HELLO WATCH 3 Amoled APPLE Watch ULTRA Clone - is it the Best?

HELLO WATCH 3 Amoled APPLE Watch ULTRA Clone - is it the Best?

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Good morning.I have finally get my hands on the new Hello Watch 3. So before start, I would like to say that this video is not going to be too short because I would like to tell you all my experiences that I have with this watch.Because this watch has been expected by lots of people.So let's start. Hello.The seller name is Kiwitime. On the backside, we see.Hello watch. That is all.

And let's open the box.Come on.At first, opening the box is a little bit hard.Okay.As always, we have a tiny user manual and a note that says upgrade the latest software through the app for the first time. Yes.As I turned off the watch first time in the first 2 hours, I get two upgrades.Because

this watch is actually still an unfinished or unfinished product.There are some glitches which I'm going to show you.And I don't know why they have sent me two watch bands.Because I have ordered a watch with one watch band.I think I am one of the first order placers.Maybe that's why they made some favor for that.An Alpine Orange alpine loop orange watchband and a Starlight ocean watch band.Thank you for that.And also I didn't know that the box included a silicone protective case for the watch.And also there's another gift, a tampered

glass, which is a protective film for the watch.So thank you also for this one and the wireless charging with USB-A. And it took about 2 hours for the full charge.Of course, the watch itself, let me just close it.We are going to use this.Remove the film.There are three films that you need to remove.First one, the second one, don't forget to remove

this one because you are going to need this to be removed for the sensors to work properly.Actually, I am still not sure because I didn't test only that one.I would like to test it with you.I didn't test the heart sensor.So we are going to test this first time in this video to test the heart rate sensors and the blood oxygen sensor, simply the health sensors.We are going to use this oximeter, which is a medical device that can measure your heart rate and the blood oxygen level.I am just placing my finger on the sensor and open the heart rate measurement.Now I need to stay still.I am going to read the data for you.They start measuring at the moment.Medical

device shows 81 beats per minute.And this is crazy.83 82.This is the first time that I saw 81 82.And hello watch gives similar data like the medical device.Let's keep waiting and I would like to set them again.Okay.I'm not sure if you can see it.The watch shows still 82 and medical device shows 82.Awesome.I am not sure if this is by luck or not, I would like to start this test again.Okay, stop, start and start again.Let's see.I would be really happy if it really works.Okay, medical device shows 86 85 87

Look at this 83 83 81 81 80. Start measuring again. Actually, yes.I can confirm that the heart rate sensor of the hello watches are working properly for the first time. I have tested all hello watches.And this is the first hello watch that measures that gives same data with a medical device. Nice work. So finally we found something nice about this watch.Good.Now it is time to measure the blood oxygen level. Okay, place my finger on I hope this one also works.And blood oxygen measurement started.10 seconds.9 seconds, 4321.As you can see, watch shows 97%and the

medical device shows 94%. It's similar. But of course I am counting on the medical device.And I don't know why my blood oxygen level is too low. Oh, now it's 97 Okay.Actually it's even measured my blood oxygen level faster than the medical device. Nice.So I can confirm that the health sensors of Hello Watch 3 for heart rate measurement

and the blood oxygen level measurement are properly working and giving the same data with a medical device.Now it's 99.Actually, I am really happy about this. Nice.And the third film.Okay, let's check it.Microphone holes are drilled properly.Also on this side speaker and microphone or sensor holes drilled properly.We have an AMOLED screen. We are going to test it if it's really AMOLED or not.And at the backside we have the watchband

locks.Real secrews. Smartwatch ultra 49 millimeter metallic plastic ceramic case, x class GPS, LTE.Of course, this GPS and LTE and water resistance 50 meters informations are not true.The watch doesn't have an onboard GPS.It is using the GPS of your phone LTE.There is no SIM or eSIM feature.And this watch is not water resistance for 5 ATM or 50 meters.It is, they are claiming it is IP68 waterproof.But in fact, this is IP67 waterproof which you can only use this while washing your hands.And you need to be careful that no soap would

go inside the watch. Because also if some soap goes inside the watch, it is going to get broken.So you cannot swim with this watch, you cannot submerge it to water.And you cannot have a shower with this watch, especially with hot water because there's a little waterproofing material in the watch and the hot water makes it disappear.Okay, let's measure the watch.If it's really 49 millimeter on reset to zero and see how many millimeters it is.49.36 mm or 35 millimeter. Yes.So there should be no problem for the original Apple Watch ultra protective cases

to fit this, which we are going to test it now.And the width is 44 point.Yes.Sorry, because I have pressed the crown 44.23 mm.Yes.And the thickness I should be careful because at moment the screen is not being protected.14.5 millimeter.Okay, now let's try but first put

one of our let's just put this one watch bands on.Okay, let's see if the protective case which is being sold for the origin apple watchUltra fits the Hello Watch 3. Okay, let's see.Yes, it fits perfectly.And have cracked it while trying to another watch which doesn't fit it.But for this one yes, it fits perfectly.Let me show you with non broken one so you can

be sure that it fits to the protective cases.As you can see, it's not broken. Everything fits properly and we don't even see any part of the watch frame.That's nice.So protective case fits and I didn't test it also, I am really curious if the protective case they have sent fits for this.Watch because some times they don't fit. But now I need to remove this one. As I mentioned, this video is not going to be a short video.This is going to be a long video.So if you would like to buy this watch.I suggest you to watch this

video at the end. Yes.You see, it is really hard fitting this case into this.Come on to this.Yes, it fits perfectly.It takes some time, but it fits awesome.Okay, but I would like to remove it and put on the Watch Bands.It is better to review this way.Watch bands on.Now we are going to turn the watch on and see all features.And Glitches to turn it on.We need to press and hold here.Turning on by saying hello.Yes, we have an AMOLEDr screen.We are going to test

it because I'm not sure if it has the same quality.With the AMOLED screen of HK8 Pro Max. I am going to test it and compare with the HK8 Pro Max's AMOLED screen. We will see that also. Now, Hello Watch 3 HK8 Pro Max.

So let's close their screens.Okay.As you can see HK8 Pro Max and hello watch 3, but in 5 seconds HK8 Pro Max's analog watch disappears, look carefully, definitely we have a better AMOLED screen on HK8 Pro Max but I can confirm that also the screen of hello watch 3 is also AMOLED. Even it's not one of the best ones. And if we choose this one? Yeah, you can see it clearly. Let me see if there's any black.Okay. This one. See? Amoled display of HK8 Pro Max and Amoled display display of hello watch 3 both AMOLED but amoled display on HK8 Pro Max is better okay, so when you turn the crown the watch face should change but as i locked the watch face it doesn't change.

Now, see, it is different from upside to downside or downside to upside.This is changed.And if you click on the watch face, each time you click, it changes.Which is nice as we can see. Yes.You need to be very careful to see the black bezels but with an Amoled screen with

a nice AMOLED screen, we shouldn't see that.But when you look this way, it's okay.So let's check the other watchfaces As you can see, all of them are changing. See? Even this one, different colors. And also we have a do it yourself watch-face feature and the main screen. So this watch can carry six Pre-installed watch-faces and you can change five of them at once. But unfortunately, as you know, the Hello Watches and QiFit app is known with its hundreds of watch faces. At the moment,

these are the only watch-faces you can use because there is no watch face available on the application.I don't know how they made this mistake, how they released this product before setting those features.There is no watch face available at the moment.You have to use these ones. I am sure they are going to release or fix this issue. But why you have released the watch that everyone expecting without new watch faces? These are the only watch faces you can use. And as you can see on the other models like Hello Watch 2, H11 Ultra upgrade or H11 Ultra plus this compass icon was working. Now it's not working, it's not functional and also we do not see any information here and it's not functional.The music feature is the icon working and you know, this watch

has 4GB of music storage and you can connect your bluetooth earphones which I'm going to explain it later. Also this icon is functional but these two are not functional and the watch faces are not available. Even, you don't have even one watch-face available in the Qifit app.They have to fix it as soon as possible, immediately. And we have the compass here also. Yes, two kind of compass. It's now standard like every Apple watch ultra clones working this way. Okay.And this is the one that I really like, the black one.Okay, let's come on, let's lock

the watch face.When you lock the watch face it doesn't change but you can change how it looks by clicking it and swiping right.They still didn't fix this.You just see a ring and you don't see the details heart rate and as you can see the watch language is in English but still we have still we are seeing some Chinese words. Actually there are lots of glitches

like this one, call record, telephone and as you know hello watches are capable to save up to 500 contacts. So I don't think that you are going to have any problem just like in the HK8 Pro Max because in HK8 Pro Max you can only save 8 people and at the moment it is not connected to my phone. But it doesn't matter if it's connected or not.If you slide the split screen when the phone is connected to app and the phone still you cannot see anything on the weather forecast.This is another glitch but when you click it and open this page and if the watch connects to the phone you can see it here but not there.And another page let's see if there's another page.I would like to see it.Come on.Yes, sleep tracking, music feature and you can also add

an other application from here which let's add this one because we are going to test it later. Blood oxygen SPO2. Okay.And you can add more. Nice.Okay.And if you slide down messages and you'll see a red dot here.When you get the messages, like just like the original one, and slide upward, we have the menu.What I like about hello watches. If you turn this on, to return this off, it automatically cuts

the phone call connection. Your watch still keep connecting to your phone, but not for the phones. But if you just turn it on, it directly connects to your phone.Also to getting phone calls or to make phone calls.And as you can see, it's 70% today at 07:00 P.m..I have started using this watch with 100% of charge.And when I came to home at about 12:30 after midnight so let's say 00:30 A.m., it was 75%, which means I was using the always

on display feature.And the brightness was on the almost top level. No, medium.This is the top level, but when you use it on the full brightness, the phone cannot record it properly. So I just make it 75%, which means you can use this if you use all features bluetooth connection, phone call connection, high brightness and always on display. This watches' 450 battery will last approximately a day. But if you lower the brightness and if you don't use the always on watch face, I mean the analog or digital pointer, you can make it like one and a half day. So do not expect the watch to last two or three days with all features. If you use

all features and if you use it like me, I have made two upgrades and always playing with it to see how it works. If there's anything that doesn't work to tell you, one day. actually it's still nice because if you don't play with it too much, then maybe you can do it like one and a half day.Menu Styles, we have 2 menu styles, as we all know. The list and the grid menu style. Let me show you here the grid menu style and as you can see, which is actually disappointing, I really wish they have used a faster processor for a watch like this because with an AMOLED screen HK8 Pro Max is an AMOLED screen and it has the fastest chip on the market. I really would love to see that chip on this watch.This would be

the king of the market. But at the moment I am still thinking if this one or the HK8 Pro Max is the best one. Especially when you think there is no watch faces available. Anyway, I am going to make another comparison video for both watches like HK8 Pro Max versus Hello Watch 3. But later let's keep reviewing. Anything else? Yes, we have the flashlight feature, which is nice. Find my phone. When you click this, the phone start ringing. Raise to wake feature. Like this voice recording. Yes,

that's working. And I was also happy to see that we will be able to see our photos through the watch. But look at this. See, nothing happens. And I tried lots of things and find this icon in the different menus from Settings, I think. But I couldn't make it work. So this is also a

disappointment. This should be fixed. It doesn't work. Mute function. Let's try to click edit.And these are the all features that we have.And we can just remove this. Remove any of these by clicking them. So let's go to settings. As you can see, the settings are actually looking very similar to the original Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch 8.

Also to HK8 Pro Max. Let's see.This is the Apple Watch 8. Come on. Just a second.

I would like to show you that. Settings. Where are my settings? Okay, sorry.Settings.Look at the menu, the original one. And look at this one. Similar, right now this is more similar than ever. Okay, personal information. I didn't know why these numbers are here because my height is 181 CM.My weight is 90.Body mass index.I don't know what my body mass index and these are not my information.Another glitch notification.

Yes. General system factory time.Also this is wrong.See, this is an unfinished product.Nice product.But this watch needs lots of updates.Languages, english, italian, spanish, portugal, portuguese, rusky, turkish, chinese or korean. Maybe Romanesque. Maybe this is Polish, right? tiang Viet.Yes, there are lots of languages.But I'm not sure why they didn't put German. Because

also people from Germany likes these clone watches. They should add it and is there French? Also they need to put in French. QR code for the Qifit. But it automatically finds you don't need that actually. Bedside clock mode.I t turn on, which means when you are charging, it gives a green screen. Factory reset, restart, shutdown.

Okay. And do not disturb mode on or off display brightness. Display and brightness. Unfortunately, you can also just second. You can also turn on and turn off the Raise to Wake feature. Screen off clock means the pointer or the number one. Let me show you. Now it's pointer.S o if we go to main screen and it has a Palm Gesture mode. Come on. And now it doesn't work. See? another glitch. Now

it worked.And the pointer is here.But come on. Another glitch.See, we found another glitch. Now it's there, but not visible enough.At the moment I am not sure why it was working. Now it doesn't. Another glitch, manufacturer of the hello watch, please fix this. Let's go to Settings again.To go to Settings here, display

and brightness.Screen off clock number. Let's choose some number. And again, see? 00:14. But I don't know why. Maybe because of my, see? there are powerful lights, eight lights, and each of them are 6500 kelvin. Maybe that's why, if it has a sensor that it can arrange itself depends on the brightness of the environment. But it's not good. Okay, and let's go to Settings again.It's already

24 minutes. Come on.It's going to be too long. Okay.Brightness.Another disappointment.The maximum brightness time.The watch face time is 60 seconds. As you know, hello watches are also known with their always on watch face feature, just like the original one. Come on, come on.Like this. But now the maximum brightness

time always on watch-face time is 60 seconds, which is not good. They also should give that feature back to us. App view, 2 app views you can select, Edit app. I don't know why it came here.And that Edit app button does nothing. Okay, action button. You can apply a task to Action button. This one. Let's add the compass feature. Okay. And see if it works. Come on.Yes, it works.Go to settings again.Sound and touch, reminder volume. Silent mode. Silent mode. You can turn it on or turn off from here. Media Tone Control,

haptic Reminder which means that the watch gives you small vibrations. Actually not small, powerful vibrations. You can turn them off and on which I will turn off because it's too powerful. See? strong and weak, it's okay, I don't want it.You can put a password, SOS you can add your SOS contacts to make SOS calls.Battery 69%.Yeah, it's nice. Sleep mode

turn on. Turn off. Turn off. Because I never use the watch while sleeping.But as you can see, I cannot turn

it off. Another glitch to be fixed.See, I can even make it move, but cannot turn it off. Sports as we can see yes. When you read the English title, you understand what that feature does. But that explanations are or descriptions are in Chinese. I don't know Chinese. I don't think

lots of people can speak Chinese. Training reminder, press and pause. So it means if you walk if you start walking it maybe can realize that you are making outdoor walking, training start, when you stop training it pauses automatically. Something like that. I am not sure if they are working properly but with these glitches I don't think that all features are working properly properly at the moment. We will see them later heart rate measurement, we are going to test it later detection and also here, see? I cannot change so I would like to make that notification to 120 beats per minute but no, it doesn't work. Also for the lower heart rate notification, nothing works. Another glitch to be fixed fitness record, sedentary reminder, goal accomplished, still Chinese descriptions okay, these were the settings. Now I would like to show you this, I would like to tell you this and I'm going

to show you separately. Now when you try to upload a music to the watch, the watch turns off automatically, resets all settings, deletes your do it your watch-face and as the connection lost through the phone, the music upload is failed.You have 4GB of music storage but you cannot even upload a one music file. So at the moment this feature is just a trash. It doesn't work. When you try to upload the music,

the watch turns off, connection fails. You cannot upload it. And I am not sure if I am going to able to connect Bluetooth earphones. I didn't test it and I'm going to test it with you and while testing it I am going to show you this bluetooth earbuds with working with Bluetooth 5.3 also the watches bluetooth connection is 5.3 bluetooth 5.3, one of the fastest at the moment. Let's see if it's going to connect. And by the way, this M90 Pro bluetooth earbuds are just cost around $5. And this case is 1200 milliamp hours, sliding opening. And each earbud has a 40 milliamp hours of battery. Which means with one charge of the charging case, you

can charge your bluetooth earbuds 15 times with one charge, which is nice. And there's a cool feature. Let me put this in and you'll see what I mean. Charging starts. Look at here an Led display perfect for $5, something around $4.8, something like that you can find the

link in description. This is really cool and let's see now if the watch is going to see these earbuds okay, next to each other bluetooth earphones, I even didn't come on, it doesn't work. See? I cannot even get into the menu. Come on, come on. Hello watch 3 manufacturer, what have you done? I paid $51 to this watch and it doesn't work. This is another thing

to be fixed.I have a bluetooth earphone connection feature I cannot use, I have a four gigabyte of music storage and I cannot even upload one music file, no watch faces. Ridiculous translation most of features are not working, just you used maybe I think it's a cheap AMOLED screen and you are trying to sell this to people. Yes, these are going to be fixed with the new firmware

updates but come on, why did you release a product that you didn't finish? This is a very nice watch. Even we have antenna lines that refers to the original Apple Watch Ultra. But most of features don't work. These are the real selling points of this watch. Bluetooth earbuds, four gigabyte of storage, AMOLED display and the other cool features like lots of watch faces. Not working. Not working. Actually, I would like to say different things but I don't think that is going to be proper for the YouTube community guidelines. I am really furious about this

one. Really. Anyway, if I can I am going to record to show you how it fails while uploading the music, how the speaker performs, how it make phone calls, very good watch but unfortunately the worst firmware, user interface I ever see in a clone watch. This is going to destroy

the reputation of the hello watches. In my personal opinion. Music control and speaker quality of hello watch three. Let's turn it on. And I have a music file here I always use to test my music performance. Also it is connected to the phone and as you can see we can see the weather forecast. Okay, let's play.It's going to work. Yes. As you can see at don't when I click Play the sound comes from the phone. But if you want the sound comes from the watch, you need to go to main watch face, open the short menu and click on the bluetooth icon. Now if I go to music menu and click play, please tell me

that I can't throw on the watch. Let's see if it's the full sound. We can control the sound from the crown and this is the Full sound. If you rain it now I can make it sound. To be honest, it is not that powerful like the Hello Watch 2 or HK8 Pro Max but it's powerful enough. Yes. Stop. Okay, come on, stop. And there is no animation.There is no pause animation,

which is interesting, but it works. Now I would like to see the calling performance and the speaker performance while make a call. So let's go to the menu, open phone and dial 9333 my GSM operator and click yes.Come on. Is it working, we'll see. Okay, it start calling. At the moment the sound comes from the phone but I can choose the Hello Watch 3. So this was a full sound of 9333 By the way, I need to make my monthly payment because there is an invoice that I need to pay. (OPERATOR INFORMED in TURKISH) Okay. And this speaker quality is a little bit lower than the hello watch 2, the previous

version and the HK8 Pro Max but still nice. I couldn't test the microphone quality. But I'm going to make it later with my friend because if I put the phone next to the watch or someone in the next room, and if I try to get close to the watch with the camera, that affects the signal and gives a worse sound quality than real performance because of the disturbing signals of the video recorder. If it's a GoPro or a phone, So this was the speaker and calling quality of HELLO WATCH 3. One last thing. When you turn off your watch, it turns on again and none of the buttons work, see? And I keep pressing. Nothing happens. And to do this, I am going to go to the app and

go to the More and Turn it off from there or reset it. Then all settings and my do it yourself watch face will disappear. While doing it, I'm going to have a screen recording and show it to you. It didn't even see the watch and the time is actually 02:40 a.m. But as the phone doesn't see it, the application doesn't see it and there's a problem with the connection. Even the time itself is wrong. This watch should be reengineered. Actually the firmware it should be reengineered as soon as possible. I hope you find this video helpful

if you are going to decide to buy this one or not. For today, these are all information and experiences that I have. I hope they are going to fix these issues. And as always, thank you for watching, have a great day!

2023-06-18 23:54

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