May 2022 Morning Undergraduate Degree Ceremony

May 2022 Morning Undergraduate Degree Ceremony

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[ Music playing -Pomp & Circumstance ] ≫ Good morning. [ CHEERING AND APPLAUSE ] Lewis University trustees, President Livingston, members of the faculty, staff and administration alumni, graduates and guests of the graduates. We are all proud together here today as part of our 110 commencement , to recognize and honor the achievements of the 2022 graduates of the college of aviation, science and technology.

The college of business on the College of humanities, fine arts in communications. Please rise as we begin our program with the presentation with the colors by the Lewis University's wouldn't veterans of America and ROTC colorguard. The University's chamber choir conducted by Jeremy landed, will lead us in the singing of the national anthem.

≫ About-face. Cadet, arms. [ Music ] [ Singing of the National Anthem ] [ Applause ] ≫ Thank you for a very fitting opening to the program. Please be seated. At this time I'm pleased to identify the members of the platform party which includes doctor David Livingston, president of Lewis University and Michael Parker, chair of the Board of Trustees.

As well as other members of the board, vice presidents, deans, various administrators the members of the faculty, alumni and graduates. We are also privileged to have is our distinguished guest today, Kay Cannon, recipient of an honorary doctoral degree. We are all very honored to share this day with the graduates . To begin the ceremony, I now invite Peter Carlson, a business administration major to offer our work invocation.

Please remain seated. Mr. Carlson . ≫ Let us pause to remember that we are always in the holy presence of God. Lord God we ask that you grant to us hearts that are thankful for learners cover teachers for family, friends and for all who have been her companions along the road today. Grant to us voices that speak the truth is you would have us speak it and we is dedicated to the service of all the brothers and sisters near and far. To grace us with the strength to commit ourselves to fulfilling the mission of Lewis University, embracing the knowledge in the spirit of fidelity, wisdom, justice and Association.

May we be constantly aware of your call to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with you throughout our lives. We make this prayer in your most holy name, amen. . ≫ Thank you Mr. Carlson , I now invite Michael Parker, chair of the University Board of Trustees to offer his congratulations to the graduates. Mr. Parker? . ≫ As chair of the Board of Trustees I am pleased to celebrate this special occasion with all of you an offer on behalf of the Board of Trustees our heartfelt congratulations as you graduate today. I would also like to recognize and thank the family members and friends who have given you support and encouragement during your educational journey and throughout your lives. Today you graduate from a leading Catholic and universities nationally recognized for providing high quality , values-based education, University where a dedicated and highly esteemed faculty , staff and administration have been deeply committed to your learning and development.

You leave Lewis University today having accomplished significant educational achievements, but at the same time, ready to pursue a lifetime of continued learning with a passion to create a better world. Your liberal arts foundation has prepared you with critical thinking and reasoning skills, a sound understanding of the human experience and a wider perspective of the complexities of contemporary society. Your professional preparation has equipped you with forward thinking, knowledge and skills , prepared to be problem solvers and creators in an ever-changing world. Above all, you have engaged in , all you have engaged in is allowing you to strengthen your ethics and values do you move into the future and with a strong sense of purpose, I encourage you as you graduate today to stay in touch with the classmates who shared in the learning and with the faculty members who have been teachers, mentors and friends in the Board of Trustees is confident and will make a difference with the world that is so much in need of your talent and contributions . Together with

you we are building a better world and congratulations on the significant accomplishment and best wishes for a wonderful future . ≫ Thank you, Mr. Parker. Doctor David Livingston, president of Lewis University will now offer his words of encouragement to the graduates. Doctor Livingston? [ Applause ] > > Thank you. Board chair Parker and honored guests, faculty, trustees, family and friends . Welcome to Lewis and congratulations to our graduates what a great day and what an exhausting and challenging journey for each of you well done. Well done. [ Applause ] . ≫ I would first like to say to you, our graduates that you are our pride, our hope for the future and our inspiration and even through a difficult last years of your studies finding a way through a global pandemic , and no, you didn't want to move all your classes online or miss activities you move through the last two years with the maturity and a positive energy that continues to inspire . You have gained much from these

experiences and, one of the most important things is that you now know in your own gut, that you will be able to overcome the challenges you may face personally and professionally in the future. There are many surprising and sometimes disrupt of moments , the encounter monument out in the quad is a reminder that it was built during your first year here and it's a reminder of how one's life can change its course because of one encounter. More than three centuries after the encounter between Davis Allen Adrian LaSalle which changed LaSalle's life forever, we celebrate his legacy here through your graduation.

This weekend we will graduate 1000 students in a legacy of almost 1 million students that are educated in the stallion tradition every year. Encounters are transformational moments in someone's life where there is a new open as to what might be possible . If I am willing to take a risk and look at my life in a new way , I might be able to and that too… Is different for each of us, you will hear in a few moments from one flyer who took many risks and has become one of the great creative artists. Millions around the globe through writing , directing and producing have been touched around the globe. My request for you today is to ask you to think over the years and find in those memories the encounter you had that most influenced your journey while you are here. It may have been with the teammate, faculty member, friend your future spouse, your parent.

It was a moment in which you found some clarity about your future or, maybe you decided to take a different direction and decided to become a theater major instead of a chemistry major or a chemistry major instead of a theater major. Please find that person today and thank them and, if they are not here give them a call or drop an email. Thank them for changing your life . My second request is that you be open to future encounters in which you might be the person that changes someone else's life, you are now the person who inspires others to pursue the dream they never thought was possible because you have done it . So, I end with a few things, thank you to the parents and loved ones who have accompanied you in this journey from the time you were born and through these last difficult years. Thank you to the faculty and staff that are with us today for journeying with you and helping you to discover your future. And thank you to you, our graduates, for inspiring us and, I want to thank you in advance for what you will do to make our world a better place in the future . Congratulations once again and thank you for your kind attention. [ Applause ]

≫ Thank you, doctor Livingston. Traditionally, on commencement weekend, Lewis University honors individuals whose accomplishments reflect the Catholic endless Sally and mission of the University . Today we are delighted to recognize Miss K Cannon by conferring on her the degree of doctor of humanities onerous called the. I now ask that Michael Parker and Dr. Livingston come forward to deliver the degree. After Miss Cannon will

deliver her remarks. ≫ K Cannon, two-time Lewis alumna and all-American athlete is a multitalented awar d-winning television and film screen wider, director, producer, actor and comedian. She is a three-time Emmy award nominee, the Recep of three writers Guild of America awards and the recipient of a Peabody award, presented for excellence in quality storytelling call for her work on the NBC comedy series 30 rock. Miss Cannon also wrote three screenplays for the pitch perfect film franchise which has grossed over $500 million worldwide. She is also the creator and show writer of the networks or Netflix original series, girl bus. Miss Cannon made her film directorial debut with the comedy blockers in 2018 followed by writing and directing a modern remake of Cinderella last year to which became both the number one streamed movie in America and the number one soundtrack on iTunes.

Miss Cannon formed a production company with producing partner and launched in part to tell underserved stories in comedy and drama. Building on Lewis's liberal arts and professional education she began her professional training in performing at Chicago's second city where writing and performing throughout Chicago she met Tina Fey, the creator of 30 rock, who hired miss Cannon to both right for the series and eventually serve as supervising producer. Miss Cannon attribute your success for her tremendous desire, persistence and the strong work ethic and her steadfast pursuit of her artistic goals, ongoing commitment to developing and sharing her talents and her collaborative support of others reflect well on the educational mission of Lewis University.

For those and other pertinent reasons, we are pleased and privileged to confer on miss Cannon the degree of doctor of humanities, honoras causa, , on Romeo, Illinois the seventh day of May, 2022. [ Applause ] ≫ Thank you, thank you so much . Hot mic. Thank you to the Board of Trustees, President Livingston, Provo sent and thank you to doctors ≫> Myth , and Monowi Montagne to help make this day possible. I have felt so welcomed. I am truly honored and humbled to be here addressing you, the incredible class of 2022 I am just going to warn you, I'm probably going to cry, I'm just like that when I talk is myself, I cry.

≫ I make my living as a professional comedy writer and I've had to turn in scripts on a tight deadline and rewrite new scenes at the clock ticking and come up with jokes as John Cena glared back at me like I was triple H. I can handle pressure and yet, when I sat down to prepare my remarks for you today I had the worst case of writers block I've ever had in my life. So, I took the lessons that I learned from Lewis when I had a paper due and I put it off for a couple of weeks I hit the snack bar, ordered some mozzarella sticks, eight them, cleaned my room, took a nap, repeated that for a few days and then realized , oh no I am giving this speech tomorrow. So I pulled an all nighter and was just able to crop it out right before I had to turn it in or in this case deliver it to you here now in this moment . One reason I think I struggled to find the words is that this moment is important to me to come back to the school and. ≫McTate Stroman III: You is important to me.

I love my time at Lewis and I love this school. I hope you loved it to, she'll haul for life. ≫ Lewis was the place where the impossible became possible and I'm from a very, very small town of less than 1000 people and although we were rich in love my family struggled to make ends meet, I never had a computer guy really traveled and I never thought I would fly in an airplane and didn't until I came to Lewis. We had a tournament for volleyball in Colorado Springs and I remember the flight so clearly, on the plane it was asked in a bunch of senior citizens that were traveling together for reasons that were important to 18-year-old me then but are fascinating when I think about it now, where were they going? I was so nervous to fly that to help me relax I got the entire plane to act as though we were on a roller coaster . I convinced all these seniors to put their hands in the air and we screamed as we lifted off the runway . It sounds

terrifying but it was actually pretty great and that was so much fun in the pilot wants to turn around and do it again and I was like no, no thank you so, to all of you celebrating your degree in aviation today, congratulations. You get to look forward to goofballs like me as passengers. And although the graduates of the nursing program are receiving their diplomas at this afternoon ceremony, I want to acknowledge the students who committed themselves on their selfless career choice , who saw that we were in a global pandemic and said yes, that's what I'm being called to do to serve my community by helping others. That is bravery and let's give it up for them. [ Applause ] ≫ To those of you who like me committed to getting an arts degree or theater degree, will that is a different kind of bravery, isn't it? Really in this economy we are doing it.

Yes and when things get tough people need an escape they want to laugh, forget their troubles, watch a light, heartwarming tale like squid game. We will always look to the storytellers So, I would like to take th is moment to personally think my theater performers Keith White, Harold McKay and Joe Slovic for guiding and instilling a confidence in this small town girl, preparing me for what I now do today, right fart jokes . You help make the impossible possible in the cabaret tables at the theater, I made those, not to brag but I made them by myself, you are welcome. And, for those of you whose emphasis is in computer sciences or the sciences congratulations, I'm excited to see what new innovations you will bring to the world. Before you leave here today I just need one of you to help set up the Venmo on my phone. Finally, to those out there who may not yet know what you want to do with your life, you are not alone.

I have a piece of advice that I 've always held sacred find the thin g you love to do, that you are passionate about and dare to ≫ added. Dare to be bad, dare to fail, I dare you . Now, this is important, this advice is not for the aviation majors you all really got to know what all of those buttons mean and what they do , how to fly that plane, which bolts going where, but for the rest of us it's good advice but let's be real, you won't remember anything I've said to you today. You are like wrap it up lady, I want to get out of here and celebrate and you should I hope you party your butts off , you deserve it. All simply lead you with this, the key to success is your willingness to endure failure , my biggest successes in life came after massive failures . When I was your age my dream was to perform at the second city and that's all I wanted to do. My first audition was so

bad that they asked me to sit down and had someone else go up with my scene partner so my scene partner could have a better shot . I was crushed, I was actually a grad coach year and came back from the audition and went to my office and cried for hours. But I had a dream and I was not going to give up on that dream, that failure made me realize just how green I was so, I took every improv class that I could and I committed to being a student , every day, night, weekends, I in turn to for classes and watch show after show and studied other performers . When I went back to audition a second time, that commitment paid off and I got in. No matter what level of success you attain, try to come added knowing that you always, always have something to learn . Now, that is probably the last thing that you want to hear on graduation day, keep on learning, but that's how it is.

To quote the Hall of Fame Bears coach Mike Ditka, success is not permanent, failure is not fatal, that was my impression. I just dared to ≫ and did. I am taking risks everywhere up here. What he said though that stays with me is success is not permanent and failure is not fatal and today is a celebration of your success but this success is not permanent. As you leave here today to take the next step on wherever you are going to it's going to get tough , you already felt it and it's already been tough for you.

In those moments where it feels like there's too much noise, confusion or pain and you feel like you are on the brink , I invite you to get still , find stillness. Get quiet. It is there will you will find your answers and if that doesn't work try finding ways to help others . It's a quick fix to get you out of your own head and I invite you to laugh, laugh a lot , make others laugh, there is nothing greater. So in the spirit of you making your next step, I invite all of us to put our arms up in the air like we are on a roller coaster, come on everybody and let's scream. [ Yelling ] ≫ Thank you to this class and this institution, it is my honor. Thank you very much. [ CHEERING AND APPLAUSE ]

≫ Thank you Miss Cannon . We continue our ceremony with LTHE the lesalian student address by Miss Summers, a student biology major. Miss Summers? ≫ I found it. I don't know how I'm going to follow that up but I'm going to try to promise not to cry. Good morning members of the Board of Trustees, doctor Livingston, honored guest, faculty, staff, friends, family and of course my fellow graduates. We made it. I am more than honored to be here before you and also with you today. To the class of 2022 hour journey through college is been a series of ups and downs, especially within the last two years through the pandemic . I

remember going on the civil rights pilgrimage in standing in front of the Alabama capitol house during spring break 2020 reading an email indicating that school would be shutting down for two weeks . As we all know, those two weeks turned into the rest of the semester and even some of fall 2020. But, despite having our lives turned upside down we did it. We are here in person, graduating together . As I was writing this speech I questioned what it meant to be Lesalian, , I think of valuing and growing in a sense of community. At Lewis University I discovered a community of people and I met some of my closest friends.

As a commuter I was worried about not making friends and going through the motions of going to school and coming home and never interacting with anyone I am glad to say that I was mistaken. I forced myself to go and talk to others and got involved in ministry. There I learned today LaSalle was in that not all Catholics are scary . The faculty and staff at Lewis really values each and every student by giving the students their time getting to know them personally. de la Salle Taught dignity and I see that is the foundation of Lewis University. As a biology major I like to picture the Lewis community is the human body and each one of us as a Sal. . We are made up of 30 trillion cells and each has its own function and is unique and without the function of every cell in our body would not work . Just like the cells that make up the human body, each one of us is unique with our own special talents and expertise .

Together we make up Lewis University and enable Lewis to work effectively as a Lasallian community. Every person is a value like Paul said in first Corinthians 12, but in fact, God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be . If they were all one part, where would the body be ? As it is, there are many parts but one body . Within the body that is Lewis, we, as cells, interact and share our experiences of people from other parts of the body, creating this web of togetherness. I have always felt the presence

of belonging and respect for all people here at Lewis , through the different types of experiences that were opened up to me during my time here. I was first brought into the realm of the Lasallian network through universities. I was nominated to go to France for a conference to meet with other Lasallian students to discuss what we were doing on our campuses and injustices in our communities. Because of this experience in my eyes were open t o what it means to be Lasallian and I saw that the community that exists Rhett Lewis exist throughout the world. Every college student is going through the same hardships and stress that comes with going to school. It turns out, we aren't so different after all.

Knowing that someone is having the same struggles as you makes you feel as though you are not going through life alone. What is beautiful about this network is the passion for valuing each other, caring for one another and knowing that you always have someone to go to. I still talk to many of my international friends like I saw them yesterday even though it's been four years.

I argue that this is because we share these Lasallian values. Lewis University prides itself on caring for its students and also people from other communities as seen through the come – engagement in travel study in different organizations and community service and things like best buddies, Lasso, BSU and all the other clubs and organizations that we have here on campus. Anywhere you go on campus, there is som e sort of opportunity to contribute somewhere on campus or in the community. Some of you may be wondering, Laura lie, what does this have to do with me? I urge you to think about this, Lewis has provided you with the necessary skills to make a difference in this world , what skills and talents to we have that we can bring with us when we leave here? I argue that we can make a difference in the world with our skills. And I leave you with the challenge from Nelson Mandela, we can change the world and make it a better place , it's in your hands to make a difference so, class of 2022, whatever you do in the future let's remember to keep moving forward . Let's go change the world, one opportunity at a time. Congratulations everyone. We did it.

[ Applause ] ≫ Thank you miss Summers. Each graduate knows the critical role that a variety of individuals have played in making their graduation possible today. At this time I would like to recognize a few special groups for their encouragement and support would the members of the Lewis University faculty present here today stand and be recognized.

[ Applause ] stays standing please. Thank you faculty for extraordinary dedication to your students, to the teaching profession and to scholarship and service. Would all of the parents, spouses, partners, children and grandchildren – grandparents of our students please stand and be acknowledged ? ≫. [ Applause ] ≫ Now would the grandchildren, relatives and other guests of graduates kindly stand and be recognized, so now everybody should be standing, in the room. [ Applause ] ≫ Thank you all for your support and encouragement of our graduates. Now, for the presentation of the graduates.

During the degree presentations, each student's name will be read aloud. Those graduates wearing face coverings may remove them when their names are called to receive their degrees and wall photographs are taken on stage . For those who would rather not shake hands or as part of the degree presentation, feel free to offer a fist bump, elbow bumper not if that is better for you. A professional photographer will take a photo as each graduate is being congratulated by the president . For the courtesy of all the guests and for the safety of graduates approaching the stage, if you wish to take a photo near the stage, please do it in the designated photo area to my right and to your left. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to make this a memorable experience for all graduates and their families. I now invite Dr. Christopher White

to present for college of aviation and technology and dark her Laura Franklin for Dean of fine arts in communications. r.r Laura Franklin for Dean of fine arts in communications. ≫ President Livingston, half of the college of aviation and technology, I certify that the following candidates have successfully recruited the requirements for th e degrees to be conferred upon them and I request, therefore, that you bestow upon them these degrees with all of the rights and privileges thereof. ≫ As we all know this is a time of great celebration but I asked that out of respect for all the graduates and their guests that you are asked to please refrain from any noise that disrupts the reading of the name of each graduates.

Please hold applause until all the graduates have been presented any disruption makes it difficult to hear the name of each graduate as well as prolongs today's ceremony. We thank you for your cooperation. ≫ In the college of aviation science and technology and for the degree bachelor of arts. [ music ] { [ Graduate names being read ] For the degree bachelor of science . [ Graduate names being read ] [ Graduate names being read ] [ Graduate names being read ] [Graduate names being read] ≫ President Livingston and members of the Board of Trustees on behalf of the faculty and the dean of the college of business , I certify that the following candidates have successfully completed the requirements for the degrees to be conferred upon them and I request therefore that you bestow upon them these degrees with all of the rights and privileges thereof. ≫ In the college of business for the degree bachelor of arts : [Graduate names being read] [Graduate names being read] ≫ President Livingston and members of the Board of Trustees on behalf of the faculty and the dean of the college of business, I certify that the following candidates have successfully completed the requirements for the degrees to be conferred upon them and I request therefore that you bestow upon them these degrees with all of the rights and privileges thereof. ≫ In the college of business for the degree bachelor of arts : [Graduate names being read][ Graduate names being read] [ Graduate names being read] ≫ President Livingston and members of the Board of Trustees, on behalf of the faculty of the College of humanities, fine arts and communications and as dean of the college, I certify that the following candidates have successfully completed the requirements for the degrees to be conferred upon them.

I request therefore, that you bestow upon them these degrees with all the rights and privileges thereof. ≫ The College of humanities fine arts and communication for the degree bachelor of arts. [ Graduate names being read] [ Graduate names being read] I now ask president, doctor David Livingston to certify the degrees that have just been presented.

≫ As president of Lewis University , in accordance with the authority invested in me by the Board of Trustees , it is my honor to award these degrees with all of their rights, privileges and responsibilities . Congratulations to each of you, it is official. [ CHEERING AND APPLAUSE ] ≫ Thank you Dr. Livingston. at this time I'm pleased to introduce Bridget Sharon us from the class of 2012, a representative of the unit Lewis University alumni Association who will now welcome our new graduates as alumni of the University and present of father Aquinas Caucus award. Miss Terrones, ≫ It's my distinct honor to welcome you as new members of the alumni Association on behalf of Lewis University. The Lewis University alumni Association fosters long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships between the University and its alumni.

Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to remain in contact with your classmates , to network with other Lewis graduates and stay connected with your alma mater. I encourage each of you to be active participants in the alumni Association and to join us in promoting a premier association for all members. Annie Lewis graduate will tell you that our educational experiences here resulted in much more than just a diploma. D Lasallian Catholic values we did learned and the people we came to love and the lifelong learning we became so passionate about, are also the part of us go woven into the tapestry o f our lives even today. And, many alumni recognizing

the value of their Lewis education have encourage their own children to be part of the Le wis experience as well. Many who are graduating today are the children or grandchildren of alumni . These families are dedicated to the values Lewis embodies and are truly handing down those ideals from one generation to the next. Thank you for continuing the Lewis tradition ≫ For more than 65 years, Lewis University has recognized a student during each commencement weekend with the father Aquinas Cogan award. This prestigious award is presented to an outstanding student who demonstrates extraordinary personal growth, transformation and development during an undergraduate experience. Today we are pleased to present the May 2022 father Aquinas award to Juan Shapira, who graduated today with a bachelor of science degree in physics.

On behalf of the Lewis University alumni Association, we offer our heartfelt congratulations to Juan. . [ Applause ] ≫ Congratulations. And, now, it is my honor to welcome you to the Lewis alumni family . As a symbol of your new status as a

Lewis University graduate you may move the tassel on your caps from right to left. Congratulations and blessings to you all. [ CHEERING AND APPLAUSE ] ≫ Thank you and congratulations, Juan. after a few announcements about the processional and closing procedures we will begin the closing of the program. The first to exit are the platform and faculty, the graduates will recess to the area behind the curtain to your left . We ask that faculty members and guests of the graduates please remain in your places until all the recessional's are complete . Upon completion of the recessional's, you may exit

the field house using the main entrance doors to your right or may leave through the doors behind you. Finally, thank you for your presence here today . To the graduates, please take time to think friends, relatives, spouses, partners, parents, professors and staff members and all the many others who have played a critical role in the work that you have accomplished at Lewis University. We are very proud of you and very hopeful for your future. Doctor Marie Meyer, assistant professor of mathematics will now lead us in the prayer for our graduates. Dr. Meyer. ≫ As our graduates continue their journey, we would like to send them forward today with our blessings and prayers. I invite

you to turn to page 4 in your program and join me in reciting portions of the prayer for our graduates. Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God. Gracious, loving Lord, thank you for our graduates, for inspiring them to apply their gifts and talents and to grow as individuals as emerging professionals and as engaged members of society. Thank you for encouraging them to enrich the Lewis University community through their commitment to learning and through there prayers, love and service. Bless them today with joy, sustain them in years to come with hope in you. Encourage them with your grace to continue learning and growing that's always seek the truth, to become wiser and more compassionate, to foster community in all places , to serve those in need and to work for peace and justice.

And, finally Lord, let them be assured th at you are with them always. Amen. And Saint John Baptist day LaSalle, live Jesus in our hearts. [ Music playing ] [ Pomp and Circumstance] [ Music ]

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