End the Fed? Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki and Robert Barnes

End the Fed? Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki and Robert Barnes

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(upbeat music) - This is "The Rich Dad Radio Show, The Good News and Bad News About Money." Here's Robert Kiyosaki. - Hello, hello, hello, Robert Kiyosaki, "The Rich Dad Radio Show," broadcasting from beautiful downtown Old Town Scottsdale. And our program is always about the good news and bad news about money. And today, in my opinion, a lot of bad news, a lot of big picture macro events that we need to watch out for, more than our 401ks, and what's your home price doing.

So today's subject is I think, one of the most important subjects we can all face today, it is our freedom of speech. And what really, really concerns me is our freedom of speech has been taken away. Any comments on that, Kim? - Yeah, well, I'm very excited about our guest, Robert Barnes. He's a trial attorney, a lot of high profile cases.

But what I love is he's, he says he's fighting for citizens who have lost their access to free speech and basic constitutional rights. And he takes 'em on. And what I really love is that, you know, there's so many opinions, and there's so much emotion out there about the freedom of speech, around vaccine passports, around this global wealth tax.

And Robert's gonna give us, here are the facts, here's the legal facts. Here's what they are up against, and it's not just a walk in the park. They said it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. So I'm honored to have Robert on as our guest. - And the most important reason is the question is what can you do as a private citizen to fight back? 'Cause we're fighting some magillas out there, you know, don't stomp on Superman's Cape. And if you step on Superman's Cape, (laughs) you don't know what happens to you after that.

And our very good friend, George Gammon introduced us to Robert Barnes. And George put out a thing, a crowdfunding to take on the fed, which shows how crazy George is, but anyway. You know, I wouldn't take on the fed. I can barely go past my bank down the street here.

So we are very honored to have Robert Barnes. He was, we were, Kim and I were in Miami with him, and he stood on stage and commanded the room. I really don't recall exactly what he said, but it's basically it's time to fight back. So welcome to "The Rich Dad Show," Mr. Barnes. - [Kim] Welcome Robert.

- [Robert] Happy to be here. - So what do you have to say about our, the big picture on our freedom of speech. What is happening there? Big, big picture. - It is really a defining time, since probably the most, since maybe the 17th Century, 18th Century, that you know, prior to the establishment of the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment, and America became, sort of the guardian and the, and the light bearer for freedom of speech and freedom of thought around the world, that it would be protected from the State. And it is now at greater risk, in part because they're privatizing it, in part because they're delegating it to private entities, to control and censor and suppress speech. And we saw over the last year what the consequences of that are, not only in terms of impacting elections and whatever people think about that.

But beyond that, they censored critical stories about, well you know, where the, whether COVID was manmade or natural-made, impact issues related to the lockdowns, whether the interventions were gonna be publicly beneficial or detrimental. And we've seen that, we're seeing it right now in the vaccine context, where, you know, the CDC and the World Health Organization are now acknowledging there may be unique health risks for certain groups of people, particularly in this case, young boys, in response to the vaccine. It's a greater risk than COVID presents to them, even by their analysis. But again, these are discussions and conversations that could have and should have happened, debates and dialogues that should have occurred, but for the censorship and the suppression taking place by big tech. And we're increasingly finding that it's being done at the behest and the behalf of governmental entities. So we face a unprecedented, unparalleled challenge in the modern age to the ability to have free speech, free thought and free debate in the world.

- So this is, again, going back to the big picture. Why? Why do these people want to censor us? What, what is wrong with free speech? What about, what's wrong with freedom of the press? Why are they doing this? - Down deep, I always considered a recognition and an acknowledgement that they're wrong, that they're wrong, either on a moral position, a factual position or something else. Because you're right, there's no reason to fear free speech, free thought, free debate, free dialogue, if you're in the right. That was our founders' argument. That it's only, if you think down deep, you know what, my position isn't popular, my position isn't correct.

My position isn't morally or politically or factually correct, that I have to suppress and censor speech. - Is that also why they're censoring and trying to fight against all these election audits that are going on across the country? I mean, if they had nothing to hide, why would they stop the audit? 'Cause we want the, we want the truth about these elections. - Completely, I mean, when I, that President Trump asked me to get involved on behalf of the election cases, right after the election, that was my argument to the officials in Georgia.

It's like you can gain everybody's confidence, including the president's and the accuracy of the election and the integrity of its procedures by being as transparent as possible, by doing basic audit procedures and protocols. And it can't be what I call a Madoff audit. It can't be as Madoff to double-check his books, and come back and tell you, don't worry, everything's fine. And yet that's precisely what they did.

They had the state come back and say, don't worry, everything's fine. And now of course, what we're finding in Georgia, we're finding in Arizona, we're finding in Wisconsin, we're finding in Pennsylvania, is there a lot of anomalies that were, were not properly discovered and discussed and disclosed. And that's only gonna undermine confidence in elections over the longterm. But they cared more about the outcome of the election than the public confidence and the integrity of the outcome. - So let me, let me go back again to macro, 'cause that's where George Gammon and I hang out. Why? What are they covering up? What are they afraid? Do they know that they're screwed up, or are they just covering up to cover it up? I mean, what is, what, what in the world's wrong with these people? - I think it's a bifurcated phenomenon.

One is they know their positions are unpopular. So down deep they know that it's not so much that they always think they're wrong factually or morally, it's that they know the world wouldn't accept their positions, if they were open and transparent about them. So like if you went out to the world and said, you know, we really want to be able to chip you. And in that chip, we wanna be able to have, that's gonna be where your currency is.

That's gonna be where your health records are. Maybe we can even have remote access to release vaccines through that, or some sort of drug into your body with quantum tattoos. They knew that, you know, most Americans, most people around the world would be like, uh, no, thank you. So instead they have to sell it a different way. You know that, hey, there's a scary pandemic out there. This is really dangerous.

For the sake of your safety, for the sake of the economy, in order to be able to, to be actually be out in the world, you need to have this little digital certificate, say. And or, and you need to have this vaccine. And it's one step, a little further gradual, a little further gradual. It's like the, I mean, what they're doing with the global tax proposal. The only way to enforce that global tax proposal is to create a global currency. And the only real way to create an effective global currency in the modern age, is for that to be a digital currency.

And if people think about it, imagine if there was a chip, you know, in your, if you could physically control your body, look at what they're doing in biometrics in India, for example. They can identify everyone. They can track everyone. They can control everyone.

And it's people who down deep think, you're better off if we control you. Even if you don't recognize that benefit, you don't understand, we're the elite, we're the people that know better than you do. - So, do you know, during World War II, when I studied Hitler, the way he got his plans across was a thing called a little atrocity. You know, a little atrocity's that got the Jews to wear the yellow star.

And then it just got worse and worse and worse. So when I saw this vaccine come on the scene, to me, that was like the yellow star. Is there, do you see, do you sense a correlation with that? - Oh, absolutely. I mean, it was to make life so miserable, by using public health interventions, that we have never used in the history of the world. We've never employed the lockdowns as a method of dealing with an airborne virus. We've never told people to stay indoors as a response to a airborne virus, that mostly dies in the sunshine and outdoors.

There's a bunch of things we've never done before. And the goal wasn't to stop the virus. The goal was to condition people to be ready to say, please, please, government, give me a vaccine, give me some experimental drug that hasn't even met regular FDA vaccine testing, which usually takes several years. Even for a virus, a coronavirus, that's never had a successful vaccine over time in its history, for a virus that's not even that lethal to most populations. So that where the unknown risk of the vaccine, the long tail risks, you could say, are gonna be much, are the ones are really dangerous compared to the short-term risk of the COVID. So it was no question this was the protocol.

The procedure was to condition people. It was a real live Milgram experiment, and we just went through it. - And so as an attorney, and looking at this vaccine passport, what's legal, what's not legal? - In my view, none of it is legal under the Nuremberg Code of 1947, which almost all Western and all countries around the world adopted. Because the whole, you know, we went through this before, where we trusted a bunch of white lab coats to run the world. And it led to the Connie Buck decision, the US Supreme court, morally horrendous.

One of the worst decisions ever that said forced sterilizations was okay. It was relied on a prior decision called Jacobson, which said forced vaccinations could, under certain circumstances, be okay. And then that ultimately led to Korematsu. I call it the trilogy of infamy, the Jacobson, the Buck and the Korematsu decisions, where the government said, we can do whatever we want, to whomever we want, whenever we want, under some fear pretext.

We have since said those decisions were horrendous, particularly the latter two. So given that in the Nuremberg Code of 1947, and those three decisions predated that, was supposed to stop all of that, because it said no more experimentation on human beings, period, in the name of medicine, or the name of science. States have no right to do so. And what states have to get is informed consent. And what that means is you have to be informed, and consent means it can't be mandatory. Our Emergency Use Authorization statute under federal law, incorporates the Nuremberg Code explicitly and expressly, and says you cannot mandate this vaccine while it is simply an emergency-use authorized vaccine.

This was decided in the Doe v. Rumsfeld case, when they tried to force it on, a different experimental vaccine, on soldiers, back in 2001 and 2002. Then they were trying to do an anthrax experimental vaccine for people going into the Iraqi War Theater. By the way that backfired, you know, those who did take it. That's another story. There's a long history of this.

Swine flu vaccine, people can still look it up, "60 Minutes," 1976. Last time we rushed a vaccine to deal with an epidemic, the vaccine became the epidemic. The vaccine became the real problem. - And that's a concern here as well. - Absolutely, and it should be.

And this is about people's right to choose. When I tell people, I'm not arguing for the vaccine or against the vaccine. I'm arguing for ordinary, everyday people's right to choose for themselves what is good for them. For parents to choose for their children, not schools, not governments, not politicians. For everybody to choose for themselves, because that's what the Nuremberg Code of 1947 was all about.

It was never again. And in my view, in fact, federal courts have enforced the Nuremberg Code. I believe it's part of the Constitution, the part, the right to privacy includes the right to bodily integrity. How is it you could have a right to terminate a life, in terms of abortion, but you don't have a right to determine whether the government sticks some experimental product in your body? Those two don't go together. If somebody believes in one, I don't see how they believe in the other. And so in my view, it's not constitutional.

The Nuremberg Code is enforceable. The statute doesn't permit it. There's also issues with employers doing it under the, the ADA, Americans With Disabilities Act. So there's issues with government requiring public disclosure of it under HIPAA. So I think there's a range of issues that legally are gonna be litigated by me and Bobby Kennedy on these, on these cases to the degree they actually start mandating it. - So once again, going back to my original question.

Why? I mean, do you know what I mean? (Kim laughing) Let me dumb it down to the Rich Dad level of comprehension. I think these guys were a bunch of nerds in school. Do you know what I mean? And they got no respect.

And they thought the only way they could get respect is become this academic elite, and look down their noses on people and all this. And it's, in my opinion, it's their dark side coming out. They want, they don't like being nerds. They want, they wanna control us.

They didn't like that they weren't cool. And is that over simplistic? (all laughing) - I tell people we're living in an age of Bond villains, of real-life Bond villains. 'Cause that's your typical, old school, you know, before the recent, the Bond films. You go back to the 70s and the 60s. You know, your Bond films were over the top.

These kinds of personalities, ego driven, you know, personal vendetta driven people, who once they seize power, are gonna show the world how important they are. And there's probably nobody who sort of embodies this more than Bill Gates. I mean, and you have a guy that for a dozen years has been pursuing this kind of stuff. You'd go back and listen.

I mean, he believes in death panels. He's been obsessed with vaccines for over a decade, he thinks it leads to reduced population. And whatever you think of Bill Gates, his politics or belief structure, one of the things he did well is he spent a massive amount of money just on public health authorities, all around the world.

I mean, political acts, he did a piece on it four years ago, where whistleblowers were saying, this guy has way too much influence in the world public health space. And this was the European version of Politico. And we saw what happened in this pandemic when the lockdown. It was every strategy that was put out was something that Bill Gates had endorsed over the last decade.

He was the principle guy behind the modelers. The modelers are principally funded by him. Number two funder of the World Health Organization. And the way I put it as, it's like people can agree or disagree with Bill Gates. My view is we should have public discussion and debate and dialogue about this.

And we shouldn't let Bill Gates tell us what our lives are gonna be. And what Bill Gates thinks is Bill Gates knows what's best for you, and you shouldn't decide for yourself. He should decide for you. I mean, here you have a guy running around, they're calling him, they're treating him like he's a scientist. You know all he was, was a big tech monopolist who is really good at stealing stuff? As he himself bragged about with Steve jobs. And then really good at monopolizing stuff.

I mean, this is not a moral or medical hero. - So it's pretty accurate that nerds are running the world. (all laughing) Revenge of the nerds.

- And it's the darkest ones. It's the ones that were, you know, had the really dark, little, you know, American psycho little drawings when they were 15 in the back of the class. You know, they, they, weren't the, the fun ones that you want to secretly cheer for.

- They weren't the school jock, that's for sure. - They were not. - Oh, no, definitely not. - But I love what you said, Robert, that the world would not accept what they wanna do. And so when we come back, I wanna, I do wanna get more into the whole controlling of the narrative that's out there with the mainstream media. They've just put it, they've just made it so anybody that questions anything is a conspiracy theorists.

They're wrong, we're racist, we're this, we're that. And how do we, what do we do? How do we fight against that? - So anyway, Mr. Barnes, Rich Dad makes us money, 'cause we keep things simple.

And we're now back down to revenge of the nerds. (all laughing) - So be good to the nerds, "American Psycho" version. (all laughing) - When we come back, we'll figure out how we can revenge the revenge of the nerds. We'll been right back. Thank you. Welcome back, Robert Kiyosaki, "The Rich Dad Radio Show, The Good News and Bad News About Money."

And today's subject's a highly enlightened subject. It's called revenge of the nerds. And we're gonna go, (laughs) our guest today is Robert Barnes, and he is the guy seeking revenge on the nerd see.

When I was in high school, I was one of those jocks. I should never have picked on those little nerds. (laughs) - It's your fault, Robert.

It's all your fault. - I think they're coming after us. So anyway, comes to "The Rich Dad Radio Show," anytime, anywhere on iTunes, Android, and YouTube. And please leave a comment.

And all of our, all of our programs are archived at richdadradio.com. That's because we have nothing to sell. We're purely educational, informational or just awareness based. So if you listen to this radio program, one more time, you'll gain twice as much. With repetition is how we learn.

But more importantly, get together friends, family, and business associates, any nerds you know, and have 'em listen to this program, because they're the greatest threat to humanity today. The nerds are taking over the world. Any comments, Kim? - (laughs) Well, yes, I'm really so happy to have Robert Barnes on the show today, because he is giving us the legal perspective and a very, very high-profile attorney, trial attorney. But you know that, I'm why, why I love it is because it, it's sanity to me, 'cause I am pro Constitution. I am pro free speech. I am pro free markets, and I am pro law.

This is, as Trump said, we are a country of laws, and I am pro law. And all the narrative out there just is nonsense to me. So I'm just thrilled to have you on and giving a perspective from the legal side.

So thank you again. - We ran into Robert at George Gammon's event in Miami last couple of weekends ago. And it was, he blew the audience. Robert just mesmerized the audience. And so it was a fantastic, fantastic program.

But I'd like to go one step back, is Robert Kennedy Jr. Man, that guy's a fighter, isn't he? I mean, he's like his, his family. - Oh, absolutely. I mean, that, that goes way, way back. I mean, obviously his father was assassinated when he was a teenager.

His uncle was assassinated when he was a, when he was also a teenager. I mean, so he went through, or a little bit younger than that. And, he's just always been willing to speak his mind. And you know, his own family went through things that led him to say, maybe vaccines aren't this sort of magical gift from the stork. You know, like somehow like babies are born.

The, you know, that maybe there's something else. Maybe these are just drugs, like anything else, and we should treat them accordingly. And from that he, his Children's Health Defense has been one of the lead organizations, particularly on the left.

One of the only organizations on the left that has been willing to say, these lockdowns are wrong. We should have public health, public dialogue, opposing censorship. He's brought major lawsuits against Facebook for colluding with the State to suppress his organization. And all he would do is cite government reports and scientific studies. It wasn't like he was, you know, looking out for anybody on the Reddit thread, and he was saying, here's this theory.

He was saying, here's what this study shows. Here's what this study shows. Here's what the vaccine reporting service is reporting. So the, and he's doing critical work at Children's Health Defense. Does a publication called "The Defender."

He's also very, very good at putting the dots together. So, you know, he started putting the dots together very early on about Bill Gates, that this was, and about other related groups that have an ulterior agenda. Buying up the world's farmland like Bill Gates, one of the number, maybe now the number one farm owner, farm land owner in the United States. Like why exactly is it? I just don't, it's a good, a good way to think of this, as you say, Robert, is just don't trust the nerds. If the nerds are up to something, it's probably bad. You can't give them too much power.

You gotta keep them locked up in the room. And that's the case with Gates. And so Rob, Bobby Kennedy's doing great work.

Anybody with a vaccine issue, or any other issue related to COVID, that's under 18, Children's Health Defense is gonna be taking the lead in bringing legal actions and petitions and lawsuits all around the world. So that's the organization to go to. For people over 18, I'll be, I and some other lawyers will be taking a lead. - Well, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- And your website, Robert? - Oh, is BarnesLawLLP, as in peter, .com. And so we'll be updating stuff there, in terms of the fed lawsuits. We'll be updating stuff there with the COVID lawsuits. For example, well, the legal ethics boards don't allow me to give free legal, or certain kinds of legal advice. So what will happen is sometimes a letter will come to me by, you know, by, in a bottle.

And this letter, will happen to be a letter that anybody can copy and paste and use as they want. So the ethics boards can't complain. And actually this letter worked, I did a letter for it during the elections about certain aspects of audits.

And then that ended up leading to some good results. And we did the same with the vaccine mandate. So, you know, the, the letter basically outlines the various illegal objections I've articulated here, but put in sort of colloquial language, accessible language. So it doesn't look obvious.

It looks like it's written by someone who knows what they're talking about, but not necessarily a lawyer. And a bunch of people have used it all across the country. And a good number of 'em have got good results. Because often when employers find out, hold on a second, I might be on the hook if there's something wrong with the vaccine, if I mandate it. There's a fair number of employers that reconsider their position.

So, you know, it's a useful thing. I put that up on our Locals board that people can find, and that's a way to kind of help people. But the laws, the law firm website, will have a lot of that stuff on it over the coming months so that people can use it however they wanna use it. - That's Barnes Law LLP? - Yes. - Thank you.

Now let's get into what George Gammon is doing. He's used crowd funding to appoint you to take on the fed. Can you guys take on a bigger organization (indistinct)? - [Kim] (laughs) Small task.

- Why pick on, why pick on 800 nerds? (all laughing) - Yeah, exactly, exactly. Nerds with real money. (Robert and Kim laughing) What's amazing is the fed has sort of dodged this for forever under this sort of fake, some days they're public, some days they're private, depends on who they're talking about, and who's asking questions, whether they're a governmental entity or not, whether they're obligated by transparency or not.

When they want the power, they claim they're a governmental agency. When they don't want people asking questions, they claim they're a private entity. And in 2010, they lost several big FOIA cases. But there were very specific- - FOIA being the Freedom of Information Act.

- Yes, exactly. That's right. Freedom of Information Act, really powerful. People should look at it. All these Fauci emails that are coming out now are because "Judicial Watch" and other people did a bunch of FOIA requests.

The same with, I mean, Hillary Clinton's email scandal, all because people just kept asking for FOIA requests. A lot of scandals over the last 50 years. It's some nerd, a nice nerd.

So, you know, some obsessive, ordinary, everyday person saying, you know what, I wonder what this is, and writing a letter. And a FOIA request and who knows what they stumble on. In this case, some people stumbled on, maybe COVID was manmade, and maybe our government knew it all along. So the same thing is, is I wanna use, in order to audit the fed, we gotta FOIA the fed.

And then ultimately we're probably gonna have to sue the fed, because presumably... So George came to me and said, hey, I wanna do something to get behind the curtain to see what's really going on in the internal workings of the Federal Reserve. Because the Federal Reserve, I always have a principle for my clients. I would say, never in writing and always in cash, as uncle Earl Long would say back in the day.

But the government is really bad at doing that. So that the, and consequently, I think there's gonna be a lot of stuff in writing and a lot of interesting cash transactions. And so I wanna see where we, and we're going all the way back to 1913.

So I have a bank auditor, a guy who has just been a bank auditor and a bank executive for 20 years. And he's doing this in secret. I'm not putting his name out there for obvious reasons. But he's been, you know, he's a guy who has been studying the fed for forever. So he's coming up with a long list of questions. Other people are sending me items.

We're gonna FOIA the dickens out of them for the next six months. So we're gonna request all kinds of things from all the different reserve, all the different divisions of the bank, not only the DC, but all the, you know, New York, Atlanta, St. Louis, et cetera. And we're gonna be asking for records that go all the way back to 1913. 'Cause I'm curious about what they really said their power was over time.

Did they recognize limits on their authority, that they're clearly now way, way past? You know, these various special vehicles that they're doing now. Where exactly does that come from in the legal authority? Who exactly did they have conversations with? All of those conversations and discussions internally, the memorandums, the rest, and all the internal books. We wanna, we're gonna use FOIA, we're gonna FOIA the fed to audit the fed, and then if necessary, sue the fed.

And if, if things really get too crazy, I'll always blame George. It was George's idea. (all laughing) - So, how does a person's finances support or contribute to the, this campaign? - So, right now, George basically did most of the funding. He did just a little bit of crowdfunding, so that people could feel they have a voice in the process. And we anticipate going, doing that and doing more of that for two different reasons. One is we anticipate the fed is gonna fight like mad.

So these are probably gonna be a dozen or more lawsuits, in a bunch of different jurisdictions against the best lawyers in the world. So we're gonna be fighting, to fight the fed in court, it's probably gonna be long and protracted, and we know that coming. And so there'll be a need for a second round of fundraising.

But the other thing we want to do is we wanted to show people, other lawyers, that there are people you can take on that right now, you don't think you can, because there isn't money to do so. 'Cause with FOIA suits, normally there's nobody, nobody has the funds to fund it. And we wanna show, you know what, there's a lot of people out there that wanna use their collective power, their collective crowdfunding power, to reverse the equation at who runs our legal system. And I wanna use this as an example, as a template that other lawyers can see and say, you know what I can take on this government agency.

I can take on this powerful institution. I can take on these evil nerds. And I can be on the same level playing field, because I got masses of people behind me, because I got a lot of, I am Spartacuses. - That's like the Reddit crowd going after GameStop and AMC and all those guys, right? - Precisely. It's exactly the same thing. The ability to crowd-fund and mass-leverage the community writ large to take on hedge funds that nobody thought could be beat.

It's like, whatever you, GameStop may be way over-valued, but just the joy of seeing some, people like Stephen Cohen, lose billions of dollars, is a beautiful, beautiful thing. (Robert and Kim laughing) - So they can get information at your website. They can get information at George Gammon's website too. - That's exactly right.

So George will be constantly updating it, and I'll be updating it, the Barnes Law website too. - Okay, I know you have a question, I have a question too, so we gotta a lot here goin' on. - My final question is, what's his name, Hunter Biden, and this computer? Is that subject to FOIA? - Potentially because it was a different time. This is why the feds are trying to keep it out of their custody.

This is why when they raided Rudy Giuliani's offices, or at home, and he's like, hey, come take this Hunter stuff. They're like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Nope, nope, nope. We'll leave that. Which is a violation of the search warrant, for them not to take everything that was in electronic storage form. It's because once the government has it, they're gonna digitize a copy of it. Now they're subject to FOIA request of somebody else getting their hands on it, confirming it, what it is.

And so that's why they're trying to not have it. That's why they've gone to such great lengths to, this is like the Clinton emails. They're like, what? We don't have those. We don't know where those are. Oh, they're over there. Playing hot potato.

So that that's, uh. But I think ultimately there's gonna be a lot of records there that somebody, somewhere kept a track record of things, and someday, someplace it will come out. I'll say this. If you start seeing government leaks about Biden investigation accelerating, it means they're trying to push old Joe out and put Kamala in. So I think they're holding it as blackmail material.

- Yeah, that was a good point, good point. So I have a final question. So back to the censorship thing.

So many people are goin' along with this narrative that the mainstream media is putting out there. They're believing it. They're blind sheep. So we get censored all the time. How do we fight? How do we fight against that? What can we do? - Well, I think one key is just having different platforms. So the availability of things like Locals, what Locals is doing is fantastic.

You know what George is doing, he's setting up his own independent website is good. All of that is critical. I mean, that's part one. We need an exit ramp. And so Dave Rubin got together with some of the top people in Silicon Valley, that are on the free speech side of the equation, got a bunch of other smart tech people. And so Locals is doing, it's locals.com. You can find tons of people there.

I don't know if you guys are up there yet, but- - Oh, we're gonna check it out. - Oh, absolutely, you should, 'cause it's a great, you can do audio, you can do video. You can do live streaming. You can do live chat.

You can do Facebook commentary. And, and the only rules are the First Amendment governance. That's the only speech that will be removed. And you get to control all your own information. The audience and you, you, the creator, not anybody else.

Locals doesn't own it, you own it. So I think that was part one, is we need an independent economic entrepreneurial solution outside of the State. And Locals is the best one that's providing that. That's part one. Part two is taking apart big tech legally by every means possible. And that includes these antitrust legislation that's going through, that includes anti-trust actions.

That includes free speech suits, like the ones Harmeet Dhillon is bringing in California. Like the ones Silva's bringing in Massachusetts, Like the one Bobby Kennedy is bringing. And I've been a part of a lot of those cases. So just take it, you know, in order to have a real revenge on the nerds, you gotta use every tool in the toolbox.

- Oh, and, and of course, all of these lawsuits are not being reported. So I'm happy to hear that all of this action is being taken. - Oh, yes, it's gonna happen from every which way possible. They haven't talked about Locals, and they haven't talked about the lawsuits for the same reason.

Because these are effective threats to counteract the power, monopolistic power of big tech. - Well, Mr. Barnes, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. And please come back anytime you have something you'd like to say. And we won't censor you, we promise. (laughs) (Kim laughing) - We'd love to have you back on as a regular guest.

Can I ask, do we have time for one last question? I just want, I just wanna quick snippet on this whole global wealth tax. That's a big subject, I know, but from listening to you, there's a lot of, a lot of hoops that these people have to jump through in order to make that happen. Can you just make a comment on that? - Absolutely, their goal is to have one centralized taxation system, that's really about one centralized currency system.

That's not the dollar as a reserve currency, but as a digital currency, because it's ultimate control, ultimate... If they can control whether you can pay your rent, buy your food or hop on a bus, then they run your life. And the global tax system is the first step to a global currency system, because they can't right now, administer the global tax system effectively. But due to lack of information, due to lack of control of the underlying, underlying capital property or currency. Global currency system is, what they will use, the inability to effectively collect the global tax as their pretext to say, they need, as one of their pretexts to say, they need a global digital currency.

Then in order to raise the revenue, we just really need this centralized mechanism that's very easy to know where everybody's at all the time, and to be able to collect whatever money we want. But if people should be aware, it's, if people who don't have a plan B or, or you know, an exit plan of some type, you wanna have that plan before you have to absolutely need it. You don't wanna need that plan when you absolutely have to have it.

So that nature of, people should be prepared because this is what's going on. They're gonna go to have global control over you as an individual, at every level. And the next great battle over the next decade, will be those of us who, who care more about liberty than we do control. - Thank you. So we have time, please give our regards to Robert Kennedy Jr. Tell him to keep up the fight.

- [Robert B.] Oh, absolutely. - So thank you very much. - Thank you for what you're doing, Rob. - Really appreciate it. - Thank you so much. - When we come back, will be in the final words for "The Rich Dad Radio Show."

We'll be right back. Thank you. Welcome back, Robert Kiyosaki, "The Rich Dad Radio Show, The Good News and Bad News About Money." Thanks to Robert Barnes.

He is a guy with George Gammon takin' on the fed, which I love. And I'm glad we got it down to the Rich Dad level of comprehension. This is called the revenge of the nerds. And that's what this whole thing is.

These nerds are getting even. You know, I was a jock in school, and I should have never picked on those little bastards. Do you know what I mean? You went to my high school reunion. You saw the nerds there, didn't you? - I did see the nerds. (laughs) We all have, there's all nerds in our high school classes.

We all had nerds. - So who was the biggest nerd in your class? Was it you? (Kim laughing) Were you a nerd? - [Sarah] No, I was like the independent person. I wasn't a jock. I wasn't- - I was made to. - You know, I just kind of floated between everyone. I wasn't smart enough to be a nerd. (Robert and Kim laughing) - And I wasn't cool enough, you know, I was not in the in crowd.

Do you know what I mean? - Yeah. - I was a dumb jock. I played football, you know. And geez, they're nasty little bastards. (all laughing) - But back to Robert. Okay, so Robert Barnes.

I mean, he's taken on the fed. But he's fighting, he is fighting, fighting, fighting for our freedom and for our liberties. And he was such a breath of fresh air to hear, all the legal lawsuits and things that are coming against this elite, who want to control us, basically. - I think the most refreshing news is the Reddit crowd took on GameStop. And they took on whatever their taking on these days.

But we can fight back. And so we use the same weapon they use on us, social media. We use social media to take them on. And I'm glad to hear that about Locals, 'cause Dave Rubin - Yeah, Locals.com. - always mentions that.

So let's fight back, you know what I mean? I didn't like nerds then, and I don't like 'em now. - You know, Robert said that you, 'cause you've asked this question of so many of our guests, why, why are they doing this? Why are they doing this? Why are they doing this? And I think Robert Barnes gave us the best answer when he said, they know the world will not accept what they wanna do. - [Robert] They're evil bastards.

- Yeah, they, we do not want it, and they know it, and so they're using every trick in the book to make us compliant. - But that's what, that's what Hitler did. It was called the little atrocity, that got the German people said, well, how can we get the German people to, you know, murder, I think they murdered a total of 18 million, 6 million Jews, 18 million people. But it all started with what they call a little atrocity. We'll get them to wear a yellow star. And that's the mask.

That's your vaccine card. So they're getting ready to murder us all, the little bastards. I should never have picked on 'em. (both laughing) - But you know, Bob Turner here, in our, in our office.

He said it really well, he says, all we're doing is questioning. We're just questioning things. We're not, we're just questioning.

And to question is like, now you're a racist. Now you're a conspiracy theorist. We're just questioning what's going on. - I give Bobby Kennedy Jr., man, a lot of credit. Boy that guy's got guts.

I mean, what else are you gonna do? I mean, you gonna just let the world run you over? It's like, we're talking about certain members, of our families, they're like, oh, you guys are just conspiracy theorists. I'm going, no, look at what they're doing. You got that stupid mask on. You're taking a stupid vaccine. That's what Hitler did, idiots! You know, as, as Jim Rogers said the other day, went all the way from Singapore.

He said the one thing we learned about history is what, Sarah? - [Sarah] You don't learn anything from history. (all laughing) - Anyway, this has been a great, it's refreshing, it's stimulating, I'm refreshed, should I say. I'm ready to fight back. - Yeah, we wanna bring Robert Barnes back, and give us updates as we go.

But I think that's the most important piece is that we can fight back, and we need to fight back. And so don't just lay down and be compliant. We gotta fight. - Final words, Sarah.

- [Sarah] Final words says, I, it's refreshing because I feel like there's a bunch of us that kind of feel the same way. We're ready to fight, but we're looking for that leader to help us take on the big guys, 'cause we can't do it ourselves. And I feel connected to Robert Barnes for some reason.

I feel like I'll follow this guy wherever he's going, (laughs) which might not be smart. But you know, so I, it was very refreshing, and I'm excited about what he's talking about, what's coming down, so. - So, what was it like? 'Cause you were in Miami at a George Gammon's event. What was it like to sit in the audience, and watch this guy stand up there? - [Sarah] He was actually the first speaker that I saw. We skipped the very first one. And I was instantly drawn in.

I wanted to learn more. I could not wait until we got back, you know, so I could get him on the show to learn more, because he's so smart. He knows his stuff, and - He knows history. - [Kim] He's taken on some very high profile clients and won. - [Sarah] Exactly, and so it gave me confidence that this guy, you know, is the real deal. - So when they start asking for more money to fight, please donate generously.

This is worth donating money to. - [Sarah] And we'll put a link to Robert Barnes' website in the description, BarnesLawLLP.com, where you'll learn more about all the work he's doing and going to do. - And George Gammon, 'cause George is the lead guy funding this thing. Final word, Kim.

- No, this was refreshing. I'm all about the, the freedom of speech. I'm all about our freedoms and liberties, the Constitution, protecting that.

So this was a very uplifting program for me. And I'm excited about moving forward in this direction. - And as a US Marine, one of the highlights of George's events in Miami was when the Marines walked in.

And I forgot where I came from. That a major and a staff sergeant. And I always remember that line, 'cause that was my education.

I went to military school and six years Marine Corps. And so I always remember Colonel Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, in "A Few Good Men." And this is to all the American people and all the people of the word, world. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! I think that's what's wrong with America. We listened to the nerds. Thankful to "The Rich Dad Radio Show."

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