BCA to earning Crores | ezsnippet Salary Revealed

BCA to earning Crores | ezsnippet Salary Revealed

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So, I started working for free. In second year and third year, I fell in love a little. To overcome a relationship of two years, another two, two and a half years?. Yes, there are some who are making a lot of money on 7LPA. Once I was doing a question about DSA, I started crying.

you are crying and also solving DSA questions., that will work. See, those who are obviously scared of this, their job will definitely go, for sure. Because of AI cute kid, Chat GPT. He should be scared of you, that he will make me fly. Make him like this. What are your thoughts on DSA? What level should you learn? So I have done it without DSA, but there are such opportunities that I haven't got because of DSA.

I used to watch influencers on YouTube, they show their office, big office. Order anything there. Are you talking about Google? You help me for my referral in Google. You will, right? I will. They are like, will you tag or I should report? Yes.

They DM like this. Okay. Then I also get angry, I ask them, should I tag or you'll report? So, any advice on love life? Nice, you are asking me, even though I faced heartbreak twice. Hi everyone. So, today's podcast is with a guy who doesn't talk about memes and fun elements.

So, you must have got an idea of how funny the podcast is going to be. But along with that, we have also shared a lot of useful information with you. So, watch the podcast till the end. Those who are new to the channel, subscribe to the channel. And before starting the video, press the like button.

And our DSA course is going to start from 1st of January. Whoever wants to learn DSA, go and check out once. Look at the entire curriculum.

We are going to explain every algorithm and data structure very easily with real life examples. So, watch the whole curriculum. And if you want to do DSA, then definitely enroll in the course. Let's make DSA easy. Okay. So, let's start the podcast.

Hi everyone. Welcome to a new episode. So, today we have Neeraj with us.

You know him by the name of Easy Bhaiya. So, Neeraj, we have seen a lot of memes of yours. But I think this is going to be your first podcast, right? Yeah, first. So, we will know Neeraj very closely. So, how are you? I am fine, you tell me.

Excited for the podcast? Yeah, for sure. So, Neeraj, briefly tell us what you have studied. Okay, so in 11th and 12th, I did commerce.

And then after that, I had some interest in computers, so I did BCA. Okay. Because B.Tech is not an option. Yes, B.Tech

is not an option. And after that, straight to job. Alright. And in job, which companies have you worked in? And if you remember, the CTC.

Okay, so I started from a start-up. I am still in a start-up. I never had much interest in FAANG. Because from the start, it was like I had to do DSA in it. And I didn't have that much interest in DSA. Okay.

So, first I did it in a start-up for 2.5 years then after that, I switched to another start-up. And from there, the client for whom I was working, they hired me permanently. Where I was doing my job, I am switching once again. Alright, so you started right after BCA, right? Right after BCA, yes.

Okay, so what was your starting package after BCA? So, I started working for free. Okay. I needed experience. Basically, I needed confidence that how work is done in companies.

Okay. And then after that, they started giving me salary. Around after 1-2 months.

20,000. Okay. Then 35,000. Same company. Same company. Okay.

And after that, when I switched, it kept on increasing. It kept on increasing in offers. I got multiple offers.

Around 2020, I think. When hiring was on boom in 2020. So, at that time, I got like 70,000 base per month.

Okay. And then when I got permanent hiring, in the same company for whom I was working. So, they paid me around 1 lakh.

1 lakh per month. 1 lakh per month. And then, now I am there. And just, now I have switched.

Okay. Yes. They have a good case. I would say like, I have more than 100% hike now.

50-50 LPA+. 50 LPA+. Base. Not CTC. Base. And what was your tech stack? From the start, you were into full stack or? So, depending on the company, it kept on changing.

I did what the company wanted. So, started with PHP. They wanted PHP.

They did PHP. Then they wanted JavaScript. They learned that in the same company.

And then they wanted Node.js. I learned that in the same company. Then, when I switched, they wanted Node.js.

So, I knew some of it the rest, I learned little by little. I mean, the preparations were going on for the interviews. And then, now, they wanted full stack. So, I learned full stack and then switched. So, now, am working on the MERN stack. Mern stack.

Mern stack. Alright. So, you have done BCA. In BCA, did you start coding from the first semester? Or did you start coding from the last semester? So, I had an interest in coding from the start. So, I used to do coding in the first year. So, I didn't have a lot of DSA in it.

What the college used to tell me. They used to tell me to print stars. Or they used to make me do algo. At that time, I didn't understand. I was like, because I was in PHP myself. I was in development.

So, I used to think, what is he doing? What is his job? I can do algo. I know how to make websites. So, I never used it till now. So, it was like that in the first year. So, in the second year and third year, I fell in love. Okay.

So, then my dev took a hit okay. Then, I used to take as much as I could and move forward. I worked with that. The rest of the focus was on my love. You were investing more time somewhere.

yeah okay. So, after BCA, why didn't you consider MCA option? Because many people consider it. Because MCA is considered equivalent to B.Tech. So, the companies that allow B.Tech, also allow MCA. True.

So, why didn't you do MCA? So, when I was joining my first company, I learned a little bit from them. PHP. So, I took guidance from them. What should I do? Should I go for MCA or should I do a job? So, he guided me that if I do a job for 3 years, which is equivalent to MCA, it will be more valuable than that. I have 3 years of experience.

If I get that, then no company will stop me from taking entry. Okay. That's what he suggested me. So, I did that. I didn't have interest in studies. Because at that time, I used to feel that what are they getting me to do? What will I do? I know how to make websites.

I can make something like Facebook. So, what's the problem? So, that was my mindset. So, you don't regret or something like that? No.

Right now, my mindset is that I just have to work. That's why I don't regret. But when I was starting, I used to regret that I should have enjoyed college life a little more.

I should have been more into it. When I faced heartbreak, I thought that there would have been more options if I had done MCA. Okay. Let's discuss this a little bit.

Are there any other friends in your circle who are doing MCA? Yes, there are some who are doing a lot on 7LPA. Okay. I get more motivation when I see them. Thank God, I didn't do MCA. Okay.

No hate to anyone. Okay. So, let's talk about Aashiqui.

What actually happened? Because you were telling me that you had a YouTube channel also. Yes. You used to play games with Carry on YouTube. Yes. Right? So, what happened? So, I had this plan from the start that I have to do something on YouTube.

Okay. So, I started with a tech channel with my friend. It didn't happen because he was dependent on his friend. Sometimes he is coming, sometimes I am coming. Okay.

It didn't happen. So, I started roasting. Okay. I started roasting after watching Carry.

Before that, I used to roast a little on some movies. But after watching Carry, I came to know that I had roasted TikTok videos and Instagram. Okay. So, I started that. It was on a good boom. I got 8000 followers in 3 months.

So, it was on a boom. Then, a girl's comment came from there. So, I got distracted. And I started doing that for 2 years.

Okay. Which was not bad. 2 years were very good.

But after that, it didn't work. It didn't work out. So, I got a little...

I mean, that question came out of syllabus. That there is a breakup also. You were not aware that something like this can happen.

Yes. I didn't know that there is a breakup also. I was like, yes. It's done. I said, it's done. It will be a wedding after this.

Like this. Okay. So, it came out of syllabus for me.

So, it became difficult for me to handle that. So, I wasted around 2.5 -3 years in that. To overcome 2 years of relationship, another 2-2.5 years. Yes.

Okay. And then, in this time, you quit YouTube basically. Yes.

Then, YouTube... I mean, I couldn't make it. What is the scene of social media? You have to be very consistent.

Yes. You have to be consistent. Absolutely. So, if I upload a video in a month, it's like zero. So, either don't do it.

If you are doing it, do it properly. If there is any work, do it properly. Otherwise, don't do it. What to do for formality? So, then I quit.

I said, leave it. I will start once properly. I will recover well. I will develop my mind a little. I will grow a little. Okay.

So, then I will start once. I recently had a question. I was taking it in live stream. Yes.

So, a person says that, brother, she is my girlfriend. She says, you don't give me time. Should I do DSA or give her time? Nice.

Do DSA. Simple. Do DSA. Because you know nothing.

There is no guarantee. If she has that understanding, she will understand that, she also has to make a career. Both of them should make a career. That's what I think. If you grow together, it's a good thing. What is time, time, time? I mean, it's okay.

Keep a little connection. But understanding is also important. Yes, I mean, life has to be built. Absolutely. You can't fill your stomach with love. It looks good only in dialogues.

Yes. Any advice for those who are actually going to college? I am going through this because it happens a lot. Depression. Depression. Breakup.

We are not doing anything in life. Any advice that you would like to give? Look, no matter how much I say, you will understand it from your own experience. You are just wasting your time, to be honest. Nothing will happen.

After 2-3 years, you will realise that, yes, I made a mistake. I wasted my time. Now get up.

So, it's better to stop for some time and then stand up and work. Be a man. Be a man. Okay. That is the scene of children. It's 2023, to be honest.

This is a very normal thing. Breakups are happening. I mean, at that time, it was a very new thing for me. But now, breakups are happening for everyone.

Correct. So, it's normal. It keeps going. It keeps going. It's a part of life.

There are ups and downs in life. Yes. That's how our heart beat goes. Up and down. Up and down. It's normal.

But you shouldn't stop working. If you stop, it's a waste of time. Correct. Absolutely. Even if you work while crying.

Work while crying. Yes. You are crying here and solving DSA questions.

That will do. You are crying on the keyboard. Yes. Move back a little so that the keyboard doesn't get damaged. That will do. Okay.

So, this is about breakups. But actually, children are depressed because of recession also. And with Kapi, they have made it so that AI will take over the job.

They are depressed because of that. The campus placement has decreased a little recently. Right? So, it's creating a lot of stress in students. So, what should we do? Look, those who are scared obviously, their job will definitely go For sure. From AI. Because the one who is scared will go home.

So, this is the scene. You have to be just prepared for it. AI is coming. It's okay. It will do the normal things. But for high-level things, it's your need.

You have to upgrade your mindset. You have to do good things. You can't be just like, I am doing HTML, CSS and I have done JavaScript. Now, I need a job. That can't happen.

Because imagine, I am a full-stack. I used to need help first. Yes, it's basic work. So, give it to him.

He is a junior. He will do it. He will take over the scene. But now, I tell chat gpt to copy and paste and use those things. So, chat gpt is just like my junior.

So, you need to become a senior. If you want to beat chat gpt, then you need to be a senior. He is a cute kid. Yes, he is a cute kid. Chat gpt.

He should be scared of you. That he will make me do this. He will make me do this. Be like this. Okay.

If you are learning any tech stack, then what should be the right approach to learn it? You must have done several programming languages. So, people can't even start it. Because they don't know how to start it. So, what's the right approach to learn any tech stack? So, what I do is I do any crash course of anything. For example, if I am learning react, then I understand the concept that this is react. That's why it is invented.

There are such features like hooks. These are all things. After that, you just jump straight into building it. Okay.

It feels like it will take more time. But no, in actual, it is the actul learning. If you keep studying, then you will keep studying.

Until you don't build, it won't come. Correct. It is also called some tutorials.

Yes, tutorials. Keep studying, keep studying. The output is not being reached. True. I think the right approach is as you said, learn by doing approach. Yes.

Keep doing, you will get it. After watching the tutorial, I just feel like I am learning. But actually, when you start typing, it feels like it is not happening.

It is not happening. It is a mistake. Fingers are not working.

Yes, fingers are not working. So, to build muscle memory, you have to do it. Yes. Will you tell me a list of the tech stack that you have learned so far? What have you learned so far? Languages too.

Okay. In languages, I had started from C, C++. Java, which I had done in college. After that, I jumped on PHP. Okay. And then, from there, I jumped on JavaScript.

Okay. Now, TypeScript and JavaScript are like this. Alright. And front-end frameworks, back-end frameworks? So, in front-end, I use Tailwind CSS, mode, and React, and Next. Next CSS. Now.

Okay. Now, in 6-7 months, I use it. I think, it has been a year. So, for back-end, I use Node Express.

I have done work in these things, in my mind. I had learned C, C++ in the beginning. Python also. Okay.

I had learned it, but I haven't done the work. I have done all the work in my mind. Okay. Because I am in start-ups, they want me to come and start making things. What are your thoughts on DSA? How much should you learn? You should learn. For sure, you should learn.

If there is time, then you should learn. I didn't have knowledge, nor time. So, I skipped it. But you should learn. With that, mind gets strong. So, I understand how things are made, how they work.

It seems useless in the beginning. What am I doing? I mean, it will never be used. But it is actually used when you become a good engineer. In the beginning, you are using But when you start then it is used. So, you should do it.

Correct. You know, I asked you this question and then, I got a question in my mind that I have made 2-3 podcasts already. I ask this question to everyone. to front-end developers.

I ask this question to Akshay Saini. I ask him that is DSA important or not? For front-end developers. He also gives the same reply. Now, people think that I force people to say that DSA is important. They think that this person teaches DSA because he makes people say that DSA is important.

But everyone's reply is the same. That yes, it is important. And I ask this question because I am looking for that one person who says that it is not important. And our people who don't know DSA will be happy.

But I think there is still an opportunity if you don't know DSA. Yeah. I am sitting. So, this is my scene. Whenever I start I start looking for jobs.

Once I get a job, I quit DSA. So, I have never done DSA properly. I start with this scene that I want to do DSA. If I want a job, I will ask for DSA. So, they just ask for arrays and leave it.

So, I leave DSA. So, it happened to me without DSA. But there are such opportunities which I didn't get because of DSA. Okay.

So, they asked for DSA. They asked for something good and I didn't know. So, they left.

So, it's not like you have to do DSA. If it's not happening, then it's okay. But don't keep that mindset that it's difficult. It's difficult.

It's going to come If you think so. It's not difficult. It's not difficult. Once you start, everything is easy. Easy. If you follow eazy snippets.

Eazy snippets. So, let's make DSA easy. Our course is going to be a 6 months live course with a lot of problems and every algorithm, data structure, real life examples will be explained in an easy way. So, whoever wants to learn DSA, go and check the whole curriculum. We are going to teach a little bit of comparative programming which of course, you can skip if you are not interested.

But, some people are interested in learning CPV along with so, we have included all these topics for them. And you are going to get very good TA support. You can code in C++ in Java, in Python, in JavaScript.

You will get very good instant TA support And if you don't know any programming language, then C++ and Java are the only programming languages we are going to teach. Go to any one class and sit down. You will learn well. Okay. So, see you then in the course.

So, where did you get this idea that memes can be made and taught? Because it's a very trendy thing, right? People think that something interesting is coming. After that, easy brother comes from below. True. So, I used to be a memer.

Earlier, I told you I was in roasting and all. So, I used to make memes. Then I thought of starting coding. I started coding and the first day I thought that I have to be very serious and teach.

I want to look like a teacher who is teaching. So, I started that and slowly my natural tone started coming out. So, I was like I am starting Haryanvi in between. I started saying Punjabi in between. I scolded someone like that. Then one day Bhupendra Jogi meme came in front of me.

Bhupendra Jogi? And it is going in the loop. So, I was like I am getting the concept Let's try it out. Okay. People will enjoy it.

Real life examples. So, what is the problem When I was learning I connect everything with the real world. Like you are sitting. I used to think that your skeleton is made in HTML. The skin on it is made of CSS.

That is how I used to think that God has programmed our programming. You are using JavaScript. Yes, JavaScript. Like that. So, then I saw that recursion Bhupendra Jogi and I got the concept that I will try to connect with real life example.

So, people liked it. So, I realised that it is fun. I mean, sometimes I tell myself that it is a good thing. It is good. It is done.

Like that. Okay. Have you ever thought of joining a fang company? Have you ever thought like that? It used to happen in the beginning that you have to join a fang. I mean I used to watch influencers on YouTube and they would show their big office and order anything there. Google's? I have seen Google's.

Whose? Yours. Okay. There is a YouTuber. I used to feel like watching such an office. So, that time it used to happen that these people are sitting anywhere and working.

It is such a chill scene. So, then for that read Deewarlay's D.S. and do this. I didn't have such a road map in my mind. And I am not so inclined It is just a support job. It is giving money and teaching me.

But my main fun is in social media. Interacting with people. I really enjoy talking. Telling stories. So, after that I got a remote job.

Earlier I used to travel. After that I got a remote job. Then I started social media. Then gradually I realized that the value of money is same.

But Google is giving me 50 and the other company is giving me 50. And I have so many skills that I don't need to write in the resume that I am from Fang to get a job in the next one. I will get it. My network is so good. So, then it is okay. What is the need? I am able to cover it.

it is okay. What is the problem? So, then I said, leave it. Google is okay. Google will invite you to meet.

So, we will meet. We will meet. We will meet. But I don't want to work. I want to work that I keep making side projects. So, new things.

a job then it is the same. They catch me and I do that. You have to work according to them. Yes, according to them. So, I feel like keep making something new. Now, I have started Rust.

I want to build some command line tool. I want to ask about Rust. you have told me many times recently that you are learning Rust. You were telling me So, what is the reason of Rust? Why do you want to start Rust on a first turn? So, it has been around like 5 years that I work on Mern stack. I include PHP in it. So, now I feel that I mean it is very easy now.

So, I want something challenging. I don't like it. Life seems boring. I want challenges all the time. So, I got Rust online. People have suggested that it is very difficult.

That's why I was like now I have to do this. I have to show its worth. It will be difficult. And do you recommend others also that they should do Rust? No.

No? No, it is a bit risky. So, the jobs are very less. They are more in Go if you compare both. They are more in Go.

I believe there will be more in the future. But, there is less in Rust. Companies are coming in Rust now. But, still there will be less jobs in Rust. Because, the end product.

So, the focus is on that side. Where the profit comes from. So, there are low level improvements. So, I believe there will be less jobs in Rust. I am enjoying it.

I want to take risk. So, it will be good for me. Alright. So, Neeraj, sometimes students feel that they are late in studying. Often, queries come that my last semester is going on.

If I start now, will I be selected? Will I get a job? So, what do you have to say? So, if you have time, like you have 2 years, then start from DSA. And then go to DEV. If you don't have time, then do it like me.

Go to DEV first. And then find a job. Then from side to side, go to DSA.

But, what I have seen is that in today's date, network is very important. So, whether I come from DSA, or from DEV, if there is a network, like I know you now, you will help me in Google for my referral. Will you help me? I will help you. Yes. That's what.

Network is important. So, for that, you have to show that you have skills. If I don't know anything, then why will you agree for the network, for the referral? So, a little show-off is important online. Learn in public.

Learn in public. It is very important. And how to do learn in public? Just keep sharing. It's also a practice.

You can't learn by watching a tutorial. You can't learn by taking a course This is also a practice. Slowly and gradually, you just notice that what people are seeing What is happening? What is the response? What is happening? So, you will have to share useless things. Things that people will troll like, I know this. What is this? What is he sharing? Why did he share Hello World? I just shared Hello World in Rust. But I just shared it What happened is, if a company is watching for Rust, let's say after a year, then it will know that yes, he started reading Rust That will also make that track.

And there will be less people reading Hello World. So, it is a practice. Just keep sharing. It will come to you.

It reminds me of when they hear memes. Me? Yes. they don't abuse me. They make memes on me. But I enjoy it. I am myself a memer.

I enjoy it. Is there any offence from you? Offend from me? To be honest, when I use memes, they don't understand coding. So, they don't get offended. If they understand, then it is possible that they get a little offended. it's life. They should also endure a little.

They keep going. No one has been offended yet. But yes, many have DMed me tag me. Give me a shout out. You have used my meme. So, that happened.

Sometimes I feel bad about it. In a way that their way of asking is very wrong. They are not like tag me. You forgot to tag me. That's my fault, to be honest. But, they are like will you tag me or should I report you? They DM me like this.

Okay. So, I also get angry. I ask them will you tag me or report me? But, I am a little chill. I don't get so angry. I get angry, but I don't show it that much.

I get angry. It gets controlled. That's my limit. Okay. What are the challenges that you face while learning or in general in your life? I get stressed. I mean, it has also happened that once I was doing some question of DSA, I got to cry.

I mean, I couldn't do it. So, I was like this is not for me. Then, I went around and came back.

I did it and solved it. So, if you take such steps, then you realize that nothing is impossible. It will be done.

It just takes a little time. You need courage. You need courage. Be patient. Consistency. But, if you sit down, nothing happens.

then do it. It will be done. I mean, from tomorrow, you will be better. it's done. It's good. Slowly, then confidence starts to form.

So, Neeraj, do you think there is any benefit of open source by contributing in open source? There is no benefit. So, there were very few people in open source. Now, everyone knows. Every influencer is promoting open source. Everyone is involved. So, if you have a major contribution, then it's a good thing.

But, it takes time to reach it. So, I have seen people who without open source just use learn in public and share their work on Twitter. They are using it and taking good jobs. So, even if it's not open source, it's chill.

But, if it's happening, then it's a good thing. Basically, your real life experience that you have worked on some repository. There is such a big code of some company. If you understand it, you have contributed and it has accepted you. So, it works like a real experience. If it's happening, it's good.

But, if it's not happening, it's chill. Learn in public. It's easy. How to start with this? It takes some time. You have to first to build your own projects. You will understand the structure.

Don't try to be perfect. Don't try to be like what will be the best way to do it. If you start doing that, then you will keep looking for it. Because, every person has his own way to do it. No one has the best way. Every company has its own way.

Once you have made your own projects, then go to github, go to twitter, go to google, search for repositories that match with your tech stack. Then go there and understand their code. It takes time. You can't be like that you just opened it, got an issue and solved it. It doesn't happen like that. You have to spend time.

One week, two weeks, three weeks, one month to understand their code. It's not like you have to read the whole code. Start reading it.

Understand the structure. Understand how it is happening. What is happening. Look at it a little bit.

Make it a local setup. Look at it a little bit. If I am changing this, then this is happening.

If I am changing this, then this is happening. Pick up a normal issue. A small starting one. It's called a good first issue. Basically, it's labeled.

So pick that up and then try to contribute. To solve that. If it's not happening, then there is no problem. Someone must have solved it. So go and see his requests. How he has solved it.

And then try to copy that thing. Which file is it in. Then you will understand that project more.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, you will come to yourself. Alright, alright. Great.

So, any advice on love life? Nice. They are asking me. Who has cut himself twice. Alright. I would say, you should try once.

I am who I am today. So much discipline. It wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been cut.

So it's important to get it cut. Try once. It's a good thing if it works. It's a good thing if it's cut. I mean, you will get motivation.

You will get discipline in life. That there is nothing in it. It's okay if it works.

It will support you. You will get that discipline. Yes, do it. Do it.

Do it. Do it. But that thing is useless.

At the age of 20-21, you are like, there should be a girl. Just sitting all night, whether he was there or not, I am doing this. Chatting. Chatting. And there, companies are hiring someone else.

Then after 4 years, after getting it cut, you are saying, should I do it with DSA or web dev? Tell me something. It's not happening. For 4 years, I was feeding him food. Now, I don't have money for food. So, I would advise that, career is first.

Mom, Dad, career, all these things are first. Girl, your lover, or your sister-in-law, all these are secondary. A person feels very set. When a girl gets married, then life is set. Yes, you know that after getting married, how much is set. Then all is set.

Then life. No, it doesn't happen. It's a little difficult.

But, I would advise that, don't get into these things. When you I understand that happiness is there. I have experienced it. When someone is there to take care, that happiness is there. But, when people appreciate your work, that what work you are doing. Now, like you are in Google, people appreciate that you have cracked Google.

So, that happiness is different. And then mom and dad feel proud. The smile on their face. That is the biggest happiness. Once you have experienced that, you will forget the happiness Then you will be like, no, this is good. Addiction is there.

I want to do this. So, that is the best. If you do that, it is a very good thing. Okay. Any advice that you would like to give to yourself, if you could go to past? Yes, I have shown my laziness that I am posting a video in a month.

I am not doing it properly. I am not studying. So, I would say that what I am doing today, like with all the discipline, if I do that at that time, boom! I will achieve so much as I have done in five or six years. Two years are more. I will do it in one year.

And at that time, it was on such a boom. All this. This Jio, Jio people came basically.

Yes. When we got free net of Jio. So, a lot of audience. A lot of audience. At that time, such YouTubers have grown. I was also growing.

But, I then left that. Understood. Yes, I was left behind. So, I would advise myself that yes, it would have been good But, okay, you should not regret so much that you have left. You don't have a time machine. Take care of today.

Yes. From now. Don't start from Monday.

Start from now. Start from now. Now, this podcast is over. I have to go and edit. I have to make reels, read the rust.

Done. And you have to start from DSA or whatever you are starting, you have to start. Yes, now.

Even if you don't watch the podcast. Turn it off in half. Turn it off now. Turn it off now. Don't waste your time. No, watch the podcast.

Views are good. And subscribe the channel too. Follow Eazy Snippets also. Okay, Neeraj. Thanks a lot for being here.

And thanks a lot for sharing all this information. Thank you so much. Thanks for inviting me. All set? All set.

2023-12-31 06:23

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