i visited my dream house IRL and then built it in the sims

i visited my dream house IRL and then built it in the sims

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I am obsessed with trying to recreate  real-life houses in The Sims, it's like,   my favorite thing to do in the game, but usually  I just do it based on pictures I find online,   like, I'll just be browsing  real estate listings or like,   Googling pictures of mansions and then  building those things in The Sims. But I had a kind of wacky idea.  What if we rented out a real-life,   really cool house and then went there  and tried to build it in the game? Because then we could actually be there, see  better angles, get better photos, walk around,   get like, a better feel for the floorplan because   it is so hard to tell those sorts of  things just from pictures sometimes. It's also hard to tell scale from pictures,   so if we were actually there we could  get a way better feel for the house. And thanks to today's sponsors, Levovo  Legion and Intel, this is actually possible.

I seriously cannot thank Levovo and Intel enough   for making this possible because  this is like, a dream come true. We rented out a really cool  mid-century modern house in Orlando. They've got a koi pond, they  have an amazing backyard,   it's like, freshly renovated, it is beautiful. And we're about to leave to go  there and film in the house. I'm gonna bring my new laptop with me  so we can build the house in the house. I think it'll be way easier and way better to  like, get the feel of the place when you're   actually sitting in there, and so I guess with  the plans all laid out, we can head over there.

Okay, so we just got here to the  house, I'm standing in the front   of it right now and I think I want to  give you a quick little tour around. Listen, I'm not a vlogger so you're gonna  have to excuse me if this part is awkward. Also the owner is still here, so when I try and  film inside, you're gonna have to bear with me. I'm really trying to not embarrass  myself, but you know, look at me. Come on in. I'm acting like it's my  house, this is somebody else's house.

I'm gonna take my shoes off quickly  because we respect other people's homes. Okay, so this is the living room when you first  walk in, I am obsessed with the fireplace. You can see they also have these really  cool rugs, like, kind of layered right here. We have this beautiful stone wall  and it kind of continues out for   this planter box, which is absolutely incredible. And then in the dining room,  we have an amazing light.

Also, I have this exact same dining table  in my house, which is kind of funny. I think this is my favorite part, they  have this giant like, picture window,   is that the word? I don't know. There's  a pond right here and there's koi in it! And then if you follow me around this way, this  takes you out to the backyard where the pool is   and stuff, we'll go out there in a second, but  we also have this absolutely incredible kitchen.

I love this backsplash so much, it's  making me want to do it in my own house. The stovetop is right here, we also have the  oven and I assume the microwave over here. I also love this two-tone thing with the  cabinets, like, the lower ones are this like,   wooden color and we also have the black  upper cabinets, I think it looks so cool! I mean, I'm just gonna sit here  raving about the house obviously. If you come this way, this is where the front  door is obviously, but also down this hallway,   there's a guest room and an office. Look at the view of the pool! No spoilers though, we haven't gone out there yet.

And then in here is the guest room. I think you're gonna like this, look at this like,   leaf wall that they've got over here, and  this is just like the one in The Sims. But they have this super cool bed,  we've got like a dresser and a chair   and also these huge doors that  lead straight out to the pool. The bathroom is just over here and  now I think we should go outside. Also I love this giant plant, isn't that so cool?   Oh, I didn't even mention the floors,  look at these terrazzo floors they have. Isn't that stunning? I'm obsessed with them,   I love terrazzo, I always have, but these  are so cool. Okay, now I show you outside.

You hear that, that's the sound of  the water because they've got a pond! Okay, so right here underneath the  cover is like, a little patio space,   you can see they've got like, some super  cute seats and everything right here. The fairy lights are so nice, I bet  it's so pretty out here at night time. Over here is the pond! It's cool, it's like there's like,   a deck that kind of goes over it a little  bit and they've got a ton of fish in there. And then over this way they have like,  a little sitting area kind of nook.

Excuse the harsh lighting on my face, but they've  got an enormous pool and a bunch of -- oh no. And a bunch of really nice lounge chairs.  Imagine if I had fallen into the pool.   That would be really funny, then I'd have to  like, walk back into her house and be like, sorry. I'm all wet because I fell into your pool.

Anyway this is the patio. It is really hot outside right now,  we're in Florida obviously so this is   tempting me, but um, I'll try not to fall in. I don't want to step in the grass  because I have my socks on still,   but they've got also like a really nice yard  space over here, this is like, the dream backyard. I also think it's gonna look super  cool when I make it in The Sims.

I'm kind of trying to stare at this  pool shape a little bit and like,   figure out how to recreate it because we can't  really do angles like this in the game obviously. The Sims like straight lines and right  angles and this pool is way cooler than that,   so we'll have to figure out something,  but overall this house is absolutely   incredible and I am so excited  to try and build it in the game. And I think with that, we  should try and get started.

So I brought my new Levovo Legion laptop  with me and I thought we could start building   the house here because like, what better  place to do it than actually in the house? DAN: I'm sorry that you can see your legs. - You can see my legs? DAN: It's glass. - Oh, I didn't even think about that. I installed every single pack on this  thing, I'm not messing around. Levovo   and Intel sent me the new Legion laptop  to use for this video and it is amazing. The Legion 5i is purpose-built for everything.

It's geared for gaming, but it is  designed with much more in mind. It's meant to pair portability with performance   with up to the 12th generation Intel core  I processors and the NVIDIA RTX 3070 TI. Everything on this laptop from  productivity to gaming is so   smooth and sharp and responsive  thanks to the 1440p 165hz screen. The Levovo AI engine revolutionizes gaming.  Its auto-optimization identifies the game   that you're trying to launch  and then it will dynamically   distribute power between your CPU and  your GPU to maximize your frame rate.

With this you can get maximum FPS on even  AAA titles, so as you can probably tell,   this laptop is really, really cool and it was  the perfect tool to use to make this house. So I am home now, but the build is finished  and I want to show you the whole process. So I did record the entire build, you'll notice  that I'm starting out with like, the shell of the   house done and the floorplan ready made and that's  because it took me so long to do the floorplan. I was just walking around the house, taking my  time with my laptop trying to build the floorplan,   trying to make it accurate, and it took me  so long and the footage was like, not good. So I just cut it out and we are starting  with the shell of the house ready and done. I think it's actually kind of cool  to start like this because now you   can sort of visualize what that tour was  because you can see the house from above.

Couple features: there's the carport, we have that  awesome patio both behind the house and to the   side of the house, it's a three-bedroom,  two-bath house in my vision at least. I did have to do a little bit  of guesstimating with a couple   things in the floorplan because I wasn't  trying to snoop too much in their house. And by that I mean like, I didn't look in  their closets so I don't know how big they are,   I didn't go into their bedroom because I wasn't  trying to snoop and also the owner was still home. So I don't know if they've got like, an  ensuite bathroom or a walk-in closet,   but I did put both of those things in this  house because they kind of fit pretty well   so I was like, you know what, we may  as well have it, it's a luxury home. But I'm not certain like, what's in their  closet or what their bed looks like, obviously. There was also I think two or three closets  in that hallway down to the bedrooms.

I just ended up putting one and I made it kind  of big and I put the laundry room in there. I don't even know if they had laundry in  this house to be honest, I assume they   had a washer and dryer and I assume it  was in one of those closets, but again,   I'm not trying to snoop so there was  some guesswork happening in this build. I'm actually really proud of the floorplan  though, I think it's a really good combo of   it being realistic to the real-life house,  but it also being functional for The Sims. It was a huge help being able to  bring the laptop around with me   in the house and walk around the  space to work on that floorplan. The new Legion 5i is 15% thinner than the  previous generation so it really is ready-made   to go anywhere and do anything, including walk  around a fancy house and build it in The Sims. And I think that was the entire goal of this  house build was to make it be realistic and   look like the real house, but also make sense  in the game so you could actually play in it.

There were a few like, liberties I had to take and   a few things that I was kind of sad  about not really working in the game. For example, the front door in real life is  this beautiful yellow color and it is like,   one of my favorite parts of the whole building,   but we just don't have a yellow door  that kind of matched in The Sims. I fully considered like, making my own  CC version and putting that in the house,   but I thought that kind of defeated the purpose  of making a house that was playable for you   so I'm not gonna make some like, custom  lilsimsie exclusive recolors or anything. I thought I'd just try and  match it to the game, so. A lot of times when you're building real life  things in The Sims there's kind of a battle.   One: the scale is usually way off  because The Sims works on a grid   and the grid just doesn't always fit  in real life, for example, the pool   in real life is like, not only right angles.  We only have right angled pools in The Sims.

So you can get like, kind of a swoopy  pool in a real house, not in the game. But also, a lot of times the furniture that you  might have in your real home doesn't even exist   in The Sims so you kind of are left with  this battle of do I want it to look right?   Do I want it to function right? Should the  style be exact or should the color be exact? You kind of have to pick and choose. So with  that door for example I picked style over color,   I made that door like, kind of the right shape  and style of door, but the color is just off. And kind of on the flip side, maybe  you've got a super cool chair in your   real life house that just doesn't  exist in the game, but maybe like,   the exact right color is there on a different  chair, you might use that chair instead.

So you kind of have to balance it somehow. There's also things that maybe aren't the  exact look, but are kind of the right vibes. Like, for example, in that entryway  they had those really cool like,   big, circle mirrors, it's like,  three circles kind of overlapping. We don't have that in the game, but  we do have that really cool like,   long rectangle statement mirror.

It's got like, a bunch of different varied  heights of rectangles, so it's not an exact match,   but it's kind of like the same sort of thing so  I feel like it fits pretty well in the house. And oh my goodness, the hardest part for me  always every time of recreating real life   buildings is the landscaping because  plants in The Sims just don't add up. It just doesn't fit, it doesn't work right.

In real life, you know, plants are a lot  more natural, is probably the best word. In The Sims, every bush is like, pristine  and perfect and kind of plastic looking,   so it's really difficult to fit like,  real life landscaping in the game. Also in real life we have a  lot of ground cover and like,   texture, low-lying grasses  and stuff, there's mulch. We don't really have that in the game either  so I definitely took some liberties with the   plants on the outside, that just doesn't look  right at all, disregard all of the trees,   all of the landscaping, I tried  my best, it just does not match. I also had a kind of hard time with the pond in  this house and that's a shame because it's like,   the best part of the whole building, but in  real life, it's like, right up against the   wall and I also assume it's like, probably stone  around the whole thing at the bottom and stuff. We can't really do that in The Sims, I had to  like, use some terrain tools and lower the ground   and stuff like that to fit it in, and I do think  it looks right, but also for example, those lily   pads, they didn't really have that in real life,  but the lily pads are how koi work in The Sims 4.

I think it's kind of hard to see in this  video, so I'll show you at the end of the tour,   but one of those big lily pads has koi effects  underneath it so when you actually visit the   house and like, play in it, there'll be  koi swimming around and that was important   to me because I want to have the fish in  the pond, you know? That's the best part. A couple other highlights of this house though:   honestly, the whole backyard is  like, major highlight for me. I would love to have a pond like this in real  life, I would just sit out there all the time. Sitting out there on my laptop, you got the sounds  of the waterfall splashing and the fish splashing. I mean I fully did that, I was like,   sitting there in the shade on the  patio building my little house.

It is just so nice out there,   I'm sincerely so jealous of these  homeowners, it is a beautiful home. It was kind of fun chatting to the owner because  she was telling us about how they bought this   house like, four or five years ago and they  renovated the entire thing like, by themselves. They hired out a couple things, like  an electrician and stuff to fix some   wiring, but otherwise pretty much  everything they did on their own,   and I just think that is  so cool and so impressive. I mean, what an achievement to have this  beautiful home and you like, made it yourself? And then lilsimsie comes in and  absolutely butchers it in The Sims. It really is a shame because some of my favorite   parts of this home were kind of  hard to recreate in the game.

The terrazzo floor, I just,  I couldn't get it to work. I really tried, like, every single patterned  floor in the entire game, I'm serious. I sat there for a very long time placing  different floors trying to think it through. I was trying metal floors, like, I just  -- anything that had a little bit of like,   pizzazz to it that maybe would match that  black and white terrazzo, I tried it.

And I thought it all just looked kind of  weird so I ended up putting down like,   a polished concrete instead, and I do think that  polished concrete kind of fits the vibe still,   you probably would see that in an  updated mid-century house anyway,   so I think it works, but it is a shame  because that terrazzo is so amazing. You know what else is pretty amazing? Did you know that Intel's 12th generation  core I processors combine revolutionary   performance and efficiency cores to allow  for seamless streaming, editing, gaming,   video recording, and Intel turbo boost  technology boosts your frame rates during   peak load so that you can ensure that  background tasks won't slow you down? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I had to throw  it out there, it was good timing. But honestly, this laptop is great if you're  like me and want to build houses you know,   next to koi ponds and stuff and  also record yourself doing it. We're kind of starting the  interior now and I will say,   I am obsessed with this big giant stone  fireplace and I'm really proud of how I   managed to make it work because I was kind of  worried about how I would fit the shape in.

So what I did was put like, a big, long, skinny  room and then cover that whole thing in stone. And then in real life they had what looked  like maybe some drywall or like, wood   honestly painted and like, hung up above  the fireplace to make a kind of mantle. I wasn't really sure how to do that because I  wanted to have that stone continue all the way   around the whole fireplace, but I also wanted  to have that like, blue look above the mantle. And so what I ended up doing was sizing up and   turning around cutting boards to  be backwards and facing the wall. I know, super weird like, convoluted way  to get it with backwards cutting boards,   but that's what those blue things are  and I think it looks so nice there. And then I just put shelves  underneath it and then put like,   a candle and stuff on it and I think it looks  pretty accurate to the real life one as well.

Um, one thing that is not so accurate  in this living room is the rug. You might be noticing a very odd rug on the floor. So in real life they had like, a  cowhide, I assume it was fake cowhide,   but they had a cowhide rug kind of  layered there on top of the other rug. We don't have anything like that,  we have some animal print rugs. There's like, big rectangle zebra print  and stuff, but there isn't any like, actual   hide shaped rugs except My First Pet stuff,  the rodent pack, came with a hamster hide rug. I wish I was kidding, I'm sorry, I really wish  that I didn't have to do this or say this,   but it's -- I think it's a hamster hide rug,  and I won't lie, I did place it in here.

I did put it back. So if you're looking at that  and thinking that's super weird,   what is that? Yeah, it's  it's a hamster hide rug, so. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I did what  I had to do for the vibes, okay? We talked about this, sometimes the style is off,   but the shape works. Sometimes the  shape is off, but the style works.

Sometimes there's no cows, but you've got  hamsters, and that's what I did today. And I'm sorry. Something else I loved in this home  was the dining room, obviously like,   the view from it was great, but it was so  funny, she had the same dining table I did. It's like, a big glass like, mid-century-ish  looking table, it's from West Elm. It's like, my favorite furniture  item I own in my entire house,   I am obsessed with this table,  and she had the same one. It's really similar to that get famous table with  the big glass top and the kind of interesting   legs, but I just thought it was kind of a  funny coincidence that we had the same table.

I didn't tell her, but I did think it in  my head, I was like, ooh, I recognize that. By the way, I am definitely  taking that as a compliment. I have the same table as this person  with such amazing style, I mean,   that means I have amazing style. It's just a table, it's a glass table.

Oh my gosh, I was just reminded  by the pond -- I was having   some serious terrain glitches in this build. The Sims is unbelievable, there's always  something. There is always some sort of   Sims glitch. This time the water was  fully disappearing, I don't know if you   saw earlier when I was making the pond, but  I built the pond, it was fine, it was there. I went back into the house, I  started furnishing the bathrooms,   and then I went back outside and the  water was like, almost fully gone? There was like, weird little  chunks, it was a visual glitch. I don't do a lot of terrain manipulation  so I hadn't seen that before,   but some of my friends were  saying they had seen it too.

Why is The Sims like this? Why is my  water disappearing? I mean, come on. Anyway, the kitchen. So one of my favorite  parts of this whole kitchen was the backsplash,   I was obsessed with that really  cool black tile backsplash. But they also had some really  amazing two-toned cabinets, and I've   never done a two-toned kitchen in The Sims. I don't know why, I think I just don't really love   two-toned kitchens that much, but  this one I thought was so cool. I think it's because it's not like, a  fully like, stark upper cabinets black,   lower cabinets wood kind of two-tone.

They sort of combined it like, the black cabinet  encases the ovens and encases the fridge,   and it also matches that backsplash so  well, like, it just -- it really blends   so nicely in this house, the  kitchen is truly incredible. I did take a couple liberties in here, for  example, I ended up putting down what I call   the money trash can, and it's this little -- I  think it's like a recycling trash can in the game. And so if you drag your plates into it, it  pays you, it gives you 10 simoleons per sim,   so if you've got eight Sims, you get 80 simoleons. It is great for like, big challenges and stuff.

It's kind of like, futuristic and  fancy, and I feel like this house   is kind of futuristic and fancy,  so I gave them the fancy trash can. Now for some reason in real life they don't have  one of those. I mean, I can't imagine why they   don't have a magic trash can that pays you, but  they didn't have one so I just put one in for fun. But in the guest room, this I think was  my favorite part of the whole house purely   because they had this amazing like, leaf  wallpaper accent wall on one of the walls,   and we literally have that in the  game, we have a leaf wallpaper. Finally something that is perfect! I mean,  the leaf wallpaper in The Sims has like,   a lower half of some trim. It has like, some wood paneling. That part  wasn't there in real life, but you know what,  

I will take what I can get. If I can have a  perfectly matching leaf wallpaper, especially   with a statement wallpaper like that, what  are the chances that it's gonna fit perfectly? I mean, slim to none. So again, I  will take what I can get. If you have   a beautifully matching leaf wallpaper, I accept. This last room is that primary suite. Again,  I didn't have any footage of this in real life   because I wasn't trying to snoop in their  bedroom, but I assumed they had an ensuite   bathroom and a closet in there, so I did  put those things and then I just put like,   a sort of mid-century bed and kind  of cool statement rug and stuff. Kind of what I figured would  fit their style, but again,   I don't know what's exactly in there.  This part is purely out of my own brain.

And that is the house pretty much complete,   I think now that we've finished the whole  speed build, I want to pop into the game   and give you a more proper tour so you can see  things up close, and we can get some cool like,   before and after shots of the real  life version and The Sims version. So here is the finished product and I  am so proud of my roofing job on this,   I think it is exactly how it looks in real life. They actually had some kind of cool  stained glass windows up here which   we don't really have in the game, so  I kind of had to pick something else. But I love this carport with  the wooden slats and stuff. I won't lie, I am very glad they had a carport and  not a real garage because it would be so hard to   try and fit in a garage door because we don't have  garages or cars in The Sims, so we'd have to like,   do a fake garage door or something, but  this ended up working out perfectly.

I also kind of just like, made up  what they would have in here, I mean,   I didn't really snoop in their garage either, but  I put like a woodworking table, the trash cans,   they've got a broom and a hose, some storage  boxes, just things you might find in a garage,   and also a fake debug car just for  the vibes because it looks nice. Then from that carport there was like,   a little walkway to the front door  and then you could go straight inside. I'm gonna skip to the backyard  though cause I'm kind of proud of it. I had to also take a few liberties here,  like, the pool isn't properly shaped. They also had some more landscaping and  stuff in this area, but the lot was like,   not quite wide enough so I couldn't really  fit the trees that needed to be over here. I thought it was more important  to have the carport like,   actually lining up to at least some sort  of pavement so I kept it here on this   lot and just suffered a little bit with  like, the exact realism of the backyard.

They also had some kind of  nice palm trees lined up here,   but I thought it looked kind of ugly in The Sims. This is the thing, right, sometimes stuff looks  absolutely beautiful in real life, and then you   put it in the game and it's like, eugh, the  scale is kind of weird, it's throwing it off. That was the case we had here. This little side part of the house has  a door into the bathroom and also like,   some pool equipment. I am obsessed  with this covered patio, I think I  

may have made it a little bit too big, but  I don't really care because it looks nice. They had these amazing fairy  lights hung up so I did that. This part is actually super accurate, like,   the patterned rug, the kind of round  coffee table, the big patio furniture. In real life, these chairs were  swivel chairs which is awesome.

They looked kind of like this shape,  but they swiveled a little bit. I put a grill over here, and then my  favorite part obviously, the koi pond. You know what, I need to bring a sim here.  The vibes are off, we need to be in live mode. I want to hear the fountain splashing. Stanley, come on. You have  some testing to do, buddy. You know, when they agreed to let me build  their house in The Sims, I bet they didn't   expect me to kick them out and then send a hot  dog to live in their place, but here we are.

Anyway, here's a better view of the pond,   you can see the little fish and  the fountain that I put down. Listen to those vibes. So in real life, the deck kind of  extended a little bit over the pond.

I tried to do that with foundations  and platforms a little bit, but I was   kind of struggling so I ended up putting  some sized up shelves there in its place. The color isn't exactly perfect, but  I feel like it gets the point across,   especially when you know what I'm trying  to do ,I feel like it makes sense. And then back here they had another little  patio space, I put some more fairy lights,   they had some wind chimes over here, and I  also put some little rocking chairs and a rug. All in all, this backyard is like,  truly incredible. It is such a dream. And then when you actually finally  come in the front door, you walk in,   they've got a hallway directly in front of  you and then to the left is the living room.

I so wish we could pull off that super cool angled  roof in The Sims, but we don't really have that. In real life, they had an  amazing like, vaulted ceiling. There was beams, it was incredible. We  just can't really do that in the game   doesn't really exist, so just pretend  in your heart that it's there. I think overall this looks a lot  like the real life pictures as well. Over here we have that super cool  mirror, I put some shoes by the door.

And then if you come this way, over here  it was actually a lot wider than this,   like, the thing came out this far, like, kind of  up to the door and it just had shelves above it. It almost looked kind of custom. I couldn't really  find anything that fit perfectly in the game,   so I ended up putting this bookshelf there  instead and I think it kind of works. They also had a really nice painting here and I  put a scary cowplant poster in its place. That's   just a personal choice, I think it's beautiful.  Nice cowplant skull, I mean, you can't go wrong. And then down this way, the dining table  was actually oriented the other way,   it was like, vertical instead of  horizontal, but I thought it fit   better in The Sims this direction, so I  ended up flipping it, don't tell anyone.

Again, the scale is just kind of  off because it's The Sims, but   look at the view from the dining  table of the pond, isn't that amazing? This is that view of the kitchen, I  think it actually fits really well. In real life, I'm not sure what it  was, but they had like, sort of an   alcove in the middle of this wall.  Maybe there used to be a grill there   or something in real life, but I wasn't  sure what it was or how to replicate it,   so I ended up just leaving it out and then we put  like, the built-in fridge and cabinetry over here. Overall, just a dream kitchen.

And then when you come back down this way,  this first door on the right didn't actually   exist in real life, but I ended up putting  a laundry room there because I figured they   probably would have laundry somewhere in this  house and it was a closet that was there,   so I just built it out with some  nice laundry and built-ins and stuff. Through this left door is the office. Oh! That's first-person mode, sorry,  I meant to go into regular tab mode.

No one needs to see first-person hot dog mode. I am super proud of how this looks, I feel like  it's super accurate to the real life version. They had a really cool like, giant calendar,   but we didn't really have anything like  that so I just put a little one here. Through this last door on  the left is that guest room. Couple small details, I ended up putting a  really cool like, wall hanging because they   had something kind of similar, we have  obviously the amazing leaf accent wall.

They had a closet door right here, but again,   it didn't really fit perfectly in  the game so I put a mirror instead. One other small sacrifice we had to  make: this door is a bit too big. I think in real life, it's supposed to be  maybe like, two wide instead of three wide.

Oh, dare I say, two wide instead  of four wide, oh my goodness. So there's more wall space right here. In real life, they had like, a little skeleton  hanging there, I'm so sad that I couldn't fit him. That is my biggest failure, but  just pretend, he's there in spirit. And then down here is the bathroom,   they had some super cool black and white tile  in here so I kind of tried to mimic that.

Then we've just got like, a sink and a mirror,  we got a toilet and a nice built-in shower. And then down this little corner  is that main bedroom, again,   who knows what it actually looks like,  I was purely guessing based on the shape   of it from the front of the house, but I  put in a really big bedroom right here,   and they also have a super nice walk-in  closet and a super nice ensuite bathroom. And that is the entire house. So here are some final before and afters.  I guess that's kind of the wrong word,   it's like, real versus Sims, but here's  some final photos for you to look at.

I am so proud of how this house turned out,  I think it is beautiful and I had the most   fun getting to go there in real life and like,  wander around and try and recreate it in the game. I have a link down below to go check  out the Legion 5i and seriously,   thank you so much Levovo and  Intel for sponsoring this video. I said it earlier, but this has  been like a dream come true. I love the laptop and the house was so   cool to get to go and visit, so I  really cannot thank them enough.

This is just like, my favorite  thing to do in the game,   and dare I say, I think it made  for a kind of cool sponsored video. If you like Sims building  or other videos like this,   I do a ton of cool build videos on my channel. I mean, I say cool. I'm a little  bit biased, I think they're cool. So I'll link some down below and  you can feel free to subscribe. So thanks for watching and with that being said,  I'm gonna catch you all tomorrow. Bye everybody. I am so obsessed with the idea of  having like, a fountain or a pond or   some sort of water feature in my yard.

How peaceful and beautiful  was that? I'm so jealous. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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