. Thank you, Matthew, please let us know if you have any additional questions regarding that. Thank you Matthew, for your question. Anything else you want to cover in this session? As Luis mentioned, please, if you have any additional questions that you would like to ask, outside of this or that, your team has, please feel free to email to our mining.solutions@cyanoguard.com

email address. And Luis and I can promptly answer any additional questions or discussions you may be having. Yes, they will.

Again, thank you very much. And as Alex said, please write us we will be happy to talk about the challenges you currently have about the needs. Also, the priorities you have, then decide which part of our program or which scope of the program will suit you better. So please write us and let's talk. And thank you very much for attending.

I will also thank Alex, for co-hosting this event and obviously Borka for organizing all of this. Thank you. Thank you Alex and Louis, for accepting this offer for organizing the Q&A session and I hope that we got all of your questions answered and if not, contact them and I will share all their details. And you also can ask them anything on LinkedIn and on this email at miningsolution@cyanoguard.com. And just at the end of the session, I shared a short survey with you, so if you would be so kind to answer it.

Thank you and have a nice rest of your day! Bye bye!

2022-08-21 19:45

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