Are Cutting Edge Technologies simply Favors from Jinns in Exchange for Mass Sacrifice Offerings?

Are Cutting Edge Technologies simply Favors from Jinns in Exchange for Mass Sacrifice Offerings?

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Alhamdulillah. “Fa A’uzu Billahi Minash  Shaitanir Rajeem. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.”   “Atiullah atiur Rasul wa Ulil amre minkum.” And always a reminder for   myself ana abdukal 'ajeez, wa dayeef, wa miskin,  wa zhalim, wa jahl, and but for the grace of   Allah (AJ) that He keeps us in existence. Alhamdulillah, I think then maybe one of the   first if not first book to read is the reality  of Hajj (pilgrimage). It's not for people who  

are going to go make Hajj – that's too late  but to understand the way. If you're going to   make Hajj then alhamdulillah that too but this  is the symbol of the way. The book ‘Realities   of the Hajj’ is about our hijrah (migration)  and the pilgrimage. So if we don't understand  

where we came from, we don't know where we're  pilgrimaging to. So that's all of the symbolisms   in the Hajj is the hijrah because every year is  a Hajj for us, every year's intention that we   meet to where Allah (AJ) wanted us to be and to  reach to the eternal Hajj which is the Kawthar   (The Fountain of Abundance) oceans. That's why the  12th month is the secret of Surat Al-Kawthar. So,   if we don't understand from the secrets of Hajj  then we don't really understand what pilgrimage   are we on. And that the door of this pilgrimage  is not about finding myself. Not about where am I,   you know what station am I, what is all about my  I-ness but that I don't exist. And in the real  

reality of accepting I don't exist, only then  will Allah (AJ) show you what your existence   is. We have to negate ourself. When we want to  know our station and we read Qur'an to find out   all about ourselves, we come on paths to find  out what our stations and huge maqams – this is   not effacing. The effacement to be a nuqt (dot),  to be nothing is, ‘Ya Rabbi I don't exist. That I   probably should have never made myself to exist,  I want to be nothing and that I want to know about   La ilaha illAllah and the realities of Muhammadun  Rasulallah ﷺ'. Then the realities of the Hajj book   and all the realities on the articles of laam-alif  and what is the secret of Makkah. I saw one of   the questions on the live broadcast, very good. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.  

It’s Shaykh Nurjan. Thank you for watching   the video that you’re watching. InshaAllah if you’re happy with the content   and happy with these programs please support  the button below. The programs that we have for  

our orphanage repairs, our water well – give the  gift of life. Our mobile food vans, we have now 5   vans – Vancouver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pakistan  and many programs that reach thousands of people   and rescue foods and give those supplies to people  in need. Your support is greatly appreciated. Also   be so kind as to leave a loving comments and  please share the stream. Every bit counts.   As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Those are the kinds of questions that we should  

be asking is that this is the month, this is  the realities so what are these realities.   So it means that you have to struggle in  a Makkah state where you got the message,   you're just now coming to this understanding to  your reality and it's years of struggle. Not,   ‘Oh I'm now going into Madina two weeks later but  that I'm in years of struggle against myself’.  

And then as a reality Allah (AJ) grants us our  movement towards the love of Prophet ﷺ. And then   the questioner posed the question. Yes, that's  true that only with the presence of Prophet ﷺ   in the world of light - Madinatul Munawwara  (luminous city of Prophet ﷺ), it's the City   of Lights we have to enter to because we  have to follow the way of Allah (AJ) and   the... of Prophet ﷺ and the companions. Means  you struggle in Makkah, you enter into Madina   means now you're with the dress of light  and immense power of light. Only then   you're allowed to go back into the reality of  Makkah and there's no more battle because it's   true Haramain. The first Haramain was not  Haramain because it was all fighting. There   were attacks against Prophet ﷺ, there were all  sorts of difficulties. So, yes that gives our  

clear understanding of our lives. We struggle,  Allah (AJ) grants a love for Prophet ﷺ,   we run into the world of lights asking Prophet ﷺ  for support. Through the world of light support   us in our struggle and only then when that light  and sincerity enters the heart of the servant,   then they truly are entering into the real  Makkah. Why? Because Allah (AJ) is not in Heavens,   on Earth but in the heart of His believer. If you're with the light of Madina means you’re   Muhammadiyoon. Now your hijrah is real  to Allah’s (AJ) Presence. How could you   achieve Allah's (AJ) Presence when you didn't  have the reality of Prophet ﷺ with you? So,   these are how people should be pondering.  Everything that Prophet ﷺ brought for us  

are the haqqaiqs (realities). So when people say,  ‘I don't know what this shaykh is talking about’.   It’s simply just right there. Allah (AJ) gave  them Makkah and they had to go to Madina and   only from Madina they could go back to Makkah and  conquer. Means they reached Allah's (AJ) Presence,  

they didn't reach Allah's (AJ) Presence  in the beginning. That was the 13 years   of struggling. And this is the example that  Prophet ﷺ gives for all of mankind to reach   and to follow his sunnah (traditions of Prophet  Muhammad ﷺ), his way, follow his example ﷺ and   that's the example, inshaAllah. It was  a very good question, alhamdulillah.  

What we got for tonight, inshaAllah? As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi   Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah JazakAllah Khairun for everything   Sayyidi. Could you please expand on  Mawlana's Shah Naqshband’s (Q) holy   honorary titles of Fardul Alam – alif,  laam, meem and Shahe Kul – qaf, laam in   relation with the Holy companions  being dressed by qaf and laam?   Not at all. You confused me, yeah. Too many  qaf, laams, laam, alif, laam, meem and… yeah,   inshaAllah. As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi   Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah Sayyidi when you said “Bismillahir   Rahmanir Raheem” contained the  names of the prophetic household,   does ba stand for Imam Ali (as),  seen for Sayyidina Zahra (as),   meem for Prophet ﷺ, and Rahman (The Most  Compassionate) for Imam Hassan (as) and Raheem   (The Most Merciful) for Imam Hussain (as)? No, we have the articles on the website. So  

we have the article that the huroof (Arabic  letters) is 19 letters and that represents   Muhammad ﷺ, Ali (as), Fatima (as), Hassan (as),  Hussain (as) and the “Bismi” represent Imam Ali   (as). Allah (AJ) and the sir and the secret  of creation – khalq; Khaliq (The Creator) He's   giving to Sayyidatina Fatima tul Zahra (as).  So under Allah (AJ) is Fatima Zahra (as).   Rahman – Imam al Hassan (as), Raheem – Imam al  Hussain (as) and Liwal al Hamd (Flag of Praise) is   over all of them, is Muhammad ﷺ is over the  whole of Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. He   is “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,” ﷺ. We have  the article on Nurmuhammad [website]. You go to   Nurmuhammad on the search and type in the article  of “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” and has it all   there with all of the in-depth writings and quotes  and Hadith and Qur'an, everything, inshaAllah.   Imam Ali (as) is a Hadith that describes that,  ‘I am the ba in Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. I am  

the nuqt (dot) under the ba’ and then goes in the  Hadith of Imam Ali (as) begins to describe he’s   the nuqt under the ba of “Bismillahir Rahmanir  Raheem.” But these are, yeah, many different   realities of the huroof, inshaAllah. And these are  the Gatekeepers – Ulul al Baab so the ba is also   the gate of “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” because  it unfolds all realities. Because all the Qur'an   is in 30 juz' (sections), all the 30 juz' in seven  verses. So means all of Qur'an is in the seven   verses of Surah Fatiha and all these seven verses  is in the secret of Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.   So that article is important to  read because it gives the reality   of Prophet ﷺ and the reality of Ahlul Bayt  (Holy Family of Prophet ﷺ) as the secrets   of this Kawthar (The Fountain of Abundance)  and of this oceans of reality, inshaAllah.  

As salaamu alaykum Shaykh Nurjan Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah   I would like to inquire on how to perform  zikr (chanting) of “La ilaha illAllah” (There   is no deity but Allah (AJ)) correctly. I do not  understand from reading the app specifically on   the breathing part. Do I breathe in at the same  time as saying ‘La’ from the navel to my brain,   once reached to the brain I then hold my  breath then move to my right torso with   ‘ilaha’ then strike my heart with  ‘illAllah’ then only I exhale?   I have no idea. You have to get the  meditation book. That you see the light coming   in, “La [to head], ilaha [right chest], illAllah”  [into the heart]. The breathing and the practice  

of breathing is different than the zikr of La  ilaha illAllah. So, you get the meditation book,   learn how to make your connection with the  shaykh, learn how to do breathing, breathing   in and breathing out, inhaling and exhaling. So  this is called ‘breathing meditation.’ Zikr of   La ilaha illAllah is for a limited time but  it's not meditation, so you're moving light   from ‘La [to head], ilaha [right chest], illAllah’  [into heart]. That the light of your breath came  

in, ‘La’ to your forehead, ‘ilaha’ to the right  and from the right into the left is a ‘illAllah’   into the heart so that's a light and energy that  goes into the heart. So that's done for just a   short period of time “La ilaha illAllah, La ilaha  illAllah” [shaykh demonstrates doing zikr] so that   the main focus is as you're moving this light  around is that ‘illAllah’ is to put an energy   and light into the heart and then feel that  sort of hitting into the heart and pushing and   burning into the heart and then it opens up its  understanding. ‘La, ilaha, illAllah.’ ‘La’ hit   your head so that remember this path is  not based on your head and then there's   a reality on the right and then ‘illAllah’ into  the heart, inshaAllah. But the main thing is to  

do the meditation. Get the meditation book or go  to the articles online. Make the connection with   the shaykh, how to be nothing and see yourself  in the muraqabah (spiritual connection), do the   breathing and the connection – this is  the most powerful. Later on you can do   the zikrs and the practice of the zikr of  ;La ilaha illAllah, La ilaha illAllah.’   But it's not the meditation the meditation is the  connection and then breathing and then you need   that for your wazifa (spiritual practice), the  awrads (daily practices), the etiquette. You have  

to be in a state of meditation anytime you're  doing any of your practices, you're praying,   anything you're doing. So that has to be the  pillar of your practice. So once you mastered your   meditation, ‘I'm nothing, I'm nothing,’ connect  with the shaykh, feel your heart being connected,   see the light of the shaykh entering  into your being then you pray like that,   you do your zikr like that, you do every practice  with that connection. Then different types of   energy meditation, zikr meditations. Those are all  secondary, third, fourth to the foundation. The   foundation has to be based on the madad (support)  and the connection with the shaykh, inshaAllah.   As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah   May Allah (AJ) give you long and healthy life. Allah (AJ) bless you.  

Holy Prophet ﷺ was given a clear instruction  to migrate after 13 years. How do we know   when to move towards the city of Madina? The city of Madina will move towards you. So   spiritual movement is much easier than the  physical. So it means that we have years of  

struggle to struggle against ourself, struggle  against ourself, struggle against ourself and to   be sabireen (those with patience) because we're  now in a state where shaitan (satan) played with   everybody to make them a fast food society.  Everybody wants something in five minutes.   So once we have patience and that we're in it  for the long haul that we want to struggle,   we want to come against bad desires, we want to  come against bad character and we try so hard   to achieve these realities, we become patient you  know with testing and difficulties and continuous   support, continuous activities, continuous  khidmat (service). As you see the shaykh,   so there's no difference. That's why you have  a shaykh is a guide for you, is an example. So,   over 35 years they're doing the same thing.  They're continuously doing their practices,  

continuously conducting their majlis (association)  and continuously being tested. And along the way   when Allah (AJ) finds satisfaction in the fight  because to the struggle is for me and you, victory   is only in Allah's (AJ) Hands because He knows  what the victory is, not people. People may say,   ‘Oh I have to have like a lot of wealth, I have  to have a good job, I have to have you know big   house, I have to all these things. That means  that Allah (AJ) was happy with me’. Absolutely   not! Allah (AJ) may not be happy with any of  those things, He may be happy with those things   but what Allah (AJ) prefers is the fight. Is  are you willing to fight against your devil?  

Are you willing to you know get up and struggle  and are you willing to sleep on the floor? Are   you willing to pray? Are you willing to drink a  lot of water so all night long you keep making   wudu (ablution) so that don't sleep deep? Train  yourself when you're young, don't sleep so deep   so these were all fights. This was a fight that  you know fast often when you're young because as   you get older and medicine and everything becomes  very difficult. Is not a battle that you start at   you know 60, 70 years old. This is a battle you  start at you know 15, 20, 25 when Allah (AJ) gives   you youth. Then you fast, you sleep on the floor,  you struggle against your sleep, you drink lots   of water all night long so that you’re up making  wudu so your sleep is never so deep. Why? Because  

you always want to be subtle, you always want  to be able to hear and feel. Some people sleep   like they're in a coma of the dead. 10 people  can't wake them up. Means shaitan all all night   long violating them. Others, they're so subtle  that if shaitan even tries to come near them,   they're alert and they sense everything and  that's what we want to be is hyper-alert,   not hyper-dead. So these are training. We have to  condition ourself to the state. You know military   trains like that. They train them how not to  sleep, not sleep deep so that they're always   alert, always alert. Where they got all of  these from? Sufis and spiritual masters. They  

understand that for you to be alert and not to  be spiritually attacked, you have to have this   hypersensitivity. And even when they sleep,  they can feel and sense and see through their   sleep. These are all the trainings, inshaAllah.  So they don't come you know in two weeks say,   ‘Nothing's opening for me. What is this?’ It wasn’t gonna happen like that. It has to   be a lifelong process. As soon as they struggle,  when Allah (AJ) finds happiness in their struggle   then Allah (AJ) gives them little openings and  opportunities here and there. Some people even  

say, ‘Oh I had openings and when I came to  Naqshbandiya, everything closed’. Say, ‘Yes,   definitely!’ Because openings that are not  under control, they destroy a person. So many   other tariqahs (spiritual paths) who don't have  control over the veils, they basically give their   students, ‘Recite these things,’ and these are  all the students that become charlatans. Because  

little bit opens, no perfection of character and  they start talking to jinn (unseen beings) world,   they start doing ruqyas (blessings) and  ta’weezes (prayers for protection) and   all sorts of crazy things. You say, ‘How did they  get stuck on that dimension?’ And that's exactly   why. They didn't reach you know through their TSA  and security check, they didn't go through all   of those security checks. Just things started to  open for them because the shaykhs were not under a  

control. But alhamdulillah Naqshbandiya tul ‘Aliya  (The Most Distinguished Naqshbandi Order) is a   very firm control in Divinely Presence. As soon as  they take the hand, there's a seal on the student.   Nothing opens. And then as soon as they do  their practices when the shaykhs are witnessing,   Prophet ﷺ is witnessing, the conduct is correct,  that the person is good in their character,   they can begin to open. I don't know if anyone  ever applied for a government security position.   They go to six, seven years of your history  and they go to all your neighbors and ask about   you. This for a government clearance. Imagine for  Allah's (AJ) clearance. They go through everything   that you're doing, every type of character, every  type of action. Give you every type of temptation,  

see your response to those temptations,  everything. Nothing comes your way that's not   under their security check and not outside of that  security check. And as a result, Allah (AJ) finds   satisfaction, the person is sincere, they're  disciplined, they listen, they don't go wild,   they don't have wild character, they don't talk  out of wild adab (manners) and they'll be tested   in that. And then what happens? Allah (AJ) gives  them openings and they begin to feel the world of   light is opening for them, they feel the immense  love for Prophet ﷺ is opening for them. So it's  

not your brain having to know. Your heart will  know exactly how it’s... what is this feeling that   we're talking about. There's no having to guess  if a faiz (downpouring blessings) came to you,   there's no guessing if what you felt in your heart  and what you saw in your heart, not your eyes,   was real, you'll know it's real. It's not even  something you guess. People wondering if it's   like something you'll catch like a bus moving  or a mosquito in the room. It's not like people   close their eyes and say, ‘Shaykh I think I see  flashes of lights….’ like flashlight. Say, ‘No,  

those are like your eyes trying to catch the  jinns in the room.’ That's, that's nothing,   that's not vision. Your eyes actually have to  close because it's not from your eyeballs coming   out your skull. Is you tip your head, when  you close your eyes your heart cast a vision   and through your heart is like a screen of a  vision that there is no doubt in that. It's not   something you're trying to catch with your closed  eyeballs … ‘I see… I see as these shadows running   around the room’. No, that's not... that’s nothing  to do with anything. So you… person will know what  

Allah (AJ) is opening for them, inshaAllah. As salaamu alaykum Shaykh   Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah Could you please advise as someone   who was raised Christian who in  my childish way when I was little,   loved Isa peace be upon him, how best to with  my heart love Muhammad ﷺ peace be upon him?   From the secrets that we gave you that he's the  son of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. How more can you   love somebody? If you love Sayyidina Isa (as)  know that ‘his father who art in heaven’ is   in reference to Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and the wife  of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ is Hazrat Maryam (as). In   which Allah (AJ) says in Qur'an, ‘We chose you  above all women in creation’. Chose for what? What   Allah’s (AJ) going to choose a woman for? For His  most beloved creation – Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.   And what was the clue? Surah (chapter) 19 because  we said 19 in “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” so   that those who know the code would know, ‘Oh Allah  (AJ) is giving us the code of 19, surah 19 and   then naming after a female, a woman. Why? Then she  must be really important and have an immense role  

in this whole reality’. And then lo and behold oh  this is relationship to Sayyidina Isa (as). And   Sayyidina Isa (as) is buried in Madinatul  Munawarra (luminous city of Prophet ﷺ) right   by Prophet ﷺ, is going to be, His station  and the burial plot is right there in Madina,   in Rauza e Sharif (holy burial chamber). So  alhamdulillah, Allah (AJ) led you to this way   of teaching to understand. Nobody's giving up any  love. Actually you've intensified it and corrected   it because anyone calling him ‘God’ and showing  images in inappropriate clothes, beaten up by   shaitan is a complete lie, a falsehood and it is a  horrible insult to his reality. Sayyidina Isa (as)  

was very firm, very hard and didn't have more than  12 disciples because they ran away. He was not an   easy person to be around. Prophet ﷺ has 124,000  companions. So you can tell that the rigidness   of Sayyidina Isa (as) was very tough. So this is  the correct understanding and the immense love   that once you have for Prophet ﷺ then this is the  natural family being reunited into their reality,   inshaAllah. And keep making lots of salawats  (praises upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) inshaAllah   that opens the heart, has immense  power and light, inshaAllah.   As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah   So does the leaving of Makkah and going  to Madina and then conquering Makkah   symbolize that the heart can only become  the home of Allah (AJ) with Prophet ﷺ with   them? Please forgive my wrong understanding. That's what we asked, that's what we just talked  

about at the beginning. That was the question that  we read on the YouTube and that that's a good way   to contemplate when we talk. That why Prophet ﷺ  is moving back and forth? Why Allah (AJ) moved   him around back and forth like this? There must  have been deep realities and it is symbolic of   our lives has to be the same. Is everybody has to  come from idol worshiping and incorrect worshiping   because everybody's idol worshiping because they  worship idols of dunya (material world), money,   cash, cars, everything is an idol in this  world. How to come to the true worshipness  

of Allah (AJ). And once they come and they want  to fight towards the worshipness and we have the   articles on the... who the Rabbaniyoon (Lordly  Souls) and the lord's – the arbab. That before   people can claim that Allah (AJ) is their Lord,  you have to fight all the lower lords of desire,   smoking, drinking, bad character, anger,  lustfulness – all of these are lords over   people because they govern the person's character.  Those all have to be killed. So there's a lot of  

fighting, a lot of struggling against you know  your anger, against your desires, your…. all the   things that these shaitans are trying to put onto  people. Don't smoke, it's toxic and poisonous.   Definitely don't drink. Eat halal (permissible),  eat good, make du'a (supplication) over things,   everything. Those are all huge fights. Before they  can worship Rabbi al-‘Aala (Lord Most High), they  

have to destroy all the lower lords whom are  governing them. So that's why then 13 years in   Makkah means a state of continuous struggle  and the fight never ends for the believer   until Allah (AJ) finds acceptance and begins to  send light and light and our greatest support   is the love of Prophet ﷺ. That's why the guys  released a video that if not for this teaching,   how do you think you're going to be saved?  Do people really think that they're going to   fight shaitan and they're going to stop all their  desires because they want to stop the desires? No,   that's why all of those guys are hypocrites. Those  mazhab (school of thought) of people who say,   ‘You don't need anyone’ and they comment bad on  the videos. And then you go to their web pages,  

it's all, all forbidden. Really, really bizarre  forbidden things and that's what shaitan does.   He makes people to be hypocrites. That, ‘Don't  get help, don't ask for the madad and support,   that all you do is enough,’ and then they  go to their lives and you see their lives   are in complete shambles and upside-down. So it  didn't work for them but they become mouthpiece   for shaitan to tell other people, ‘It didn't work  for me, so also we want it not to work for you’.   But what works is when they have the love of  Prophet ﷺ. That love transcends many supports,  

sends from all the Ulul Amr (saints), seen  and unseen because they're all immense lovers   of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. Anyone who wants support,  makes salawats. Anyone who wants the attention of   Prophet ﷺ, support the Milad (celebration of  the birthday of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ). Do Mawlid   like we're doing three, three days a week.  We're the only group doing this three days   a week. I don’t care where you go, if even you go  even to the headquarters, it's but two days with  

no Milad. So, we're the only group doing this.  Why? Because of this immense love for Prophet ﷺ   and the immense power that we know this contains  a power, this has a najat (salvation), this has a   immense, immense sort of power into the heart,  salvation into our families and our hearts   and that that's enough that it sold me on the  process. That there's so much power coming from   the durood (praising on Prophet Muhammad ﷺ), the  salawats and the Milad and the intention for Milad   that it's a source of ever barakah (blessing)  in our lives. So when people think, ‘Oh how am I   going to get the nazar (gaze) of Prophet ﷺ?’ Very  easy! Pick up your tasbih (prayer beads), make   your durood and do like the shaykh does is that  your whole life is about the tashrif (honour). How  

am I going to raise the honor of my Prophet ﷺ?  If I love him so much, how am I going to raise   the honor? I'm going to go everywhere and give  food in his name, I'm going to support the Milad,   do the Milad, promote it, push the articles  everywhere about the importance of the birth   of this immense rahmah (mercy). So you copy  everything the shaykh is doing. Why and why   is he doing it? Because it's immense source of  power, because we need in our accounts immense,   immense barakah because of the sheer number of  people who come. And the only reason they come   and every difficulty becomes a ease for them  and everybody is receiving all these blessings,   it's not from the shaykh. Is from all these  love of Prophet ﷺ. All the Milads, all the   majlises (associations), all of this made these  accounts of the shaykh huge so that anyone who   comes is receiving all of this immense barakah.  And that's the secret of barakah. But the one whom   is stingy with their salawat... even they came to  visit us. Yeah the comment was to Haji Shahzad is,   ‘Why you guys do so many salawats? Or you guys  like salawats too much’. Can you like salawats  

too much? No, you can't even compete with a angel  which is non-stop in a perfected state. “InnAllaha   wa malayikatahu yusalluna ‘alan Nabi ﷺ". What type of praise? What beginning and what   ending? When Allah (AJ) is making durood sharif  and the angels are making durood sharif, we come   immensely short on our capabilities. It’s not even  a drop in the ocean of how much Allah (AJ) loves   Prophet ﷺ. Anyone who wants Prophet ﷺ to visit  them, make durood sharif support the Mawlid,   do Mawlid, give food for the sake of Milad un  Nabi ﷺ. We described in Isra wal Mi’raj (Night   Journey and Ascension), what Allah (AJ) did? He  sent His angels - archangels, not small angels.  

He gave the arch ones – the major ones in the  heavens that the heavens are frightened from   them. They came to greet Prophet ﷺ. Brought jubbas  (robes) and clothing from paradise, brought water   to wash Prophet ﷺ from paradise, gave him a Buraq  (noble mystical horse) for his own ride into this   dunya. Allah (AJ) shows infinitely how much He  loves Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ so that we would get   a clue and say, ‘Be careful in life’. Do you  see how much Allah (AJ) loves Prophet ﷺ? For   those who love, do as much as you can to show your  love. And those who don't love, be careful because   Allah (AJ) shows a lot of love and if you should  come against whom Allah (AJ) loves then it's the   downfall for your whole society. Take a look at  France, as a mamlikat and as a country they came  

against Prophet ﷺ and insisted on those horrific,  ridiculous images. Allah (AJ) destroyed them. They   are a country that has nothing. They produce  nothing, they import nothing, nothing. Not   even french fries are theirs. So, not a country  will exist that comes against Prophet ﷺ. Yeah, we   should call them like ‘Chinese fries’ or something  [everyone laugh]. That there's no way, no way to  

try to insult and to come against Prophet ﷺ and  for you to still exist. Their existence will be   nothing. So it means this is a source of power,  and immense, immense blessings in our lives.   Anybody wants blessings, make your program and  show how much you love Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. Why?   Doesn't it make commonsense? You get the attention  of all awliya (saints). Right? As soon as you want  

to do Mawlid... when we first started the Milad  un Nabi ﷺ, people would say, ‘Oh why are you going   to do the Milad? Maybe nobody's going to come,  maybe this, maybe that’. They don't understand the   system. When you understand the system, as soon as  you make intention for Mawlid un Nabi ﷺ, there's   not a single awliya fis samayi wa fil ard  (saints in the heavens and on earth) that   doesn't come to support you because all the  other awliya are looking at that one saying,   ‘What's going on? This is for the love of Prophet  ﷺ'. So they're not going to risk that. Nobody's  

like this, there's no more nafs (ego). So anything  that has to do with the love and propagation of   the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, immense support,  immense support, every difficult to be taken away,   every opening to come and every, every account to  be filled because of that love and that blessing.   They say, ‘Well oh all this immediate difficulty  doesn't go away,’ well be patient with that, but   the account is filled from Allah's (AJ) immense,  immense love. So this was a immense secret on our   success and the immense secrets of all spiritual  people. They understood the source of power,  

the source of blessings and the blessings  for their community. So it’s not in the   person or personality of somebody and they  walk around say, ‘This one he's a king,   this one's that’s sultan (king), this one...’ That  doesn't mean anything. Only power you have and the   only blessings you have in your account - how much  you love Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. And if you did it   right, your accounts become big with the love of  Prophet ﷺ. They have a lot of barakah, a lot of  

blessings. Anyone who comes to their door will  be filled by those blessings, not titles. So,   you just think [Shaykh laughs]. As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi   Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah Sayyidi what is the secret of Sayyidina   Salman al Farsi (as) being in Madina  with his life struggle during hijrah and   his position as Khwajagan (Masters of The  Naqshbandi Way) in tariqah and then being   an Ahlul Bayt (Holy Family of Prophet ﷺ)? Yeah, we have the whole… that’s another whole   like suhbat (discourse), I think in the life of  Sayyidina Salman al Farsi (as), we have that.   When, when do we usually talk about that? That was  the symbol, Sayyidina Salman al Farsi (as) is a   symbol of love. All the Holy Companions they give  us each a story of how, how to love. He served   from a very wealthy family, Zoroastrian family. He  left to find the last messenger of God but he put   himself into service. I believe he served a Jewish  rabbi, a Christian Monk and many many years. Some  

say that he must have lived six, seven hundred  years because he served many masters and he lived   a life of service and all his service, one master  would die and say, ‘Okay go down to this master   and serve this religion, serve this, serve this’.  And always saying that, ‘I'm waiting for the signs   of the last messenger in which I want to live  my life for his service’. And that becomes our   immense realities. So this is the daleel (proof)  and all the companions are the daleel, they live   and died for Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and for the  love of Prophet ﷺ. And he had amassed some money,   when he finally found out that the Prophet ﷺ of  Allah (AJ) has appeared in Madinatul Munawara. How   many years of struggling, he amassed some  money for it. He found traders and said that,  

‘If I give you some money can you take me to  Madinatul Munawwara? Say, ‘Yes our caravan   actually is going in that direction’. And as soon  as he gave him money, the caravan started they   took him to be asir – a captive. They took all  his goods and all the money he made from serving   other people. So Allah (AJ)… Allah (AJ) was tough  on Sayyidina Salman al Farsi (as). Took all his  

money and then he became a complete captive and  he entered into Madinatul Munawwara as a slave,   not on free will. He came to Prophet's ﷺ door as  a slave. He entered to enter into Madina... to   reach his haqqaiq (reality) he was enslaved and  his owner was a Jewish merchant and entered into   Madina as a slave and kept asking that, ‘I want to  go and see the Prophet, I want to go and see the   Prophet of God’. Until finally he got permission.  Imagine how all these years of struggle,   he finally got permission and then when he greeted  Prophet ﷺ he told the story and Prophet ﷺ knew who   he was, told the companions that, ‘Listen to  his story and that Salman is my Ahlul Bayt, is   my family’. Means that your way to Ahlul Bayt  is through your bloodline and light line but  

through your khidmat (service) also. That you  can put yourself in a service that's so beatific   that Prophet ﷺ will claim you as his family  and immediately the ladies of the household,   they did not have to cover because of his  presence, it was that high of a reality and that   he hadn't fought any wars and he hadn't fasted  any Ramadans. So the companions were astonished   that what type of service he did and how long was  his service, all for the intention of being with   Prophet ﷺ. Why? Because Allah (AJ) grants based on  reward, not your fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), not   your usool (principles). He had no usool. He  didn't make any battles, he didn't fast any   Ramadan, he didn't even make any salahs (daily  prayers). So how he achieved this station of  

proximity to Prophet ﷺ was through ishq (love)  and muhabbat because Allah (AJ) can make all   the ‘amal (action) to appear later but the most  difficult was to have this type of love that you   would put yourself to be asir – to be captive.  Why? For one day hopefully to be in the presence   of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ and that's why the  Companions would have astonishing realities of   how much and Sayyidina Bilal al Habashi (as), how  much they struggled – all the Holy Companions. And   that was their secret is that they struggled for  the love of Prophet ﷺ. InshaAllah Allah (AJ) grant   us from their nazar and their love and that they  watch over us and bless us and make our love to   be of that reality and where we fall short that  they lift us and correct us and perfect us for the   sake of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. Means anytime we're  doing these things out of love, you can imagine   how much they loved Prophet ﷺ and how much they  would love to make us to be better in the eyes of   Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, how much they would come to  correct us. You know like you can't imagine their  

love. How much they want to correct our ‘amal, how  much they want to give us where we're coming short   because we love and they know love because  they have. These are the masters of immense   love for Divinely Presence and the love for  Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. So mind can't even fathom  

what type of madad this brings, how much barakah,  how much blessing it brings. You don't think it   makes them ecstatic when we do majlis of sali alan  Nabi ﷺ (praising upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)? That's   all they dreamed of – a day in which people would  propagate the love of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. So,   alhamdulillah this brings every source of  barakah, blessings, takes every type of   difficulty away, every type of sickness and  hardship away, inshaAllah. With Allah’s (AJ) rida   and satisfaction and this is a immense source  of blessings in our lives, our family and our   communities, inshaAllah. As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi   Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah Sayyidi how can we clean our ears, eyes,   breath to get siddiq (truthful) character  after having too much garbage all day?   Yeah, we have on the meditation book. You have  to get the meditation book. How to meditate,  

how to wash, what's the secret in wudu (ablution),  how to do on the energy book on how to clean your   energy on a daily basis. We have the outside wudu  that everybody seems to know and they use a lot of   water. But the inner wudu, how to clean inside,  how to when you take a shower sort of clean your   soul and visualize your soul coming and washing  itself away from all of the filth of the body,   how to clean your eyes with the water so that you  visualize your soul being washed and all the bad   images that not to affect the soul. So we have  that in the energy book and the energy practices  

on how to wash the soul in your shower. That you  meditate your soul is whirling and washing away   all of the... what the eyes are trying to put upon  because the eyes are just a window to the soul. So   when your eyes are looking at things, through  the window shaitans (satans) are throwing dirt   onto the soul and into the heart. So when we sit  and we meditate in the shower and visualize your   soul coming out and washing in the water and that  to wash away these and awliya use water to throw   their burdens. Many times they'll have water  near them. Lakes, rivers, any source of water   where they can go and throw their burden into the  water so that not to stay upon themself. If they   don't have that then they have to sit and meditate  in the shower so that the angelic force and the   reality of water will take the burden away from  them and the burdens of people that are trying to   come towards them, inshaAllah. As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi  

Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah Please forgive my ignorance. When Mawlana Shah   Naqshband (Q) light was created 7000 in Allah's  (AJ) years before awliyas, what's the reality   of his physicality coming after some time? Physicality and spirituality have no importance.   People who think through a physical… That's  why the Naqshbandiya, I can only speak for   Naqshbandiya is what we call ‘Uwaysi’. But we even  explained it much easier is the world of malakut   (heavenly realm) with the science of light, light  has no time. So before when the shaykhs were  

talking, they would say, ‘Okay I was spiritually  being trained by this shaykh or by that shaykh and   by this shaykh’. And say, ‘Oh but he was like  500 years before you. How is that possible?   This is astonishing’. But now through science  people understand that the world of light has   no time. So then these shaykhs whom they passed  away Allah (AJ) describes them, ‘Don't deem them   dead in their grave, they're very much alive’. So it means the physicality is of no importance on  

our spiritual path because we're not dealing in  the realm of physicality. Once you open the door   into the realm of light then you have  access to all these lights. You can go to   the beginning of time and sit with Sayyidina  Adam (as) and you can go to the end of time   and sit with Sayyidina Mahdi (as) and Ruhullah  Sayyidina Isa (as). You can take faiz from them,  

knowledges from them, madad from them. And once  you enter into that door, into that room of light   you have access to all of their souls at any  time and all times because your soul is now   always in their associations. And then you come  out of that door and come back into this realm of   what we call ‘Physicality.’ So if you wanted to  visualize it like two rooms. You go in one room,   it's physical – everything is separated by virtue  of being physical, like glasses. Everybody's in a  

glass, in a cup. You have water in a glass. So  in one room of dunya is a hundred glasses with   hundreds filled with water. You open the door  and you go into the realm of light, there's no   more glasses. So it's just one ocean of hundreds  and thousands of drops of saints and souls and   Prophets (as) and everything. It's just one ocean.  But based on your purity, as soon as you enter   into that ocean, you can traverse into higher  states and then go down to different states.   But if you wait to death and you didn't  purify yourself but let's say you're not   under punishment but you're at the lowest level  of belief, you enter into that water but at a very   far distance. You can no longer traverse into the  depth of that water, you don't have the ability.  

It's like somebody throw you in the pool and say,  ‘Swim!’ You can't, you don't have that ability. So   by purifying our light on this earth, by building  our spirituality on this earth, you can become   deep sea diver. Once you enter into that room,  Allah (AJ) says, ‘You go into that ocean,’ and   they go into the depth of that ocean to where  Sayyidina Adam (as), Sayyidina Mahdi (as) and   it goes infinitely greater into the worlds  of light and into the paradises and above   paradises into the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad  ﷺ that has no time. “Kullu amrun wa irada”.  

Allah (AJ) describes that prophetic heart that  every “amr” and “irada” in which every ‘command’   and the ‘Will’ of Allah (AJ) exist within  the Muhammadan heart from Surah YaSeen.   So just imagine then the immense depth of the  reality in that ocean if they can enter towards   the prophetic heart, means it’s the center  and the power of that ocean. That has immense,   immense, immense power. So don't think in singular  forms like cups and glasses and bodies and people   sitting there separate in their bodies. There's  no more bodies in that realm. It’s an ocean,   ocean of realities. They can manifest out of that  ocean like a light appear and then they go back   into non-manifestation into the ocean and we just  have to traverse the depth of its realities. You  

have to have a security clearance to go deeper  into its reality. And that's why the benefit of   doing our practices now. Say, ‘I don't need it,  I'll just go in the grave’. The grave is a fixed   location. If you enter the grave and you didn't  achieve what you needed to achieve – that's it,   for all of eternity you’re locked. So this  is the time. That's why Allah (AJ) said,   ‘Now is the time to make your bargain. That  We take from them their dunya and We give   to them akhirah (hereafter) in exchange’. So that, that has an immense reality of their  

soul, that Allah (AJ) will take your soul  reality and exchange you eternity. Which is   what? Muhammadan soul. If Allah (AJ) takes  your temporary light, ‘We take from them,   We purchase from them their dunya’. Means what?  Your temporary light. Say, ‘Ya Rabbi I don’t want   my temporary existence, this temporary light You  gave me that is allowing me to manifest like a   avatar on this earth’. ‘Hello, how are you? Hello,  how are you?’ It's just a robot, it's not real.   ‘Grant me from the eternal light,’ but all eternal  light is called ‘Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ.’ Then   you've made a immense bargain. Ayatul Kareem  (the generous verse of Holy Qur’an) is  

in Surah Tawbah: ‘We bought from them their dunya  and gave to them akhirah in exchange and said this   is the best of bargains’. In its haqqaiqs just  one of its understandings is Allah (AJ) will   take your temporary light, give you Muhammadun  Rasulallah ﷺ. And then Allah (AJ) goes into your   bay’at (pledge of allegiance) and that you are  now completing your covenant with Allah (AJ). Why?   Because the covenant and the bay’at is going  back to Prophet ﷺ. You accomplished what you  

needed to accomplish on this earth – is you  recognized who Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ is and that   your light belongs to Prophet ﷺ and that becomes  the reality of the bay’at. Is that your ‘ahd and   covenant, it has to go back to Prophet ﷺ so that  you can reach who your reality is only with the   light of Muhammadun Rasulallah ﷺ. Then imagine  how deep you can dive, that's why they're called   ‘Muhammadiyoon’. The divers who go deep into these  realities, they're all Muhammadiyoon. Other people   are astonished and say, ‘Oh I've never heard this  before, I don't think it really exists’. But then   there are these people in Indonesia that they  dive for pearls and they go literally hundreds   of feet down and most people on the outside  say, ‘It's impossible. If you dive that deep  

you're going to die’. And then the scuba divers  follow them and say, ‘No, these people actually   dive’. They've been trained all their life and  they dive very deep with no oxygen and they   come back up with no embolism and oxygen danger.  Means they're trained in diving for pearls and   realities. Then what do you think about the souls  that have immense love and their souls they keep   telling people ‘Muhammadiyoon, Muhammadiyoon.’ The  Muhammadiyoon soul well imagine the depth in which  

it can dive to bring the pearls from the heart of  Prophet ﷺ. Others that can’t do that. Why? Because   they don't deem themselves Muhammadiyoon so where  are they going to get pearls from? They're still   hoping Allah (AJ) is going to give them something.  You can wait a lifetime, I don't think it's going   to happen because the kanzAllah – the treasure of  Allah (AJ) is Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. So Allah (AJ)  

wants us to recognize that, ‘My treasure is  Prophet ﷺ. If you want the treasure, you have   to love him. You have to love him more than you  love yourself. If you love him, I will love you,   I'll forgive you and then dress you’. Then these deep sea divers they come up with  

immense pearls from that reality. And people  are astonished that, ‘What… what the heck is   this? We never heard these things.’ Oh because  it's from the depth of the heart of the love   of Prophet ﷺ, inshaAllah. As salaamu alaykum Sayyidi   Walaykum as salaam warahmatullah Sorry if this is a little off topic   A little bit The Mayans disappeared   around 3000 years ago mysteriously. Were they  taken by the jinns? Any spiritual insight   into this? Please forgive my ignorance. Yeah, you have to always remember that when we  

watch TV 90 percent of it is satanic because  there's no awliya on television propagating   knowledges. Right? So, 99 percent of it is a  satanic knowledges. They take everything evil and   make it to be good. So these were a society that  were demon worshipers and they gave themself...   what Allah (AJ) describes people whom were dealing  with jinns, ‘They took them as their lord and   saviors.’ What do you see on ancient alien show?  This guy is with hair sticking up and chariots   of fire and… because I love watching their goofy  stuff. Why? Because they take their... they take   the jinns as their lords and as their saviors.  They say, ‘No, no they made us and they planted  

us here’. And then they show movies and they  go through the Bible, they go through different   religious books, say ‘Yeah, they made us and they  planted us here.’ And Allah (AJ) says, ‘They took   you as lords - creators and saviors’ that you're  coming again to save. What you coming to … ? They   come and they eat people. They're not anyone's  lord and they're not saving anyone. They came   to oppress and abuse people. And during the Mayan  culture those were demon worshipers. On a given   day they would kill 10,000 people by putting their  hands straight into the chest and pulling the   hearts out because they believed that that was…  heart was the throne of God. So it was horrific,  

horrific demon worshiping. And on those temples  were people walking and describing and people   are telling them, ‘You know they would’ve killed  ten thousand people a day and throw the blood and   the bodies down the stairs’. And people walking,  saying, ‘This is so beautiful the energy here’.   Say, ‘What you people are talking about!’ This  is like a mass holocaust was happening in these   locations. And they were doing this so that those  jinns would build the structures and they were   worshiping them and they were making astonishing  things which is nothing from their power. But it   would give them authority amongst other creations.  So the jinn would lend their… for worshipness,  

they would create these massive stone structures  so that other people would fear these humans and   this was their favors. So they modified it now  and they give technology to Western countries.   So people say, ‘How did you get this technology?’  Well how you think they got it. Not from their   cleverness. They made a deal with the different  jinns and so they say, ‘Give us these different   techs and then we'll become famous amongst  these humans, we'll become powerful amongst   these humans’. So they're doing the same mechanism  still. They lend favors and the humans worship   and glorify them but they're demonic. Always know  that the mu’min jinn (believing unseen beings) and   believe... not the believing, the mu’min whom  swore their allegiance to Allah (AJ) and Prophet  

ﷺ never intervene, never intervene. All of their  support is unseen, unrecognized. They're not to   appear, not to show themselves and not to take  any credit or recognition otherwise they would   confuse themselves with these shayateen (devils).  So inshaAllah, demonic. The Aztec demons are back.   They're all on the border with these gangs.  They're all Aztec tattoos again, inshaAllah.   Subhana rabbika rabbal ‘izzati ‘amma  yasifoon, wa salaamun ‘alal mursaleen,   walhamdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen. Bi hurmati  Muhammad al-Mustafa wa bi siri Surat al-Fatiha.   As salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh. It’s Shaykh Nurjan.   Thank you for watching the  video that you’re watching.  

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