Legal Importance of the Offer for Faculty Position

Legal Importance of the Offer for Faculty Position

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Today, I will talk about the legal importance of  the offer for faculty position. This offer proves a   number of criminal misconducts and fake documents  which were created at the University of Alabama   Their purpose was to mislead the authorities. Here  in this video I will demonstrate the existence   of those criminal misconducts. Let's start with  the description of the job offer: I'm writing now because our long-term physics instructor has given  notice he'll not be returning for the fall. So, I'm   looking for someone interested in such a position, unlike full faculty positions here instructors   aren't expected to do research. So, this would be  ideal for a graduate student who is finishing up  

and considering other options in a full research  career however I'm also exploring the possibility   that this position might be expanded to a tenure  track position that would involve research   They offered this faculty position in return  to my ownership of the new computer technology   Their plan did not work. But, later on when I  brought them to the court, I asked from Dr. LeClair   whether I qualified for this position or not? and you was thinking that I qualify for this position I mean based on what they say that you need 18  hours of graduate courses in physics you were   technically qualified technical qualification means  scientific qualification   having the necessary knowledge to be a professor  but what about the ethical qualifications?  a teacher needs to have some social  skills, treat others with respect   have integrity, be able to deal with a group of  students from diverse backgrounds. Could I be a good professor from ethical point of view? Let's see his answer. So, from ethical point of view, being a teacher, qualifying as a teacher, you was  thinking that I can be a good teacher over there I mean yes, knowing that at this moment in  time you might need you know something to do I   thought yes, you could probably do a  good job teaching physics. OK, thank you So, not only Dr LeClair offered me this  job, but also he testified under oath   that I had both scientific and ethical  qualifications to be a faculty member   and I would do a good job teaching physics   well I did not exchange the ownership of the  computer technology to this faculty position when their first plan for getting the technology  did not work the university sent me an ultimatum   let's see what was that ultimatum. based on my understanding that you aren't  being immediately dismissed but rather won't   be allowed to continue in the program this fall  you have a little time to make some decisions so Mr Charter is saying that  I'm not immediately dismissed he is saying which will likely lead  to dismissal from the PhD program here, I should mention the date of the  ultimatum. It was on June 30th 2017 just  

two days after the second offer for the faculty  position. You can see the dates on the calendar the second offer for the faculty position was  on Wednesday June 28th and the ultimatum for   dismissal was on Friday June 30th. please  pay a close attention to this calendar   there are two other dates to be remembered: they are June 23rd and June 29th   they had fabricated other false documents  on those dates. We will take a look at them   They said I had a little time to make some  decisions or they will do the ultimatum   They expected that I would read in between  lines and let them have the technology.

well, I decided not to accept their faculty position. I chose to keep my ownership of technology   but they didn't do the ultimatum, the  university did not dismiss me. They kept my status as a student and they used  police operations to steal the technology   They stole the samples, more than 10 notebooks,  and everything regarding this technology   I reported the theft to the FBI. FBI did some investigations   and finally they told me this matter  should be resolved through a civil lawsuit . the FBI officers did not come to  take the stolen properties back   several other authorities in the U.S. government   told me the same they referred the case to the  court. Once I brought the thieves to the court  

they told I was dismissed, which  was a lie, and it was a strange lie but nevertheless because the lawsuit  was between a student and a university   and the university was a state university   the court decided that the initial discovery  has to be about the existence of a dismissal   and based on the finding of the initial  discovery we could move forward to other matters   as a result we had to talk about  a dismissal rather than the theft   what to do? I told okay you are  telling me that I was dismissed what was the basis for dismissal? let's see the answer: the grounds were  demonstrated lack of progress in research and disrespectful conduct toward faculty advisors  colleagues and members of the academic community   you see she presents two bases  let's start with the first one   it was demonstrated lack of progress  in research but how does it make sense   these people offered me a tenure track  faculty position which would involve research   if I demonstrated lack of  progress in research as a student   how could I qualify to become a faculty member  and have my own research lab as a professor   which means I will have other students come  and work in my research lab do research   under my direction and get  graduated how does it make sense in this screen here you  see the clear contradiction   between their documents and their testimonies let's see the second basis for their fake   allegation of dismissal I will  read their exact words it was   disrespectful conduct toward faculty advisors  colleagues and members of the academic community but how is it possible? The chair of the  physics department Dr Patrick LeClair   testified that I had all of the qualifications  including ethical qualifications to be a faculty   member and I would do a good job teaching physics  if I had disrespectful conduct toward my advisor   who was Dr. LeClair himself how the exact  same person could offer me a faculty position   in the Birmingham-Southern College which  is a nearby college, it is in this community   and how could he insist that I should accept the  faculty position and start teaching in August one of these two documents has to be fake but, they had already submitted both of these documents   to different authorities and they could  not change what they had done in the past all the discovery process of the federal  court did was to uncover these documents   they were in contradiction with each other  and since the testimonies were under oath   these people had committed perjury in  addition to other crimes they had committed   regarding faking those documents  regarding misleading the authorities   and many other misconducts they had commented. here in this screen we have the transcription of their testimonies and you can see the clear contradiction and perjury in their testimonies if you would like you can stop the video and review their testimonies with more accuracy How a person who is being dismissed as  a student can be hired as a professor?  If somebody works in Walmart and they fire him it  is difficult to find another job in another store   because they ask why you got  fired, what was the problem? These people dismiss me as a  student and hire me as a professor?   and both of the recommendations for dismissal and the recommendation for being hired   as a professor was done by Dr LeClair and the  professors who were working under his direction   it was the exact same team. They  committed a lot of crimes not only for   giving false testimonies in the court but also  for creating fake documents. They had signed   those documents and they had submitted them to  several governmental authorities so that they can   steal the technology using police forces, otherwise  they couldn't use police operations to steal the technology.

We have another communication from Susan Carvalho. Let's see that communication this is the email you send on June 23 2017 to Charles Dorsey can you please explain who is Charles Dorsey? um he is the director of the office of threat assessment can you give some more information what he does? um when anyone in the university is concerned about a situation involving a threat they are wise to consult with Charlie  Dorsey who's um who has expertise in assessing   whether the threat is um to be taken seriously  whether any action needs to be taken or not and is he a police officer or he's a faculty member? He's not a I don't believe he's a faculty member I don't actually know that I don't know. we know Charlie Dorsey he is a retired FBI agent and Susan Carvalho knew that very well   The University of Alabama hired Charlie Dorsey for counter-terrorism.

this university is the largest university in the state of Alabama It has about 40 000 students from like 100 different countries and they hired Charlie Dorsey as a senior retiree from FBI to train the police officers and to raise awareness in the members of this community. He is in charge of security of this university against terrorist activities. there is a picture of him giving a public training it is from a news article I left the link to the source of this picture in the description box. please pay attention to the dates. This communication with Charlie Dorsey

was on June 23rd which was 11 days after the first offer for the faculty position and 5 days before the second offer for the same position so, at this time period they were still insisting that I should accept the faculty position and they were expecting that I would do so otherwise they wouldn't send me the offer again but at the same time they had another plan to take the technology by force and they were making fake documents for that operation. Let's see another email from Susan Carvalho to Charlie Dorsey which was sent on June 29th yesterday or today Dr LeClair also shared this email and photograph with the faculty members on the advisory committee who wrote the recommendation   two of the faculty members Dr Dean Townsley and Dr Condor Henderson told them they felt threatened   by the content of the email the tone and the reference to the artwork specifically   they pointed to his statement that they will be held responsible quote and that quote they will   see the consequences of their unethical action unquote as a result Dr LeClair reported the email   and the faculty member's concern to officer Davis at UAPD as this relates to mint center research   the email this lady was talking about was sent a month earlier Dr LeClair sent me an email in late May and he copied a number of professors  in that email including Connor Henderson   I took a couple of days to think about that email and then I properly replied to them. if Mr Charlie Dorsey had a closer look at the document he would ask this document does not belong to yesterday or today and why Dr LeClair  should show it to the other faculty members   they were copied here and the email had a very  peaceful and gentle language aiming to calm down   two group of professors who were fighting each other. This email was one of the reasons they offered me the faculty position.

It took them a  couple of weeks to prepare the job offer. The first offer for the faculty position was on June 12th  which was two weeks after I replied to this email Susan Carvalho was saying Charlie Dorsey that  yesterday or today they were threatened by the   content of my reply email. That was not true. what  happened on that "yesterday" which was June 28th   was that: they offered me the faculty position  for the second time and I rejected that. we have their emails dated June 28th. The faculty position was a practical one; it was at the Birmingham-Southern College which is a 15-minute drive from this university campus in Tuscaloosa I didn't need to move my apartment, I could commute especially that the fall semester starts in August and I had less than a month to prepare my teaching notes and schedule for the classes. they were expecting that I would stay in this city and  I would collaborate with them in the technology you see how deceitful these people are   their deception is one of the reasons that I  rejected their offer for the faculty position.

integrity is important the offer for faculty position has legal importance, because it clearly proves the criminal misconducts of these professors. How a student who had disrespectful conduct towards faculty advisors colleagues and members of the academic community   can be hired as a professor in that community? How a student who had threatened the professors can be hired as a faculty member to be a colleague to those professors?  and there is a huge gap between being dismissed  as a student and being hired as a professor these people would do anything to get that technology and they had fabricated all of those documents for that purpose and they couldn't deny it. I had hard evidence: their emails, their signatures, their communications with authorities They couldn't deny it. in the next video I will talk about the administrative turnover at the University of Alabama which was the result of these misconducts. Thank you for watching.

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