ENG SUB【我们这十年】第33集:砺剑 | 郭晓东、曹曦文主演 | Our Times EP33: Sharpening the Sword

ENG SUB【我们这十年】第33集:砺剑 | 郭晓东、曹曦文主演 | Our Times EP33: Sharpening the Sword

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[Our Times] [Sharpening the Sword] [Episode 1] ["Sharpening the Sword-2022" joint military exercise command hall] Now, I'm announcing the launch of "Sharpening the Sword-2022" joint military exercise. [Chen Jianfeng, commander of the Red Army] Give orders to all combat troops. The ground force is ready.

The navy force is ready. The air force is ready. The rocket force is ready. The strategic support force is ready.

Go ahead with the plan, bomb the enemy's command centers, airfields, radar stations and correspondent nodes. The remaining enemy aircraft are trying to hit us in the air. I'll order the fighter jets to fight. Do it.

Yes, sir. 11 enemy aircraft are all destroyed by me. Keep covering in the air. Yes, sir.

Long-range rocket launchers, be ready for fire assault. Yes, sir. Get in the water. Long-range rocket launchers keep striking. Drones watch from the skies. The fleet guards the target waters.

Report. A foreign fleet is sailing toward our exercise area, attempting to interfere and threaten our troops. Over. Keep monitoring the foreign fleet's movement. It's approaching us, which becomes a dangerous threat to our troops. Continue to carry out the drill plan.

Activate emergency protocol. Be ready to fight. The day has finally come. Can the army fight and win wars when the Party and the people need it? Every day for the last 10 years, Chen Jianfeng has been answering this unforgettable question of winning wars.

[10 years ago, 2013. Beimo mountain training field "Quenching" series confrontation drill] Judging from the exercise, the conducting department decided the main forces of the Red Army were all destroyed. The Blue Army wins.

This is the Blue Army's 9th straight win. Red Army, do you have anything to say? Report, sir. It's not fair. Tell me why not. According to the drill plan, the Red Army attacks and the Blue Army defends. They didn't follow the rules.

They attacked us at night first. Blue Army, how would you respond to that? There's a saying in military theory. The best defense is a good offense. We analyzed the Red Army. After all the air attacks and ground assaults, they lost a lot of men and weapons. And they were exhausted.

The strength on both sides has changed. We were capable of attacking and occupying their main forces. The battle is the fairest judge. You felt it was not fair, because you thought of the Blue Army as a friendly army to cooperate with your exercise.

Who's the Blue Army? It's a powerful, cunning and unscrupulous enemy with modern weaponry and equipment. Will the enemy wait for you to attack in actual combat? We do everything for real combat. We must always regard combat capability as the sole criterion. Eliminate any peacetime ills. Get rid of the ways of drills. It's the only way to fight and win wars when the Party and the people need us the most.

Report. Come in. Yes, sir.

Army commander, commissar. - Sit. - Yes, sir. Chen Jianfeng. Here! The army's Party leadership has decided to name you acting commander of the Tiger Regiment. Hand over your job and take the post at once. Yes, sir.

Am I going to take Commander Song's place? Song Jingming? Song Jingming was severely punished because he lied about a military training and he made other mistakes. He's been deposed. Shame! For two years, Tiger Regiment became weak under his leadership. You're the main force of our headquarters. You're sophisticated and capable. I don't want to let you go.

But you came from Tiger Regiment. I believe you know it better than others. Bring the Tiger back to me after you take the post. Do you have the will? Yes. Good. That's what I want. I've got a military meeting.

Commissar Kong will tell you about other things. Yes, sir. [The battle starts tonight.]

We agreed to be here by 12:00. Look at the time. It's 1 p.m. We haven't seen him.

That's the director of the training section. [Chang Sheng, deputy commander] Deputy commander Chang, you should be nice when Commander Chen is here. [Wang Wen Tao, commissar] Don't say anything bad for solidarity. Commissar Wang, I'm doing it for work.

I got many things to do this afternoon. When will we finish the meal? 1st battalion commander. What? Okay. I got it. Thank you. Commander Chen has already arrived. He didn't come here but went straight to visit the companies. He's gone now.

He's probably here soon. Sorry! I'm late. Welcome Commander Chen to the post. Okay. Sit. Sit.

Sorry to keep you waiting. Nice. It's quite a feast. However, I don't think it's enough. Director Chen, you've seen everything when you were with the army commander. You don't like our food.

Deputy commander Chang means... It's okay. I'll get you some different food. And while you can see something.

I've got it ready for you. It's outside. Come on. What? Angle for fame. Play to the gallery.

Commissar, I suggest we have a meeting here after the meal. The troops are under intense exercise. But we're talking about trifles here.

Commander Chen, I've decided to inspect the exercise today. I have to take off. I'm leaving. Chang.

Sit down. Fine. I'll inspect the exercise with you after the meeting.

Chang Sheng, in my opinion, the food is not just about the lower-level commanders' interests. It's about the army's morals. We can't achieve anything if we're not righteous. Chen Jianfeng, you're making a big deal out of it. You exaggerate the danger. Take a look, everyone.

This is a photo of the 2nd company commander eating lunch at home. He ignored the company's daily regime. He always eats and drinks at home. And there is something more serious. Here are some records that I found on the ledger of the 2nd Company's canteen.

Take a look. [Records about the consumption of food] This is outrageous! Cadres of the 2nd Company must be adjusted and reorganized. As the commissar, I have an ineluctable responsibility for that. Commissar, it's not your fault. You raised more than once to check the accounts on the standing committee.

But it didn't pass. Song Jingming is more to blame. We'll talk about it later. I want to deal with the root instead of the surface. I have a few suggestions.

Let's discuss that. First, cancel the small canteen for regimental leaders. Except for holidays, regimental leaders eat at the mess hall separately. Second, build canteens in battalions. Third, we'll ask the logistics to purchase food.

You can express your opinions. I don't agree to cancel the cafeteria. We didn't establish the canteen to make an exception for leaders, but to make it easy for work. We all know regimental commanders are busy. They got different things to do.

Hard to gather them to have a meeting. With this small canteen, they got more chances to meet each other. They can work things out over a meal.

Deputy commander Chang has got a point. With a small canteen, we can take care of older commanders who have poor health. Take the commissar, he's had a stomach bug for so long.

A small canteen is not a special treat. Yeah. I agree with Jianfeng.

My stomach bug is not a big deal. I can eat at the mess hall. Commander, I now suggest we vote on whether to close the small canteen. Every comrade can express his opinion. Commissar, what do you think? Chang Sheng, don't always try to set difficult problems.

It's harmful to solidarity. Wang Wentao, I'm just expressing my opinion. I can't even offer an opinion. You two officers decide it. And that's it. I got it.

The main question is about whether to cancel the small canteen. Chang Sheng asked us to vote on it. I agree with him. However, before we vote, I'd like to take you someplace.

We all know Tiger Regiment is a heroic army that has a glorious history and great feats. Whether in the battle order of the Red Army, the Eighth Route Army, or the PLA, it's always a righteous and invincible army that strikes fear into the enemy. Now, this army is in our hands. But how did we do? For military exercises, for army conduct, and for equipment management, even for food in the cafeteria our regiment falls behind the whole group army. Facing these 312 martyrs' names on the wall, and 986 pioneers who sacrificed for the country without leaving their names, aren't we ashamed? Aren't we dishonored? Let's look at this regimental flag with smoke and fire, 103 bullet holes and the martyrs' blood. Are we against the martyrs' trust? Are we against the elder generation's hope? Of course, a vote on whether to cancel the canteen doesn't matter.

All that matters is if every one of us takes every time of expressing ourselves as contributions to get Tiger Regiment back on its feet and make it a first-class main force. If someone just fights for some space and a say before me, the deputy party secretary and acting regimental commander, or even, someone just follows the old routine and messes around, unwilling to do something good for military building, then please, ask yourself in front of the martyrs' names and our regimental flag before raising your hand. Let's vote on it. Hands up if you say yes. Step! Halt! Turn right! 4th company commander. Here! Stop! All stand up! At ease! Attention! Commander, 4th company of the 2nd battalion is doing target practice.

Your orders. I'm Wujun, the company commander. - Go on. - Yes, sir. Count! Target 1, 2 out of 10. Fail. Target 2, 6 out of 10. Excellent.

Target 3, 4 out of 10. Good. Target 4, 7 out of 10. Excellent. - 4th Company commander. - Here! What's going on? You're not doing well.

How could there be an "F"? Ashamed! Do you know what the problem is? We don't have a solid foundation. We get the jitters. To put it plainly, it exposes the disconnect between combat and training. If we don't strengthen real combat training, winning wars is just empty talk. - Get me a clip. - Yes, sir.

Change the paper. Reload! Count! Target 1, 3. Target 2, also 3.

Target 3, 3. Target 4, 1. Deputy commander Chang, 10 out of 10.

Great. How's it? Commander Chen. Why not try? Show them how it's done. I've heard a lot about your military skills in the training section.

My average shooting grades are good. I won't do it. - 4th Company commander. - Here! - Go ahead. - Yes, sir. Go on. Go.

March! Let's check other training fields. Our cadres' shooting grades are at the bottom of the whole group army. You're in charge of training. You must get the grades up. Prone position.

Mostly because it's hard to gather the cadres. They all have their own things. I can't get them together.

You arrange it. I'll be in the lead and see who dares not come. Yes, sir. Stand up! Deputy commander Chang, even if my grades are better than yours, it doesn't mean anything. What do you think? I'm in charge of training. I'm responsible for everyone's scores of the whole regiment.

My job is to get the grades up. Exactly right. Now, the whole army is going on a boom of real combat training.

I'm the commander, and you're the deputy commander. If we can't improve our combat capability, no matter how great our military skills are, we fail at our job. ♫ I'm responsible for making my nation stronger ♫ ♫ I'm marching valiantly toward triumph ♫ ♫ I'm a solider in the new era ♫ ♫ I have an iron will of fighting ♫ ♫ This willpower runs in my blood ♫ ♫ The military spirit leads my direction ♫ ♫ Stick to my aspiration and mission ♫ ♫ The faith will never lose its power ♫ ♫ The military spirit leads my direction ♫ ♫ Stick to my aspiration and mission ♫ ♫ The faith will never lose its power ♫ ♫ Please review the troops, our motherland ♫ ♫ Please review the troops, our great party ♫ ♫ Please review the troops, our heroic people ♫ ♫ Issue an order and we'll win the battle ♫ That's all for the point and the purpose of real combat training. The next thing I want to say is, since Chen Jianfeng has been our deputy party secretary and acting commander for a month, the spirits of our regiment and our working style have changed dramatically. One of the words I've most admired about him is we can't achieve anything if we're not righteous.

Our combat ability will be double if we're upright. Now, while the spirit of our entire regiment is getting better, we must take the results of our training. Win first place in the group army contest. Get a qualification to enter the confrontation drill. And being fierce in the confrontation drill.

Win in Beimo mountain. Defeat the Blue army. Do you have confidence? Yes.

Good. Next, let's hear it from Commander Chen. Comrades, what I want to say is, I didn't change Tiger Regiment, but got it back with all of you.

This tiger took a nap that it shouldn't have. Now, the tiger is awake. It's going to be King of all animals.

I have one more thing to say. To make combat capability standards solid and real, it depends on who thinks of wars first. No matter how tough or how harsh the training is, compared to the elder generation who fought and died in the history of our regiment, it's nothing.

Do you think so? Yes. This is the mighty army of the Tiger Regiment. Now I kick off the real combat training. All units start training. Don't disband the army. Every one! At ease! Attention! Commissar, Tiger Regiment is having a real combat training mobilization meeting.

Your orders. Comrades, Commissar Yao and I have heard your vows on the mobilization meeting. It's great and inspirational. Today, Commissar Yao and I are here to carry out an order to cheer you up. Commissar Yao, please. The army's Party leadership has decided to appoint Chen Jianfeng commander of Tiger Regiment of the 2nd Division of A Group Army.

Comrades, I need to make one thing very clear. For a commander who's devoted to wars and obsessed with trying to lead you, you must try to make him proud. And don't embarrass the group army. The army commander asked me to bring you a message.

You must bring the forbidding military back to the group army. Comrades, are you confident? Yes! Good. Leaders of the group army and the 2nd Division trust you.

Commander Chen. Here! - Say something. - Yes, sir. I'm making a promise here.

I won't leave Tiger Regiment until I bring its former glory back, win first place in the group army race, and defeat the arrogant Blue Army on the confrontation drill. Great. The Chinese Dream inspires hundreds of millions of soldiers and civilians to rejuvenate the nation. Building a strong army has become a resounding statement of inspiring officers and soldiers to keep moving forward. This has set a new course for the people's army.

Hence, Tiger Regiment, this powerful army with a glorious history, merges into a surging current that forges modern troops. Come on, faster. Faster. Come on. Faster.

Faster. What I'm most concerned about now is the communication unit. The only reason the Blue army can't be beaten is because they take full advantage of ECM tactics, which interferes with our communication digital command.

I'm in charge of training. It's just like you said, there are many shortcomings. There's a special soldier in the communication squad.

Wang Zixin? Yeah. That's him. He's called Prince in the squad. His father is a businessman. His family is rich. His father usually cares less about him.

He'd be hit and scolded when his father was angry. His mother spoiled him. Later, he got into some trouble in society. His parents made the hard choice to send him to the army.

However, he made up his mind to go home in two years. It seems he just got a passing grade in the training. He did it on purpose. On purpose? He's smart and strong. He learns everything quickly.

He can drive motorcycles and cars. Especially motorcycles, he can do a lot of stunts. He can drive motorcycles? He can even repair them. By the way, he can use drones. He's skilled at manipulating them. He got many strengths.

But how can we make use of his strengths? He offered to go to the recon unit several times. I was thinking that, I'd rather send him to the recon unit than let him waste his life in the army. The recon platoon leader likes him. This kid has some thoughts. Recon unit? You can't just send him there. Or you'll spoil him.

He should go through suffering. Since his performance has affected the company's work, we have to take it seriously. Well, let's start the meeting. I'll go to see him after the meeting.

Come on. Let's start. Okay. Commander, you're almost right about that. You know what, I don't care what my dad said about me. Anyway, since I was a kid, he either hit or scolded me when he met me. [Wang Zixin] Lately, my girlfriend has been bothering me every day.

It's strange. And my mother, she defended my girlfriend. Is she my mom or my girlfriend's mom? That's a small thing. It's not important. What is important is I'll tell you something about me.

Commander, you even ask me for something? Okay, say it. I'll do what I can do. Well, I know you're not well. I permit you to sleep on the bedboard for three months. You're out of drills and training. You just find a place to live in the medical unit.

I'll take you as a sick man. In this way, you won't affect your squad's grades. And I don't have to worry about your squad.

You can do that, right? No way. Why not? Well, commander, it's boring to sleep on the bedboard for three months. I'd be bored to death. Besides, I just stay here for two years. I finally met a military exercise.

If you don't let me join it, I'd feel embarrassed before my buddies when I get home. Just brag. Tell them you took part in it. Anyway, they don't know.

No. There are many soldiers from my hometown here. They'd expose me. Wang Zixin. Then I can do nothing about it. If we can't get the grades up, we can only watch other regiments take part in the drill. Our whole regiment has to stay and watch here.

If you were me, what would you do? I see, commander. You're forcing me to improve my grades. Okay. You'll see. One month, within one month, I'll get excellent grades in all subjects. If I fail, you just cross out my name and draw an "X" behind it.

Can I take your word for it? Can I trust you? You don't trust me? It's not a question of belief. I'll believe it when I see it. Understand? Commander.

I'm going to show you now. Wait. If you can improve your grades, I'll promise you two things. One, I promise your girlfriend and your parents will defend you. And they won't bother you.

And two, I'll give you a big gift. What big gift? It's a secret for now. There's a condition if you want to get it. You should fight for the honor of the soldiers sincerely.

You can't just do it to prove yourself. - Go. - Yes, sir. Lately, many new soldiers stood out. Times and our men have changed.

We must change our ideological and political education. I suggest giving commendations to all soldiers. Ask the political office to send the citations to the soldiers' parents. In the meantime, let the publicity section take photos of soldiers in training. Make sure they're righteous and mighty, okay? It'll be better if they're covered with mud. Just send the photos to their homes.

Okay, I'll do it at once. Prone position. Who's in charge over there? Next one, be ready. Turn right.

Go! Move faster! Report! I need to talk to the commander. Go. Commander. Commander. I'd like to say a few words to you.

What's it? Say. All changed. You've changed all.

What changed? Make it clear. My father never said anything nice about me since I was a kid. He said that I was his good son after he received my citation and photos. He said he was too excited to sleep. And my mom, she never allowed me to go to the army before. Now she said the army was good.

And my girlfriend, she said she wanted... Com... Commander... I won't tell you the secret whispers. Anyway, she's proud of having a heroic soldier as her boyfriend. Her classmates and girlfriends all envy her. And I've gotten closer to the monitor and the comrades in the squad.

Commander, you're amazing. Commander, tell me. What else do you want me to do? I'll do my best. - Are you done? - Yeah.

Wang Zixin, one stroke to the left and another to the right can be a Chinese character "eight" or "person". If you want to get some respect, firstly, you got to work hard for it. Understand? It's okay if you can't see now. Go back and think about it.

- Fall in. - Yes, sir. A respectable man. He made real progress. This Wang Zixin is interesting. Chen, that's what you want. Now, I think you can send him to the recon unit.

Let the recon platoon leader train him. Play to his strengths. You know what, tell the military affairs section about the dispatch. This is the big gift I give him. Shoot from a kneeling position.

Shoot from a standing position. Shoot from a prone position. Shoot from a standing position. Grades for the technical exam of all units of the entire regiment are out.

How's it? Well... uh... Come on, say it. Is it not good? Well, please rest assured. All units meet the standard. None of them failed. Good.

But, but the excellence rate is a little bit short. How much? What's our ranking? Look, we've worked hard for it day and night for three months. Why is the excellence rate a little bit short? 8.2% to go. Then it's 100%. That means the rate is 91.8%. 91.8%,

this score must rank first in the army. Of course. Come on, commissar Wang. I want it to be 100%.

The commander doesn't allow us to drink. Let's drink tea to that. Come on, take your cups. Come on. Okay.

Let's toast to that. - Here. - Drink. Cheers! - Here, drink. - Cheers! Here. Applause! Comrades, we get this flag with tons of sweat from our whole regiment. It's a recognition and encouragement for our achievements in training a while ago.

However, it's just a qualification to enter the race. Comrades, what's our next mission? Win in Beimo mountain! Defeat the Blue Army! Win in Beimo mountain! Defeat the Blue Army! Win in Beimo mountain! Defeat the Blue Army! Sharp blades come from solid rocks. Only the Blue Army is hard and tough enough can it force the Red Army to be a great army.

The opponent of our next stage is determined. Tiger Regiment of A Group Army. [Beimo mountain, the Blue Army command] Chen Jianfeng, the commander. Wang Wentao, the commissar. Chen Jianfeng is very meticulous. His command capability is excellent. He's an opponent that we can't ignore.

As requested, [Feng Jun, commander of the Blue Army] A Group Army will strengthen all forces for Tiger Regiment. After that, its manpower is larger than ours, and it has more firepower than us. At present, after real combat training, Tiger Regiment's military skills and spirits prevailed. This Tiger Regiment is a threat to us. The first feature of the Blue Army is they're familiar with the terrain. For them, Beimo mountain is their yard.

To make up for this shortcoming, the headquarters made this sand table. I require every cadre of the whole regiment to keep this sand table in your mind according to the topographical map. The second one is, the Blue Army's ECM capability is still better than ours. They'll use this advantage to jam our communication and detection systems. We should not only improve the communication and the recon unit's anti-jamming ability and the ECM capability, but also be ready for using the traditional communication detection measures to handle adverse conditions.

♫ This letter is to those who write stories in their daily life ♫ ♫ About how they live their ordinary life ♫ ♫ Who is waiting for the stars you pursued ♫ ♫ About your companions, days and nights ♫ ♫ About you and your city ♫ ♫ You are holding a lamp for love on a misty ferry ♫ ♫ Even storms haven't defeated your earnestness ♫ ♫ The simple and young souls run barefoot wildly ♫ ♫ About the father's eye contacts ♫ ♫ About the ticket back to his hometown ♫ ♫ The growth rings of big trees are granted by each beam of light♫ ♫ About how beautiful the stories are ♫ ♫ We are all on this path together ♫ ♫ The moon shines upon mountains and rivers ♫ ♫ Knowing where I come from and where to go ♫ ♫ To go further to catch bigger waves ♫ ♫ For the past ten years, we are side by side on this path ♫ ♫ Write the splendid stories with the glows of fireflies ♫

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