ISRO వాడే Rocket Engine ఎలా ఉంటుందో చూస్తారా? Know Your Company MTAR Technologies (Plant Visit)

ISRO వాడే Rocket   Engine ఎలా ఉంటుందో చూస్తారా?  Know Your Company MTAR Technologies (Plant Visit)

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Hi guys, most of you have seen rockets in the sky, right? Have you ever seen rocket's engine? Hello Money Purse friends. We are going to set a new trend from today like I promised before. Till now I have explained to you about the products purchased and sold by various companies theoretically or through images. But now in this new series called Know Your Company I am going to introduce you directly to the products, plants, and offices of the companies you already invested in or going to invest in. I have considered many companies for Know Your Company.

But I realized the management interview series was started with MTAR Company. After MTAR, we have interviewed so many managements in our channel. So I thought Sreenivas Reddy is a lucky start so I decided to start this series again with him and called him up.

Sir accepted our request and we visited their office on Thursday at 1 p.m. and shot their plants and everything in detail. Actually, I thought we can start the shoot at 1 p.m. and wrap it up by 2:30 p.m. but it went up to 8 p.m. Genuinely speaking, they aren’t going for IPO or fundraising so they don’t have to give us so much time but Sreenivas Reddy and his team patiently gave us a tour of the products and plants. I am sure you’ll have a lot of learning and also you will know more about the company. Especially the speech of Mundey sir, incharge of Unit 3, was very inspirational because he is very senior but he gathered energy to explain to us about the products manufactured in the unit. I liked it so much.

His speech is at the end of the video. Don’t miss watching it. And also..

starting from the engine used in the rockets at ISRO to various other products are covered in this video. Don’t miss any part of the video. If you find our effort helpful, push the like button. And if you find it useful share it with your friends and families.

Your likes and shares energize us to put more effort because the video involves management follow-ups, 6-7 hours of recording, traveling, and much more. Recording in a studio is a piece of cake so we will feel encouraged to put more effort. So if you find the video useful, kindly like this video. Let me take you to the MTAR office now.

So first of all thanks a lot for giving us this opportunity. We started management interview series in our channel with you. So this Know Your Company series is also starting with MTAR. And I have spoken with you and you gave me this opportunity.

Sir, there’s one more reason why we are starting this series with MTAR. It is not just about introducing a commercial company or a profitable company to the viewers. This company has done a lot for the nation so we’ll publish this video before Aug 15th because you have done a lot for the nation.

Sir, in the last IPO interview you have spoken a lot about the company and then you spoke more on business prospects. Can you take the viewers through the history of the company? And then as you said we can show viewers the units one by one. Sure. So.. basically we started the company in 1969. We were three founders.

At that time, they approached HMT for jobs related to nuclear reactors. Considering the complexity of the job and they stepped back. So two of the founders are engineers viz., Ravinder Reddy and Satyanayarana Reddy. They came out of HMT and with the help and blessings of the Department of Atomic Energy, they started a small unit which is a small shed with hardly 3 or 4 machines.

Okay. They started in 1969. Okay. They successfully implemented the project which is a very complicated project for nuclear reactors relating to coolant channel. So..

this is the unit where we started in a very small shed. And.. What they did is..

This company is 50 years old now. While developing the company every year.. their focus was entirely on -They were very passionate about engineering. So their focus was entirely on whatever company used to earn money in those days they used to reinvest back into the company. They didn’t look for any other personal gain.

Step by step brick by brick they built this company over 50 years. So we’re very excited to be part of this journey. But the platform was built by the founders.

Founders. In the last interview, you shared with us the plans about Sheet Metal Plant near the airport and it shall open by June. Did it get affected or delayed because of Covid? No, it’s not delayed. Mostly by October or November, it is commissioned. Okay.

And also a specialized fabrication project is getting ready next to it. It will also be ready by March. Okay. So we’ll definitely be able to achieve what we promised to all the shareholders.

It's not a problem. Okay. So after this, I’ll ask -You can interact with.. Yes sir some of the people who worked in this company for almost 30-40 years. So you’ll have more historical data how this company was built. Okay You can also meet the gentleman who has worked with Mr. Ravinder Reddy and Mr. Satyanayarana Reddy, the founders,

and Jayaprakash Reddy was one of the.. who is looking after admin and finance. So he worked with them on the machines with the founders. You can actually interact with all these people. Sure sir thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity because this interview is more about interacting with people behind building this company and people who are there in the company for a longer period. Actually, it is the concept of 'Know Your Company'.

Hardworking employees are the major pillars of the company. I know management knows about the company Yeah but people who are working can share their experience and know-how about the plant. I’ll cover Unit 1 now and then I’ll cover other units as well. And thanks for allowing us to cover all the units. Absolutely, no issues. Thank you Thank you, sir.

Quality plays a major role in an Engineering Company, right? Now I am going to introduce you to the person who has set up the quality unit and has been working for 40 years Sriram sir, firstly I want to thank you for devoting time to explain to us. And quality plays a major role in engineering companies because there is no point in manufacturing quality less products. Providing customers at best price but with less quality kills our confidence. And just before coming here, Sreenivas sir said that you have set up a quality unit by yourself. I want to listen to that experience. Please take your seat, sir.

Thank you, thank you. Even viewers are curious to know what happens in a company and how was the company in early years. And you told me that you have been working for 40 years in this company.

My age falls less before your experience. So we’ll have a lot of learning today. Yeah See actually.. 40 years before when I joined this company there was no quality department. Okay. There was no separate quality control department.

What was the size of the company then, sir? We used to be a group of 40 people. Okay. Around 40-50 people. Okay. Everybody was doing their jobs well and when I joined I used to work with micrometers.

Everybody used to work. MTAR is in this stage.. mainly because of quality. Everybody knows we offer quality products.

Everyone who knows MTAR has the conviction that MTAR products are not quality compromised. So even now we get a 100% quality rating. Thanks a lot for explaining about quality in detail. I’ll take you to the next personnel. Yeah. Hi guys I told you that we are in Unit 1.

The in charge of Unit 1 is Mr.Ramesh. I’ll introduce you to Mr. Ramesh and what exactly happens at Unit 1 of MTAR Technologies will be explained by sir. Okay. My name is Ramesh Reddy. I am the head of Unit 1. I am working here as a General Manager.

My service here is 38 years. I joined as a supervisor and now I am a General Manager. We have successfully implemented numerous projects. We have worked on all customized projects from nuclear, defense, ISRO, submarine, and fast media reactors. We worked on all the versions of Agni Missiles be it A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5 were all done by us including the assembles.

Sir, can we visit Unit 1? Yeah, no problem. Guys, I am at the Unit 1 plant right now. As we’re in a plant you’ll hear some background noise. So we can’t avoid it. What is manufactured in Unit 1 of MTAR will be explained by sir.

There is a huge device here. What is it, sir? This is a defense item, ASL. Okay. Agni Missile Agni Missile, okay, we see it on TV. This is airframe of Agni Missile.

Okay. This is a new project. The entire machining, remitting, painting, and everything is done. It is a finished product now. This is before and this is after final work. We have come to another missile.

We usually see such missiles in the August 15th parade. This is the inner part of the missile, isn’t it? It is. Okay. Can you explain this? This is also a part of the Veda project.

Okay. Section I is one of the structures. This is one of the structures of the six structures.

This is of 2.5 diameter and the length is 2 meters. Guys, we have heard Sukhoi aircraft from TV many times. One of the products related to Sukhoi is manufactured by MTAR. Tell us about this product sir. This is a Sukhoi Engine. It's called Su-230.

Okay. We received the order from HAL. Okay. This is called a Compressor disc. Okay.

This is used in the engine. This machine is called 3D CMM. This machine? Both these machines.

Okay. They are called Three Dimensional Coordinate-Measuring Machines. Okay.

These machines should have controlled temperature. Okay. It has to be maintained at 20°, give or take 1°. Okay.

Otherwise, whatever reading given by the machine will not be accurate. Okay okay. The least count of this machine is 1.9 microns. It gives the value with a difference of 1.9 microns. Okay. This is one of the quickest methods of inspecting where we can’t inspect manually can also be done here.

Okay. This machine we have purchased in 1989. 1989.. okay. It doesn’t look that old to me. We have imported this size machine from Germany. What is this product, sir? It is used in helicopters.

Okay. We are manufacturing this for the developmental order of LEH we received recently. Okay.

What happens in this room, sir? As I have told you that every component is to be inspected at different stages. Okay? So that stage inspection or final inspection is done in this separate room Okay. under controlled temperature conditions.

Okay. There is a separate inspection hall at every unit. O..kay. Hi guys I have shown you Unit 1 till now. That is where MTAR initially started.

Now we are at the export related unit. You might have seen in the MTAR IPO video that the majority of the revenue is from Bloom Energy. I have told you that it manufactures hydrogen fuel cell related products and aerospace related products. All those export related is handled from here. And also along with the unit, I am going to introduce you to Anushman, the next generation of the promoter's family. Anushman takes care of this exports related unit and Siddha Reddy is this unit’s in charge.

Anushman kindly explain to us about this unit. Hello Krishna. Thank you for coming. Basically, we have three different segments which we catered this unit. It's a 100% export-oriented unit.

One is Clean energy. Second is Aerospace. And third is Defence. Our main customer in Clean energy is Bloom Energy. Siddha Reddy sir just now while we were talking about hydrogen fuel cell technology I said Toyota to which you added that Toyota works at high temperature but MTAR works at low temperature. Can you explain that difference to our viewers? Actually, Bloom Energy is the name of our customer.

Ha It is into generation of energy. Just like thermal power and hydel power, they generate green energy by introducing hydrogen and oxygen into a cell technology. They use water, air, and fuel to develop energy. Okay. It generates an uninterrupted power supply.

Generally, methyl or other gas is used to generate energy but by using hydrogen gas, the cost of the equipment and running cost is drastically reduced. They are developing a technology where hydrogen is used to produce energy. But they need hydrogen for all this process. For that, they have a model where they supply water to produce hydrogen. Guys I can’t show you Bloom Energy related products due to confidentiality reasons. But I can show you some of the aerospace related components manufactured here.

I’ll show it to you now. We are now at the aerospace division and Laxman Rao is the division incharge here. He will explain the products manufactured in this division. This is called as Wind base. Okay.

We are manufacturing this for Research Centre Imarat. Okay. Popularly known as RCI. This is called Spyder. Okay.

This is part of a project for the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. Okay. This comes in sealing plug assembly. This is all for Hermes 900 drone.

Okay. It is a spying drone. Oh its a spying drone.

Spying drone It is not a regular size drone but it is of mini aircraft size. It is a military spying drone. Hermes 900 is the name.

Okay. For that, we are preparing. These are all critical parts.

Both machining and surface treatment is critical. Surface treatment is not the same for all. Okay.

This looks complicated. It is very complicated. For example, there is an Indian army troop here and there is another troop somewhere else. Both these troops telecommunicate regularly. So this is used to change the frequency in decimals every minute making it impossible to intercept their communication. What is this product, sir? It's massive.

Explain it to us. Like I told you earlier today, we supply equipment for Nuclear Power Corporation. So in the main core of the reactor I have shown you the fuelling machine in the morning.

You have taken photographs also. This did almost 50% of it. Okay. Okay.

This has taken nearly 3 years. This takes 3 years to manufacture a product? Yes. It took one and half years to finalize the design. One and half years just for finalizing the design. Yes almost.

Most of you have seen rockets in the sky, right? Have you ever seen rocket's engine? I’ll show you the rocket engine now. It is not any random rocket's engine but the rocket engine used in Vikas by ISRO. We have heard about GSLV, PSLV rockets. Now I am going to show you its engine. Let me take you there.

Now were are with Sudhakar Reddy. Sudhakar Reddy is incharge of Unit 2. This unit is called ISRO Unit. ISRO related products are manufactured by MTAR. Sir, please explain about the Vikas engine.

We supply this Vikas engine to ISRO. PSLV and GSLV rockets are launched from Sriharikota They are satellite launch vehicles. These vehicles are used to place satellites in the required orbit. This Vikas engine is used in both PSLV and GSLV.

Okay. Again there are two variants in GSLV. Okay.

Mark 2 Mark 3 Okay. So this will be used in all the rockets. Okay. How long have you been working in MTAR? I have been working for 34 ½ years.

34 ½ years! None of the employees here worked less than 30 years in MTAR. I’ve joined in January of 1987. Okay. So at every stage, they have to inspect Okay. because the problem with ISRO is that you might have seen it on TV if it is ignited once you can’t retrieve even a single part. So 300-400 crores worth of rockets sinks into the ocean.

We can’t use a single part of it. It goes as waste and defames country's image. Yeah. That is why they don’t want to take any risks.

Okay. So minute part even a bolt is very critical. So that is why inspection is done multiple times. Hi guys we are at Unit 3.

Till now we have seen products in Unit 2 This unit in charge is Mundey sir. Mundey sir kindly explain the products manufactured here. Yeah Mainly specialized products for nuclear application and aerospace application and defence application are manufactured here. Okay.

Since 1982 we gradually added special equipment, special machinery, special alloys, this inspection equipment, testing equipment. Everything has been established. Okay. For example, this is one of the types of ball screws. Okay. Especially as ball screws, water-lubricated bearings, and roller screws assembles So these kinds of ball screws had to be imported from Israel.

Okay. So that time even we can’t manufacture this because there was no drawing of it. We took our time to develop all these. Okay.

And now we are selling it at one-fifth of Israel's price. Oh wow. Okay This is our exclusive product.

Okay. Sir how many companies in India manufacture products like this? In India, there is no other company which manufactures what we manufacture. So it’s a monopoly. It is a monopoly yet we are not demanding.

Okay. Our products are reasonable It’s not about price demanding but we are single player. Proudly speaking, we are a single player in this field. How long have you been associated with MTAR? I joined in December of 1972. Joined in December of 1972?! This December I’ll complete 49 years and enter the 50th year.

You served 50 years in a single company. When I joined only 8 people were there including our founder directors. I used to work with them. Okay.

We used to travel to various companies abroad and we have learned many things. Sir, didn’t you feel bored working for 50 years in the same company? I never felt bored because every day we are working dedicatedly and lost track of time. Lost track of time. Today we are only working for 8-9 hours but back in the day, we used to work 16, 20 and even 24 hours.

Okay. Our interest was so high we didn’t keep track of time. It was early years after the company was set up.

It was very interesting to achieve the dimensions and to make an operation successful that days just passed by. We used to have biscuits or something and work hours together. If there’s a problem in any part of they country, they say, “why are you bothering I say, just go to that MTAR, that Reddy’s company, and get it done”. Abdul Kalam has been here thrice. He used to encourage us in those days.

Okay We used to device Russian technology, American technology, French technology overnight even when they provided with improper drawings we used to assume the proposal and modify, intricate, and prove it functionally. They appreciated us for that and admitted our importance. Really inspiring sir.

Whenever we talk of a company, we believe promoters built the company but.. people like you are actually the pillars for the company because you work very hard. Promoters definitely play a key role but..

employees like you are committed to the company and work passionately for such long years. Even now after the working hours, you’ve waited to explain to us shows your passion. This is our regular work routine. We have developed so many things and even today if something comes up we can develop it with utmost interest and strive for cost reduction.

We never feel bored. We get to work on many challenging projects. I have been seeing my juniors retiring and newbies taking their place and get trained. I’ve seen all aspects. This is the advantage of seniority. If any employee faces trouble in problem-solving, we are in a stage to show them the right path to achieve it.

That is the product. The finishing is ultimate sir. All these ball screws are ultimate sir.

For your information, we also developed a ball screw for Chandrayaan. You heard about Chandrayaan, right? Yeah yeah We supplied this and it works even in extreme temperatures of -150° and +150°. We also developed products like this. Okay. They imported the material and gave it to us.

We processed it to this final product. That is a challenging job as it is not easy to make sleek products. The camera may not capture it but I can feel the finishing.

It doesn’t feel like metal. Yes and it has to freely rotate around it. We can make and deliver any kind. This is for missiles and everything in different shapes. This is also a ball screw but it's not easy to make it.

All kinds. This is also for ISRO. This is ISRO type.

Okay..okay. It rotates freely. They order for R&D and we process it. We process it easily. Variety of components. ISRO ball screws and DRDO DRDO is related to defence.

Yeah Those ball screws are for the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCI). Long.. and hallow ball screws.

They used to import all these before. This is made from stainless steel sir. Instead of importing, all companies in our country are buying from us.

Yes they are buying it from us. Now we don’t have to depend on anybody. They wonder how we are able to make bearings. It’s over there.

It's called WLB bearings. Water Lubricated Bearings Usually, grease and oil are used but these are lubricated by water. By water? Yes, it works underwater. We developed it for that. Okay.

We developed especially for that. Okay.. okay. Very accurate bearings made of special alloy.

That's how these are made. These are just samples. There are many more varieties. Everything product is good sir. Thank you Sir, how many companies in India manufacture these other than us? These types are manufactured by a company in Bengaluru, Okay and also in Gujarat. Okay. Now battery cars have come and we need power in battery cars.

Yeah For that, the orders for 10 feet reactors have been released. To cope up with demand we need so many industries. Our's is established company so continuously receive orders. There's no problem for us. How much time does it usually take to manufacture this? The raw material is very important. As soon as we receive the order we place an order for raw materials with mills like Midhani or Bharat Forge and other companies.

The raw material is available in India, isn’t it? It is available in India. We don’t have to import it. We used to import before but now many companies have established in Delhi, Sunflag Nagpur, Star wire and many other companies. Many industries have emerged. Back in the day only Bhilai Steel Plant and Vizag steel plant were the only companies. And Vizag steel plant used to deal only in MS, short for Mild Steel.

But these are made from the special specification of stainless steel. It undergoes a lot of modifications because it should have a minimum life of 40 years. So they give us stringent specifications. Before ending this video, I want to thank 3 people. First, MTAR promoter Sreenivas Reddy for giving this opportunity.

Second, the team of MTAR. Especially, Sri Ramlu sir and Sri Lekha ma’am were with us from 1 p.m. till 8 p.m. I recorded half of Daily Money Show and handed it over and left at 1.p.m. I thought we can wrap it up by 2 or 3 p.m. and can travel to Kadapa and Tirupati. But by the time we recorded all the units, it was 8 p.m.

They were patient with us for 7 hours. They didn’t have to be so kind, supportive, and explain everything to us. So I thank both of them for supporting us patiently. If you have watched the video this far, I hope you liked it.

If you haven’t yet liked it, don’t forget to like the video. If you find this video useful share it with your friends and families. If you haven’t subscribed yet, subscribe now and set the bell to all notifications. This is Sai Krishna Pathri. I’ll meet you with another interesting video. Till then have fun.

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