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Are Orbs a Glimpse of the Unseen Jinn (Djinn)? | Higher Technologies Pyramids Power Plant

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As Salaamu Alaykum Ya Shaykh Walaykum As Salaam Please can you elaborate on the spiritual eyes and senses? How does this open and how would you know if Divine or nafs (ego), just for a better understanding? JazakAllah khair. InshaAllah all, all… we’re talking today.. is like building a house. If we want to talk about the roof and the windows but yet we didn’t lay the foundation.

So, this system that’s taught is a systematic way of teaching that - worry about the energy, worry about how to practice the energy. 90 percent of the replies to everyone who emails ‘’ is – meditate. Because you question shows you didn’t meditate. The other person emails a question – they didn’t meditate. This one… they didn’t… say, ‘You keep saying… why I’d keep getting all these replies saying meditation?’ Is because this is the foundation.

If you’re not doing the practice, you’re not understanding energy, you’re not spending the time to make your tafakkur (contemplation), you’re not spending the time to make the connection with the shaykhs to ask for faiz (downpouring blessings) and ask for an accounting , ‘What is my character? What is my hisaab (account)?’ You don’t want to know these things? Many people are not comfortable to sit and meditate because they don’t want to know about themselves. And if you’re bold enough to found out about yourself then the next phase is: ‘I want to reach towards this energy. I want the energy of the shaykhs to be present with me,’ because they’re like a truth serum, if their light comes – it’s going to force you to understand what you’ve done wrong because the light of truth comes and it doesn’t keep a lie with you and agree with you in your lies. You with yourself are sufficient to lie to yourself: ‘Oh I’m the best, everything is great. Everything I’m doing is perfect, perfect, thank you MashaAllah. I’m great.’

But when you meditate and ask for Allah’s (AJ) servants, “Wa kono ma'as sadiqeen, ittaqollah.” Allah (AJ) Says in Holy Qur’an: ‘Have a consciousness and keep the company.’ So, means we keep the company all the time, it wasn’t a physical. Allah (AJ) doesn’t care about physicality. ‘Keep their company,’ so as soon as you meditate this was Allah’s (AJ) command, ‘Wa kono ma'as sadiqeen.’

So, you’re meditating and asking for sadiq (Truthful), ‘Ya Rabbi send Your rijalullah (men of God).’ And as soon as you’re sitting their energy comes and begin a truth - what you did was wrong, what your character did is wrong. Why you’re angry is wrong. All these things will come because they don’t come to lie with you.

They come to inspire that: ‘What you’re thinking was wrong. The character you had was wrong. The arrogance you have is wrong,’ all of these characteristics it comes with a truthful light into our life so that we can begin to work on ourselves. Nobody is saying they’re perfect but at least they took a path in which to try. Perfection is only for Allah (AJ). This is not a path of perfection; this is a path in trying.

If you don’t try, it’s like going into the grave with cancer. You came into the grave without trying anything? Well, that’s 70,000 times more difficult. So, this life is about trying to clean ourselves, trying to recognize what I’m doing bad, trying to be inspired towards goodness. As a result, that’s the foundation.

When we did that and we meditated, we made the foundation, we made the connection with the shaykhs, the faiz of the shaykhs is coming – the rest of all those questions will become clear. That you work through all the bad characteristics and then the faiz of the shaykhs are coming, the energy is coming. We said before that as soon as you do the madad (support), and begin to do the practices you feel energies coming onto you and their grab your heart, and you feel like you’re having a heart attack and you don’t have to go to the hospital.

You don’t have to run anywhere. This is the jalali (majestic) tajalli (manifestation) that Allah (AJ) reflect onto the servant – we said is like an earthquake. The immense positive light that reflecting it conflicts with the negative standard light of people, right.

So the low voltage, you’re bringing on a high voltage, so that high voltage when it hit you of course it creates a shock, and it keeps going up. So you’re fifty watts today, you got hit and you do this again and Allah (AJ) Says: ‘Increase his voltage.’ More light comes, again hit the person and they go into a shock, they go into shaking because Allah (AJ)… you have to keep increasing in doses. It never reaches a point where it just keeps flowing to you. This energy Allah (AJ) is of an infinite capacity of power and every time it comes with a jalali tajalli of course it’s going to shake, it’s going to crush, it’s going to shake everything. And when it come too much then there are different difficulties upon the body because this energy is running on the spine and running throughout their system - they can overheat, their veins have difficulty.

So, everything has to be through their training, through understanding, through moderation. If they send too much energy to somebody, they can have problems in their spine, their vertebrae, and many heated issues throughout their body. So, that’s why they train them on how to bring the energy in, how to keep their wudu (ablution), how to ground their energy so that the positive is flowing, pushing the negative and grounding it out.

Not to catch it and just keep it going around until it pop out of a vein and you get like something happening onto your body, because the energy has to leave at a particular way. If you don’t, then many different types of difficulty. That’s why everything is going to go by step – step by step, step by step, and a gradual increase of energy and faiz. And that’s what is meant by the faiz of the shaykh. When we talk like this, other shaykhs who listen they say, ‘Oh we never heard this stuff before,’ that’s okay because you shouldn’t be discussing these teachings with any other shaykh. Each shaykh has a different understanding and maybe at a very different level.

It’s not handed out for everybody at the same. So, the understanding of when people say: ‘Get the faiz of the shaykh, keep your nazar (gaze) upon us,’ what does the nazar mean and the faiz? From their Haqqiqatul Tawajju (Reality of Focusing). When they achieved Haqqiqatul Tawajju and Haqqiqatul Tawassul (Reality of Intercession). Haqqiqatul Tawajju is that they were trained, and they were trained that when you reach to the ‘Hawla wa la quwwah’ through the Wajh (The Holy Face) – from their face to the face of Sayyidina Muhammad’s ﷺ ruhaniyat (spirituality) is a tawajju – means they’re receiving from the face onto their soul. They achieve those realities and that power is dressing continuously on them. The tawassul (intercession) is that through that same connection they can pray back that: ‘Please resolve this, pray for this, do to this.’

They’re not using physical; they’re using from the connection of their soul which is an ocean of power. So, normal people say: ‘Oh nazar – we’ve heard that.’ Other people who know tariqah (spiritual path) they say: ‘Faiz – the faiz of the shaykh,’ but can they explain it? Because you have to be from it. So, the Haqqiqatul Tawajju and Haqqiqatul Tawassul, that they reached a place in which their face reached the face of power. And that face can keep alternating from the face of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ to the face of their shaykhs and Ahlul Bayt (Holy family of Prophet ﷺ) and Ashab an Nabi ﷺ (Holy companions of Prophet ﷺ).

And one whom has an open heart, in the associations many faces are changing on the shaykh throughout the association, throughout the whole shajarah (spiritual lineage), throughout all Ahlul Bayt can be dressing the face of the shaykh at any moment during the khatms, the zikrs (Divine remembrance) and the mawlids (celebration of the birthday of Prophet ﷺ) because that’s the reality of that tawajju. And tawassul is the way in which they convey their concerns and the needs of what’s being needed upon this earth from the servants of Allah (AJ) back and towards the oceans of power, inshaAllah. As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah Do we have to do the awrad exactly as you have requested? Having a hard time to complete it, or else can we recite something else? [Shaykh laughs] That’s a good one.

Interesting how… why we teach by analogy and why Allah (AJ) revealed all these technologies, not for shaitan (satan) to make money we said. These technologies are not here for Sony and Apple to make billions and trillions of dollars you know ripping people off. These were the technologies of the heavens and every technology of the heaven was to be a ni’mat (blessing) for Allah’s (AJ) creation because He Loves His creation, wanted to make their life to be easy. You know electricity is free, water is free, all of this power is free, it’s mankind that hid it and sold it.

They’re using fossil energy which is all satanic and has to do with shaitan and the source of where shaitan is coming from. Anything from petroleum has to do with a satanic energy. Energy was free from where? The sun. And their pyramids and their ancient understandings all used free energy from the sun, and the future will come where their energy will be free again when the higher technologies come back onto earth. But what was the question? Do we have to do the awrad exactly as you have requested? Yeah Can we recite something else? So, the technology… where we went with this was the technology. So, the technology has an immense reality.

If you say: ‘Shaykh I need your phone number, I need to talk to you.’ And I give you the phone number and ‘da-da-da-da-da’ [typing number sound effect] and the last number is 7. And you email back: ‘Thank you for the phone number.

Can I ask you question – Can I dial 6?’ Is what you’re asking me. You asked for the number, I give you the number then you ask me: ‘Can I dial 6?’ If that’s how you think, go right ahead. I don’t think you’ll ever reach this system with that mentality.

When they give… and it’s not me giving an awrad (daily practice), if we follow what Shaykh Nazim (Q) has left as an inheritance… what, what is the Naqshbandi wazifa (spiritual practice) that you recite that on a daily basis to connect with the Naqshbandi shaykhs. If you say, ‘I don’t know this surah (chapter), I want to add this Surah.’ This is a mobile number, this is a number that they've been giving to their heart, ‘Recite this, make the madad of what this man teaches and we’re with you.’

Then you begin to have dreams of them to show you, ‘We’re with you, we’re sitting with you, we’re dining with you, we’re entering in your home having lunch with you.’ Many people have beatific visits to show that, ‘You dialed the right number,’ but if you alter it and said, ‘I want to recite a different awrad. Can I change the surah at the end?’ And it’s as if you exactly changing the number. And we don’t usually argue with people because then if we email back: ‘No you can’t,’ then they say, “Why I can’t,” and it become now a debate. But the adab (manner) is then we just stay silent, and don’t understand why you would ask that. If you asked for the awrad – this is the awrad, you do the awrad, you make your connection.

You don’t want to do the awrad then do whatever you want, but you must be having problems because you emailed and whatever you were doing it was not working. And that’s a problem with many subcontinent cultures that they have shaykhs on every block and this is the difficulty, and Allah (AJ) likes testing. So, when you say: ‘Why would it happen? Why Allah (AJ) would allow it?’ Because Allah (AJ) Likes it to be spicy. You know if you have a dish, it is boring when it’s just regular. Allah (AJ) kick it up with some more chilies, and more chilies and more chilly until it’s so hot you can’t take even one bite from it.

And He loves to stir it up, so then in these cultures where there’s a shaykh on every block, Allah (AJ) doesn’t mind. He Said, ‘Let there be ten shaykhs on every block.’ But He wants to know how come you’re not loyal enough to sit with your shaykh? And it’s not that there’s twenty shaykhs on the block, but how come you’re not a loyal person is the concern. And that disloyalty will carry you through everything that you do in life. So, that’s why they have visiting shaykhs that roam around and make fitna (confusion) and tell lies about the shaykh that you’re following, and that’s why when you have a shaykh and you’re learning from the shaykh, you’re learning from his realities – you then lock yourself off to everything else. If you feel that that shaykh doesn’t fulfill you with realities, with knowledges, with teachings, you go there and it’s just cheddar cheese.

Say, ‘He’s not saying anything, he doesn’t talk anything, I don’t feel like myself growing,’ find yourself a different shaykh. But if the one feeding you… Imam Ali (as) said: ‘If somebody taught you alif, you owe your life to him.’ Alif, alif is – Izzatullah (Allah's (AJ) Might and Magnificence) [everyone laughs].

You got it? Yeah, you took the knowledge, Allah (AJ) wants to see: ‘How come this ones not loyal to you? If We show ten shaykhs, he’s going to go sit with ten of them.’ For what? So, at this point Allah (AJ) is testing the servant. Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ is testing. You portray only your shaykh, you talk only about your shaykh, you convey only about your shaykh, not fifty different shaykhs because we don’t know then you’re ‘Milkshake.’ We don’t know you got vanilla in it, you got strawberry in it, you got chocolate in it.

Your life’s purpose is, ‘I received and I’m now a servant to convey. What he taught I’m going to teach, what he taught I’m going to convey.’ So, that way we understood the loyalty, we understood the connection, as a result the shaykh’s rida and satisfaction begin to open a faiz. When the student is committed and the student is loyal… because the shaykh doesn’t need it.

We talked about that also – the shaykh doesn’t need it, he needs ten, fifteen men that would change the earth. Don’t need ten-thousand people, what you’re going to do with ten-thousand people? You can’t even feed them; you can’t have an event with them. Give me good ten, fifteen good men and we change the earth. Make your videos, make your salawats (praises upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ), make your internet, make your apps, make all these projects. So it’s not about shaykh needing anyone, it’s the person needs to show to Allah (AJ): ‘I hold this like my love for Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and with that Ya Rabbi I’m showing my loyalty, I show my honour, I show my respect.’

With that becomes example of my way so that my way is sincere and that I gain sincerity with Allah (AJ). Allah (AJ) watch, Prophet ﷺ watching and say, ‘Grant this one to be and to have the faiz, have the loyalty and the connection.’ Because that one knows, ‘I’m with that shaykh, I take from that shaykh that is everything that coming to me so that I know when something opened, it opened from him.

And when a sickness was taken away, it was taken from them.’ If we don’t know then say, ‘Oh, I don’t know who it was. I sat with ten different people.’ Then you don’t even know who you’re loyal to. Say, ‘Who’s your daddy?’ You don’t have any understanding of - who am I with? And that becomes the problem when they sit with twenty different people, they go twenty different associations, that fifteen different locations, and this reality is so binding and so locked in that: ‘I have to have a very strong relationship, very loving relationship,’ and that builds the bond.

We said before that if people are coming and going, you’re not catching the nazar of the shaykh. When you say, ‘Okay pray for me,’ and then you see the person posting twenty different places: ‘Pray for me, pray for me, pray for me, pray for me.’ Oh, it became something, just something cheap. But when the person is… you know that they’re wholly committed to you and they’re hoping you are praying for them, then of course you’re praying for them because their love for you and your love for them and that’s how the system works.

So, you understand that this is… and he is like my father. I have a father that brought me onto this earth and I have a father who’s taking me back into the heavens. If they can be both that would be great but most likely they’re not, they are different one’s and that’s why the loyalty [shaykh laughs], inshaAllah.

We have another one, these people look tired or they’re hungry, I think Azan’s hungry. As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah Sayyidi you previously mentioned that white dots around the house represent mu’min jinn. Should I be concerned if sometimes I see blue dots or blue energy.

I have all the Naqshbandi ta’weez’s around my home. I think that… that I don’t remember myself ever quoting ‘White dots represent jinn (unseen beings) in the house.’ Those… that probably is a video you watched from 'Orbs.' That, energy without a mass become circular.

So, with these modern technologies and cameras, you go in a dark area and just shoot in the dark room and you’ll find all these orbs what they call, and these are energies that have no mass. And as result you see circles in millions in one shot. Some places more intense than others. So, this is a realm of the unseen. Now their colours can be different – some can be black from the black reality – the shadow reality.

They can be from light beings which are light and blue and green and all different colours, but don’t focus on them. Focus on the shaykhs, the madad, the energies and there are many energies that will be occupying your home. Anything bad, put the ta’weez (prayer for protection), put the salawats, put the zikrs, make your madad, make all your practices, and leave the rest alone.

The mu’min (believer) one’s occupy the space to begin to protect, Allah (AJ) send them to live and occupy that space to begin to protect the believers. You know it’s like from their race, you can’t protect yourself from them, Allah (AJ) has to send their own race into the home. So, from the mu’min – believers and the mu’min – their level of belief, they never interact with the human race, only with the shaykhs. The mu’min jinn their bayat (allegiance) and their connection and their allegiance, their promise to Allah (AJ) was – never to interfere with the human race. So, the mu’min one’s they don’t interact, you don’t call them, you don’t try to talk to them. You just do your practices and do your madad and that’s it, don’t worry about the rest.

You put the ta’weez – those are energies. You put the salawats, the zikrs, broadcast the Khatm e Khwajagan (Zikr of the Masters of the Naqshbandi Way) – these bring immense energy for mu’min beings. They want that energy, they want that energy to purify the space, cleanse the space, everything, inshaAllah. As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum As Salaam wa rehmatullah For grounding the energy, what is the ideal grounding substance or matter? Are tiles okay or would a wooden floor be better for example? Hmm… again you… again wherever you have. So, if we say ‘Wood’ and everyone’s going to start emailing: ‘I have marble Shaykh, I’m doomed.

I can’t… I have nowhere to ground myself.’ No, so it’s everything is grounding. Ideally wood is very good, you can have the ‘asaa (cane) and wood in your hand. And the reality of that alhamdulillah, so that should be just enough.

If not then whatever surface that you have and the reality of wood with a tasbih (prayer beads), that we don’t use plastic tasbihs because the wood carries the barakah (blessing), the wood it saturates these lights and these blessings. So, they contain all these zikrs and all these practices and they become an immense source of blessings. So… and for ‘asaa if they need, if there’s lot of energy, a lot of incorrect energy then they can hold the wood as a grounding. Even at home they can have an ‘asaa and just sit and do their zikr because I sitting on a chair and doing my zikr, yeah inshaAllah. As Salaamu Alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum As Saalam wa rehmatullah Which of your books should I read first? Depending upon your background and your interest. If you’re coming from a western ideology then the ‘Angelic Energy,’ because you can get into the understanding of energies and how to build the energy and how the practices of the energy.

If you’re coming from Islamic background then - The Levels of the Heart, because ‘The Levels of a Heart’ maybe a bit difficult for somebody new because of the terminologies and the words we use. And pretty soon they’ll be the reference book called ‘A Timeless Reality’ which is for the muraqabah (spiritual connection) and the meditation and that’s two years of questions and answer. So it covers everything like an encyclopedia for tafakkur (contemplation) so that you can always just look up from the table of contents, ‘Hands – oh here’s the importance of what to do with hands. Grounding – here’s the importance of grounding.

Yeah, the stones – here’s the importance of the stone.’ So, that’ll be like a reference. But if you’re coming western is the ‘Angelic…’ the Divinely… what’s the title? Timeless reality No, the angelic power… Oh Healing power.. Healing power of angelic energy? In Pursuit of… ‘In Pursuit of Angelic Energy,’ or power? It’s good I know my own book titles [Shaykh laughs] inshaAllah.

That’s good. Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen, walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen. Bi hurmati Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha.

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