lcd monitor technology | computer hardware part - 32 | lcd monitor - 2 | How to lcd monitor work

lcd monitor technology | computer hardware part - 32 | lcd monitor -  2 | How to lcd monitor work

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so friend this is my online computer  hardware series video and you can   see here my already uh created a lot of  video about the computer hardware series   and watch my previously very important for  you because you cannot understand a lot of   uh you know some Computer Service Parts and  related courses so I'm already created type   of computer and a lot of upgraded  Mainframe computer how are you see is really important   a lot of people not know about Mouse basic part  types of mouth tackle type Mouse Optical Mouse   that's the type Mouse sensor type Mouse I have  already created videos in my playlist computer   hardware playlist so watch my video Everything  part twice okay and the track will tab Mouse you   can see here how many types working and buttons  and you can see an optical Mouse is one type of   showing here and Optical capture pointing clicking  and clicking and computer sensor sensorship okay keyboard is already created a keyboard  what is the keyboard and how many uh   a type of keyboard so uh what is  your name of a keyboard technology created a uh this video on keyboard organization  so watch my video editing part wise okay I'm   already created different device and a different  event of uh so I'll continue uh my LCD technology   because I'm CRT monitor already completely so  you and everything uh give it detail how crd   monitor work and the first monitor see that you  have created and uh who is the scientist created you know computer related and after creating a  new technology LCD technology so why replace crd   Monitor and why what benefit obviously technology  and after create one by Led plasma already 4K LED   and the projector system air Predator system so  I already created a video a CRT monitor so watch   my previous video all of video computer hardware  playlist series okay everything start this video   and I've already told you how is this work and  last my previous video I'm showing you pixel okay   so one pixel however uh showing and how design  and all how set of this pixel system so watch   my previous video very important for you okay  okay either you cannot understand about uh so   you can see here my last previous video I will  show you this is a pixels very small and very   very small size type is and this is the one pixel  okay so uh start activate basic Matrix display   so why this technology active impressive  display technology so let's start this video [Music] thank you [Music] so when before start my video and give one type of  message for you so I hope you visit my channel so   like this type online interest description and  click on search and you can see this type my   logo click on it you can visit my this channel  okay everything you want the information will   get computer Advanced Computer Hardware network  software everything there is time already created   so click on playlist and you can see if you  want any computer hardware related information so click on and visit my playlist  and I'm continuously one by one now   time to time and update my new  video and upload review so you can   pretty good knowledge for increase your knowledge  and very important for information for you your   computer beginners so uh you can select our  control panel options and other Microsoft   or already I've created videos you can see this  is the control file everything information give   in my video you can see this is a very  important for you Windows operation 789 notify and faster notification  message in your mobile computer   so click on subscribe click on like button so you can see here this is a activate PC means  active and PSU means your matrices system so   most LCD display use activate Matrix technology  okay so what is the active technology most of LCD   display Matrix this technology the thin film means  transistor TFT errors tiny transistor micrometer transistor and capacitor in Matrix on glass of  the display very small very tiny orange distant   digital system so these LCD monitor display in  different type of work in on on LCD technology   so liquid crystal display you can see here LCD  technology this type showing here and all of   your part in your computer you can see here this  is my display in my account you can see here   so first understand about last I must start  okay so last start part of your body okay   and start this display understand about  these are light source light source means   your lighting background side light  film okay and after polarized film   okay this is a this is a right right  to left side to right stream okay   so polarized frame and after third layer is  third layer is electrodes is Electro technology   and electron after start of your liquid Crystal  this is a liquid Crystal here what type of   liquid one type of this chemical liquid using and  liquid setup on top of Crystal tab okay so this   is liquid Crystal part of fourth layer we clear is  a electrodes okay first electrode okay and second   electrode different okay same is okay you can see  here and you can see here this is a color filter   okay this is a one two three four five six six  layer is color filter setup here okay and seven   polarized filter straight okay this is a row type  okay this is a row type showing a uh uh your this   uh polarized skeleton row type electrodes but this  is a column type okay column tab introduce very   small and very uh type of your electrical crystal  display Liquid Crystal and the color filter   and this is a polarized filter is a column tab  again you can say yes this is a save and this   is a display surface display surface means some  plastic glass on everything for and this every   two picture color setup color filter and your  picture setup and color communication setup   three main system first is a light second is  a polarized filter okay this polarized filter   and second is electrodes okay so this is displacer  first showing everything your picture high quality   type of your data in your screen so we understand  more about these to address particular pixel okay   so LCD main work in pixels the proper row  is Seated on okay proper row switch on   and the chain is sent down to correct column  okay I am already told you everything column   set up the credit calling since all of other  rows that call it inter cept s are turned off   so pixel start on off on off on off   everything your this Liquid Crystal pixels  okay electrodes Ctrl and these completely   color filters is showing here okay so this is  a one tab or try your polarized field and no your pixels so main important is a your  how pixel start and how technology on off   so this is a controlled by electrodes and  these electrons okay electrode signals and   up and conflict continue on off on off your  surgery is Tiny very very tiny and very uh   small and very micrometer type of nanometer  nanotechnology using and on off your pixels   so uh since all other rows the column uh in  intersect on Turner off only capacitor only   capacitor at the designer pixel receive  a charge only okay so pixel first start   and charge and design only this type of  capacitor technology capacity technology   one type of charging system charge means  not a lot of longer time but really uh one type of store your charge so the capacitor is  able to hold charge until the next refresh cycle   so replace cycle is very  important so you may be uh rate it's called replace rate so replace rate come what  what is the refresh meaning replace so once pixel   okay one pixel change on off converter pixel   company communication create one photo okay so it  is a very uh important for you I will discuss by   animation too but I have understood what type  of this Theory key base CR okay so this way a   pixel is a control is a different in each type  of display right so this way is pixel control   difference is display different wise and CRT  LCD LED okay so CRT first monitor replace rate   you can see here some depend on your CRT monitor  size and these really important of your refresh   rate in clock clocking of down system but LCD  inside this is a pixels pixels control row so   already I will discuss next song video by  Led create a okay so LCD and the nearest tab   of our display all control pixels differently  okay different different white pixels working   okay in short LCD are lit by backlight okay  and pixel are switch on off electronically   while using Liquid Crystal to rotate polarized  light okay so this is a very important for   and very different return by Crystal and rotary  light okay so polarizing glass filter is a place   in front and behind all pixels okay so polarized  glass is a filter uh front and behind all pixels   okay so phone set and back side is one type of  pixel showing okay so front filter is placed on   19 degrees okay so 19 degrees means any your pixel  you can see it this is CRT monitor have no pixel   system but LCD technology in pixel technology  okay pixel technology is a very important you can   see here this is inside red green and blue only  ground okay this electronic DM or laser on foreign because the another type of LCD technology is  a Casio mattress okay so this is a very   important so understand about 19 degrees okay  so polarized filter this is the polarized filter   this is normally very important for okay  so this polarizing glass filter is placed   front and behind all the pixels front and  behind all pixel front filter please here so this is a foreign okay so the same it is this is a polarizing  filter okay this I am called understand I I   mean I am showing you this okay so this is a  filter row type and this polarizing filter okay   column type 19 degree okay this is a 19 degree so  it is a one type of showing you uh you can control   everything uh switch on or for your electrodes  okay electrodes built on of your pixels okay [Music] rarely used today due to uh the technology slow  response time and impressive voltage control   active that is technology static technology technology passive type SC technology very slow compared to mattress technology so this type of  LCD display use grid conductive Tech metal okay   red conductive metal charge is every pixel  okay they are less expensive expensive to   produce and a PC Matrix monitor are really  used to uh yesterday uh uh technology slow   response okay not highly refresh rate not  highly pixels showing a response and line okay so this is a Line to Line nine to line  showing here okay this is a Line to Line   and everything you can see if it  is altered control compared to uh   one two and start and stop so this  my active Matrix technology LCD and   different to LCD basic Matrix technology  okay active and passive so active because this is slow response okay  understand about now that you have   understanding of how LCD Works let's look so  specific feature unique to LCD monitor okay   so LCD monitor to type technology active metals  technology and passive Matrix technology okay   so actually is very high learning very  good and very good type of system okay display is great okay so uh you are mad with a  either PC Matrix or active Matrix display grid   okay so the Matrix Matrix LCD is also now clean  clean turn system TFT display Active technology   no clean film transistor display but the parasu  Matrix LCD has grid conductor technology with   pixels located each interaction in the  grid so this is a great technology but   uh twin film transistor technology is basic the  current is sent okay the current is sent across   two conductor on the grid to control the lag for  any pixel and active Matrix as transistor okay   so active Matrix LCD using transistor  technology TFT theme frame transistor but uh basic technology is a using a great technology  okay so this is a really important for okay   so uh I am discussed about uh again I'm  sorry uh located add each pixel intersection   require less current control remnants of pixel  so pixel is a lesser not more Tech current   really not take High current values low current  4 pixel for this reason current in active Matrix   display can switch on off more frequently okay  improving the screen refresh rate time okay so uh   Active technology using a con off only pixels  okay and improving your screen replace time   but passive technology is a great tab  technology and control your light any   pixels and this hot system are very uh you know  fast response so uh you can see that this is a   safe type of so red top pixel okay so passive KC  Matrix technology and active Matrix technology technology and fast and very high  level and very good system active   Matrix display is very important  okay so some you are purchase a   new type of computer and display  high level display LCD technology and this is uh you're not perform good  and maybe your energy you know foreign so class I'm showing already and I will  discuss in viewing angle okay next video   so while leaving angle give and what different  uh CRT to LCD viewing angle and the viewing   angle y please create a video I will discuss  in next video okay so my video is complete   here and what are you learn from my video so  first is a LCD technology a very thin very   now take more power and compared to very easily to  transfer to one device order and the LCD is a very   good offer system okay so I  will discuss a next video in angle okay so thanks for watching have a nice  day thank uh click on like button click on Bell   icon for new notification when I am upload new  videos so okay now take a message from YouTube   notification okay so click on Bell icon   and uh maybe not understand this video  so watch again video my okay so thank you   have a nice day I will discuss next time  this topic living angle okay so thank you [Music] [Music]

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