Countdown to Disclosure: The Secret Technology Behind the Space Force - Dr. Steven Greer, Bob Lazar

Countdown to Disclosure: The Secret Technology Behind the Space Force - Dr. Steven Greer,  Bob Lazar

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MAN 1: I think it's terrifying. I mean, this seems potentially like one of the biggest stories of my lifetime. And I don't care if it's about UFOs or whatever you call it. Something that we don't understand is getting very close to our military aircraft. WOMAN: I mean, first tell us what the purpose of the program was and why it was so secret. MAN 2: It is President Trump's belief that the United States must remain as dominant in space as we are on land and sea and the air.

And your charge is to see to that mission with the United States Space Force to defend this nation, and to defend our ideals. MAN 3: Uh, what the federal government is doing when it comes to UFOs, so if I could just ask you, are we going to commit-- Are you going to commit more resources to exploring, uh, UFOs and open the documents to the public? MAN 1: Something that we can't explain has happened. MAN 4: That is correct. Look, it's holding. It just stalled out there.

TRUMP: I'll do whatever you ask me to do including total transparency I got to tell you, there's probably some pretty good transparency needed there. There was no doubt about that. Before you leave office, will you let us know if there's aliens? 'Cause this is the only thing I really want to know. I wanna know what's going on.

Would you ever open up Roswell, let us know what's really going on. You know, the president of the United States, since Eisenhower, has not been read into, which is a military term for briefed on what are called unacknowledged special access projects. There are millions and millions of people that want to go there, that want to see it.

I won't talk to you about what I know about it, but it's very interesting. I don't believe he has particularly more information than some of the others, like Ronald Reagan had quite a bit of information on the Extraterrestrial in UFO subject, but the information was cherry picked. A lot of people that would like to know what's going on.

So you're saying, you may declassify, you'll take it? Well, I'll have to think about that one. So I know what is happening with the current president, is that the people around him are ones that are selected to provide a certain type of information. And it is usually cherry picked intelligence so that the president will respond to the subject the way they want them to. These classified operatives. So people have to understand the nature of an unacknowledged special access project.

And most people would assume it would be fair to say that because you're the president of the United States, you have an all access pass to all these compartmented operations that are very classified... But they do not. And that is one of the urban myths, is that the President knows everything or can find out about everything.

What I have found is that depending on the presidency and I briefed and put a briefing together for every president since Bill Clinton. And briefed personally his CIA Director. And what I found is, for example, when Bill Clinton enquired about this subject, he was denied any information.

His CIA director was tasked with looking into it. He was denied information. So I was invited to come up to Washington, even though I'm an emergency doctor.

But I had collected a large archive on this issue, and briefed the director of the CIA, and that was when I discovered that the nature of the secrecy, it's so compartmented, that, you know, some people say it's above top secret. Well, there's no classification above top secret. What it is, is the compartment you're in. And the ones that are special access projects are very restricted.

And the ones that are unacknowledged special access projects are off the books. And only the people in that sealed compartment know about what they're doing and that is how it's structured. And that architecture structure evolved from the 50s forward.

And, uh, so no president since Eisenhower has had full access to these projects, which is, of course, illegal and unconstitutional, which is why my group,, we're gathering together people to change that. But I think the current president has access to a point, but he needs, you know-- Anyone like that is in a bubble, so, you know, when you enter the White House, I mean, say you're a businessman or a peanut farmer like Jimmy Carter or whatever you get into the White House and the people that are surrounding in the national security apparatus. Most of them don't know about this issue, the ones that are appointed and come and go every few years.

But there is a permanent bureaucracy, a few of whom would be read into or briefed on the subject. But those people will only tell the President what they think the President will respond to in a favorable way for them strategically. For example, there's been all this information coming out recently about, uh, UFOs being chased by our Navy pilots off the coast of California, etcetera.

It's all being on CNN, New York Times. Those objects are most likely Lockheed Martin Top Secret Skunk Works Object. [MEN SPEAKING OVER RADIO] MAN: A close encounter spotted by a U.S. Air Force pilot

off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] SALLA: There's, ah, new insider who's just come forward and he's being saying that he was told that the Tic-Tac UFOs were these hybrid craft that were capable of traveling through the ocean at 500 miles an hour and in the air of 24,000 miles an hour and escaping Earth's velocity, if they needed to. [SPEAKING OVER RADIO] And that these were crafts that were actually being made for the U.S. Air force. That these were Air force Secret Space program vehicles being produced at this secretive facility in Palmdale, California, called Plant 42. Which has long been known to be a major production site for highly classified craft that the Air Force has been-- have been, various contractors work on them, assemble for them.

Lucky Martin's Skunk Works actually relocated from Burbank, California, to this facility, Plant 42 up in Palmdale. So Plant 42 is where you actually have these Tic-Tac crafts actually being produced for the U.S. Air Force. RYAN: That was one of the most amazing things to us, or at least to me, was that these objects would be out there all day, excess speed that they're exhibiting as well as the flight characteristics. Uh, there's no platform or really energy source that I'm aware of that can allow something to stay in the air as long as these objects were.

According to this whistleblower, he's being encouraged to come forward to let the public know that these craft are Secret Air Force craft. Space, gonna be a lot of things happening in space... because space is the world's newest warfighting domain. Amid grave threats to our national security, American superiority and space is absolutely vital.

...which has just been set up early 2020, our Space Force has had its logo approved. It has its new commander, it's got its Chief Investment Officer approved, and they were working out the details of personnel requirements, uniforms and so forth. So that's all being set up. NEWS REPORTER: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station will soon officially get a new name.

It'll be called Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Patrick Air Force Base will also get the new Space Force moniker. It's to reflect the new Space Force branch of the military. SALLA: So, that's all being set up. But in the meantime, we have the craft, some of the crafts, like these Tic-Tac craft, which are about 46 ft long, that that are shaped like a tic-tac.

So they're cylindrical. -That these are going to be one of the vehicles... -[SPEAKING OVER RADIO] ...that are eventually going to be released and basically, the Air Force or Space Force is gonna make it known that this is part of their apparatus or part of their our arsenal for outer space operations. Everybody is asking the biggest question in the world. Are we alone? MAN: That is strange. That is really weird.

Do we really need the government to tell us? MAN: I've never seen that. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] For thousands of years and to present day, there's evidence of extraterrestrial craft that we don't know of. [MEN SPEAKING OVER RADIO] They're not only Navy pilots that witnessed the phenomenon. Regular people, including NASA themselves capture anomalies that can't be explained.

Through the eyewitness testimony and video evidence to back it up, it proves that there's something bizarre happening in the skies. MAN: Sober military pilots saying something that we can't explain this happening. MAN 2: That is correct. You're talking about individuals who have very high security clearances.

They are trained observers. NASA themselves capture things in space with the ISS that they still can't explain to this day. up towards about 12,000 feet and then accelerate in less than two seconds and disappear is something I have never seen in my life.

There is a difference between UFO technology from another world and reverse engineered technology that a government faction uses to keep secrets from the military, such as the Navy. The whole point of the government military system is to hold the secret, as they did with the stealth bomber for 40 years. Is this the new technology that they're about to reveal to the public? The people who would be briefing the president or the Senator Marco Rubio, who made the comment, this, you know, we don't know what these are, but we do want to know what they are. But the people who are surrounding that level of our politicians and government are not told the full story. And that's why our group is trying to correct that.

We're trying to create a different dynamic and provide accurate information and also analysis. Why is it secret, who's keeping it secret, where is it kept secret? The question becomes, who is piloting these secret spacecrafts? Could they be aliens from another world, or could they be humans piloting these exotic craft? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: We must be forward looking in our research and development, to anticipate and achieve the unimagined weapons of the future. [BULLETS FIRING] Showcases technology that we've had two decades ago. [BULLETS FIRING] Notice the characteristics of this flying machine. [BULLETS FIRING] It could move left to right. It could turn on a dime. Imagine the capabilities in today's world.

The technology in this declassified video has yet to be implemented to the world. Or has it? Could this be what the Navy pilots are witnessing? So, these tic-tac shaped craft, they're able to move really quickly through the water using a principle called supercavitation. So that's basically where you actually have, like a bubble, preventing water molecules from hitting the craft, creating friction and slowing it down. So because of supercavitation, the craft is able to travel through the water and up to 500 miles an hour. So this is pretty much identical to a patent that was released by the US Navy around 2018 where it talks about how this hybrid aerospace underwater craft is able to basically generate an electromagnetic field in a cavity around the crafts house that's double hold. And so between the other hole and the inner hole, you have a cavity, and then there you have microwaves bouncing around and that generates a quantum vacuum around the crafts are all water molecules, and if you're in the air, air molecules, or if you're in space, plasma and so forth, are all moved out of the way.

So this enables the craft to move incredibly fast through the water through the atmosphere and into space. So this is why this Navy patent is called the hybrid aerospace underwater craft. And this is precisely what the Tic-Tac craft was doing. - [MEN SPEAKING OVER RADIO] -That the Navy pilots that recorded this craft on their videos, which have been released.

And basically, people are trying to work out, is this extraterrestrial or what? Well, now we know because of this new insider that these craft are actually Air Force Secret Spacecraft that have been built over Palmdale, California. They're manned craft, and they're able to achieve these tremendous velocities because of this supercavitation principle that's generated by a quantum vacuum around the craft in terms of the direction it's moving at. It's probably one part of the military not telling the other part of the military what they're up to for a good reason.

I did have one very brief meeting on it, but people are saying they're seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particularly. MICHIO: Some people think that yes, they travel between Mark five and Mark 20 and maybe, just maybe, they could be secret weapons devised by the Russians, the Chinese and the Americans. Well, you know what the president formed a couple years ago, known as the Space Force, it's just an acknowledgement of operations that have already existed for decades that have to do with a reconnaissance in space. And putting assets in space. For example, on some of our satellites usually run by the National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, we have weapons systems that can target objects.

And so we do have assets like that. I think what the president has done with acknowledging that is somebody has manipulated this issue in a false way to get him to respond as if there is a threat from outer space which does not exist. And remember, these are things that happen all the time. We went into the Iraq War based on false manufactured evidence that was completely made up about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, and, you know, a trillion dollars, $2 trillion later, and hundreds of thousands of people dead later, um, it's been well proven that that was all false information designed to support the military intelligence complex, the big contractors. So, unfortunately, I think the president has been getting some poor advice on this.

We're trying to fix that situation with information we're trying to provide, are providing. But, ultimately, the bureaucracy surrounding the president can, as I mentioned earlier, can manipulate him into some direction. And so the narrative that's being launched, which is a false narrative, is that we're not alone and that those civilizations are a threat and it's completely made up. Wernher von Braun who invented the rocket for Adolf Hitler, the V-2 rockets, stated on his deathbed that this is what we would eventually do, is hoax an alien threat that could unite the world and consolidate power around some sort of off world threat, which is completely false. BLAKE: The whole aspect of the space force announced by President Donald Trump in recent times he's been stated to say that maybe they want them to see what they're seeing in regards to this advanced technology. NEWS READER: The Navy says it still doesn't know what the objects are, and officials aren't speculating.

A Navy spokesman simply confirming to CNN, the objects seen in the various clips are unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs. Just recently, in early March 2020, a video has surfaced of a joint mission between the US and Navy performing jet military exercises and some anomalous object is spotted in the background. This could be the new US space force technology being revealed slowly, put out as a small disclosure. I think as time goes on, more and more whistleblowers from the secret space program will come forward and reveal the technology that needs to be shared with the world. MARK WARNER: One of the key takeaways I'd have is that the...

the military and others are taking this issue seriously, which your previous generations may not have been the case. REPORTER: As president you've access to all the information in the world, all the mysteries out there, and I was just struck in the last couple weeks, we're reading more and more reports of Navy pilots seeing lots and lots of UFOs. Have you been briefed on that? -What do you make it? -I think it's probably... I want them to think whatever they think. I've seen and I've read and I've heard and I did have one very brief meeting on it, but people are saying, they're saying UFOs.

So Plant 42 is a classified air force facility that was built from 1935 to 1956. Different contractors have been working with the Air Force to produce their most classified aircraft at this Plant 42 in Palmdale, California, So you've had corporations like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and several other corporations that jointly operate the Plant 42 facility up there, and it's a huge facility. We're talking about several million square feet divided amongst these major contractors, who are all working on classified programs on behalf of the Air Force and also NASA. NASA also operates facilities out of this Palmdale plant 42. So what we have at Plant 42 is a top secret facility where some of the alien spacecraft that have been recovered since the 1947 Roswell crash, that these have been secretly studied, and the reverse engineering has been occurring at Palmdale.

So that way, the Air Force is able to have some prototypes developed of various differently shaped craft that are based on these flying sources or these flying triangles or whatever alien craft that they've been able to retrieve that they are being secretly studied and reverse engineered there at Plant 42. So what we now have flying as part of the Air Force's secret space program, a craft that have been reverse engineered from alien technologies, that have being taken to facilities like Plant 42 or Area 51 or Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, and studied and then the major contractors, like Lockheed and Northrop Grumman, build prototypes for the Air Force that are then flown out of Palmdale. So in the case of this tic tac shaped craft that was cited in 2004 and captured on video, it's size makes it something that can be easily transported on a flatbed truck out of Plant 42 to wherever the Air Force wants it taken. So typically, these might be taken to facilities like Edwards Air Force Base, whereas at Area 51 in Nevada, what you have there is a place where some of the older or some of the original extraterrestrial craft were first taken and studied. And so Area 51 is more like a museum where scientists or congressman or anyone that wants to be kind of ready and always going to be read into this kind of advanced alien technology, sees the craft and studies it. NEWS READER: The Aircraft apparently that are moving in ways that appear to violate physics, that are flying very differently from any aircraft ever observed and way faster than any plane that we know any foreign country has.

What is this? Only a select number of our congressmen have chosen to actually be given a tour of these facilities. And they choose the congressman very, very carefully. They always choose someone who they know after they're read in, which means that they're basically given the classified files, that they'll read those files and they'll keep a secret. And they're not gonna do anything to divulge those national security secrets that they learned. So, I know one of these congressmen was Senator Claiborne Pell. And so he was read in the '80s.

And so he was given tours of these facilities, like Area 51, Plant 42 over Palmdale, and shortly given a complete tour because he could keep a secret. And this is the way in which the secrecy system operates, because as long as those that run these projects consult with Congress or brief select congressman who may be run various important committees, like Senator Claiborne Pell. You know, he ran in some important communities out of the Senate. When these senators or congressmen are read in, that means that the secrecy system is able to justify itself.

It has a certain amount of legitimacy. And so this is a system that has taken many decades to set up, to maintain the secrecy, so that that way you don't have people within the Navy or within the Air Force that might object to the secrecy and leak the information. It should have been the biggest bombshell story in the whole world. It was eight months before the Pearl Harbor attack and seven years before the Roswell UFO crash. It was late April of 1941 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, my home town. Back then, it was about 20,000 citizens on the banks of the Mississippi River.

It was around 9 o'clock one night when a Reverend William G. Huffman in Cape Girardeau, a very fine respected Christian minister and father and soon to be grandfather, received a phone call and left his home on North Main Street. He went out to be picked up in his car outside the house and took off and came back a few hours later, when he came home, he was shaken and pale and told his family, "I'm going to tell you this story just once and never speak of it again." What he told his family is the following narrative. Someone from the police department or affiliated with the Cape Girardeau Police Department came by and picked him up and took him out to, ah... airplane crash outside of town, Everyone thought an airplane had gone down.

That's what was called in that evening to the Cape Girardeau Fire and Police Department. When he got there, Reverend Huffman and another man arrived at the scene. And there was a fire and there was a craft down, an aerial craft, but it was circular, not a cylindrical airplane at all. There were no human victims anywhere, but there were three bodies stretched out in a field, side by side in the grass, face up.

They were small and gray and very wrinkly, crinkly, as if they had flight suits or skin that melded together and could not withstand our oxygen rich atmosphere. So he did what he came for, said prayers over the first and second dead bodies of these great creatures, which people at the time called little men from outer space. They didn't use the term, I'm told, extraterrestrial, alien, UFO. They just called it a little spaceship and little men. So Reverend Huffman said some prayers over the third body when he noticed it was breathing.

Its chest was going up and down, just barely, but it was still alive. As he was saying his prayers, two local men picked up one of the other two dead bodies and propped him up under the arms and stretched his long arms out and were posing for a photograph. There was a newspaper man there who had a big news, graphic camera, but he didn't use that.

He pulled out a small brownie box camera from his pocket and snapped the picture. And then he put it back in his pocket. Reverend Huffman looked down on and noticed that the creature on the ground that he was saying prayers for expired. It went limp and lifeless.

At one point, he walked over to this round craft that was cracked open with debris, metallic shards all around this field, which had been on fire. The Fire Department was trying to put out the blaze, and he got a good look inside the craft that was laying there in the grass. He said there were a couple of tiny little seats and, uh, kind of instrument panel with gauges and dials, and above it a silver circular band around the top interior that seemed to have strange symbols on it, almost as if hieroglyphics that he could not make out. Around this time some visitors arrived and they moved in and surrounded the site.

It was the United States Army. They asked everyone to hand over every piece of evidence, all of the film and camera photos, all of the notes, all of the debris to get away from the craft and the bodies and swear that they would never speak of this incident again. This never happened, they were told. It's a matter of national security, and many in the crowd of gathered farmers and local first responders, including the county Sheriff's department, the police department and FBI agent and reporters lived up to that promise. The recent releases in The New York Times, CNN, elsewhere, including the recent one from airspace contractor Davis. He stated on the record that there were material.

NEWS READER: The New York Times reporting that a secretive Pentagon unit tasked with investigating UFO sightings is quite likely releasing some of its findings soon. And those findings could be stunning. Not from this planet or world.

...but apparently just recovered are "off-world vehicles not made on this earth." That's a direct quote. We're not exactly sure what they mean by that. Now that's a true statement and it did make its way into the mainstream media. The retraction of it was probably something that was forced by people who felt it was moving too quickly. REID: Some people say that there are some public corporations have materials that we should look at. Now I wanted to make sure that that was valid or not valid.

To remember if it's in the mainstream media, they will release a little bit of information that, what's happening is that it has a spin attached to it of a national security threat. The other spin is we don't know what these are. Well, let me correct this on the record, I have a man on my team who was the senior scientist for the Naval Research Labs, Rick Fosh, and a very long time ago he was in the vault where all the top secret documents were stored. And he saw the document where we had mastered "gravity control." Where we could create our own UFOs in October 1954. So when people are trotted out by, there's a group called TTSA, To The Stars Academy of Tom DeLonge, that's also a counterintelligence operation.

Tom doesn't know that. I knew him when he was young and you know, the 2022 group. But that information is that whole effort is chock full of people who are being told to tell the people a very limited amount of information, and then add to it the counterintelligence spin that it's a threat and then add to it that we don't really know what these are where they come from.

And the truth is my archive, which now, I have 980 top secret military intelligence aerospace people in my team, it's quite provable now that we do know that some of these objects are extraterrestrial and some are made by us that people were seeing. We have things flying over our military bases and places where we're conducting military exercises and we don't know what it is and it isn't ours. So that's the legitimate question to ask. I would say that, uh, frankly that if it's something of outside this planet, that might actually be better than the fact that we've seen some technological leap on behalf of the Chinese, the Russians or some other adversary. We have been experimenting with these technologies since the '40s and '50s, but had mastered the basic science for lift and movement in strange ways without a rocket or a jet engine in the '50s. So a lot of people are being deceived on this, and quite deliberately.

Because I think the bigger secret than the fact that we're not alone in the universe is that we have highly classified projects that have technologies that would make your hair curl, that are so advanced. But the bottom line is if there are things flying over your military bases and you don't know what they are because they're not yours and they exhibit potentially technologies that you don't have at your own disposal. That to me is a national security risk and one that we should be looking into. And the reason that's kept secret is that if that information comes out and is acknowledged, then the next step is every scientists in the world, technology company in the world's gonna say, "How are they operating?" And when they ask that question, it will be answered, we have the answers, and it's the end of oil, gas, coal, public utilities, internal combustion engines, jets, rockets all of it's obsolete.

So you're talking more than a $1000 trillion, in assets, commodities, financial instruments that would be made worthless. So the secrecy has to do with geopolitical power and control and financial control and power and corruption. So when you see a story like that in the New York Times, you have to understand what the context is. There are people who are being allowed to say a certain amount of information. If they say something too far, then they're gonna try to retract it, because there were so many people saying, "What? We have a technology project studying these things for how long?" Well, that is a question they do not want asked by the media, by the public, by Congress, by the president, Because that means that, what's gonna come out? is the biggest scandal that makes Watergate look like nothing. And that there is a, uh, very classified project that has been around since the '40s and '50s that...

We haven't even needed rockets since the mid '50s. So that information is so scandalous that that's a bridge too far. And that's why it gets pulled back every time it begins to emerge. And for example, my archive is filled with documents, footage and top secret people who have dealt with this stuff.

But that won't get reported in the mainstream media, 'cause the big media is actually answering to the CIA on this. And we can prove this, you know, with Project Mockingbird as, Constitutional Attorney Daniel Sheehan had stated, you know, back in the '70s, when he was doing the Pentagon papers. Mr. Sheehan said he saw a document that listed 42 senior editors, namely national security editors, at all the world's media that were on the payroll with the CIA to change and kill stories. So this is why the public public is never "writ large", gonna get the truth on this subject through the mainstream media.

MALE REPORTER: The U. S. Navy has finally acknowledged that videos appearing to show UFOs flying through the air are real. They don't call them UFOs. They call them unidentified aerial phenomenon. FEMALE REPORTER: The UFO reports were first investigated by a secret $22 million program, part of the Defense Department budget that investigated reports of UFOs.

If you are read in, you're given this classified information. You are expected to maintain secrecy. You're expected to go along with whatever the cover story is for those special access programs.

And if you don't go along with the cover story, uh, then you could be prosecuted. So you, for example, uh, you have to deny if you're working for the Air Force or you're a Congressman. If someone asks you about a particular program that you know about, that involves some of these reverse engineered craft that are being built at Plant 42, you've got to deny its existence.

And you've got to go along with whatever the cover story is. Otherwise, you can be prosecuted. So this has been a very effective system that's being developed over decades.

[INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING] Recently, a NASA scientist has debunked recent footage from the ISS claiming it to be obsolete instrumental equipment, to be sent down to Earth to burn in its atmosphere. Notice as this object leaves Earth, it fires a plasmic green thrust. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] This is obvious evidence of the International Space Station being visited by something from another world, or something from a dark project.

If an event civilization could travel from galaxy to galaxy, they'll be traveling much faster than the speed of light entering different dimensions. Could these beings be time travelers jumping from dimension to another, showing itself by the International Space Station? December 8th 2018, Mysterious craft approaches the Cargo X Space Station, as it rendezvous with the International Space Station. What is this exotic craft? As you could clearly see, the Cargo X fires its thrusters and it highlights whatever this triangular craft is. Why is NASA trying to cover up these anomalous objects that surround Earth and the International Space Station? What is their agenda? MAN: We now have a broadly based and efficient defensive strength. But unless we act wisely and promptly, we could lose that capacity to deter attack or defend ourselves. GOODALL: Dr. Salas had a question

on whether or not we could take alien technology, do reverse engineering and incorporate it in today's modern military warfare aircrafts. Such as, could we build the 'Tic Tac'? Do we have the ability to do that? My answer to that would be, I believe, yes. Ben Rich, Kelly Johnson, others have indicated that we have taken technology, uh, from various sources. Modified it to, you know, meet our needs.

We have the technology to send E.T. home. He said that in a speech at UCLA shortly after he retired in the mid '90s. If we have the ability to take E.T. home, that means we have the ability to go to the stars.

And to quote Bob Lazar. You know, he's sort of jumping with joy right now thinking that the stuff that he worked on for a short time at S4 is gonna come to fruition. The world's gonna see what he was up to. Whether or not can we build a craft that could be flying at 3000 miles an hour and take a 90 degree turn.

That technology exists today, not in a manned system, but an unmanned system. You know, you questioned about alien technology. It was-- it was rumored that it took DuPont 15 years to reverse engineer Kevlar. Nothing about is found naturally in nature.

It was a compound of a number of different components. It's a very, very special fabric. That allegedly came out of the crash site at Roswell Same with integrated circuits. I mean, they're-- In 1947, we were still dealing with vacuum tubes. I remember Dick Tracy. And you're looking at your watch and, there was a radio in there and, you could-- you could actually talk to somebody.

And then later on, they even had a little TV screen. How absurd was that? How could that ever happen? Well, if you have an Apple watch, it checks your EKG. Where did all that technology come from? Did it come from the crash site at Roswell? Did it come from S4, where Bob Lazar was doing research, you know, reverse engineering on the propulsion system for alien spacecraft? I don't know. Visible entities saying the government has told us that we have craft not made of this earth.

The United States Army, today it's The Navy that's in control of all the super, super secret stuff. And they doled it out to various companies and allowed them to patent the information, if they could figure out how to work it. And they did. And that technology is what we enjoy today. [CRAFT WHOOSHES] Well, what are called the 'Tic Tac' that was reported all over the media in the last couple of years has been confirmed.

Honestly, without more data, it's hard to say what that was. Um... It could have been an experimental object from Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works. Or some other contractor.

It's technically possible it was E.T. I doubt it. Because the extraterrestrial objects are actually also trans-dimensional. I would say is that I'm agnostic about where that footage came from.

You know? Because it would be very easy, to set up an event like that. And the average jet pilot, even if it's the top gun guy in the Navy or Air Force. So they encounter that, and they don't know if they've encountered something from another planet, or something that's been launched out of Palmdale or Edwards Air Force Base.

That's a highly classified man-made, uh, anti-gravity electromagnetic type object. Um, and so, without more information, it's hard to say what that object was. I think the intention of the release of the information was so that they could get the media to start covering this.

But if you look at all the news stories, there's a not so subtle messaging that it's a national security threat. That's what keeps getting used by Senator Rubio and by the media and The New York Times and CNN. So that narrative is the purpose of the release. The release of that footage in and of itself is really not significant. We have in our archives much better photos and videos of E.T. craft and UFOs. Much better.

I think it was because it was something that had, uh, the imprimatur of the Pentagon. And they could attach this false narrative to it. MAN: Oh yeah, it's hitting something. It's searching for something out there. Why? Look, it's holding. It just stalled out there.

MAN 1: I'm staying in one spot here. MAN 2: It's triangular. MAN 1: Take a look, guys.

There is some wild looking crap in the skies. Holy piss! MAN 2: I'm gonna put my hat on backwards. [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] MAN: There are some lights in the sky. Russia, China and US are all locked in this race to develop these advanced technologies. Each one has its own resources in terms of whatever extraterrestrial hardware, you know, they've been able to recover, and their scientists reverse engineering these and trying to apply it to whatever aerospace vehicles they're secretly developing.

So China is really the major competitor to the U. S. and the big danger here is that with China, because the Chinese economy is much larger than Russia's. And China's economy by 2030 will surpass the U. S. And so, at that point, that's when China's military assets are going to be basically able to dictate a lot of our policies on Earth and in Space.

Quantum computing is the key area where China's advances in terms of artificial intelligence again are really dominant. Because China has a vast population, it's rolling out things like voice recognition, facial recognition. It's using a lot of drones. It's moving fast ahead in terms of driverless cars.

So it's developing AI much more quickly. And so its quantum computing capacities are increasing rapidly. This is one of the things that is really worrying a lot of military analysts. How do you deal with China moving so fast ahead in terms of AI, quantum computing. And the US isn't really putting as much resources into that. And lacks the kind of, uh, the human infrastructure and human capital to develop artificial intelligence, to the extent that China is.

Through abduction accounts, people have heard messages not to mess with technology too much. And now the advent of AI and quantum computing might go against what the aliens don't want us to do. The top minds of today have warned us about AI. Elon Musk. "Digital Super Intelligence "and AI that is vastly smarter than any human on Earth. "And ultimately smarter than all humans and earth combined." And the late Stephen Hawking.

Are we prepared for AI? Or are we on the cusp of our own annihilation? "The primitive forms of artificial intelligence "we already have, have proved very useful. "But I think the development of full artificial intelligence "could spell the end of the human race. "Once humans develop artificial intelligence, "it will take off on its own "and redesign itself at an ever increasing rate." Recently, Google announced "Quantum Supremacy." REPORTER: The tech giant says its quantum processor was able to perform a complex mathematical calculation...

They asked the most advanced computer we have now and their new quantum computer a mathematical algorithm question. It's gonna take the most advanced computer we have today 10,000 years to answer the question. The new quantum computer has answered it in less than two minutes. The implications behind this advanced technology and the information we'll learn from it contains the world forever. If you could just imagine The Jetsons...

it may be just around the corner. Isn't that anti-gravity, free energy? Well, I think the videos prove it. Is there a secret cover up by the Masters that play our social media? When looking for the answer to the big question, people have to do their own research, read between the lines and understand. The powers that be don't want us to know the answer to the big question. If there's a time for disclosure, 2020 will be the year when the world knows that there's something going on in our skies and the answers will be told to the masses. GREER: Well, I think, you know, the whole issue about AI, quantum computing, in and of itself, uh, is like anything.

Any technology can be used for good or for ill. It's who wields it. So you know, I'm an emergency doctor. I've seen knives to be used to put butter on your bread or to cut someone's throat. So I use that analogy for any of these technologies. In and of themselves, technologies are essentially neutral.

It's the consciousness and spiritual awareness, or lack thereof, of those who control it and wield it. And I think, whether it's extraterrestrial technology that's been studied or AI, all of it has to have an ethical approach. And that's why it needs to have great transparency. And people who are very conscious of monitoring how that goes forward. The problem is that the public has to be informed and involved.

Because once you get oligarchs and people of enormous power and wealth controlling it, then you are in trouble. So I think that the answer is it has to be democratized. And it has to be transparent.

SALLA: I think extraterrestrials are watching our planet in terms of how we deal with these problems in terms of artificial intelligence, and whether we go down the track of automating all our most advanced technologies with artificial intelligence. Because if we do, then we become a threat. To them. Because as far as I understand it, many of the extraterrestrial races are very careful about artificial intelligence. because there's a danger. Because with artificial intelligence, once you kind of reached the singularity point.

And artificial intelligence basically is able to start building more intelligent AI machines themselves. They don't need humans to do that anymore. Then they don't need us. And this is something that is being a big problem, um, out there.

According to insiders, contactees who have been communicating with extraterrestrials, that once you reach that singularity point, AI becomes a threat. So, how are we gonna deal with that? Are we going to allow artificial intelligence to start self-replicating once it becomes so advanced and it starts to build automated craft, automated synthetic beings itself, thereby threatening us? And extraterrestrials are wanting to see which direction we go, because they had to navigate that... that kind of danger themselves.

MUSK: We're rapidly headed towards digital super-intelligence that far exceeds any human. I think it's very obvious. So, the future is really exciting because Space Force has been created expressly with the purpose of releasing some of these advanced technologies that the Air Force has developed and put out into space.

And so, with Space Force, it's now being set up, and over the next 12 months, you're gonna have personnel being shifted in from various military services, from the Air Force, from the Navy, from the Army. And then, they're gonna be starting to release some of the advanced technology. We're talking flying rectangles, flying triangles, flying-saucer-shaped craft, and even these tic-tac-shaped craft.

And then, you've got all of the kind of advanced medical technologies that are being developed. So, all this stuff is gonna come out into the wide world. It's gonna come out of this very dark, nebulous world of highly-classified programs into this kind of wide world where the technology is revealed, and the public is gonna go, "Wow, we didn't know we had this stuff." It's gonna be made to look as though all of this is brand-new technology that's just being developed for the use of Space Force.

But in fact, this technology has been around for decades and was secretly being used by the Air Force. And this is how they wanted to disclose it to the general public. GREER: I think the AI technology is less of an issue for the next ten years than the release of the basic operating system, let's call it, of zero-point energy and anti-gravity. For the simple reason is... So, what if you have a super-computer or AI if the way you're running that machine in your server farm is off a fossil fuel grid that's destroying the biosphere? So, that, you know, all that stuff is interesting and people can get all involved with it, but let me introduce a concept from my career as an emergency trauma guy. You triage things.

So, I would say that that's a concern if it's used improperly, but nowhere near as big a concern that we're imploding the biosphere. And that still half the world's population is in extreme poverty. So, I think people need to keep their eye on the priorities, uh, and those are the big ones.

So, the problem with the conspiracy theories and people dealing with UFOs in general, they actually don't understand what Unacknowledged Special Access Projects are, which is what I keep coming back to. That's the proper concept. And those are ones that do have people involved, who... to get into them, you have to psychologically be willing to do criminal and illegal activities, up to and including treason. With-- When you are lying to the president, denying the president information, the Congress information, that is treason. It is illegal.

Now, that's one of the reasons why all... all my whistleblowers that I have on my team, I've told them, they're scared to death, initially. I said "No. The project you are in is illegally run. "Therefore, they can't prosecute you "for violating the National Security Act." And we have declared that, sent documents to the government stating this and explaining it, which is why they eventually do come forward. However, the, uh, projects that are dealing with this issue have, I would say, three big agendas.

One is, they want to keep this issue secret until they can use it as a foil to unite the world around an alien threat that's completely fake. This is exactly what Wernher von Braun stated. The other is that their projects themselves... are being run so illegally that the history of them, going back to when Eisenhower was betrayed and left out of them in the late Eisenhower years...

would be such a scandal. I mean, it's... it's an unbelievable scandal, uh, of corruption. But people have gotten trillions and trillions of dollars in the year, over the years in contracting money. Um, I mean... I mean, literally, trillions to work on this issue off the books.

And then the other big issue is, you know, people call a cell phone a disruptive technology. It isn't. Or YouTube or whatever. Those are... Or Amazon.

None of these things are of any consequence, frankly. You know. The things that are of great consequence are when you start talking about thousands of trillions of dollars in assets that have to do with how the entire world is running. So, think... Look. Think about this.

It's not just geo-political power. um, theoretically, it's actual physical power. So, the way you're running your house and car on a central electric grid, or even an electric car where you plug it in, you're plugging it into a grid that is metered. These technologies involve

really advanced physics, high voltage systems that pull energy out of the space around us. It means there would be zero cost for energy, zero pollution, and it would, literally, be free. Now, what does that mean? It means that all the commodities, assets, infrastructure that you see on the planet today would go the way of the book, or a horse and buggy, or a royal typewriter. So, it's a massive, macro-economic, geo-political issue. And that's why we're stuck.

Because when I have spoken to some friendly people who are generals in the military, very senior three-star-type and up generals, they've said to me, "Yes, you're right. "But the change that would attend "the release of this information and technology "is so great, we don't know how to manage that." So, we're destroying the biosphere and headed towards an extinction-level event...

because the technological breakthroughs of the last 100 years have all been suppressed. So, we're on the horns of a dilemma, and we've run out... We're running out of time. I think that, unfortunately, there's a faction of these covert programs that would like to create some sort of bizarre, apocalyptic, end-of-the-world event involving "Aliens." And they certainly have the technologies to hoax that.

Think about what I just said. If we have been building aircraft since the '50s that look to the layperson like a UFO, and those have gotten mixed in in people's consciousness with actual E.T. craft, which also exist, then it would be very easy to setup a false-flag operation. An operation that would, basically, stage something that would then unite the world, like the movie Independence Day where Will Smith goes, "Let's go kick alien butt." You know. So, it's the kind of thing that, uh, is highly manipulative, much more so than 9/11 and the Iraq War.

But it would be very effective. And the technologies have been in existence for decades to do it. And I think what we're beginning to see with the secret space program, being talked about the Space Force, uh, all the stuff that you've heard about with these New York Times revelations about our jets chasing these objects and off-world material we have.

I think that's all preparatory to this false-flag hoaxing of a threat from outer space. And I think we have to be prepared for that, because, unfortunately, the mainstream media pretty much have become scribes, taking dictation from the right hand of the Intelligence Community. I'm quoting from a board member of Time Life back in the '90s, who I knew. And... and so, that's why the public is very vulnerable.

They're going, "Where do we get good information?" So, that's, you know, why I left my medical career to start a project, to do that. But, um, it's very difficult, because, obviously, we're the underdogs. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] We're the renegades, I guess. Uh, but these technologies are a central part, not the only one reason.

It has to do with some other agendas as well, um, and some of them are pretty bizarre. Like, I met with one member of the committee that deals with the secrecy, who, wanted to be able to hoax and has been involved with hoaxing "Abductions and mutilations..." so that the public would hate the aliens enough to go to an interplanetary war. And I'm quoting now, "So Christ would return."

No, I mean, this is... I know it's a little batshit-crazy, excuse my language, but I mean, I... This is a member of a royal family in Europe. And I'm listening to this going, [CLICKS TONGUE] "You know, this is worrisome." Because you have people of enormous power and wealth who have a strange agenda that's a little bit whacked out, to be honest with you.

But they have enormous power, and they have enormous power with the media and the public on what's released. It's probably time to stop calling people who believe in UFOs "crackpots," after the recent revelation that there's actually a Pentagon task force looking into them. One astrophysicist, who has worked for the Pentagon's UFO program since 2007, told The New York Times that he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department Agency about retrievals from "Off-world vehicles not made on this earth."

You know, Bob, you think Bob would be willing to make a statement... MAN: Yeah, about the report. ...and, uh, and that we, you know, that we... we would record, uh... It could be a brief statement saying, "Hallelujah, you know, I'm finally vindicated."

[SPEAKING OVER PHONE] -Yeah. -I mean, I kinda believe that it's some... "Russia, Russia, Russia" didn't work, uh, impeachment didn't work. Kobe didn't work, riots didn't work. We need an alien invasion. [BOTH LAUGHING] So, that's my...

that's my... that's my... my... my theory on why it, you know, that was released. But, uh... [SPEAKING OVER PHONE] We know that the technologies already exist that would give us a new civilization with no pollution and also no surface roads. The problem with the ones that are airborne is that those are also... It can be repurposed

as a, uh, missile or something that could cross... Go from place A to B and deliver a weapon. So, what we've been advising...

I've been advising the CI director for Bill Clinton and others, is that the technologies related to energy generation should come out first so that we would have clean energy, no pollution. Factories, cars, everything. The step for bringing out, you know, where everyone would have an individual vehicle that would be so-called anti-gravity and lift and go over the road, without any road, uh, which was... We already have the technology. We will be traveling that way in... not in the not-too-distant future, I believe. But that has to be brought out, understanding that the international security situation has to be attended to very carefully, because this can be a weapon delivery system. So, I sort of separate the technology release in, sort of, two phases.

One would stabilize the biosphere, heal the planet, fix Gaia, um, eliminate poverty around the world. And these other technologies that would allow us to go from here to Tokyo in four or five minutes with one of these objects that... that... We understand how they operate. I have equations of how those work. I have it down. I mean, my team have people on it who've worked on building them. Those really have to be looked at, because you could have some unstable dictator or a terrorist somewhere who could take one of those objects once it was widely-known how to do it, and send a weapon over into the middle of New York City or whatever.

So, I'm not cavalier about the implications of this. And I'll never forget... I was on a... at the JY Ranch, uh, in the Tetons, the Rockefeller Ranch. One of the members of the Rockefeller family, David Rockefeller, was part of this, uh, committee keeping the secret, but the philosopher king of the family, Laurance, he really wanted all this out. So, he hosted us at the Rockefeller Ranch, and then later, the Clintons there to receive a briefing. And one night I was...

I was out on the deck of this place, on the porch, and Laurance Rockefeller, he was in his eighties, came up to me and he said, "You know, we really need this to come out." And I said, "Yes. "So, what are you gonna do? "You're a Rockefeller, you're old and you're rich. "I'm a young doctor." And he says, "Oh, no. "Because my family's already jumping up and down on me "for even having this meeting."

And then he said, "Look, "the implications of this "knowledge and technology coming... coming out "are... Those implications are so vast and so profound, "no aspect of life on Earth will be unaffected." I said, "Yes, Laurance. That's why it's secret."

But it's... Also, the secrecy is killing the planet. It's impoverishing half the world's population, all of which is fixable, by the way. So I tell people, the big... The message of great hope here is, is that the public gets behind the release of this in the correct way for peace on Earth and peace in space. Universal peace. Then, we can have a civilization that would be almost like a paradise here.

I mean, imagine in... Within a generation, um, by the time my, you know, grandkids are half my age, we could have a civilization where there'd be no poverty or pollution and full sustainability, and going to space peacefully. But if we don't get this right, we're headed for a terminal...

extinction-level event. So, that is how grave the stakes are, and that's why my project... I'm very dedicated to bringing this information out as fully as we can to the public, because I think that Washington and the big corporate political world is so beholden to special interests. And also just by active vision and courage up until now. I mean, things can change. I hope they do. But, uh, my concern is that what we're gonna see or disclosures on this subject like we've been seeing that are attached to trying to unite the public over a common "Off-world" alien enemy, which is completely false.

I mean, those civilizations are so advanced that they have absolutely no intention of being hostile. But they're concerned. The reason they're here is because they're concerned about our hostility.

We're the problem. People wanna go, "You know where the problem is?" Go get a mirror and look in it. It's how humans are behaving on this planet. And also, we're going into space. It is President Trump's belief that the United States must remain as dominant...

in space as we are on land, and sea and the air. And your charge is to see to that mission, with the United States Space Force. To defend this nation and to defend our ideals. So we have to get the public involved in not only bringing out the technology safely, information, within a context of truth, and peacefulness.

But we also need to have people making contact with these civilizations directly, who are not warmongers and war profiteers for lack of a better word. The public doesn't understand the UFO issue, we have documents that state this quite clearly, is the most classified issue in the history of United States. Exceeding even the development of the hydrogen bomb. We have this in those words, in a declassified top secret document. Therefore, you know, the president, to the extent that he's provided any information, would also be told, "But you can't talk about this "with anyone public..." I think the current president is inclined to sort of, push the envelope on it.

Are you going to commit more resources to exploring, uh, UFOs and open the documents to the public. TRUMP: I'll do whatever you ask me to do, including total transparency, and, I got to tell you this, probably some pretty good transparency needed there. There's no doubt about that. I can tell you that there is not a president that's been in the Oval Office, that where this isn't pretty much the first to answer that.

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