Aliens EXIST?! Government Secretly Holding Alien Technology?

Aliens EXIST?! Government Secretly Holding Alien Technology?

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you've got a good view of  it what do you think it was   um I think it was a spaceship well sort of um  black blackish gray Wing going across the sky   oh I saw it yet so how would you describe it  very much as the children did it it appeared to   be a smoker I mean obviously people are going  to speculate men from Mars or what have you I   mean if you're the only thing I can say really  is I'm glad there were a lot of other people   saw it at the same time did you know there are  UFOs out here flying around unidentified foreign they have real photos of them in the government  and the people just completely it seemed like   don't talk about it but and it'll go up and  disappear and get real small like a pinhead   and then it'll come back and it'll shake and then  it might be here and go over here seriously I'm   serious I'm not wanting to you UFO is what we're  talking about this morning a gentleman with me now   is uh Bob exler uh Bob is a former at Nasa Mission  specialist but from your point of view what is   the single most convincing piece of evidence  that you have come across that convinces you   that we have been visited well I started out  extremely skeptical about this whole thing I   thought this was just rubbish from the tabloids  but I was surprised to find thousands of U.S   government documents from intelligence agencies  that tended to indicate that there was a little   bit more to this than Matt the eye and uh I was  quite alarmed at what I was able to learn well I   had contacted Admiral Bobby Ray Inman who was the  head of the National Security Agency in the United   States Deputy directorate CIA director of Naval  intelligence and a variety of intelligence posts   a technologist and clearly someone that if this  was really accurate that there really were UFOs   and non-human intelligence around this is a man  who had to know it was determined that there would   be grave consequences for just an overt public  pronouncement by government officials but the   issues that it presented not only theology  but issues involving economics standards   of monetary concerns if you acknowledge a type  of technology that renders fossil fuel related   Industries obsolete for example you have grave  consequences economically all the way around the   world that the only way to avoid this chaos would  be through a slow indoctrination process over a   matter of decades to me I have in fact seen with  my own eyes on quite a number of occasions well   over 20 at very close range a number of these  vehicles it's quite extraordinary technology to   anybody interested in technology would be it's  like a kid in a candy store really so they're   really great secrets that you know that you can't  share with people yeah yeah there are did you go   through the secret files the UFO documents because  maybe president that'd be the first thing I did   you know it's funny my daughter's asked the very  same question they did yeah would you be allowed   to tell your daughters what was in those files  uh no you would not of course so did you look   did you see did you explore I I can't reveal  anything oh really because President Clinton   said he did go right in and he did check and  there was nothing well you know that's that's   what we're instructed to say the aliens won't  let it happen you reveal all their secrets   they exercise strict control over us I gave an  interview the other day when she said you've   been briefed on unidentified flying objects are  they are they real uh well I don't want to really   get into it too much I mean you have people  that swear by it right and Pilots have come   in and they said and these are pilots that have  not Pilots that are into that particular world   but we have had people saying that they've seen  things no I guess anything's possible we spoke   to a government official recently who said the US  government had wreckage from a UFO in a facility   on Air Force Base are you familiar I haven't  heard that no I haven't President Obama says   that there is footage and records of objects in  the skies these unidentified aerial phenomenon   and he says we don't know exactly what they are  well thousands of previously classified documents   regarding UFOs have now been released to the  public next week the eyes of the U.S Congress   will be on the sky as they hand down a report on  potentially extraterrestrial encounters now comes   something even more explosive U.S intelligence  agencies are set to release a report next week  

this morning top intelligence officials are set to  deliver an updated UFO report to Congress a 1500   page Pentagon report of previously classified  documents cataloging accounts has the shocking   details from this 1500 page report because the  sightings have increased in frequency Pilots   tracking unidentified objects balls of light  suspended over the ocean UFOs chasing warships   now look while most sightings turn out to be like  weather balloon space jungle foreign surveillance   devices maybe even now drones some are unable  to be explained and some of the stories include   alien abductions electrical paralysis and even  sexual encounters Witnesses and victims claiming   radiation Burns brain damage even paralysis  because it shows immunological deficiency it shows   a altering human DNA the Pentagon continues to  study UFOs and more military videos and documents   are likely to be released this year people want to  know the truth they have a duty in my eyes to find   out the truth we do have to come to grips with the  reality that perhaps human beings aren't the only   intelligence in the universe what we're seeing  is not our technology these things are real UFOs   are real they outpace outmaneuver and outperform  anything we have we are now facing reality and   we're saying who are operating these crop where  do they come from and what do they want [Music] The now famous Roswell incident took  place in the midst of the 1947 ufo craze.   It was June 26th, and news outlets all  over the country published civilian pilot   Kenneth Arnold's account of a sighting what  came to be known as the "Flying Saucers." Following this publication of Arnolds  account , over 800 sightings were   claimed and documented by  civilians and researchers . On a Saturday night, July 5th, 1947,  rancher William Ware “Mac” Brazel made   a trip from his remote ranch to a town in  New Mexico oblivious of the ten-day flying   saucer hysteria as there was currently  no phone or radio back at the ranch . When returning to his expansive  farm in Lincoln County New Mexico,   about 75 miles north of Roswell ,  "Mac" Brazel realised he himself   had unbeknowingly discovered  what seemed to be a wreckage. But it would be the following Saturday night  he made the connection between the debris he   had discovered to the   now flying disk reports he  was witnessing on the news.

The national press had already published a number   of "flying disc" and "flying  saucer" reports that summer,   which led Brazel to think the wreckage might be  part of a saucer that the news was referencing. Brazel made the decision to retrieve his  previous discovery after hearing the rumours and   reports. After unearthing it, he then brought part  of the debris into the Roswell sheriff's office. He gave the debris and information surrounding  it to Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox,   who in turn shared it with  Colonel William Blanchard,   the Roswell Army Air Field's  or RAAFs commanding officer. Major Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer,   was assigned to handle the RAAF's examination  of the crash scene and the recovered materials.

Brazel drove Marcel back to the pile of debris  where the two dug up more of the crashed wreckage. The RAAF issued a statement  the following day stating;   "the many rumours regarding the flying  disc became a reality yesterday when   the intelligence office of the 509th  Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force,   Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough  to gain possession of a disc through the   cooperation of one of the local ranchers  and the sheriff's office of Chaves County." The Roswell Daily Record picked up on the  story and published an article about the   crash and the startling claim the next day, with  the headline ”Flying Disc captured by Air Force.” Yet, just 24 hours later, the military  changed their story and claimed the   object they'd first thought was a 'flying  disc' that had crashed on a nearby ranch,   had a much simpler explanation than the supposed  otherwordly theories currently circulating.

U.S. Army officials swiftly back-pedalled  on the "flying saucer" allegation and   declared that the recovered wreckage was  actually from that of a weather balloon.   With this they provided photographic  evidence to support their new claim by   publishing images of Major Marcel posing  with the alleged weather balloon debris. Major Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer who  had gone to the ranch to retrieve the wreckage,   was now a crucial witness in all of this drama . It was later on that it would be discovered,   that he had described the metal as being  “extraordinarily strong but also wafer thin”. Stating “it was as light as balsa wood,  and it was impossible to cut or burn” Strange writings on the side of  the debris were also reportedly   visible to several eyewitnesses too, but  this was quickly dismissed as nonsense.

Many UFO researchers had long doubted the  government's amended story, and in 1994,   the U.S.Air Force released a  report in which they admitted   that the “weather balloon” story had been bogus. The explanation claimed that the  debris was from a spy device built   for a still-secret project known as Project Mogul. The project, which consisted of a network of  high-altitude balloons fitted with microphones,   was intended to fly covertly above the USSR  and detect sound waves from a distance. These balloons were supposed to keep an eye  on the Soviet Union's attempts to test its   own atomic bomb and because Project Mogul was  a covert operation, a false account of the   crash was required to prevent disclosing  information about their spy activity. Where the story really starts to get  interesting is surrounding the evidence   of Lieutenant Walter Haut, a public  relations officer at the base in 1947,   was the one who on orders from Colonel  William Blanchard (the base commander at   the time) issued the initial news  releases following the accident.

Haut passed away on December 15th 2005,   however he left a sworn affidavit that  could only be read after his passing. In this he indicates that the weather  balloon story was another deception and   that the military had found and stored away  the real object in a hangar at a nearby base.   He also shockingly mentioned seeing that  of alien bodies in addition to the craft,   but in reality he wasn't the only witness from  Roswell to ever mention seeing alien entitys. Glenn Dennis, a local funeral director, has  long maintained that he was approached by   Roswell officials soon after the crash and asked  to supply a quantity of child-sized coffins.

He claims that a nurse at the base informed  him that a UFO had crashed and that little   extraterrestrial humanoid aliens had been  found. This nurse would then later vanish. According to Haut's affidavit, he met with the  commander of the base, Col. William Blanchard, and   the commander of the Eighth Army Air Force, Gen.  Roger Ramey, at this meeting, pieces of debris   were passed around for participants to touch, but  no one could identify what the debris was made of. Haut also claims that the news article was only  released since the crash location was already   known to the locals and couldn’t be hidden now it  was public knowledge, and that there had actually   been a secret second crash site, where more  wreckage from the craft had been discovered.   With The idea to draw attention away  from the second more crucial location,   by publicly recognising the first  spot that had already leaked.

During the months that followed, military  personnel combed both crash sites for any   remaining debris, removed it, and  covered up any indications that   anything odd had happened as part of a  clean-up operation, according to Haut. This information also backs up locals  reports that the military forces seized   debris from Roswell locals that had collected  material intended to be kept as souvenirs. He continues by describing how Colonel  Blanchard showed him the actual craft   in one of the hangars while they were  at Roswell's "Building 84," .He talks   about a metallic egg-shaped object that is  roughly 6 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet long. He observed that the craft had no  windows, wings, tail, landing gear,   or other features ,and that he himself  also witnessed two bodies on the ground   that were only partially covered by a  layer of tarp. They are characterised  

as being roughly 4 feet tall and having  excessively big heads in his account. Towards the end of the affidavit, Haut  concludes: "I am convinced that what I   personally observed was some kind of  craft and its crew from outer space." The story of Walter Haut is particularly  fascinating because he downplayed his role   throughout his entire life and made no such  allegations in the numerous interviews he   gave before passing away. What is strange is  that he undoubtedly would have talked about   the ship and the bodies if he had been  trying to just simply gain attention. Was this declaration a sort of deathbed confession  from someone who had been a part of a cover-up but   had remained loyal to the government, or did he  fear mockery from exposing it whilst still alive? Colonel Philip J. Corso, a former Pentagon officer  who said his job was to “transfer technology   from the craft recovered at Roswell to American  companies”, is another credible military witness   who also claimed to know that the Roswell incident  involved the crash of an alien spacecraft.

He contends that technologies like the  integrated circuit chip, stealth technology,   night vision goggles, lasers, and  Kevlar body armour all originated   with alien technology from the Roswell disaster. Shortly after making these assertions,  Corso passed away from a heart attack,   sparking further conspiracy theories. The only thing that is certain, is that the  Roswell incident has never disappeared and   continues to draw interest due to rumours that  alien life was discovered and tucked away from   the public eyes, and anybody brave enough to step  forward seemingly meets an unfortunate ending. so please join once again as we go down the rabbit   hole and discover the truth about  potential hidden alien technology.

the disclosure project and Mark Mccandlish More than 20 military, intelligence, government,   corporate, and scientific witnesses were  gathered by Dr. Steven Greer on May 9, 2001,   at the National Press Club in Washington DC,  for a very deliberate public press conference. Hundreds of thousands of people watched  it live as it was streamed around the   world at the time and similtarniosly  recorded by several major media outlets. These extraordinarily brave  people give their personal,   first-hand accounts of encounters with  actual UFOs and other related ET encounters. They would go into great detail well above the   level of our current understanding of  exotic extraterrestrial space ships,   including highly advanced energy and  propulsion systems used to power such crafts. This extremely credible group of professionals  from various fields came together on stage   to present a unified front, consolidated  under the name ,“The Disclosure Project”.

International air traffic controllers, scientists,   radio operators, and pilots all with  credentials and extremely high security   clearances gathered to discuss their personal  experiences with extraterrestrials and UFOs.   These individuals were from the top highest  levels of the US military intelligence and   aerospace industries , and only in these positions  because of their razor sharp minds and stature . Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project  organised this conference with the goal of   securing open congressional hearings on  UFO and alien events dating back more   than 50 years, and this led to a string  of incredible mind-blowing testimonies. A number of trustworthy witnesses all  coming forward on a national scale,   to discuss the most extraordinary and  extraterrestrial encounters imaginable.

Objects hurtling at thousands of kilometres per   hour and being controlled by an unknown  intelligence, all performing inconceivable   manoeuvres thought not possible with  the general understanding of physics. The Disclosure Project and other associated  research projects vowed to keep working tirelessly   towards the ultimate goal of full disclosure  regarding the real knowledge related to UFOs,   ET intelligence, and human evolution,   as well as to expose still-classified  advanced energy and propulsion systems. According to the most recent tally, there  are currently over 500 government, military,   and intelligence community witnesses who have  recorded testimony specific of their own direct,   first-hand experience with Unidentified Flying  objects, Extra Terrestrials, and ET technology   ,exposing the extensive global cover-up that  helps to keep this information largely secret. The event, which had dozens  of spectacular accounts and   seemed like it was taken straight  out of a Steven Spielberg movie,   was captured and covered by over 30  international news organisations.

However, unlike a movie or a far out rumour,  every single witness is a deadly serious,   highly intelligent professional, all willing  to speak under oath before the US Congress,   with some even having what they claim to be  concrete evidence to support such claims. Mark McAndlish , an aerospace illustrator for the   aeronautical industry, was one  of these credible witnesses. Mark's work as an technical illustrator started  to take off in the early to mid 1980s were he   built up a clientele that included organisations  like the U.S. Air Force, Rockwell International,   Lockheed Martin, and Boeing as well  as reputable journals like Popular   Science magazine all while holding a number of  high-level security clearances on such projects.

He gained valuable knowledge in conceptual  design at the highest levels of US military,   industrial, and aerospace programs  and was frequently used to produce   top secret confidential and classified material. For the main topic of the presentation at the  disclosure project , and having spent more than   a decade in research and development, he showcased  technology related to UFOs and alien crafts. He reported after a covert air show back in  1988, he was given a detailed technical picture   of a supposed reverse-engineered alien craft, a  strange flying disc known as the "flux liner." Brad Sorenson, a friend of McCandlish's  from university , attended the yearly   air show at Norton Airforce Base  which mark couldn’t attend as he   was busy working for one of  the for-mentioned companies.

Here Aerospace companies and military  contractors have the opportunity to   showcase their cutting-edge technologies to senior  military and government officials in an attempt to   secure contracting from the military for the  research and development of such technology. After becoming separated from his original  group at some point during the performance,   Brad joined another group, where  he and other VIPs were taken to   a hangar via helicopter and given a  presentation by a three-star general. Brad claimed that the hanger was housing “three  fully functional flying saucers that were all   hovering above the ground”. He described  the saucers resembled bells in appearance,   all of them had the exact same pattern  and design but were made in various sizes. He was also shown a video of a  craft that did “three sideways   hops” before rising straight  up and vanishing from sight. The ARV or Alien Reproduction Vehicle as they were   coined ,could accelerate at or  faster than the speed of light.

They were known as the “Fluxliners” and could  travel anywhere in the world in around 30 MINUTES   whilst also carrying 121 warheads  and 10 to 15 megaton weapons. When Mark and Brad were able to talk about how  the air show went some time after, Brad seemingly   closed down during questioning, according to  Mark, Brad was worried and bordering on fearful. He explained, "I think I saw  something I wasn't intended to see," Given that they both worked as aerospace  designers and artists for major aircraft   manufacturers and frequently learnt  about experimental aircraft before   they were ever built or shown to the  public, this was unexpected to Mark. Brad would eventually describe the vehicle to  Mark ,He depicted objects "like something out   of the 1950s" , a flat bottom craft with  SLOPING sides; with a dome on top. Small  

circular bubbles surrounded the dome and  appeared to house even smaller cameras. The general presenting the briefing  named them alien reproduction   Vehicles or ARVs; whilst explaining they were  also nicknamed as “flux liners”; the smallest   saucer was abo ut 24 feet in diameter,  the second largest one was about 60 feet,   with the largest of the three  saucer being around 120 feet wide. A television playing test flight footage  was placed next to the small saucer. The   footage showed a ARV hovering silently over  a dry lake bed in the desert before the craft   paused perfectly still, then shot straight  up like a rocket but only much, much faster . The smaller saucer had some of its side  panels removed so that visitors could   see the whole interior, according to Brad,  who also noted that next to the craft was a   large easel that accurately outlined the  internal components and how they worked,   noting he was surprised at its  relatively simple mechanics. He not only observed the  engine, the crew compartment,   the life support system, and the jump  seats but also the steering mechanism.

Astonished, Mark McCandlish asked Brad if he  could recall the exact specifics according to   his memory about the saucer so that he could  create a diagram based on this description. When asked if he could recall how the craft  actually propelled itself, Brad responded   that he could, but there was no chance he would  be divulging that information over the phone. Mark McCandlish and Brad Sorensen decided it  would be best to meet in person to discuss the   topic. once they had met up, Mark encouraged  Brad to describe what he had seen in as much   depth as possible so that he could create an  accurate illustration of what Brad witnessed,   after all Mark and Brad were trained to do  so, and it was part of their professions   to pay meticulous attention to the details  of other crafts and things of that nature,   so this wasn't unusual for either of the two. Being somewhat familiar with the technology,  Brad noticed the first thing that caught his   attention was how worn and used the ARV  appeared, with paint chips, fingerprints,   and smudges all over .Leading him to  the conclusion the American military  

has had access to this technology for  a seemingly lengthy period of time. Roughly sketching the interior for Mark to see,   Brad would comment on how the crew  would be housed inside the dome,   which is actually half a sphere, noting the crew  also had chairs inside the top of the craft. Oxygen tanks for the crew's to use and  to maintain the air pressure inside the   craft are located on the bottom  of the enormous capacitor array   that covers the flat bottom of the  saucer and is over a foot THICK. Brad would go on to explain that at the  airshow, the general claimed that ,“the   saucer could fly at the speed of light or even  better”, and stated it used Zero Point Energy   to propel its vehicles, a theory first  prophesised by the great Albert Einstein.

Now if your wondering what zero point energy is ,  it would single handedly be thee greatest gift we   as the human race will ever receive from the  quantum universe , called zero-point energy,   or commonly referred to by  some as ground state energy. It results from the fact that subatomic particles  don't really behave as separate particles but   rather as waves that are continually  FLITTING between various energy states. This means that while appearing to be empty,  space is essentially a turbulent sea of virtual   particles ,fluctuating in and out of existence,  and all those fluctuations require energy. If those fluctuations contain as much  energy as some physicists predict,   and if we could ever figure out  how to tap into this phenomenon,   we would essentially have access to  an unparalleled supply of energy.

This energy has the potential to provide Earth  with the energy equivalent of multiple suns,   making it simple for humanity to either  permanently find a solution to the planet's   energy needs or to leave the solar system  and establish ourselves among the stars. Dr. Steven Greer claims that corrupt  global leaders are withholding said   energy or "alien technology" that may give the  entire planet access to free renewable energy,   to allow business giants to profit from the oil  and fossil fuel industries until they run out,   he contends that the existence of this technology  that could save the world is being repressed. Mark surprised Brad with his existing  knowledge of zero point energy explaining   he had studied the works of Thomas Bearden A  quantum physicist ,and that he had a pretty   good basic understanding of what he was talking  about and to continue with his description.

At this moment, Mark applied his outstanding  abilities as a creative illustrator to work in   an area that was admittedly uncharted for  him.Brad's crude concept was subsequently   transformed into a technical blueprint to scale,  for a working fully fledged flying saucer. After speaking with other eyewitnesses who had  seen the same craft or had knowledge of it,   Mark improved his drawing over the course  of the following couple of years ,as they   provided him with increasingly more  details to add to his interpretation.

Even though this was an intriguing  account it was ultimately only from   a single eyewitness, or so he originally thought . Mark McCandlish became fascinated with the ARV  project ,and after speaking with Brad Sorensen   and studying the drawing, he then began conducting  his own research. The more Mark delved into the   covert project, the more and more people he  would find who had not only seen the ARV,   worked on it, but even had some claiming  to have flown it in the early 1990s.

Marks research and obsession would eventually  pay off and direct him towards a man named Kent   Sellen who he would stumble across at an air show.  Kent was a crew chief at Edwards AirForce Base,   Kent would explain to Mark that he too had  witnessed something identical to what Brad   had described, explaining that one day in  1973 he was sent out to fix some equipment   at the airbase. On the way there, he passed  by a hangar with the doors slightly ajar,   after glancing inside, he saw a flying saucer  just hovering there in absolute silence.

Just as the shock of everything started to  wear off at the seemingly miracle aircraft   he was staring at, Kent had a gun in  his face, and a angry demanding voice   commanded him to close his eyes and kneel  down, a bag was then thrown over his head,   and he was quickly brought into an interrogation  room for an 18-hour verbal interrogation. Now Mark wasn't surprised by the military's  hostile reaction towards Kent, it was not   meant for him to see and he probably  shouldn’t have been snooping around,   but the fact that this had occurred in  1973—nearly 20 years earlier—and that   the military had been holding onto it for  all this time stopped him in his tracks. The idea that the whole ARV situation  was now proving to be true, and that   there was actually alien technology present on  earth, caused Mark to become very dedicated to   finding as much information and  witnesses as he possibly could.

He would engage in conversation  with professionals whenever he   had the chance to learn as much  as he could about their field. In one instance, he struck up a conversation  with fellow UFO investigator Paul Shepard,   who he assumed would be knowledgeable  about this kind of research,   and he put him in touch with two gentlemen  whom he believed might be able to provide   the answers he was looking for, one of  these men was mayor Wendell Stevens,   another military personal who had come forward  about the possibility of alien life and crafts. He was best known for his participation in a  secret Alaskan operation to photograph and map   the Arctic land and sea area, where the data  gathering equipment onboard B-29s identified   UFOs. (if you haven’t seen my last video on  Antartica and its mysteries i recommend you watch   that after, as all these stories have strange  similarities and theres no smoke without fire) The Lt had gathered one of the largest collections  of UFO images and also investigated into several   contact cases, which were all documented  in more than 22 publications and Mark   requested to take a look at this research  and photographic evidence, the Lt obliged. video insert Mark realised the images that had been captured  were strikingly similar to the ARV that his friend   Brad had seen and identical to Kent Sellen's  report as well, with one small exception.

The synthetic visions system,  sometimes referred to as bubbles,   that housed the camera systems outside of  the craft was significantly larger than   the ones Brad had described. With the  hanging bubble camera models that are   currently now common in casinos resembling  the ones he previously seen many years ago. This small difference was due to Mark's belief  that cameras today are much smaller than those   that were shown in the photographs  way back in 1966 and throughout time,   and with this has come many variants of a  similar crafts with just improved technology,   and the reason why Kent Sellen had reported them  smaller when he witnessed his sighting back in 73. After studying many of the photos he came to the  conclusion that the general design of the ARVs   is the same, round with a flat bottom,  angled edges, and an upper compartment,   even though the shapes of the ARVs that have been  photographed over the years have varied greatly.  

Some UFO photos date back to 1950, meaning that  these vehicles have existed for at least 75 years. Marks research also led him to some ancient texts,   that show these type of flying crafts may have  been around even longer than first imagined. Throughout history, various vehicles  have been mentioned. The Hindu Vedas   are full of fascinating tales  about the gods, their abilities,   and mighty conflicts that are said  to have occurred in the distant past.

According to popular belief, their  sagas are legendary tales meant to   be interpreted as allegories, much  like the fables we tell our kids,   so they can learn important life  lessons they can employ in the future. In these Hindu mythology,  heroic Gods battle evil forces,   with flying machines called “Vimanas”,  and oddly talk of nuclear war. Marc had learned according to the literature,  the virmana's body must be built of light   material to resemble the feathers of a  large flying bird in order to be strong   and long-lasting, akin to major marcels  description from the Roswell inncendent.

In order for the person inside the vessel  to go at fast speeds and huge distances,   one must place the spinning liquid mercury engine  inside with its iron heating element underneath. The ability of vimanas to fly at great  speeds, into space, and even underwater   is frequently recounted in ancient texts,  but what's really fascinating about them is   how extensively the engines are discussed  for a supposed somewhat primitive time . video insert In the texts vimanas are described as having  a Mercury Vortex engine similar to the what   the germans were working on with “Die Glöcke ,  a bell-shaped craft that had "two high-speed,   counter-rotating cylinders filled with a  purplish, liquid mercury-looking fluid that   was meant to be highly radioactive," and was  roughly 12 feet high and 9 feet in diameter. A central core containing mercury and  other elements comparable to the ARVs   was described in other instances  throughout time in addition to the   rumours of covert Nazi experiments  and the mythology of ancient rulers.

Mark realised in order to get a more of an up to  date knowledge he must speak with people who had   first hand encounters with such vehicles,  digging deeper he managed to get in touch   with some fairly recent supposed potential UFO  abductees. In the hopes of learning more about   the technology and get a better understanding  of how these ARVs propelled themselves. He originally concluded that these people where  either going to be insane or were actually telling   the uncomfortable truth of having contact with  aliens, and that if true they might even have   knowledge about the ARV mechanics or had possibly  seen the compulsion system and its components. He started interviewing people  who claimed to have been abducted,   some of whom even alleged to have had  implants placed inside their bodies. Mark conducted the interviews with three audience  members who had detailed their accounts on air   ,describing their experiences and abductions .  After getting in touch with the radio station,  

he was put in direct contact with each of  the three abductees who had made the wild   claims. He then conducted separate individual  interviews with each of them to see if he could   get the answers he was seeking without divulging  any information he already knew, to see if their   accounts match up or were similar to that of what  he already previously learned about the ARVs. To Mark's amazement, after  speaking with all three abductees,   he came to the conclusion that they were all  telling the truth. An MRI scan even showed   some of the abductees had implants placed  inside their skulls close to their brains. Mark then asked them to simply describe what they   observed on the inside of the  vehicle while he took notes . Luckily for mark, one of the women was  able to describe the ARVs that he had   been investigating incredibly accurate.  Of course, she had no way of knowing any  

of this information unless she was being  completely honest as some of this was of a   very high level of understanding around  the technical mechanisms of the craft. He later mentioned that the woman astonishingly  knew more about the crafts than he did,   or at least more than he believed he  did giving Mark extra hints and clues,   so he could further understand how exactly the  ARV actually propelled itself in more depth. The woman claimed whilst on board the  craft she was led inside the engine room,   where she saw a propulsion  system as well as its components. She describes that there was a central  column constructed of a transparent   material that resembled glass and how a  silvery fluid was climbing the column,   with a sort of “well” at the base of the column,  with a tiny fly wheel mechanism spinning. She described that when she gazed  across at this little “well”,   and below the deck she was standing on ,was  this “glass like material with coils and wire   going through it” and they were spaced out in the  same proportions as the ones reported in the ARV.

The part that she said was most significant,   was that the Column itself was rotating in One  Direction whilst the flywheel at the bottom was   rotating in counter rotation ,something many  UFO sightings have reported in the past . Mark was amazed how accurately she  was able to describe the content of   the ARV and how it all lined up with his research. Mark wanted to get this information  out and show the world his findings ,   he would eventually come across  a documentary film maker who had   heard of his work and was interested  in working with him on a project . James Allen a documentary film maker originally  stumbled across the conference footage in 2011,   of the Disclosure Projects 10 years before.

These films as we know detailed the  eyewitness accounts of numerous highly   believable ufo sightings, which we  discussed previously in this video. Prior to this, James had no interest  in UFOs or conspiracy theories,   and he had typically dismissed them  as being fantasy or folk art work. But after watching the disclosure project,  THE material piqued James's interest,   to the point that he abandoned his existing thesis  and started over to create a documentary detailing   all the information and mind-blowing accounts  he had learned from the disclosure project. He was so intrigued by the information  that Mark Mccandlish HAD provided,   that JAMES sectioned a bulk of  the documentary around Marks   research and his account of a secret  propulsion system and energy source.

Additionally, he had plans to publish a  second documentary following the release   of the first , titled zero point energy  ,that would reveal military contractors   pursuit of anti-gravity technology, as well as the  withholding of it for reason we addressed earlier,   but knowing full well this would  definitely ruffle a few feathers. james’s passion, charisma, and hard-headiness  brought him into the disclosure community. His   kindness and wit were a great complement  to the club's discussion and research. Unfortunately James was diagnosed with a rare  form of cancer on Friday, September 13th,   whilst the documentary was in its last stages  of editing. Despite aggressive chemotherapy,   the cancer quickly progressed from his bile  duct to his liver, lungs, pancreas and bones.

James never did get to see the release of his  documentary, he unfortunately passed away just   before the scheduled release and subsequently  was never able to release his second crucial   documentary exposing the suspected  hidden world changing energy source. Autopsy results later revealed an unbelievably  fast tumour that is usually only seen in   patients with cancer for years not months.  the short clip you just watched was 6 weeks   before his passing . did he look to have  an aggressive cancer in this video to you? Blood-work revealed 12 heavy metals and  radio-isotopes ranging in quantities from 10 to   50 times the maximum acceptable limit including  manganese, beryllium ,thorium and Uranium .

Only two heavy metals could be  attributed to the chemotherapy,   ironically his readings for the most common  heavy metal Contaminants normally found   with the result of chemo, Mercury and  lead where well below dangerous levels. Over the course of two years, James and his  co-producer encountered some typical “monitoring   issues” he believed from the powers at be trying  to stop the production of his research and film,   with their phones being bugged and recurring  texts popping up months after they had been sent . James also reported having an odd recurring  dream in which a renowned professor from his   university approached him and warned him , "you  are being watched, you are being followed”. insert video of Mark Mccandlish Now if James death wasn’t suspicious enough, along  with many others we have covered in this video   that seemingly all passed away when trying to  share information they believed the public should   know, Mark Mccandlish sadly was also discovered  dead in his residence in April of this year,   allegedly from a self-inflicted shotgun  wound to the head. He had just offered to   give testimony to the Senate Intelligence  Committee not long before his passing. So what is your take on the  matter ?, could the secret elite,   have knowledge and of an energy source cable  of revolutionising the world, supplying free   renewable energy , eliminating the need for  fossil fuels and current methods of energy.

Are the US government suppressing found  “alien Tech” either from the Roswell   incident or maybe other unknown crash sites,  let me know in the comments below and if you   enjoyed this content , please help me  out by subscribing for upcoming videos. For future video ideas, leave a comment with  a suggestion on the topic you would like me to   discuss, and i will pick one of them and give  a shoutout to the user with the best idea.

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