New Mazda CX-5 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Mazda CX-5 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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So. Here, we are guys with a new Mazda, cx-5. All-wheel. Drive right, here one of the most impressive, SUV. On. The market in, 2019. So that this cx-5. Its. 2019. Model, and I'm. Really happy to see it to present, to you to. Review it the interior, exterior and, show you all the. Design, and all, the. Information that I can give you so let's start guys with, the exterior. First, time I want to say about, this car that, it's four-wheel. Drive, so that, mean. It has almost, twenty, eight sensors. That, read the terrain under, the car to, help the car have, a better grip better, handling. Actually. It. Is amazing, on. The. On. The driving it's also have a suspension, a little bit tight. That. Make handling. Fantastic. Now, let's, talk about the. Interior, exterior of, the car. Because. Here we, are and we can see everything better so the car also, have a front camera, and back. Camera, something that it's fantastic. Also a beautiful, design in my opinion, Mazda. Cars, in. 2019. Make. Very. Beautiful cars. Also. This this. Front hood look. Fantastic it's, so simple just, a little, bit lines, here, two lines on the side with. With. Two, edges but. Also, the grille the front of the car with, this chrome design, this. New LED. Light in the front it's, it, has full, LED light so. It. Also, illuminate. In, the night almost, seven, hundred meter, and. This chrome, down, here also. We, have the sensors, beautiful. Grille. Here black. Cien here where, is this logo Mazda, logo behind it, it's the sensors. Radar, sensor. That, can help you, keep. The distance from the front car the, adaptive, cruise control the, new technology. That. Many. Cars come. With in. 2019. Also. Down. There we have some plastic, mat. Here, we have some. Fog. Lamp it's, very small and interesting, how they integrate, it they're really. Beautiful and. Simple. In the same time, so. I don't know how must I do this but in, the same time they make simple. And beautiful cars. Something. That it's, really impressive also, this black, plastic. Here, around the edges of the car helped the car protecting. Time from. The stones or rust.

Or. Yeah. Whatever, come. There even. From scratching. Scratching. The, the car. For. Example in the parking, lot, anyway. The rims are also. Really. Beautiful, they. Look fantastic on, the car, and. As, I say on the side, Mazda. Made very, simple, models not, just the two ages here on the side but the rest of the car is almost straight, and, in. The same time beautiful. Here. We have the mirror also. Normal. Design we, have LED, light here in the mirror integrated. Pretty. Nice. The. The, mirrors with the blind spot it's there in the corner. Also. The handles. Look. Fantastic, as, well and, simple. We have there a small, button that. You can push it and you can close, lock, and unlock the, door just. With your keys in your pocket up, there, we have this nice, chrome, design, under. The windows. The. Windows we have tinted, windows in the back. They. Also. Nice. And big and we have a great great, visibility. In, the back here we have a big, a, little. Bit bigger ground, clearance you can see there. The. Wheel it's a little bit down something, that it's really cool when you go off-road and also, we have this plastic to. Protect the. Car. From. Chips, stone. Chips and. Water. In, time, it, still doesn't get so fast. Rust, it's. Go all the way down here to. The back and to. The exhaust, pipe we have two exhaust, pipe they, look fantastic. As, you can see down here. Also. Fog. Light fog. Lamp down here. Sensor, parking, sensors, we. Have in the back. Quite. Quite useful, another one here. I think, the, car have four parking, sensors in the back and down here this plastic, to protect the. Car and second. Exhaust. Pipe and also to fog. Light in the back. Six-five. Logo, there in the left, with, all wheel drive, as. Well and. Also. The car have back. Camera I tell you before so, the. Back camera is right here. The. Logo cx-5. All-wheel. Drive. It's. Really amazing this car and it's, also discard. This model here have a great great engine, with. This SKYACTIV. Technology, that, help the, car recuperate. The energy, when you're braking or when. You go down here the energy go in the battery and then, the car use. That, energy for. Powering. The electric. Stuff. That, are in the car for. Example the light, anyway. Nice logo, beautiful.

Light. Design, here you can see how. Nice they, design, these. Back. Lamps, they. Are really, beautiful. Great quality. Really. Nice in my opinion also. The logo look nice on, Mazda. And here. We have LED, brake light also. If. You are in Switzerland and, you want to see these cars, you, want to see Mazda, cars the newest test cars from Malta you can come at Bell valve in Bern they. Have a lot, of cars, here great discounts. I actually, was, impressed, with the price of this car but, we'll talk, a little bit later about the price, you, will, be amazed. What. Will be the price of this, car I, was, really, really impressed to, see the price, of this car so in the back we have LED, light and I, just show, you right now look. How beautiful, they look like. Fantastic. Well, what. Do you think you like that please let me comment, down. Below and tell me what you think about LED. And. The back of the car I think, they, are very nice they are very stylish, they. Are in the Mazda, style and, also, you can see the light from the side point, of view so. For example, when. You drive, with other car from the side you, can also see, the light in the night so. You can know there, it's a car so, it's very practical when, you see this from the side. Now. Going in the front I will show you the front, lamps. As, well so, the, front lamps are one of my favorite on the market, right now. Look. At the front of the car and also, the front of the car it's my favorite, and I like all the, front of her, Mazda, cars in 2019. And also. I love the way they made, this LED, light in the front if it, look like a crystal. I. Don't, know how they design, it but it looks fantastic. Really. Beautiful and also you can see the front light from. The side if you see you can you, can look from the side and you can see the front line right really. Really great. Really. Nice. I really. Like it, also. I. Want. To try to but, I'm not sure how to do it but. I think I will show you later. Anyway. From. Here you open the light you close the light and, there. Are the buttons for the headlamps. So, from there you close it you open it it's. Really easy to use, anyway. Going. Forward. To. See the rest of the car I just, closed it now from there we have also, the you, can control, the fog, light and all that stuff now, let's go in the trunk guys we. Have as. Expected. Automatic. Lift gate. Pretty. Useful. And something. That amazed, me you, will see in a moment here are the buttons and. You can also close it manually, something. That really impressed me it's, that. You have a lot of space in the trunk. You. Have almost a flat entrance. Here in the car you can see maybe one centimeter, there, just. Very small but it's very flat and. Cool, also you can see for yourself the trunk look. Gorgeous. Really. Beautiful. Really. Really nice, also. From here here. You can add, some, stuff you can tight. There some stuff here are really. Cool stuff, that you can leave down the.

Back Seat I will. Show you in a moment when, you pull this button, the, seat will go down it's, very very useful you don't have to open the back doors and lift. Sit. Down because you. Can do it very easy from here there, we have something interesting that I love it you can see you have no protection this is the protection for, the trunk. So. Now. Look at these holes here look. How nice they they they integrate, this trunk, here, guys. And you don't have to put your hand on it because when you close the trunk this, will go automatic. There and they will put, or it's like a protection, for the trunk it's really, great that you don't have to take it out or stuff like that but, you can take the front part out if you want to carry a big, items, down up there here, we have, 1/2. Centimeter. And it's, also flat, floor down here we have some repair. Kit and other, stuff. Very. Useful, for. The cars like triangle, and like. Yeah. Whatever. All. Kinds of stuff. That you, find in the car, now. Let's. See how the. Back. Seat will go down so, you have to pull it one time when. You pull it let's, go directly down and then you pull the other one the. Other seat go down but you can also carry long items with this card you can see how cool it is how. Great it's because. You can go to skis, and. It's. Really useful you not find this in all the cars these. Days most. Of the issue we have but. Not all the carb so it's. Really cool, feature for example in Citroen I didn't see it this and. The, seat Co almost, flat we will go now in the back to. Leave the seat down and, you. Will see that, the trunk with the seat are, almost, flat there, maybe. 95. Percent, or something like that but you can carry long items, without. Any, problem, inside. In, the back here of, this. Trunk. So. It is really, really really really great and a. Lot of space here. I, like, I like the way it's look. Really. Nice. Going. Forward. I. Really. Like it I like the design I like the way they did this protection, it's really cool you can see how, it go down there and protect. The trunk and it doesn't, doesn't, have to go so take it out you, can see now how it's look like it's. Really cool but you can also take, it out. If you want to take it out you can take it out to, carry. Big. Items, or heavy items, or. Yeah. Whatever, you want to carry there. So. Anyway. Now. The. Car have also these. Cup. Holders there in the middle and something. That I like about this car make, the car look a little bit premium, and have the buttons, for electric, seat so you have electric, heated. Seat in. The back so you can hit your seat if, you have kids this is fantastic in the winter so. Because. Sometimes, in the morning, it's very cold, and. Yeah. You need, you. Need for. Your kids, better. Comfort. Anyway. Another space here to put some. Stuff. Really. Useful. And. Also. Great quality, leather we have on the seat that's. Really really nice as well, also. Putting. Up the, seat and. Let's. Show you the entrance, in the car and other. Features, you, can see also the seat are in a good position of, comfort they are not straight they, are a little, bit on the back there, now. Here in the middle we, have, two. Air, vents. Also, the chrome around, them, they. Look nice. They. Look nice and simple no, USB port in the back here also we have a. Little, step in the middle. So. Yeah. It's. A little bit bigger. Anyway, in, the back of the seat here we have leather, and soft. Materials, also a place to put your book or. Tablet. Or whatever you want to put it there, now, the, seats are also, nice, the entries in the car, plastic. And. Here. Mazda. Style also. Have. Side support, for the seat. Nice. Nice. Stitches. Leather. Stitches. Here. So. The seat are great quality, as. You can see in the, image. Really. Really nice they are nice they look nice. Story. About the zoom in the the zoom and the. Autofocus, is not so good I I did. Some. Mistake, with camera. It, was in a wrong, wrong. Settings. Or that way, sometimes. In this video we, will be a little. Problem, with autofocus. But I try. To I, try. To make it better to. Explain you better so, big windows in the back also. Upper, side, leather. Great, leather also stitches. Here, you. Can also see, the stitches, they, look very nice the finishing, on the on, the doors look fantastic it's.

Not A wood here is kind of plastic. Fake wood with. Nice, beautiful. Chrome, design, but. It's very well integrated, and, it's look like premium, this. Car I think. Not. I think it, is a premium and I put it in the same class with Mercedes. Audi. BMW. And. Volvo. And. Yeah. Premium. Class anyway, look, at the finishing look at the buttons. Look. How nice is the leather here, on the doors. We have a space here small space for drink and also the speaker, down there very. Simple, and in the same time great. Quality, big, entrance, in the car you, can open the door almost. Flat. There almost 90. Degrees. And. Also. You can see a small window here with a little bit of chrome, on it you can go inside the car very easy. You. Can claim the car varies you can see also the. Front seats a little bit in the back so we have still have a lot of space there for you it a, lot of space for my legs, for my knee for. My legs as well down there I can stretch my legs under the front seat, pretty. Useful, and. Great. Comfort on, the head as well a lot. Of space, on my head really. Really a lot of space no complaining, as expected. In an SUV. Here. We have a handle, with, hook. They. Are also very, useful. Now. The quality, of the roof it's very good, soft. And nice material. Down. Here in the middle we have two, LED. Light they. Look very nice in. The, night this. White color it's really beautiful, inside. The car. Now. If I close the door. And. I want to show you a little bit of, space. On my head so the space on my head it's. It's big. Big. Big space, on my head also good visibility on the windows, no. Complaining, also, a small, window. In the back for more light and. Yeah. It's feel good here in the back really good it's, feel good to be here in the back of. This. Cx-5. New. Six five really, really, cool car it. Is a really cool car with great quality. Materials, in the middle and also I have, space for my legs. For. My head as well a lot of space, I can. Also you. Can also see, in the image. There. That, the images, are real and in. Real time, so. Everything. You see about this cars it's it's. The way I, show. You, also. You have space, for three people without. Problem. Here, in the back. Not. Sure if, for, the long roads may be for the long trips to. The. Bored it's, it's gorgeous, the. Same like the outside, model. Design. It's, also the, dashboard. Of the, newest this Mazda it's, it's gorgeous, guys it's it's fantastic. One. Of my favorite, these, days, on. The newest test cars, so. Going, in the front the same beautiful. Design, on the doors. As. Well as in. The back you, can see the leather down. There here. We have also. Nice. Stitches. Soft, material, up, there we have chrome design, on the tours. Here. The handle, with chrome and. You can see down here we have the same same as in. The back this chrome designed, with. This would fade. Trim. There. Also. If you see the colors well here. We have a leather but, it's not a black leather it's, kind of brown brown. Dark, leather and it's look fantastic. It's. Also look great, also, the buttons, with chrome make, the car feel. Like, a premium, car like a very. Expensive, car and when. You go first time in this car you feel like you're in a very expensive car Bose. Speaker. Also, great, quality, speaker, on. This car and and also. We have some space there to, put, a bottle, or whatever you want to put. Entrance. In the car. Really. Simple, just a plastic there to protect the car also very, nice buttons, for electric, seat we have electric, seat with saving, position, you have to position of saving, also. Very, responsive. And very useful, in. My opinion. They. Are really great also. You can control. The lumbar, part and. Yeah. The seats are are.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Here, are the buttons for saving, that. Setting. The position of the seat. Also. You can see the stitches, and. The great, great. Seats. In the front are, fantastic, they have side support. And. They are really good quality, they. Also have, little. Holes, in. The middle. They, are very helpful when. You when you're sweating, on, on. This. Seat or when. It's too cold the heating come a little bit faster. So. The buttons for different settings. Camera. View parking, sensors. Lane, Assist you can also close. It if you want here. We have some nice soft. Material on the dashboard. Up. Here. The. Beautiful vents. You. Can see the, finishing, it's it's, amazing, and also, the chrome come down with. The same insertion. As on the doors, also. These stitches. With. Leather create, great quality, as well up, here again. We have some. Nice. Interesting. Soft. Material, on the dashboard. And. It's everything, it's simple, also. The car have head-up, display, right here, it's. Also project, on the window. The. Design the interior of the dashboard, it's it's beautiful simple. The, navigation, integrated, they're really, beautiful and, simple and, we. Will talk a little, bit later about them, here. We have a speaker, also, with chrome around it. Really. Beautiful in my opinion look, very nice. Now. Going forward. In. The interior of the car and, talk. A little bit about, the. Roof it's also great quality. Really. Really great, quality, up here, we have a mirror. With. LED. Light, up there great. Quality, as, well. In. The middle again two LED, lights, also. An LED, here to, illuminate. The center. Console, the. Buttons for the light so. I like that this car have LED. Light all, over the car so, this is a great thing. Glass, place really, really useful, this, glass, place, right, here. In. My opinion it. Is very. Useful. The, mirror it's beautiful, and you have great, visibility in, the back and also see that. In. The back we. Kind of have a little, bit of blind spot there but, the car don't forget it as back cameras, back. Camera and there's, no problem of parking, this car also you can park. The car very very easy with all that sensors, around the car. Also. I want to show you again this beautiful seat. They. Are looking, really, nice now. Here. We have a center, armrest. Also. Very. Soft great, quality. Adjustable. Place. For your phone here, if. I want to put your phone right there I take. It out to show you how much space you have down there you, have also two USB, port to, charge your phone or whatever. 12. Volt port and the card SD. Card for the navigation, system or all that stuff come. Right. Quite. Quality, useful. And. Cool. Anyway. This. Is the space here.

Center. Console. Very, clean and nice two, cupholders here. In. The middle and then. It start, the. Buttons. So. Here. On the side the same great quality. Leather. With, stitches, you can see it around. Center, console, really. Premium make. The car really really premium. And the, finishing, here the parking, it, has also electric, parking, auto hold, here. Are the best. Buttons, the best system to control the navigation system, it's right here all you needed, right here in in five. Centimeter, ten, centimeter, square it's, all you need to do tune in to always, easy. To use when you drive easy is easy the, same knife on the Audi I have the same system on our they are free and it's, it's gorgeous, it's fantastic, you don't even need a touchscreen it's, better than touchscreen, now. Sport, mode button. The same Mac Mercedes in Chrome. This. Is the stick here it's small, and nice. With, chrome around it and with this black closing around, it these days the, car manufacturer, II use. A lot of this black, glossy, in. The interior and also on the exterior and she owned a new page. Or 208. A lot of, glossy. Plastic outside. This. Is the key, very, light key. And. Very, simple and I like this I like these buttons, chrome. Buttons, on it. They, look nice different. Than other cars so. Here, a space for your phone and also 12. Volt port again there. Ya, really, useful now, the automatic. System right, here also. Simple. With, chrome design, and, also the buttons. For. Electric. Heated. Seat for, ventilated. Seat this car also have ventilated. Said wow I didn't. Expect that really. Cool that. Here and I have also so. Ventilated. Seat help you in the summer for. Example today, I have problem with my car, very. Hot I'd sweat on the seats a lot in the summer and this holes. Ventilate. Your ass in the summer so. It's really cool a, really, cool feature to have on the car so. I like that now, the start/stop. Button look. Also nice great. Quality, on the dash down here, also again this, chrome, design on the button on the glow box really, cool I have on my Audi to look, nice, look. Very nice, I, like. It a. Lot. Of little. Things that. Mazda think make the car much better. Also. Chrome, they're the, same insertion, like a would the. Letter up there the vans the way they made thence the, design of the vents there you can see it it's make the car look, much, much better than a lot of cars I can say, sometimes.

It's, Better than I. Would, either design. And. Better. Than much other cars, maybe. It's in the same class with my cherries but see this make, only. I'm speaking, here only, 2019. The new estate model I'm not talking about ten. Years five years ago I'm. Talking, about, 2019. So. It's. Gorgeous I see, a lot of cars and. Mazda. Did. A great job with. Six, fifties. Interior. It's amazing. Also, the navigation system. During the front great. Great it's, glossy and it has great colors, great contrast. Great. Brightness. It's. Perfect, there we have an. Analogue. To row meter and speedometer on the side. Durometer. And. Not. Speedometer, the, clock. That show you the gas. The. Steering wheel great quality. You. Can see the stitches, you can see the buttons, you can see that insertion, you. Can see the lines here, guys, you. Can you can also comment, and tell me what you think but, in my opinion, after. Machida's. Mazda. Have. Almost. The best interior, I don't know Volvo, maybe. I would II maybe, BMW. I'm. Not sure but but it's it's it's in the top it's, in the top five for sure this. Is my opinion so don't don't, I hope. You're not. Feeling. Wrong. About this but this. Is only my opinion and, this is only what I see, and. I'm saying only what, I think. So, everybody. Has his own opinion so, maybe. Be different, from the people to people so, anyone buy, a car just go and test it yourself I know. A lot of people ask me about cars and so you, just go to see up the cars see if you like it see if you test for you he. See, if you if you feel good inside the car and drive it and, if it's feel good it's. For you then, just go, and buy it so, I'm. Telling. Here only my opinion so. Yeah. Whatever, the, navigation, system you can see here I'm playing with it it so fast and you, can go in the menu so fast and it's also have a great software, great, hardware, and I want to test it and I want to show you how fast it can charge so, you can see it's charged almost, instant, ink, instantaneous. The, same like on the Mercedes and all, the new Volvo, and, all, that chip for example, this, the charge, instant, no. Lag really. Fast, really. Great I see, on the newest this Opel, Insignia. As, well the navigation, was good and. Work 9 so many. Many cars, today come in, 2019. With great navigation, great, software, but. As well I like, very much the the display. Very. Nice colors, really, simple, to use nothing, complicate, the, music, you can connect your car to Android, and, all, other. Option. It, has a lot of option. That way here, you can play and. It's. Really simple it's, really simple everybody can use it. You can also see here you can connect your your. Phone and all that stuff, information. Was. Down there, anyway. These. Days there, are so many, beautiful cars, out there guys, and you. Don't know what car to choice and every, people in the world have his own opinion, so.

Yeah. It's, really hard, really. Hard to choice a car, this, because. Many. Cars are beautiful. But. Yeah. Anyway, the Mazda it's. In the top five a car. Company, that make. Amazing. Cars, I'm. Not sure, about. The engines. But. I think, they are also fantastic. I. Have, to test it I have to. Get. More information anyway. The, climatic system look like that, great great. Design. They're digital, screen. Small. Digital screen. Down. There you, can see the background light of the buttons are white, and. It's cool I like it as well here, you have all kind. Of information for. Example the blinker, the. Bluetooth. Out, speaking. You. Can put the temperature and in Fahrenheit. The, the, kilometer, in miles or, whatever you want to change. You. Have a lot of settings. That you can do to the car. And. Yeah. I will pass I will go to to setting a little bit to see it maybe, some of you are really interesting, the, car head it is in Dutch. And. German language. So, but. I think it's not so complicated you can understand, so. You can know what what it say there is not so. It's. Not so hard. Anyway. Contrast. You can change the, contrast of the screen, you, can change your kind. Of that stuff so it, is really. Really. Simple and it has a lot, of settings. If we go and all that setting, I will need another, 20. 30, minute. So. Yeah. Let's go forward, great, visibility from, the driver point, of view you can see right now where is my head I have, great visibility on, the dashboard, everywhere. Easy. To reach great, outside, also, great visibility big, windows and. I also like this. Center. Cockpit. It's nice it's, a combination between. You. Can see how how nice they integrate, here when she own eyes they integrate, the dashboard, and also, big mirrors great, visibility anyway. Let's talk about cockpit. For, a little bit and here, we have info, button. Where you can change, some setting in the middle you, can see in the middle you can change, the, settings in the way it's look that. Screen, is. Not the best on the market might. Say this and, I would either know you, are with the materials with, a new cockpit, it's. A little bit better because, you have full, digital, screen, there but, this is also nice, it's also nice great, it has great, colors. And. Great light. In the night and it, looked very beautiful you. Have all kinds of information there, in the front so. It is also, great. In. My opinion it's, also also, great I want to show you now the back, camera the car have all around. Cameras. So, you have. 360. Cameras, around the car very, easy when you want to park it and I. Wish, I have this on my costume. It's, a really really great features, when. You come in Reverse the camera will open, so, guys that. Was my review. With. This beautiful. SUV, Mazda, 6 5, 2019. Model all-wheel, drive. Beautiful. Car. Also. It. Has a small, solar. Solar. Roof, there, here, in the, in. The roof and it's. Really really great add to, this fantastic. Interior make. The car much, much more beautiful. So. Guys. That. Was my review with this car with. This beautiful. Car now, some information about the car if you are interesting, this, car have a 2.5. Liter. Engine. 194. Horsepower. A, lot, of. Technology, and, fantastic. Price with, all that, cruise. Control and all that stuff. $49,000. It's. A great great price, for this. 2019. SUV, with. Full LED light front, back. Adaptive. Cruise control lane. Assist. Reading. The traffic, sign assist. 28. Sensors, for all we all tried to read the terrain and to, adjust the suspension. The function, of the car. One. Of the best car ever so thank you for watching please subscribe to my channel check.

Out My other videos, guys and. Thank. You very much for, watching and stay safe take, the best decision, and see. You soon guys. You.

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