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How to Install SCCM | SCCM DAY 1 CLASS |  SCCM Full Course | JOYATRES

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record please yeah these are all current running batches two batches are running so this is my system configuration i have two hard disks installed in my system how to see the hard disk information in the system command is disk mgmt.msc the disk 0 is nvme hard disk second one is ssd hard drive and i made three partitions okay this is ssd and we will save all the vms in the d drive once you create the vm in the vmware what is the file extension name it's a vm format in the uh you know uh tomorrow onwards i will give you a recording because of there are many guys uh tomorrow i will enable automatic recording option uh it is going to be record or not yes it's going to be record yes we are recording just share the link yeah yeah definitely okay thank you yeah thank you sir so we will save all the vms in the d drive i mean companies also will save all the vms in the d for delhi or e for england e drive logical drives they don't save the vms in the c drive okay the vm format is vmdk if you create a virtual mission in the hyper-v then the vm format is dot vhd r dot vhdx hyper-v introduced by microsoft in windows 2008 server hyper-v was not there in windows 2008 server so today we are going to discuss about activator server why active electric because of if you want to install sscm if you want to implement the sscm you should have the active directory first in your environment in the active directory first you need to run the prerequisites once the prerequisite is met in the active directory then jump then go to scm server and do the same setup we will discuss about active directory first we will create the virtual mission and i have installed windows 10 pro in my professional in my physical system install vmware workstation version number i will show you once again 16. create a new virtual mission typical recommended so i am going to install windows 2016 os if you are going to install windows 2016 you can choose this option i will install the operating system later then it will create a blank virtual hard drive without os without voice next button guest operating system is microsoft windows 2016 os we are going to install i made the virtual machine as usdc this is not the host name this is not the computer name this is just virtual machine name remember the virtual machine will be saved in c drive my documents if you are going to create a virtual mission in the hyper v there also the vm will be created in the documents my documents under c drive so i am going to change this path browse button d drive so verify the free space we have free space 400 gb in d drive vmd create a folder called yes under us again create a child folder called pdc means primary domain controller this is just folder see now now it is c drive path if you say ok it will save as like this pdc.vmdk what is the vm format in vmware you can tell the answer vmdk.vmdk

what is the vm format vm extension hyper-v dot vhd next button so primary domain controller active directory domain controller in my lab i will give only 30 gb or 40 gb hard disk but in productions you should give at least 250 gb because of you will do patching right that is a production environment single file i will give only 40 gb hard disk finish this is vmware workstation if you want to increase the ram modify the ram go to settings ram i'm going to increase so i made it as 10gb ram processors i can give one one network you can configure under custom so the dc 1vm second one second vm is secm server third one is client three vm should be under custom network rs what will happen if you put under net this vm will speak with my physical wi-fi writer my wi-fi home router if you put under custom these three vms will be in same network same family okay save okay okay one question you are installing os in your laptop home laptop with pendrive what is the first screen will come remember once you power on the laptop you connected the portable pen drive what is the first screen will come first line press any keyboard from cd remember now we need to mount the iso image iso means we are going to install windows 2016 os browse button where is the os here it is this is the path this path is iso image save okay power on once power on it will prompt for press any key boot from cd power on click with the mouse in this black screen then only you can enter into the inside you know pressing keyboard from cd i did not press any key and my mouse it is showing hand icon now i will press here that means i entered into the vm if you want to come outside from the vm the key is control alt ctrl alt ctrl alt came outside control alt came outside right click power off power on immediately click on the black screen with the mouse press any keyboard from cd any queue you can press now the voice is loading if you want to come out from the vm press ctrl alt windows 2016 os install now the voice installation it will take only now the time is 8 15 it will be finished by 8 19 in my system and windows 2016 there is only 64-bit windows 2012 there is only 64-bit windows 2019 64-bit windows 2022 already released 2022 server windows there is also 64-bit there is no 32-bit in windows 2016 or 2012. 32-bit 64-bit both are available in windows 2008 server windows 2003 there is only 32-bit microsoft introduced windows core edition core operating system from 2008 server onwards okay we are going to install desktop experience that means this is graphical interface edition this is core that means if you install you can see only command run next button i accept license agreement next custom this upgrade option in the sense suppose inside this virtual mission suppose there is windows 2012 your manager asks you to upgrade it to windows 2016 you can choose this option go into custom if you want make partition make here finish os installation is going on please observe these five lines yeah as somebody pinged right is this windows installation class it's windows installation only this training is only for secm so windows installation in the sense we will we are going to discuss about tactical directory why active directory because of we need to run the prerequisites first in the act to directory once we completed the prerequisites in the active directory then we will jump for wds class once wds is done then we will go for sscm class because of if you go to siem interview averages companies are asking about active directory questions as well dns path so you should know about activator installation windows server installation what is active directory these things and we will we will discuss about sscm server installation also we will see the ssm prerequisites ssm installation yeah to install active directory what are the prerequisites anybody windows yeah windows server os domain domain means it's a logical boundary infrastructure so we need first windows server operating system plus we need to assign static ip then we can configure adroll yeah somebody asking amazing yes windows server os plus ad role static id at ekb means manually we need to sn1ip address os is done we started at 8 15. getting devices ready meanwhile we will mess up the knowledge the port numbers pop report number smtp anybody knows you can tell imap 143 yeah correct smb [Music] okay file server will work on which protocol smb server message block ransomware you remember ransomware will come through this port smb what is active directory authentication protocol you can tell care bros ldap will ldap is a searching query tool question number five kerobra sport number 88 kerberos password port number 464.

yeah so this account is built in administrator we did not created this is a built-in administrator account so how to log into the vm we need to press ctrl alt insert control delete ctrl alt insert control delete is for physical system control alt insert for virtual mission will come again yeah yeah there also it will show controller delete then it will show in vmware esxi once voice installed in the vm the very next step is installed yeah vm tool is nothing but drivers it will install the enhancement drivers graphical driver audio video sound okay yeah right click install vm tools wait for 5 to 10 seconds the vm tools will mount in the dvd drive run setup this option is available in hyper-v also now hyper-v it will take default drivers default hyper-v drivers this option will not be available no drivers in hyper-v but if you migrate your virtual machine from vmware you are handling vmware esxi i'm handling hyper-v a host you're having one vm in vmware okay you will migrate from vmware to hyper v then it will take the default drivers in the hyper-v you can migrate your vm from vmware to hyper-v host in hyper-v you need not install any driver clear okay okay thank you you can migrate vm from vmware to vmware vmware to hyper-v hyper-v to hyper-v now we will assign the computer name then one static ip address that means manual ip address then we will go for activator role once ad class is done we will discuss about wds also wds means windows deployment services it's a windows feature it's not third party software from wds you can install the os from india to us over the network what you can install operating system image nothing but osd nothing but image management image deployment yeah dhcp server port number 523 67 these are all basic entry questions people know correct dhcp client 68 yeah 68 why because of these ports numbers are very important for the osd program in sscm okay how the client system will download the osd os image from a cm site server to end user system by which protocol diverter ftp port number 69 yeah how to login ctrl alt insert login how to verify who logged into my system what is the command who am i yeah who am i port number 565 okay so this is my computer name this is my host name slash administrator so how to change the computer name command is we will go to control panel category small icons system will change the computer name this is default name allocated by os change it to pdc restart save okay sql port number structure query language anybody and this is like you know mock interview as well you can you can assume 1433 telnet port number could it be 23 ftp sorry 22 f 21 21 ssh it is 22 ah correct these are all you know if you go to introduce all entry questions correct yeah logged in remember in windows 2008 server manager will not open by default but 2012 onwards the server manager will open by default command is to open server manager this is the one how to assign a static ip manual ap for this start button command is double click this go to properties ipv6 uncheck ipv4 assign the static what will be the dnsr can what is the epu given here in the domain controller the same you can give as dns dns port number 23 53 yes yes 53 please buy her this okay now everything is done windows server voice is ready static ap ascent what is the os you have installed what is the command to verify wienver winr 2016 os server manager dashboard is reading refresh to configure a role go to address and features or go to manage button if you want to uninstall any role decommission go for remove roles and features addressing features so to configure role before that we should have strong password for the administrator yes we have we have a send the static ip yes static key we assign one ip address next button yeah if you want to configure rds remote desktop services nothing but terminal services you have to go with this option and these five roles will be there gateway host rts host rds licensing or ds gateway firewalls will be there you can configure rds in a standalone server or multiple servers this was called earlier terminal services microsoft renamed this terminal services as rds remote desktop services from windows 2008 server nothing but this is citrix vdi in vmware this technology called as horizon so now today we are going to configure role based what is the role we need to configure activated domain services what is active directory domain services stores information about objects objects means users groups names voice resources on the network active entry will work on single log on process what is the activator authentication protocol kerberos okay and microsoft suggesting things to note to help ensure that users can still log on to the network in the case of server routers this is primary primary domain controller and microsoft suggesting install a minimum two domain controllers for a domain okay and ad server requires dns server so while configuring the ead role itself it will prompt for the installation of dns as well so in this box today we are going to configure adroll dns node while installing ad role it will also configure the group policy management console let it be installed why two domain controllers are required if they enter ask you can tell primary domain controller is down in that case the users can authenticate from the secondary domain controller means backup domain controller means additional domain controller yeah nothing but high availability yes next button install over how to install ad service in windows 2003 server we will cover all the interquestions also in the class itself how to install because still many companies are using 2003 due to covet situation all companies are migrating this 2003 servers windows 2.3 to windows 2019 windows 2.3 to 2012 yeah dc promo and if you go to scm you know some companies will test your knowledge first all on aid and dns part dlcp basics then they will go they will jump for ssm interview finish addition steps are required the additional step is we need to promote the server to a domain controller okay close refresh the next step is we need to go to notifications post deployment configuration installation is done configuration is pending we need to promote the server okay now you joined as administrator in my company how you will identify this server is a member server this server is a backup domain controller or this server is a primary domain controller to connect accounts wonderful yeah net accounts here okay what is this computer role now yes server server if you apply this command in your systems right now it will show workstation because of client os it will show workstation how to identify how many shares are there in my server in my system how to get help next year let's share we can see the shares somewhere also graphical the command is remember [Music] clear how many shares are there default shares are admin dollars c dollar ipc dollar these are all default shares c also will have defaults here if we have d partition d also we'll have default share these are all commander file server that is another thing go here promote the server to a domain controller what is meant by domain controller anybody now we are going to create a company that means what we need to configure here forest new forest forest.local our our company dot local company name that means forest means parent domain that means root domain first domain in the hierarchy okay how many functional levels will be create while creating the forest future two forest function level dfl and ffl while creating the channel domain controller how many function levels will be create child domain controller while creating how many functional levels only one domain function level remember while creating forest it will have two functional levels ffl and dfl forest function level domain function level okay while creating channel domain controller you will have only domain function level and this is directory services restore mode how many restore modes how many types authority to restore mode non-authority to restore mode okay next button is netbias name how many folders will create while creating the while configuring the active directory domain services volume folder ntds entities ntds okay log wonderful what is activated database name tbs.dit d80 transfer directory information tree yeah correct so now making out the question while configuring the activated domain services how many folders will create database folder for these files system please make a note while configuring the activated domain services how many folders will create can i click on next yes next now it is going to verify the prerequisites all predict is met it is showing green mark past stall over just keenly observe what it is going to consider your dna server dna service led role lds dna service some pressures are there some are very new to active directory please observe here what it is going to consider over now this server is converted as a domain controller and it will reboot what is domain controller you are controlling the domain domain controller means any windows server os plus adroll install correct so if we install the active directory then how many rules are default installed on a hominy can you tell me how many default rules are uh installed default rules rules are roles your connective directory rules rules what does it mean exactly rules means oh sorry rules or roles okay okay uh yeah this one will install okay this one also totally fine okay yeah some companies will ask basics only basic interquestions some companies will give scenarios some companies will ask for numbers also people are experts so no but you know this is for pressure okay clear yeah everybody understanding sir yes yes yes what is the difference between primary domain controller and backup domain controller primary domains controller means that the things which is in a running position and when they are shut down and then the primary uh primary server is automatically run after uh discharging the first one then the secondary is uh started working i think so primary backup backup in the sense additional additional in the sense secondary okay primary server backup domain controller both should be run both should be talk both should be sync both should be replicate all the time okay suppose i am going to log into my net banking i am staying in telangana my telangana server was down is down then my authentication will pass through from other state server nearby domain controller server that means here the primary server and backup server in somewhere some other state other backs of server all servers should communicate the domain controller is only for authentication purpose okay your system administrator given a system to you in your company on the first day and he will give credentials to user id password you connected the system or your administrator connected to the system laptop in the network you will apply the credentials user id password that user d password once you type those will be verified by carob cross protocol with the active directory whether it is correct or not activatory uses are authenticated users so primary domain controller will hold five fsmo roles we will see now backup domain controller will not hold will hold in the sense the backup domain controller is replica primary vice versa like you know primary also replica of backup so tell me one thing fsmo is a role part of 80 or 80 is the part of approximate once you install active directory you will have five roles called fsmo in the ad server box only you can see these five fsm rolls in the ad box only not in any other server like sql server or crm server or sharepoint server fsmo related only to active editor part ok hello shall we uh can we use the uh summer roll as a primary server or not yes defaultly all the five fsm rules will be present to locate install only in the primary domain controller clear all the five roles will be present locate install by default in the primary domain controller now the next question interview will ask you can we move these roles to backup domain controller answer is yes yes yes we can move we can split we can split we can split the 5 fsm rolls to different backup domain controllers yeah how to log into the virtual machine sir control alter insect yes yes here our forest in the sense it is our domain name logged in how to verify the computer role on it account it is showing us yeah if it is a backup domain controller then it will show here backup okay next how to verify where are the fsm roles are installed command is remember only remembering yeah this is the command it will retrieve the where the fsm rules are presented installed clear how many fsm rules totally yeah totally it's high yeah five okay fsm rolls means exclusive flexible sigma master operation operational loss what is the first role schema master scheme already it is emulator yeah people who don't know about this please make a note and port numbers don't read we should buy heart that's it clear okay how many fsm rolls total five yeah so what are forest white rolls are other it's not a big one hello schema and domain what are domain weight rolls infrastructure okay so your notes is not visible properly oh let me share able to see sir yes clear what is the main role in all the fsm roles it is emulator why pdc is the main role anybody worked on wds everybody knows about wds yes i am going to create second virtual mission some guys are joining i'm going to create a virtual machine under every december allocating 100 gb hard disk value following memory 12gb network adapter should be under custom save okay hello balu uh are you there okay mount the iso image here to install the server os 2016 before installing i will show you one thing i will share the documents once course is completed i will share this folder this is around 50 gb this will have older recording sessions and ssm theory plus practical documents as well and the ccm setup files also all these documents i will install the os power on yeah who wants to continue the scm training this is today day one right so day two two please if you want to enroll please contact this guy contact person i meet clear yes and what about the fee everything you can discuss with the contract personnel with he will tell okay and what is the configuration of your physical server it's not a physical server it's a desktop it's a let me show you yeah this is 64 gb i'm having 4 into 16 gb sticks uh each 16 gb is ddr4 the ram speed is 2.4 gigahertz it's a

corsair company 10 years warranty i bought it around 4 years ago and i'm having the yeah i'm having this processor and having the nvme 1tb corsair company hard disk nvme chip almost costs the total desktop this is around 1.6 the same configuration bought our student last year september for him it's around in australia 2.4 but it's a the processor is very high for him also very super duper fast yeah is it a daily session of one hour per day or uh how about the schedule one hour one and a half hour and uh will it be like a weekdays right weekdays for how many days every day sorry your voice was breaking can you hear me every day it's daily class daily evening batch yeah how many days it's around 25 days to 35 days because of for this month we have many holidays correct that's the reason timings say evening daily 8 pm okay including saturday sunday including saturday sunday if 10 guys joined they don't want to attend on saturday sunday we can declare holiday basics come again we'll start from basics yeah today's day one class is the active directory class okay and we're gonna have knowledge on the scm so that's why i'm asking you come again sir repeat don't have a knowledge on the scm so that's why i'm asking you yeah you see you need to learn from the basics onwards so yeah yeah this is basic activator is very much basic it's not only basics the biggest technology first of all it's a version and you should know about active directory first then we can jump for sscm because of if you want to install secm first we need to build run the prerequisites in the ad server then the secondary step we will go sscm predict rights third step ssm site server installation clear yeah it's clear it's clear yeah can you share the amite number in whatsapp can you please weekend batch also will be available depends upon the student head count [Music] experienced beginners who want to give the interview who want to brush up who want to clear the interviews and one more thing see nowadays most of the companies are they working like work from a model yes and how the ssc i'm going to help in like this scenario yes him also we can work from home only nowadays everybody is working not only is the cm office device means exchange that means everybody is there at home see they will simply log into the sm environment they will download the patches they will push the patches to the internal servers internal servers in the sense within the office premises servers within the office systems and not only office external systems also yes they can take care you mean to say that it will helpful for who is yes yes yes if you are working in a company now you can see you can check your laptop you can see start button software center and monthly they will push the patches every month the basic questions yeah my question the intention was because because of this current pandemic i thought that there will be less demand for the sscm because nowadays most of the companies migrating to cloud right but you know there are many opportunities especially in this power situation for exchange that means office 65 azure and sscm you know i people knows i guess last week i guess before 15 days log 4g affected linux servers remember yeah no people are struggling to install those patches lock 4g ransomware affected remember around three four years ago around 80 000 companies worldwide yeah this won't be end this is a cycling process yeah even the current situation also that uh scope off for asm it is their market yeah a lot of lot of yeah irrespective of the patches i hope so even the softwares or applications yeah yeah that is the environment yes we can able to push it yes from a cmw server we will push to ten thousand systems tenth on systems in the sense desktops laptop servers even though we'll get errors we should work on the errors fix the errors we need to restart the systems it's a big big work yeah we can easily able to inventory uh what has gone good and not yet yes we will see here the patching process patching download patching deployment how to deploy the background process okay definitely you will get the errors in your environment error code you can put in the google put in google and fix want to join weekend batch or evening morning everything and face details we can discuss with amit amit yeah please record run setup i'm changing the computer name wds box uh if people are already working on wds anybody uh when this deployment service yes deployment services you worked on it yes and you captured also okay so people can understand okay we will go for deployment wds prerequisites adds required dns required last one is yeah thcp wonderful dns port number 20 27 i think how do you mean the port yeah port dns 40s and we need to enable to deploy the operating system to the end user system over the network from wds server is what pixy enabled a to deploy os from scm site server to the end users we need to configure the we need to enable the pc in the site server in the distribution point we will discuss after 15 days yeah it's a computer image change right yes good yeah how is my system sir somebody asked right is it fine it's going on good configuration good speed yes yes yes yeah thank you and installations will not consume time so earlier this course first took more than 45 days nowadays only 20 25 days because of now i'm having 64 gb ram we need to join the wds box into the domain first we will configure the dhcp how to configure dhcp go to server manager what is the dhcp list duration time window answers let's say this yeah it is [Music] connect the dhcp server role to confirm the dhcp first of all this box should have static ip yes we have even dhcp also there is failover is possible failure introduced by microsoft in windows 2012 server yes uh i will show application deployment like 7g and differences between application packaging because of you know an interview they will definitely ask you about differences between package and application okay and second part patching patching class will be around three to four days you will download the patches apply the patches create the package blah blah and between the end user systems to site server there will be 17 steps how the flow mechanism flow of the flow of patching between site server 2 and user system and site server and client systems all together lock fails around 20 log files we can discuss complete the hsp configuration we are showing success messages over how to open dhcp command is how many zones will be there in dnsr two zones in forward reverse what is forward lookup option which will translate from name to ip address we need to configure this scope scope is not the scope is nothing but range of ip address right click new scope ranges [Music] so how many ips will come no 11 200 yeah dhcp lead duration window is it is configure how to restart um yes okay so for the duration the lease for ip okay by default and i'm talking about production i guess he's in eight days or probably a day or couple hours again it's a production not personal yeah well where i worked in my company's all the mentioned microsoft default m80s only okay okay what are the ips will allocate by dhcp server to all the systems those ips where you can see in the dhcp console yeah now go to wds box how to test dhcp disable the dhcp server allocating ip to this box or not for start local how to verify the ap address of this box right click got it refresh okay dhcp is working fine microsoft recommends for the server operating systems we need to allocate static ip we're confirming that thcp server is working fine so i'm allocating what is our dns server ip uh i think so next step is we need to join the wds box into domain that is called the terminal is called domain membership update domain membership update means join this box from our group to domain so my name is foreign local who's this administrator this is default primary domain controller administrator we have all the predicts correct we met now the second step is we need to configure the wds role in this stabilities box login server manager will open by default address wdc is your role it's not a feature yeah wds means windows deployment services provides a simplified secure means of rapidly and remotely deploy the windows operating system image deployment to the end user systems over the network clear wds is replacement of rs technology rs means remote installation service rs was there in windows 2.3 server wds introduced by microsoft in windows 2008 server wd's requirement is dhcp server yes we have configured the dhcp here we have confirmed the ad role here we have the dns role here clear wls will have two role services one is deployment server second is transport deployment will hold the images transport server will transport the image uh will wds work outside the line outside the lan in the sense external suppose the user has joined in some other remote location so we need to deploy all the software patches to this to the users so using the system can we do it by using scm we can do but wds you can do only os deployment it won't work for batching it won't work for software deployment so wds also work in the remote location remote location in the sense it depends upon your network yeah externally public internet network yeah internal only not on internet internet yeah through vpn but you know it will take more time but not preferable wds is open what is telling server is not configured to configure the server right click so before you begin wds prerequisite we need to join this wds box into the domain yes we should have dhcp active yes we have we should hack to dns yes we have ntfs file system yes integrate detective directory and this is the entry question what is remote install folder remote install folder contains boot images boot image x86 boot image x64 install image nothing but boot.wim file installer wma file pc bootable files and wds management tools all together will be stored in c drive remote install folder if you catch the image also it will be stored under this folder this option you can see in the secm server in the pixie settings uncheck this box where we are discussing this technology you can understand in the osd program in sscm here boot images are zero install images are zero everything is zero clear how to add boot image right click [Music] what is bim file windows image file how many parts are beam file how many two parts one is boot and second the both files are located in the cd drive cd dvd folder name source so in the source folder sources folder in 2017 answer is windows image file how many parts yeah what is boot.beam file size 257 yeah remember this step file name is if you want you can make it as boot image windows 2016 successfully added yes how to restart wds start putting is added sir what is the size it was compressed this is the actual size this is 1.5 1.5 gb

okay so don't confuse in cds or dvds pendrives in the sources folder the boot image is compressed state this is actual size now this is expanded go to home button create a new virtual mission we will test this image 2012 you can put here just test it yeah we can we can change anything sometimes if you put 2016 we cannot deploy so you can change it 2012 or 2019 because our face ratios that's the reason so yes yes here so we need to install a os over the network for this system what prerequisites for this news new vm in this vm there is no os installed what is the network card we need to connect exe custom pc will be enabled by default in the latest systems if you have older system seven years back you need to enable from the bios clear okay let me put some ram okay cd dvd not mounted over now what is the meaning of f12 from the network boot answer is network boot yeah why am asking questions sorry people are experts because of you know some some companies will ask very you know basic questions okay power on virtual mission now to see the steps how the os is downloading now the end user system client is contacting whom yes dhcp server dhcp server dhcp client is this one okay the client got which ip address 11 this system got the iep address from the dhcp server is 10.11 what is the dhcp server ap address okay 10 then decline system contacted wds and wdsnbp network boot protocol from 20 ap who's 20 it is wds wds current correct so in this dc box we have installed 80 role tns role three things in this box we have installed only wds the next question is can we set up wds and dcp on a single box in the same box answer is yes can we set up wds and dhcp in different boxes answer is yes now it asked to press f12 i did not press any so i got this error clear yes around you will get only eight or ten different kind of errors in this scenario here so without pressing automatically oh no we need to press yeah protection also if it automatically take you know there is no security first of all and we should put some password also okay okay now sorry okay now observe the last step very last step very last line please observe everybody last line what was the last line sir anybody seen already system missing see the last line last line now last line emtp ah tftp download now how the end user system will download the image from the wds or scm site server answer is answers no system is unable to download the image osms from site server so what you can do maybe port is not enabled i will verify the port what is the port that is yeah tftp is will work on 69. we should enable before deploying the os in the scm server clear it is connected to wds double to connect the ws server the credential should be yeah if somebody's not understanding please re-watch the video at least three four times okay clear install image we need to add image vm file are two parts one is put out beam file second one is installer trim file what is boot image what it will do it will boot the hardware once booted the hardware second step os will install by from the install image installer twim file how to add the install admin file we need to go to dvcd 3d dvd iso image or pen drive inside that panel you can have one folder name called same thing we will do in scm also okay browse dvd drive sources install.theme file size is remember this and in this you have four flavors four editions in my voice yes i'm going to install this is gi mode now adding image not installing no sorry is adding to the console these images resides in which folder remote install yeah wonderful remote install folder successful message answers yes refresh to restart the wds console go to dell pc power on f12 ftp now it is loading the boot image even if you are installing os with pendrive in your laptop first it will install boot.vim file only second step it will install install.bim file clear we don't know that we cannot see now what is the difference between this uh boot bim file and install image okay okay before adding install image we installed the boot image in this client system or seen right before five minutes remember okay so boot image nothing but it will boot the hardware i mean to say if you want to go by bike from hyderabad to somewhere okay your hometown your location to your hometown then first step you need to start the bike the automatic button that is called bootymaze you will apply gears and you will go to home that is installing image clear no not exactly technically here see instead of the boot image file why can't we go for the install image file directly yeah uh the question is it has to be boot first once it's booted once hardware is booted that's of course nothing but you know both are same actually it is fitted to two parts okay so if you are installing os with pen drive what is this what are the steps we are doing now the same steps will apply there but we cannot see all those steps there once you okay maybe the first time that will be time consuming but next time onwards it will not be right obviously we are not going to install each and every time of uh the machine get boots up every time same process so every time that the machine needs to get installed with the image yeah boot image then second step install image see hold on okay now boot image is loaded right okay now we are going to connect wd server okay now you can see here you can understand see the image this is install image the vim file is splitted into two parts one is boot.beam file second one is

install that bim file now forget about this technology we are getting a gui kind of thing rather than a coa we are getting a gui kind of environment to do the further installation yeah okay yeah okay suppose you don't have sscm you don't have managing in your company okay you have to install 10 systems new hires are joining on tomorrow 10 systems in 10 systems what you have to install in your company windows os plus ms office right 7 zip adobe visual studio visual studio 2010 how much time it will take anybody one hour you should anybody install oh it will take one the sql hour sql express 30 minutes so altogether it will take an i3 system 4gb ram at least seven hours five five six hours so what you can do you anybody worked on north and go straight uh somebody yeah you can prepare not on ghost but when audit will happen the guids or sadist will conflict not only loaded sometimes you know sad will conflict so yeah we'll be using the uh riprap right for that will be preparing sorry strip through wds so you can capture this os this capture image you can put in wds you can push to 10 systems each system will fail took only half an hour so your time will not consume irrespective of if it is a vm or a physical machine yes so can you tell that that yeah we will see now we will see tomorrow this process capture image process why we are why we are doing all these maybe i will show you sem site server os deployment we will fail because sometimes we will pass or fail but we will see the background process what are the steps excuse me yes sir oh yes matt i have a question about capture image okay because pretty much uh all production they are using using ts more than capture image capture image is really hard to update it when you need to update the image but with through the test sequence is very easy so are you going with a capture image or test sequence yeah we are going with capture image the capturing maze media also you can create yeah what about test sequence task sequence won't be there in wds star sequence will be there uh in scm oh no no generally speaking yes yes yes yes yeah sequence should be there yes we need to create the task sequence capture task sequence right thanks yeah yeah now the voice is installing this right tomorrow we'll perform capture image it will take more time tomorrow today not possible yeah virtual missions hyper we can use hyper-v faces a couple of issues but external network private network right so better you can install this vmware workstation 16 and put all the vms in the custom network yeah if you are having hyper vr great knowledge yes you can practice um one question from myself hello yes sir uh in sscm can we use a zero touch deployment is there any speech yeah we can use okay so now what we are doing this is zero touch image only zti yes yeah just tell me uh i don't want to touch uh end points mustang i just user intervention is not required you need to install the os automatically user we need to press the f4 yeah press f1 almost done voice installed over the network understood the theory right how it is installing yes sir yeah if you get error no issues whatever you need to troubleshoot so now you are showing the os information to wds yes then you can do that same thing in sscm obviously yeah yeah correct you can use any one yeah we can use any one correct yeah rsscm why we are showing this this is a complete manual work ssa means good administration work less administration work here we added the bootymans manually but in scm server boot image will be there the boot image will add in the ssm server during the ssm server site server installation itself means we can do with the waste deployment no not required but once you enable pixel scm wd service will configure in the background background wds will take care so then their boot image will be there installing may just install image you need to add write a task sequence trash sequence you can deploy to and use the systems i mean say unknown computers [Music] what is wds what is sscm okay what you can do with sscm what you can do only with wds wds you can only deploy operating system we cannot deploy software updates with wds you cannot deploy software deployment with wds of course still many companies are using this wds still okay otherwise uh it is a operating system that is the same i did not get you that system is like a osr otherwise oh it's not waste it's a software okay yeah we will see the ssm installation also configuration also of course many people are having the consoles in their companies or some are expertise but we will see from scratch we will see the installation as well is it require license no not required it will work 180 days even this is also not licensed no so generally i am asking that production yes yes production license should be there yes okay got it os installed right yes that's it for today so who are interested you can contact uh okay so you just lpcm delting here you can clear this vm from del pc from disk clear tomorrow we will capture capture the os you worked on not on ghost right santosh hello oh yes sir yeah the same like we can prepare the osms with including applications same process will be there in now sem also okay okay all uh everybody thanks for joining who want to enroll who want to conjure day to class you know you can contact mr amit once again i'm paying the number to on can i get your whatsapp number uh he you can connect from him admit okay you can get it yeah i ping the contact number amid okay thank you thank you santos thank you ramesh thank you amit thank you thank you sanjeev thank you

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