CCNA Complete Course | CCNA Routing and Switching | CCNA 200-301 [English]

CCNA Complete  Course | CCNA Routing and Switching | CCNA 200-301 [English]

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okay okay so good evening all i hope all of you from india or anybody outside of india do we have anyone because i see the message as good afternoon since we are in india it's supposed to be good evening and uh that's the way that's where i got an information that probably somebody might be from a different location out of india oh istanbul fantastic okay good enough okay so before i start the demonstration session or the demonstration how this session is going to be i wanted to know because i'm not going to be taking everyone's personal introduction now as we start the proper training we will get to know each other so since this is going to be a demo session i wanted to know do we have any fresher who is interested in starting up their career in networking anyone is there or all of them are freshers okay anyone is interested in anyone who has more of experience in networking and they are looking at only from the certification perspective and knowledge perspective who already started their career and they might have around two five years of experience no i asked them do we have any pressures in the group who wanted to start their career in networking am i audible to everyone yes okay right my question uh okay can we speak uh how can we speak like uh i raise my hand and you allow us to speak or what uh you know when i speak you can speak you are allowed to speak see even in training it is going to be the same way people are i'd love to ask that question okay it's fine actually i'm doing uh i'm taking an uh course for ccna okay i would like to apply for the certificate okay okay okay yeah i am an idea engineer a software developer oh fantastic fantastic now the purpose of asking this question when i start giving some examples it would be very relevant to the experience what you have if you are refresher my examples could be a little bit different if you're experienced based on the experience what we have and i can give the examples on that probably somebody might have experience on information security or somebody from the testing background or somebody from any other industry who wants to get into networking so if i come to know that i can give the examples in a way that people can understand they can correlate with their current level of experience that is the main intention of asking this okay now so before we dive into the demonstration okay now i just wanted to give my introduction you should know from whom you are learning or who is teaching the courses for you i am go pivotal having 20 plus years of industry experience have started my career as a hardware engineer then i got into cisco networking i've been with cisco been working for juniper i was representing them in the entire middle east then came back to india associated with a company called as an authentic there are so many oems are there a couple of oems i'm just mentioning i worked with cisco i worked with jennifer i worked with nortel i worked with checkpoint right so i worked with different different oem companies so where i have executed the projects like hyderabad international airport as a technical head and um in bangalore airport as an international as a technical head uh delhi airport third phase and bombay stock exchange of india right and then emirates airlines in dubai middle east i have so many customers so i'm just talking about the customers in india so i'm a freelance consultant i also interested in training or imparting training to my participants the purpose of this i can keep my knowledge up to date at the same time when i'm talking to my customer i could explain the things in a proper way so that the customer could also understand it is not that all the customers could be in a technical front right they might not be having a technical background so obviously as a trainer i would be in a position to explain the problem so that it will be easily understandable and why this solution is being provided apart from that i am a cisco certified instructor so separate certification as you guys are doing ccna ccnpccie there is a certification for instructors as well so it's a three-day examination not a single day not an online examination alone right it's a three-day examination they will evaluate the technical trend they will evaluate the instructional capabilities they will also do a lot they will also ask me to do a one day lab exercise as like your cgi right so based on that based on that they will evaluate and they will approve a person as a certified instructor i'm a cisco certified instructor i'm a juniper network certified instructor i'm a checkpoint certified instructor i'm an ipv6 gold level certified trainer i'm an extreme proctor for the whole asia i'm an ec council certified trainer so apart from that i have so many certifications in my list because as a freelance consultant it is mandatory to have the certification so that you can fit in to any of the projects offered by your customer that's the main intention of doing it so my flow is hello i hear some sound was there any question okay no worries now the point what i'm trying to explain here is this is the kind of a background i have it is not the training is not new i have started my training career while i was in school i used to teach mathematics for my fellow students right i'm a gust lecturer in the university of madras for pg diploma in cyber foreign six and msc cyber process teaching is my part of my life okay so i used to teach i also work in projects so i just transform the experience of both so the production experience i'm transforming in my training the training experience and the knowledge i'm just using as a front end while i'm communicating with the customer okay this is my background so later on okay my linkedin somebody is asking for uh somebody is asking me to speak little louder okay my linkedin i think you can search me with my email id my full name go people and get excellent this is my linkedin profile you can see that or else i can share the linkedin profile uh before i close the session okay now yes please somebody has tried abdullah this you raised your hand could you please ask you a question abdul can you hear me okay so first of all so why do we have to get into the networking and first of all what is networking what's the purpose of networking why people are going for networking anybody anybody could answer they can send a chat message or they can also unmute themselves and they can answer this question what is networking what is the purpose of networking [Music] the purpose of networking to to to communicate the devices around the world not especially pcs or computers any device on the world can get inside network uh this is the purpose how many people communicate around the world all around the world excellent moments excellent moment so basically we have some data that we want to share with someone how do we share the data how do we share the information one form of exchange when i started my career we used to have the floppy drive i have to copy the data from my pc i can give it to my colleague or i can give it to my friend who can copy the data back to their machine this is how we used to do it nowadays it is not the case and we are connected to different means of communication like you can have an lte based connection somebody would have connected using their mobile network and somebody might be having a lease line somebody might be having a dsl connection somehow we got connected to the internet the moment we got connected to the internet what about the services or publicly available could be accessible to anyone who have internet access now i wanted to have a gmail access gmail is a service offered by google i can register for one because the service is available on the internet available for public use all i have to do is go to the gmail and make create an account and then i can start sending receive email sending and receiving the emails to anyone who have an account in any domain it is not that they have to have an email account only in gmail they have an email account which is connected to internet i can send the mail to him i can also receive a mail from them so basically the purpose of having networking is nothing but offering the services to the public or doing business over the internet gain more business or offer some data was there any question shakti kumar i'm hearing some noise is that is that a question if it is a question please ask me okay fine so we have some data we wanted to share that to the public network or to anyone now i have an organization it's a different aspect now i have an organization i have my offices in different parts of the world whereas the employees of my organization would like to share some data so that they will be able to work on their tools or work on their business or work on their portion right so i have an application that application is going to be accessible for my employees in different parts of the world they are working in a different location right once they got connected the application is accessible they could also be in the position to share the data between each other as they are as like they are sitting next to each other even though their office locations are different but they can have a feel that the data is going to be given and taken as the employees are sitting next to each other that is the main intention of going for what networking right so okay if you're getting into the network industry what are all the career paths there are so many tracks are available so first you're starting up with enterprise infrastructure right that is the one where you have to understand how do you build a network how do you maintain a network how do you troubleshoot a network that is the first attack and then if you are interested you can change your attract towards security which is having a highly potential job a potential salary if you are interested you can get into the security because security is a track always in demand you have to be specialized on different aspects of securing the data network application information there are so many aspects of it so first you are starting a career the setting is getting into the networking by understanding how a network can be created how the devices can be connected how do you maintain how do you monitor and how do you troubleshoot that is what the main focus of your ccna of course apart from that you will also be in a position to understand the programming the scripting aspects of automating the infrastructure what you have deployed or how what you have developed so many people keep joining i don't understand fine so one more thing so we have we understood the purpose of networking now we are understanding the different tracks so enterprise infrastructure security if you are interested in audio and video you can build your career in collaboration it's not only from cisco right it's not that only insists for all these tracks are available there are so many specialization or vendors are available who are providing the infrastructure or equipments to build that kind of an infrastructure when it comes to cisco cisco has presence in every aspect of your network would you like to go for a wireless yes i have the equipments of course it may not be developed or it may not be hello was there a question okay fine so see if though that products may not be originally created or developed by cisco but they are acquiring the product and they are making the product up to the cisco's standard right so they have different tracks enterprises yes alan uh is there a way we could access this recording of the class later uh because i have to live in a couple of minutes yes it is being recorded yeah how can i access you later like uh um i will do one thing i will do one thing i will share amit's number you can be in touch with them you will get the details um there is no slides for today because this is a demo session okay so once all right could you put the number on the chat then uh give me a minute i'm just sharing the number of amit alan you are from which part of which part of the world i'm from india but i'm in dublin though like i'm in ireland now okay so i just shared the number i'm its number in chat can you see that all right yeah thank you yes okay there was a question will networking knowledge help in cyber security aspect the question was raised by whom rajani right okay now what is that you are planning to secure rajani you wanted to secure some data right you wanted to secure some application you wanted to secure some system that is what you wanted to do it without knowing how the data has been stored how the data would flow and how the data is going to be accessible how do you secure it you don't know where the loophole is you don't know how the users could access the data you don't know what is an operating system so without knowing the network getting into cyber security will be little difficult for people right rajni did i answer your question so by having the networking knowledge you can get a better visibility on what you are doing and how you can start protecting how you can start protecting your infrastructure data application data in transit data address data and processing you have various aspects of it right all of them will have some meaning when you have a clear understanding of what is networking how it is getting formulated okay so as i said different tracks are available you have enterprise infrastructure you have wireless you have collaboration audio video side you have a data center how do you build the data center what are the set of devices what are all the technologies that you could use and you also have cloud infrastructure cloud is getting very popular when you have a better understanding of your networking cloud is nothing but virtualization of everything so you have an ip address you have the services you have the server you have the networks you have a router you have a firewall everything is available in cloud as well so when you have the basic networking knowledge it will also give more of visibility when it comes to provide connectivity or when you when it comes to working in cloud as well there are certain differences i'm not at all denying it but this is going to be helping you have a better visibility on what you are doing you also have a service provider there are various tracks are available i'm just sharing the screen just to provide an understanding on that see i have a cisco and you can go to the learn stage and you can get into the certification and exams and view all certifications where you will get the complete picture of the different tracks available from cisco okay immediately people may be asking why cisco certification why not other vendor certification cisco is not a government certification right it is not that indian government or us government or uk government is offering this certificate it's a private body right why the private body certification would have more of value if you take the statistics more than 50 percentage of your network is a cubed with cisco devices the companies whomever is using cisco devices will look for an engineer who is having proficiency or expertise on cisco devices maybe on cisco routers and switches maybe on cisco firewalls maybe on cisco wireless equipments right maybe on cisco cloud there are so many things out there do you understand what i'm saying so various tracks are available what are all the tracks you can see here see it and you have collaboration this is basically into your audio and video how do you deploy an ip4 how the video calls can be placed right how do you establish an infrastructure for which on which you can go for ip based voice call ip based video call and cyber cyber security operations cyber security somebody asked for surgery is asking for cyber security right but if you have hello was there a question okay so data center and you have a demon it's an automation process and then you also have a design how do you formulate how do you design a solution where in which the customer requirements can be fulfilled right so you have enterprise this is where the data structure is going to be understood how the data is going to be flowing between the endpoints in a network the network may be the end points may be in the same location the endpoints may be in a different location why i'm specific to endpoints because in earlier days when i where i'm coming from the only set of devices which could be connected are considered as an endpoints for the computers the personal computers that's the maximum you can see it now it is not the case there are devices it is not related to the computers alone even we have an oil rig that is communicating over an ip address that is communicating over ethernet protocol fiber protocol we have organizations electrical company who are monitoring their transformers over network right so after the introduction of iot what is that i would be internet work so internet of things right industrial industrial devices anything can be connected to a network so any device could initiate a request would respond for a request would be considered as an end point so it is not necessarily the end point needs to be okay i'll explain you that rajini the the comptia network plus i'll come to that okay now the thing is what so any device in current scenario any device could be connected to a network because of that the end point not necessarily or not only be a pc it could be anything your mobile device can be connected to the network right your tv can be connected to the network apart from that you would have here many smart devices right they can also be connected to the internet or they can also be connected to the network industrial devices can be connected to a network right your electrical devices any kind of devices can be connected to a network provided it has been developed in such a way so the end point can be any device if it is connected over a network they can talk to each other right so there is a question here what is that comptia network comptia network plus what is the difference between this and that now the quantity comptia network plus see as i said what phone or what mobile phone that you're using you can tell me the model number or you don't want it to tell me you can give a fake information also that's okay so what is the mobile mobile that you're using you're using an iphone okay so the next thing is i'm hearing a lot of sound here dinesh can you please mute yourself okay now there is no sound at all now the point here is what i'm trying to explain here is there are so many similar kind of devices phone is an iphone samsung phones are there um vivo is there there are so many brands over there all of them are meant for a basic functionality what is that you will be in the position to call someone you will also be in a position to receive the calls provided you have a valid sim as well as the signal right so if you want to be very specialized on samsung devices if you want to be a mobile service engineer you will be specializing yourself on a specific device right so you will be having expertise on samsung phones but if you are requested to do uh what is it called an android phone sorry what is it called your iphone would you be in a position to understand would you be in a position to repair it no it may not be possible so when it comes to the certification we classify the certification into two type one is called as vendor oriented certification the other one is called as vendor neutral certification right when you complete the cisco certification cisco is confirming or assuring that anybody who has a cisco certification would be in a position to would be in the position to some someone is casting i'll answer this question okay so if you have a cisco certification it is the confirmation that you will be able to work on cisco devices by having comptia certification is assuring that it's a ventricular certificate you will be able to manage a network irrespective of the vendor that's what they're claiming it they you know what is routing you know what is switching let it be let it be juniper switches let it be extreme devices it could be any devices you will be able to manage provided if you learn the operating system which is running on those devices vendor neutral is comptia vendor oriented cisco okay so okay now there is a question how to get get into cyber security if i'm a fresher though i have already answered this question just info just pass on a little bit of data with respect to cyber security so as i said earlier cyber security is the industry or the security is the industry which has highly highly demanded industry highly potential high potential is there that means you can earn more you can you can get a job easily provided you have knowledge and experience first thing if you wanted to get into the cyber security right you can directly do the certification that's one forget about it but the second thing is you need to have the complete idea about how a network operates what are all the network devices are there and how an operating system function right what is the vulnerability what is the loophole all these things you have to be familiar with so it is better you can start with cyberof certifications if it is from cisco um i think raj kumar raised his hand one minute i'll answer this question and then come to you rajkumar right so you can get into the cyber security by directly getting into the certifications by having this certification you claim that you have the knowledge then the companies who is looking for the engineers who have specialized on cyber security they can get into it but my suggestion is start your career in networking and then you can go for uh the network security or information security and then you can go for cyber security okay raj you can you can post your question either you can ask the question or you can also post the questions over on the chat raj i think you raised your hand okay fine okay fine probably by mistake you would have raised it okay so so many tracks are available now we are focusing on what ccna enterprise infrastructure this is an associate level certification so you have associate level certification you have professional level you also have expert level so expert level you may need to have more of experience because this is going to be a one full day lab scenario based test that means they will be requiring they will be requesting you to achieve something you'll be having real equipments right you'll be given a task by completing the task within the stipulated given time if they if you if you have accomplished everything as per the expectation you will be awarded ccie right so associate level and professional levels are online based examination right so associate ccna professional you have ccnp variety of ccnp like ccnp collaboration cnp cyberops ccnp data center in every track you have professional same way you also have an expert level certification keep that in mind so depending on the certification that you are enrolling yourself okay what's the difference between network security and cyber security oh okay okay rajkumar so [Music] so what is the difference between network security and um cyber security see cyber security will look into every aspect of data as i said earlier probably i don't know whether you have joined earlier or not data in transit data at rest data um what do you call it as where data in process you have to look into every aspect of security when it comes to cyber security network security will focus on network level protection that means you might be having a firewall maybe first generation maybe next generation right you will also be doing the log analysis you will be like a security operation you will be looking for any kind of a breach then you will report it to the high level management team got the point okay now the next thing is what okay there is one more question i guess yes okay fine so so there is also one more thing that we need to understand the average salary for the people who would be having the ccna level of certification and i just took an example here the salary for certification ccna average salary survey okay see here the salary for ccna certified people it would be 494 k per year it means nearly 5 lakhs per annum now if you go and check the us you will be having a variety of things uh where is that okay see in city based average salary survey is there san jose you have ninety four thousand dollars per annum in washington dc you have ninety this is this will be changing keep changing so don't expect that you will be given ninety four thousand dollars if you are in san jose it's an average salary survey right so they will be having a cumulative calculation right they will be taking some thousand members the thousand engineers they will take the salary and they will make it as an average and they are giving it here it's not that everyone will get the same amount so one more thing we need to keep in mind it purely depends on the position and the knowledge what you have based on that the salary is going to be fixed right okay now the next thing is what the syllabus what is going to be covered in ccna so i go to the cisco portal and you have ccna and you can go ahead and check it out the exam topics see there are different sections associated here i will share the link if you want so six different sections are there what is the depth of coverage on your examination as well as the knowledge being expected the network fundamentals you need to have a 20 percentage of the coverage in in your syllabus in your book you will be having 20 of the coverage in your examination also you will be having 20 percentage of the coverage network access of course you have to go and look into the different aspect the sub topics of it see what is the different components in your network how they could be connected what are all the different architecture what do you mean by easy and enterprise campus network architecture what is that spine and leaf in what way the spine and leaf architecture is unique and how it could be flexible right the different types of two-tier architecture and three-tier architecture right so how the van can be connected you have different aspects of vendor you have a lease line you have a dsl connection you have a shared connection you have mpls there are so many aspects of terminations and how they could be terminated and what is the benefit of it right and you have different types of offices what is that small office home office soho typically says smb small to medium business enterprises service provider hosting providers cloud of course you also have something called as robo remote office branch office small office home office remote office branch office small to medium business headquarters enterprises and service providers various aspects of uh network depending on the size depending on the requirement uh depending on the setup we will give a different name all together now how we are going to be providing them what type of cables we have what is the difference between um the copper cable and the fiber cable what are all the different types of fiber cables are available right and how the traffic is going to be created by the sender right you have different different applications when an application is sending a request the client is sending a request how this packet will look like what are all the processes by each and every endpoint is going to be taken care and that is what is going to be covered here so we will talk about ipv4 we will also talk about ipv6 of course a little bit of wireless discussions are also there then end-to-end delivery of the packet the end-to-end delivery process of the packet will also be discussed and then we get into the network access where we will be talking about the routers and switches like we have we have vlans we have how the trunk ports are going to be working how the access ports are going to be configured what is an access port how do we secure these things then we also have ether channel bundling multiple physical interfaces to increase the bandwidth of these interfaces we will discuss about it and then the connectivity part we will talk about the routing protocols like ospf and a little bit of discussion to what ospf is there and with respect to ipv4 as well as with respect to ipv6 we will be discussing about it then ip services like your ntp nat dns dhcp all of them will be discussed different services are meant for providing a different kind of a service to the network what is the benefit of it how do you control it how do you secure it that is what the security fundamentals comes into picture right layer to level of protection layer three level of protection what all the attacks could be possible and in what way the vpn could be helping you to establish a secure communication between the offices and these are all the discussions with respect to the security fundamentals and the 10 percentage of coverage is given to automation and the programmability part which will help you when it comes to managing the entire infrastructure from a single location if you want to push the configuration to all of the devices depending on the device the set of configurations could be constructed automatically and that can be pushed you can monitor everything from a central location you can ask for some statistics from a central location right you can do everything from the automatic automating the programmability section you will learn about it to basic level of understanding because in every certification level you have different aspects of learning okay so we will understand all of them this is what the coverage if you want the link i will share it people can so later you can have a look at it right now that see this is a demonstration okay we just wanted to see how this session is going to be done who's your trainer what is that going to be covered what is the prospect for completing this i mean what is this job opportunities what is the career opportunities for after completing your ccna certification or networking certification what are all the other training programs you could you could enroll for developing your knowledge to fit into the current requirements this is what the focus for today's session any questions you can ask me now whether it is related to your ccna or not don't worry ask me the question if you if i know that section for example somebody is asking a question related to testing see i used to train people on network testing protocol testing and see i'll be able to explain the concepts of the protocol i will also be able to show them how this protocol functions but with respect to testing perspective they have to know they have to they have to they have to learn on their own so they know testing but when they are getting into the network testing they should know networking in detail about the packet how about the protocols about the functions that i will help them testing they are already aware of it so by completing your networking certification either you can get into the software development yes you can protocol development you can network testing you can network automation you can you can get into wireless you can get into wired you can get into security there are so many aspects or there the only thing is what you need to find a way to get into that track and of course the networking is an industry which is willing to pay whatever you ask provided you develop the knowledge and your cv says that you are you are you are supposed to be paid that much means your cv is going to be confirming the employer that or cv is going to be speaking to the employer yes he is capable of paying this much you can demand for your package also but not on day one okay you have to develop your skills you have to develop your knowledge you have to develop the technological section technological specialization then you can demand whatever you want any questions okay now if you would like to ask any questions related to how to enroll or how do you wanted to communicate with respect to any other training programs one mr amit will help you you can reach him via this number amit this is the number you have to contact him and he is also there here so he the schedule of this demonstration is 45 minutes okay fine there is no issues if you have any questions you can ask me now if not you can wind up amit you're there yeah i'm here oh okay anything you want to add on no it's enough oh okay uh there's a question from theo weekends or timing is asking amit so these questions will be answered by mr ramy i'm seeing someone's joining now okay so amit said he will be updating okay anyone else anyone else would like to ask any question okay there are no questions i'm done amit now it's a call if you would like to talk to them you can i'll make you as the host now you have the control i mean so there is a question what should we need to know before being a pen tester okay see penetration testing is a huge topic okay you are trying to compromise the mission right which is connected to a network which is protected through different aspects of security you will have ids ips you will have log monitoring you will have firewalls you will have you have variety of technologies in place to perfect it so as the penetration tester you need to identify the loopholes how do you identify the loopholes without knowing the network functionality without knowing the operating system without knowing about the application it could be a web application it may not be but in current scenario 99 percentage of the applications for web application that means an application could be accessible through the web is called as a web application right so you should know how web operates web server works you should know how the commands are going to be executed what all the commands are allowed how the load balancing is going to be working what load balancer is working over there what are all the security mechanisms if you know all these aspects then you can be a successful penetration tester okay see people used to complete the ch program and they will claim that they are penetration tested keep in mind it is not ch is an eye opener okay ceh will give you a brief idea about hacking there is nothing called ethical hacking i think hacking cannot be ethical first of all but anyway so this is that okay so once you gain knowledge on different aspects of the networking then you can be enrolling yourself or then you can gain knowledge on how you can be a successful penetration customer now you can register for oscp programs or you can register for the ch pentastar the lpg certification lpg master is also there but before you go there it is not that if you go and register no one will say that no no you cannot register you can i have students who are pursuing their engineering background engineering degree still they are doing this one but they are coming from that background they have started their training along with their engineering program stacks so they completed some basic fundamental training programs with me now they are into lpd okay there is another question is this ccna session goes on daily basis or what okay i think amit would answer this one and is this ccna study or only for understanding what is that study or understanding of course it is both you have to understand and it will also help you in clearing your examination so when you have a clear understanding on the syllabus you can easily clear the examination as well did i answer your question dipping oh actually i just want to ask i just want to confirm that uh on the regular basis these classes are going on or from the very basics or uh like up to the high level this is going to be from the fundamental from the scratch this is not the high level this is the initial level of certification this is where you have to build your strong foundation on top of that any certification training you go not only from cisco this knowledge is going to be helpful for you so it is not going to be high level see official training duration itself is 40 hours but i say that i myself require 40 hours for lecture and demonstration so then apart from that you have to practice official course 40 hours includes labs but for me that 40 hours required for me alone for lecture as well as the demonstration any other questions okay there are no questions then we can wind up amit you would like to add something okay

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