Bible Prophecy Update – March 14th, 2021

Bible Prophecy Update – March 14th, 2021

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All right. Good morning. And welcome to our  first service on Sunday morning, which is   our Bible prophecy update. On Sunday mornings  we have two services, the first of which is   Bible Prophecy. And then the second is our regular  sermon. It's a verse-by-verse teaching through the   word of God. We would encourage you to join with  us. That will be at 11:15 a.m. And by the way,  

on the mainland, many of you have, set your  clocks forward for daylight savings time.   You should know that in Hawaii we do not  have daylight savings time. Ne nene ne ne.   Anyway, so the time difference is going to be one  hour ahead. So 11:15 a.m. Hawaii time. And we're   currently in the book of Titus. And today's text  will be Chapter two versus one through 10. In a  

sermon, I've titled What's Taught What's Caught.  So again we'll encourage you to join with us   for a second service at 11:15. We would also  really encourage you for those of you online   to go directly to for both today's  prophecy update and the second service. Both   will be live streamed. However, the update in  its uncensored entirety will only be available   for viewing on the site. So, we are back  on YouTube for now, um, and Facebook, but,   for the prophecy update, we will end the  livestream and the entire livestream,   and the entire prophecy update can be viewed on  the site. So with that, let's get right to it.  

A lot to get to today, actually. So with the help  of the Holy Spirit, I'm hoping to explain how it's   all going down as it relates to the fulfillment  of key Bible prophecies. And by that I mean   a chronological order of sorts concerning both how  and when that which was foretold in Scripture will   come to pass. I'm going to paint the prophetic  canvas with a broad brush for a number of reasons,   not the least of which is in the interests  of time. And if you'll kindly allow me to,  

I'll begin with what I would argue are the eight  main prophetic events on the end times calendar.   Then, after going through this list, we're  going to take a closer look at each one of   them, and we're going to do that to have a  better understanding of why what's happening   is happening in the world today. This  this is why this is because it's the end   and this is what we were told it would be like at  the time of the end. All right, let's go through   this. Now we're going to have the guys leave  this up. For those of you online, you can take   a screenshot if you want. By the way, we're hoping  to also, as soon as we can't put the transcript on   the website. You'll have everything there as  well. Now you'll notice that three of these  

are highlighted in yellow. And there's a reason  for that. And that reason is, is because we don't   really have the specificity in Scripture is to the  timing of these prophecies. The others we do. And   that's what we're going to go over. So number  one. The pre-Tribulation Rapture. Number two.   The seven-year Peace Agreement. Number three,  the seven-year tribulation. Number four,  

the Battle of Gog and Magog. Number five, the  abomination of desolation that takes place   in the newly rebuilt Temple There in Israel on the  Temple Mount. Number six, the Mark of the beast.   Number seven, the Battle of Armageddon. And  number eight, finally, the second coming   of Jesus Christ. So, uh, you're ready? Let's  go into these. Let's start with the next event   on God's prophetic clock, which is that of  the pre-tribulation rapture. Because we've   gone in depth concerning the, and I want you  to listen very carefully to how I say this,   the sound doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture,  I'm going to draw your attention to two videos.  

The first one is the Rapture Comes First,  and it's from our verse-by-verse teaching   in Second Thessalonians, specifically chapter  two, verse three. We devoted an entire study   to just that one verse. Second Thessalonians,  chapter two, verse three. Then the second one   is the Prophecy update from back on August 8th of  last year, which we devoted an entire update to   its titled Pre-tribulation Rapture Proof. Maybe it  goes without saying, but this is not something in  

this world in which we live. Let me rephrase that.  We live in a world today that is most unforgiving   of any ambiguity concerning the sound doctrine of  the pre-tribulation rapture. Okay, are we good?   That wasn't very convincing. We better move on.  This brings us to the second one on our list,   which is that of the seven-year peace  agreement for told of by the Prophet Daniel.   Daniel 9:27. Very detailed prophecy. We've  talked about this often in the past. Let me  

read. He will confirm a covenant with many for  one seven. This is a period of seven years.   In the middle of the seven, the 3.5 year mark,  he will put an end to sacrifice and offering,   which again presupposes that the temple has to  be there in order for there to be sacrifices   and offerings. And at the temple, he will set  up an abomination that causes desolation until   the end that is decreed is poured out on him. In  Matthew's Gospel Chapter 24 beginning in verse 15,  

Jesus actually references specifically this  prophecy in Daniel. He says, therefore,   when you see the abomination of desolation spoken  of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy   Place, whoever reads, let him understand. Then,  verse 16. Let those who are in Judea flee to the   mountains. Let him who is on the housetop, not go  down to take anything out of his house and let him   who is in the field, not go back to get his  clothes. But woe to those who are pregnant   and to those who are nursing babies in those days  and pray that your flight may not be in winter   or on the Sabbath. For then, there will be  great tribulation, such as has not been since   the beginning of the world until this time,  no, nor ever shall be. He is delineating  

between the first part of the seven-year  tribulation spoken of by Daniel and the   second part of the seven-year tribulation, which  he refers to as the great tribulation. The last   3.5 years. Hang onto that will come back  to that in a moment. I want to draw your   attention to another prophecy in Daniel.  This one's in Chapter eight verses 24 and 25.  

Again, speaking of the Antichrist, it says in his  power shall be mighty, but not by his own power.   And he shall destroy wonderfully. Sounds  like an oxymoron, right? A paradox.   Some translations render it fearfully and shall  prosper and practice and shall destroy the mighty   and the holy people and, verse 25, listen,  through his policy, interesting word, also,   he shall cause craft, another interesting word, to  prosper in his hand. And he shall magnify himself  

in his heart and by piece shall destroy many.  It will come by way of peace. The destruction   comes by way of peace. He shall also stand  up against the Prince of princes. That's   Jesus at the second coming. But he shall be  broken without hand. That's the end of it   at the end of the seven-year tribulation.  Kind of getting ahead of myself here. So,   let me stay on message. Here again, we've done a  deep dive as it were, starting with the deal of  

the century, as it's been dubbed. And we devoted  a prophecy update to this back on February 2nd   of last year. All of these links are provided  below in a PDF file, by the way. Subsequently,   we address the prophetic significance  of the Abraham Accords in the August   16th update titled Peace With Many. It's important  to understand that the after mentioned confirming   of the seven-year peace agreement in Daniel 9:27.  That's what starts the seven-year tribulation,  

not the rapture. The rapture does not start the  seven-year tribulation. The specificity of Bible   prophecy is such that it is the seven-year  peace agreement that is confirmed. Now this   is an interesting word in the original language of  the Hebrew. It's the same word in my native tongue   of Arabic. It's the word akbar, which carries with  it the idea of greater superior, even spectacular.   So the Antichrist and this also again presupposes  there's already an agreement on the table.   And then he comes along and  he makes it better, greater,   superior. And that's what confirms it and starts  it. And with it, the seven-year tribulation. Now  

the specificity with which Daniel records this  prophecy provides us with a divine outline,   as it's been called, of this final  prophetic timeline. In other words,   we know that it is a seven-year  period. It's the 70th week of Daniel,   and this prophecy delineates between the  first 3.5 years and the last 3.5 years.   Because we're told that at the 3.5 year mark, and  by the way this comports with another prophecy  

in of all places second Thessalonians chapter two.  We spent some time on that in our verse-by-verse   study through second Thessalonians, where  the Apostle Paul talks about the Antichrist,   exalting himself in the Temple of  God, proclaiming himself to be God   and oh, by the way, as Jesus in Matthew 24 said,  pray that when this happens at the midpoint   that you're not pregnant, because transportation  becomes virtually impossible and more difficult,   infinitely more difficult. Also, pray that it's  not on the Sabbath because everything shuts down.   And also pray it's not in the winter, because  when it snows, it shuts everything down there. So   they're going to flee and not even look back  when this happens. Don't don't even go back  

to your house and get your clothes or pack  your bags. You don't have time. Flee, run!   And we're told in the Book of Revelation  where they're going to run to this place,   that God prepared for them to protect them.  For the last 3.5 years of the seven-year   tribulation. It's believed that it is in modern  day Jordan, a place called Petra, which I had the   privilege of seeing my cousin, who actually lives  in Jordan. Took my wife and I there. This was BC.  

Not before Christ, before children when we  could actually travel. And, uh, we got to   go to Petra. Oh, my goodness. This  rock city. By the way, parenthetically,   let me say that some Bible scholars believe  that this is actually the place that Job lived.   I mean, this is an amazing place. So  it is believed that this is the place   that the Jews will flee to when they  realize this is not our Christ. This is  

not our Messiah. Our Messiah would never commit  such an abomination and cause such desolation.   And they will flee for the last 3.5 years and God  supernaturally and miraculously will protect them   from the Antichrist. This is when they come to  a saving knowledge of their true Christ, Jesus,   the Christ. And it's really quite interesting.  We've talked about the typology before,   and I don’t want to go too far into it. But  very interesting, because Shadrach, Meshach and   Abednego are a picture of Israel. They are thrown  into a seven times hotter, fiery furnace. And in  

the midst of that furnace, they're saved. So too,  is Israel, whom they picture saved in the middle   of the seven-year tribulation, and it even gets  better. We've talked about this before. Daniel.   Where is he? Oh, he's not there. Why? Because  pre-furnace, he was exalted and taken up to a  

high position and as such is not there.  He's a picture of the church. Spoiler Alert.   Daniel pictures the Church. Shadrach, Meshach and  Abednego picture Israel going into saved because   of in the midst of and through the seven-year  tribulation. Okay, now let's fast forward to the   Book of Revelation. Actually, some affectionately  refer to the Book of Daniel is the Old Testament  

Book of Revelation, and rightfully so. I  would suggest that the Book of Revelation   provides the ultimate prophetic timeline by virtue  of the divine outline in Revelation chapter one,   verse 19. What does revelation Chapter one, Verse  19 say? Well, now this is Jesus talking to John,   and he tells John, write the things which  thou hast seen and the things which are and   the things which shall be here after in the  original language it’s meta tauta, meaning   after these things. In other words, Jesus is  telling John to write that which was passed,   that which is present and that which will be  yet future. And there in lies, this divine   outline that we know as the Book of Revelation,  starting with the past than to the present and   then to the future. So we're going to put this up  as well for you and we'll have the guys leave it  

up. You can take a screenshot if you want. Here's  this divine outline in the Book of Revelation.   Chapter one passed. John is told to write  that which he had seen. He was an eyewitness   of. What was the an eyewitness of? Jesus  Christ crucified, buried and resurrected   and glorified. Chapter one is all passed. Chapters  two and three, present. You know those maps or   when you go to a place and you want to know how  to get somewhere and it says you are here. Right?  

Thank you. Make sure you're still with me. You  know, do we need to serve some more coffee or   something? I'm sorry. Maybe I had too much  coffee. I don't know. But, so this is where   we are. Here's this, this map revelation. You are  here. Where? Revelation chapters two and three.  

What's Revelation chapters two and three?  You know. Seven letters to 7 churches.   Church history, present. Chapter  four, verse one on is all future.   In fact, in Chapter four, verse one, John is told  to, at the sound of the trumpet, come up here.   He's taken up. That's the rapture. And do  you know that from chapter four verse one   on you don't find the word church mentioned even  one time. But in chapters one through three,   the word churches mentioned 19 times. Why is  that important? Because chapters six through 19  

deal with the seven-year tribulation. And the  word church is not in Chapter 6 through 19,   dealing with the tribulation. Why? I know this  is deeply profound. The word church isn't in   those chapters dealing with the tribulation  because the church isn't in the tribulation.   The purpose of the tribulation is for  the salvation of the Jewish nation.  

Why don't you join with me? We'll make a rap song  out of that one. Got a ring to it, doesn't it?   So ,chapter 6 through 19, the tribulation.  Chapter 20, the millennium, the Kingdom age.   In chapters 21 and 22, the new Heavens and  the New Earth. Listen, God is a god of order.   God is a god of perfect design because God is  perfect. Now this brings us to the fourth one   on our list, and it's the battle of Gog,  as it's referred to, which, as I mentioned   prior, we really don't have a specific timeline  on when this prophecy is fulfilled. I do realize   that some have grabbed ahold of Ezekiel 39  verse 9 as a reference to the seven-year   tribulation vis a vis the seven-years of fuel  that Israel uses for that period of time.  

After this alliance of nations that invades  Israel is dealt a devastating defeat.   And by the way, it does seem to indicate that  it will be very swift. Some believe that it   will be within a period of about 24 hours, when  Russia, Iran, Turkey and this alliance of nations   invade Israel, fulfilling the Ezekiel 38  prophecy. That it will happen very fast.   And I love it when God does this because  we're told in Ezekiel 38 the why behind it.   He says, I'm going to do it like this so that  all the nations will know that I am God because   there's no other explanation. I mean, have you  seen a map lately? I'm not very good at geography.  

I never did well in school when it came to  geography. But if you look at a map, here's Israel   right here. You might miss it. You might need  to, you know, kind of zoom in. It’s right there.   And here's Russia! And here's Iran and Turkey  and all of these nations! And you got little   itsy bitsy Israel. And all these nations are  going to invade Israel and they're going to   be defeated. Wow. Don't mess with Israel.  Yeah, because of the God of Israel. Well,  

I want to draw. I love Ezekiel 38 by the  way. Hey it's in play right now, by the way.   It's already in motion. It's beginning to come  to pass. Iran, Turkey and Russia are at the ready   in, of all places, Syria from which they  will invade Israel. Now I want to draw your   attention to versus 10 through 13 in Ezekiel  38. I think you'll see why here in a moment  

we need to keep moving here. Thus says the  Lord God. On that day it shall come to pass   that thoughts will arise in your mind  and you will make an evil plan. This is   speaking of God. This is the, God says I'm going  to put a hook in your jaw and bring you against   my people. God does that. You will say I will  go up against a land of a unwalled villages.   I will go to, listen, a peaceful people who dwell  safely in peace and stability, peace and security.   All of them dwelling without walls  and having neither bars nor gates   to take plunder and to take booty to stretch out  your hand against the waste places that are again   inhabited and against a people gathered  from the nations who have acquired   livestock and goods who dwell in the midst  of the land. Verse 13, Sheba and Dedan,  

the merchants of Tarshish and all  their young lions will say to you,   Have you come to take plunder? Have you gathered  your army to take booty to carry away silver and   gold to take away livestock and goods to  take great plunder? It's quite a bit of a   detail right there for us, isn't it? Because Sheba  and Dedan is modern day Saudi Arabia and the Gulf   states that we know them today. These  Arab nations. So in other words,   not only are they not involved in this invasion  of Israel, which you would think they would be   as enemies of Israel, but it sounds like  something happened to where now they have   good foreign relations with Israel so much so that  they would protest this invasion of Israel. Well,   I think you know where I'm going with this, right?  What we can surmise from the details in just these   verses here in Ezekiel 38 is that this invasion  happens when Israel seems to be dwelling in peace   and security. It's for this reason, though  I'm not dogmatic, that this specific prophecy   may likely be fulfilled after the seven-year  peace agreement is confirmed. Another reason   is because of the detail in verse 13 about  Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, which   I personally believe is perfectly posturing them  in preparation by way of the Abraham Accords.   On Monday, this is this last week. You're  not supposed to read it until I get to it.  

This is stunning. I don't know how else to say it.  This last week was one of those weeks where I had   just the volume of material  was such that there's no way   that I could get to it all two days, so I kind  of put it aside and, Lord willing, maybe we’ll   revisit it. But as fast as things are moving,  I know next week is not going to be any slower   so but this is stunning. It's a report from  Israel Today about how the Saudis are saying  

that the Temple Mount and the Al Aqsa  Mosque are not important to Islam.   The subheading reads, in further  departure from Palestinian narrative   Saudis recognized Jewish connection to  the Temple Mount. Listen to these exerts.   According to a bunch of Saudis and the  other Middle East Arabs, might people,   on social media, the Temple Mount and even, gasp,  Al Aqsa itself aren't all that holy to them.   Last week on Twitter, Saudis conducted a  campaign promoting Islam's true holy sites,   Mecca and Medina, both of which, of course,  are in Saudi Arabia, much to the consternation   of Shiite Islam in Iran. So those are  the true holy sites, Mecca and Medina.   While downplaying the importance of Jerusalem in  their religion. Gasp is an understatement. Can I   just do that gasp again? One of the more viral  tweets was posted by Saudi cartoonist Abdullah   Jaber, who wrote that quote. The direction of  the prayers of the Jews is not important to us.  

What is important to us is only our homeland. By  referencing the direction of the prayers of the   Jews, Abdullah Jaber implicitly recognized  the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.   Thus contradicting the Palestinian narrative on  the matter. Um, I'm going to have the guys just   leave this up for just a little bit. I want you  to see this picture. Okay. You ready for this?   An English language tweet by a man from Morocco  named Ibtissam really got people heated when he   not only emphasized that the Temple Mountain is of  no particular importance to Muslims like himself,   but then went on to express his hope that the  third Jewish temple will soon be built there.  

There were a flood of tweets expressing  support and even love for Israel.   Most were in Arabic, but the few in English were  no less heartwarming. One reacted to a previous   tweet calling Jerusalem the occupied Palestinian  capital. The Saudi corrected the original  

by noting that Jerusalem is actually the  eternal capital of the Jewish people.   Okay. This dovetails in the  number five on our list,   which is the abomination that causes desolation  taking place in the rebuilt third temple.   Again, this prophecy presupposes that  the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple   will somehow be a part of the seven-year peace  agreement, which I truly believe it will be.   And the reason is that the temple must be there  at the midpoint of the seven-year tribulation   in order for the sacrifices to stop and the  abomination that causes desolation to take place.   So, I really believe that this will be the deal  that will be part of the deal. Hey, you can have  

your temple. Where do we sign? And the question  becomes, how long will it take them? Oh, not long.   Do they everything. Yeah. What are you  thinking, just a ballpark estimate? 90 days?   Maybe even 60 days. What? Yeah, ss  soon as they get the green light,   they can rebuild that temple. Some believe in  about 60 days. 90 days tops. How's that one? Last   week I mentioned the video that Pastor Ray Bentley  of Maranatha Chapel in San Diego sent me, and   we're going to include the link again this week. I  would really encourage you if you haven't already  

to take the time to watch it. It is a must see  In it He talks about the fulfillment of prophecy   vis a vis the Abraham accords and how that  Israel and the U.A.E. / Saudi Arabia very soon   are looking at the possibility of constructing  a massive Israeli canal project. Stay with me.   Pictured here is a map showing the  existing Israeli oil pipeline in solid red,   the proposed Red Med canal in the black dash line,  and the proposed oil pipeline from Saudi Arabia   to Haifa in the red dash line, which goes  through, of all places, the Jezreel Valley, AKA   Megiddo, the valley of Armageddon where that final  battle, the Battle of Armageddon, will take place.   Let me just say at this juncture  that I truly believe the hook   that God is going to put in the jaw of  this alliance of nations with Russia, Iran,   and Turkey at the helm it’s going to be the oil  and the natural gas and this pipeline. Did you   know that about 90% of the economy, particularly  in Russia, comes from oil. I know I mentioned  

this last week and I don’t want to take too much  time on it, but that's what's going to bring them.   It's going to be this. And oh, by the way, this is  why Saudi Arabia says why are you guys doing this?   Are you coming to take the beautiful oil pipeline  we built there and take that from, oh, that's why.   And and that's why they protested. Well, I mention  it again this week because Ray sent me Episode   two, which we also have the link to. And this  one is about the rebuilt third Temple. I know   it almost sounds, I don't want to sound or  come off sensational. I'll be as calm as I  

possibly can, which, by the way, it goes  very much against my nature. Um, but, uh,   everything we're told in  Scripture is happening now.   It's happening now. Everything is ready to go.   So, on Sunday, The Jerusalem Post published  an article titled An Israeli Suez Canal.  

Listen to these quotes. In technological terms,  Israel has always been absurdly ambitious,   irrigating its desert, designing microprocessors,   developing drones, shooting down rockets,  being by far the smallest country to launch   its own satellites. Israel is a superpower  of science and engineering. Ezekiel 38.   So proposing Israel undertake absurdly complex  infrastructure projects isn't altogether absurd.  

Israel is working with China to build a railway  from a lot to the Mediterranean. It's intended   to serve as an overland alternative to  the Suez Canal. A trans Israel canal   would be incredible and an incredibly difficult  undertaking, but Israel is equipped to handle   it. Israel itself was incredible and an incredibly  difficult undertaking. That's because God did it.   Israel's economy, its roles in the energy market  in world trade, in globalizing technology are   expanding every day. It's time for Israel  to make itself a two ocean nation. Why do I   emphasize this? Because the description of Israel  in Ezekiel 38 is the description of Israel today.  

They're prosperous. They found a lot of oil,   a lot of natural gas. That's why they're  doing all this. And it has aroused the ire   of the likes of Russia, Iran and Turkey because  of it. Exactly as God's word said, it would be.  

Well, let's keep moving. All of this has profound  prophetic implications, specifically concerning   the after mentioned prophecy in Ezekiel, and  it also has profound prophetic implications   concerning Revelation chapter 16 versus 14  through 16, which is number seven on our list.   It's the battle of Armageddon, which is, I  believe we we’re not told specifically, but it   does seem that it would be towards the end of the  seven-year tribulation. Like the Battle of Gog is  

towards the beginning of the seven-year  tribulation. You can see both battles as bookends   on the seven-year tribulation. And I also believe,  according to the Book of Revelation, that at the   end of the seven-year tribulation, when the Battle  of Armageddon takes place, it will usher in number   eight on our list, which is the second coming of  Jesus Christ. And that's how it's all going to   go down now I know what you're thinking. I can  read your mind. Just give me a second here,   Pastor, you skipped number six on the  list, which is the mark of the beast.  

How clever are you? The mark of the beast just  happens to be the number six on your list.   I'm not that clever. Don't be impressed.  Well, I didn't skip it deliberately.   Actually, I did skip it deliberately for a reason.   And we're going to talk about it now and for  the remainder of our time because it's going to   I believe, I hope anyway tie everything  together concerning these prophecies. So   in order to do that, we're going to end  the live stream, and for those that are on   YouTube or Facebook, we would encourage you to  go to for the uncensored remainder.

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