iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Pixel 8 Pro Full Comparison

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Pixel 8 Pro Full Comparison

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Hi friends, how are you? I am Nabeel. Today, we are going to compare the flagship phones of two companies. One is the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the other is Google's Pixel 8 Pro. I know that there is a huge price difference between these two. Pixel 8 Pro comes in 128GB storage variant and 15 Pro Max starts from 256GB variant. And if we talk about the price difference, there is a price difference of around Rs.

50,000, Rs. 52,000 or Rs. 53,000 in these two phones.

Still, I am doing this comparison because this is Apple's flagship phone and this is Google's flagship phone. And if you don't have a shortage of money, you can spend money. But if you want the best of the best, then which phone should you go for? Now, it is not possible that iPhone is the best or Pixel is the best. Something is going to be good in someone and something is going to be good in someone. So, let's see in this video that in which case 15 Pro Max is behind Pixel 8 Pro and in which case Pixel 8 Pro is behind 15 Pro Max. Before watching the video, I will request you to remove your blindfold and keep it aside.

Don't become a blind follower of Apple and don't become a follower of Google. Let's start the video with design, build quality and looks. In Pixel 8 Pro, you get to see an aluminum frame and in 15 Pro Max, you get a titanium frame.

Both the backs are made of glass and are frosted. Both the devices are very premium and good looking. 15 Pro Max carries forward its family look and you will get to see the same thing in Pixel.

A family look is also being carried forward here. iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhones are very common and you will get to see them in many people's hands. Pixel 8 Pro is a little unique because not many people buy it and very few people in India know about it. So, you will get to see a uniqueness in it but the same thing goes against it. If you go somewhere with this phone, in a family gathering or in a meeting or anywhere or among friends, most of the people don't know about it.

Those who are very tech savvy or are connected to the world of the internet and watch videos, they know that it is a phone worth 1 lakh plus. Otherwise, no one would have understood that this phone is so expensive. On the other hand, 15 Pro Max is a status symbol And wherever you go, people will observe that yes, it is carrying such an expensive phone.

So, it completely depends on you. As far as IP rating is concerned, both have IP68 dust and water resistance. But Pixel 8 Pro can survive in 1.5 meters of water.

On the other hand, 15 Pro Max has the capability to survive in 6 meters of water. Friends, iPhone 15 has been launched but you must have been shocked to see its cost, right? It is at a very expensive end. But what to do now? The cost of gadgets is never going to be less now. We buyers will have to adjust to this. If you want to buy good gadgets, do good savings or you will have to increase your income. And this reminds me of one thing that for some time now, in my videos, I have been telling you about the basics of trading and investment.

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And now there are amazing features like copy trading. So go to the link that I have given in the description. So follow, copy and earn with XM's copy trading. Now let's talk about both the displays. In both, you get to see a 6.7-inch OLED display.

But 15 Pro Max comes with a thinner bezel. When compared to Pixel 8 Pro. Both the displays come with adaptive refresh rate technology. And both the displays support 120Hz refresh rate. But if we talk about video watching. You will get to see a cleaner experience in Pixel 8 Pro.

Because it has a punch hole camera. Whereas in 15 Pro Max, you get Dynamic Island. Which covers a lot of space on its display.

And if we talk about pixel density. In 15 Pro Max, there is a display of 460ppi. Whereas in Pixel 8 Pro, there is a display of 489ppi.

And there is one more thing about the display. In which Pixel 8 Pro is the winner. That is outdoor peak brightness. Which supports Pixel 8 Pro up to 2400 nits.

15 Pro Max can only go up to 2000 nits. 2000 nits is not only a lot. But 2400 nits is definitely more than that.

And it is also helpful. But there is one thing in the display. Which I really like in 15 Pro Max. That is this True Tone technology. Which adjusts the color temperature of your So it doesn't have a bad effect on the eyes.

This is also in Samsung and Pixel. But it works best in iPhone. But still, the winner in terms of display is Google Pixel 8 Pro. Now let's talk about the unlocking technologies of both.

In Pixel 8 Pro, you get an in-display fingerprint scanner. And in both the phones, you also get facial unlocking. Now here, facial unlocking is generally not mentioned in Android phones. Because it is not secure. It is not safe. Not for banking applications.

Google has arranged it here. And even with a normal camera. You get the opportunity to use Face ID for banking applications in this phone. But still, it is not as advanced a technology as you get to see in iPhone. In facial unlocking.

But it doesn't make a difference. You can use the fingerprint. But here is a difference. The Face ID of Apple is completely dark.

Even if there is no light, it still works. But Pixel 8 Pro will not be able to unlock in that darkness. You have to put Touch ID. It doesn't make a difference. I am just telling you.

Dual speakers come in both the phones. Let's test the loudness of the speaker. In terms of loudness of the speaker, the winner is 15 Pro Max.

It shows up to 87 decibels. In the same song, in the same place. Pixel 8 Pro goes up to 83 decibels. If we talk about the performance of both the processors. iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with A17 Pro chipset with 8GB of RAM.

Pixel 8 Pro comes with Tensor G3 chipset with 12GB of RAM. Let me show you the CPU scores of both Geekbench 6. In this, you will see more powerful iPhone 15 Pro Max. But many people say. Don't compare Android and iOS on Geekbench 6. In terms of CPU and GPU.

Let me tell you the comparison between Android phones. It scores less than S23 Ultra. CPU in single core.

And also in multi-core. And in terms of GPU. In OpenCL score, it scores around 5000. In 15 Pro Max GPU Metal score, it scores 27000.

But this can be a little misleading for you. I have already told you this in some comparison. So let me tell you the comparison of other Android phones. You can see that it has half the performance of the GPU. When compared to S23 Ultra. And Google's own old devices.

It scores less than Pixel 6 and 6a. Rest, both the phones will perform well in normal day-to-day tasks. You won't have any problem anywhere. It's not that the performance is less in Pixel 8 Pro.

So it will be slow to open an app. You won't have any such problem. But if you are investing so much money. Then performance will also be important for you. And if we talk about gaming. It will definitely not give you such a high -end performance.

But it doesn't matter to you. So ignore this. Rest, I played BGMI. After both the phones.

90 FPS option is not available on both the phones. Both are very new phones. And BGMI developers have not yet enabled 90 FPS on them. BGMI has been enabled on 14 Pro Max. So it will definitely come on 15 Pro Max.

I don't know about Pixel 8 Pro. If it comes, I will let you know. One such thing that you will get to see in 15 Pro Max. That is console gaming.

So Resident Evil 4. This is a PC and console game. And it will be available around December 31st.

See, I have also joined its waitlist. If you want to do it, you can do it. If you have 15 Pro or Pro Max. And you won't be able to do this on Pixel 8 Pro or any other Android phone. Now let's talk about the battery. In 15 Pro Max, there is a 4422 mAh capacity battery.

In Pixel 8 Pro, there is a 5050 mAh capacity battery. But the battery will give you more than 15 Pro Max. And you can see the battery test. Many people have done it.

As far as the charging speed is concerned. So it gives 27W charging. And Pixel 8 Pro gives 30W charging. It does not give 100, 100, 200W charging like And this is good for your battery, battery health.

And it is also good for your phone and your safety. And both will take equal time to charge. Because there is a difference in battery capacity. And there is also a difference in charging speed. In Pixel 8 Pro, you get reverse wireless charging.

With which you can charge any wireless charging accessory. Like I am charging my AirPods Pro 2 on the backside of Pixel 8 Pro. In 15 Pro Max, you get MagSafe technology. In which you can stick such battery packs behind it. Which will charge it wirelessly on the go.

There is no hassle of wires. And many manufacturers make it. And many accessories come. Like this call recorder. If you stick it behind or turn on the button. Then call recording starts on your iPhone too.

Which was not possible before. Is there any difference in wireless technology sensors? So yes, there are some differences. See Wi-Fi 6E and all these things are the same in both. But in 15 Pro Max, you get Ultra Wideband Chipset Generation 2.

What does it do? It will help you find AirTags. If you have Apple Ecosystem. If you are not getting a watch.

It will help you find it. If your AirPods are lost. It helps you find all these things. And there is one more thing in it. Which is this LiDAR sensor. Which helps a lot in 3D mapping and autofocusing.

You will see in the camera comparison too. In autofocusing, it performs better than Pixel 8 Pro. All this happens with the help of this sensor.

In Pixel 8 Pro, they have given this temperature sensor. Which is again a very useful thing. If you go inside the thermometer. And tap on the object temperature. You can measure the temperature of any object. Which is close to it.

Here I am measuring the temperature of my phone. You can see here. It is showing 28.3°C. It is around 29°C.

If I check the table. It is showing 25°C. For now, it has not got the approval.

For human temperature sensing. There is a disclaimer here. That you cannot sense the temperature of humans. But I think it will be enabled in the future.

It doesn't mean that you don't sense the temperature. But it won't show that accurately for now. If we compare the OS. It can be done or not.

On Pixel 8 Pro. You will get a clean Android OS. And on Pixel 8 Pro. They are promising 7 years of software update. Which is the first time for any Android phone manufacturer.

On Pixel 8 Pro Max. You will get iOS. Which is a clean UI. Loadware free. Very safe. Very secure.

And the applications. I like iOS more. It gives you a richer experience. And on all the iPhones. Not only on this.

But on all the iPhones. It gives 5-6 years of software update. Pixel 8 Pro is the winner in terms of software update. But in terms of OS experience. I like iPhone 15 Pro Max better. Now you will say.

What kind of hypocrisy is this? What kind of stupidity is this? This stupidity is because. Because Pixel 8 Pro. Which is an Android phone. You don't get to see the basic features in it. For example. You don't get any call recording in this phone.

You have to download a third party application. Where your privacy can be compromised. This is not the case in the iPhone. But people take the iPhone after adjusting with it. But what do Android phone users do? They need all these things. Call recording and everything.

So for that. Samsung phones are definitely better. You get to see a lot of good and better features in them. And the S23 Ultra coming at a similar price. It comes with S Pen too.

If you don't want to buy iOS. Then why so many compromises with an Android phone? Let's compare the cameras of both phones. Inside both. If you look at the backside. It has a triple camera setup.

The main sensor of iPhone 15 Pro Max is 48MP. And the main sensor of Pixel 8 Pro is 50MP. The front facing camera of the iPhone is 12MP. The front facing camera of Pixel 8 Pro is 10 .5MP. We won't go too deep into the camera specifications. We'll talk about that later.

Let's look at the camera comparison first. You're watching a 4K 30FPS video. On iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pixel 8 Pro. Whose video do you like more? We'll see that.

You tell us. But which one has better audio? Pay attention to that first. Because after this I won't keep the audio. And no one is going to show it. So pay attention to this.

The rest, see the sun is coming from here. So you will get to see this kind of footage. And you can see the field of view. During this vlogging, you can see how it is. For now, I can only see the similarity on the If I find anything else, after putting this footage in my laptop. Then I will inform you.

Now let me give my first comment on the audio. Pixel has cancelled the better noise. Because I had kept the audio enhancement on. And iPhone has not done that. Now look at the picture quality, the video quality.

There is a difference between the ground and the sky. The video of the iPhone is leaps and bounds better. The difference is from the front facing camera video of the Pixel 8 Pro. Either see, there is no blood in my body. I have become a zombie. If the video of the Pixel is correct.

Or he has taken out a bad quality video. As far as the clouds in the sky are concerned. Pixel 8 Pro has captured it better. iPhone has completely blown it out. In this matter, Pixel 8 Pro is better.

And if the image quality is the quality of the back. Then iPhone is definitely better. Now this is cinematic video at 4K 30fps.

In iPhone 15 Pro Max. And the Pixel 8 Pro is 4K 30fps. But in this blur video, cinematic video. Portrait video. All these options are not in the front facing camera. The background blur effect that comes.

You will not get it in this phone. So I don't think it is justified. That a phone of Rs. 1,07,000. With only 128GB storage variant.

Inside that. In the front facing camera. The focus of the phone is on the video and photos. If you are talking about video stabilization. If you are fond of vlogging. Then this is an important thing for you.

And in this iPhone 15 Pro Max is better. Compared to Pixel 8 Pro. But Pixel 8 Pro is no less than this. Very similar footage comes out in both. And you can use both perfectly.

On 4K 30fps. You are watching me from both the phones. This phone can also record 4K 60fps.

Now the video I am making. The purpose of this is. In which the audio comes better. You should know that. After that the video. I can't see that.

Because someone else is shooting. I am behind here. The shooting on the screen of the phone. That is not the real thing.

When we see it on the big screen. Comparing side by side. Then the actual result comes out.

That's why I am talking so much. So that I can tell you the audio. Which phone is better. Because an important part of the video. That audio is also there.

So keep this in mind. In the next footage. I will tell you all the details.

Who has the better video quality. In the rear camera audio. I found the iPhone better. Although Pixel has done the noise cancellation. But the iPhone's loud and clear audio.

Second thing. If we talk about image quality here. Picture quality.

So I find it better in the iPhone. You can see the clouds. You can see both in the sky.

So in the rear camera. I didn't see that problem in the iPhone. And the sky color.

Light blue. The iPhone has captured that better. And in the Pixel.

The skin tone. It has made a mistake again. It has made it very bright. So either this is the problem in the Pixel camera. Or there is a lack of blood in my body.

Now you decide. Which thing is better. Because if I say something about Pixel 8 Pro. Then you will say it is a biased video.

So whatever is in front of you. You can mute it if you want. The iPhone's footage has come out better.

4K 30 FPS. We are taking it from the rear camera. Cinematic video mode. Here you can see.

Pixel 8 Pro has changed my nationality. Now I have become English. My skin has become white. Here you can see. On the face inside the blur. It is making a little mess.

Pixel 8 Pro. iPhone 15 Pro Max. In this matter. It is proving to be the king.

And here you can see. When I turn this way. In Pixel 8 Pro. The steam is coming out of my back.

Because. It is summer. And you must have seen.

What kind of steam comes out of the road. So that steam comes out of Pixel 8 Pro. So friends. If you want to shoot a cinematic video.

So the choice is clear for you. That is. iPhone 15 Pro.

Or Pro Max. Pixel 8 Pro. In this.

It completely fails. In our test. In 4K 30 FPS.

Video stabilization. While walking normally. You can see.

That iPhone 15 Pro Max is better. Pixel 8 Pro is not bad. But here. A little shock. In Pixel 8 Pro.

You will get to see. If you look carefully. Then see again. If you do not understand. If we talk about action mode. So like in iPhone.

Action mode comes. It comes in Pixel. Active mode. And active stabilization mode.

Can record video only in 1080p. Stabilization also comes out better in iPhone. And quality also. Because the resolution is 2.8. In iPhone's action mode.

In video. At the time of lens switching. It completely fails. Pixel 8 Pro.

In 15 Pro Max. Lens switching. You see. How smooth it is.

You go to 5x. You go to 0.5x. Go to 1x.

You switch to any lens. It is absolutely smooth. When we do the same thing. In Pixel 8 Pro.

So when we go to 5x. So the picture. It gets distorted.

The image gets distorted. And after that. It focuses properly. So I found it very strange.

Such an expensive phone. Such a high level phone. Camera centric phone. But still. Such a bad lens switching.

In that. They have given. When they will improve. I don't know. These people.

To their phones. Until this thing is correct. Then what video will you make. From this phone. Macro video is such a thing. Where Pixel 8 Pro is the winner.

In 15 Pro Max. It is not able to take out. Such a detailed macro video. As Pixel 8 Pro is able to take out. So here is the winner.

Pixel 8 Pro. Autofocusing test. Friends. We are here. And both. At different times.

I recorded. I mean. Recorded one after the other.

Obviously. It is not possible. So here you can see.

Pixel 8 Pro. How it fails. In autofocusing.

Lidar scanner. Friends. In 15 Pro Max. Which here.

Autofocusing gives us speed. Now friends. Let's talk about still images. Where Pixel is considered the king. So here you can see the selfie. Inside the selfie.

The actual color of the T-shirt. And the vibrancy of the grass. All that has been captured. Inside the iPhone. But Pixel 8 Pro's camera.

Has captured more details. More detailed image. Of Pixel 8 Pro. And if we talk about the portrait in the selfie. So again.

Same story. More details have been captured. In Pixel 8 Pro.

And background blur. More. Better. The edge detection is better. In Pixel 8 Pro.

In this photo. You can see. In 15 Pro Max. There is a slight error in the hand.

So the winner in this matter. Is Pixel 8 Pro. This is Pixel 8 Pro's. 50 megapixel.

And iPhone 15 Pro Max. 48 megapixel. 1x.

Main sensor photo. Here you can see. The difference in color and vibrancy. The iPhone's photo is more vibrant. But if we zoom it 400%. And see.

So here. More details. Which have been captured. Has been captured. In Pixel 8 Pro. With its 50 megapixel.

Main sensor. Both. Can digitally zoom 2x. In the main sensor. And here.

Better photo. Has come. In Pixel 8 Pro.

Because. It has more details. 5x photo. In Pixel 8 Pro. Has come out better. Than 15 Pro Max.

But in skin tone. Pixel 8 Pro. But overall details. Has come out better in it. You can adjust a little.

Color in it. Let's talk about portrait photos. So here. Pixel 8 Pro. Starts. With 1.5x.

iPhone has 1x. In this too. I found Pixel 8 Pro's photo. Better. Both.

Can take a photo in 2x. In this too. Pixel 8 Pro. Has come out better. But iPhone.

Here. Loses. Because of its 5x. Portrait mode. Which Google. Didn't use.

Has 5x lens. But with telephoto zoom. 5x. Portrait photo.

You can't take it. So in this. iPhone 15 Pro Max. Loses.

Pixel 8 Pro. Winner in macro video. So in macro photo. iPhone 15 Pro. Max winner. Has captured more details.

And if you feel. That both. Have taken from different angles.

Then one by one. Have to take a photo. Both on the same tripod.

At the same time. Can't take a photo. In macro mode. In night time. If you take a selfie video.

Then both. Do bad work. If the light is less.

And in front of the light. Exactly. When I went. Here. Pixel 8 Pro. Face.

Looks better. iPhone. Has blown it out. And when the light. Is coming from behind. Then too.

You can see. Both. Unnecessary footage.

Is coming out. So both are the same. But Pixel 8 Pro. In front camera. Has lens flare. Which is not there in iPhone.

If you take video from the rear camera. In night time. Then. Video of 15 Pro Max. Is better. Because Pixel 8 Pro.

Has more grains. And in a better way. Light. Is managed. 15 Pro Max.

In comparison to Pixel 8 Pro. So in this matter. iPhone 15 Pro Max. Is the winner. And in artificial light. If you see the video.

Here. 15 Pro Max. Is better. Pixel. Has changed the color tone. Actually.

The warm lighting. In this restaurant. Is correct. 15 Pro Max. Is better. And if you see the lens flare.

Is very controlled. Before. It used to be too much. In old iPhones.

In night mode. If we talk about selfie. In this photo. I found iPhone's photo better.

And in this one. Pixel's photo. Is better. So a mixed type. Result. Is coming out.

With both. If you take a portrait photo. Pixel's image. Is better.

In night mode. From the rear camera. I took a regular photo. So here.

Pixel's photo. Is slightly better. But when we go.

In artificial lighting. So here. iPhone takes better photos.

And more accurate colors. If we take a portrait photo. In artificial lighting. In Pixel. Because of 1.5x. It is showing more zoomed in.

But the quality. I found iPhone's better. And keeping both on 2x.

iPhone's photo. Is better. Pixel's photo.

Is slightly washed out. In both. In night mode. I took this landscape photo. In which. I found iPhone's photo better.

You tell me. Which one is better for you. And in this image. I found iPhone's photo better. Pixel. Is making it brighter.

More than it was not. It is making it like day. So its brightness.

And its natural look. Is getting spoiled. By looking at this photo. In food photos. I found iPhone's photo better. Because.

The actual colors. It has captured. And it is looking more vibrant. So to post anywhere.

On social media. It is ready to use. Pixel's photo. I didn't like it.

The result of camera comparison. In front of you. Tell you honestly. Which pictures. And videos. Are better.

I will tell you my honest. Opinion. Which I felt. Which I understood.

In videos. There is a clear winner. iPhone 15 Pro Max. And Pixel 8 Pro. Pixel 8 Pro. In videos.

Is left far behind. There are many shortcomings in it. Like.

It can't record portrait video. And during lens switching. It spoils the video. In iPhone.

There are more pro modes. Which you can use in film making. Like. Pro res video. You can shoot S-Log. And pro res video.

With S-Log. In 4K 60 FPS. You can do external recording. If you don't understand. Then leave this topic.

In video. One more thing. I found very less.

In Pixel 8 Pro. That was auto focusing. You have seen its result. Talking about photos.

So here. The winner. In day time. In night time. In photos. It is Pixel 8 Pro.

Definitely. It takes more detailed pictures. Blur in background. It gets better. And overall pictures.

It gets better. But. There are some shortcomings.

In case of photos. One of the biggest. I found shortcoming. That 5X.

After telephoto zoom. Despite. It can't take portrait photo. In 5X. So in this case. I find 15 Pro Max better.

And in its video. One more bad thing is. That one. In this.

Active stabilization mode. Which is the top level. It is not as stable. As iPhone's action mode. And it records in 1080p.

So the quality also drops. So my opinion. I have presented in front of you. You tell. In photos and videos. Which is the clear winner.

And really. After giving you 1 lakh plus. Such a poor video performance.

Does it work. Which you get to see in Pixel 8 Pro. Do tell me by commenting.

Because nowadays. Everyone puts reels on Instagram. Makes videos on YouTube. And for that. There is a better device. 15 Pro Max.

Now talking about. Storage variants. So here. Only one storage variant. Has been given. In Pixel 8 Pro.

That is 128 GB. And this is not my primary device. Still.

Half storage is already occupied. Which company does this. That in its flagship phone. Gives only one storage variant.

In India. It has no other storage variant. As far as. Backup from pen drive.

Is possible in both phones. It also has type C port. And in 15 Pro Max. You get more storage variants. 256, 512, 1TB. This is my 1TB phone.

In this matter. Definitely winner. iPhone. Talking about pricing. So here.

15 Pro Max. It starts from 1,60,000 rupees. Which is quite expensive. Pixel 8 Pro.

It starts from 1,70,000 rupees. Which is quite expensive. For this phone. For this phone. It is quite expensive.

According to the performance. I am telling you. If I had to choose one phone. Then it would be. 15 Pro Max.

Pixel 8 Pro. I won't keep it for long. I will make a comparison. And sell it. I wanted this. Like my Android phone.

I mean. I use an iPhone. I use an Android phone. Instead of that. Keep this. Instead of primary Android phone.

For which I am currently using. Samsung Fold 5. But it is definitely. Not a phone of that level.

Fold 5. Comes with bad cameras. But if you. Have to spend so much money. On any Android phone. Then my choice would be.

S23 Ultra. But it is really. Worse than S23 Ultra. S23 Ultra is better than this. You will know that.

In our next video. Where we will compare these two phones. So you tell me. According to you.

Which is the better phone. Pixel 8 Pro. Or iPhone 15 Pro Max. Whatever you think.

Do tell me in the comments. I hope friends. You liked today's video. If you liked it. Do like and share the video.

Do subscribe to my channel. Goodbye.

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