ENG SUB【我们这十年】第31集:西乡明月 | 王雷、杨烁主演 | Our Times EP31: The Bright Moon in Xixiang

ENG SUB【我们这十年】第31集:西乡明月 | 王雷、杨烁主演 | Our Times EP31: The Bright Moon in Xixiang

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[Our Times] [The Bright Moon in Xixiang] [Episode 3] You're a beast! Zhang Mei. Don't connive at him. Don't look at me. Just call the police. Tell them he raped you. Let him stay in prison all his life.

No, dad. Wait. Why did you beat me? Why did I beat you? Don't you know? I don't know. Do you know what you did to Zhang Mei? Apologize to her! Why? You...

Last night, we stayed together. I drank a bit of wine. I thought we loved each other, so...

Zhou Daqi! You're a beast! Zhang Mei. I'll call 110. Don't care about him.

Call 110? Yes. OK. Do you have any evidence? If not, I can offer.

Do you have evidence? OK. You're aged. Or your blood pressure will rise. Is that you? What did you shoot? Wait. Stop.

I shot nothing but our warm moments. Daqi. Give me! Delete it! Give me the phone! Look carefully. Zhou Daqi! Turn off! I've turned it off. Dad. Now you shall judge if I sexually harassed her.

Zhang Mei. I have an idea. I post it online and let everyone judge. You! Don't go too far! Out! Out! Zhang Mei. Zhang Mei, sit down. Sit down.

Zhang Mei. It turns out that Daqi really loves you. He was so anxious that he did that. If the affair is spread, your reputation will be damaged. Or... Why not disguise a major accident as a minor one? Turn a bad thing into a good one.

Do you agree? No. Zhang Mei. Well... Zhang Mei.

I know you're angry. Listen. We have a sincere intention. We can help you seize the position of the village secretary let Daqi marry you and hold a great wedding ceremony. Do you agree? I don't need it.

If you go, how will your grandma live? Zhang Mei. Your grandma has food, shelter and is well taken care of in the nursing home. If you go, your grandma may... Comrades.

The Central Supervision Group was stationed in Hanbei Province yesterday and held a special supervision meeting. Now let me convey the core ideas. The supervision of battles against gang crimes is a powerful tool to promote the in-depth special campaign and a major measure to implement the decisions and deployment of the Party Central Committee. Focus on key cases to eliminate networks and umbrellas. From now on, all vacations are canceled. Wait for the notification of actions.

The Central Supervision Group came here with great determination. We've decided to list the case of Zhou Jihai and Zhou Daqi as a key case and strive for the supervision of Central Committee. I've read the materials on Zhoujiawan you collected.

It's good in general, but not enough. Some evidence is not strong. Some evidence is not relevant. Use the time to cooperate with the two-level judicial agencies to collect more evidence to make full preparations for our following pulling-in-the-net action. Yes.

Bro. Here he comes. Xueming.

You're so busy. I thought the lunch may turn into dinner. Don't beat about the bush. Let's call a spade a spade. I'd like to exchange our positions.

Let Zhang Mei be the village secretary and you shall be the village director. Do you agree? It's not up to me. It doesn't matter. I just need your agreement. Of course, I'm here to show my good faith.

Look. Xiji Group won the demolition bid for the Xixiang Building. It's a project worth several hundred million yuan. I'll give you five percent of the shares.

Do you agree? I'll write off all our old scores. Zhou Daqi. You finally admit that you beat me.

I ask you the last time. Do you agree? Demolition is not an easy job. Can you really do it? All families in Zhoujiawan have added more floors.

Dare you tear down your aunt's hotel? I serve my country. I can even dig my ancestral graves, let alone a hotel. OK.

If you can disown all your relatives and friends, I'll admit you're stronger than your father. It's a project worth several hundred million yuan. I'll give you five percent of the shares. That's all I've recorded.

How can Zhang Mei marry Zhou Daqi? Zhang Mei is the Sorority Director of our village and has a college diploma. When Zhou Daqi was released from prison, he started demolition. He is forcing people in Zhoujiawan out. If Zhang Mei colludes with him, how will people in Zhoujiawan judge her? How will she work? And Liu Xiaocui.

Liu Xiaocui has fallen in love with Zhou Daqi for years. Wait. I will investigate.

Well. Keep this watch and go back. I... Go back? Shall I drive you home? No, thanks.

Safety first. I have the equipment. Hello. It's me. The Central Committee is supervising here. You should keep a low profile.

And... Cheng Guanghui has joined the provincial Anti-Gang Office. OK. OK. Come here.

Be quiet. Let me introduce him. This is Cheng Guanghui from the provincial criminal investigation team.

He officially joins us today. Welcome! Guanghui. You've done a good job these years. The case of Zhoujiawan has become a key case in our province. I want to see who their umbrella is. I only gave the recording of the tire store owner to the Anti-Gang Office.

How did Zhou Daqi know it? They must have nepotism. Calm down. Take it easy. Now you've returned. Those who can infiltrate the anti-gang office are not ordinary people. Guanghui.

Let's work together. When these umbrellas appear, they are upright, righteous, and speak in excitement. Chief Zhang.

After we go back, help me find out all the cases related to Zhoujiawan these years. I'll go through them again. OK. He throws himself into the trap.

It's the best chance to arrest him. We meet on a narrow path. Guanghui, what should we do? Did Cheng Guanghui change his mind after he worked in the Provincial Department? I don't think so.

Just at the intersection, his car was head-to-head with mine. I didn't expect that he made way for me. Do you think it's strange? He made way for you.

It means he's not afraid of you. Why? He will deal with you. How dare he? Cheng Guanghui returned with the granted power. The Central Government has made great efforts battling against gang crimes this time. They won't leave unless they succeed.

You should also show good respect for him. We have an umbrella. We don't have to be afraid of him. It's not just my thought. All of us are afraid of the action this time.

You'd better go. I've had a bad relationship with him since childhood. It'll be no use if I go. You must go.

Even if you are omnipotent, you have to bend down this time. I understand that. I'm afraid that he won't accept my good respect. Apart from good respect, you must give him something else. This one.

Have a look. Is it a kitchen? This is the master bedroom. Don't run around. Slow down! Don't worry. Ms. Zhang. Ms. Zhang.

That's Hanbei Experimental Primary School, isn't it? Yes. It is difficult to buy a house in this community, mainly because it is newly built by the largest real estate company in Hanbei Province. Dad. Ms. Zhang chose a good house for us, right?

Shall I leave the big bedroom facing south for you? It's a good house. It must be expensive. Uncle. The company in Zhoujiawan is responsible for the area where your house is demolished. Secretary Zhou heard that Guanghui lives in the provincial capital and wanted to improve the housing condition, so he specially asked friends of the real estate company to offer you this house. They offered you a 30% discount.

30%? Thank you. Guanghui is blessed to have classmates like you. Guanghui. You have been working in the station. If you don't care about your family, your wife will be angry.

Don't worry. My dad has come. He helps us take care of our son. I remember the house will be demolished.

Why not have a look? As for housing, I listen to my wife. I don't care where I live. It'll be OK if she is happy.

Jie. Hello, Guanghui. We've found our new house. It's a school district house.

Our son will enter Hanbei Experimental Primary School. It's great. You've found the house? What school district house? How much per square meter? Don't think about it. Can you come? Hurry up. I... Hurry up.

OK. Send me the location. I'm coming. Did you give them the key to the house? OK. You won't come? OK.

Dad. Zhang Mei shouldn't come. She will put on a long face.

We just need someone to break the ice and pour wine. Xiaocui can do that. Foolish! Today's guest is Director Guan. Xiaocui is just a village girl.

She is not decent enough. You just need to accompany your old classmate tonight. We must use the power of Director Guan to suppress him and make him surrender. As long as he surrenders, nothing will be difficult. Dad.

It's a good idea. But I'm afraid he won't buy it. You'll lose the bait along with the fish. Shut up. Let's go to welcome Director Guan.

[Zhiyin Shangyan] Director Guan. Come here. This way, please. Hello.

At the big table. I know. Wait. Where is it? Inside.

Dad. Shall we enter in advance? Let's wait for Guanghui. Where is it? Come here. Guanghui. Why are you here? Aren't you looking for a house? We've finished.

Zhang Mei, your classmate in high school, showed us around. Then she directly led us here and said we shall have dinner together. I think I should thank her. Together with who? I don't know. But I saw Zhou Daqi go upstairs with his father. There also seems to be a leader.

Listen. You should thank Secretary Zhou. He... Wait. Where's the key? Guanghui.

Have we caused you any trouble? Sir, this way. Guanghui. Guanghui. You...

Where are your wife, dad and son? Why don't they come in? If there's any problem with the house, just tell me. I am familiar with the developers. Come here. Secretary Zhou.

Guanghui. Here you come. Director Guan.

How will we sit? You shall take the seat of honor. If I sit there, I'll pay the bill. Since it's your treat, you should sit there and pay the bill. Come on. Guanghui. We...

Come and take a seat. This way, please. Come here. Let's have dinner. Please. Just relax.

Come here. You've worked hard for a day. Sit down. Sit down. Come on.

You shall sit... Dad. Just listen to Director Guan. OK. Director Guan's words are the imperial edict.

OK. We must conscientiously implement them. Yes. Not that serious. I'm flattered. Guanghui is my little bro.

Let's just have dinner. Yes. Let Guanghui relax. Yes.

The provincial criminal police deal with major and important cases. I'm familiar with them. Yes. I know about it.

Yes. You're right. Their work burden is really heavy.

The people of Zhoujiawan are very conscious, and we will certainly solve their worries. Without the police, we can't live and work in peace and contentment. Yes.

Come on. Daqi is right. People's police! Come on. Here's to you, the people's police! Come on.

Come on. Guan. Zhou.

Your son has made great progress in the past two years. He is not as mischievous as he used to be. Yes. Under the guidance of the government, he has turned over a new leaf and gone on the right path.

- Good. - Thanks to you. Guanghui. You're old classmates. Remind him and help him do more good and practical deeds for society and the people. The police and people are one family. Have you heard? Come on.

Cheers. Good. Director Guan. We're not allowed to drink on weekdays. We have rules. Good.

Adhere to principles. Good comrade. Guanghui. You've been monitoring me.

Come on. Smell it. What's this? Guanghui. Director Guan has taught you another lesson.

When Director Guan goes out to eat on weekdays, he never drinks. He always drinks water instead of wine so that he won't hurt his friends but can clink glasses and have a chat. Guanghui.

You're the same as me. This time, can you clink glasses with me? Daqi. Guanghui. You need to change your mind and keep pace with the times. In your life, you can deicide your own fate.

Many leaders live in that community. The house is not just a house, but a circle. It seems that Secretary Zhou introduced houses to many leaders.

Who are they? Where do they live? Guanghui. I don't care about other circles. I only care about the classmate circle in which we know each other well. I used to be childish and offended you. I'm here to apologize to you. As long as you're with me, I'll try my best to do good deeds.

Yes. Cheers. Think twice about the house. Dad. The house is a piece of cake. If you're not satisfied, I can offer townhouses, single buildings and large flat floors.

I can look for a house with your wife tomorrow. I can also contract for decoration. What style do you prefer, Chinese, American or European? If you think a 30% discount is not enough, I can offer a lower price. Dad, is it OK? This house is 3 million yuan, which is 2.1 million yuan at a discount of 30%.

With the decoration, it's equivalent to giving me a million yuan. It's equivalent to sending me a prison. Guanghui.

Why do you think that way? I'm your friend so I offer you a discount. Shopping malls also offer discounts. Yes. Director Guan. You may have heard it just now.

Can I accept the house? House? Zhou. What's the matter? You can give warmth or care, but you must obey the rules. If you go too far, you'll be in trouble. You must be dignified and imposing and know integrity and shame.

As a policeman, I must be pure in mind and body and say no to corruption. Yes. This is an aphorism of the public security organization. You're great! So I won't drink the wine or the water.

Please respect me. I can help myself. Aunt.

Since you've moved, install an air conditioner. Too hot. It's a little hot these two days. My father has been quarreling with me all night. It's no use quarreling with me. I'm not the only one who has a say in the company.

I didn't set the rules alone. Demolition has rules. I can't be too partial to our family. I have reserved three houses for you. Sign the contract.

Three? Zhoujiawan Grand Hotel and this house. You give me three? That's not enough. I'll secretly give you two more houses. Secretly? It's not in the contract.

It doesn't count. You just need to write it down. You... Daqi. Your mother died in early years. I treat you as my own son.

Yes. When I was poor, I sold vegetables to buy bread for you. Do you remember? Aunt.

During these years, without me, your business shouldn't have been so great. I'm very busy. Daqi. - You shouldn't treat me in this way. - Sign it.

Sign it! In my entire life... What are you doing? Daqi, what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Daqi. You demolish my big house but you just give me 500,000 yuan. I can't even afford a resettlement house! Yes. Zhou Daqi!

We... I've cooked for you for years. How ruthless you are! - You betray all the people in Zhoujiawan! - Shut up! Shut up! Without my father, I shouldn't have offered you one more house. Don't you know that? You...

You're bullying us too much! I've told you this place is reserved for you. Why do you pack your things? Chief Zhang. He is suspended. He won't waste public resources. Come on, don't talk nonsense. Suspension is not dismissal.

You shall come back to work after the investigation is finished. Chief. It has been years since I beat him. But they brought it up again. Is it a coincidence? Of course not.

We all know who is the culprit. But at this time, you will encounter setbacks when you stick to fairness and justice. Guanghui, do you understand? Chief Zhang, I have a question. You always tell me that the moon in Xixiang will be round and bright. But where is the moon? When can the dark cloud be cleared? Guanghui, we need to do it step by step.

Haste makes waste. Chief Zhang. What happened? Many people called us. They all accused Zhou Daqi of forced demolition.

Strange. If people want to call the police, they should call the command center. Why did they directly scold us? What did you do? We printed and gave out contact cards to villagers. The contact number of our station is on them. Now they come in handy.

We need justice! Where's Cheng Guanghui? They've blocked the door. Look. I shall go downstairs. Let me reconcile. Let us come in! We're here to see Mr. Cheng.

Ask him to go downstairs. Mr. Cheng. Calm down. Take it easy. Stop shouting. It's too hot.

You shall ask a representative to tell me what happened. Making trouble will not solve the problem. Mr. Lin, we don't want to make trouble.

We just want to see Mr. Cheng. Yes. He is a good policeman. Why do you drive him away? Only Cheng can deal with Zhou Daqi. Zhou Daqi is afraid of him.

Yes! You're right. But it's a matter of internal affairs. Be quiet. Mrs. Zhou. Changshun. Mr. Cheng is on vacation.

I promise you that he will come back soon. Chief Zhang, it's not the case that we don't trust you. Good policemen have all left. Who can we trust now? Yes! Is there anyone that can deal with the matters of Zhoujiawan? Explain it! Mr. Cheng!

Don't leave us behind! Mr. Cheng! Hey, you! You are hiding here? I see. I pretend to be timid. But you're really timid.

Why not drink liquor? Just beer? Good for nothing. You have experienced great storms in the provincial department these years. Why are you not as strong as before? Did the weasel's fart make you dizzy? Take it easy. Good and evil will always be rewarded. More haste, less speed. Guanghui.

When there is only one step away from success, it is often the most difficult time. This is the time to test your willpower, endurance and concentration. As a policeman, don't forget your original intention and mission.

The original intention is to make you a policeman. The mission is to let you do the utmost job of the police. Understand? Today, I'm talking to you not as a leader. Your current leaders are all at the provincial level. As your elder bro, I'm talking with you out of concern.

Think carefully. My wife is waiting for me at home for dinner. You can't drive while drinking. Listen, Guanghui.

If you understand, come to me and get the key tomorrow. [Commencement Ceremony of Xixiang Hi-tech Zone Landmark Project] Without his efforts, our project could not have gone so smoothly. The Xixiang Building Project is a successful example of the District Party Committee and the District Government's cooperative development and transformation of the old city based on win-win cooperation for the future.

It has alerted provincial leaders. Shall I offer you a seat? Of course, I should come. You've done so many bad things. Zhoujiawan has been demolished. Many people want to beat you.

We've battled for years. I can't just stand by. I have to keep an eye on you to protect you. I follow the rules and the contract. Without my vigorous action, how can I get instant results? I'm trying to open up a new world in Xixiang. In case of heavy tasks...

Now let's welcome... Learn from you. ... outstanding private entrepreneur Zhou Daqi to the stage. It's my turn.

I have to go. You shall keep this umbrella. The National Anti-Gang Office held a press conference today to publicly release the upgraded intelligent reporting platform.

From now on, people only need to scan the special QR code to search for 12337 online or click the links on Wechat and Weibo official accounts such as China Peace, CCCPC and Chang'an Sword to log in to the platform conveniently and quickly to report the clues of gang crimes at any time and anywhere. Well. The central government takes it seriously? I have to call them right away to let them watch the news. Who are you calling? Are you still battling against Zhou Jihai and Zhou Daqi? Are you crazy? Do you want to die? If the central government really supports the people, I would rather sacrifice.

This time the situation is different. The chief leader did not attend today's groundbreaking ceremony. Perhaps he's heard some news. Come on. Listen. Have you watched Hanbei News? - Yes. - Yes.

What's your idea? We've watched the news. Are China Peace and Chang'an Sword reliable? Listen. I'll study all the specific reporting processes clearly and inform you of any update. But the top priority is that we must act immediately and report all the information we have on hand tonight.

Director. Does 12337 really work? We also want to know. That's why I asked you to come.

I think the good days of Zhou Jihai and Zhou Daqi in Zhoujiawan are over. Because the Central Supervision Group is already in Hanbei Province. This is our best chance. I think we should adopt a two-pronged approach. In addition to reporting, we have to make things big so that leaders will notice us.

Yes. That's monkey business. What if you're in trouble? We are not afraid of them because we have nothing left.

This is our last chance. Changshun, you shouldn't do that. I have an idea. We can make trouble in Zhou's house.

Yes. Aunt, you can make trouble. Listen.

Let the reporters all come. Make trouble in Zhou's house! Don't trouble anyone. In case of an accident, we will make trouble out of nothing. Listen to my advice. Summarize all available information and report it tonight. Well, let's call it a day.

Over. You shall go home. Hello. Is this the National Anti-Gang Information Platform? We fully support you.

Probe to the end! Give us a good explanation. Since you are here, we can see hope. We are bullied by local ruffians and bullies. Will you deal with it? Expose the umbrella behind them and punish them severely. We are villagers of Zhoujiawan Village, Xiji Town, Xixiang City. I reported the criminal facts of Zhou Jihai and Zhou Daqi under my real name.

Guanghui. You've come at the right time. It's the wild tea that my old comrade in arms brought to me by the way. Although it is not valuable, it tastes good. Come on. Sit down.

Come on. Have a taste. ♫ This letter is to those who write stories in their daily life ♫ ♫ About how they live their ordinary life ♫ ♫ Who is waiting for the stars you pursued ♫ ♫ About your companions, days and nights ♫ ♫ About you and your city ♫ ♫ You are holding a lamp for love on a misty ferry ♫ ♫ Even storms haven't defeated your earnestness ♫ ♫ The simple and young souls run barefoot wildly ♫ ♫ About the father's eye contacts ♫ ♫ About the ticket back to his hometown ♫ ♫ The growth rings of big trees are granted by each beam of light♫ ♫ About how beautiful the stories are ♫ ♫ We are all on this path together ♫ ♫ The moon shines upon mountains and rivers ♫ ♫ Knowing where I come from and where to go ♫ ♫ To go further to catch bigger waves ♫ ♫ For the past ten years, we are side by side on this path ♫ ♫ Write the splendid stories with the glows of fireflies ♫

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