Emerging Technology for Classroom Instruction & Virtual Classroom - Phase II

Emerging Technology for Classroom Instruction & Virtual Classroom - Phase II

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Thank you for learning with me today let's  proceed to the second phase of my discussion   for Emerging Technology for Classroom  Instruction and Virtual Classroom   Phase 2 now, we will be talking about artificial  intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality   and we will be talking about the application or  softwares that can be used in education that uses   artificial intelligence machine learning and as  well as virtual reality you gonna love this one   stay tuned! A recent market report predicts  that global AI in the education market will   reach up to 3.68 billion us dollars by  2023 and this technology enables more   exciting and innovative teaching methods and  learning experiences that is why many foreign   schools are now using artificial intelligence ,  augmented reality , virtual reality in teaching   but the question there is what  is artificial intelligence?   AI is the technique of programming a computer to  respond to data in the same way an intelligent   being does that's according to Laurence  Moroney, he is a lead advocate of Google for AI. What is AI- Powered Education? The  connection between ai and education involves   three areas according to UNESCO, the first one is   "learning with ai" - that talks about the  use of ai powered tools in the classroom;   the second one is "learning about ai" -that  talks about its technologies and techniques   and the last one or the third one is;  "preparing for ai"- that's enabling all   citizens to better understand the impact or  the potential impact of ai on human lives. Applications of Artificial Intelligence or  AI in Education. Artificial intelligence has   helped increase productivity among faculties and  help them concentrate more on students than doing   the office work or doing administrative work and  one of the most promising applications of using ai   in education is in automating activities such as  grading. It can be tedious for teachers to do that   but ai can grade multiple typed of questions and  also fill-in the blanks without an educator's   involvement so that means it frees up time for  teachers and enables them to focus more on other   priorities. Administrative has automated the aid  educators. Artificial Intelligence or AI can help  

educators with non-educational tasks like task  related duties such as facilitating and automating   personalized messages towards their students;  back office tasks such as grading paperwork,   arranging and facilitating parents and guardian  interactions, routine issue feedback facilitating;   managing enrollment , courses and other HR related  topics. Another one is creating smart content.   Digitization of content like video lectures  conferences and textbook guides can be made   using ai. We can apply different interfaces like  animations and learning content for customization   for students from different grade. artificial  intelligence helps create a rich learning   experience by generating and providing audio  and video summaries and integral lesson plans.   Another one is voice assistance , without even  the direct involvement of the lecturer or the   teacher a student can have access or can have  access to extra learning material or assistance   through voice assistance and through this printing  costs of temporary handbooks and also provide   answers to very common questions easily another  one is personalized learning using ai technology,   hyper personalization techniques can be used  to monitor students data thoroughly including   habits , lesson plans reminders , study guides  , flash notes , frequency of revision etc can be   easily generated . Another one is "Do Tutoring"  continuously evolving personal study programs  

take into account students gaps to fill during  individual lessons, personal tutoring and support   for the students outside of the classroom helps  learners keep up with the course and keep their   parents from struggling to explain algebra  and other complex topics to their kids. AI   tutors are great time savers for the teachers as  they do not need to spend extra time explaining   challenging topics to students so that means  with ai power ai-powered chatbots for instance   or virtual ai , virtual personal assistant  students can avoid being embarrassed by asking   for additional help in front of their friends  or classmates. Another one is ensure access to   education for students with special needs.  yes not only for normal or regular students  

ai also a great help to those persons or students  with special needs or those with disabilities. The   adoption of innovative ai technologies opened up  new ways of interacting for students with learning   disabilities. AI current access to education  for students who are deaf and hard of hearing,   visually impaired or people with adhd. With AI, we  experience less pressure, right. Lessons tailored  

to the needs of different learning groups, allow  students to stop comparing them to each other.   Before, usually a student would normally ask the  teacher in front of the class to ask some help in   front of her classmate now, not anymore there is  an option for them to type query using a personal   virtual assistant and get an instant explanation  and these opportunities offered by ai tools make   personal progress come to the core reducing less  pressure in the classroom. Less pressure means   less stress and more enthusiasm in teaching  and learning. It is no surprise that the AI   market develops rapidly with a 54% growth in the  global market in 2019. While in 2018 before, the  

overall market revenue of ai software has reached  10.1 billion us dollars imagine that and the best   part is that you can use ai-powered apps today of  course everyone heard about siri cortana and alexa   but there are also several tons of magnificent  ai powered apps that are on stream right now. the best part or the most beautiful thing is  that ai brings 24/7 access to learning resources   for teachers and lessons anytime anywhere. AI  can be used as an educational tool that guides   students towards their goals by providing them  personalized feedback on homework quizzes and etc   according to experts there are three types of ai  "Weak or Narrow AI", the second one is "Strong AI"   and the third one is "SuperAI" or conscious ai.  When we say weak ai, it can perform a specific   task but not but not to learn new ones nor  interact unlike strong and super ai can.Weak   AI is applied to specific domains such as  language translators, virtual assistants,   ai-powered apps, web search engines,  self-driving cars, recommendation engines,   intelligent spam folders and so much more that's  where we come in with ai-powered educational apps.  

Whereas Strong AI, it can learn new tasks to  solve new problems and it does this by teaching   itself with new strategies.Generalized  intelligence is a combination of many   ai strategies that learns from experience and  can perform at a human level intelligence.   Lastly on the other hand, super ai  or also called as conscious ai is a.i   with human level consciousness which would require  it to be self-aware ; because we are not yet able   to adequately define what consciousness is,  it is unlikely that we will be able to create   a conscious ai in the near future . This ai  definition was adopted from ibm's artificial   intelligence framework. But in general , AI  means different things for different people   for instance; for a video game designer; ai  means writing code that affects how bots play   or how the environment reacts to a player.Whereas  for a screenwriter; ai means a software that can  

identify the best structure and vocabulary to  use which can be a time-consuming process for   copywriters. it also provides them with new  ideas of what they should write about.While   for data scientists AI is a way of exploring  and classifying data to meet specific goals.   See the list of AI Softwares on the next  page and how to get started . Ready? so let  

me introduce the "Artificial Intelligence 2022  State-of-the-Art Applications and Softwares. Let's start with the chatbot called  "DataBot".Databot is an ai powered   virtual assistant and it's available on windows  10 android and ios it's also available on xbox   one ipad and ipod android tablets and windows  phones and this app answers your questions   in its voice and it addresses the topics that  matter to you so it's very useful also for   teachers. DataBot has services integrated within  it that provide you with images, information   and multimedia presentations based on the topic of  your choice. It uses google searches, Wikipedia,  

RSS channels etc to provide you with the  information that you might need.You can also   customize it about according to your reference  of language of choice. etc databot can speak and   understand English, Italian, Spanish and others  and how to use databot? Just download the dataBot   from your ios or play store and once you're ready  to log in just click on the start button and pick   from any options available and enjoy. Watch  this! in this very helpful app you'll find   everything you need wrapped up in one  stylish program with databot you'll be   able to have a fun voice assistant as well as  a reference for anything all in your pocket   databot will find answers to all your questions  by scanning major search engines for you saving   you lots of time with all types of modules to use  within the app you'll find that it's the perfect   app for almost every task with the thematic  module you'll find about famous people fictional   characters movies sports teams and more there's  also a new section of the app where you can   read all the latest on whatever topics Pick your  interest from politics to pop culture and beyond   you can even chat with your bot and use it  for all sorts of funny jokes with endless ways   to use the app you'll find out that databot  is much more than just a personal assistant   I would rather share one lifetime with you  than face all the ages of this world alone   in addition to all the utility you get from the  databot app there's also tons of fun to be had   with this versatile personal assistant you can  rack up experience points playing games with   databot like the braintrain tournament and be sure  to enjoy the riddle module as you test your wit   and skill with all sorts of puzzles from math to  logic riddles you can also earn experience points   by giving commands to your personal assistant you  can unlock new features and content in the store   to complete additional tasks and find hours of new  ways to have fun and be informed one of the most   useful and appreciated features in databot is  the ability to make multimedia presentations   using voice text and images the app  is able to quickly identify almost   anything and with a dictionary module paired with  the ability to search you can find the answers to   what you're looking for in the blink of an eye  with all the useful features databot provides   it can also be highly personalized databot  has the ability to understand your language   and understands practically all  major languages for that matter   the more you speak with databot the more it learns  from you and learns how to better serve you you   can change your personal assistant's name voice  and even behavior in order to fit your desires nice to meet you human my name is databot I am a  protocol droid programmed to serve you the databot   team has constantly been working to release new  upgrades and features and now the app is available   across all platforms for ios android windows and  even xbox one with all the amazing capabilities   databot has to offer you'll want to start using it  for everything you do now let's have a short quiz what is databot interactive quiz app talking  virtualbot app a talking machine talking cat on which device slash s that  data bot is compatible with   android devices laptop and desktop  ipad and ipod all of the above how would to use databot tap settings  tap start tap customize tap upgrades databot is best for providing users with all  of the above presentations riddles searches what button to click to activate speak command  ellipses keyboard microphone question mark let's have a minute break   you broke now let's proceed to another app  called "Simplified" it's an ALL   in one digital design platform  that helps you create content   in a simpler way so video editing is  complicated but through simplified t'was   made simpler sounds interesting you have tons  of templates to choose from and those are free   you have video templates to pick to choose  from that you can adjust in every dimension   or you can get one you can customize it with  premium stock videos that they have in the library   you can drag and drop it and adjust and add and  adjust it easily keep it simple with just one   click presets and this is how it looks it is  somehow similar to canva or you can customize   every detail everything that you add can be  customized you can add music you can upload   your own mp3 or you can pick one from the  library you can send your link to invite   other people for real-time editing to  collaborate instantly with your team   sounds creative right everything you need is  already here with simplified and for a free   version you can have five members or five people  in one account. Alright, so how to start?Just go  

to the browser and type in simplify.com and click  on sign up with google or you may fill in email,   password confirm your password and click on  sign up with google and you would have this   AI design generator, AI document editor or  you can start with the template and this is   the home page so once you're able to log in you  will see that home page and you will see the   tons of beautiful templates that you can  pick whether it's for instagram posts social   media banners sky crapers as for ads even for  ebook covers templates and even for blog posts   yes for simplified you can make a short blog  and here are my projects that I created through   simplified and this is for the blog and the banner  and this is for the video templates I picked   that I just edited on theiror their software  how to write a blog using simplified? generate entire blogs long articles and  essays in minutes with our long form writer   you can find it by clicking ai assistant to  your left and then by clicking on launch writer   let's use ai to write a blog  we'll start by generating blog   ideas and titles from the drop  down menu then we'll click generate and here's some great titles to get our blog off  to a good start you can click the plus or add now   button to drop your favorite output right onto the  document now let's go ahead and hook our audience   with an engaging introduction now here's the  cool part you can go back to your document   and just highlight the title to give  simplifieds ai something to work with   then let's sit back and watch loki  create an entire paragraph in one click now let's go ahead and generate  a cohesive outline for our vlog   now i can generate content even  quicker by highlighting each sub point   and our shortcut menu will pop up i can just click   right section and it's going to automatically  complete that section of my blog for me now if there's a sentence or paragraph  that's just not cutting it for you   you can simply highlight it and select rewrite  from the shortcut menu and the ai will generate   that same sentiment with different words every  good copywriter knows you need to end with a   clear call to action so to wrap things up select  blog conclusion paragraph from the drop down menu   and then we'll put in our overarching  blog topic and our desired call to action and there you have it a clear call to  action to make sure that your audience   knows exactly what to do let's have a short break now as i look in your eyes um cause i'm DALL-E and DALL-E2 are machine learning models  developed by open ai to generate digital images   from natural language descriptions when we say  natural language description its in english texts.   DALL-E was revealed by OpenAI in a blog post in  January 2021 and uses a version of GPT-3 modified   to generate images. DALL-E is a 12 billion  parameter version of GPT3 trained to   generate images from text descriptions  using a data set of text image pairs   and DALL-E for creating images from this  how to start ? Just check the link for the   step-by-step guide on how to register  for open AI or DALL-E 2. Watch this! have you ever seen a polar bear playing bass  or robot painted like a picasso didn't think   so DALL-E 2 is a new ai system from open ai  that can take simple text descriptions like   a koala dunking a basketball and turn them  into photo realistic images that have never   existed before DALL-E 2 can also realistically  edit and retouch photos based on a simple natural   language description it can fill in or replace  part of an image with ai generated imagery that   blends seamlessly with the original it's called  impainting in january 2021 openai introduced   DALL-E a system that could generate images from  text like this avocado armchair DALL-E 2 takes   the technology even further with higher resolution  greater comprehension and new capabilities like   in painting it can even start with an image as an  input and create variations with different angles   and styles dolly was created by training a neural  network on images and their text descriptions   through deep learning it not only understands  individual objects like koala bears and   motorcycles but learns from relationships between  objects and when you ask DALL-E for an image of a   koala bear riding a motorcycle and it knows  how to create that or anything else with a   relationship to another object or action the  DALL-E research has three main outcomes first   it can help people express themselves visually  in ways they may not have been able to before   second an ai generated image can tell us a  lot about whether the system understands us   or is just repeating what it's been taught  third, DALL-E helps humans understand how   ai systems see and understand our world this is  a critical part of developing ai that's useful   and safe the technology is constantly evolving  and DALL-E 2 has limitations if it's taught with   images that are incorrectly labeled like a plane  labeled car and a user tries to generate a car   dolly may create a plane it's like talking to a  person who learned the wrong word for something   DALL-E can also be limited by gaps in its training  if you type baboon and DALL -E has learned   what a baboon is through images and accurate  labels it will generate a lot of great baboons   but if you type howler monkey and it  hasn't learned what a howler monkey is   DALL-E will give you its best idea of what  it thinks it could be like a howling monkey   what's exciting about the approach used to train  DALL-E is that it can take what it learned from a   variety of other labeled images and then apply  it to a new image given a picture of a monkey   DALL-E can infer what it would look like  doing something it's never done before   like paying its taxes while wearing a funny hat  dolly is an example of how imaginative humans   and clever systems can work together to make  new things amplifying our creative potential okay so the next thing that you must do is  to sign up for DALL-E all you have to do is   go to the browser better yet use your laptop or  computer to ask access the desktop version because   there will be a lot of available features  most especially the new feature of DALL-E   which is out painting; it's very  creative and it's perfect for those   artists alright so all you have to do again go  to the browser type in openai.com just click on   the button " Join Waitlist" there will be a pop-up  box all you have to do is enter your email address   confirm it enter the code and wait for the email  confirmation that you have requested and access   after a week or two you will be receiving another  email confirming that you were granted an access   for DALL-E, then just follow the prompts on  the instructions included in your email email   confirmation and after which you will be receiving  50 free credits that replenishes every month   so you you will be able to generate image for  free that's one image is equal to one credit a per   month it wil replenishes again for another 15 free  credits enough for you to explore your creativity   by typing in any text inputs that you would like o  generate image for you and you might also love to explore other features like their api tool and  as well as the outpainting the new one just use   your laptop or your computer and enjoy and another  thing that open ai offers to us is GPT3 Generative   Pre-Trained Transformer 3 is an auto-aggressive  language model that uses deep learning to produce   human-like text so give it any text prompt the  api will return a text completion attempting to   match the pattern you gave it you can program it  by showing it with just a few examples of what   you would like it to do its success generally  varies depending on how complex the task is   the api also allows you to hone performance  on a specific task by training on a data set   whether it's a small or large examples you  provide or by learning from human feedback   provided by the users so this is an example of  a virtual chatbot by openai that you just keep   in GPT3 so it is simpler terminology or in  layman's terms it's just a virtual chatbot.

i'll be back after a minute  while you are exploring open ai the sky magenta blue it's only me  and you your eyes lit up by just perfect all right that was great now let's proceed  to machine learning machine learning or   ml is a subset of ai in which a computer  can learn how to perform a specific task   without being told exactly step by step by  humans and in order for us to understand fully   what artificial intelligence is we must also  need to understand what machine learning first   please watch this! Picture this a machine that  could organize your cupboard just as you like it   or serve every member of the house a customized  cup of coffee makes your day easier doesn't it   these are the products of artificial intelligence  but why use the term artificial intelligence well   these machines are artificially incorporated with  human-like intelligence to perform tasks as we do   this intelligence is built using complex  algorithms and mathematical functions but ai   may not be as obvious as in the previous examples  in fact ai is used in smartphones cars social   media feeds video games banking surveillance  and many other aspects of our daily life   the real question is what does an ai do at its  core here is a robot we built in our lab which is   now dropped onto a field in spite of a variation  in lighting landscape and dimensions of the   field the ai robot must perform as expected this  ability to react appropriately to a new situation   is called generalized learning the robot is now at  a crossroad one that is paved and the other rocky   the robot must determine which path to take based  on the circumstances this portrays the robot's   reasoning ability after a short stroll the robot  now encounters a stream that it cannot swim across   using the plank provided as an input the robot is  able to cross this stream so our robot uses the   given input and finds the solution for a problem  this is problem solving these three capabilities   make the robot artificially intelligent in short  ai provides machines with the capability to adapt   reason and provide solutions well now that we  know what ai is let's have a look at the two   broad categories in ais classified into weak ai  also called narrow ai focuses solely on one task   for example alphago is a maestro of the game go  but you can't expect it to be even remotely good   at chess this makes alphago a weak ai you might  say alexa is definitely not a weak ai since it   can perform multiple tasks well that's not really  true when you ask alexa to play despacito it picks   up the keywords play and despacito and runs a  program and is trained to alexa cannot respond to   a question it isn't trained to answer for instance  try asking alexa the status of traffic from work   to home alexa cannot provide you this information  as she is not trained to and that brings us to our   second category of ai strong ai now this is much  like the robots that only exist in fiction as of   now ultron from avengers is an ideal example of  a strong ai that's because it's self-aware and   eventually even develops emotions this makes the  ai's response unpredictable you must be wondering   well how is artificial intelligence different from  machine learning and deep learning we saw what ai   is machine learning is a technique to achieve ai  and deep learning in turn is a subset of machine   learning machine learning provides a machine with  the capability to learn from data and experience   through algorithms deep learning does this  learning through ways inspired by the human brain   this means through deep learning data and  patterns can be better perceived ray kurzweil   a well-known futurist predicts that by the year  2045 we would have robots as smart as humans   this is called the point of singularity well  that's not all in fact elon musk predicts that   the human mind and body will be enhanced by  ai implants which would make us partly cyborgs   so here's a question for you which of the below  ai projects don't exist yet a an ai robot with   citizenship b a robot with a muscular skeletal  system c ai that can read its owner's emotions   d ai that develops emotions over time give it a  thought and leave your answers in the comments   section below three lucky winners will receive  amazon gift vouchers since the human brain is   still a mystery it's no surprise that ai2 has a  lot of unventured domains for now ai is built to   work with humans and make our tasks easier however  with the maturation of technology we can only wait   and watch what the future of ai holds for us Did you know that there is a web-based tool   that would make as fast and easy to create machine  learning models for your site's apps and more no   experience nor expertise required and that's what  we call "Teachable Machine" teachable machine was   created by google it's an experiment with google  again it's a web-based tool that helps creating   machine model fast and easy and accessible to  everyone so what does it have to do with education   by introducing artificial intelligence and machine  learning to those students or people who have   never programmed a model before or who don't have  a programming or technical background knowledge   yet it would be best to use this teachable  machine because it's very easy and it's for free   it's accessible by everyone created by  google and how it works please watch this hi i'm going to show you how to train a model  with teachable machine like all machine learning   workflows you first need to gather data what you  see here on the left are what we call classes   each of these represents a different category you  want to teach the computer to recognize so let's   try adding data to our first class I'm going to  call this one neutral you have two options here   you can upload files from your local computer or  use a webcam let's use a webcam hit record and it   can start collecting images you can see that I'm  moving around here to add variety to my data set   let's try adding data to our second class  i'm going to call this one dog again i'm   going to hit webcam and try to get data from the  stuffed animal you can again see that i'm moving   it around to collect some variety all right  now we have enough data to train this model   teachable machine doesn't just work with  image data you can also train an audio model   and the interface looks pretty much the  same one difference is that the data is   collected in the form of a spectrogram which  is simply a different way of visualizing audio   another difference is that you need to record one  really long background class 20 seconds of it to   be precise and finally all this audio data gets  extracted into one second samples like this so   you can make a recognizer that recognizes  something short like clapping or whistling great now we're ready to train this audio model  and finally you can use teachable machine to   create a pose model pose estimation is simply a  technique for tracking key points on your body   so that you can train a model to say  recognize when your head is tilted left   or when your arm is raised all right now we have  enough data for this model too one thing to know   is that the entire time you're capturing this  data it's staying on device it's not being sent   to any server so if you want to keep your  data you can either download your samples   or save them to drive look out for the next  video on how to continue training your model and what does it have to do with education  then how can it help us teachers wel a   teachable machine is a great tool to use upon  introducing ai and ML to beginners and how?   all you got to do is go to your browser type in  teachablemachine.withgoogle.com you will have   the home screen or the home page like this all  you have to do is click on get started you will   have the home page and click on new project. Another emerging technology is vr "Virtual   Reality" it is the use of computer modeling and  simulation that enables a person to interact with   an artificial three-dimensional visual or other  sensory environment just like this one different   types of media have specific ways of conveying  human experience like for example in a podcast   where in the intimate nature of the medium is  to develop a deep connection for the listener   while in virtual reality it submerges the  viewer to an immersive media this type of   media interaction isn't confined to a rectangular  regular rectangular screen rather it creates an   illusion by surrounding the viewer with a spatial  environment or confined us in a 3d space using   spatial computing I will introduce to you the  first web platform for creating remix and sharing   volumetric vr using real people and real places  through reach.love the website named "REACH" but   you can access that one to the browser by just  typing reach r e a c h dot l o v e watch this introducing reach the first web platform for  creating and sharing extended reality content   including augmented and virtual reality  using real people and places built by the   pioneers at emblematic group reach is  an easy to use browser-based solution   that makes the power of walk-around  spatial experiences available to anyone reach lets you craft your own volumetric  stories in three easy steps using a no code   drag and drop solution first you access a  library of 3d locations many of them captured   using stunning high resolution photogrammetry you  can also upload locations you've created yourself   then use our simple tool to add  your own real-life video interviews   volumetric characters are 3d assets finally  you can share the results via a simple web link   embed your finished story just like you would  a video no need for downloads or dedicated apps   reach eliminates all the distribution barriers  facing room scale vr viewers can navigate stories   on a smartphone tablet or pc or put on a  headset and walk around for full immersion   sign up now to discover how far  you can reach into the future right now coming up to the last topic for  today's presentation this is the last but   not the least this is the 12th topic of my  presentation for today and this is the most   sophisticated tool and this is my most favorite  so if you are like a techy people or a techy type   of person and who loves exploring creativity on  every angle you would love this tool if only I   can have access to this I can do so much more  and I can create a lot of engaging content   but let's see what it what this tool  has to offer to us introducing tonystark!   just kidding this is a tool of Tony Stark  featured in AVENGERS previously known as   jarvis but today it was renamed as jasper  please watch the features on their videos jasper is equipped with gizmos and gadgets galore  today we are going to review some of the basic   items you need to know about in order to get  familiar with jasper in this lesson I'll show   you around the dashboard where to find templates  and documents as well as your content history and   how to organize it by creating and saving projects  so if you're ready let's jump in inside the app   you'll see a dashboard like this this will be  your home base you can always access this screen   by clicking dashboard on the nav bar inside the  dashboard you'll see areas for different important   things here you can see announcements for feature  updates this will help you be in the know and up   to date on what we've recently launched and what's  new inside the app over here you can access your   favorite templates to favorite a template press  the star icon in the top right of any template   this graph will show you how many words  you've generated over the last seven days   and finally here are a few quick links to the  facebook community and to earning free credits   by leaving us an honest review and right here you  can find the most recent swag shop for jasper so   you can fully express your jasper self our 50 plus  templates are the building blocks of jasper they   are trained to perform very specific use cases  and are very simple to understand and use we'll   discuss how to get the most out of them later in  boot camp you can access the templates by clicking   templates on the nav bar or when you're inside  the document by clicking the power mode icon   on the top middle of the screen where templates  are more constrained documents allow open-ended   content creation in a familiar google doc-like  experience documents are available on the boss   mode plan documents should be used for writing  longer content like blog posts emails social posts   or even books you will learn more thoroughly about  how to use documents in a later lesson as well   to access documents click on documents in the  nav bar and then the plus icon to generate a   new document all content jasper produces  for you is automatically saved to your ai   outputs including any generations inside of a  document there's not currently a way to bulk   export content so the best way to move content out  of jasper is to copy and paste the content like   this below the ai outputs tab you have sub-tabs  for outputs that you have favorited or trashed   to favorite a piece of content simply start  and it will live in the favorites folder   and in the general ai outputs folder also as you  might imagine any content that you threw in the   trash will live here remember content in the trash  gets permanently deleted after 30 days projects   act as folders for organizing your work you can  create a new project for anything you'd like   many users create new projects for each client  or create separate folders for blog posts ads   etc currently all users inside your account have  access to all the folders in your account here's   how to create a new project click on the project  drop down in the bottom left of the dashboard then   click the plus icon at the top then name the  project and then save it if you accidentally   create content in the wrong project you can always  move it to another project let me show you how to   move content to a different project navigate to  the documents or the ai outputs tab click and drag   to highlight the content that you want to move  then click move and finally select the project   name that you want to move that content to simple  enough that's it for the basics of jasper now you   know where to find many of the areas that we'll be  referencing in the future lessons of the bootcamp access denied access denied access granted we've done it we've unlocked jasper well if you thought I was just being dramatic  for the sake of having a catchy intro sequence   you're only half right because jasper really did  just launch a new template that unlocks the power   of jasper for all users right inside of a template  that's right the new jasper commands template is   as epic as it sounds you can tell jasper to  write anything inside of this one template   and the results are out of this world check it out  the main structure of this template is similar to   others you have two areas for inputs one allows  you to give jasper context and information about   the product company event or whatever else  he needs to know about right here paste that   information into this first area and the second  is where things really get exciting you can simply   type out in plain language instructions for  jasper just like you would if you were talking   to a friend generate a negative movie review for  matrix 4 the matrix resurrections and then just   hit generate and look at that hey jasper said it  not me now imagine the possibilities you can now   use this one template to jump start an entire  blog post like this write an informative blog   post called what makes a movie great discuss  the different traits a movie needs to be great   what look at this output this is incredible all  of this is inside of one simple template and with   a little information jasper can write about  any topic even if it's just made up like this   how about a made-up movie called matrix five the  rebirth of neo insert some information about it   i'm just gonna make up a couple things and then  give a command like this write an outline for   an outrageous and hilarious movie called matrix 5  the rebirth of neo well there you have it another   amazing template from jasper to elevate  your creative writing to a whole new level   jasper understands an infinite amount  of commands so try it out and for help   on thinking up different command ideas use our  commands help document where we share all sorts   of commands to use for different use cases so  what are you waiting for get started with jasper  going back today back to the 12 topics that we  have discussed for today's presentation once again   we started with "ONLINE LEARNING" that's the first  one where I have shared with you about "MOOC"   or"Massive Open Online -learning Courses" working  with the top 10 MOOC providers and also the next   one under online learning is nano learning which  is the newest and the most hottest educational   teaching delivery of instruction in smaller  inputs like within 3 - 5 minutes or not more   than 10 minutes through social media  it's because the memory retention of   the new generation is kind of short and they  only want to hear and listen to information   in just a few minutes and don't want to listen  to a longer one and the next topic after the   online learning we have discussed "Creation of  Interactive Quizzes" we used the platform kahoot   all you have to do is go to kahoot.com in the  browser you can download the app from the play  

store it's already available and you'll be able to  create your very own interactive quiz and another   one that employs interactive tools is "Interactive  Videos" that's the third one which is third topic   is interactive "Creation of Interactive Videos"  using edPuzzle all you have to do is go to the   browser type in edpuzzle.com and the fourth  topic was "Creation of Interactive ebook"   by just using the book creator by going to the  browser just like bookcreator.com and you will   be able to create your very own ebook and there's  a new update for creating an ebook you can have   40 books in one library and every pages of your  book and you can have as many pages as you like   and another one is "Gamification" there  are a lot of interactive tools and online   learning platforms offers gamification  or that gamifies learning not only the   Kahoot provides as creation of interactive  quizzes it also gamifies the learning games   like the students learn in the form of  the games that there are points that we   that they accumulated for every  correct answers it's like fun and   interesting than just the dull presentation  of quizzes or assessments the traditional one   and another one this next one is the "Creation  of Video Lessons" we use this canva.com if you love annotating videos like what edPuzzle  does you're gonna love "NearPod" because it has   the options for us to annotate videos and even as  our learners can also annotate even on top of the   pdf files that youll share with them online and  you can also conduct an online classes with them   just like what "Canva for Education" has and  you can also provide them interactive quizzes   just like what kahoot app can do for us and  you can also there is an automating of grades   where you can get the real-time feedback  or real-time scoring of their assessments   during the live discussion online class and it's  pretty amazing it's like three in one four in one   it's only in just one tool so you might want to  spend your time exploring nearpod.com is the best   for foreigners for educators they love nearpod.com  and they don't have to use multiple tools to   get what they wantto make their teaching  and learning or transform their teaching   learning to an interactive one traditional one  that we have before another one is "Creation   of Website" the very easy creation of website is  through the use of platform wordpress.com wherein  

its free or upgrade version like you would have a  plugins and other stuffs like automating sending   with your subscribers with a message whenever you  add some posts but just for the mere exploring   how to create the websites for those who never  have you never programmed before and never had   any web development or course taken they can just  like me so it's very easy to use wordpress.com so   there are a lot of features that are being  added so you will also learn that one along   the way and another one is "Game Development"  for the eighth topic we have played along with   the features of SCRATCH I just gave an  introduction because it's quite a lot   but there are a lot of videos that I have  shared with you and I also created a blog   for there are step-by-step figures, images  step-by-step instructions on how you can make one   using the scratch all you have to do is just  remember the link or anyway all of these   tools all of the 12 parts that we have shared  those 12 topics that I have discussed are also   uploaded in my blog that's why I attached a  QR code for the link of everything all the   and there is a pdf file button on my page where  you can just click on download and you will get   everything that I have discussed and shared with  you another one after the game development we have   introduced "Creation of Interactive Assessments"  it's like Kahoot as well but it's just that   if you complete think of creating a interactive  assessment it's like giving them a somewhat a test   of 40 to 50 items which I don't think  its suitable to apply or encode in fact   but you can also do so because there's no limit  for the number of items for your questions   but for assessing your scores because you  would like to see it all in one page but   through online tools or online modes we  can use live worksheets andlive worksheets   by going to the website liveworksheets.com and  you will be able to upload your pdf file of the   test because we normally convert our pdf files  from docs by creating our test papers on the   microsoft word and converting it to pdf file  so we can download it on our device and then   afterwards you can upload the pdf file of your  assessment test the literal test papers that   you have created are typed in for your learners  and make sure that the size of it will not go   beyond 5mb because live worksheets only allows up  to 5mb and once you upload it there will be a box   that you can just extend and drag and extend  and put the correct answer inside of it   so whenever the students will answer it there's  already a behind behind the back there's a correct   answer so it will automatically tell the students  if they got the right or the correct answer to   the right order wrong answers to that so it's  very interactive it's not just answering on the   typical form it doesn't have the interactive  elements and you can also browse those freely   available that are already made and  uploaded on their website and it's for free   another update employs gamification aside from  brilliant.org which can be downloaded from the   play store there's another one that we can access  in the browser which is learningapps.org it's like   the same as liveworksheets.com but I will give the  rest for you to explore and see what suits for you  

so it applies a lot of gamification it applies  interactive assessments also you want to try interactive tools in just one or two well  one or two characteristics in this one tool   just like their platform has annotated videos  just like with the features of the edPuzzle   it has the online learning platform just like what  this MOOC platform has it has interactive quizzes   like what kahoot has in just one dual  nearpod another one we have discussed   artificial intelligence which is pretty techy  and it connotes a lot of complexities because   it's new and we need to learn this even the basic  ones because our learners our students would be   dealing with technology and every day there are a  lot of scientists out there genius people group of   people out there who might be creating something  and there will be another development just when   I was creating this presentation another two came  up and I wasn't able to share it because I already   crafted my presentation but there's  another one that I would like also to   mention which is video sticker I know it's quite  challenging to take notes out of the video that   we usually watch and if you would  like to think we will need to   pause the video there would require a lot a  number of times to pause the video screenshot   the video the image and write it down typically  even if you are going to type it in your laptop   it's still tedius and it takes a lot of time but  there's another one that has been created but   there was no confirme date of release yet  so I'm still confirming it with one of the   developer hopefully I'll get a response  or hopefully they publish it for everyone   to read and everyone gets updated if there is  a post for that but I will surely update or   make a post about it it's what we call  "VIDEOSTICKERS" what it does is just   whatever videos that you will be clicking on or  you will be opening using the platform which is   the first it extract all the images from that  video to the presentation and it even creates a   graphic organizer and it synchronizes it according  to the timeline and it's interactive it's the best   we will be talking about that in the  next presentation or the next video   clips that I will be sharing and another  one under artificial intelligence we have   discussed we have talked about DataBot like five  apps there dataBot which can be accessible on   our smartphones that can be downloaded from  the play store ios and it's for free there   is a free version and if you see the xp xp is  the experience on the platform and it increases   as to how long you're using the app for  databot and it's like a google search google a google assistant it can search the web it can  make presentations for us it provides images   and all the information with its  voice is very unique because it sounds   around what like we're talking about  just like a virtual is on the screen   but it's pretty techy and I love it it's very  easy to navigate user friendly and most especially   there are features that I can  access for using just my smartphone   another one is to talk about "SIMPLIFIED" we love  creating content using canva but that can also be   accesse and can be made that SimplifIED the unique  ability of the unique features of SIMPLIFIED that   others don't have is the ai because simplified  is it's an ai powered tools that has the capacity   or that has the features to create content  for you like introductory ideas for the blog   it can generate the way I presented those short  clips from the simplified style itself their very   own video introduction how to use their platform  working it can generate ideas for the blogs and   it depends on the preparation or the plan that  you have but for the free version you can have one thousand words per month  it will generate ideas for the   topic on top and the paragraph for the content  of the blogs all you got to do is just copy it   and add some text or edit it so you'll be able to  know that once you access the site just go to the   browser and click simpliied or simplified.com and  explore that so the only difference is the ai the   added feature of ai inside the simplified  another one is which is very popular it's   image generating platform where it faces the image  it creates an image from the inputs that we enter   and how we want or what we are expecting the  platform to produce and now it has added features   which is very exciting for artists which is what  we call outpainting and another tool since DALL-E   was under or created by open ai there are other  features or there are features available other   than DALL-E either is what we call api tool  which is powered by the virtual chatbot powered   by gpt3 GPT-3 is an autoregressive language  but you don't need to care for the technical   family codes for that you can just click on api  once you already have the access, login just   follow the steps I laid out in my entire  discussion and you will be able to explore   all the features under open ai and it gave you  as well first is 50 free credits just to correct   and for the succeeding months it will only be  15 free credits another one is what we called we have simplified data we have talked about machine learning and the  best way to introduce artificial intelligence   machine learning because they are closely related  we cannot teach what artificial intelligence in   its entirety without explaining machine learning  without touching the topic about machine learning   that's why they are connected it's a subset of  ai and one of the tools that uses or the people's   machine learning is a very easy to navigate  teachable machine which is an experiment of   google that can be accessed by anyone just  type in teachablemachine. withgoogle.com   and it's kind of long but you can see  that on the list so you will be able to   upload all you have to do is all you need to have  if you will recreating your model or programming   your model using teachablemachine are just your  props because you will need the great inspirations   not to train your model another one is virtual  reality where it it meets the impossible   creativity and the impossibility is like  another realm of creative place out there like   we can already plan for students field trip to  mars without having to send them to mars actually   or mars literally but we can just use or submerge  the the audience or submerge our learners into an   immersive display of how the mars looks like using  virtual reality and I have introduced to you the   first web platform that is that was created  for sharing remixing volumetric vr using real   people and real places through which or in all you  have to go to the browser and type-in reach.love   so once again to summarize we have discussed  Online Learning,Interactive Quizzes,Interactive   Videos,Gamification, Creation of video  lessons , Creation of Interactive Assessments,   Web Development, Game Development, Artificial  Intelligence, Machine Learning and Virtual   Reality and the last but not the least I  forgot is one of the app that I hold it   as the most sophisticated tool and one of  my favorite my most favorite among the 12   topics I've discussed among all those bunch of  tools I'm sure is "Jasper" thank you so much for   learning with me thank you so much for watching  the video and I really appreciate it I hope that   you learned something and I hope that  you will be spending time to explore   your creativity and use the tools to see what  suits for you thank you and have a great day you

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