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Mental privacy. I confess to you that I hadn't thought about this yet. But as a human, I feel I have to know more about this theme to understand these new neuro-rights.

Now we are going for a very special and very close to nature vibe. We have talked a lot here today about connection and about connecting with nature. This guest knows well. I invite you to be with us now talking about connection and nature Henrique Pestilli, presenter and partner founder and facilitator at Imua, Escola do Mar. Welcome, Henrique. I wanted to thank you for the invitation to participate at this amazing event about technology and human development.

And I also wanted to thank you for being invited to talk a little bit about human being and nature, mind and nature, within the gaze of phenomenology, phenomenological science, and anthroposophy. That combines a lot of nature observation for us to understand these invisible laws that govern life. And from these laws we can understand how to create technologies that support in this greater integration with nature, that will bring us more development for us to develop the abilities that nature proposes and creates all the environment for lifelong learning. And then I have been studying it for 20 years.

I fell in love when I was in my 20s, 21 years old. It helped me a lot to understand my place in the world, what the purpose of it all is. Always with many questions and fewer answers.

But the idea is that we can broaden our view. How can we understand an awareness from her, from her history, instead of us trying to judge or interpret what that consciousness, that life represents and demonstrates. And it is for a less utilitarian place, That is, first, how do I use nature to my advantage? How do I use nature to create and to develop welfare, economic development, and everything that we take from nature.

But rather, to go from a utilitarian place to Then go to a place where I can really appreciate these mysteries. What invisible forces are these that impact our lives every day and we can't a lot, it goes from there to there, it can't really perceive this movement. And therein lies this integration between human beings and nature. I often joke, how do we He wakes up, looks in the morning and there is that ball of fire, which is the day, which is the sun.

And at night that ball that reflects the light of the sun, which is the moon, a sphere that is far away from us. How can we do it to understand and look and embrace and talk like this, this is normal. How is it normal, what is normal. So this scientific attitude of looking with curiosity at the phenomena is the point that transforms all knowledge. And all knowledge built by phenomenology has to do with understanding these cycles and rhythms so that we can understand ourselves better.

So when I speak of understanding a phenomenon, understanding a consciousness the starting from itself, who understands, who looks is the mind, is the human being, is us. We see ourselves separated from this nature for that we understand that we are us, not nature. We are born, we are taught to be able to see the world as if we were not in it, an external look. And with time we can choose, understand and seek where we come from.

From this nature, we are this nature and we are going back to this nature. In the physical body we see this Clearly, from dust we came, to dust we will return. But there's more to it than that, so from this mineral kingdom that is coming, all the substances that accompany our body, we enter into a second movement of understanding what it is to be human, which is this biological or vital force. So it is a force that is governed exactly by this movement of the planets within this solar system or we can even call it a solar organism. The way it is organized and functions in these cycles, this solar organism, so we as individuals and human beings are influenced and governed by these various laws and we as groups and societies are also governed by these various laws. What are these laws of this plant or biological kingdom? We have to talk about the sun and the moon, for example, to understand.

Then the moon brings as if it were a big monthly breath, from the dark, empty moon to the full moon. It is as if we You inhale, overflow, and then you die and go into the void again. This great process of breathing, which happens every second to maintain living people, happens in the month balancing all our energy. In a practical way, what does this influence in our day to day life? Imagine a star like the moon that reflects the light from the sun according to this intensity of reflected light, it influences all waters on the planet.

So the tides go up and down, the entire cycle along with the seasons that go having variations, but we know that every month there is this breathing, that expansion pause, contraction pause. Women know this movement very well, it coordinates the whole cycle of fertility, the female menstrual cycle. Even getting to increasingly curious questions, which is how a group of women together, working after a certain time, begins to have her period on the same day, aligning this phase as well.

So you have an energetic communication that makes us, in a shoal, be influenced by these energies and our emotions are also worthwhile. Then the rhythm of the month has the time to plant the intention put what you want to achieve in your projects too, in your life in terms of behavior, self-knowledge. If you put the intention at the beginning of the month, naturally you will see in the crowded streets this overflowing, then you reap what you have planted, what you have cultivated. When it is time to shed the husks, to open the ground again for a new planting, you have to release what is no longer useful. So you are speaking directly with our emotions, of us being able to look at our own emotions as a phenomenon, look at the influence of the moon cycle, the phase of the moon, look at the sea, look at nature, look at the seasons year, which is the rhythm of the sun, winter throws us more inward, you see the cooler cultures, the summer throws us more outdoors, is also another type of annual breathing.

So just on the biological level we understands how we are not only coordinated by this nature, but as we are part of it, we are this extension, the same way that the mineral and vegetable kingdoms function in this system physical and biological, we also function the same throughout life. And if we broaden this look even more, we can perceive the relationship of the planets around the organism, the earth and the sun, how do these relationships further influence the our insights, in the quality of our sleep, in our behaviors, in our composition, the types of behavior that comes with this animal kingdom, each animal comes so specialized in one behavior, in an ability, that even his physique is made for. The atobacca, from up there here in Noronha, he goes down to 5, 8 meters deep, catches the sardine and when it comes out of the water, already flying, the frigate comes and steals the sardine, then already creates this dynamic, this conflict, these polarities, will happen in nature And we also have this when we get together in groups. This has to do with all this influence of this monthly, annual breathing and this influence of these stars in relation to the Earth.

And this does not It is mysticism, it is science, and science with art, where we can understand, not only quantitatively, statistically, with hypotheses and tests, but beyond that, and science must do this, it is you to open oneself to the phenomenon, to open oneself to this mystery and ask the right questions and then it opens up and the answers come in time. Nowadays, there are several studies about phenomenology or about the human being as part of nature. And who wants, I am here at your disposal to also connect with studies and here in Noronha, whoever also wants to come and do an immersion, wants to To come and deepen all this knowledge in nature, I am here at your disposal.

And then, getting into the theme that I talked a little about, the relationship between human beings and nature, so, at the same time we feel separated from nature, so we can see, understand himself as an individual and conceptualize, study, and go in search. So, there is this researcher side of us, this curious side. And there is the other side of us, that he receives all these influences and is part of this nature.

So, if we did not eat well, did not sleep well, if we are going through a crisis, we will have difficulty to do anything in life. And nature is around all the time, either reassuring us, or either by alerting us to issues that we need to focus on, or by bringing insights. And it can even develop internships. We speak of three levels of consciousness, there are several lines of study that speak, the consciousness of imagination, which is our extended thinking, the consciousness of inspiration, which is our expanded feeling, and the awareness of intuition, that within this look would be our will, our amplified willpower. Why am I saying this? When we talk about the technologies for human development, we get into a very delicate place. It certainly has many debates about ethics, values, and the point I wanted to bring up is within this look that we are the extension of nature itself, when we create something, everything we create is from our image and likeness, including our perfections and geniuses and our imperfections.

So, if we create a car, we wants us to be able to move faster. If you create a computer, it is a mirror of your own brain storing, processing, and now with the new technologies. The new technologies that are coming integrating technology more into our biological systems, we have this issue that, in my point of view, has a central question, which is how much more this technology will free the human being, will take it to new places without generating dependency. And that is a critical point, because you shut down the system, if today I lose my cell phone in the middle of recording here, the cell phone is over, the light, I will write it on paper, I will send it by letter, how do you do it? So, at the same time, and this is a dilemma, you know, normal, at the same time as technology, it takes us to places unimaginable, and then, look what's coming, how can she also, at the same time time, to be an instrument for us to learn and that later, as far as possible possible, or depending on the technology, that we can not depend so much on it to stay alive or continue to evolve. Why am I saying this? Then we get into these more subtle technologies, so when we talk about imagination, we have the ability to create a cinema, closing our eyes with our mind, just creating images, colors, but today there is television, there is the cell phone, and soon there will be the chip with telepathy, with seeing images here, so how much we, This, to a certain extent, facilitates our connection between people, but on the other hand, it diminishes our capacity for that Why does it sometimes happen to everyone? We talk like this, gee, I need to talk to so-and-so, and so-and-so calls.

The same way I talked about that biological communication that we have between us, there are other subtle levels that have not yet been discovered of the invisible laws of these bodies, as we really, in terms of energy, information, communication, how all this circulates, the internet as a mirror of this, for example, but this already happens within this science of phenomena, is already perceived as a subtle aspect, a phenomenon of the relationship between people through telepathy, has existed for a long time. So how do you study it in a way serious, how is the technology going to develop so that I can develop that, maybe with her and after a while without her? This imagination, this inspiration, has to do with breathing, oh, the wind. The more I inspire, the more I fill with life and I am ready for the world, The more I exhale, I let go that it doesn't fit anymore, I empty out my ideas so that I have a new place that again inspires me. And this exchange of air, it comes here, you feel it with your heart, not with your head. And as we are more and more plugged in in the head, we slow down our breathing, He's breathing only through his collarbone, and his body is getting tired, de-energized, not tired, and one brings everything into one's head. So I think the head thinks, the head feels, the head does, but the head thinks.

The heart, lung and blood with the exchange of air feel. Our sexual metabolic, motor does. So if I can develop technologies that work people who have special needs, from physical to emotional to mental, that we can make these tools a stick for later the human being himself can reach this place by himself.

I know there are situations, you know, one told and other situations where you have there this technology that is more and more integrated into the human body, but at the same time, how can we have the awareness that I don't depend on technology to be and survive and realize and dream, but that she can give me a support so that I can integrate myself more with this nature, so that I slow down more and I can come up with results, so that I can find peace in my daily life in an easy way, having, choosing my place where I am protected and can get with some technological support to get to this place of peace and tranquility, but that I can also do this without this instrument, for example. Then I learn how to get there and then I can get there by myself of consciousness, of understanding, of peace, of reflection, of depth, of relationship and then I started with myself, right, after relationship and facilitating these interactions, exchanging messages faster and faster does not means, for example, having the best results. Sometimes you need to get a message, you need to breathe, to stop, to pause, understand, let it ripen on the moon, dream one day, then come back and talk. If we are connected all the time, what is the pause to be able to learn about what is going on? It is in the pause of this breath that we can really internalize, become aware of, and turn the movement around. If I only breathe in or if I only breathe out, what is the quality of that movement like? Now if I get that balance and pay attention to this pause, it is in the pause that I can take awareness, turn the movement around, recover, integrate, change the course.

So how much are we bringing these invisible laws into the development of new technologies or we are in the movement more and more, The fastest, the most successful, the biggest in the world, the number one, wants everything before, wants everything now, instead of enjoying the process, that I think this is the miracle of life that I wanted to leave here as a message, that there is no point in being in a hurry to get there, it is the way. We are here living 30, 40, 50, 80 useful years of life, 100 years that we are there in this world living, with very little time, for us to want, if we only accelerate, only want to walk fast, you only go by plane and don't walk, you will miss a lot. You may have the feeling that you are arriving at many places, but after a while, you wonder what I got out of way, how did I breathe each step, how did I manage to bring to within my life every choice I have made.

This technology can support, but no technology can do. Only the human being who has the ability to remember his history, to make decisions today regarding your life, to create a new future or to live as a creature that only comes, reacts to stimuli that come from the outside, or else we really become creators of new realities, we do both. But now with this question, what will be What will these invisible laws do to nature, how nature works? I am talking about the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, the human being as a part, I am talking about moon, sun, The solar organism is more than a system because it is alive and if it is alive it has consciousness. So how do we study all that is invisible, that influences our life here? And from there we even go to the universe. How can we not dwell on to this mystery without dogma, without religion, without a quick answer, but opens the phenomenon and observes if it is alive and has consciousness, so what do I have to learn from all this synchronic movement, from all this order, these invisible laws that govern science, art, spirituality, culture, economy, the life of every single human being.

So this is the place I wanted to invite you from you for those who are enjoying the new technologies, testing, and I want it very much, there are several things Fabiana told me that I want to test and I even want to measure to see what happens when we are here at sea doing what we do, bring in new equipment, bring in a new measurement for us really in this partnership to deepen this understanding of these invisible laws for us to build technologies in harmony with nature, that respect the rhythm and cycles of nature and the human being so that we can provide more well-being, more purpose, more meaning to the people, so that they realize their potential in the world, so that they put their talents, their passions at the service of development, of evolution, of the greater understanding of what it is to live and how to live in community, with sustainability and everything we dream of in our community and those around us. So the question remains, how to create technologies that respect the invisible laws of nature and that they support that we don't need these technologies to live, but that people learn from them and as much as possible they develop themselves to continue developing us develops for them to develop, but without generating dependency. Here is this question so that we can become more and more conscious human beings, more and more scholars of us as a great phenomenon, that we can imagine a truly harmonious future, that we can be inspired the others for that future, that we have intuition every day, that we connect to our unconscious in order to take the right things for us to create realities in harmony with nature and with the universe in a scientific and concrete way in our lives.

I am at your disposal, thank you for the invitation here and whoever you want just look me up, there is a world of interesting things that we can do broaden the perception to improve the development of these technologies in harmony with the human being and with life. Aloha, as they say in Hawaii and all the best to you, I'll wait for you here on the island. And we have come to the end of our forum and invite back to our territory, Fabiana Nascimento. I am back.

Thank you, Fabiana, thank you to you who have accompanied us, I hope I hope you have enjoyed this very rich content. Fabiana, once again the territory is yours. Thank you, Karina.

We are still connected. And thank you. Who has been with us until this moment and I want to tell you that we are not finished yet. This movement of which you are now a part is just beginning. These discoveries place us at a unique moment in front of a crossroads, where we can decide the best path for our humanity, But our revolution depends on our choices of the now. Here in our Hub you can count on our curatorship to know more about theme and connect with various protagonists of this ecosystem.

I invite you to stay with us in co-creating these possibilities. This content will remain available for a few more days for you to watch, reflect, and connect. The scenario has changed. We connected.

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