Dink Smallwood HD - Walkthrough Part 6 - The Darklands and Final Bloodbath (2023)

Dink Smallwood HD - Walkthrough Part 6 - The Darklands and Final Bloodbath (2023)

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Welcome to my Dink Smallwood Walktrough, Part 6:  The Darklands and the Final Bloodbath. Game Over. We are going to begin where we left off last time. We just bought the Light Sword. And we  are at level 10. We are getting close to   level 11. We don't have much gold,  69, and our power levels are okay. Now, in the Darklands we are going to be getting  potions to power up our levels. And we are   going to be fighting a lot of battles, between us  and dragons, Pill Bugs, some Starving Children.

And, we can get a lot of money together pretty  easily. And we can still go out and fight the   Stone Giants in the Edge of the World, go down  buy potions (elixirs), if you don't feel you have   enough. It all depends on how you  are going to go at the final boss. I would like to be up at level 13, 14,  and above. But I can beat the final boss   at level 11 and 10; It takes a lot longer  because my Magic level is not as high as it should be.   All through the game, whenever I've level  up, I've applied the Award Point my Defense;   Because in the game there are far fewer  defense potions overall, than Magic or Attack. So, I'm going to get a bunch of potions in the  next part of the walkthrough, in the Darklands.  

I'm still not going to get as many as I want. Now, we've got the Light Sword. We can  use that to beat the Final Boss. We can   even use the Claw Sword if our level is high  enough. The important thing is our HellFire   Magic. It will... we'll use that a lot; And  the more Magic it has, the better the hits are,  

and the faster it loads. Even though, it  still loads very slow at (power) level 25. Now, we can also buy the Massive Bow and  the Flame Bow. And I am going to show you   that from a previously saved game that I played. Here we go.

And you can see that I have all of the things we  can buy. I've got the Claw Sword. And I've got the   Light Sword. The Throwing Axe, the Standard  Bow, the Massive Bow, and the Flame Bow. The Standard Bow, the Attack is currently  29. And if I jump over to the Massive Bow,   it's 37. And the Flame bow  is 44. And it's amazing.

We can do a lot of things with  that... if we're a "Bow Player".   I say that, Bow Player, but I mean if you are  going to use a Bow to beat the final boss,   or you like to play it... with it, through  the game, you can do this. Now, to use the Bow   is pretty simple. You press down  your CTRL key when you want to aim.   But, if you're a Keyboard Player...  Now, this very different on a Keypad   or a Joystick, or "game thing"...  if you're using the Arrow Keys:   Hold down your CTRL Key, and  then your UP or DOWN Arrow Key.  

You can hit right/left, whatever you want  to do. And, you want to angle that shot to   a different position: You can do that by  also holding down your UP or DOWN Arrow Key.   See? I can swap my keys...  

around. If I don't let go of my CTRL key I can  change UP, then right, left, whatever I want. And that's how to use the Bow.  But the thing to do with that:   Hold down your CTRL key, hold down your arrow  KEYS, up or down, to an angle, and then let go   of the keys ALL at the same time. Or, you'll  start walking ahead like I just showed you.

There you go. And that's how you use that. But you can use a sword to beat the Final Boss,  or you can use the bow. But if you are going to   use the bow you are going to have to go back  in to the game and generate a lot of money. The Massive Bow is $5000. The Flame Bow is  $25,000. So, if you are going to use the bow  

in the game you are probably going to want to  do that - or else, if you want to get everything   you can get - Notice I am up to level 16, I have  not gone to the Final Boss in this save game yet. So, let's go back to where  we're going to begin again. There we go. Now, whatever you want to use, use  to get through the Darklands. I'm   going to walk into the Darklands  using the Flame (Light) Sword.

We can go ahead and generate money, pet more  potions (elixirs), if we think we need more   potions (elixirs). We do have the Healing  Fountain and we can come back to at any time.   But let's go ahead, at level 10  here, and go into the Darklands. Go over to the Teleportation Device, signs,  press your Spacebar. And Press the Red Button. And, we're in the Darklands. You'll see... first  I want to tell you, you'll see these Vines here.   You'll Vines like this with little spikes;  They don't move or anything, but they will   take a little bit of life from you if  you touch them. So, stay away from those. Now, let's go get all the potions; Powerups. Go up to the north. There'll be some ghosts  

that'll be talking to you. Ignore them.  See the Potion? That's the first potion. Go to the edge of the screen... to the east. And  go down. If you're using Hyper Boots you may run   over off the screen, and there are monsters there  you need to fight. You want to get that potion!   Go down, to the bottom, then off to left,  and there's the potion. That one was easy. Go back down, then go to the  screen east, to the right.  It's a safe place.

Now, use whatever weapon you want. And the Magic you want. Claw Sword, or  the Light Sword, or the bows. But the   Throwing Axe does not work on the Final Boss, but  it does work on the monsters... in the Darklands. There's the potion. I always say... kill that... kill the Dragon first  because they can throw Magic from a distance. Anyway, that's our first potion (in  a battle). That's a Defense potion.  

That helps us out a little more,  but doesn't increase our Magic. Next will be a... we gotta go over to the  east. And I am gonna load up my Hyper Boots. And there's a Gold Heart. Now, I'm a Hyper Boot Player. I like that. I  just wanna get it done. It's good for Dragons.

I'm getting very close to my 10,000. Now,  if I'm in the middle of a battle, a fierce   battle with a bunch of monsters and I level up,  I will miss that screen because it will pop up,   and I'll be bashing my key and I'll automatically  go through the level up screen and apply my award   point to Attack, rather than selectively  put it to Defense or Magic. So be mindful   of this... because Dragons will  give us a lot of money (XP). Go... off to the right and we will see  

this scene here with a dead tree  and a dragon. Dead Dragon Carcass!  That's our reference to go  down, and we have ducks.   I want to show these ducks: Their attack is  really... fun. It's more than it should be. The Red Heart here, you don't need  to get that unless you need it. But everytime you come down  to this page, or screen,   these ducks will probably be respawned  and come after you, in a lock screen. We can do down. 

Down, and we'll see barrels. There will  be little hearts in them. That's helpful. Down. Dow. And there's the Save Machine. And this entrance, in the  ground, is to our Final Boss.  

You don't want to go down there. Not yet. As I  said, we're getting very close to leveling up.   And we want to keep an eye on that...  before we go into big battles. The next thing we can do is... off to the...  east. And we're going to have a screen with a  

lot of fast, fast, fast Pill Bugs. And you can do this  with the Hellfire Magic, and this could help you. There's our other powerup. My Attack is getting strong, I can, once  they get hit with the Magic a few times,   I can beat them. But, see? It took a lot of life.  It depends on how you want to play the game.   And we got our Attack power up. Potion! A little  bit of life, a little bit of blood from me.

Remember, I have potions I can  use. But I am not going to. Not Yet. Go east. Barrel with a heart. A little  heart. And you can powerup there too. Very close. I'm going to show you a  screen above. Have the very, has very  

slow... NOW... in the beginning  they were quite fast... slimes. And they will usually give,  leave, a lot of hearts behind. And I can take all these hearts,   and power myself back up. Health back up. Life back up. A little bit.

Now, I'm going to do the  screen above so I can show you,   since we are getting close to leveling up... Up! Kill   the Dragon. Kill the Dragon first. He will throw  Magic at you. And I managed to get a full heart.  So, I'm good to go. I don't have to  use potions. Notice how much I went up.  

XP-wise, I'm really close, so if I fight a  couple more monsters, I'm gonna level up.   The next screen to the west  is very important to us. So... But I don't want to waste that  effort. I'm gonna go down...   only if I'm about to level  up, and go battle these guys. Where I went! And I'm at level 11. I'm gonna increase my Magic. Now I can go to the screen above and feel  confident that I'm not going to lose the level up   point, or the level up screen, and have the  option to put it where I want to put it.  

Go up and kill the dragons first  because they will throw magic at you. Now, you can also get the potions, but  I want to show you what the potions are.   Yeah, this always slowly climbs. But while I  was doing that, if I had come directly into  

this screen I would have missed, probably missed,  that level up screen. And we got a Magic potion. Now I got 19 Magic. And I have one screen  above with a Megapotion and more Dragons.   That's why I always say: Kill the dragons  first as quickly as you can, because   they throw magic at you, and take a lot of life.  Get ready for it: There are 4 Dragons and...

a Slayer. And I did that very quickly, but I lost a  great amount of Life. Here's the Megapotion.   All my stats were raised by one.

So, if I get down to this point in life  capacity, level, I can just load up some potions (elixirs), then load up my  weapon. But there are other places to get   Hearts, so I'm not going to waste a lot of  time. I go up one page, or one screen, and I   got a little heart. Go over one. I'm still safe.  Now here's two barrels where I can get two more. Right over to the west, with just two potions  laying on the ground. Ha Ha! Hyper Boots. More Attack (defense) potions. And  I go over the screen to the West

Barrels: Hearts. And I can use them if I need them. But I get a lot of Red hearts, Big Red Hearts   often, but you can't count  on it. Just go straight out. Go all the way over two screens and you see this  body. This is unimportant; I just want to show  

it to you. This guy is dressed kind of like  you. So, press your spacebar to inspect him. Gotta be in the right place for  it. "That sort of looks like me!"   and that just disappears, It's a Phantasm,  because we're in the Darklands and everything   is a nightmare. I go to the edge, go  up, and we have a regenerating Pill Bug.

It gives us that gold. And there's  also a chest: It has 500 gold in it. Now we go over one to the east. Get ready for it! And the next screen is not a lock screen, but  it has two Slayers on it. If you choose, just to   run right by them and ignore them. Or, you can  choose to kill them. Whatever you want to do.

Whatever your feeling in the mood to do. You don't have to get in the battle. You  don't have to risk health and all that.   But I just was in the mood to kill Slayers.   Swap your weapons around. Now  these are very slow moving Boncas. They're just basically there to  earn XP, hearts and food and money. The next screen over, fast Pill Bugs.

Keep running aroud. Use your  Axe or whatever you want. Use HellFire. Next, we're going east again. And there's a Piggy.  Remember, Dink is a pig farmer who doesn't want to   be a pig farmer. And so this Phantasm, you can  hit it and hit it and hit it and it won't die. A little bleed. That's gonna be a nightmare  for poor Dink. And there's the Gold Heart.

Increase Life capacity. The next screen will  have a bunch of slimes and an Attack potions. And I managed to get a Red Heart. I lucked out! And those are all the potions  and power-ups in the Darklands.   There are no more. But we still need  to generate more money, accumulate more   money. And we're really, really, close to  level 12. And if we kill a few more dragons we're gonna get there very quickly. Well, a few  dragons. I'm going to show you some things now.  

I'm going to show you the Starving Children and  the... some of the other... and there's one glitch   in the game I want to show you, But if you feel  like you want to go back and get healed, or go   back out through the teleportation thing and go  back to the healing fountain, or buy a new weapon,   or to grind some points out, save the game,  you can do this. You go back the way you came,   all the way to the west, and then straight down  and you'll just have a few Boncas to deal with. Me, I want to show you these other issues.

Now, if I don't have my Hyper Boots on... I still get it! It depends, some  days I'm better, some days I'm not.   Walking! I can't walk today! Get through this and that's... that's where the lock  screen was. And we have this Psycho Girl   I wanted to show her to you in Slo-Mo,  but I guess she was right on me.   I got another heart. I'm going to take it because  it's gonna go away once I walk off the screen. See that I can walk up here.

And there are some things you think, "Well,  can I get there?" You can't get there. So, there's no more. But this screen... I'll  show it to you. It's a lock screen. It says screen lock,   with the dragons that we beat before. But  then they have these Psycho girls there.   But it's not a lock screen. That's a glitch. You  can get out of that scene. There's no way you can   beat those dragons, defeat them with magic and  stuff, and get the... whatever they dropped.

So, I know I can go back to that page  (screen) because the dragons have respawned. Go west and do it any way you want to do it. And our defense is up nice. Defense Level. But I want to get up to level 12. You don't  have to, but I want to. So I'm gonna go kill   me some dragons. This is our reference: We can  go down from here back to the Save Machine.

Dragons. Quickly quickly quickly! Use  magic. Hellfire Magic if you have it loaded. See? My XP went up significantly.  It's still going up. And if I go up and get the other Dragons I'm  gonna be up to level 12, or very close to it. I got a full heart. Red Heart. That paid off. The XP goes up slowly; Accumulates, rather than  instantaneously. So it's best to wait until it  

gets to the end so that you don't overshoot  and miss, during a battle, your level up. And then just go back out  and grind a little bit of XP. That's really all you do  at this point: Is grind XP. Any way you want to do it. You come in from this  side of the screen those barrels are and you have   your Hellfire magic loaded you might be able  to get a lot of them. But I'm not doing that.

Walk around again. And take a calm break with some  passive Slimes. Might get some Hearts. But don't kill them if they're  there, unless you need some Hearts. I'm gonna apply that to increase Magic. I just almost missed that screen again. And now  we're at level 12. Now, I would like to go up   to level 13. Apply some more points to my Magic.  But our Defense is pretty good. I can go out and  

generate more money by killing things and leveling  up even more. And we still have that Big Red Heart over by the Save Machine. We'll go west  until we see our Dead Dragon Carcass. And then we have the ducks to deal with. I'm not gonna kill... or take the  Hearts because... I thought.. I...   that's what I thought: I  might get another Heart, or something. And I'm ready!

The Red Hearts pop up when you least...  when you actually don't need them. Go down. Remember, the pill bugs were over here. And that's... Save your game. Save Machine.  And now we can go down and battle the Final   Boss. For that you want to load or equip  the weapon of your choice. Like I said, I would rather be at level 13 and 14 or higher.

And you will be up there, maybe  level 15, 16, if you've gone out   and churned monsters in our blender, and got up enough money to go buy the Flame  Bow. Because going and doing all that grinding will give you a lot of XP, will get your levels  up. And to earn that amount of money, $25,000 takes quite a bit of umm... butt kicking! But I'm gonna do it at level 12,  just to get it out of the way.  

And once we go down here we can leave. But now, the Sea of Fire. There's the Grim Reaper, the boat man to  the underworld, whatever we want to call   him. But he comes in in other quests and other  D-Mods, sometimes to an annoying degree. Now,   I'm gonna be fighting this battle with the... my  Flame (Hellfirel) Magic and my sword, not the Bow.   I'm not a bow player; I'm not a fiddle player. Go  up, but not... don't stand right on top of him.   Hit your Spacebar. You see a dead body there.

"Milder! Milder!" * Groans *  "Can you hear me?" "Pig farmer... is that you..."  "Yes! Or no, I mean tell me what happened."  "I was left here to die by a monstrosity..." "Ah, by the Cast?"  "No,the cast were just a front. He is  pure evil! Run run before it's too late!  and you can refuse to leave without  him, and that'll start this part: The battle of the Final Boss.

"I will not leave without you, Milder." "... but why? I was so mean to you as a kid."  "It is the Honorable thing to do." "You are more of a knight than I ever was, Dink."  "Nonsense. Can you walk?" "I think so take... take my..."  Here's the Final Boss. "Nooo! It's him!" 

"What the!?!! Who the hell are you?" "I am the beginning of the end."  "Kill him, Dink, Kill him!" "I am everything you love.   I am everything you despise."  "You are sick and twisted is what you are." "... his name is Seth... he is an ancient one...  

he killed the others..." * Arrgg! *  And Seth throws Fire magic that  kills Milder. He grins evilly at you.  "For God, the Crown, and all that  is good, I shall destroy you, Seth!"  And run around. And you gotta watch him. Hit...  him with your Hellfire magic. You can nick him if   you get in a good position. He will speed up the  closer he gets to death. And if your fire magic,   HellFire magic, was was more powerful, you could  get him easier. And when he starts glowing red   in the face, he's getting ready to throw  magic at where you were standing. Like there!

So, basically we can run around, and  you'll still get things thrown at you,   Magic cast at you. You could get him with  the Bow. That's why some people like the bow. See his face there? When he says, "Oh, I felt that!" We got a couple in there. "I felt that!",  he's really close. And he'll really speed up   and he'll start randomly casting magic at you. And  you've resisted Magic and that means you didn't... He felt that. Play this any way  you want, but if it was a higher level,   my hits would have... my magic,  would have done a lot more damage. "Feel my wrath Smallwood!" and he's  getting real close to it. If you  

had a bow, you might be able to do it. And I hit him with the sword. And, got him!" "Too bad I had to kill him. He seemed   likable enough." "My body is tingling!"

I must now go back to Goodheart  Castle and inform the King. See, that wasn't too hard at all. I could use my Hyper Boots and run  around and hit him with Hellfire Magic   and avoided whatever, but I like to have  that sword too because I can get him... sometimes. So I'm slower. And you can swap out:  You could start off with the Sword, with a bow,   and then swap over to your boots when he starts  speeding up, and use your Hellfire magic. And once  

you beat him you get 10,000 points, XP. I don't  know why. Your Life fills all the way back up.   And you gotta... you don't have to wait and watch  this count up to add the ten thousand but... It's fun. It's not fun... if you don't have  10,000 you kind of look at it and wonder  

what it's going to get to. It's 10,000. It's going to add 10,000. And our next thing is just to head  out, head back out, back through the   Darklands, to the teleportation device, and Edge of the World; Back to Goodheart  Castle and where the game will end... in an anti-climatic way. Now you can head  back. If I go up, I gotta fight the Ducks. If I try to avoid the ducks I'm gonna hit  the Pill Bugs. So I'll go fight the Ducks.

Hit them with with... I got Hellfire Magic. You don't really need the  gold, unless you just wanna   go buy the Flame Bow just for heck,  for kicks. You don't need it anymore. And the Heart. Go up and over battle the Boncas... I mean Slayers... or go to the  west, down below instead and you'll fight   some Dragons. Fighting dragons adn  other stuff. Yes, that's quite easy. Go up, right, to kill the dragon.  

I got a Heart. Over and we're back to the  entrance. West, and now we can go back out. Hit the spacebar and then use the machine. And we're back from the Darklands.  Save our game and heal ourselves,   whatever we want to do. And back out. At the top of the screen go west. West. West. There's the sign that means this is the way  we go to get back to our entrance point.

And we can fight the monsters or not. Depends on  our mood. I can load my Hellfire magic. I can load   my sword. Step off the screen about  here. Wait while my Hellfire loads. Step onto the screen. Do that. And I can wait to do it again, but   depends on what way you want to do. I just want to  get around this guy, back over and down. I talk to   the... I don't have to talk to the guards but... "Look Tom! Dink is back!" 

"Dink is alive! Alive!" and that's just for fun.   Down by the ducks, rocks, down to the  path, over the west, to Goodheart Castle. Request an audience was King Daniel. "I must see the king at once!"  "Hello, Smallwood. Of course  you may see the King!"  "Guard! Open the gate!" Go on up and talk to the big guy in the red  flannel pajamas, or underwear, bathrobe. 

"Smallwood has returned!" "I have sad news, my King.   Sir Flatstomp is dead. He  died in my arms, bravely."  "I will inform Lyna. I was  afraid this was the case." 

"Also, the evil ancient Seth has been vanquished." "Hooray! The world is safe!" Congratulations! You have finished the game. You took a boy and turned him  into a hero. Is this the end?   Not by a long shot! There are hundreds more  Adventures awaiting you. Get them and other great   games at rtsoft.com - or make  your own! Download the free development kit.  Special thanks to the following: Justin, sorry I made you draw blood. 

Pap, great level design and  story (when you were here)  Sean, corn dogs are NOT the food of the Gods. For other sayings check out the quotes.txt   file in the Dink Smallwood folder. And thanks for playing, by Seth. "And now food for my hungry hero!" Let's give  you a bunch of potions, which our pointless now,   Meaning, you've finished the game. Kind of  don't need these potions, unless you want  

to wander around the game. There's nothing  more you can do. Go on out and you're done. You could go buy the big bow, the Flame  Bow. You can explore, kill things. You   can kill your abusive uncle, if you haven't  already. But this is the end of the game. You can load other D-Mods up and  play those and continue quests   that are very different from this;  Or, just explore, look around,   lock things into your brain, and then play it  all again... faster than you did the first time. Thanks for watching my walkthroughs. And I hope it was enjoyable.

Take care.

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