for beginners TIA PORTAL PLCSIM Simulation TP, TON & TOFF Timer Complete explanation #automation

for beginners TIA PORTAL PLCSIM Simulation   TP, TON & TOFF Timer Complete explanation #automation

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Hello friends welcome to my Channel today we are going to learn about DP tion t off okay here we can see TP is the pulse timer okay pulse timer okay one by one we'll learn about this first timer here at the enable bit e in input side we can connect one uh normally open contact and you have to keep it for at least high for a micro second okay once if it is it input is high for micro second it will generates the output it will turns on the output and it will remain on condition okay let's see the waveform of this so input waveform will be like this okay input should be simply one microsecond is okay for this to turn on and this queue okay this is a in timer and this is q here at this instant it will turn on and it will remain on till it's preset time okay here we have to give the preset time like a t hash T hash like uh five second you can give for five second and if you have in terms of hours and all one h to m Phi yes okay you can Define like this for hours minutes and all together if you want to Define only hours like a one H you can Define or whatever preset time you want to allow that you can Define over here and when you add this into run automatically it will take this address okay next address will be taken and this output will be generated enable time is this this terminal is used to show the counting okay ET you will ET will show the counting okay show the count value so let's move towards the next timer right that is T1 okay this connection is also same similar to the previous one like we have to connect one input bit at this side this I can take it as some I 0.0 or something whatever input we are defining like percent and here also we have to define the enable time like sorry preset time T hash yes okay 5s for 5 Second okay one h 15 minute like one hour 15 minutes okay 15 minutes it will take and ET will be the show count and this is the output line where we can collect a bit like a signal like we can connect any uh bit over here m0.0 and all this bit we can this bits no end and see we can use a program wherever it is needed okay let's see the input waveform of this like at the in t on will be like if you start on okay this will be the output waveform okay output will goes on okay output visual goes on and this input will remain on till it its input will be on it should remain on until its output will also be on consider we have one preset time over here preset time is like in just a second consider this is this will be the preset time okay one preset time will draw here of 5 Second okay this preset time we'll call it as a five second time delay we are ticking and here this input should remain high until its output goes to High condition okay if input is high for preset time then only this output will goes to high condition and when this input goes to low condition like one to zero okay like one to zero okay this output will also go to zero okay this is what T on like at on timer and next will be a t off timer okay simply we have to check here one more input bit we have to take like I equal i 0 dot zero and output we can collect m0.0 okay and here as I said t hash Phi s okay five second enable time will to show count value okay show count next it's a waveform we can see consider one preset time we will have a 5 Second and here input will take like input if input goes to on condition and when it goes to low condition okay actually this is not the thing okay when input is high its output will also go to High condition okay when input goes to low condition okay after time delay after preset time this output is going to be low okay this is the T of timer here you can see uh you know input at this instant okay we have turned on like uh from zero to one it is raised and when we are falling when we are releasing the input okay from that time onwards its time will start counting and after time delay is output this T of timers output is going to be off so let's see in the ti portal software now okay let's program the timers here already I have taken one uh defined one input bit that I will take now here when input bit I will take and here t on first thing we'll take a TP will take a TP here one output bit will take that I will take a memory bit percent m0.0 okay this I will take it as a start its address already I have defined like I colon i4.0 okay here preset time as I said t hash 5 Second okay I will take a 10 second because we have to check the result properly and this enable bit enable timer you can take anything like uh this timer addresses timer zero so this DB you take and enable timer and press enter this timer is configured okay similarly we will take a next bit that is this also I will take it as a start okay and here next I will take a t on I'll take one output bit that is uh percent m 0.1

and here preset time T hash 10s okay enable time that is out time this is DB1 so I will take this and select ET press enter now move to Next program sorry next timer here also will take the same input that is start now I will take the T off I'll take one output bit that I will mention percent M 0 Dot two okay yep preset time I have to give the hash 10s okay now enable time it is output time that is db2 this I'll take ET press enter now this program is created now we have to compile this program okay compiling is done zero errors and zero earnings now simulator is already on if you don't know about the starting simulator and working on it too in previous videos I have shown uh complete tutorial video in detail it is there you just go and watch those videos and now I will download this program compiled program in the plc that is simulator so in previous operation I had downloaded some of the programs so I will delete those and overwrite it and load this program in it [Music] okay this is successfully downloaded now go to online once if it is online we have to run the PLC here you can see here also run button is there but we have to run this PLC from the simulator okay let this go online first okay PLC is online now here you can see now I'll go to simulator and run okay now you can see this status will also change so step by step we'll check one by one output prior to that we'll start the monitoring start the monitoring and we'll check one by one timers now this is the TP okay here m0.0 I have used so TP in the sense once the input is triggered for micro second or for less time output will goes to on condition and it will remain on till it choose the preset time okay just we'll check the output here turn on and again I released it okay you can check here m0 is on for particular time and after 10 second it will goes off okay after 10 seconds it is turned off you can see here okay once again we'll check don't bother about uh mb0.1 and 2 because these are on these are for on bit uh t on and T off just we'll concentrate on this okay M 0 Dot zero okay here we'll check the simulation triggered released four five six why it is not showing here okay let me check this and here we can see here I'll trigger and release after 10 seconds it is turned off okay let's move towards the next timer once again we'll check it should show it should show the count value here actually it is not showing because of my system is low okay but anyhow we'll move towards the next Pro timer that is tion says that input should remain on till uh five second okay 10 second okay after 10 seconds okay see here after 10 seconds its output is going to be on that is m0.1 this out this bit is going to be on after 10 second 10 second okay and input goes to low output will also goes to low condition okay this was the statement which I have given and it is working fine now and actually it should give the value count value I'll stop monitoring and I'll restart monitoring again let's check the value it should show the count value actually but it is not giving the count value okay I'm not going to go offline I will monitoring start monitoring on again actually this software will work very fine in Windows 7 64 bittern 32 bit it is installed in Windows 10 so it is taking a little bit time okay now uh it is taking time so let's check for T off also once input is on output is on when input goes to low condition after 10 seconds 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. okay 10. so this goes to low condition this is the statement of T off okay let's give a last chance here whether it will show the timer or not count values okay now again see here the system is stuck actually that is what it is not showing the timer or 40 at one second it is stop now okay 10 second it reached to 10 second again when I turn on release it will start counting because of my system is low it is not working anyhow guys you can see uh the configuration of for timers pulse timer t on that is on timer and off timer working process and how to program it and how to use the outputs and all and if this video is helpful for you kind request to you guys that

2023-03-13 02:48

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