Here Are The Predictions Of Nikola Tesla That Are Becoming Real

Here Are The Predictions Of Nikola Tesla That Are Becoming Real

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Nikola Tesla was right about everything. “Wireless transmission, AC current, magnetism, radio-waves and what not? Nikola Tesla was truly a visionary with supernatural abilities. His predictions are the talk of the town, and once you read them, you can't help but admire his acumen.” It’s a tale full of passion, persistence, and hard work! It was 1884! Nikola Tesla, a young Serbian engineer, arrived in New York with only four cents to his name after falling victim to theft en-route. He soon found work as an engineer at Edison Machine Works, where Thomas Edison highly regarded him. Although they initially held each other in high regard, their relationship soon turned sour, causing Tesla to push back against Edison's ideas and eventually make way for his groundbreaking advancements in the field of electricity.

In the late 1800s, the world was shrouded in darkness after sunset until Thomas Edison created the first practical incandescent lightbulb. Edison knew he needed a system to carry electricity for people to use his creation, so he built his first power plant in New York in 1882. However, his Direct Current electrical system, DC, had many weaknesses, and his DC generators kept failing. Desperate for a solution, Edison hired Nikola Tesla, a brilliant mind who saw the weaknesses of Edison's DC system. Tesla knew he had to come up with a better solution, so he introduced alternating current or AC. AC could travel hundreds of miles without losing power, but when Tesla tried to convince Edison of the benefits of AC, his boss refused to listen.

Edison didn't want to lose the royalties he earned from his DC patents. Tesla claimed that Edison promised him $50,000 if he could improve his DC generators. When he did, Edison refused to pay up, saying "Tesla, you don't understand our American humor."

So, Tesla quit after just a few months on the job. Undeterred, Tesla set out on his own, hoping to find investors interested in his concept for an AC motor he had patented. But it wasn't easy.

Alternating Current was a new technology unlike anything anyone had seen before, and Tesla even briefly had to resort to digging ditches just to survive. But there was one person who saw the potential in Tesla's ideas: entrepreneur George Westinghouse. He believed AC was “THE” missing link in long-distance power transmission and purchased Tesla's AC patents for $60,000. Westinghouse offered Tesla stock and royalties of $2.50 for each horsepower of electricity sold - a deal worth millions today.

Edison was not happy with Westinghouse's success. He did everything he could to discredit Tesla's AC system, hoping that DC would remain the preferred choice to power homes. In the late 19th century, J.P. Morgan, the most powerful banker in America, became an ally of Thomas Edison, leading to the birth of General Electric. However, their success was not without competition from Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse in what is known as the War of the Currents.

Edison launched a propaganda campaign to convince the public that alternating current, favored by Tesla and Westinghouse, was dangerous, operating at much higher voltages than Edison's favored Direct Current. To further his anti-AC campaign, Edison paid Harold Brown, an electricity salesman, to use his rival's AC generators to build the electric chair for the state of New York. Brown also electrocuted dogs with AC at Edison's laboratory, which Edison recalled in published articles.

The electrocution of Topsy, a circus elephant, was also filmed by Edison's company. Thomas Edison's campaign against alternating Current was sparked by a series of accidental deaths caused by high-voltage AC in the late 1880s. Edison warned of the dangers of AC, but it is unclear whether his crusade was motivated by a genuine concern for safety.

One tragic incident resulted in laws mandating the underground placement of AC lines in New York City. Finally, the war between AC and DC currents ended with a decisive victory for AC, as it became the dominant form of electrical power transmission and distribution around the world. The battle between these two types of currents lasted for decades, and their differences were fiercely debated by scientists, engineers, and even the general public. However, it wasn’t the end of Tesla’s engineering contributions.

In fact, he had just begun! In the late 19th century, Tesla was experimenting with high-frequency electrical currents, which he believed had the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate. In a series of lectures and papers, Tesla outlined his vision for wireless communication and described the technologies that would make it possible. In 1893, Tesla gave a lecture at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, in which he predicted that it would one day be possible to transmit signals over long distances without wires. He suggested that a system of high-frequency currents could be used to send messages through the air, much like telegraph signals were sent through wires.

He was right! Wireless is the way we communicate today! Imagine if we didn’t have Tesla’s ideas, we would have been carrying phones with chords. That sounds disturbing even if we just imagine! Tesla's vision for wireless communication was based on the concept of electromagnetic waves, which had been discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the mid-19th century. Tesla believed that these waves could be harnessed to transmit signals over long distances, and he set about developing the technologies that would make this possible. In 1897, Tesla applied for a patent for a "system of electrical transmission of power," which described a method for transmitting electrical energy over long distances without wires. The system used a transmitter to create high-frequency electrical currents, which were then transmitted through the air to a receiver. The receiver could then convert these electrical currents back into useful energy, such as light or heat.

Although Tesla's patent application was not successful, his work on wireless communication continued. In 1900, he demonstrated a wireless communication system in which he transmitted a signal from one end of his laboratory to the other, without the use of wires. He later demonstrated a similar system to the US military, which was interested in using wireless communication for military purposes.

Tesla's work on wireless communication continued throughout the early 20th century, and he continued to refine his ideas and develop new technologies. In 1917, he patented a system for controlling remote objects using radio waves, which is an early precursor to modern remote-control technology. Tesla's work on wireless communication was not without controversy.

Some scientists and engineers doubted the feasibility of his ideas, and there were concerns about the potential risks of transmitting high-frequency electrical currents through the air. Despite these challenges, Tesla's predictions about wireless communication have proven to be remarkably prescient and he took the biggest undertaking for making wireless communication a reality! The idea for the Wardenclyffe Tower began in the early 20th century, when Tesla became interested in developing a wireless communication system that would allow messages to be transmitted over long distances without the use of wires. Tesla believed that such a system would have far-reaching implications for science, industry, and society.

In 1901, Tesla purchased a piece of land in Shoreham, New York, on which he would build the Wardenclyffe Tower. The tower was designed to be a massive, 187-foot-tall structure that would serve as the centerpiece of Tesla's wireless communication system. The tower was to be topped by a large copper dome, which would serve as the antenna for the wireless signals. However, the project faced numerous setbacks almost from the beginning.

One of the biggest challenges was funding. Tesla was unable to secure the necessary funding to complete the project, and he was forced to rely on the support of wealthy investors, such as J.P. Morgan, who eventually withdrew their support.

Tesla also faced technical challenges in the construction of the tower. The tower required a massive amount of electrical power, and Tesla was forced to design and build his own power plant to provide the necessary electricity. The project was also hampered by technical problems with the tower's design, which made it difficult to achieve the necessary level of efficiency. Tesla's financial situation grew increasingly dire. He was unable to secure the necessary funding to complete the project, and he was forced to sell off much of his personal property to pay his debts.

In the end, the Wardenclyffe Tower was never completed. Tesla was forced to abandon the project in 1915, and the tower was eventually dismantled and sold for scrap. The project was a total failure, and Tesla was left destitute and forgotten by many in the scientific community.

What people fail to realize is that this undertaking of Tesla, his desperation for making things happen, and all the setbacks he faced as an individual shaped up the wireless future we live in today! Most of Tesla’s work is belittled a looked down upon but when you dig into the core of most of the technology we have today, we can sense Tesla’s involvement! Not only was Tesla a brilliant inventor, but also, he was brilliant at manifestation. He had a brilliant mind that would give birth to brilliant ideas. We are just about to tell you some of his shocking beliefs and things that would make you feel like he was a super-human.

From our date of births to phone numbers, to our addressed and our engagements we are all surrounded by numbers. But have you ever thought that these numbers may have any significance? We don’t even bother about the numbers! However, one of Tesla’s most ridiculous sounding beliefs was about numbers. He believed that some numbers hold key significance in shaping both human life and the universe. He claimed that, “If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” Tesla had a fascination with the numbers 3, 6, and 9, and he believed that they held a special significance and were related to the fundamental nature of the universe. One reason why Tesla was drawn to these numbers was because he believed that they represented the three fundamental dimensions of space: length, width, and depth.

He also believed that these numbers were connected to the concept of vibration, as he believed that all matter in the universe vibrates at certain frequencies, and that the frequencies associated with the numbers 3, 6, and 9 were particularly important. In addition to his belief in the fundamental significance of these numbers, Tesla also believed that they had mystical and spiritual properties. He claimed that he could "see" these numbers in his mind's eye and that they would often appear to him in strange and meaningful ways, such as by appearing in the shapes of objects or as patterns in nature.

Tesla’s theory can be grasped the following way, Imagine a clock with a nine at the top rather than a twelve. Life must adhere to a predetermined, divine process or a universal design because of the laws of the universe. Every digital root is one, two, four, five, seven, or eight if we compute the digital roots of all doubled numbers from 1 to infinity. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 never appear. One, two, four, and eight have doubled on this clock of nine.

But eight multiplied by two equals 16, which adds up to seven. Seven multiplied by two results in 14, whose sum is five. When you multiply five by two, you get ten. When you add those two numbers together, you get one. The design traced out by doubling and calculating digital roots produces an infinity-like symbol.

Three, six, and nine are not used because they represent a higher plane of existence than the one, we currently occupy. You must be wondering what real-life implication this complex mathematics would have on your life? If you feel lost, here is how these numbers may have real-life implication on your life? We can materialize our spiritual objectives on this terrestrial plane by using the numbers 3, 6, and 9, which act as strong portals to higher planes. This is dubbed as the Laws of Attraction by experts.

Making the distinction that mathematics was discovered, not created, is crucial. For anything from keeping track of bills to launching satellites beyond our solar system, mathematicians and physicists have decoded this global language throughout history. According to Tesla, a key to the universe, the number 369 can access higher worlds and control the laws of attraction. Doing everything in threes enabled Tesla to enjoy unexpected longevity, make discoveries, and create inventions. He did not intend to manifest wealth and fame — he only wanted to decode the secrets of the universe. As it did with Nikola Tesla, the number 369 can assist us in affirming our objectives, drawing in the resources we need to achieve them, and manifesting the results we desire most.

You must be precise in what you affirm to correctly employ the Laws of Attraction. Anyone can accomplish it. However, proficient lightworkers are more likely to succeed at first. First, make three clear goals.

Then, for each objective, make them into mantras or repeated affirmations that you repeat six times. Speak these mantras firmly, as if they have occurred and are a part of your present reality. Each mantra should be recited for nine seconds. Consider making one of your three clear objectives: "I want to grow my spiritual potential to enhance my consciousness and spread light across mankind." You can attract forces from the universe that will help you practically attain your goal by repeating this mantra six times. The only thing left to do is answer the phone.

Make sure to use this cosmic key for the benefit of all people. Selfless, giving mantras provide the finest 369 manifestation results, as opposed to ones motivated by personal gain. Negative or vague mantras are a terrible way to employ the number 369 as a divine key to the cosmos, and they rarely bring about successful manifestation. Overall, Tesla's belief in the special significance of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 was a central aspect of his worldview and his ideas about the nature of the universe. While these beliefs may seem strange or even superstitious to some, they played a significant role in his work and his thinking about the fundamental nature of reality. For all those who believe it was mere superstition than well, this placebo turned out to work well for him! Tesla also claimed to have discovered the impetus of the universe’s creation.

He believed that by harnessing and manipulating the electrical forces at play in the world around us, we could unlock the secrets of the cosmos and gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in. His theories are backed by both religious factors, neuropsychology, and science. According to Tesla, this frequency, or "resonance", holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Essentially, Tesla believed that by studying the vibrations of matter, we could gain insight into the fundamental nature of the universe and understand the forces that shape it.

He believed that everything from atoms to galaxies vibrated at a specific frequency which he dubbed as resonance frequency, and that by studying these vibrations, we could unlock the secrets of the cosmos. To this end, Tesla devoted much of his career to researching and developing technologies that would allow us to study these vibrations. In many ancient cultures, the sound was believed to be the fundamental building block of the universe.

From the ancient Egyptians and their belief in the power of the word to the Hindu concept of "Nada Brahma" or "the world is sound," the idea that sound was the source of creation was a common theme. In Hinduism, the universe was thought to have been created through the vibrational energy of sound. The Hindu god Brahma was said to have created the universe through the power of his divine word, or "Om." This sacred syllable was believed to embody all the universe's vibrations and was seen as a way to connect with the divine.

The ancient Egyptians also believed in the power of sound and the word. They thought that the sound of the gods' names held great power and that speaking to them correctly could bring about significant change. The Egyptian god Thoth was often depicted as the scribe of the gods, writing down their words and recording their deeds. In this way, the written word was seen as a way to harness the power of sound and bring about transformation. In ancient Greek philosophy, the concept of the "Music of the Spheres" held that the orbits of the planets and stars were governed by musical harmonies.

This idea was later adopted by the Pythagoreans, who believed that the universe was composed of numerical and musical ratios. Muslims also believe that the world was created when God ordered its creation by saying the word "Kun."In Native American culture, the concept of the "word" was also seen as a powerful force. For example, the Lakota tribe believed that the universe was created through the power of the "word" and that the word held the power to heal and bring about change. So far, we have been made to believe that Big Bang was the cause of the creation of the universe.

However, by creating a conjoining link between Tesla's theory and cultural beliefs, the Big Bang was not the cause; it was just an effect of a sound produced by some entity, and the creation of the universe was its sub-effect. Big Bang also made an astronomical sound, so it’s safe to say sound can change into a physical entity. Nikola also believed that the Earth itself was a giant resonator, and that certain frequencies of sound and vibration could cause the Earth to vibrate in specific ways. He believed that this could potentially cause the Earth's surface to shift and change, resulting in the formation of mountains and valleys over time.

One of Tesla's more unusual beliefs was that great hurricanes and other meteorological phenomena were caused by vibrations in the Earth's atmosphere. He believed these vibrations were caused by the movement of celestial bodies, such as the planets and the sun, and that they could be harnessed and controlled to produce various effects, including manipulating weather patterns. To test this theory, Tesla conducted several experiments in which he attempted to generate and control these vibrations using various electrical devices. As we established earlier, that Tesla was a man with a firm belief in manifestation, he also had a daily ritual, that may sound absurd to many but now it does have some scientific backing. Before we shower light on that ritual, don’t you think that what Tesla believed centuries back getting backed up by science now is fascinating in itself? Tesla claimed that his ideas did not originate from his conscious mind but from the Universe itself. He claimed, "My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.

I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists." That obviously doesn’t make any sense. But when we dig deeper, we do find a missing link. At precisely 7:42 pm every day, Tesla would stand in front of a window in his laboratory, facing towards the sky.

He would then perform deep breathing exercises, clearing his mind and focusing his thoughts. This ritual would continue for several minutes until he felt a sense of calm and clarity. Tesla believed that by performing this ritual, he could tap into what he called the "cosmic energy" of the universe. He thought that this energy was constantly flowing around us and that by focusing on it at a specific time every day, he could tap into it and channel it into his work. In his own words, Tesla said, "At that hour, the stars were aligned in a certain way, and I felt a particular sense of harmony and energy that I could harness for my work. It was like a secret code that only I knew, and it gave me a sense of power and connection to the universe."

He added, "To me, 19:42 was a sacred time. It was a time when I could connect with the universe and feel its creative energy flowing through me. It was a time of pure inspiration and clarity, and it allowed me to channel that energy into my work." It could be the power of placebo, but it did make Tesla’s life more meaningful.

According to experts, The collective unconscious is a shared reservoir of archetypes and experiences that all humans possess and can tap into. This idea suggests that there are universal patterns of behavior and thought that transcend individual experience and are accessible to all. Tesla's belief in a higher power also aligns with the concept of transcendence, which is the experience of going beyond one's ordinary limits and experiencing a greater sense of connection and meaning. Transcendence has been linked to increased well-being and positive mental health outcomes. Furthermore, Tesla's belief in extraterrestrial communication may be an example of how humans often turn to supernatural or spiritual explanations to make sense of things they cannot fully understand. This is known as "magical thinking" and is a common phenomenon in children and adults.

Tesla also made incredible predictions about the days to come, and when you ponder into them, you will be shaken to your core. Like who would have imagined about women empowerment back in the 19th century. He predicted of times when women would have more rights and privileges. Tesla was a strong advocate for women empowerment and believed that women had the potential to make significant contributions to society. He was one of the few scientists of his time who actively worked to promote women's education and employment opportunities. He believed that women had a natural talent for scientific and technical fields, and that society would benefit greatly from their involvement.

Tesla was also fascinated by the potential of AI and the role it could play in shaping our future. He believed that machines could be designed to think and learn like humans, and that they could be used to enhance human capabilities in countless ways. He envisioned a world in which machines and humans worked together seamlessly to solve complex problems and achieve great things. He also went on to predict the development of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. In a 1931 article for the New York Times, he wrote, "we can harness the energy of the sun, directly and use it to power our homes and businesses."

This prediction has become a reality, as solar and wind power are now widely used as sources of clean, renewable energy. In that isn’t shocking enough, Tesla also envisioned the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones. In a 1915 article for Popular Mechanics, he described a "teleautomaton," a flying machine that could be controlled remotely and used for military purposes. Today, drones are used for a variety of purposes, including aerial photography, surveying, and delivery services.

Tesla was always right in his approaches. Until his theories start to get massacred by scientific evidence we have no reason to stop believing what the father of electricity said. Click on thumbnails popping up if you want to learn more about the father of electricity! By subscribing to the channel you will get more insights on Tesla’s incredible inventions and his ideals that can change the way we live! We will catch you in the next one, Goodbye!

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