Game Theory: FNAF, You're Going To Hate This (FNAF Security Breach)

Game Theory: FNAF, You're Going To Hate This (FNAF Security Breach)

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*Caugh* Ahem  Testing. Testing.  Woah boy, you're not going to like  this one. But I think we're right. Hello Internet. Welcome to Game Theory.  The show that started so many flame wars,   you'd think we were a pizza plex. So right now,  I'm in the middle of reexamining every piece of  

FNAF lore the series has ever produced in order  to construct a definitive timeline for the series,   or I suppose, as definitive as possible for the  series, considering, you know, it's FNAF. That   means that me and Tom and Head Editor Dan  are combing over every misleading teaser,   every line of hidden website source code, every  page of the novels and their accompanying graphic   novels, and every questionable skin from FNAF  AR. From Big Chungus Springtrap to Statue of   Liberty Chica. Because nothing, says Merica!  quite like rebranding a national monument   with a giant toga wearing murder chicken  shilling for pizza. And our forefathers wept.

Anyway, since this is an absolutely massive  quest, we've broken the timeline down into   three core chunks: Foundations of Freddy's,  the Afton Era and Post Purple Guy. Basically   everything that happens post Springtrap getting  torched in FNAF 6. And while that timeline theory   is still in the works, we've already made  some discoveries, some big and some small. And it's one of the bigger ones that brings  us here today. You see, as we were rewatching   all the cut scenes from FNAF 6, we heard this  line from the completion ending of the game.

Oh sure, everyone remembers the whole “don't  keep the devil waiting” bit during that ending,   but all of us tend to forget  what comes after the fire. An acknowledgment that Fazbear Entertainment is no   longer a corporate entity. When Henry dies  in that fire, the game makes it clear that   the company dies with him. But that doesn't  make any sense. Knowing what we know now.

If FNAF VR, AR and Security Breach,  Fazbear Entertainment is alive and   still very much running. In fact, the  company seems stronger than ever building   a giant mega Pizzaplex that towers over  anything the company's ever done before. So what gives? A dissolved company can't be going  around making new games, and they certainly aren't   building new 80s inspired animatronics, are they?  All of it seems to imply that someone restarted   the company between FNAF 6 and FNAF VR and it  was that single simple observation, my friends,   that led us down a rabbit hole I believe may have  solved another core part of Security Breaches   endlessly frustrating story. First, we wanted to  prove to ourselves that this corporate restart was   a real thing. Throughout the core gameplay of FNAF  6, if you buy and display animatronics with a high   liability rating, you get a chance to experience  a fun little mechanic known as being sued.

You go through these lawsuits and  decide whether to pay a lawyer to   fight for you or just pay the listed  amount to settle the case. It's a fun,   quirky gameplay mechanic that fits  with the humor of the franchise. However, there's a detail within these  lawsuits that's important. If you take   a look at the names at the top of each  lawsuit, you'll see that the defendant   is listed as “Fazbear Entertainment Inc.”  Those last three letters are important,   that I-N-C there means that  Fazbear is an incorporated company.

It means that Fazbear Entertainment has  shareholders, people that own stocks within   the company. There are also two different types of  corporations, S-Corp's, which tend to be smaller   and C-Corp's which tend to be bigger. Trust  me, you don't really want to know any of that,   nor do you need to know any of it for this theory.  I just bring it up because it's knowledge that   Steph and I have accumulated over the last  decade of doing this work as business owners,   and I just wanted it to be validated at some  point in my life. Anyway, useless business  

information aside, as we hear at the end of FNAF  6, Fazbear Entertainment Inc. has been dissolved. We can assume that Henry, in his  final act before sacrificing his life,   dissolved any and all ownership remaining in the   company so it would die with him. Which is  why it's so weird that suddenly it's back. And not just back, but back in a  completely new form. In Security Breach,   if you check out the balloon boy arcade  cabinet above the daycare on the title screen,   you'll find that the copyright is now owned by  a brand new company, Fazbear Entertainment LLC. Again, those last three letters there are  important. They stand for Limited Liability  

Company. Basically, it means that the owners of  the business aren't shareholders, but rather one   or a small group of individuals that can't be  held responsible for the debts of the business. For instance, if the Fazbear business took out a  small loan of $1,000,000 but couldn't pay it back,   the banks couldn't then approach Henry or  William's personal money demanding Repayment.   LLC members also aren't usually responsible  for the co-owners negligence or wrongdoing.  Which again, knowing the history of this  company is probably going to be a better   business arrangement. Most importantly  of all, though, LLC’s tend to be smaller,  

held by one or a few individuals rather  than a collection of shareholders. And this actually explains a lot. If you  go for the Afton ending of Security Breach,   you go down the elevator only to discover the  FNAF 6 pizzeria underneath the whole thing. Try   explaining that decision to your shareholders. We're just going to build our new mall on top   of that old burnt down pizzeria  that'll rake in the big bucks. 

How about the fact that we get messages  on the Fazwatch from building contractors   concerned about building a giant mall  over the equivalent of a sinkhole. Again,   this doesn't feel like something you'd be  able to do if the company had shareholders. But if the business is owned by a single  individual, they could essentially do   whatever they wanted. They don't have to answer  to anyone. In short, there is strong evidence   to suggest that someone has restarted the  Fazbear brand under this new corporate entity. But who would do that? Why would they do that? Was  I just chasing down a lead that didn't matter? No,   because I wasn't the only one asking the question.  In December of 2021. This book was released:  

The FNAF Ultimate Guide. Basically your one stop  shop for anything important to the franchise   written by the man himself: Scott Cawthon and only  Scott Cawthon. This thing is robust. It contains   every scrap of dialog, every game mechanic, a  summary of every Fazbear Fright and a description   for practically every one of the nearly 150  characters introduced into the franchise. If it ain't in here, it probably ain't worth  your brain space. And if the book explicitly   calls something out, well, it's probably going  to be worth a look. And wouldn't you know it.   But in the FNAF AR description of the Glitchtrap  virus, we get this quote: “The cease work order   from the Fazbear Entertainment Office of Legal  Affairs seems to indicate that the company at   some point becomes aware of the problem and  tries to stop it. That leaves one question…  

just who is running the company.” And it was  here that I knew that I was on to something. The fact that the ultimate guide felt the  need to point it out made me realize that   this is absolutely something that  we need to be solving. The clues   are in place for us. It was now time  for us to put it all back together.

So let's figure out who is running the show over  at the new improved Fazbear Entertainment LLC,   shall we? Well, let's consider what exactly  that person is doing. First and foremost,   they're building a brand new location over  the remains of the old FNAF 6 location. That right there is a huge red flag. Why not just  bulldoze the whole thing and build a new one?   Unless, of course, they know what's down there.  Because remember, underneath it all lies the   heart and soul of this franchise, Afton. They are  choosing to build their new location on top of his   literal gravesite. The head of this new Fazbear  Entertainment LLC wants access to him and as we  

see at the end of the game, it seems like their  goal is to bring him back to his former glory. But just having access to Afton's body isn't  enough. This person wants more. We know that   the head of Fazbear Entertainment LLC  has been actively taking an interest   in Vanessa becoming head of security, despite  her having no qualifications for the position.

We know this based on in-game messages,  quote: “INTERVIEW NOTES - as requested,   here are my notes on today's chief security  officer interview. While Vanessa seemed   eager and bright, she doesn't appear to  have any relevant background experience.   I realize the recommendation came from  the top, but we need someone who's run   security for a facility of this scale. I  do not recommend her for this position.” Based on this email, Vanessa should  have never gotten the position,   but note that it's marked for deletion. Someone  wanted to hide the poor interview performance.   Someone at the top. In yet another email we  see this, quote again: “NEW HIRE SUMMARY - Head  

Security Guard. No prior qualifications.  Internal reference (name withheld)” The person putting Vanessa forward for  the job is trying to stay anonymous.   But hold on. Why would someone want to hire  Vanessa despite her limited experience? Well,  

the only really special thing about her  is that she's possessed by Glitchtrap. So if someone's trying to bring Afton back,  preserving his body underneath the Pizzaplex,   it makes sense to get someone into the  Pizzaplex who houses the only other part   of Afton that remains: His consciousness,  in the form of the Glitchtrap virus. But who would possibly want to bring  a serial killer back to life? I mean,   think about what this person has done.  They've restarted an entire company. They've  

hired third parties to scan old circuit  boards. They've rebranded the franchise,   built a mall, and then doctored emails to hire  someone all in an effort to resurrect Afton. Who would do that? Who would go  to that level of extreme? Can't   be Vanessa. She can't hire herself.  Can't be Michael. He's always trying   to get rid of Afton. Can't be Henry. He  dissolved the company in the first place. Can't be Gregory because he's trying to destroy  the animatronics. But there is someone it can be.  I will make you proud, Daddy. The only person who would be that motivated  

to bring Afton back to life. The one person that  through all of the games they've appeared in,   has been on Afton side, wanting to keep his  vision alive. That's right. Ladies and gentlemen,   I submit to you that Elizabeth Afton is the one  in control of the new Fazbear Entertainment LLC.   I guess you could call her the Boss Baby.  I will now pause and give you a chance to   write your collective groans, frustrations  and general vitriol down in the comments.

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it look like you just stepped out of an  8-bit minigame. Place your orders now so   that way you get them in time for Christmas.  All right. You done venting in the comments? I told you this one would make you mad. Let's  see what you wrote. And yes, I'm doing this from  

the past. But Elizabeth is dead. Baby's eyes are  blacked out in the blob. She died in FNAF 6. Yep. All of those are perfectly valid, I know it  sounds insane. Believe me. No one recognizes   that more than me. But I ask you, when  has any character that's meant to be   dead in this franchise ever stayed dead?  Let's just look at the facts, shall we? Our second ever theory on this game drew  attention to all the similarities between   Elizabeth Afton and Vanessa. They both  like flowers. They both have an abusive  

and manipulative father named William A. And of  course, there's the blond hair and green eyes. However, we've never been able to actually figure  out how these two characters are connected beyond   them just being similar. could it just be another  instance of this franchise doing what I like to   call “Pulling a Jeremy” that's using the same  detail multiple times just to confuse us. But you see, there's a bit more that's  suspicious about Vanessa. There's   one thing that me and every other  theorist out there has been scared   to tackle in this game. And it's this.  Security Breach’s Fire Escape ending. In it, Glamrock Freddy yeets Vanny  off the top of a burning Pizzaplex,   sending both of them to their death.  Gregory pulls off the Vanny mask to  

reveal that it was Vanessa the whole time,  a twist that surprised literally no one. Except after the credits we pan up to  the roof to see security guard Vanessa   looking down as the building  burns around her. Excuse me,   What? Two Vanessas? Everyone just kind of  collectively hand-waved this away. It must   be a hallucination. Maybe it's her spirit  still trapped in the Pizzaplex. Or maybe,   just maybe, Vanny and Vanessa have always been two  separate individuals, two twin sisters. hold on. In Security Breach Fury’s Rage. We get  VR sisters. That's one of the bosses  

in Fury’s Rage. And I think it could  be possible that one of the sisters,   maybe Vanessa went to go save her other  sister after being taken over by Glitchtrap. Recently a new theorist has entered the ring  with some pretty interesting things to say   about Security Breach. John from the YouTube  channel FuhNaff. And while I was busy coining   the catch phrase MUSIC MAN, he was busy in his  corner preaching the gospel of the VR sisters. Remember them? Of course you don't. Why would  you? So let me refresh your memory. In case   you’ve forgotten Security Breach got delayed  a lot. I mean, a lot a lot. And at one point,  

Scott Cawthon, worried that the fan base would  be upset about the repeated delays, decided to   release a short little meme game to tide us all  over. A beat 'em up title called Fury’s Rage. Four straightforward levels with a secret  boss at the end, punching through waves of   the franchise's most forgettable enemies. Freddy  Frostbear, Clown Springtrap, Radioactive Foxy,   El Chip. And the rest of the enemies are  just variations of Chica, the Puppet,  

Mangle, Baby. As for the bosses, most of  them are jokes. Sure, you've got Vanny,   but there's also Megabrow, which  is just Browboy from FNAF World. There's Soulbrawler, which is a reference  to one of Scott's earlier game characters,   Souldozer and the secret final boss  of the game Dreamgeist. Basically a   giant troll about fan theories. And  yet in this game full of memes and  

tongue in cheek references, there's one  set of characters that don't quite fit. The first level's boss, the VR Sisters.  They're the only truly original characters   for this game. Literally everyone else you can  point to and understand what the reference is.   Now that is weird. Why would Scott put  the time and effort into designing them? Coming up with a name and purposely  putting them in there for us to look at   if they weren't important in some way? With  Vanessa being taken over by the Glitchtrap   Virus in FNAF VR. Makes sense for this to be in  relation to her in some way, she's a VR sister. And then her having a twin sister would explain  why there could be a second Vanessa at the top   of a burning building during the ending.  What is it that John's been saying lately  

and his theory vids “Need more proof?”  Yeah. Yeah, I do. You probably do  too. Luckily, I have it for you.  Once you get to level four of Fury’s  Rage, you find yourself in some sort   of factory surrounded by conveyor belts and  magnets holding up humanoid robot torsos. In the end, you fight Vanny and the game ends.  But wait. Before you get to the boss battle,   there's one very crucial detail in the level that  everyone overlooked. An orange pod with a female   figure sitting inside. I've seen enough sci fi  to know that that right there is a birthing pod,  

and the figure inside looks an awful lot  like Baby from The Fourth Closet graphic   novel. That's right, friendos. It's time  once again for everyone's favorite segment.   MatPat uses the lore of multiple FNAF books to  explain parts of the game that make no sense. In The Fourth Closet, Baby's origins take a  weird turn. She's actually a robot built by   Henry to help replace his daughter Charlie  after her death. You see, Henry creates a  

robot for each stage of his daughter's life:  toddler, child, teenager and finally adult. In his mind, this would allow her to grow  up with everyone else around her. And this   gave us our first confirmed instance  of robot kids being a thing inside of   the series robots that are capable  of bleeding, eating, feeling cold.

And here's the weirdest twist of them all.  Baby is the final adult form of Charlie,   which, let’s just say I have  some strong feelings about. Welcome to the books I guess. What's also  interesting is that in the books it's clear   that previous versions of the robot humans don't  have to stop working or die in order for newer,   more grown up models to activate both teenage  Charlie and adult Charlie, a.k.a. Baby,   are walking around totally sentient with their  own goals and motivations. One wanting to live  

a normal life, completely unaware that  she's a robot and the other looking to   kill children in service of William Afton  bitter because she's a robot. Sounds a lot   like the relationship between a certain young  security guard and her twin sister murder rabbit. Now while we have no evidence to really  support Charlie being rebuilt in the game   lore like she was in the books. It does  seem like Elizabeth may have multiple  

sisters of herself running around. In the words  of John, who first proposed this one a year ago: it could be very well possible that  once Elizabeth died, William Afton   not too soon after, rebuilt her and built  different ages of her throughout the years,   just like we see in the books, in robot  form. So that could be VR sisters,   two different versions of the same person.  You know what? I think he’s right. At the   time we didn't have the evidence, but now I  think he was ahead of his time. Move over,   Gregory. There's a new robot human in town. And  her name is Elizabeth Afton and Vanessa and Vanny,   and probably the head of Fazbear Entertainment  LLC too. All iterations of the same person from  

different life stages, all Elizabeth Afton,  some aware of who they really are and some not. And one of those versions is RUIN DLC girl. In  some of Security Breach’s cut dialog there are   laugh lines that are definitely feminine, but also  some that clearly mix in a young, girlish tone.

You hear that last one? Clearly,   there's a childish girl laugh with a  bit of a British accent mixed in there. Exactly like the voice of Elizabeth from sister  location. Sites like The Cutting Room Floor   attribute these as cut Vanny lines which makes  sense considering that there aren't many human   females in the game. But that laugh seems awfully  young for Vanessa or Vanny, and that's not all. Going back to Fury's Rage noticed the shoes on the  VR Sisters, specifically the cool purple sneakers.   I could’ve sworn that they had matched the design  of the blond girl's light up sneakers and the RUIN   DLC poster. But upon closer inspection, it was  close, but not strong enough of a match for me  

to call it out in theory. Dead end rights? No.  Notice the two colors on those shoes. Red and   purple. Very specific shades of red and purple.  And what's the coloring of our two VR Sisters?   Red and purple. Seems that maybe, just maybe, this  blond girl is also part of the Elizabeth sisters. So that would actually give us our Four Closets:  Baby the original, young girl Elizabeth in the   RUIN DLC, Vanessa the 23 year old security guard  according to the FNAF AR emails, and Vanny, who,   you know just might be slightly older,  her being a robot would also explain how   she survived a massive fall from the top of a  pizza place without being totally disfigured.

Personally, I think this would actually be  a pretty cool idea having all the versions   of Elizabeth come together. This child, Vanny,  Vanessa, maybe even the original Baby would show   up to complete the tribe of Robot Elizabeth's. But  doesn't all of this disprove my initial theory? If Vanny is the adult version of Elizabeth,  then doesn't that mean we're out of Elizabeth's   to run Fazbear Entertainment LLC? We  filled all four of our closets. Well,  

not quite. Because when you get to the very end  of that final book, Charlie's Love Interest,   John stands by Charlie's grave after all the  other known versions of her have died. He   looks up and sees none other than yet another  slightly older version of Charlie standing in   front of him. I kind of just wrote this off  initially as a cute ending, but in the wake of   what we've been talking about this whole time, it  reveals that there were never just four closets.

There were never just four versions of Charlie.  There were more potentially an infinite number of   them, which honestly makes sense. Can’t have  a 20 something year old Charlie looking 20   forever. She too would need to age up to look like  a woman in her thirties, her forties, her fifties.

This idea is also shown in Fury’s Rage. While the  VR Sisters are the first bosses. After you defeat   them, they become regular enemies during the third  level. There are dozens of them that come out to   attack you, one after the other after the other,  new ones being built to achieve their purpose. Other bosses don't do that in the game.  And in stage four, those humanoid robot   torsos hanging from the ceiling. They look  a little bit more on the feminine side to  

me. Robot women being built by the boatload,  ready to replace the ones that we destroyed,   be they VR Sisters or security  guards or murderous rabbits. And at the top of the food chain is an  older, wiser, more vengeful version of   Elizabeth pulling the strings, looking to bring  her family of robots all back together to the   same place. I suppose you could say that that  makes the Pizzaplex the true Sister Location. But hey, say all you want about Elizabeth's  business practices. You got to admit she knows  

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