Bangkok to Mumbai on Air India | Meeting Aliyan & Family | Jio Shopping Mall

Bangkok to Mumbai on Air India | Meeting Aliyan & Family | Jio Shopping Mall

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Where are you going today Airport Where are you flying to? Mumbai In which flight are you going? Air India Rishi is going to fly with Air India from Thailand to Mumbai Say a welcome Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat Swetha has taken her new bag She has worn her new dress too Only I am the old one 39yrs old We are checking out of the hotel now I am the old myself, old shirt, new shorts and shoes Even Budubuda has worn new shorts We are going in this car to the airport This is an awesome car. A palace like car This is a tv Huge speakers It is a Toyota vehicle Hayes Toyota Sun doesnt hit inside. A nice car We have reached Bangkok Suvarnabhoomi Airport Bangkok has 2 airports. This terminal has lot of similarities with Mumbai airport This is one the busiest airports in Asia They have kept a tuktuk inside the airport Decorations with some heritage experiences. Places to take photos Baggage drop has begun We have to go to N8 That is an auto Check in for Air India has begun. It is very crowded

I am a Star Alliance member. I am supposed to get priority. Star Alliance Silver and Gold members have the priority. If we get it, then we dont have to stand in this queue We got our boarding pass Since I am an Air India flying returns Silver member, I get priority boarding n check in We get that because we always travel with Air India If we travel with the same airline many times, you get it Thanks a lot to Rishi. You grow up slowly at the age of 3 All these people get priority fast track We can avoid the rush We can get inside without rush to the security and immigration Since Rishi is a baby, we got priority though we are traveling in Economy You are great Rishi Done with our check in formalities We got inside after immigration too You find lot of shops at Bangkok airport Bangkok airport is far better than DMK airport DMK airport is only for Air Asia and low cost airlines This airport is for the other airlines This makes me feel like we are inside a luxurious shopping mall I am confused is it an airport or shopping mall You find high end branded showrooms here I didnt find normal brand showrooms here In Hinduism, you would have seen Samudra Manthana You see a Buddhist version of Samudra Manthana You can see people pulling a snake from both sides We know the story. It is a fight between Deva and Asura You have Devas on one side and Asuras on the other side Vishu in the middle They have done it so beautifully They have changed it to the Buddhist version That is what they have created here I wanted a pants. I didnt take any in this journey I am in search of pants But I find only big outlets here and not anything small Let me see if I can find out any shop for that We didnt go to the lounge. Bought food from a shop close by here only

Spring rolls for both of them They want that That is our Air India Airbus A320 He saw Air Asia somewhere and is showing us that They will check our bags before getting into the flight They are checking if there are cigarette lighters or any in that You can carry them in the security check here They will not throw it away. But Air India rule wont allow that So there is a security check up there We are going to board the flight after that We have got priority in boarding Since I am an Air India Star Alliance member And Rishi Touch the aircraft Touch once again We got inside Air India You are supposed to sit here. That is my seat Side seat is mine Rishi has sat there I dont take the front row when I travel with my family You have this divider in between. Rishi cannot sleep there You dont have that here. Can let Rishi sleep here

He can sleep on our lap. This seat has good leg space Nothing bad to say about Air India It is 11.30am and our flight is going to take off. Lot of flights behind us Do you want food? Rishi is saying he is feeling hungry from the time he got into the flight Nearly 2hrs since we got into the flight They are serving food for all of us now. Usually kids are given food first

He is saying that he is hungry Rishi got his food Will you have bun? Actually they should serve food for kids first That is how it is in all the airlines I think Air India has not begun doing that Air India should start doing that. If they serve together, who will have first? Swetha or Rishi? All of us are hungry. It is lunch time Air India should take care of that. They served drinks and after 2hrs food. I bought a beer but I didnt like it.

Chicken curry, green beans and rice in Non veg Pulao, corn, dal makhni for veg He is saying he got dal makhni Let me try it out Chicken curry is good. Veg is just ok Not bad We are about to land at Mumbai We will land at Mumbai International Airport soon Whom are you going to meet at Mumbai? He is happy and shy Those Air India 747 flights will be taken from here soon Heard that all are sold out to some other company. That is why you see them at Mumbai Airport Now he wants to go in Indigo You just came by Air India Do you want to go by Indigo or see Avantika Swetha, you wont see that 747 again Heard it will go soon Heard that all the 747s here will go tomorrow or so I wish Air India retained at least 1 We got this buggy because Rishi is with us You have these kind of vehicles for elderly and kids accompanied here You can use them. We reached Mumbai. I collected my box.

Now let us take a taxi. We are staying here at Mumbai tonight We shall stay at a hotel Do you know what doesn he mean by Budubuda He wants the camera facing him to talk to you That is what I have understood We should show the camera towards him We are going to Aki I booked Uber green electric taxi We will have space to keep our luggage This is India's most luxurious shopping centre. Jio World Center Many of you would have seen that It has a convention center and many more We are going to stay at Trident hotel today just next to it My brother in law and family have already reached in their room Now we shall go and meet them Rishi, are you angry? We are getting inside the hotel Good hotel Had a good experience at the reception It is a 5 star. I took a room here because I need to go to a place close by

We have reached 3rd floor. Where is our room? 305 is our room When we switched on the lights, the curtains are rolling up Awesome. Let us go to see Aki? He wants apple. Shall give you Nice cold room A small garden view here.

A typical 5 star hotel room. Nothing special to say The only highlight is that you can take a bath They have safe lockers here Refrigerator and tea coffee maker Water and glass in here Mirror and wardrobe An iron box in it Lot of hangers in there This is the washroom. It has all the facilities I am staying at a Trident hotel for the first time Let us go and meet my brother in law now Shall go to the pool or outside 335 is their room He ran away Why did he run seeing you people Did he run seeing you? Get inside. I am going to close the door

Are you coming? We are going inside All this time he was saying Akki Not knowing if he is sad or what He is simply showing off. Why are you showing off? He began saying Akki from Thailand onwards He is simply showing off We are going to Phoenix market city That is Nirubhai Ambani square Celebrities kids study at this school How about putting Ambani at Nirubhai Ambani school? We have reached Phoenix Market City mall We came here for the kids to play We have come to Wow Chicken and ordered some chicken We shall sit here and eat They came from Pune to meet us We came from Thailand to meet them We have met at Mumbai What is happening here? Something happened Even I dont know what happened Chicken here Something and all came. Bubble tea is also here We have come to have our 2nd dinner now We have come to a restaurant in here Urban Tadka Ordered masala pappad. There is a bar in here You can have drink with food. You dont have such an ambiance in Lulu mall too 7-eleven has begun at Mumbai Went to the shopping mall, had food, played and I bought some things Now we are going back to the hotel What were you saying from the car? He is not looking at me after he saw them You will come to me We are going to have breakfast I have some work in the morning I shall tell you about it in the coming days Shall tell you why we came to Mumbai I bought this t-shirt yesterday Swetha, do you know who this is? Those who know, do comment I bought 2-3 t-shirts from Uniqlo They have a gym here I couldnt get in What are you doing here? Do you want to jump into the pool? Both dont want to jump into the pool I took a room here thinking of having fun in the pool Both are saying they dont want to get into the water Both of you dont want to get into the pool? No? Are you scared? All these are apartments That is Jio World Center That is Jio's Ambani's shopping mall The building you see there is US Embassy Behind that you can see Standard Charter and other buildings Above Jio Trade Center, you see luxurious apartments Ambani doesnt live there. Rich people can buy and stay there

Looks like he is standing here with a red flag to get rid of crows Lot of crows and pigeons here Before going for breakfast, let us take a photo Nice dress I bought this yesterday We have come to have breakfast Since the restaurant is full, they have arranged breakfast at a banquet hall There were lot of options Do you want vada? Shall give you I shall give you Aki, sit near him Swetha, what are you having Lot of varieties Even I will take that I have taken a masala dosa now. Shall start with this Since we are at the banquet hall, cannot get the restaurant feel The restaurant is full I took some more things Isnt this Dhokla? Took some fruits and a piece of jalebi I took misilpaav and kadi I put the fried sticks into it. The gravy is basically our buttermilk curry You can eat an egg Time to check out from here Where do you want to go next? There is a fountain in front of the hotel Rishi and Avantika were playing in the bath tub in the room They finished playing, changed their dress and got out We shall go to Ambani's mall which is right in the front This is a huge shopping mall One of the luxurious shopping malls in India You have only luxury brands here I have understood from the reviews that there is nothing for normal people Lot of things here Apart from Ambani's mall, there is Nita Ambani's cultural center Many more here Let us go and check it out Jio World Plaza is completely Ambani's All you see over here is Ambani and Adani This square is called Dirubhai Ambani Square This is Nita Ambani foundation. You can get in and go around here Lot of restaurants and theatres in here This is Oberoi's restaurant It is less crowded This is the theatre Shobhana is performing a show at Nita Ambani's cultural center They have movie theatres and these show/play theatres too It is a cultural center like Opera House You can come here to see lot of shows There is an art house too There is such an auditorium in here It would be awesome to watch Shobana's show from such a place Today there arent any shows here When Avantika stood to take a pic, Rishi also wants to stand Stand there. Only then can we take a pic There is a huge convention center on the other side Huge weddings can be conducted here There are luxurious apartments on top of the shopping mall Ad says it costs only 18 crores. Those who want can buy. I think all the luxurious brands in India are owned by Ajio Can see lots under them I think Reliance owns it Reliance has become Jio now.

Can see lot of high brand showrooms here So you dont have much of crowd. It is a peaceful place You have these brands here now Some of them are coming soon They have only High end brands here. They dont even have Boss and CK here So those are not high end It begins from Armani here Armani exchange is not here. Armani cafe is different.

Armani hotel is there Like Louis Vuitton, even Armani has a hotel Tomorrow you can expect Ambani's too What is happening here? Are all of you taking a selfie without me? What is this brother in law? Luxury brand showroom would have less products and customers Only limited products would be in display If you go to a watch showroom, you would have just limited products in there All the shops would have securities. They would screen all before letting them in There is no ball pit here You will have to go to a shopping mall that has ball pit You can see how less crowded it is here See how beautiful the Louis Vuitton showroom is. On top there is a food court. Probably they would have only branded food there A coffee n cake shop here There is a Samsung store at the 1st floor A huge Samsung store Muji brand showroom. We had gone there when we are Thailand The yellow shorts Rishi is wearing is from Muji. Put him in the stroller. Let us go

You get trendy dresses and things like in Ikea at Muji I think this is done with the Benz products Can see an engine behind. Good one Let us see how luxurious the toilet is Swetha, havent you still checked it out? After Rishi got Avantika, he doesnt want Swetha or me He is not talking to me. Saw that? Shall I give you a kiss? Swetha, look at him after he has got Avantika She will go today. Tomorrow onwards you will have only us

Is he acting the same with you too? Try giving him a kiss Give her a kiss You will come to us... Shall see then He doesnt want us to go near him A sanitizer. Are these there today also? This is the lift lobby There are very few restaurants in here One of the restaurant is run by Oberoi Another group runs another hotel Minimum 5000 for the buffet That is the lunch rate Since that wont be enough, we are planning to go out and have It is an awesome mall Rich people can come and enjoy They have done the interiors in a high end way Can take photos from here Lot of flowers kept there The whole building is done in a luxurious way This is a Studio Theatre There is a cafe in front of it. It is not very expensive here Why are you standing in the frame Can see a big car there You are going to be surprised when you come down This is a carpet It is an original concept car Yes. It has an engine too There is a QR code. If you scan it, you will see the details Looks amazing Blondie has done a video on this.

There are no cars left for them to see and do My brother in law is crazy about cars. He is taking selfies from here I thought this was a carpet, but it is not. I shall go closer and show you It is the bells you have in anklets They have painted that and done in here IT is huge Looks like a painting I think it is done by Vibha Galotra They have used steel gungurus, fabric and plywood to do it. Is this a wedding dress? Lehanga? Look at that wedding dress This is a dress she wore Who wore this? Swetha Bachchan? Yes. Shweta Bachchan Nanda.

This is the dress Amitabh Bachchan's daughter Shweta wore for her wedding. You can see many like this here. It is written this is the largest passenger elevator in the world Will this work? Can we get inside? Arent there bigger elevators I dont think it is working. Many pressed and went They have convention centers and it may be for that many people It is up there You have to at least wear a Louis Vuitton shirt when you come here I have worn a Uniqlo I dont have Louis Vuitton with me Looks like some wedding is taking place here. Can see many people This is an entrance area An outlet of a famous jwellery Can see a goldsmith in there There is a shop that sells interior decor, Swadesh Everything is expensive I said these look beautiful I looked at these and said beautiful You took me wrong These are beautiful. This is just 25000/-

Most of the things here are of that cost All look beautiful Would you like to buy a saree for your wife? Since my wife doesnt like to wear saree, it is ok Let;s go 30000/- For this saree? It is written here that this saree costs 30000/- Arent all the sarees handmade? It is by Reliance Foundation A luxurious mall with rich products is what we see Reliance does a lot of normal people too If Ambani wasnt there, would we have become You Tubers? Ambani is the one who made data cheap We should never blame Ambani Outside the mall, you can see military securities. What you see in the front is the US Embassy We got out of Ambani's shopping mall Nita Ambani's cultural center, restaurants, hotels, luxurious apartments etc in it It is really good. We are back at our hotel It was just opposite to it We had checked out and kept our bags in here Let us collect our bags and go We shall have food now. Today we will be going to Pune How are we going to Pune? We are going to go by Vande Bharat train Will go to Pune by Vande Bharat From there we will be flying to Kochi

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