Extraordinary: The Revelations (Full Documentary)

Extraordinary: The Revelations (Full Documentary)

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What is the endgame? It is integration. Seamless integration into society. The hybrids are integrating into society. They look like us. They sound like us. They dress like us.

They are us in every way except... they can control us. That is... a threat beyond anything that the human race has yet... to face. And I think that people need to wake up to the reality of what's happening. UFO sightings and so forth, that's old hat. It's time to wake up to the abduction phenomenon.

And to have an understanding of how far advanced it truly is. The enemy is in the gates. That's the reality. Rather than ask, is there proof that aliens have visited the planet? I guess the way I would look at it, is there evidence? Is there good evidence? So if we're willing to keep it at that level, I would say there's an overwhelming amount of good evidence that non humans or another civilization has been visiting our world.

I would say the answer is yes. And for me, the evidence is very strong, in the words of, uh, our own government officials, and our military personnel. The thing that I've studied more than anything else, our military reports of UFOs.

I've studied them a lot. There's an over abundance of declassified military literature describing events that should never have happened that don't make any sense in the 1940s or '50s or '60s or beyond. And so when you see enough of these, you really have to ask yourself, what is going on? If it were one or two reports of a disc-shaped object zigzagging or instantly accelerating or... completely outperforming our best jets. You might think, okay, maybe that's, uh, some misinterpretation or something else. But this has gone on over and over again.

On top of that, what I would emphasize is, the response by our military authorities and by our intelligence community authorities, has been very serious. One of the questions I ask as a hypnotherapist is, have you, on any level agreed to this experience on any level? And I'm talking to that super conscious part of them. And interestingly, most will say yes, before I came here. So we're talking about on a soul level. So, the alien intervention will be something they've orchestrated as part of their human journey. People can't understand that we cannot look at their technology.

And they don't care about our technology. What we care about is, who these beings are and what they're up to, why they're doing this. We don't know how they get here. We don't know if they come from millions of miles away or ten feet away from in a different world or whatever. We don't know that stuff. But we do know what they are doing to us. That we know.

NARRATOR: Modern thought follows principles of the Big Bang theory and Darwinism to explain the origins of the universe and human evolution. But what if other factors played a role in our development and the genesis of our belief systems. Thousands of years ago, Paleolithic man decorated cave walls with images they saw in daily life. Animals, hunting parties, seasonal rituals and celestial bodies. But also appearing in ancient art were alien looking beings with large heads and eyes.

And sometimes a board strange looking craft. As Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome flourished. depictions of humanoid beings and flying objects remained consistent in artwork and literature. ET related iconography appeared around the globe in indigenous cultures, such as the Central American Mayan and Aztec, South American Incan, Aboriginal Australians and North American Anasazi. Is it a coincidence? This imagery was consistent during a time when these civilizations had no contact with each other. During the European Renaissance, paintings, drawings and mosaics showed UFOs in the sky.

Men and aircraft and even laser beams. And strange objects were seen observing religious events such as the birth of Jesus and the crucifixion. During the black plague, many sightings of cigar shaped vessels were reported. Similar to German reports in 1561 in Nuremberg, and 1566 in Basel, involving similar shaped objects. The first documented sighting in the Americas was March 1st, 1639.

Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop, wrote about three men who observed a light in the sky above their boat. Over the course of a few hours, the mysterious light darted back and forth between the men and the village of Charles Town, approximately two miles away. The governor wrote that when the strange apparition finally faded, the three men were stunned to find themselves one mile upstream, as if the light had transported them. Modern UFO sightings began in 1947 when civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold spotted a formation of flying saucers near Mount Rainier in Washington. Shortly after Arnold sighted a saucer shaped craft, reportedly crashed outside Roswell, New Mexico, headlines read, "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region."

Although the military claimed the incident was a weather balloon, UFO mania ran rampant in the United States, with sightings reported daily across the country. In the name of national security, Air Force General Nathan Twining launched Project Sign in 1948. The first of many military intelligence programs tasked with collecting information on UFO sightings.

Over the next several decades, one strange case followed another, with many providing compelling photo evidence, video evidence and trace physical evidence. So what do these modern documented experiences reveal? The same flying objects and beings appearing on cave walls, described in ancient text and adorned on Renaissance paintings. If beings have been present since prehistoric times, what influence have they had on our beliefs on our evolution? Have they been using us as lab rats with the intention of replacing us? Are they part of a predestined biblical narrative? Or is their intention to aid in evolution, guiding us to be galactic neighbors who use advancing technology and wisdom for universal good? And what role do government and military leaders play in fostering the various narratives surrounding ET existence? Are they harboring a secret, propagating a lie, protecting humanity from invasion? Exactly how much do they know about the ET agenda? Valid and important questions whose answers will likely determine the future of our planet. People think of the UFO phenomenon as being modern. It isn't. In ancient days, there were far less

of the things that we have now that people misidentified. No satellites, no weather balloons, no aircraft. There has never been a time when people haven't seen strange things in the sky. BILL: From my perspective of the UFO engagement against mankind, this goes back probably 450,000 years.

And I'm basing that off of the Samarian tablets. The Enuma Elish and the Seven Tablets of Creation and also the Atrahasis epic. According to those tablets around close to almost a half billion years ago is when these beings came in from another star system. We either had very strange looking human beings back a long time ago or the people, the indigenous people of those time periods witnessed and saw some very strange things on this planet.

You look at the Nazca Lines in Peru, you can only see them from above. Who are they showing it to? I think they're showing it to extraterrestrials. Caves all over this planet have depictions of beings with big heads like the alien grays, whatever they may be. They're drawing what they see.

They're not being as I say, particularly symbolic about it. They're... they're seeing something anomalous in the sky. To them, it would be magical or something part of their reality.

They would have no understanding of it. But they would find in some way it attracts them because, they were drawing everything from animals, they were drawing all their surroundings. You know, what they were actually seeing.

MELINDA: Those traditions and their whole entire religious belief systems and cultural belief systems are based upon that. That was handed down through generations as history. Those cultures do not believe it to be a mythology. They understand it, to be fact. They really didn't have a lot of time to just make up like these elaborate stories for entertainment. They really only wrote down and drew what they saw and what they experienced.

So when you see a cave painting that looks like an alien, Right next to it, you'll see what looks like a normal cattle or normal sheep. Because they knew what they looked like. So if you see something that they've drawn, that looks like it doesn't belong on Earth or it looks alien to us, it probably was. They have names for these beings and one of them is called the Wandjina, and it's all over cave drawings being with the big black eyes.

And they came from the Seven sisters and they came down and they taught Aborigines how to live. They taught them about amethyst stones for healing, all these kinds of things that we're learning from these beings that they saw as visiting us. When you take a look at cave paintings at early paintings, the paintings from different cultures, If you look hard enough, you're going to see what looks like UFOs or aliens or something like that in them.

The evidence for them actually, being UFOs or aliens is zero. And we will never have the evidence for it one way or the other. Unless our little friends tell us. If we were to see something inexplicable today, we could write about it.

We could report it. There are websites. Go back 500 years. Go back a 1000 years. You see something that's inexplicable and you don't have writing.

Most of the cultures didn't. So how would they process that experience? Well, they would talk about it to each other. It would become part of their oral history. And so what happens is, over centuries, you've got all of these oral traditions that exist. We don't have a time machine that's going to take us back to see exactly what was going on there. So really, all that we have are these stories and some artifacts and we do our best trying to put a picture together.

It's always going to be incomplete. That's the problem. They've been here for a very long time.

I think they've impacted our society in ways that if we looked at it from a third party perspective ago. Oh, yeah, well, that makes sense. But, um, we don't know.

Most of us don't know anyway. And that could be genetically. Could be technology wise. Could be social. There's many different ways that they could have impacted us. CLIFFORD: They're all subject to interpretation.

And in many of them if you want to see alien technology and plumbing saucers. That's exactly what you're going to see. Now, with that being said, our visitors have been here. Ever since man walked the face of this planet. They had open contact with the people of this planet.

They actually would go ahead and teach man a lot of things that was unknown to them at that time. Therefore, you find certain ancient civilizations are more advanced than others. And we will scratch your heads wondering, how did this happen? MICHAEL: You can find this in Homer in the Trojan War.

I mean, that the gods were on different sides. Some of the Sumerian texts talk about the guards being on different sides of their ward, and they've been using humans as proxies. Because they just have not been able to kind of, like, resolve their own conflicts without too much damage to themselves but great damage to our own global civilization. Modern times people, when they say sums of myth, they say it's a false story. The myths in the ancient times, the stories of the gods.

People believed them. It was reality, just like people today, Christian people believe the biblical stories like their reality. But in fact the biblical stories are myths. They're just as mythological as the ancient Greek, Roman, Nordic myths or... it's the same thing.

The thing is that the... The Christian, the Judeo Christian people, have been indoctrinated for 16 centuries to believe that these myths are historical reality. But they're not. Human beings are pretty stubborn you know, and turn your backs against the wall you're not inclined to listen. You really, you know, you've got to be really pushed.

And I think that's what's happening now is that we're really getting to a point where people finally waking up, saying, hold on a minute. This is not cool. How much of all that, is attributable to those things and how much is actually literally real in a physical there it is sense. I don't know. The Skeptics have to be right every day.

The believers only need to be right once. And if just one of those instances, whether it's historical or modern day turns out to be the real thing. Then we are in game changing paradigm shifting territory.

NARRATOR: Historical evidence suggest we've been visited by and interacting with ETs for millennia. If true, what's the purpose of alien abductions and hybridization experiments? More importantly, what's the end game? Answers very widely, depending on who you ask. I think what you have to do is, look at who is saying what and what is their credibility, what are their scientific backgrounds? Then make up your own mind whether you think what they're saying is right or not. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, and everybody has a different view over extraterrestrials, what they're doing, why they're doing what they are doing.

RICHARD: Philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote a book called Religion and Science. He said, look, so scientific thinker is always thinking provisionally. They're not thinking in terms of absolutes. Scientists are human beings just like everyone else, and they sometimes slip up and they can become absolutists. But science itself is always filled with one provisional hypothesis, in theory after another. And hypotheses and theories can be revised.

I have learned that I can't be static in a position that I take because I don't know what's around the corner. Tomorrow, there I might hear more information. That completely changes what I believe today. Some people can't do that. They don't want to do. They make a choice to stay put.

And I think when somebody is in fear themselves, then everything they're going to see, is going to be a fear based perspective. I think you have to be aware first that you've been programmed into a limited mindset. So as soon as you become aware of that, then you start to expand anyway, because you're not allowing that to be your reality. You're saying I believe I'm something greater than me.

So, I can achieve something greater than this. You can play the game what if. What if aliens would have this? What if that? But at the end of the day, how do you know that you're not being deceived on every level? How do you know? How can you know? There's one very important point of agreement here. Which is that these beings are doing something in an attempt to transform us. There's some people who believe that extraterrestrials are here to replace us.

And that they're doing it in a very methodical way. Creating these hybrids. Some may be on this planet now. Others could be in spaceships or on the other planet, waiting to be brought back by the millions to take over little planet Earth. Why would they do this to a civilization? Why would they want us wiped out? Maybe one thing is that they think we're going to wipe ourselves out and that they want the planet to continue to exist, and so they will feed it with the civilization. Maybe they know an asteroid is going to hit the planet in 50 years from now.

Who knows? That could wipe out civilizations too. So, there's a possibility that what they're doing is creating a seed farm for the future to keep this planet vibrant and alive. And then there's that theory, as Dr. Jacobs would say, they're here to take over, and we're out. Base of seven to eight million people coming, forcing anything abducted by aliens and have had a different type of operations done. And then maybe a hybridization program.

It's possible they could be inserting themselves into the population. And that they could be walking amongst us like folks says, an animal tapas. He says he would transfer his consciousness from one avatar body to another, and then he would walk amongst man, but unlike a man. Hybrids, who Dr. Jacobs calls hubrids, advanced hybrids

that look like us in every way except there's some interesting faculties that they've retained from their insectelian progenerators that these beings are already integrating into human society. The infiltration is happening now and has been happening for some time. According to Dr. Jacobs' Work and others in the field, abductees are now reporting that they have been for the last several years, perhaps the last decade.

Actively training hybrids and hubrids in human society and how to integrate into human society. Some of them are trained to fly UFOs. Some of them are trained to neurally engage with other humans.

Some of them are trained to use some of the instrumentation that the aliens use. Some of them are being prepared for the change. What I'm getting, often is not, it's something completely different.

And the way their understanding their hybrid nature is, they're bringing the best of many species into the human form to be part of this shift. And when they say they're taking over... Look, we're all hybrids we've taken over the world.

We did it once. They manipulated us in the first place. What's the big deal? All they're doing now is making sure that we're bringing more programs in to help with that process. So taking over what? We're already here.

The Real question that they've got to be asking is, is there an agenda that's going on that they need to deal with? What can we learn about their motivations based on what it appears they're doing. So when you talk to a number of abductees and they are telling you about their interaction with these human looking hybrids, who are participating in an abduction program that is designed to infiltrate our society over and over again, in which they, as Jacobs describes, have the ability to exert neurological control over you and infiltrate your thoughts and control your thinking. That's unsettling. And yet that's his results. Now, the real question we need to ask is, is there a flaw in his methodology that we can critique to allow us to say, no, you go... We're not dealing with that.

I've tried to look for those flaws, and in my opinion, he has a stronger methodology than the... than the Ascension, Love and Light Camp, which I don't think have done nearly the depth of analysis of abductees that he has done. It's my opinion, like his abductee, the people that he deals with. He deals with them over and over and he goes deeper and deeper.

He does that because he doesn't charge anything. It's free, and so he's able to have people coming back to him. And his point has always been. You're not gonna get the truth in the first or second time when you do hypnotic regression. The truth is very deeper.

NARRATOR: Dr. David Jacobs conducted extensive research on alien abductees, including more than 750 hypnotic regressions. His investigation indicates a disturbing revolution is underway.

We have spread around the world and conquered as much as we possibly can. Western civilization has and even Easter civilization to a large extent. We don't know whether this is true of other beings in the universe or not. But it certainly is true of what humans have done.

My best guesses and this is a guess is a... They're doing the same thing. Yes, this is... This is what they do too, just like us.

I've got a coterie of abductees who were coming to me over the years many, many, many different abductees. Some are staying for years, and I'm looking at what they're saying to me for years as the years go by, other ones have one session with me, and that's it. And there's everybody in the middle. Abductees have told to make accounts whereby in the future they will have a job to do.

The one that people say the most, of all the crazy things to say, not knowing that other people are saying this too is crowd control. When they get older, they will be required to stand on the corner of a street. There will be a large number of humans or of people running down the street. And your job is to say, just keep going. Just keep moving, just keep moving.

Everything will be okay. Just keep moving. That's what their job will be in the future. You have to try to imagine if this is coming out of people's imaginations, and it's not happening.

Crowd control would not be the number one... memory that they had about what's going to happen in the future. It's just nonsensical Then they were beginning to change a little bit and say other things too. Not knowing that other people were changing. Then they've began to change a lot, not knowing what other people were changing and what they were describing was that the ones on board who looked really, really human, were coming down and trying to learn what it's like to walk among us. To be human.

And at that point I knew its integration into the society prior to take over. That's the best way I can say it. They can control us, and we can't control them. They're super humans, so to speak.

And that we aren't. NARRATOR: The implications of colonization are difficult to comprehend. Integration before takeover is straight out of Hollywood. Yet Dr. Jacobs makes a compelling argument that hybrid beings live among us undetected. DR. JACOBS: Over the decades, people have talked about

how these hybrids are looking more and more human. Very human, in fact just plain human, wearing human clothes, and acting human etc etc. And then people began to tell us that they're moving in, that they're, moving in apartments, that they're... that they're living here.

And if it's happening here in the United States, it's happening everywhere. There's nothing unique about the United States in the UFO phenomenon. But the key problem here I hear is still the key problem.

They can control us, and we can't control them. And you can't ever forget that. That is the most significant thing about this. Whether they're gonna take over or not, they can control the human mind. The only way that I can figure out what's going on is that ultimately, this is an infiltration into the society where they can control us and we cannot control them.

I don't know what's gonna happen after that. I fear the worst. I think that these beings on board UFOs have done this before. We can't be the very first planet that this ever happened to.

And they can't be the very first beings whoever did this to a planet that... that... You have to think widely. This probably has happened many times in the past, and it's happening to us now.

And I do think that this is ultimately, as abductees have said over and over again, that this will be a takeover. NARRATOR: And no segment of humanity is immune from this nefarious agenda. Money and social status will not save you from ET colonization. DR. JACOBS: I have types of people who have PhDs and MDs. People who are university professors.

People who are physicians. People who are attorneys, LLDs. Uh, who are abductees and who say x, y and z just like everybody else. I've talked with five different people who are members of the clergy. They all say the same thing.

I've talked with people who are in graduate school and everybody else in between. It doesn't matter. The religion doesn't matter. None of that matters. They all say the same thing. It's important information. It's...

It's the most important thing I could ever do in my life. And I think that but felt that way, too. I think the most serious UFO researchers feel that way. And it's something that I'm... that I'm glad I did.

And at the same time, if I hadn't have done it. I probably would have lived a better life. Probably had a happier jauntier aspect to me.

But I hope that... that it convinces some people who are... who want to look into this to do so seriously and properly. That would be good. That would be a tremendous help. Obviously, for the whole society for the whole world, if I may talk in these large terms. Anybody can do what I'm doing. As long as abductees are willing.

Anybody can do it as long as they're doing it right. The problem with it is that everybody thinks that's crazy, and if you do it, you have to keep your mouth shut because they'll think you're crazy. And if you don't charge money then you're just wasting time for many people, and... it's a tough one.

It's a hard one. But there were others who did research and they came up with good material as well. So... I hate to be the one of the last few. NARRATOR: Not all belief systems associated with abductions and hybrid programs are doom and gloom. Many believe alien intervention is leading the next wave of human evolution.

Mary Rodwell has researched more than 3,000 alien abduction cases, concluding that extraterrestrial encounters, specifically those focused on hybridization, are part of a genetic engineering program. The goal? An upgrade of humanity, leading ultimately to a shift in consciousness. When I started out, I didn't know what to make of this. Mostly I saw people that were highly traumatized, and all I was looking at is how can I best help them through this trauma, because that's my job as a counselor. What I discovered was, as I was exploring this with them, that there was this huge range from the really terrified to the ones that said for me, my interactions have been the most beautiful, meaningful thing in my life.

Without them, I wouldn't be here. The difference is, is what that soul has chosen to experience this time. Do you choose to see things as a way of gaining more understanding, more perception of what feeds your soul? Or do you want to say, I've decided I'm going to be a victim this time around and everything's horrible and everybody's horrible. NARRATOR: Rodwell has found strong, esoteric undercurrents associated with alien abduction encounters, which comes directly from her clients as they navigate and share their extraordinary experiences. When I take somebody into an experience, it's very important that they have an understanding of why they've been taken.

What's going on with their fear? It's fear of the unknown, not necessarily fear of what's happened because often they don't even remember what's happened. They don't know whether it's traumatic or not traumatic. It's just they know something's happened and that's scary.

So sometimes the fear is literally because I don't know what the hell's happening. There's a gentleman that was quite comfortable with his ET going on board craft and what have you. But he said, when those big eyes start coming towards me, He went into absolute trauma and fear, and he said, "Mary, I want to deal with that. "I want to know why that affects me that way." And so we... He was a very courageous soul and I said, all right,

well, I'm gonna take you to that point so we can find out what's happening. Because I said, what do you think is happening? He says, well, I suppose I'm scared they're gonna take me over or something like this, he said. But I don't know.

So I lead this gentleman slowly to seeing the big eye coming towards him, because again, and I could see on his body that it was triggering like this like this. And I said, It's all right. You're still okay, nothing's happened. You know, the eye is still coming closer and it's still coming closer. And it got to a point where he was almost ready to jump from the chair because the eye was that close. So I said, "Now what's happening?" "Oh," he said. "They're just giving me information." NARRATOR: Helping connect the dots is critically important for those trying to understand who they really are.

We are them. And they are us. That we've just chosen to come into this meat vehicle for an experience, as a... you know, in a materialistic, matter-placed environment.

But many of those that come to me and explore their understanding of themselves will say, "My family's out there." But we are orchestrators of our own journey and talking about some experiences Tracey Taylor was actually telling me, that she'd agreed before she came here with the grays that she would allow them to take genetic material and they would assist her with her intuitive artistic abilities. So that was the trade that she described. She's one of many that begin to understand that this is often a cooperative thing even if you don't fully remember it. I talked to one 10-year-old about him coming into this incarnation.

He talked about it being a will-o'-the-wisp and then describing that he picked his life format and then he was inside Mommy's tummy, and that's what he actually remembers. So this isn't just one. This is many that I've worked with over hundreds. But he said, "I've come here because I've come to help "the planet with its pollution and this is my job this time. "This is why I've come in with my awareness so I can do that."

So many of these new ones that call themselves Starseeds are actually coming in with a mandate to assist with the evolution of the species. So it's not an us and them because we're actually all part of them anyway. NARRATOR: The link between ET encounters and the genetic disposition to experience them is something modern DNA science doesn't comprehend, but many people believe they are biological hybrids who have incarnated on Earth to help us. My name is Viviane Chauvet and I am what's called a magical Arcturian hybrid and so let's just define very quickly just the terminology of hybrid, which is the genetic blend of typically of a father Starseed. A father star being and a human mother.

So in my case, that has been the case for me and my biological father is Arcturian and of course, my mother is human. We have come here to help humanity, to ascend back, to bring the ascension process a reality, to bridge, to bring forth our knowledge and our expertise because we have been assisting many other worlds to do this. This is not the first planet or the first civilization that we have been assisting to do so. In my case, being a hybrid, I'm here on the planet to bring also a physical presence to anchor the frequencies of the Arcturians, being what's called an ambassador, a bridge between humanity and our collective and of course, the positive side of being here in physical form is also I'm a clear conduit.

If you want for them to come through and to be able to communicate with each other, to be able to... our presence allow those shifts, those paradigm shifts on the planet in the consciousness and also at a planetary level but also with everyone with whom we come in contact with and to be able to bring that multi-dimensional aspect. Think of it as a lotus flower that's just blossoming more and more, petal by petal, but we bring also the interdimensional level to that.

So you can understand your place not only here on this planet and in your life, but also your place in the universe. The evolution is to help this materialistic society to evolve into a more spiritual awareness, understanding our link in terms of consciousness so we can be part of them and part of the galactic community because that's our heritage. Millions of people on this planet are having interactions because it's a consciousness thing. It's targeting the planet and human consciousness. Consciousness is an ever moving energy.

It's kind of like the planet spiraling through space. It doesn't really stop. Most of what is happening here can't be explained scientifically. So science is really, in my opinion, a study of the past, of what is. Science isn't so much about what could be.

That's kind of left to the prophets and the artists. And on this earth it feels like a clipboard and charts and a lot of left brain and putting things into boxes to explain how we survive. But if science develops an open mind, it won't be so one-dimensional. Science has a place and I think it's very important to interpret our material world and that I think in itself. But we already know that there's nothing objective, that everything that we see is subjective, because we're going through our own perceptions, which are already, you know, limited by our own programming, our own lens, our own belief systems, all of those things will alter and change what we perceive.

NARRATOR: So is science leading us further away from acknowledging and exploring our gut feelings? And is alien intervention playing a role in reawakening our higher level intuition? That materialistic, mechanistic view, basically, we've shut ourselves down intuitively from that aspect of ourselves or that part of ourselves that is multi-dimensional. The spiritual aspect is one way of talking about it. Our intuition, our sensing, knowing, feeling. All of those have been marginalized as not being okay. It's the first time it's been so significant that people would not change their experience, even though initially it was scary, understandably so.

Because when you don't know what's happening or you're told it's not real, therefore, you must be crazy. Then, of course, you're gonna be scared. And that's part of the problem is we have a psychology that doesn't take in multi-dimensional experiences as part of human experience.

So what do you do? You send them towards, you know, the psychiatrist. This person is psychotic or is schizophrenic or whatever, when, in fact, all they may be doing is opening up intuitively and multi-dimensionally. When you are having awareness, you are having an expanded state of consciousness.

You see and you know, but we've just begun this new golden age, and this cool new golden age is gonna last a very long time, and this is the time where extraterrestrials come back. So they've been here before, but because their consciousness is evolving, we're gonna open ourselves to an intergalactic community which has lots of implications. So it's an individual event, but it's a massive planetary event that affects the entire, the entire universe. We have a very unique planet here, and there's a lot going on.

But once we figure out what unites us, we don't have to be worried about a takeover 'cause what's stronger than a whole bunch of people getting along peacefully on an entire planet? How many people have said, "I feel that I can do so much more "but I just feel it's been contained or put under a lid." And that's why it's called Spark of Awakening, the collective consciousness within people more and more. What's sensation? What are your senses? What are your gifts? It's to step into your consciousness and to go, "I am making the choice now to return to my true self."

And what we do is to ensure that we walk with you to give you the proper guidance, the tools, the directions to understand from you your gift and how they awaken right here right now. And I know that aspect will speak volumes to a lot of people. But we have been so programmed that anything outside of that 3D box is not okay, that you are having a mental problem, an aberration, in other words, that anyone who experiences it now is, "Oh, there's something wrong with you. "You need to go and see the doctor.

"You shouldn't be experiencing this." And yet anyone who's followed their intuition has found it to be absolutely obviously useful. In fact, the quantum hologram explains every experience that we have and that we've only really been using part of ourselves. We're going around with one eye when, in fact, we have two and we've been denying that because of fear of judgment that we might be going crazy when, in fact, we've been limiting ourselves in the western world for many, many years for the very fact that we've been programmed out of what we truly are.

Well, wherever we work with people, we always go backwards into identifying where the roots are. Think about just when you came back here in this incarnation, you were born to this identity, and there's a lot of program put into the collective consciousness that keeps people believing like in the loop, like always the same movie playing out that you come, you're born, you grow up, you believe what you've been taught, then you successfully become an adult, you grow old and you die. But this is the false paradigm has been implanted here like loops playing endlessly.

So the human race has been indoctrined over and over to believe that, "Oh, you only have two strands of DNA." You have this and that, and you have... It's impossible to do this, this and that. But you have so much more to that, above and beyond.

The human race are a race of giants of light. I mean, it's just infinite potential of natural ability that has been repressed, repressed over time through the generations to different influence. If you look just at history, just history of the Earth, do you really know what the true history of the Earth is? Not really. You're gonna learn what you've been taught to a system that is designed to keep you in a certain level.

We are breaking free from this. We are breaking away from that paradigm. We are turning to our state of who we really are. Individually and collectively. If you open your mind to possibilities, then you start on that journey to explore things that maybe have challenged you even and thought, "Well, why does that challenge me? "Why have I got to limit around that?" Because I believe that what we can do is unlimited. It's just that we've been told that there is only so much we can do.

And that programming has stopped us from expanding and being all that we can be. But there will always be those that really don't want their paradigm to change. And I've always said that if a UFO landed on their front lawn, they'd say it was a fire engine because they do not wanna know. And I don't even think there's any point with those individuals because that's where they wanna be.

They're happy with that. You know, that's fine. But for those that are undecided, just allow yourself to explore, to start looking at everything that's telling us that everything we've ever been programmed into, in fact, is a limited version of truth. Whether you go to archeology, anthropology, everything we're being told is a limited version, and that is what happens when you have contact.

NARRATOR: Believers of the ascension narrative are a stark contrast to those who embrace a frightening colonization scenario. A third belief perspective asserts with tremendous conviction, the Bible directly addresses the existence of extraterrestrials and hybridization. Just about 85% of the world is religious, and those 85% of the world that are religious are worshipping deities or beings that if you talk to them and say, "Well, where is your God from? "Oh, he's from there or he's from there." "Okay, was he born on Earth?" "No, my God is not an Earth being. He's from another place." So in true reality, you're talking about an alien. They don't wanna really admit it.

But in true reality, all religions are worshipping aliens, and there's more evidence and proof for the alien theory than there is for, like you say, a person in the sky with a magic wand is just creating things out of thin air. Even with the altered content, and a lot of them books that have been left out, you can still come to the assumption that talking about getting a new body and getting a new name and coming back and all this, it's really talking about a form of reincarnation, recycled energies. But they don't wanna see it that way because that's not the way it's been pitched to them. And they've kind of really taken the pitch, hook, line and sinker and if it was the end of the world, that would have happened a long time ago. We're in the end days.

I think things are better now than they ever were before in the past. My predisposition is to look at everything historically, because that's my training. I'm trained as a historian, and so I look at the Bible as a historical document. And from that point of view, I see it very differently than a theologically inclined person would do. And it's the same with the New Age side of it.

So I actually I look at the Christian and the New Age perspectives as much more similar than they would see it among themselves, I would imagine. To me they're two opposite sides of the same coin. What disturbed me was how much has been edited in all of these different... There has been some gospels, for example, completely dismissed. Reincarnation was dismissed.

These were intelligences that came to our planet. Some of them certainly, I believe, interfered and manipulated human DNA to create homo sapiens sapiens and there's enormous amount of evidence now to show that's so. But, of course, in past times with more primitive peoples, if you see a being doing what you would see as magical things, you would interpret them to be God. So I'm afraid that my understanding of the gods is with a little 'g', that they were extraterrestrials that manifested many abilities through their technology that were seen as gods.

So I don't see any of them as gods at all. The Egyptians did Jesus long before there was Jesus. Horus, Isis and Osiris. That's the original trinity. Look it up. Osiris foreshadowed what later happened to Jesus. He's the resurrected god, too.

There have been resurrected gods throughout human history. It comes from agriculture. Ancient people created entire belief systems based on the idea of resurrection from the Nile Valley to ancient Sumer. Dionysus in Greece was a resurrected god. He was a god of fertility.

You know, what we know about the historical Jesus is one thing, but what we really also know is that after he died, all of these earlier belief systems kind of got pushed into him. And he became... He became Dionysus. Paul of Tarsus, the Apostle, Paul, lived in a city that was a center of the Dionysian mystery religion. When you drink the wine, that was Dionysus. He's the god of wine. Where do you think the Catholic Church gets the whole thing of drinking the blood of Christ? It's a Dionysian ritual. MAN: They interpreted these beings in terms of gods and goddesses.

I mean, you know, the ancients they weren't that sophisticated. Let's say in thinking, but don't forget, they lived in this cosmos like this. You have maybe the gods who are up there and then we're down here on Earth and that's the center of the universe. For them if you say you came from another planet... What other planet? They would have understood it you know, in their mind as being gods. I think the Greco-Romans were completely open to it as far as they could understand that phenomenon of hybridization in their own, you know, mindset, their own worldview, cosmology, theology, anthropology, that's how they understood it.

When Christianity came along, they're the ones that would have excluded it. This is what the Greeks and the Romans did. They liked systematized things. You know, they brought it down to a level, a logical level where, you know, a human mind could comprehend it. Why didn't they include Enoch in the Old Testament? Same reason that the bishops in the 4th century didn't include the Gospel of James or the Gospel of Thomas in their New Testament. See, these were the guys who had control and created the Bible as we know it.

Book of Enoch has seven heavens. It tells you how there are other beings. In the Ascension of Isaiah, you go up through the heavens and it describes what's going on. There are different beings in each heaven. It's in the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha that you find the blatant possibilities of, I think, you know, beings, extraterrestrial beings, all kinds of beings from the heavens out there.

Religious construct is and has always been problematic for humanity. Always been used as a mechanism of control. Always. But that is not to say that the Gospel is not true. However, what we have to understand is that there has been a concerted effort to cover up the reality of the world before the flood of Noah, of that hybrid empire that existed in the pre-flood world. Hidden in the vaults beneath the Vatican is every evidence that if it were brought to light, the artifacts that they have, would absolutely confirm and verify the biblical narrative concerning the watchers, concerning the hybrid empire. But when I say a biblical narrative, a biblical paradigm, I'm speaking to something that most Christians across the earth have no clue about.

There's a thread of prophecy that goes from the first book to the last book, from Genesis to the Book of Revelation, and it's not what people think it is. Some of this has been obfuscated from the masses literally for thousands of years, and so people don't know that there's a prophetic thread that goes throughout the entire scope of Scripture, which is incredible and there's someone, call him God, that's outside space and time as we know it, and somehow can call out the end before the beginning and the beginning before the end, and he does it with great specificity. How is that possible? How is that possible? And, of course, no one knows where he came from. The apostles who have been with Yeshua, Jesus, for basically three years, their lives were suddenly turned upside down. So basically, you've got the 12 stooges with all due respect, but you've got the 12 stooges who are a bunch of illiterate fishermen, for the most part, that become the pillars of this new movement.

And the first day when Peter gets up, he's under the power of something which he's never had in his life before and that power is from the spirit of the living God, which has come into his life. That power has the power to change a person. I believe it's on the cellular level. I believe it's changing the DNA. What does that sound like to you? And I'm just gonna jump ahead here. We know from the abduction phenomenon that people are taken through windows, walls and ceilings.

When we go back and look at the biblical, prophetic narrative, we conceive that the same type of the manipulation of space time, matter and energy is taking place with those guys as it is in modernity. And that's a lot of food for thought in my opinion. It's exactly what happened in the Book of Enoch.

So when we take what we hear in modernity and we travel back in time to when Enoch was written and the biblical, prophetic narrative, this is what the fallen angels were doing. They were coming with technology, real technology that changed everything. And guess what? The quid pro quo was, we'll give you this technology, thousands of years ago, get this, if you give us access to the women. What does that sound like? That's right out of the abduction playbook. This is the biblical paradigm, and within the biblical paradigm is the story from the beginning to the end.

And everything that is happening on this planet, including the UFO phenomenon, including and especially the abduction phenomenon fits perfectly into that paradigm. The objective. The grand objective of what's called the great plan in the occult is to seat the man of sin on the throne of dominion over this planet.

Dark ancient power, highly malevolent, highly charged, brilliant but demented, which is driving this whole narrative to one point. We're moving into what the technological world calls the hybrid age. The hybrid age represents a time on earth in which human beings are going to merge with their technology. We're gonna merge with our machines.

That's one aspect of the hybrid age, the singularity, the point at which artificial intelligence becomes conscious, self-aware. But also the hybrid age refers to the genetic revolution. The question is why? What are the ramifications? What are the implications of humanity losing the genetic trademarks of what makes us human? What is the truth? The truth is that God spoke everything into existence. We've abandoned that because that's way too supernatural and we've called on to Darwinism, which is just a theory which has never been proven.

The biblical narrative says that everything we produce is according to its kind. So we've led from the truth into this theory, manmade theory and we've hold on to that which is now sacrosanct in both the scientific and the academic community. I mean, there's no doubt about that.

The world runs on Darwin. It does. That's the prevailing paradigm. So he sends this strong delusion.

People will believe a lie. This is the great deception. When they show up, they will have two things. The first thing is, they'll have the free energy which changes the planet. Everybody goes, "Hooray!" It's the Trojan Horse. The second thing they'll do is they'll have a little implant and they'll say, "Guess what folks, take this implant.

"It's a DNA upgrade, "and you'll live three to 500 years, disease-free." The trouble is, there's a Scripture in the biblical prophetic narrative, which talks about specifically a mark that you'll take that you won't be able to buy, sell or trade but the consequences of taking that mark are very, very severe. And you wind up in a very bad place because you take that mark. That mark, I believe, changes the host's DNA.

You become a modern-day Nephilim. You become the seed of the serpent because it changes your DNA. They... Their seed will mingle with the seed of man. They will not cleave to them. Absolutely. Absolutely.

And I find that completely and utterly chilling and very sobering. NARRATOR: Three opposing end games, yet all share a common thread. Extraterrestrials exist, they've been interacting with humans for ages, and they've been conducting hybrid experiments.

So which came first? The existence of aliens or the mythos surrounding them? Did we fabricate belief constructs? Or did they evolve from actual events shared over generations? Even more important, if this is all true, why such an effort to misdirect the masses and who is manipulating the message? The modern UFO era began in the 1940s, producing decades of evidence suggesting the existence of advanced extraterrestrial beings. Many have asked and continue to ask, how much does the government and military know about ETs and the alien agenda? And if we've indeed made contact, is our government complicit in covering it up? The governments of the world have known about these advanced beings, these aliens coming to this planet for a very long time. We're talking about all the way back into the 1920s. This is what kind of set Hitler on his path to go discover some of these ancient technologies via ancient scripts and text, visiting Tibet, talking to monks and everything else, trying to figure out how to create these advanced anti-gravity type of craft and also weapons, the wonder weapon and all sorts of stuff he wanted to develop. So this goes back a very long time.

America knew well about it. This is why we wanted to go and get all their scientists. People think Project Paperclip was just a couple of hundred people or less to 1,600 Nazis that we've brought to America and put them in prominent positions of power almost immediately, put them in control of different technologies, different biology systems, the space program, even the CIA as well.

And I think the end game for the United States military or the military industrial complex as a whole is to be able to be number one in space because whoever controls space controls this planet. Historically, we know that President Harry Truman, he was the guy on the scene in 1947 and right up to beginning of '53. Harry Truman was briefed on a quarterly basis, at the very least, on UFOs. We know that the entire upper echelon of the defense community and the CIA were deeply concerned about UFOs.

This is not speculation. We know that through the Eisenhower years of the '50s, that deep level of concern continued while at the same time, they're telling the public, nothing to see here. Keep it moving, people. We've got it.

No, it wasn't true. In the classified world, it was not true. They were deeply concerned about this.

So they were lying. In the '90s, the British government, the ministry of defense, where I worked, we made a conscious decision to replace UFO with UAP. Not with the public, not with the media. That was never our intention.

But internally. Our reason was this, We wanted to reframe the debate, we wanted to get away from the pop culture baggage, and we wanted to destigmatize it. Conversely, if you want to escalate it, all you've got to do is stick in the word "threat." The way I see it all is that it's very much compartmentalized.

So you got these multiple projects dealing with various aspects of extraterrestrial life in technology, and what they do is they cover that secret project or that classified black project with a less classified project that deals with more conventional technologies. And so that's the cover. And so that way, if anyone snoops around into that topic, they immediately run into the problem that they are now enquiring about a classified program. And if they learned anything about that classified program, the state can come at them with a lot of heavy penalties.

So that's the kind of security mechanism in place. This is very much a US-driven project, even though there are major allies like Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, that are very much involved with what the US has been doing and from the get-go would be involved with Space Force. Then you got other major nations like Russia, France, China, that are watching all this very, very closely.

And they're gonna be doing their own indigenous efforts to replicate what the US is doing. But eventually, there will be some high level degree of cooperation between these different national space forces that are being created. When we say the government, we've got to be careful, the government is massive. It's a big labyrinth that's got a lot of money in there and many different competing departments and lots of classified places within which to hide.

And we have to ask, "Does it act as a unified entity or not?" And the answer is it doesn't. Private corporations that have a tremendous amount of power over the government, and it looks to me, that what we have is private companies using government protection for their activities. This is what I think. So you could say the government knows. But problem is, is the information within government agencies or is it proprietary in corporate entities? It's a messy system, but it looks to me that there is an element of where the government is involved, but we don't really have control over our system and we don't really understand our system. Way after decades of trying to downplay all this and kind of disparage it, have we seen the narrative flip 180 degrees? And why are people now talking this up? And when I say people, I mean the military, the government, not the UFO community.

In one sense, what better way than to get it into the paper of record? And, of course, we all know what happened next. The subject transitioned out of the fringe into the mainstream because The New York Times was quickly followed by The Washington Post, by Politico, and by most of the major TV networks and that, to me, and again, I look at this as somebody who's done this sort of thing myself, it smacks to me of a sophisticated media manipulation campaign where you want to get across a message. Now, whether it's the government doing this, or whether it's people who did it for the government but are now out of government and in the private sector, is open for debate. So there are fingerprints over this, but we're not entirely sure, I think, whose fingerprints they are.

NARRATOR: Testimony from courageous ex-military personnel confirms government involvement in several top secret programs related to or in partnership with ETs. Clifford Stone, Dan Sherman and Lyn Buchanan each did what they were told. By following orders, they were ultimately manipulated by the government they served.

Once exposed to the realities, Stone, Sherman and Buchanan no longer questioned the existence of ETs. A sergeant in the US Army, Clifford Stone was involved in Project Moon Dust, a military operation charged with recovering UFO craft and extraterrestrial biological entities. As part of this unit, he was given access to an official guide book containing information on 57 types of EBEs known to the military. Forgive me if I get emotional, but, you know, I had things happen to me in my life.

And these things I carried with me to the military and the military used me for certain things. Because of these events have occurred. What they called an interfacer.

They couldn't teach that. They have to find people who have been chosen by our visitors to be followed throughout their entire life. And these people were the ones that would have to go ahead and interface. That means actually communicate with our visitors at crash sites.

And one of the biggest problems I had... We always, you know, if we captured some, we would say, &quo

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