heute 19:00 Uhr v 07.03.23 Renten-Streik Frankreich, Pistorius in Litauen, Mobilfunknetze (english)

heute 19:00 Uhr v 07.03.23 Renten-Streik Frankreich, Pistorius in Litauen, Mobilfunknetze (english)

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Welcome to the nightly news with Mitri Sirin. Good evening to everyone. Christine, you will look at two sensational games in the Champion's League Sensational is right. Good evening. Here are our topics this Tuesday. Solidarity with Lithuania. Defence Minister Pistorius renews Germany's pledge of assistance.

The Baltic country, however, would like to see even more Bundeswehr presence. After poison attacks on schoolgirls in Iran, the first arrests were made. And new protests by parents and teachers started. Turned on its head. Works by Georg Baselitz meet Old Masters.

One can experience this in the Vienna Art History Museum. "Defending the Hindu Kush is also defending our own security," Defence Minister Struck said many years ago, regarding the stationing of German soldiers in Afghanistan. Today, his SPD successor Pistorius chose similar words to highlight the importance of the German-led NATO mission in Lithuania. He said Lithuania's security is also our own security.

Sitting on NATO's eastern flank, Lithuania is in a unique position. The country borders the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad on one side and Moscow's ally Belarus on the other. About 800 German soldiers are permanently stationed there, and about 600 others are now also taking part in a military exercise. The government in Vilnius, however, would like to permanently keep more there. Ines Trams reports from Lithuania. They have travelled far. The Vorpommern Armoured Infantry Brigade soldiers

are here to practice defending against a possible Russian attack. Their task is to jump to Lithuania's aid. Their aim is to show readiness, and to defend, deter and be prepared just in case. You have to know each other and practice together. You have to grow together and know each other's operational procedures.

And at the end of the day, that's the only way to make it work. His first foreign deployment trip takes Defence Minister Pistorius to the eastern flank. After the attack on Ukraine, NATO stepped up protection for Lithuania. Germany pledged a brigade.

Pistorius signals support without any "ifs and buts." Until 1990, the Federal Republic of Germany was the eastern flank. Just as NATO and its allies guaranteed our security, today Poland, the Baltic states, and other countries are now the eastern flank. This is why we are obligated to guarantee this same protection today as NATO did for us back then.

But there is friction between Vilnius and Berlin. Pistorius' counterpart is demanding that the promised brigade of up to 5,000 men and women be stationed here permanently, not just for military exercises. Pistorius is hesitant about a permanent presence. But from the Lithuanian's point of view, the NATO defence line begins right here.

Because of the geographic location of the Baltic states, he calls for a stronger allied presence in the region. This is in order to ensure reliable deterrence and frontline defence. What is appropriate and flexible military deterrence? Is it a fixed or several fixed brigades in the Baltics? Or is it better to think about a flexible unit to protect the entire eastern flank? The decision on a permanent military presence in Lithuania is postponed until the summer NATO summit here in Vilnius. Now to the war in Ukraine. Fighting in the Eastern city of Bakhmut have been going on for months. A battle of attrition has developed there.

Both the Russians and the Ukrainians have suffered heavy losses in Bakhmut. Caring for the many wounded is a Herculean task for the paramedics. A Ukrainian volunteer brigade uses a converted bus to bring victims to safety. Our reporter Henner Hebestreit takes a look. While it looks like a normal tour bus, it saves lives. Equipped with medical equipment, the bus brings the wounded fighters back to safety.

Most have injured limbs, bullet or shrapnel wounds. Often there are people with lung injuries, when the chest was struck. That's what we're very often seeing here. Danylo and other doctors and paramedics from the aid organisation Hospitaliter want to save as many lives as possible.

It is constantly a race against time, because new victims are constantly coming from the frontlines in Bakhmut. For Ukraine, abandoning the city is currently not an option. For several weeks now, north of Bakhmut, the Russians have been deploying paratroopers, armoured brigades, and artillery. 250 to 300 shells ranging from light to heavy artillery are fired at us a day. Even in life threatening circumstances, rescue crews on the battlefield pull the wounded out of the line of fire and take them to first responders. Videos from the body cameras of two German aid workers give an idea of the horror.

Later, in the medevac bus, the war is now over for him. A drone dropped a grenade on me. My knee is broken and a finger is broken. That was tonight. The volunteers from Hospitaliter took him to the hospital.

They will take the injured to safety again today. Let's look at a mysterious wave of poisonings. In recent months, up to 5,000 schoolgirls have been reportedly poisoned in Iran. A nightmare for parents. They protested again today in large numbers for safety.

Now, or rather only now, suspects have been arrested in five provinces. Jörg Brase reports. "Condemn these chemical attacks!" call teachers and parents in Karachi. Protests grow in other cities in the country as well, as anger grows at inactive authorities. In the regional hospital of Divandarreh, poisoned children were again admitted this weekend. When no one showed up for gym class, we ran into the entrance hall and it smelled funny, like perfume.

My whole body was numb. I could not walk anymore. Several thousand children, mostly schoolgirls, have apparently been poisoned with a gas since November. Only now, after more than three months, is Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei speaking out and demanding that the perpetrators be found and severely punished. This is no small matter. These are crimes against the vulnerable, against innocent children, crimes that spread fear and instability in society and affect families. Who exactly is behind the mysterious attacks is still unclear.

They appear to be chemical attacks. So far, the authorities have completely underestimated the events and have not given much interest to solving these attacks. After the Supreme Leader applied pressure, the authorities announced arrests of suspects today. Before that, however, a journalist was arrested who was reporting on the incidents and parents demonstrating for their children's safety. Various countries use the airport in Aleppo, Syria to provide aid and supplies to earthquake victims. But the airport is now closed, according to Syrian sources, because Israel allegedly attacked it.

Israel did not comment on the reports. But it regularly bombs targets in the war-torn country in order to prevent the delivery of weapons to Iran's loyal militias. In France, on the other hand, almost nothing happened today. Trains, airports, schools, and garbage collection all went on strike against the planned pension reform. The country is nearly paralysed. The largest protest action in decades drives crowds into the streets, while the Senate discusses President Macron's plans.

Anna Warsberg reports. Anger is growing. Protests are getting louder on France's streets. All age groups are demonstrating, across sectors. Around 70 percent of French people vehemently reject the pension reform.

They think it is unjust. Everyone is fed up with the inequalities between rich and poor, which will only be exacerbated by this pension reform. Discussions have been underway in the Senate for weeks. The reform aims to raise the retirement age to 64.

This is mainly to be able to reliably finance the pensions of 20 million people. In order to do this without losing even one euro of purchasing power, increasing taxes, or cutting pensions, that means we all have to work a little longer. Specifically, 43 years of work to receive the full pension. "Count us out," say the unions.

At night, the first streets already are burning barricades. Trains and metro are running only sporadically, flights are cancelled, and all oil refineries in the are country blocked. President Macron wants to stick to his reforms, despite protests, and hopes for parliament approval. On the street, many feel unheard and do not want decisions made over their heads. And now to a sensitive issue that could further strain German-Chinese relations, Chinese mobile technology, installed within the German cell phone network, may already endanger national security. At least this is the conclusion drawn by the Minister of the Interior, in a letter sent to all network operators. Now a major review will follow.

And in addition to security, there is also the question of cost. Volker Duczuk. Germany's telecommunications companies are getting some unexpected extra work. In follow-up inspection of the 5G network, the industry is taking another look at previously controlled elements from the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE. Behind this is, apparently, concern about espionage and sabotage. The Federal Ministry of the Interior only spoke officially about risks In particular, there are risks with regard to the security, confidentiality, integrity, availability and/or functionality of these critical telecommunication infrastructures.

Germany clashing with China was unthinkable for many years. Economic relations have always been the priority. Opposition politicians also want to learn from the failed German-Russian relationship.

They are calling for a change of mindset and more controls in place. Whoever controls the networks, controls 5G, has enormous influence in Germany. We must not hand over this authority to a company that is at the mercy of the influence of an authoritarian, dictatorial state. But, control costs money, probably a lot of money, and the trade sector certainly doesn't want to pay for them on its own. The network operators have purchased and installed technologies that are fully compliant and have been security-checked to the letter of the law. If politicians now, with the benefit of hindsight, come to different conclusions that make the companies revise their earlier decision, then they will also have to bear the costs.

And it will likely get even more expensive. This is because the German government also wants to examine 4G technology for safety risks. Women still earn less money than men. Today is a reminder of this on Equal Pay Day. It marks symbolically the day of the year until which women work for free, whereas men are paid each day from January 1. This is because, in percentage terms, women earn 18 percent less.

Partly because they are more likely to work part-time and in traditionally female jobs that pay less, but that still leaves around a seven percent disadvantage. David Metzmacher. Cutting hair, raising children, caring for the elderly. Women are more likely than men to work in low-income industries.

In addition, significantly more women are employed part-time than men. For experienced executive Simone Menne, this is an often overlooked danger. When women work part-time all their lives they can fall into this "part-time trap."

They are supposedly financially okay after a divorce, because they both get the same amount. But woman end up with much lower pensions. But the wage gap exists not only between but also within professional groups. An example: female doctors earn on average 30 percent less than male doctors. Can women not negotiate well? The Max Planck Institute in Bonn found in experiments that women often shy away from competitive and risky situations. In our business world, seldom ideal conditions fall from the sky.

One must throw their hat into the ring, and compete against others, applying despite uncertain outcomes. The researchers at the Max Planck Institute also found that quotas motivate women to compete, and, in particular, high-performing women. That means dismissing blather at the pub about under-qualified quota women.

By the way, women are ahead of men in terms of educational qualifications. When it comes to income, women still have some catching up to do. You can see the whole documentary of our colleagues tonight in 3sat at 22.26. You can now find the video in the ZDF-"heute" app, with additional information about Equal Pay Day.

You may have noticed, if you watched DAX on TV today, that some of our "heute" and magazine shows were cancelled. The reason was a warning strike. ZDF and the unions are negotiating a new collective agreement. For the first time, two climate activists from the group Last Generation were sentenced to prison terms without parole. The men will be jailed for two and three months, respectively.

They glued themselves to a street in Heilbronn, together with other protestors, at the beginning of February. The two previously took part in similar actions, and declared in court that they want to continue. This brought about the unusually harsh sentence, which may still be appealed. Georg Baselitz is one of the most successful German artists of our time. Collectors pay millions for his paintings.

Provocation is a key part of the art business, after all. But the way Baselitz operates has hung on, in the truest sense of the word. A lot of sex and a lot turned on its head. The Vienna Art History Museum exhibits his work starting today. Co-designed by the artist, the exhibition is conceived to see his nude works juxtaposed with those from the Old Masters.

Britta Hilpert. Art historically speaking, nudity is nothing new. The combination is what's new. And it's also new for Baselitz himself. I am always dubious. But when I see this, somehow something must have been done right.

The Baselitz "Naked Masters" exhibition brings a new perspective to the old. What would these Old Masters say, if they could see such fresh blood come into these halls today? Yes, how would they get along? They would have a magnificent party. Five salons with masters like Cranach, Memling... and almost five decades of Baselitz.

The Art History Museum has never had so much modernism. Baselitz' painting is liberated and weightless For D'Arpino, it is interpreted as an angelic fall. Between heaven and earth is the human. Where is Baselitz? He is in Olympus and he is admitted to the rank of the Old.

But "Old Master." I do not even know if he would want that, to be called an Old Master, he just doesn't fit in with dumb "fitness." Groundedness and humour. He determined these belonged together. Whether these works also belong together, every visitor may decide for themselves. Soccer fans may also be standing on their heads, because there were two firecracker games in the Football Champion's League. -Or top, that is the motto.

Borussia Dortmund is the first of Germany's four teams to have a chance to advance the quarterfinals. Tonight, at an away game at Chelsea FC, a 1:0 win from the first game and a great start. BVB Dortmund is brimming with self-confidence, as the only team in Europe's top leagues to have won all of its 2023 competitive matches. It's also won recent close games. Case in point being their win against Leipzig last Friday. But coach Edin Terzic advised caution ahead of their second Champion's League game against Chelsea, in tenth place in the Premiere League. We have seen the potential this team has.

I also don't think the standings correspond what they're currently achieving. In recent weeks, they really haven't scored the goals they deserved. Dortmund's formidable goalkeeper Gregor Kobel may not be able to play due to muscular problems. Karim Adeyemi, scorer in the 1:0 first match, on the other hand, is definitely out. The starting line-up for the black and yellow is good, but not comfortable.

Yes, Bayern is looking for a win tomorrow night against PSG as a perfect answer to the current criticism. After all, the 1:0 first match success is already in the bank. Fans in the back and all players are looking fit.

The starting position for Bayern is ideal. Paris, without the injured Neymar, but with Messi and for everyone MVP. He is simply one of the best strikers in the world with incredible equipment, and he'll start again tomorrow. We can also adjust from the beginning. You won't always be able to defend everything, because he simply has extraordinary skills To stop him, will Josip Stanišić come in as a replacement for the suspended Pavard? And Nagelsmann? He's already dreaming of more penalty shootouts.

The triumph in the top class was his biggest wish. But first, they have to fight back PSG. During the queen stage of the Ocean Race, Boris Herrmann and his crew fought their way up to third place.

The major problems on the yacht Malizia could be fixed and they could finally sail again at one hundred percent. However, the weather situation in the Southern Ocean remains very tricky. I feel a little bit queasy and seasick when I look at it. It's also not for me.

But weather is a good keyword. Thanks, Christine. Five to 20 centimetres of new snow possible tonight. Where exactly? Find out now from Katja Horneffer.

At 10 PM, you can see "heute journal" with Christian Sievers. Thank you for watching and have a relaxing evening. Good evening.

The stormfront Cornelis moved from the North Sea to southern Sweden today. It comes from extremely cold air from the north and milder air in the south. This band of clouds marks not only a cold front, but an atmospheric mixture line, and on this line a lot of snow will fall tonight. Five to ten in the Eifel, or even 20 centimetres of fresh snow. This snow will obstruct traffic.

There will also be isolated snow showers in Schleswig-Holstein. Temperatures will drop to 3 to -4 degrees tonight. Tomorrow will be 3 to 5 degrees in the North. In the south, however, it will be very mild, with temperatures up to 9 to 13 degrees. In the middle, however, from Saxony through Thuringia, and Hesse to North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, the highs will only reach around zero to three degrees.

This is exactly the range that we have to be prepared, especially in the morning, to look out for further snowfall and slipperiness. During the day, the snow line will increase, heavy rain will fall in the south, and the north will see more sun. There, it will be quite pleasant with some snow showers.

Thursday will be calmer, but Friday and Saturday call for heavy downpours in the west and south. And, in addition, it will also be windier again. Good evening.

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