How to Become A Scrum Master ? | |Complete END to END Scrum Tutorial | Scrum Master Realtime |

How to Become A Scrum Master ? |  |Complete END to END Scrum Tutorial | Scrum Master Realtime |

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okay so first of all right now we'll be having a question like now we can do this uh ask master let's understand who can do this scrum master training so right uh the main thing like if you want to come into the um i mean scum master or into the agile world so minimum people should be like you know after the education or no minimum uh you should be like you know three to 16 years of three to 16 years so people who fell in this know uh three to 16 years of work experience can do uh this one master training and then they can switch their care into a scum master uh training so if you have more than 16 years right uh i think no one is having more than 16 years in this group but still if you have more than 16 years of work experience means so in addition to that in addition to scum master role you need to me you need to show as a project management skills like okay so let's understand we can do so anyone will be having three years to 16 years or work experience they can do a scam master role irrespective of whether you are in a non-iit or iit background or non-id background background so you are you are in operations or you are in a bp a bpo so if you have the interest you can do these scrum master training and then you can switch your carrier from the scrum master uh um i mean switch your uh carry from whatever the roles which you are trafficking into uh as a ask master or so you may be like you know you are in operations or so vpo now i t so 980 you can do a scum master so irrespective of your roles like you know probably be like you know associate or no a team lead like a software engineer maybe you know a qa lead so whatever you you know uh roles you are performing so you can do this scrum master training so it will work only if you have more than three years of work experience why because no they won't take as a you know fresher or people who don't have any knowledge on scrum okay so hey do we have any uh questions irrespective of your you know education like you know whether it may be in become our bsc or ba or engineer or btech so irrespective of your education background you can do this master or you can acquire this scum master uh job so any doubts on this so anyone like uh he just passed out the college and he wants to be a scrum master so he won like he he needs to spend three years in some organization right yes so why because straight forward or they want no pressure they won't hide so this is the scum master is the kind of the management role so straightforward uh they want to take gotcha okay right so let's understand uh okay so before that we're going to the you know uh that part let's understand what is the current market for the scrum masters so after you know um from oh like you know from since four years i i was working as a scum master so from uh past four years so the market was very you know um high demand for the scum masters by year and year like you know 30 37 percent of the you know market is increasing for the scum masters so very high demand for the scrum masters why because so now all the companies which m whichever they are following the earlier they are following the waterfall model right they are now converting uh from the waterfall model to the agile methodologies 96 percent uh 90 to 96 percent of companies currently they are doing projects in agile methodologies so that's how now there is very very high demand for the scum masters so what are the current packages are getting for the scrum masters so this will be like you know irrespective of your um no no you irrespective of your current packages your package falls under uh so i'm just giving four lakhs okay now four lakhs too if your current package falls under four lakhs two 14 lakhs so straight forward you will get 100 percent ice so there is no doubt in that if you have around a 10 to 12 lakhs package straight forward when you um you know when you get a job quality how much you are expecting me to start straight forward you can tell uh like you know uh 20 lakhs i'm expecting 20 lakhs once you get the 20 lakhs package right then again you can negotiate on that 20 lux package you can get you can ask around 24 or 28 lakhs package so so far uh we have already trained uh more than 100 people now uh so as per the you know our previous uh my previous experience people who is having six lakhs package also six lakhs package also got 20 lakhs in cap germany so you you may get the question how straightforward means all already like you know um like 300 percent how is it possible so what uh what has done right what the suggestion like you know what i have uh done is after the training so one offer for 12 lakhs 12 l from uh tcs so one offer from the uh from tcs they got a actually she she got a 12x package after 12x another uh i forgot that company name they have offered 14 lakhs and 12 lakhs currently she is working for the cab germany for 20 lakhs okay so if your uh current so if your current package is around no let's say now your current package is your 20 lakhs or 25 lakhs no so you can expect up to 40 to 50 lakhs packages so for that what you need to do is you need to acquire a scrum master along with this comm master you need to show some project management skills okay so very very high demand currently in a package no so few people got uh the moment you upload your resume in a now curry daily will get to 10 to 15 calls as a for job calls for some masters so do you have any doubt on this yeah can i ask you a question yeah sure like uh i have experience in bpo i have experience in it and i have experience in like uh sales so that is like plus two that comes up to three okay and uh i mean um it's like two plus six months or nine months approachable okay so am i eligible for this so like you know you are from india or uh yes i'm from india because okay you are passed out here education passed out here my education part of passover year is 2020 okay is it is degree or you have any other what is your iso degree masters in computer application so right uh so the one uh yeah so what you need to do right you need to hide your master computers okay you need to hide your master computers so that you will get uh you know few a few more like uh uh you said that 2012 2013 uh you said right your degree one two two zero 202 yeah that is the master's degree before master degree probably will be have done some other degree right yeah like let me let me tell you i was doing uh bsc natural science with physics chemistry mathematics uh that is a year uh that is year after year 10 to 2013 yeah so that i will help you for you uh so yeah let me let me complete then i i got a job as a data entry operator okay for more than eight months okay then i switched to insurance sector for one year then i did international bpo up to more than like nine months if i will uh configure the whole total work experience between 2013 to 2006 15 august then it is approachable to like two plus and after that i got admission for mca okay then i did admission for mca it was a three years degree but i extend because of some health issues so that was extended to 2020. okay so you need to show that experience also yeah you want me to show i have some kind of letters like oh yeah yeah i will i will do i have to show you [Music] so right so i will help you right now uh so irrespective of your uh you know respect of your experience [Music] so your voice is breaking yeah like so what uh no so you are no your voice is breaking right so from your degree they should be from uh either you you might be worked or all right so the the gap should be so your voice is breaking uh sajin so sajid you can call me personally i will help you with okay so it will uh it will work for you i will help you i will help you i will help you with okay i will give my number to amit he will share my number to you uh no your voice is breaking am i addible to others basics yeah right so guys what is the logic here is right after your completion of your degree or master's degree so if you're after your master's degree it won't fall under 3 years to 16 years then what we need to do i will help you with all the tricks and techniques that you need to follow okay so there are some things which you cannot uh not tell in this uh training session uh no uh i will help you on that okay what you what you can think in your mind right so if you after your degree so if you have like three to 16 years so a gap whether you have worked or you might not work like you know so i will help you know what are the things that you have you need to do so if you have work somewhere like you know like three to 16 years any field so that is that will be good if not also uh i will help you on that right okay so for now let's understand what we need to do to get a scum master job what are the certain skills that we need to acquire to get a scrum master job the first thing is agile manifesto so you need to be very perfect in this agile manifesto there are 4 agile values and 12 principles you need to remember these 12 4 values and dual principles and another thing is scrum guide scrum guide so this is the uh now 14 page pdf scrum jail manifesto and scum guide both are kind of backbone for getting a job after this real time scum master training so uh i will teach jira as well along with along with this uh training session along with the scrum master training jira and tfs this that is the team uh foundation server so so in scum how many roles we have we have three roles we have the product owner scrum master and developers so in depth i will explain later for now i will give a brief so to to get a scrum master job you should know what exactly scum master will be working in in organization what kind of roles and responsibilities are what kind of roles and responsibilities is for forming a schema is performing as a scrum master so many people what they do right they do the certifications and then they they go to the um like some other resources and then but they are not able to crack the interview question even though they have worked in a development area no they have worked as the project managers but they are not able to crack the uh scam master interview questions in the interviews why because they don't have the real time knowledge so what i am doing right in this training session i will be giving completely real time real time scum master training so what and all this includes right so there are certain tools are used for tracking the project so jira is top on the top list so where i am helping jirai as well along with the scum master training in scum what are the topics so okay let me finish uh this in this thing real times come master training jira and tfs next part is what we need to do right the very very important thing is resume building resume building so this is one part and resume building is one part so we need to know how many years you need to mention as a scam master in your resume so based upon your years of experience how many years we need to mention you worked as a scrum masters so that i will completely helping and guiding for the resume building after resume building it's also it's also very important how you are uploading it to the now curry it's not about only the resume building it is also very important to how you are uploading what are the skills that you are mentioning in the job descriptions are like you know how you are breaking down your work experience details this is also i'll be helping with resume building and i will be helping with uploading resume into now curry so i'll be sitting with uh with you apart from this training also what i'm doing right once you prepare the resin so we'll be having one-on-one sessions uh with you guys i will uh you you need to share your um i mean skin and then so how you are uploading there i i will help you uploading no correct all right so i'll be giving access for jira as well okay this is the uh licensed uh version jira i'll be giving all right the zoom building uploading regimen to now correct so next part is enter your questions so here there are two or three kind of intro questions one kind of interview questions will be on agile manifesto and scum guide so this is questions will be like you know so what are agile values what are some values what are some uh ceremonies what kind of ceremonies you will follow so these kind of questions scenario based questions these are very very important uh kind of scenario based questions i will show you with one document so the interview questions will be like this so can someone go on mutants the scenarios kind of questions like one of your team members not joining to daily stand up call how do you motivate the team uh that he will join the release con daily stand up or call your team is not completing user stories and most of the user stories are carry forwarding to the next sprint ask master how do you handle your pivo is including user storage in the middle of this print how do you handle how do you implement three pillars in a scum these kind of interview questions and and answers next part is mock interviews so i will be taking mock interviews parallelly along with the scrum uh scum training for example this uh i have like you know mock interview one two three four like that so whatever the interview questions which i am giving hundred percent the questions will be whatever the interview questions i will be giving red in that only you will get the interview questions so how i am preparing you for the interview means like you know from basic to like you know high level the first question will be tell me about you about yourself and what are the roles and responsibilities which you are forcing as a system master this is the first in first the question know not about this master whatever the you know for whichever technology you are you know you are attending this will be uh first question so i'll be giving like note what you should tell for this how many team members are currently you are handling how many devs and qas are there in your team what are the tools and technologies are using parties as well from basic to high level parallelly along with the training i will start explaining about the mock interviews and also for every 10-15 minutes i'll be taking a kind of a you know mock interview with with you so what we will plan right at the end of the training at the end of the third week so we will make sure that all of you guys has a prepared your resume and review before our training ends only we will help you to upload into the now curry the moment you upload into the next now curry from next daily it starts you know getting calls okay so in this training right at the end of the training you know you people are attending in the interviews at the end of the training you are completely you know uh know the roles and responsibilities of the scum master what exactly you do this uh you know what exactly you do in the organization so now jira what we will cover in jira so for this do we have any questions on this uh that is one of the tool which used for this com team foundation server you call azure boards right this is same kind like that only azure boards the yeah sure like is it like jet is just in time compiler so jirais jirai is like a part objet or tfs like they are part of it's all like as per you know artificial intelligence is concerned and as for aws is concerned so everything works on cloud so if we talk about the cloud like we have a cloud basis uh one is the open source cloud and one is the offline source cloud ssd and yes this is cloud and server based so this jira is a project management tool where it is used to track the projects so mainly used like no it is used for different different uh areas like you know first come it is used for tracking projects tracking the user stories okay so like a project made uh project uh matrix so we are doing here this come we'll be doing iteration iteration right like a sprint yeah iteration based right so we'll be using a jira but this is very simple at all okay so you no need to worry about this this is very you know jira is already made like a ats tracking system sorry so you have idea about trello version one i don't have an idea about is it kind of a like it is is it a programming language or we have to just to let me show you the tool okay let me show you let me show you oh i got the tool i got the you know yeah so this is the jira tool okay so you can see like you know road maps backlog uh you can see this printer backlog so if you have any idea about the like you can see the user stories okay it's same like github right oh no no github is used to like send a repository right like here is a development that means you put the code over here no no we won't put any code this is only for you know github also you can integrate project yes yes so it will be used for tracking the project project progress so i will help you with okay you don't need to worry okay so github you can integrate github to this you know you don't need to worry about all those things okay i will help you to understand about this jira how we will use jira for scrum projects that will i will help you okay so which programming language has been used for this jira so for developing this uh jira yes so i'm not sure which in which programming language they have developed this is uh in this azure this is just a uh tool okay so you can probably if you google you may get uh in which language uh they have developed this jira so for us uh we don't mind where which they have uh in which pro i don't mean that i don't mean that but what is the application of jira like for what we use this like banking operations uh senior cities and saving accounts salary accounts generate your password so these are actually gdpc like these are the applications for this right yes uh this is my polite request if we can cover the topics yeah you can a lot of questions right okay let me finish for now you don't have any questions right on this part we will cover uh so like what will be so this is the kind of thing so what you need to be perfect do you get a scam master job what you so in jira right uh how to create uh projects in jira uh so scrum master uh no prod um always having scum master having the admin access for the uh jira so he's a kind of playing admin or role for zero like you know creating the axis giving access to the team members those kind of thing how to create projects in jira so jira administration like giving access those kind of things jira admin and third one is how to set up scrum project and how to create epics user stories futures pictures and tasks auto start and end sprints how to create reports sorry how to create filters how to create dashboards how to create a workflows how to generate reports okay this will be covering for the jira this is the basic thing that is required for the scum masters to manage this come projects okay now in real time stop master training so first thing is so i'll be explaining about the scrum guide so guys and also i'll be sharing all the documents with you interview questions so along with this thing i'll be sharing all study materials with you uh like interview questions so each and everything i have documented i'll be sharing with you okay i'll be explaining everything about this scrum guide the topics which are mentioned here right so like scum definitions come theory some values scrum team uh developers product owner scrum event sprint spin planning dailies from spin retrospective strum multi packs spin backlog product backlog and increment these things under i'll be explaining after this this will be calling the real time right so we will do everything in real time like you know first thing is like you know we need to create a product backlog so you can mention like you know developing product this is not the developing is just developing this is like you know it's not something related to coding uh developing or i can mention so creating is in our creating is also not a good work creating i think developing is only a good word i think maybe developing product backlog so then in scum we have this ceremonies okay just move in secondness [Music] so we have some scum ceremonies like then we call events and we will call as a ceremonies also so like uh sprint this print and uh i know how how long it will take to complete this training so this will take uh 15 days daily probably we uh we need to spend around more than a hour uh it will take 15 days to complete sprint planning daily scrum scum fourth one is is there any uh should we expect uh often class as well starting with online uh do we have uh offline classes uh that you can check with uh amit okay so i'll be sharing number so now offline no not required actually no offense this online is good so we are uh giving training for online only so most of them are getting know highly uh paid up i will uh help you like you know each and everything like not only in this training session uh after the training also i'll be available for you for any doubts or questions okay spring planning daily scrum sprint review and one is sprint retrospective so all this all these events right in real time what scum master exactly do with this print you know do have any sprint kind of meeting in spin planning meeting what exactly is commaster doing this pin planning meeting one spin planning meeting what he will do how we will do with the updating the capacity uh tracker you know what are what we are discussing in the screen planning meeting how we will plan the um uh sprint this kind of what's what is the scam master role okay these are all the interview questions as well uh can you please explain the life cycle of the scrum so life's like love system is what exactly you are doing it in this events dailies come so we'll be creating the uh product backlog and then we are moving them the product backlog to spin backlog what exactly we do the uh uh in daily stand up uh call so this is the sprint okay now we have started uh 18 and 13 this is the previous batch which we have having 18 to 30 31st match so we have created so with the help of this what exactly we do with the daily stand up or call what we will discuss what team will discuss oh no these things so i'll be explaining completely uh in real time so once you get a job also you no need to be worried about you know um you can perform well in your organizations once you get a job why because i am each and every topic i will be explaining real time uh no probably i will also make you to listen uh what exactly you know we discuss what we do in the sprint review spin retrospective matrix and also another important is scrum matrix this very very important thing what we do in the what are the reports that we generate in scrum so actually this uh rule is performed by the scrum master what kind of reports you will pull how we will pull the report from the jram to whom you will send these reports to jira these kind of things i will be explaining like you know we have the velocity velocity burn down chart members sorry actually uh we had some um i i'm not sure uh this scrum master will lead the team right yes so need to talk to the team the so these are the matrix velocity burn down chart committed to its completed estimation variance capacity utilization backlog health so these are the matrix i will help you how i am doing in my current organization how i'll be preparing these reports to one to whom i will be sharing these things okay so now let me give a brief about what exactly scrum master do in the organization the scrum master right this is the kind of the project management you know like a servant uh a leader kind of uh role what he will do right in ordination he will make sure that the project uh software development team generally we call scrum team right he will make sure that team will follow this come he make sure that we are following the scrum ceremonies he will make sure that uh no uh all these come events are happening he will make sure that spring planning dale is come spin review spin retrospective meeting is happening so andy and he is responsible for all these meetings what master will do right he will send a invite to the team members like you know uh he will organize and facilitate this come events so ernest and facilitator means what he will do he will uh send it sprint planning meeting the team members and also he will send daily scum call meeting sprint review meetings spin retrospective meetings so in uh teams or whatever the tools you are you are using right in the in that tools he will send a meeting invite to all the team members okay so generally what he will do he will manage the team like he will make sure that uh scrum is for scum is following the team he will organize and facilitate the ascam ceremonies and also he will uh if any conflicts came in the team he will resolve the those conflicts for example if the team members have any other dependencies or like you know any blockers or issues he will make them uh get that assault like you know he will do the coordination of thing between this command between the developers and product owner he will have any gap that he will appeal so yeah no screen team members want to connect with any other team members like anything like you know he will help them to schedule meetings and then make sure that uh that will get down and also he will help developers to get progress on this print what they have committed he will make sure that they will be completing the those work he facilitate this come ceremonies he will help developers if they have any blockers or uh anything that uh team has uh uh facing and he will uh is the point of contact he is the owner of this scum it means that he will make sure the team follows this come and then he will implement like if any new team members comes right he will give he will coach the uh he will cause the product owner on some process or any other developers if any new team members came okay these are the certain roles and responsibilities which scum master is performing so it is very very easy uh job okay where scum master uh can uh do so very cool job motivating lack of motivation yeah like you know motivating your team members you know not conducting any fun activities in the team so these kind of things he will do okay actually i'm not sure i don't want to say but actually really i am put put in motivation motivating the people so but uh the scum might require a lack of a large amount of motivation uh motivating the people for doing the task in this work uh kovit situation this uh i think this scrum master will face a lot of issues so motivating means you are not doing 24 hours motivating okay whenever there will be situations right uh so you can motivate you can go you can google it you know what are the motivation techniques so that is not a big deal so see see the moment you get the scrum master job like you know so your uh your identity will be i mean your designation will change so you'll be getting the most of these uh scum masters have the designation like you know project manager uh project manager or scum master uh designation uh they will give you or else they will give you a consult and uh those kind of designation uh uh like you know uh those kind of designations the moment you you have the designation automatically you feel the you feel high okay automatically you can motivate the people okay so the designation makes you feel high and then that makes you to motivate other people's yes unless yeah okay so currently the the moment you put your resume in no curry 100 will you guarantee daily you will get 10 to 15 uh 15 uh uh daily uh job calls [Music] i can't i know i can't tell you how demand it is in currently if you want you can go and check in now curry just put scum master and then hit a search hit on search search icon so then you can see how many jobs are available so that is packages also they are giving very high packages they are giving okay so as i said 100 to your under percent hike to your current package that i will give you so right uh any other questions so how will progress right so first in two days i will cover the jira part i will cover the jira part why because jira no we need to learn jira first so in two sessions i will complete to this complete jira and then after jira we will start like you know projects also i can give you some real-time projects where you can mention in resumes also you don't need to mention any projects in uh resume okay i was telling something okay okay so i have a question sir yes like how much time it will take to complete the jira uh probably uh two and a half hours so for completing two and a half hours is needed but uh so once you learn right uh it won't take that much for ah for doing all this uh like you can take like 15 20 minutes you can uh do this so obviously like you know when you're creating filter dashboards that is the different uh uh i mean all together different that may take in real time it may take creating the filters in that but you can learn it very quickly yeah and tfs yeah sorry uh right now tfs i don't have access to tfs jira and tfs are both are same but i will help you with i mean screenshots like what exactly i have mentioned for jira topics same thing i will show it uh in screenshots so in any other training uh training or institutes right they will charge separately for jira and tfs like you know so i'll be explaining in addition to this so why because if uh if not jira or you know if not any other tools then it won't be a real time uh on training so we need to use jira and tfs so i'll be uh helping you on that as well

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