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Subtitle will come automatically. Are you ready? so new video? Let it begin. My brothers, brothers, sisters, welcome to the new chapter, all of you, welcome to the new episode Today, our last day in mongolia, after a wonderful trip, we came back to the capital city, Ilan Batur, open heat . After a wonderful day-long trip, I've been to almost all parts of Mongolia, it's a strangely big country, one of the biggest countries in the world, and now we're going to South Korea from here, so we're leaving . We will visit, as I do in every country, we will go to the local market for a tour of the bazaar. We came to Batur Square for the last time of technology. It is the place where the

great statue of Genghis Khan is located and thank you very much to the Mongolian people who took us here in their car, hosted us and fed us. I say you are amazing people Mongolian people thank you very much for everything Mongolia has become one of my favorite countries for me. I hope you enjoyed watching it too. We got up, we got up, we stayed on the road, etc., the trip is over. Now it's time to go to South Korea. It's time to go to South Korea. Come on, this is it

and we came to the market. Here is Naran tul Market Şeyma Where are you Şeyma market we've come, now we 're going to go inside the market, we'll see, looking for the name of the market, tul Market has everything you can think of inside , usually already and products from Russia. Because his wife's got it. There are only two places in Mongolia where people find products cheaper and think of it as a kind of flea market.

Huge size Inside We will go in and look at the products I love to visit the Suleyman market, the bazaar, the market I love to visit the market, I love when I travel, find products that are cheap, and mix with people like this, we have a lack of toast. We can only agree on a language, but we dived in, enter Bismillah, look, this belt buckle is very beautiful, let's start from here of Asia They sell you belt buckles and belts like this about their motifs They usually wear them They were going on the wires still class border-right For Fatih's day o Sportive in Media Mongol or for example Mongol with tea But the course brother is selling them like this and I'm going to put them on, it's late or something, continue you get thin like this, it's crowded today, brother and brother in mongolia, there is something like this. All of the textiles come from Turkey, almost look, they wrote socks like Made in Turkey. Of course, we have now changed the name to Turkey Turk Ee full Turk Right Türk Look, for example, here is Türkan socks They wrote very directly, but they produce such and such in Mongolia, they make it from oil-football or camel .

At the counter we entered because there is a product Turkish Our Uncle Tekstil, who comes from Turkey, sells these socks, let's ask how much they cost. Price to show your style will show. Look, he always bought it like this, he always gets along with people like this mm Okey, so again, here's the first part of the girls we entered from Turkey. This is

almost all of the textile products. I looked at three or five of them from Turkey . I don't have many things Yes, that one person was eliminated from his textiles. I wonder how much they all cost 3-6-9-12 dollars. Probably one from Turkey YouTube, my brother, let's subscribe to the channel like this, he was entering the channel from Turkey again, a friend a while ago I said it costs 12-13 dollars, is it worth an outfit. Are there that many tags in Turkey?

a bye, these people are sweet or sincere Look, sister, it's showing it, it 's very beautiful. Look, we have yellow boots and the door costs 320 thousand 100 dollars , this Buddha makes 125 dollars or something, it costs 120 dollars either Mongol or the match Price game weather Super ya outfits Really very nice Steve is the same Yes brother in the markets in Asia The thing is, there are the containers and the numbers of the containers on the land as you can see, but here it is also there There are containers on the opposite side and they are at the entrance of the market All of Asia these days, people don't want to get their goods into containers numbered after the market is over . They put it there, they say container 2 and they go home. When I come next week, he has set up the Sunday market here again , so no one carries the goods, this is the case, it was like this in many big markets I saw in Asia, there is a big market in Kyrgyzstan too. When we saw it in the market, we thought we should come and see it. It made its head in the shape of a horse.

I don't know what kind of horse feathers it was used . We couldn't get along because I don't know Mongolian, Yazılıtaş rescue, I forgot it Now, another photocop medical instrument, the name of the intimidating vagan instrument, is sold here , is it a there is a look at the price of the binoculars, people living in tents use them and produce them. Let's see if the bags are not very nice. I like them very much. Mouse what does it mean that people living outside the country use them properly to look at their distant animals or something. Almost everyone in every tent we went to had binoculars They were looking from place to place I spent 60 dollars, I said, this is Russia . what about this rebellion fainting weaken Şeyma This subject is asked a lot as my Şeyma what is it like brother your essence is fight so God Actually I don't know the parts of space Tatar a bit mixed chicken but we are sure that he was born in Romania he was born in Turkey where are you from Eskişehir Was born in Eskişehir? My parents were born in Eskişehir, but our grandfathers were born in Romania on both sides . Is this continuing ? brother, if it's called snuff in Turkey, it's still a local thing and they only sell it, are there different kinds of verbs here ? Will you see a huge ala They only sell horse equipment here . Is it a whip for horses? Chains for morning prayer Well looking If you look at its beauty , there are ropes to catch the horse, etc. There are no more leftover coins, are there 10 cents in it?

look at the back, they sell directly the collections of these medals from Soviet Russia and as a collection they were selling the medals of the people who participated in the war In a market in Uzbekistan 1923-1960 I wonder if it's real or not there is a flea market-like sapphique here they sell a pipe and because there is Tibetan Buddhism here There are Buddha statues, coins again, I went to my childhood when I saw this Abacus Abacus Yes, I do n't know if it looks like me, I 'm not sure, there are a few big swords like this here. There are statues of Lenin . There are customers and everything. I like a counter very much Acar looks sweet and this counter is beautiful too. Look how big the swords are. It doesn't look at the size of the sword . It 's not coming , is n't it ? honey shamans things these are shamans use them the shaman said, please, it happens, uncle, how do we do it, but if you hold it like this, a shaman is holding it like this. Yes, it's work, but the float has such a thing in his hand . Also, just because he is doing that ritual, the shaman is doing it like this, by recording with these , things that shamans buy here and so on. Look, I've seen this on the shaman 's foot, everything on Damascus has a different meaning again, he does the hitting with this, he shoots with that, let's see, click, click, click Let's continue , the rope is here to catch the horse, the shaman is to Damascus, but the hunt Shamanism and kibet buddhism are common here, for example, they represent Turks with our spirit . There is this place bro, Swastika was an iron before, I asked everyone, what is this swastika ? a If we need to explain this in the most general part, this motif is asked, what is the Swastika , it is mentioned as the self stamp in Turkish, this swastika is also included in different cultures of this world This Swastika Turkish wedding belief before Islam tengrism of course do we believe in the Sky God in tengrism This Swastika is also Essence Exactly It also tells about reaching God and rising according to what it means here. I don't know, maybe it's because of tengrism , but shamans are sitting on it, they are using it, please God God , I'm allergic to it. I swear, who's dreaming of it?

Saws are sold here and they will buy I couldn't find anything. Did you find anything? I couldn't find anything. I couldn't find anything . we came across look above 10 goods make it 33000 red Goods Bora there is Kent there is menthol 30000 Turgut writes I leave the price of TL here or if the price of cigarettes below the dollar is 10 if they cut that round 17000 The group said in general it is harmful to your health to smoke cigarettes for one dollar or less than 1 dollar in mongolia Throw every cigarette money into the piggy bank, you save money every time I buy a cigarette, put that money in the piggy bank at the end of the month, you are a good money person, don't smoke, never mind, here our sister sells cigarettes in this shop, is n't it cheaper than Turkey? Cigarettes are cheap compared to the world in general Turkey is constantly on the rise I have no idea its prices are probably much more affordable than in Turkey. We continue to mix the market like this, we look at you to see what is there, so here is the importance in this shop, there is also 3D about meditation, etc. There are things about Buddhism We continue at around 45 o'clock at the moment most of the shops closed and gone and one of the interesting events in mongolia I think it's interesting the day starts very late here people start very late people before ten before nine o'clock no one starts anything What I see Life is such a swell It doesn't start at 8 o'clock or something After that everything starts He just showed me the prices of cigarettes etc. That's it, we don't smoke bro

. We save money in a piggy bank. We buy tents and escape to nature with a tent. Look, you're really going to buy a tent, a five star event, two friends, three friends. You will go camping or you will buy a family size thing like this and every time we hitchhike in Mongolia, we get a tent in the trunk of your car. At the end, everyone has this overalls and so on. The guys love going to the camp with three or four cars

. tent will be enough for one or two people . In Turkey, this product You can find things from two places, one on Mercan Slope in Eminönü , there are tents and so on. Secondly, the tents in the decathlon are very economical and sufficient. You buy a practical camping chair like this. One like

this. This is how they are folded, it means you are ready to go camping, and if there is a child, you can buy a small one for him . bro I found you in the market, I couldn't find anything interesting, it's just that products related to real religious rituals are sold more I guess I couldn't find such a traditional product other than that, then the market part is over Come on, it's time to go to the city. It's time to go, but the weather is that vote, don't say no Aleykumselam Good morning, what is the news ? If My son has hosted us for the last four or five days we stayed here, I thank them very much. Do you think you can have a way with this place?

It's time to leave ulanbatur dahong essal owner . now there is Turkey, the same things are together, your 25-day trip to Mongolia is over, now you come back, I love the loops, but there is nothing to do. My plane leaves at nine o'clock. Well, after here, I will continue the trip after Turkey Mine or so , it may be Azerbaijan, the moment will be evident in consumption Let's see, have a nice trip already Thank you . _ At 6 we took a half s They brought me a long way and left them at the airport.

It's in my bags. Now it's time to go. Well, thank you very much for your friendship, we went through strange difficulties together, we fell, we got up, we traveled thousands of kilometers together, it was really nice to travel with you. It was very nice to travel with you, stupid, these two countries we visited together, Azerbaijan.

We have passed and now Mongolia is the 3rd we will see Şeyma we wish Şeyma a good trip Goodbye You take care too and Şeyma is gone now we are here I'll say edit and so on. Most likely the video that we will watch tonight I actually went to Tokyo Şeyma with a very good travel mate, we had incredible fun, met incredibly beautiful people in this country and I'm leaving with very good memories I love Mongolia abundant people Thank you very much for everything Very nice it was a journey exactly 45 days 45 days series Finished me here and A Now I'm going to Korea, which is a new country, I hope I'll be out of here without any problems. From now on, you will start watching Korea from the next episodes, God bless everyone who appreciates the viewers take care of yourself bye bye bye bye bye bye All my stuff I bought something like this I put the bag on it I will give the bag to your father already this I have electronic things here and Şeyma made us a sandwich last time on the way we will eat it

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