How to become a DevOps Engineer - DevOps Roadmap | Emerging Technologies | Remote Jobs | AWS | EC2

How to become a DevOps Engineer - DevOps Roadmap | Emerging Technologies | Remote Jobs | AWS | EC2

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jobs renewable energy sector take care developer. DevOps engineer, lead cloud engineer, data engineer. Cloud engineer. Distribution energy campaign. Project manager.

Controls see and CNI ingenuity opportunities so application PSE, IED, assurance engineer, assures credit engineer companies jobs Pakistan diploma of associate engineering they can ah time right? challenge Pakistan Big data. Okay, big data is, is a very interesting topic. advancement stream ah these are the key industries. Implementation project.

So, the point is one of the key things you have to understand is Okay, once you understand the cat area, public block chain, private block chain, big data, devvox. data science, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality. Orbital sites, satellite, I mean you name it. Key areas right? So key factor big data Data hands on ah combine they hold a lot of value.

Explain 90, 90, number 90. Ah to Allah alone belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and Allah is most capable of everything. Indeed in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alteration of the day and night. There are signs of people of reason. Ah

ah people of reason, people of reason people reasoning they are those Glory be to you. Protect us from the of the fire. Ah Our lord indeed those you commit to the fire will be completely disgraced and the wrong doers will have no helpers.

Our lord, we have heard the caller to true belief. Proclaiming, believe in your lord alone. So, we believe our lord forgive our sins, absorb us of our best deeds and allow us each to die on the various ah as on one of the virtues.

Ah Jude Mu admission I can't see North Eastern University American University campus Canada Northeastern University Chicago ah Boston main campus Chicago Northwestern the North Western top schools ah because Opportunities Ontario Toronto Toronto Toronto, Pakistani Toronto Toronto. Ah so anyway ah Echo, ah opportunities financial capital decision opportunities Europe Your rhythms are compared to Canada. Compare to Canada. Canada Kipuri population Karachi size border. Hmm. So you can imagine They can again CAD, public blockchain, devox the, the moment you land in 3 months time, you will be able to secure it. That is a difference. Yeah,

okay. Public blockchain Germany Pakistan jobs industry or you can be very very successful but my take. Ah Abdul Rahman Abuli. Assalamu alaikum sir. Thank you sir. Sir student join 2020 6 months basis. 6 months I'm Elizabeth.

are program Sir, cyber technology with advanced practice. with advanced selectives. Apprentice junior level levels blockchain or CAD job you know the block chain or DevOps Yes, Abari. That's true.

Contact number Bye. IOT project Uh technology encapsulate again ah tele all of these things. Blockchain regulatory services infrastructure system administration six figure salaries six figure that is the pathway. You can be there. Job public block chain right? Within few years, I mean director, senior director five years public private blockchain teleco industry, blockchain Infrastructure private network capability or capacity innovation NFP, network function, virtualization. They are using

5G tech, 5G technology You already know, you are sitting there, right? And if I said tele companies tele companies data center zone. My Canada business unit cyber security GRC merging technologies. Data centers Canada these data centers. Sub

connect. Tell us AT and T, ah inshallah down the line we intend to become a teleco company ourselves. Thank you ma'am. Payment processing company the point is go learn and you will be able to do it. I mean

the only thing between you and further progression and the six figure set six figures you need public blockchain private blockchain done. This is this is very simple formula. Quran word toward your problem is with us not with them. We are, we are looking

it's nothing else. This is up to you. Thank you very much 40 plus available I out of industry. To make the GSL Tahir ah sorry Ashal Bolo Assalamu alaikum. Manager cloud vertical cyber 97 Exactly. Finland pathway. India

members public opinion salary I mean roughly Oh. I mean they they range very very well. 000 euros, senior backhand developer Spanish speaking continually then a Spanish speaking countries Portuguese speaking countries be at a much much ah better position. Thank you sir. Non Muslims ah discussion easy. it's been every kind of brand like this or service solution cells then recently software where I am selling the software services of ah company ah to the government sector away. A

question technical pure technical ah I want to fetch out the opportunity of the level levels consultant I mean we just have to work hard. Making sure right. So, what was your first time back? Blockchain what is the way forward? What can advancement blockchain advancement being in Dubai, Dubai hot market? technology Blockchain together. Jolene Message Junior the automation work authorization unknown governor Sir, I had queries related to Python functioning. So, monthly solution function slide group I didn't get that doesn't matter. facility because any services that you provide for people like us that are mature student. I'm almost 38 years old. Um and I have a I have a

computer science degree already. Uh in the past. So is there any services that you provide for for example if I want to talk, if on, if, before I select anything, before I make a decision, that I can actually sit with someone on one on one, and have a discussion, about the field that I want to select. So, there is noone on one discussion or any of those things, we don't offer that.

That's not possible because the people who are training you are teaching you, I mean, you can't, you won't be able to afford them. So, so for example, if you have to sit with someone like me, he will say that he is going to charge you for 1 hour or 30 minutes. You know, like thousand. Will you be able to pay that? I don't know. I'm sorry. I I

think I wasn't able to communicate properly. Before I make a decision to join a course. Is there a way to start, okay? Again, noone is will be able to sit down with you. Okay. All the information is available on the website.

There's a lot of streaming videos that we, where we keep on emphasizing what you can study, how we should study, what other things, so on and so forth. So, we, we, we keep on doing that. Now, for me ah what I do is, like, you know, my awareness for you ah ah for the live classes teachers and they will prepare you for the interviews doctor all of those people right so they sit and they guide everything so on and so forth now coming back to your point you said you did your bachelors in computer science. What are

you doing right now presently? as I said I am a mature student. I am I mean coming back to that field this field again. Because I have developed a lot of interest. I was actually tutoring Python in in the local university here.

University of New South Wales. For one and a half year. Um so and that was my second question as well Kier. If you already

know a module let's say if you're joining a course where does a cat or any any other course? Can you skip a model like that if you already know Brighton or let's say for example some other yes you can I mean as long as you feel confident I have been teaching Python, this is my wheel house. I already know this. Yes, of course, you can skip it. Right But again Try to watch as much as possible. Blockchain development Python that means you can do web development, right? On Python, right? Like you can use Python class, Python, Selenium, Fast API, all of these things. Am I

right? Yes, yes, I have done this. Also, Note JS and JavaScript as well. So, I'm going to tell you to go and do blockchain advancement track. So, within few months within few months The only thing you need is, what is your name, Bilal? The only thing you need is whatever cause of the unemployment. So, the only thing ah when you buy the blockchain advancement track, you get to practice all the things. Just say for example, you go to com. So, this is a

website you have to go to, you type in Anafe. com. It will take you. Thank you. I really appreciate your help. Thank

you. Yeah, guys blockchain advancement track tracks advancement track, get the advancement track which, which gives you the complete course, right, with CAT, career Now, in this course, you will learn couple of things. Chords, data science, labs, etcetera, etcetera. Web development part, you can skip. Even in the cards, you can skip Python because you know Python, right? So, you can see you can go directly to ah this place ah ah development twelve ah 13 14 hours, right? You can skip that, you can say I already know web development. As I said Python class, selenium, S you go directly jump into programming and ethereum, solidarity and smart contracts, this is this. Now, when you buy

this thing, you will be able to sit down with the, you know, with this, with the trainer for, you know, for one hour a week, right? In the life the other thing that you will be able to do is indeed global you will be able to see go to Australia. Blockchain, right? Right? The Blockchain jobs jobs emerging technologies lecturing you can go there as well. I wouldn't recommend you to go there, right? Industry job. Take care.

Ag life so advancement track tracks experience chain applications, DAPS, front and back end. We did all of those things. NFT et cetera. And you also did like security of the blockchain, how to secure the blockchain architecture, the applications itself, so on and so forth. And that gives you, and when you go out and apply for the job, they will say, okay, you mention you were working at Venema Labs, what were you doing there? Can you explain up your experience? And you will say, then I was doing, you know, I did my smart contracts development, this, this, this, all of these things, right? And I also worked and when we released the private blockchain advancement track because we were about to release a private blockchain advancement track as well. You

can say I also worked on AWS, quantum ledger, Microsoft, Korum Ledger, IBM, Blockchain Ledger, Hyper Ledger. So I was working in all of these technologies and I developed applications for supply chain. For payment processing for authentication purposes. These are the applications of under.

So my COVID application development copy modification now you go to the for the interview and say yes I did all of these things. I understand all of these things. This is what you do. That is your job ready for you there. Okay. You can go into the market. This is

how students visa jobs dollar soon visa Australia. Degrees facility the I just take care of watching how long have you been watching me like how long? Just two days. Ah so where I can say then I can only send the resume for 2 days. Right? I don't doubt the abilities. What

this means is you have to build up your resume, right? So, the, the, they go, advancement track may we give you the reference letter. So, we can only give you the reference sector as long as you are studying with us. And you, and, and all the projects you're doing, they will go into your resume. That is your job experience, letter, right? When they contact them, I that is illegal to ask. Yes, come Thank you.

That's it. You can go ahead, you can study these things and you can be employed within the industry within no time. How much time can you spend? That's not an issue for me because time Yeah, that's fine. My next.

You'll, I I mean things are crazy endeavors, right? Talent Delhi. Yeah, so, my next question is, like, accessing, what is the accessibility of the labs, like, for example, if I'm sitting here, because I've, I don't know, like, in terms of how do, how can we actually, is it easy to, like, how do you actually, how do your labs work basically? Labs, private data center, AWS, Azure, IBM, or GCB host so they are spread all over the place. Okay, that's good. Yes. Okay,

so, labs, we will give you an open VPN or open VPN phase out. container Okay, that's fine. You will only get monthly access. Labs fifth month we give you the full access.

And all labs which which we are releasing we give you immediate access he already paid for it, right? Yeah, so that is, that is how we roll out the labs. Ah we are about to roll it out. Ah phase it out basically and roll out the work space containers. Browser machine VNC we all indeed should know VNC and all these things. Right? Block public blockchain, private blockchain, devox you will be, once you go into the industry I mean sorry hundred thousand see this. This is the starting salaries, devox engineers. I am

not sure yes I have failed. Okay. Public blockchain public blockchain you will go into the industry. How how long is that course together? Public blockchain six, seventy, 80 hours advancement so public blockchain consume I would like please teaching profession ah basically online Quran teaching Pakistan, India, Bangladesh graduates graduates aim as simple as that. So, the point I am saying is we have a lot of opportunities I say how the target the the point is you can easily do all of these things. So, have this firm in belief then you can do it. Then you will be able to pass it. Don't worry.

Public So, video So, direct to public blockchain start There's nothing else. to go to UK At least earn 50 to 60, 000 pounds per annum. Bit cream. That's it. Something else. Take it out. That's all you have to do. Okay. Ah

ah sir complete primer ah beta or alpha cover guys tons of traffic content ads Reverse prism light sources commercial solutions AWS Azure IBM IOT commercial platform labs Linux different distros containers absolutely project public blockchain public blockchain IOT authentication That is something. that is a huge number. Procrastination Management Almost

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