Learning VMware From Basic to Advance | VMware Complete Course Details video| VMware Tutorial |

Learning VMware From Basic to Advance | VMware Complete Course Details video| VMware Tutorial |

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recording hello hello hello everyone good evening can you hear me yes working here yeah yeah you thank you okay great thank you so we are here to understand about the virtualization right we need to understand each and everything related to vmware virtualization how we can set up the environment how organization can establish our setup and manage the each and everything correct okay great thanks for confirmation so and i hope you all of you aware from the idea environment like i hope you have idea related to basic of networking uh you know about how to handle the windows operating system like client windows 7 windows 10 r8 are you able to manage the services of windows server operating system as well is it correct anwar could you please check your internet connection uh because from my side my internet is good great great see uh so i'm just going to start from very basic that you can understand about how you can prepare yourself how you can move your domain from existing profile to virtualization because you know that in current situation of it you know that cloud technology and virtualization and automation means can play a unique role in our id industries so i'll guide you each and everything related to the virtualization and also help you to understand about the concept of cloud because in the back end of cloud technology virtualization can take the entire responsibility so from our side we'll try to establish our own setup let me share my screen and start our training [Music] okay some people are still joining so i think we need to wait a two minute test okay i think we need to start now guys i'm anjeep rawat and i'll give you the complete information related to the virtualization so about me i'm working in iit from last 14 years i have total 12 year experience in training and education i'm a corporate rna working for various organizations or various vendors you can say that i'm good with cloud technology like azure aws and vmware virtualization i'm okay with server operating system good big azure virtual desktop vdi and mac operating system as well so i'll try to give you complete information from basic to expert level in our vmware virtualizations so let me share my screen and try to understand about the concept of virtualization first and according to the concept we will move ourselves to the practical part okay so i'm going to share my screen please let me know if you're able to see it are you able to see my screen guys just confirm oh yes we can able to see yes yes we can great great so we need to start from the very base virtualization okay so very basic thing first of all we need to know about we need to understand about the concept of virtualization i'm not talking about the vms because the virtualization is a term or you can say that it's a technology which is help us to reduce the cost to reduce the manpower and reduce the hardware resources as well means in case of single hardware resource you are able to set up a multiple vm to reduce the cost to purchasing a separate computers so n number of providers a number of companies are responsible to create a virtual software like as a vmware citrix microsoft hypervisor you know about the uh another like opening stack these all are the tools our operating system can help us to design our virtual environment but our responsibility to set up the environment with the help of vmware virtualization in case of vmware we will discuss about esxi we'll talk about the vcenter server vsphere client web client and other components of vmware virtualization uh guys what about other guys because unwere unable to hear me what about you yes i have someone network issue okay so we are available to you sir we can hear you you can present me thank you thank you for confirmation another please try to rejoin or please check your internet speed it may be issue from your side okay fine so in case of virtualization to understand about the virtualization because you know that if you plan to be expert in virtualization you must need to know about the back end setup so let's talk about the concept first and after that we'll move our self to set up the virtual market for better understanding i am going to categorize our virtualization in two different part so virtualization is a technology virtualization is a technique that can help us to manage a setup for multiple computers so for better understanding i'm going to categorize our virtualization in two different parts the first one is related to the work based okay work based and another is related to the technology based yes the meaning of work based means which types of tasks you are able to perform with the help of vmware and technology the meaning of technology what are the tools are available in market that can help us set up the environment okay so this is our to understand okay fine so let's talk about the usage work based and technology-based so as we know that whenever we purchase the computer or desktop you need to check the uh hardware configuration so in case of hardware configuration some important components are required like you know that ram you need to check your hdd you need to check your cpu you need to check your operating systems and another part drivers and application whenever i'm talking about the single computer not in case of virtualization whenever we plan to purchase a laptop or desktop it's our responsibility to verify the configuration of our laptop or desktop so in case of work based we need to understand about what are the components that we can use with virtualization environment work based and technology based it's only for our understanding because it's a day one so you should know about you should clear about the concept between work based and technologically so in case of work based with the help of virtualization we are able to manage the virtualization for ram it is also considered as a memory we can use virtualization for memory we can use virtualization for hdd hard disk drive which is considered as a storage and third important part with the help of vmware virtualization we are able to manage the networking you can manage your network you can manage your cpus and operating systems and applications and drivers so you can say that with the help of virtualization we are able to manage ram virtualization cpu virtualization storage virtualization network os and application this is the basic understanding of workplace i'll guide you practically as well no worry about it and about the technology base so technology base is also categorized in two different parts the first one is hypervisor type 1 hypervisor type 1 and hypervisor type 2. in case of technology based it is also categorized in two different parts hypervisor type one and type two the meaning of type one is also considered as a bare metal virtualization bare metal virtualization and about the uh hypervisor type 2 is considered as a hosted virtualization try to understand more about the bare metal the meaning of bare metal means we can directly install for example you can purchase a one desktop or laptop with good configuration like 16 gig of ram four core of cpu and up to 500 gig of hard drive and you don't have any operating system no operating system available no operating system no oils available in this machine so bare metal virtualization we can direct install to the direct install to the base machine these types of application we can directly install to the base machine this is the actual use of bare metal those types of application that we can directly install to the base machine considered as a bare metal and number of examples are available like as a esxi the product of microsoft sorry product of vmware and second is zen server zen server which is example of citrix these two uh and one more hyper-v of microsoft these three different application art software work like as a bare metal virtualization means without operating system you have a one desktop a laptop that don't have any operating system so these types of application you can directly install to the your blank machinar dos machine this is considered as a bare metal hosted virtualization as per the name suggests in case of hosted virtualization your system plus must be contain the operating system at least then you are able to install the these types of software like as uh i hope you heard about the work station i'm talking about the vmware workstation second virtual box third option virtual pc and vmware fusion these tools are responsible to manage the hosted virtualization in organization we always prefer bare metal and the hosted virtualization it is used only for the training and testing purpose no any organization prefer to use the hosted virtualization it is used for the testing and only for the training purpose not for products production involvement so this is all about the basic understanding of our vmware uh means the meaning of virtualization so have a look about the difference between work based and technology base and please let me know if you have any question or doubt related to the basic introduction of our virtual machine please let me know anyone have question related to these two different points you can also drop a message if you have any concern please so please check your internet connection yes esxi is a type of operating system you can consider esxi as a os zen server as your operating system yes you can any other question guys about the basic understanding of vmware virtualization i'm talking about the only virtualization any question hello good to go if everything is okay we can proceed for next step guys so what is virtualbox virtualbox is a product of oracle you can install on your windows 10 or windows 7 operating system and using virtualbox you can create multiple vm if you have only one laptop or desktop so it's really difficult to create a setup for virtualization so in this case virtualbox are vmware workstation can help you to create multiple virtual machine to manage the setup okay and also can you scroll down yes so it is optional like whether we have a virtual box or vmware fusion or any any any one of them yes vmware fusion is used for the mac os right and it works just like a vmware workstation but vmware workstation is for windows and linux and vmware fusion is used by the mac operating system uh magic i have a question uh so in what scenario hyper v one and hyper view two is uh uh differentiated it's a hypervisor type not hyper hyper-v hyper-v is a product of microsoft hypervisor type is a define the technology of our virtualization okay about what i can see it is a virtual i mean hyper v1 can see some configurations button you can directly install uh which without you can use something like this yes expect the worst types of yeah base name or example that you're giving for hyperbole 1 2 or yeah it's a it's a category that help us to understand about the technology means it's only for the understanding like those application you can directly install to the hardware consider as a bare metal those applications required a mediator mediator like windows 710r mac operating system to perform the virtualization activity considered as a host date so got it in technical terms if we uh you know mentions hyper v2 means we should understand that is uh like it is an application based virtual machine exactly means in this case you need here your os and then you you can install the tool okay that is not this application machine virtual box or anything correct correct okay got it got it thank you any other question guys anyone have any question related because this is the base you must need to understand about the base of our virtualization because i'm going to move ourselves to the workstation and give you the step how we can set up our lab so majita has to explain about this supervisor one and two this is a basically a nomenclature to define our application of virtualization right uh correct okay this is just for i mean the the classification for uh different i would say it's a difference between two categories for uh application of vm actually the category of entire virtualization is basically entire virtualization in the sense like as if any client want to set up our virtual environment so we always preferred hypervisor type one bare metal virtualization right and hypervisor type 2 is only used for the testing purpose testing purpose okay so training purpose you cannot use it in our real environment in any organization no any organization the second one but in the hyper one we can use in our real enterprise environment correct correct okay okay so i think every company is having the two two environments the test one and the development and the production right so uh for the testing environment we can use this one the type two exactly if you are if you receive a ticket related to the virtual machine like you are facing issues with your virtual machine so no need to experiment on your live setup with your setup you should back yeah this uh testing setup would be the would be having the same configuration as we were having in hypervisor one right same structure same one no not required not regard see in case of testing environment you can set up your environment with 32 gig ram base 64 gig ram base but if we talk about production our enterprise environment they usage 2 tb of ram 1 tv of ram so it's a totally different we are responsible to manage the uh portal services not related to the configuration because we are responsible to manage the uh services which is located on our inventory and how this is associated with azure azure cloud uh azure is a platform see azure is a platform you know that anyone can access the services directly from azure you need to sign up yourself purchase a subscription free trial all these this vmware is associated or i would say integrate with this azure uh from last one or two years they are start uh coordinating to each other means if you don't have a setup if you don't want to implement setup on non-promises you can purchase a pre-configured setup from vm from azure or aws from another provider this is considered as vmware on cloud so you are giving this session for vmware on on-premise or on cloud vmware on-premise firstly we need to understand about the concept of compromises then you need to learn about the azure and coordinate to each other means we just need to connect to each other it's a kind of hybrid setup can we prepare the same setup on azure also because where once we log into azure we can create some machines some servers like from there also exactly but in case of vmware uh setup over azure portal required a much amount they charge lots of amount you would be you are asking for the hardware it should be you know in a appropriate like correct correct you should be meeting our requirement in terms of installing this esxi or exactly it's really difficult or costly in case of uh implementing as your vmware services over as you then we can go for pass platform as a service i think you can say that this is the part of platform as a services implementing azure port uh implementing vmware environment over azure consider as a platform at your services yes okay okay okay thank you thanks any other question guys anyone want to say something about the topics that we completed please let me know because we need to move forward next topic any guys no nothing such manjit it's great so our responsibility see we able to understand about the workpiece means we can uh create a virtualization for memory ram hard disk networks cpu operating system and applications now in case of hypervisor we are responsible to manage each and everything related to bare metal and in case of bare metal we have a zen server hypervisor hyper v but our responsibility to understand about the vmware product the product name is esxios so next topic is related to about what is bare metal virtualization so as per the name suggest as per the name suggest bare metal virtualization is basically a type of virtualization type of virtual technology in this case for example you have a good configuration based machine like you purchase a one desktop the desktop contain a good configuration like 32 gig of ram and four core of cpu and up to 1 tb of hard disk drive and operating system no operating system available so as we know that without operating system i think we are able to turn on our computer you are unable to see anything but you are able to turn on your computer is it correct you are able to configure bios you are able to check your hardware resources is it correct guys without always we can check it right how are we going we can power on here we can power on it second important part what you need to do the first step download esxi host from vmware site download esxi host iso image from vmware second step create bootable pen drive i hope you all of you aware from uh to creating bootable file bootable pen drive yes yes right you need to use the iso image that i that you downloaded and create a bootable pendrive and then install to base machine this is considered as a bare metal virtualization this is our agenda but question is that what is esxi host right it's our responsibility we should know about how esxi host can perform the task i'll help you to download i help you to create a better bootable pen drive or you can uh tell him for the training purpose you can download your any iso image for 30 days 60 days and it's really help to understand about the practical for the training and means education purpose you are able to download any software of vmware uh for 60 days okay during this training like how much practical will be involved 100 practical because i established my own setup i'll show you the setup and i'll help you how you can create if you don't have a high configuration based machine i'll help you to create an online lab and with the help of online lab you can perform the entire practical okay okay so this is applicable for 60 days means it's enough to understand about the services so what i'm going to do first step download and one more important part to set up a uh virtual lab what are the prediction the prerequisite minimum requirement i'm talking about the minimum eight gig ram and uh at least two core of cpu and up to 500 gig of hard drive this is the prerequisite and we'll install the services with the help of vmware workstation because you know that if we have only one laptop our desktop so we want to use the windows 10 and esxi both so in this case our vmware workstation our virtualbox can help us so this is the configuration that we can use to install the sxi second what is esxi host and how many types of essi hosts are available as we discussed esxi is a product of vmware and we are able to use esxi to set up our virtual environment basically it's related to the basically it's uh related to that you can say that bare metal virtualization so vmware vsphere provide multiple model or version of esxi like esx 4.0 esxi 4.5 5.0

5.5 6.0 6.5 6.7 7.0 these are the esxi version you can compare it with like a windows xp windows vista windows 7 8 9 10 and currently we are using 11. so if we talk about market so most of organization if we talk about current market up to 75 percent organization prefer to use esxi 6.5

because it contain the feature of lower version of operating system and higher version of operating system means it contain the feature of 7.0 and 6.0 as well so if you have id about 6.5 definitely you are able to manage the 6.0 and 7.0 as well so

i'll give you the complete details related to the 6.5 is it okay it's our responsibility to understand about the implementation process although i have already installed the what we can say that workstation and all but i'm going to show you the step from very basic this is my windows computer i hope you all feel able to see my screen this is our windows operating system uh so what you need to do if your new bid virtualization the first step you need to install hypervisor type two guys could you please mute yourself if you want to ask any question then unmute i'll drop a message yeah thank you okay so like you are newbie virtualization you want to set up the lab so let me help you how you can start work i have already installed my bmw workstation this is my bmw workstation tool right click and open although i have already installed multiple vm domain controller additional domain controller xp windows 10 adc and esxi host as already i'll show you how you can install it if you don't have a workstation so question is that how we can get a licensed version so it's really simple you need to open any browser type download vmware work station 16 pro okay open first link and see workstation 16 pro for windows workstation 16 pro for linux so we want to install in our windows operating system so just need to click on download now it's a 615 mb of tool that's it 615 mb of tool this is the first step second question how to get the license key because you know that uh you must need to use the workstation as a license because it is applicable for only 30 days and after 30 days we are unable to use it so how we can get the license key very simple open another page workstation 16 pro license key space git hub just type github github the gist.github.com click here we have a three different keys just need to copy these three keys copy and paste here the first key 100 percent working download and use this key to uh make it for permanent because it's a license of your 164 so this is the first step that you need to perform day one you need to perform the task second step we need to download the iso image of vmware esxi again download esxi which one 6.5 iso but in this case you need to create you need to log in your account see we are able to find it just a 328 mb of iso image whenever you click on download now it will be redirect you on login page this is the login page right if you have already created your account you just need to provide the password and click sign up once you sign in you are able to download but if you're new in esxi or vmware product what you need to do you need to click on sign up now and in case of sign up now what you need to do you need to create your account using any mail id you can use your gmail account you can use your official mail id it's up to you but you must need to register yourself with vmware site is it fine guys yes yes yes so very basic step that you need to use to download any tool not only the iso pcenter server vsan vmware tools everything you can download once you sign up yourself so in my case i have already downloaded entire tools entire software like i'm going to open my pc and softwares i have already downloaded entire iso image vcenter server 16.6.5 two point something gb so our responsibility to uh install 6.5 esxi boost 6.5 esxi the total capacity as we know

that it's just 337 mb cool back to the workstation this machine if we talk about this machine so it's a contain 32 gig of ram 6 core of cpu and 256 gb of ssd and 1tb of hard drive open vmware workstation i am going to install new esxi host in our hypervisor means workstation file create new vm typical next this is the place install disk image file iso so you need to click browse select esxi 6.5 open next select the esl version what is the difference between workstation 16 pro and this exi you said no earlier download this workstation 16 pro then esxi 16 pro mandatory because you have a one laptop right this is our laptop for example so i have already installed windows 10 operating system knives so where we need to install esxi so i'm going to use same windows 10 machine to install esxi vcenter and domain as then the 16 pro will give you the ui interface for installation of esxi right not ui it's give you the platform right give the platform where we can set up a lab for testing purposes for training purpose right right so that's why because we don't have a multiple computer multiple desktop like one computer use for the sxi one computer for the workstation like other we don't have we have only one machine so that's why we need to use it okay so you already have vaccination 10 installed on your machine yeah 810 is already installed because i have already created my setup for my server badge so that's why still i'm using windows workstation 10 will update soon once batch finish will update it because the entire setup our replication are created in domain so that's why still are using workstation 10. so just need to click on create new new virtual machine next select the iso image of esxi 6.5 open next next select the esxi next type the name of your esxi esxi host how much is space required 40 gig is enough we will change the capacity of our hard drive later for now we need to proceed with 40 gig of space click custom hardware when you press on the custom 4 gig of ram 2 core of cpu so i'm going to increase it eight gig of ram to code cpu enough net i want to make it bridge because bridge connection can help us to access the ip address from your wi-fi router so i want to access my uh wi-fi router ip address to virtual machine esxi close it finish it virtual machine is ready esxi now installation procedure is started click here to install so i think it's the same image as we have for windows 10 or 7 something same solution uh same installation yes yes all right uh sure definitely we'll share the link with you guys to download easily any tools definitely will help you i think you said you will help us to set up like online lab or something if we don't have power information definitely if you don't have a good configuration based machine so i'll help you how you can set up your lab directly on online but the problem in case of online you are unable to install anything everything is installed pre-installed our responsibility to sign in and perform the practical so i will guide you about how we can create a uh means account for the online lab installation is in progress so it will take hardly five to seven minutes to install the essay online is it free or should we have to pay no no is it absolutely free you can use three hours in a day okay friday you can use three hours okay and you can perform every practical h a d r s fault old range migration v motion every practical you can configure configure with the help of online lab okay thank you fine so installation progress in progress so it's also depend upon the configuration that you are using according to the configuration it will take time like as five to seven minutes is fixed and it may be take more time if you have just 4 gig of ram or 6 gig of ram and meanwhile it taking time so meanwhile just go through the topics that we completed and let me know if you have any question anyone have question please let me know related to the topics that we completed good day good day trainer and good day all hi good day how are you i'm fine and you good too thank you for asking yes uh [Music] asking if you can please um share with us the three links definitely definitely will share the proper content proper document is it all the necessary to start but kissing definitely will clear it no worry about ah okay okay thank you yeah thank you yes okay so so this is the first page of installation so it's really easy mention skip to cancel and press enter to continue just need to press enter to continue another step option another option is f11 to accept and continue press f11 very basic step that you need to use to install the esxi host although you are installing on your base machine bare metal or vmware workstation simple 10 40 gig of hard drive that we provided we just need to press enter to continue again enter to continue this is really important page because this particular page you are able to configure the password and the password can help you to access your esxi through gui through web client or you can say that web browser so i'm going to use any password press enter press enter again f11 to install that's it last step f11 to install so this is the way to install the esxi host i hope you all of you understand about the way to install this is the final step it will take three to four minute times and after that you are able to access it it is in progress meanwhile i am going to share the link of our uh how to download the software you can use this link to download workstation about the key which is really important workstation key from github this is the url of another in this case you must need to sign up yourself by using your gmail account or another account because without sign up it cannot allow you uh for esx installation right for esx installation exactly okay because it's applicable for 60 days right so after this session will you be able to share all these links on the whatsapp chat i'll already share please check the chat window oh you should on the channel okay yeah i should do link here you won't be able to after this session maybe it will be disconnected no no you just copy and paste okay and put it into the notepad okay okay yeah thanks i got it yeah here we go okay back to our esxi installation process and let's check 27 okay no problem we need to wait two three million more okay so we got two links one for the workstation and one for the e60 right one for esxi one for workstation one for license key hello manjit i have one query please please while using a bare metal of freeware version of 60 days is there any limitation of features or not no no you are able to perform entire tasks the only so in case of free trial vmware cannot support you right [Music] migration replication even replication you can configure you are able to perform entire tasks okay okay thank you um if i have 8 gb ram do you think my machine is capable enough to download this and in case of 8 gig yes 36 16 16 16 gig so definitely you are able to perform you need to install one esxi one domain and one vcenter server 16 gig is enough to perform the task means you are able to perform entire practical okay i'll help you to set up your lab as well no worry about it i'll help you to set up a lab as well because it's really important you must need to perform the practical without practical it's really difficult to understand about the concept so i'll help you don't mind i think you just need i need to make sure i have the vmware pro and stuff is downloaded right so that's interesting okay installation process completed we successfully installed 6.5 just need to press enter and continue esxi will be reboot and after that we will access the gui of our esxi hosts [Music] there any material will be provided in the recordings also you will receive a recording of every session no worry okay sir um maybe even if you can give us your one note whatever you are yeah i actually one note i need to collect uh means a two-day session and create a pdf for fun one note and share with you you guys no worry about it esxi is almost ready to use right so it's our responsibility we need to understand about the base we are getting one ip address 192 168.1.16 dscp it means that my wifi router can provide ip address of 16. let me show you

second important part if you want to be expert in virtualization what we did now we installed one esxi machine this is our esxi you know the configuration ram 8 gig cpu to core hard disk that we provided how much 40 gig is it correct and operating system es x i 6.5 is it correct this is the machine's information how we can access our vm so we have a one two and three different way to access using web client second using d c u i third using putty terminal we have a three different way to access this machine the machine is 6.5 2 core of cpu 8 gig of ram 192 168.1.16 this is the machine and we are unable to see any option to create virtual machine question is why we need to use web client it give you the gui panel what is gui user interface correct and it is used for the configuration ip configuration user password configuration the direct console dci direct console user interface this is the dc ui page this is the page of this ui whenever you log in directly to the page it considered as a dc ui but it cannot give you option to create virtual machine reset the password change the ip address reset the network test the network troubleshoot them manage troubleshoot the ssi view the logs with the supports reset the configuration this panel is considered as a this ui panel last putty so if you want to access you don't want to make any changes you want to troubleshoot it cli are ssh command line interface are ssh if you want to access your system with the help of ssh you can access within a putty terminal and it is used for the only and only troubleshooting is it clear send that one to joey and run your pscg great role and all that so just hello watching between okay so let's try to understand about the first option gui because uh we are responsible to perform 75 percent task through this particular the uh gui panel so what we need to do in case of gui as we know that the esxi the ip address of our esxi is 16 right the esxi of our ip address of pssi is 16. back to the windows 10 machine open any browser type the ip address of your esxi host that's it press enter your connection is not private no worry click advance proceed to unsave this is the login page provide the username by default username is root always and password that you configured so manjit uh is a 16 is by default it for vmware or uh we need to manually assign it to the ip address actually currently we are getting a ip address from our dscp from my internet service provider isp okay got it got it so whatever it is for my isp i should add it for that one right uh yeah you can also configure your manual life here just see it's up to you but when you're accessing this it's so it's i think it's it's automatically i mean mapped with this esi now i mean while we do the installation it automatically mapped with this esxi the ip address yeah it's provided by the dhcp it's provided by our you can say that isp internet service provider the it is also possible about the password password you need to configure while installation okay [Music] and click login this is the gui panel got it and tell me is okay guys so we successfully access our esxi through gui panel you can check the configuration by clicking on the host see we are able to find cpu memory and storage we can connect gui panel from our laptop or desktop also now anywhere anyways you can connect from anywhere but you should be communicating like i'm going to check with my another system like i just need to ping 16.

so you just need to ping 16. like this uh someone is still not clear in this uh so for example if a service product is providing a 16 ip address so you're going with the 16 right correct correct okay got it so i need to check my ip and then go with this route yes according to the default ip address that you are getting and with the help of same ip address you can connect with gui panel using the web browser got it got it going further if i want to start a kelly any other ip uh so can you just show that as well yeah definitely we'll show you yes from our router or from isp i feel like this ip is not from our isp this is the internal uh ip from our router which we are getting this this is the private ip at this which is the pole is configured in our router in our wi-fi router okay is no isp connect to the router and then isp push the private ip address because this is the private app here does 192 is a private ios right yeah then you can assume this is the ip which i get it from my router not from a isp provider no or isp responsible to push that if we talk about the ip address which is uh provided by our isp what's my ip you just need to type what's my ip it will give you the detail of your on ip address this is the public ipad this is my public ipad test 122 63 62 something kind of right yeah yeah this is private ipad is which is pushed by isp and which is stored in the uh local router that you basically router is converting into the this ip192 it's given by your router only ah correct correct correct good ip transaction is the back end side which is converting into the 192 series uh exactly with the help of night network undiscovered uh is it okay can we proceed for next yeah sure okay thank you so now currently we are getting a 192 168.1.16 this is our ipad is but i want to change my ip address i want to make it different so what you need to do you need to open dc ui panel what is dc ui panel it's a direct console user interface this is the dc ui panel f2 go to the configure network management management network enter select ipv4 enter currently we are using dynamic ipl this is dynamic ipr test i don't want to use dynamic select third last option set static ip address and network configuration press space bar for the selecting mark select space bar select change your ipad test i'm going to make it another any any ip address you can proceed like as a 150 okay i want to use 150 for my esxi operators press enter press skip button save press y to yes we successfully say currently our ip address is

back to the base machine try to log in with the browser 192 168 press enter advance proceed to unsafe same page root password login simple we are on same page if you try to ping once 16 because you change the ip address dot 16 press enter it cannot impact no activity is it clear about the password changing yeah yeah got it okay cool so let's talk about the password changing uh uh it should be uh done by this now dc dc ui right this ui panel correct okay so now we are on page of our gui means graphical user interface and our responsibility to understand about the options each and every option we are responsible to understand each and every option host manage monitor vm storage networking to be expert in virtualization it's our responsibility we must need to know each and everything so let's talk about how we can start work with vmware virtualization need to start from vmware work virtual machine storage networking and all let me explain the task that we need to cover the another important part is virtual machine management guys just give me one minute i need to answer and share it uh please let me know if you're able to see my screen yes yes again here okay let's talk about the task of means the day one task we should know about the installation of esxi xs esxi using web client third identification of esxi host gui fourth one configure vm like as a create vm delete vm install os to virtual machine then as vmware tools hot plug snap swords add disk to vm so these all are the tasks that we need to perform this is the day one task is it clear guys yes yeah so i think we completed two part installation completed access completed identifier for esxi completed we need to manage the virtual machine is it correct right right what do you mean by identification of psf identification of esxi means we are able to find the host manage monitor vm storage network okay identify the location of our services that's it clear hi yeah why we are not going for 7.0 latest version uh yeah see actually uh as per the company requirement if you're new with virtualization so you need to prepare yourself for 6.5 if you have a great idea about virtualization so we can proceed with 7.0 so i'm good with both

okay but most of organization as per my experience in virtualization from last six years most top client most of our clients prefer to use the 6.5 yeah but in october it will be uh 6.5 will be no more i hope so uh no see most of organization updating ourselves but not much up to 70 to 75 percent companies still using 6.5 normally i'm open with both like as a 7.0 and 6.5 for both because i have

already set up a lab for six point seven point zero as well so not an issue with both okay do one thing we can just complete the task related to the esxi 6.5 entire practical and three to four different session will uh provide you the difference between six point five and seven point zero to understand about the actual difference practically okay thank you here let me turn on my esxi 7.0 as just just only for the identification give me one minute uh while you're doing that i have a question can i ask you our story yes sure please so i'm also planning to write this application for pcta do you think i'll be capable to do that after this course uh you are applying for the vcsa right yeah the the basic one the first right the associate i think uh yes yes so after the training definitely as per the content that i'm covering because i'm going to use the blueprint of our vmware so definitely it can help you to crack the examination covering all of these okay actually we are on page of vcsa so in case of bcsa we will cover the entire content uh can you please if you don't mind can you please show the certification of vmware and show me or you know which one we have sure sure so i am i have already turned on the esxi 7.0 the ip address is 176. let me take the both gui panel for the difference okay okay so this one is our 7.0 update 2 and this is our 6.5 update 2

i don't think much difference between each other the difference in only vcenter server same host manage monitor virtual machine storage networking host manage monitor virtual machine and networking so not much difference about the certifications we are on page of vcp then should be of a same version or can we maintain different version ah no we you must need to put our say you must need to use the same version okay then only it will be compatible for the hrd exactly exactly i think the very basic is the associated one right so you can say that this is the startup means uh if you want to be expert in case of virtualization so we need to start from here if you have already know about the virtualization so we can proceed according to the company's requirement according to the upgradation means that you you want to upgrade for the hybrid environment or horizon or you can say that we realize kind of a number of products are available in vmware okay so as for the contents our responsibility to understand about the each and everything each and every topics related to the vmware virtualization hello hello hello hello again so first step we need to cover the part of esxi management like as the installation we completed accessing esxi with the help of gui using the web clients and another option to identify the esxi gui panel create virtual machine understand about the options which is available in virtual machines creation then discuss about how to install operating system in our esxi based virtual machine then manage our virtual machines tool vmware tool hot plug snapshots adding hard drive removing hard drive resizing the hard disk with our virtual machine so these are the topics that we need to cover in our vm management back to the gui panel this is the gui panel of psxi 6.5 and we need to click on vmware sorry virtual machine which is zero virtual machine no vms are available because we just installed the esxi host and it's a fully black we are able to find option create our register uh right click on your vm we are able to find the same option just need to click here it will give you option to create new virtual machine create new vm deploy vm through obf rova register an existing virtual machine so we don't have any existing virtual machine so proceed with create new i have a question because nowadays everyone is going on azure platform and from there they are i mean creating the images and machines as well right then if i compare this vmware with the azure so how the where we see the the scope of this uh vmware because okay and azure if you say yeah it's very simple to create a machine without installing any software any esxi and just only get this encryption installed and just use it but here we need to do many things as a prerequisite and then we can utilize and hardware also we are managing the hardware requirement also as well exactly exactly see compare this with azure so what do you think like what how will you like answer these things azure and vmware let me explain about the proper way means why organization prefer to use the vmware you are you are organization you are responsible to set up a lab this is azure portal this is our on-premises setup i'm talking about vmware hmm okay let me explain you why we need to proceed with vmware i know that in case of not only the azure even aws our google cloud are alibaba cloud these all are the platform a public platform where we can create a virtual machine in very simple term no need to set up any hardware so what happen in case of uh works with azure portal we are not able to manage the resources of our hardware we are not responsible to manage in case of azure the first and important part of low security not trusted for finance are bankers in this case you are owner of your hardware do you think security is not in in microsoft they are assuring that yeah no i know i know they give us a 95.95 percent of fault tolerance and security but no any bankers no any financial organization prefer to use as your another techno other services so in this case you are owner of your hardware plus you are responsible to manage your own security and this is the back end of your vmware and by using the vmware you can create a number of virtual machine so both side back end and front end both options you are responsible to manage and if i create the machine here the console where it's it's going to save or which which storage is automatically taking in esxi the hard disk that you added which is responsible to contain your vm contain the file of your virtual machine or you can configure your share storage dot vhd format i think it's saving i'll guide each and everything about the vhd vmx every file will guide you how we can use it what are the usage of these files i'll guide you everything how will you how will you restore your environment you are on premise environment and if anything goes wrong i mean there is no any dr set up for this environment everything you are handling uh by your own you are the only one person who is managing this environment if anything goes wrong how will you restore all the things on all the environments and number of options to create our setup we can manage the snapshot we start from a snapshot use multiple share storage create replication configure cluster manage drs manage h a manage ft so these all are the tool that can help us to protect the environment okay and and you no need to pay the any kind of payment for snapshot for replication for cluster for drs for ha for ft okay okay whenever you proceed for the snapshot over azure okay are for replication correct you have to pay the extra it is availability in terms of availability availability in case of as you are you are talking about in case of vmware vm area availability the meaning of availability you can configure hatching okay high availability consider high availability so ha can help you to protect your environment if any subside damage okay damage the virtual machine automatically move to the second esxi automatically it automatically moves right automatic move this is the high availability in real environment in terms of accessing the vm over the over the intern what the speed in terms of accessing the vm over the intel accessing the virtual machine rdp you're talking about to worldwide yeah yeah it's up to up to you the network access that network connection that you are using that we are using here also in azure also that once suppose we have it on the second vm is automatically moved to the another uh machine or scale up scale down is also there it's a totally separate part scaling is not a part of our application replication is a separate a scaling is a separate auto scaling is a separate and replication is a separate part what about um patches and updates in on-premises is what balancing is possible here in vmware which types of load balancing you're talking web load balancing file tolerance load balancing there is a vm you you create a vm you you publish this for any any commercial site haha ecommerce site and on like on weekends there is a load of the customers who are accessing those vms the the vm should be lies with high traffic so if yes automatically another vm should be uh i mean switch on just to balance the load so is is that possible here in vmware yes load balancer you can configure for your web service ftp service or another services you can configure in your local environment we can okay same thing you can say correct and about the patches what are the basic charges they are charging in okay in case of you have a four gig ram okay and 2 core of cpu and 127 gig of hard drive with windows server 2012 okay okay but this configuration you have to pay 3.92 rupees per hour

and two thousand six hundred eighty rupees per month aprox and for vmware comparing vmware then it's a free vmware is free means you are owner of your hardware now so it's a free no need to pay you need to pay only for license correct clear yeah yeah you're right okay 2018 rupees per vm charges per hour here headache is in for us only and and for vm is for microsoft exactly see as per the usage actually if we talk about our usage according to the personal uses we can proceed with vmware we can proceed with that if company if company policy they don't want to transfer they don't want to put over any single data to any other portal or any other hardware then they must need to configure vmware and the last question for my site is the migration is possible from vmware to azure 100 vmware to azure vmware to aws vmware to cloud vmware to alibaba you can you can ok it's possible yeah you need to convert your virtual machine's hard drive and you need to make it compatible with zen server it will take time but definitely it's uh possible to convert your vm p to v v to v virtual to virtual it's possible okay how do you do patches on updates patches and update on on-premises you are talking right in vmware correct yes in this part we will find a one service the service name is life cycle management okay life cycle management which is one of powerful tools that can help us to perform lots of tasks like update patches migration it can help you in case of migration 6.5 to 7.0 it is responsible to give you security update it can help you to migrate vm to cloud so this is complete package lifecycle management is a place where we can patch update the patches migrate security update and vm to cloud connectivity so add some of this automatic you need to configure it you need to configure it and if if you mark it as an automatic update every 15 days or 20 days once the update releases by the vmware it automatically pick and update any other question guys because it's a day one so you need to know about how we attend the class how our class will be go so it's really good that if you ask a question related if you have any query you can discuss so i'm asking you again but if you can tell us like what is the link to the certification content we are covering so that i can just review that actually i have already downloaded the certificates uh course content regarding the certification unable to open it and i think the name you are saying is is core technical skills uh core technical skills sorry i'm just asking like is it what is the name um name for certification you're talking yeah uh it's a vc vcp bcp so these all are the content that we need to cover in our training introduction data center environment installation of esxi virtual machine concept virtual machine creation and management configure and manage storage configure storage vmfs data store managing virtual networks standard switch and policies installation vcenter server vm migration cluster and high availability fault length scalability cluster data protection access current authentication control resource management and monitoring schedule task and alarm these pair web client access and we'll discuss about sealed endpoint and distributed switch architecture means manage the distributed switch bmw center standalone converter these all are the content that we need to cover in our training we have a huge content related to the practical and everything will give you the life practical means how you can implement it in real environment so this is not combined to like any particular certification general topics we were going to discuss just to understand the entire concept i guess correct these topic this content can help you to crack the examination and you can crack the any uh interview related to the vcsa related to the uh our vcp and vcsc vote the only reason i'm asking you all this question is because i'm planning to write some sort of certification so maybe if you can guide like which one we should write after completing this course that's how i want to find out so understood nobody will guide you about how you can prepare yourself because it's a day one so i'll help you to crack the examination as well okay thanks uh said what is the course duration is it weekend classes or week disclosure weekend classes two hours classes five to seven means and we'll try to finish entire content in one and a half month required okay got it this is the introduction session like as a kind of introduction uh that you can recognize the class and from tomorrow according to the feedback we can start by tomorrow is it clear listen any other question guys any guys anyone guys sorry just one question like for the for the esxi 6.5 download link i saw multiple products over there so which one we supposed to download uh 6.5 you need to download the iso image of 6.5 but there are a lot of options like it's standard essential essential plus enterprise you need to proceed with data center or standard okay nice okay everyone so this is all for today's session because it's just uh you can say that introduction session are to understand about the concept please share your uh you can feedback with the team and according to that we can start sure uh thanks for the class uh small or i mean it's my request for my idea small one-on-one section for my uh personal log i mean uh guidance so is it any possible yeah sure thank you so much yeah so how can i uh let me uh discuss with the uh what we can say the coordinator and uh will uh uh this i need to discuss with amit and uh connect on okay what is the cost of this training sorry what is the cost ah actually i don't have idea about the cost because i'm responsible to train you so amit will guide you each and everything right okay okay everyone thank you so much and take care please share your feedback and if everything is okay then click connect tomorrow and completely impress us take care bye-bye thank you very much thank you too take care bye

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