AleXa Tries Not To Sing Or Dance To Iconic K-Pop Songs! (BLACKPINK, Stray Kids, TWICE) | React

AleXa Tries Not To Sing Or Dance To Iconic K-Pop Songs! (BLACKPINK, Stray Kids, TWICE) | React

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- (React) We're here! - We're here! - Yeah! - (React) Today, you are going to attempt not to sing or dance to the most iconic, incredible K-Pop songs ever! - Why would you do this to me? Try Not To? (sighs) - ♪ Bring the boys out ♪ - Boys out, I literally was just... ♪ Girls generation make you ♪ ♪ Feel the heat ♪ I was literally just singing that, wow. - I have the benefit of not speaking Korean. - Right, so I probably won't sing. - (React) AleXa, tell us a little bit about what happened to your voice? What's going on? - Yeah, okay, party. So I actually had a concert not too long ago at the local K-PLAY! FEST in Pomona.

Lots of screaming, lots of singing, lots of talking. It's been four days. (whimpers) - (React) Oh my gosh. I thought this was yesterday! - Oh! - No! - Oh no! - Okay, Nayeon.

- Ugh, don't do this to me! - Do you know the dance? (buzzer) - Eat up! - Don't do it! - Don't do the fingers! - Don't do it! - I almost said it too. - ♪ Pop, you want it ♪ (buzzer) ♪ Pop pop pop ♪ ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ ♪ I wanna make it ♪ - ♪ Pop pop, pop you want it ♪ - ♪ Pop pop pop, uh uh ♪ - (React) Yes! - Right off the bat! - You started with such a hard one! - I don't even listen to pop, like, I don't even think I have it liked on Spotify, and that was difficult for me. (laughs) - I was like well, good thing I can't dance.

- I was like... - We may have lost that, but we won. Hmm. - Mm-hmm-hmm.

- And I stand by that. - I love her, she's from TWICE, and this is her solo song. - What I love about Nayeon's voice is that it's so like wide. - I agree. - Like, when she sings, it gets up there. - And she like, has very good stage presence. - Yes! - Like there's a bunch of people, and I'm just staring at her.

- Like, and very enjoyable. - I love that song. - 'Cause listen, I know K-Pop's popular all over the world, but me, being an idol living in Korea, I hear these songs all the time on the radio, so I'm walking down to get groceries, and I'm like... (both humming) - Also, I know, pop, pop, pop. - You know that you've made a great song when it is impossible not to move. - That song was just too hard not to.

I'll try from now on. Starting... - No. (both laugh) - Not my girl, Jennie! - ♪ We don't buy it ♪ ♪ We request it, uh ♪ ♪ A rockstar, a pop star ♪ ♪ But rowdier ♪ - Oh. (buzzer) Oh wait. I already started, damn! (laughs) - ♪ Know it ain't fair to ya ♪ ♪ It's scarin' ya ♪ - What now? (buzzer) - In English, we have no excuse! - Shut down! (tape rewinds) I probably won't sing.

♪ Shut down, it's a shutdown ♪ - It's hard to not keep... - No you... - Rhythm, as a dancer. - Right. - Like, I naturally keep rhythm with songs. - Same.

(buzzer) - Swerve, why you gotta catch her? - ♪ Catch me when you ♪ ♪ Hear my Lamborghini ♪ ♪ Go vroom-vroom-vroom-vroom ♪ - ♪ Vroom-vroom-vroom-vroom ♪ (buzzer) - No! Okay, I'll hold on. - Ugh, they look so good. - ♪ Shut down what ♪ - ♪ Whip it, whip it, whip it ♪ - ♪ Whip it ♪ - ♪ Whip it, whip it, whip it ♪ - ♪ Whip it ♪ - ♪ It's black and it's pink ♪ - I'm gonna need you to give it. 'Cause I can't give it, you gotta give it. - (React) Come on Izzy! This part, come on! - I gotta win at least one! (React laughs) - There you go. Come on, I already know it!

- ♪ Whip it, whip it, whip it ♪ ♪ Whip it ♪ - ♪ Whip it ♪ ♪ Whip it, whip it, whip it ♪ ♪ Whip it ♪ - We enjoyed this demonstration. - ♪ Shut it down ♪ - Hit! - BLACKPINK! - BLACKPINK! - (React) BLACKPINK in your... - (both) Area! - I have microphone marks on my hands. - That was tricky. - And I would like no further commentary on that. - White knuckling that. - I was so close in the beginning. - (React) Yeah.

- Because I was more marveling at how beautiful she is. I was like okay, stay with that, and then the beat dropped, and I was like are you kidding me? - BLACKPINK was in your area. You have to move. - You have to move! - They are headlining Coachella.

You have to move. - First K-Pop group ever to headline Coachella. - And they were the first to enter Coachella. - Yeah. - 'Cause, I think it was... - A couple years ago. - 2019?

- (React) Insane power. - It's like the bad [censored] Powerpuff Girls. - Except there's four. - Yeah, except there's four. (Izzy laughs) - Perfect for TikTok, right? - Exactly.

- It's like... (gunfire echoes) - It's just catchy. - (React) Ooh, I like the... (gunfire echoes) - (both) Lisa, Jennie, Rose, Jisoo. - I feel like BLACKPINK is like a gateway drug for people.

It like gets them into K-Pop. - (Anthony) Yes! - And then they're like, there's so much more. - When I first saw the music video, and I saw the tick tick clap, I screamed. - Singing, dancing, just being on stage in general has been like just something I fell in love with at a very young age, and of course, I fell in love with K-Pop in 2008, like being Korean, I'm like hey, that's something I can do. - (React) Yes! - Let's do it! - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - ♪ Oh ♪ Oh wait, did that count? (buzzer) - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - Oh, those suits are fire. - Fun fact, EXO got me into K-Pop.

- Really? - Back in 2015? - ♪ It's the love shot ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ Na, na-na-na-na-na-na-na ♪ ♪ Na, na-na-na-na-na-na-na ♪ (buzzer) - This is so hard! - Get it, there we go, from the back. - ♪ It's the love shot ♪ - They're so... - It's one of those songs you just know! - ♪ Na, na-na-na-na-na-na-na ♪ - I hope I can... - ♪ Do do do do ♪ (Jaime screams) - It's the side look for me. - ♪ Oh ♪

- ♪ It's the love shot ♪ (buzzer) - (React) Ugh. - (laughs) Yeah. - Fire. It's a lot of like sideways, like...

(both laugh) - Yeah. - And I didn't wanna have to do it! - But I get it, 'cause now we're even. - Mm-hmm. - Now we're together. We have both felt the pain, we're stronger for it. - There we go. - I didn't dance. - But you sang, huh? - But it was Chen's riff, and then an oh, that I tried to hide. - You got lost.

- He's a main vocalist, I have to support every time he sings. - The butt move, where it's like all their butts. - The butt move, yeah. (laughs) - And they're all like. (Jaime screams) - Come here, it's a little bit of this.

- (React) Show us, show us. - Oh, okay. (screams) - (Martine) But it's in the butt.

- (React) Yeah, oh! - I don't have quite the, you know. - That's okay, some people lack bones, and some people have bones, it's okay. - I do have bones! We have our biases, we have our stans. - Oh, who's your favorite? - Kai.

- Kai? - Yeah. Those beautiful gorge lips. - Ah! - Luscious! - If you haven't already seen his Mmmh video. - Oh, of course I've seen it. (whispers) Many times. - Sickening. (laughs) - Bookmarked.

- Sickening. Favorited. (laughs) - Everything! - As a dancer, I also appreciate Kai. - Oh yeah, as a dancer, as well, that's what I meant.

Luscious dance moves. - Not the lips, the dance moves! - I meant the dance moves. That's exactly where my head was at too. - They are like icons for style. That guy's wearing a fully red suit. - I was a soprano, but as I get older, I'm losing my soprano range, and I'm falling more into alto, or like mezzo, and it's throwing me off completely, 'cause I'm like where did my high notes go? - Stop! - My girls! - But, uh...

- Nope! - ♪ If you love me or ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ Hate me ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ Oh my God, they're giving! (buzzer) - ♪ I wanna be me ♪ - Ah, they're so pretty! - ♪ If you feel me ♪ ♪ Turn this beat up ♪ - Nope, I almost danced again! Wow, okay. - ♪ I wanna be, me, me, me ♪ (buzzer) - Let's go! (buzzer) (both laugh) (music drowns out speakers) (buzzer) - What she wanna be? ♪ I wanna be me, me, me ♪ - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ (buzzer) ♪ I wanna be me, me, me ♪ - ♪ I don't wanna be somebody ♪ ♪ Just wanna be me ♪ - My girl! Oh, I love Chaeryeong! - ♪ I don't wanna be somebody ♪ ♪ Just wanna be me, be me ♪ ♪ I wanna be me, me, me ♪ - Aw! - Ugh! Dude, dude! - (React) This is going so well. - ITZY? ITZY! ♪ I wanna be me ♪ I mean come on.

- (React) I'm sorry, shoulders! - Shoulders! They're iconic! - (React) You guys. - It's the crown, it's ITZY, ITZY. (laughs) - The dancing has gotten so much more intense, and it's just because visually, it's so great to look at.

I don't know how else to explain it. But it's so impressive, too. - At first when they debuted with DALLA DALLA, I was like what is this? This is such a new form of K-Pop music, but just over time, I was like I really applaud this group for everything that they have done of like revamping the trend of a girl group. - And watching them dance in unison, that's pretty freakin' great, when they hit their V.

- Yeah! - And everybody's doing the same move at the same time, and you're like how are they doing that? - 'Cause I prefer to look at men dancing. - Right. (laughs) - I will just be honest. But I appreciate exactly what you said.

- Yeah. - About just like what they bring, and their performance. - Mm-hmm. - And I feel like each of them is such a strong dancer. - Yeah.

- I feel like when K-Pop started getting really popular in the U.S. again, it brought back that nostalgia of like oh, boy groups, girl groups, dancing, except this time, the dancing is like kind of speed, but you know. (laughs) - Did we even catch up? - (React) This is like the ending pose. - Yeah. - Mm-hmm. - Done.

- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - Mmm! - ♪ Moving on my way ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ - ♪ Why do I keep getting attracted ♪ (buzzer) ♪ Bah bah bah bah ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ I cannot explain this reaction ♪ ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ ♪ One four three ♪ ♪ Why do I keep getting attracted ♪ (AleXa laughs) ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ - ♪ I cannot explain this ♪ - (React) Yes! - ♪ Emotion ♪ (Jaime claps) ♪ One four three ♪ (buzzer) - Oh! - ♪ A-B-C-D-E-F-G ♪ (buzzer) (React laughs) - Yeah! - Did you notice like, this lyric is wrong? They like skipped a letter. I think. (laughs) - Oh. - I'm okay. - Right. - ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ ♪ Code name ♪ ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ - Okay! - I adore Stray Kids.

- ♪ Why do I keep getting attracted ♪ - Oh my God! - ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ - Ah! (laughs) - Did we get it? - (React) At the same time! - We did? - Nice! - I'm like eight counts behind. (both laugh) - Their choreography is so cool, ah! - Felix. (laughs) I love you. (both laugh) - A gorgeous cherub fairy baby face. - Cherub baby face. - And then like, a literal demonic just (grunts) just emanating from a tiny golden cherub fairy baby face.

- I know all of this! I'm so in it. I'm in it to, oh, lose it, right now. Woo! (both laugh) - I will never be Felix, though. And I'm okay with that. No, but I'm okay with that. - No one else will ever be Felix. - That's so fair. - And we just have to live with it. - (React) But we can be inspired by Felix every day.

- Absolutely. - (React) Any face can bring any energy. - And you're watching Disney Channel. (buzzer) ♪ Dun dun ♪ - ♪ Dun dun ♪ (buzzer) - Copyright, immediately. - Yes! (laughs) - Ugh. - This is your moment.

- She's my bias too! I'm sorry! - ♪ Peek-peek-a-peek-a-boo ♪ (buzzer) - No, no, no, no! - Ah, I love them! - No, you don't understand. I need to get up. I need to stand. I don't know what to do with myself. - Hey, ugh, ugh! (buzzer) - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - I wanna do their move in the thing. - (React) Ooh yeah. - Ah!

- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ (Izzy sings gibberish) ♪ - Yeah! I said ♪ Excuse me ♪ ♪ Bamsae ♪ - Oh, she's so pretty! - Oh that girl. - Oh my gosh! - ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ - ♪ (Izzy sings gibberish) ♪ (both laugh) - (React) Yes! - I would like, again, a gentle reminder, I do not speak Korean! - Oh my God! - He's unwell! You broke him! - And Peek-A-Boo isn't even my favorite Red Velvet song, like not even top four! The fact that it has me in a chokehold. - Red Velvet. - Peek-A-Boo!

- I love Red Velvet. - It's always like two words stuck together. BLACKPINK, Red Velvet. - Oh, they're colors! - Stray Kids. - Some, like a lot of colors.

- A lot of colors! - Like very visual. Things that are very visual. - Red Velvet, along with EXO is under SM Entertainment, and each five of those girls. - A history lesson today.

- (React) I love it. - Like, their harmony's insane. - That one takes me back. - Is that... - To when I was a young lad. - It's like, is that good or bad? - Ooh, yeah, it takes me back.

Memory lane. - I don't always understand the stories. - That is so true. (laughs)

- They're not always linear. - Very true! - They're sometimes all over the place but like, it's a story. - And the whole storyline of this is that they kill the pizza man, in the music video. - Ah. - You got the story, that is exactly what they were doing. - We're clearly studying this.

- But Rose has like a history of hating men. - Honestly, if you're the top three girl group, you have no room for men, you have no time for men. - No, none of it. - Uh, Peek-A-Boo. - (React) Peek-A-Boo. - 10 out of 10.

- Okay, there you go! - I'm sorry! These are my boys! - Okay! - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - Ooh. - I already know it's coming. - That car has got horns on it. - Oh, I've been a fan since Mansae, baby! (buzzer) - ♪ Drop it like hot ♪ ♪ Hot, hot ♪ ♪ So hot ♪ (buzzer) - Nope! (buzzer) Did that count? (React laughs) - Ugh! Burn it! - Who's, oh. - ♪ So hot ♪ - ♪ Yeah, I'm running too hot ♪ ♪ Hot hot hot ♪ - (laughs) I can't! (buzzer) - Let's go! - Ooh, you put Seventeen in front of me, I'm gonna lose every time! - As you should. As you should.

- I am a first generation registered Carat! - Slay queen. - Girl, I got the light stick. - Period. - I got the pre-debut light stick. - Period. - The registered like, fan card. - Period! - (React) I think there's more of them than... - Yeah, that's not all of them. - 13!?

- There's a lot of them. There's a lot of them. - Do they just shuffle them around? - No clue. - I don't have a bias in Seventeen. - Oh, I do.

- Because they all come for my throat. Every single time there's a new song. - I wonder if you could guess my bias. - So who's giving grunge, is it like Mingyu? - That's what everyone thinks, but no, it's not. - Okay, is it like same vibes as Mingyu, or not at all? - I would say not. - Is it DK? - It's DK.

- And I don't blame her. - For the editor, not carrot like the food, carat, like diamond. - Yeah. - (React) Diamonds. We want diamonds on the screen.

- Having this voice doesn't really help right now, either. - Totally understandable. - But my fans are called A.I Troopers. - (React) (gasps) Yes! - Yeah. - (React) A.I Troopers! - Mm-hmm! - I'm impressed at the ability to isolate different parts of their body. - Mmm.

- The men, they're like standing here, and they've really got the hips going. You know what I mean? - (React) Yes. - It's like hard not to move your whole body when you do that. (snaps fingers) Werk! - Werk! (snaps fingers) - A bias may be the first person who catches your eye, it may be the person who sings your favorite part of the song. For me, when I started off with Red Velvet, it was Wendy, and then Joy spoke, and then Joy sang. - (gasps) She wrecked you.

- And then Joy rapped, and that is called bias wrecking. - I started doing this to support you, and then I realized that also counts as dancing. - Yep. - And I was like [censored] it.

Yeah! (both laugh) - (laughs) I'm just mad the whole time. - ♪ Too hot, too hot ♪ - The too hot almost lost it for me. - Once again, this microphone is very interesting. (buzzer) - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ ♪ I'm on the next level ♪ (buzzer) - Oh, I see. (buzzer) - Volume, remix. It's the remix! - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ ♪ Next level ♪ - They get it! It's a little bit of backwards action! (Izzy laughs) - The volume! - Hmm.

- Wireless microphone. - Right, right. - ♪ La-la, la, la ♪ ♪ La-la, la-la, la, la ♪ ♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪ - The microphone just captivated my attention. - (React) It's so shiny. - And I tried really, really, hard to listen to what you were saying. - Yeah, but we can't really hear each other when the music's blasting. - No, and I just, I was like mm-hmm.

- Just like lip reading, like mah-mah-mah. - It's the moment we all needed again. - (React) Show us again. - Yes! (laughs) - Sorry.

- And see, that's called teamwork. - Exactly! - If I don't like a group's music, I'm not gonna listen to it just to force myself, but Aespa did get a lot of credit for just like having a completely new visual, and highlighting that futuristic technological vibe to them. - ♪ La-la, la-la, la la ♪ - Oh, okay. I did not see them moving to a cowboy scene. (React laughs) Old west meets the moon, I guess, with the next portion. - Each of the girls are very talented.

Ningning is an amazing vocalist, and Karina most definitely can... - I love that you don't listen, but you know all, like, you know everything about them. - Yes, because my thing is... - You're open to learning. - They are the successors of Red Velvet. - Oh, Iconic! - You did not throw a PSY moment in here! Stop it! (laughs) - Oh, oh! - It's still an icon. - ♪ I'm a mother father gentleman ♪ (buzzer) - He's crazy. - This one came after Gangnam Style.

(buzzer) - ♪ I'm a mother father gentleman ♪ (buzzer) - There goes the hair. There it goes! See, I'm not moving though, so I'm not... - No you're not, it doesn't count.

- I'm not moving. I am standing still. - ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ - Oh yeah, get it! - Woah. - Oh, oh! - Excuse me! - Scandalous. - Wow. - I forgot how ridiculous this video is in the best way.

- Oh my God, yeah. - It's so good. - Got It From My Daddy is one of my personal... - Oh, I love. - So good. And the music video is nuts! - PSY is such an icon, both in America.

- Love him. - But he's like the icon in Korea. - Oh! - Did you guys see the iconic, when the elevators opened, and then Gangnam Style. - (React) And he's doing that, yes. - I didn't notice that. - His concerts in Korea are like what everybody wants to go, for like, tickets sell so fast in Korea. - I would like to go. - (React) I would go. - PSY if you are interested, we have two fans who would love to be a part of a journey.

- (speaks in Korean). - I second that. - HyunA and Dawn had just left. - Oh, may their relationship rest in paradise.

- Yes. They were like the Jay-Z and Beyonce. - Oh, they really were though. - Of like K-Pop couples.

- He's not like dancing the way that that K-Pop kids do, I guess. - (React) Izzy, who is your first introduction to K-Pop? - SHINee. - Hey! - Ring Ding Dong with their stupid little, not stupid, how dare I? (AleXa laughs) Their stunningly gorgeous amazing hair swoops. - Yes! - That had everybody in a [censored] chokehold.

- And PSY signed them both to his company, which was amazing, but they had recently just... - Was that P7, is that what's called? - (both) P Nation. - Yeah. - My favorite part of the music video though, is randomly when Taemin's just drinking milk. - Yeah, why why? - Chaeryeong! - This is a new one! - ♪ La, la-la, la-la ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ Hey, why so serious ♪ - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - Beautiful. - Ooh, that transition.

- ♪ Nothing's wrong, right ♪ ♪ Can you see me ♪ ♪ Hey, why so curious ♪ ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ ♪ Anything's right ♪ - I'm not looking at you. (buzzer) I'm not looking at you! ♪ La-la, la, la-la ♪ ♪ La, la-la ♪ - A little bit of this. - ♪ Why so serious ♪ ♪ Hey hey, hey, hey ♪ - Right. Right. - No! (laughs) - ♪ La-la, la, la-la ♪ ♪ Why so curious ♪ (Martine gasps) - (React) I love... - Woo! She did it! - Slay. - Oh, my girlies, one second, how dare you? - When Pink Venom came out, a lot of people were like this is terrible.

- But like... - Compared to other songs. - Right. - But people were like saying it was good, and they were like well, it's because you're just so blindly devoted. - Yeah, but it's also like, it's music at the end of the day.

- It's fine, yeah. - You can dislike a song, and love a group. - And still like the group. - We overlap promotions, so I actually got to talk to them for a bit.

- Oh my God, cute, slay. - I love this song! - (React) This is a new release from ITZY. It came out one month ago, and it already has 96 million views.

(Jaime gasps) - That is a massive accomplishment. - Like, do you love every Beyonce, well, wrong person to choose, I love every Beyonce song. - Taylor Swift. - Okay! - Ugh! - No.

- I love this music video, because they had Vivienne Westwood styling, and I love Vivienne Westwood. - ♪ I know, love ♪ (buzzer) - No. - ♪ A mystery allure ♪ - ♪ Allure ♪ - ♪ Gotta get to know you more ♪ - Not doing it, nope. - ♪ 'Cause I can feel ♪ ♪ A real connection ♪ - Ooh, I almost said it. (buzzer)

- ♪ A supernatural attraction ♪ - What you have? - ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ You have stolen my heart ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ Never let it go, oh oh oh ♪ ♪ No never let it go, oh oh oh ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ Lightning straight to my heart ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ I got all the feels for you ♪ - Oh my God, I love them! - What? - ♪ Boy, I, boy, I, boy, I know ♪ - That's my girl Momo. - ♪ Boy, I, boy, I, boy, I know ♪ - ♪ I know you feel it too ♪ - ♪ Ugh ♪ - Aw, they're so pretty, I can't. (laughs) - Yes, oh yes. - I almost broke the headphones, and you know what? That's on the headphones, not me.

- Sana, oh! - You cut it off. - (React) I know. - Sana's my birthday twin. - Momo, with no, ah, pfft. You know? (AleXa laughs) - We have Momo, Mina, and Sana, who are Japanese. - I was there when TWICE debuted, so it's like... (Izzy gasps) - They're one of my favorite senior groups, honestly, of the girl groups, they're one of my favorite seniors.

I really respect them, like... - (React) Wow! - I love them. - It's giving Clueless meets Mean Girls. The boom boom boom is like from the journal in Mean Girls.

- (React) Yeah, totally. - So it's like giving everything that they probably imagine happens in a U.S. high school. - Probably, honestly. - Hey! (laughs) - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - Oh my God, it's such a throwback too! Get ready, are you ready? - ♪ Hit you with that ddu-du ♪ ♪ Ddu-du, du ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ Oh yeah, oh yeah ♪ - ♪ Hit you with that ddu-du ♪ ♪ Ddu-du, du ♪ - ♪ Oh yeah, oh yeah ♪ - ♪ Du-du, du-du-du-du-du ♪ - ♪ Hit you with that ♪ ♪ Hit you with that ♪ ♪ Hit you with that ♪ ♪ BLACKPINK ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ BLACKPINK four way ♪ ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ - ♪ What ♪ - ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ - ♪ Bad girl ♪ - ♪ (sings in Korean) ♪ - ♪ Bass drop ♪ ♪ It's another banger ♪ - I'm very impressed with your Korean rapping. (both laugh) - When you listen to Jennie rap as much as I do. - She's a great rapper though. - Jisoo! - Vocals.

- Ugh, I'm so into it! - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - Rose. Rose, fine wine. - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ ♪ Oh wait til I do what I ♪ ♪ Hit you with that ddu-du ♪ ♪ Ddu-du, du ♪ - They hit me with the ddu-du, ddu-du, du. What am I supposed to do? - She got hit, she got hit. - Oh my God. Banger! - Ddu-du, ddu-du, du was running Twitter. - It was like their song. - It was Twitter.

- ♪ Du-du-du ♪ ♪ Oh yeah, oh yeah ♪ - When I watch like Boombayah's music video, or just listen to it, it doesn't really do it for me. - Anymore. - But when I've seen videos of them performing it. - Performing it, yes. - It's different.

- I'm good here, you're like mm. - I feel good here, I've consumed this at least 100 times. Probably half their streams were me. - Jennie can rap to me, but Soyeon...

- Is a rapper. - Is a rapper. - Can rap, is a rapper. - Right. - ♪ It's not what I'm wearing ♪ - ♪ It's in the way that I walk ♪ - She's so cute. (buzzer) - Ooh! - ♪ Clap ya hands now ♪ (buzzer) - ♪ I'm coming back in vogue ♪ - ♪ Check, check, check up on me ♪ (buzzer) ♪ Clap ya hands ♪ ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ (AleXa laughs) - ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - Oh my God! (buzzer) - She's in the duck walk. She is using actual elements of vogue, which is amazing! - Ah! - ♪ Coming back into vogue ♪ - ♪ Vogue ♪ - Oh, slay! - Ugh, she's giving high fashion. Yes! - I can't, ugh.

- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ ♪ Pictures ♪ ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ ♪ Pose ♪ - Yes, and I like that, ooh. - ♪ I got a hot bright future ♪ ♪ That's ahead of me ♪ - Oh, okay! - Okay! - Ah! - Okay! - ♪ So I be doin' it, doin' it ♪ ♪ Doin it every day, you see ♪ ♪ 24 hours ♪ - Oh, her voice. - ♪ It's in the way ♪ ♪ That I walk and I talk ♪ - Yes! ♪ Coming back in vogue ♪ - That's so catchy! - That is! - ♪ Clap ya hands now ♪ - Ooh! - Oh, there's a tiger! - What do you mean there's a tiger? Have you... Oh, right, right, right. - ♪ Back into vogue ♪ - (React) So you've never heard this song? - I don't know who [censored] this is, I don't... - (React) Who is that? (laughs) - Oh, she's a boss. - Dude, I love AleXa. - I can see the roots coming, she's not a natural blonde, is she? - Listen, we get to choose our paths in life.

- Yes. - I like that. - But... - Again, it's someone tapping in that wasn't born and raised in the native country where the music is from.

- Yes. - It sounds to me like it's the song of the year. - Woah. - I'm not a music critic, what do I know? - Fan girling, I'm sorry. - 100%. - She can sing, like her voice is amazing.

- Yes. - She can rap. - But her dancing is like another level. - I'm just a college dropout, what do I know? Twitter, tell me differently. - Don't do that, don't bring Twitter into this. - Oh, I don't invite them. - Don't bring Twitter. - I retract that invitation. - We rebuke that energy.

- I'ma say this to you, AleXa, I hope this makes it in the edit. I have been watching you since Produce, and when I saw your cover of Peek-A-Boo, I was like that girl's gonna make it. And the way that you have improved, choreography-wise, vocals, that is a dancer. AleXa is a very talented performer, and I wish her nothing but the best. - God, this voice sounds horrible with everything I say, jeez. - No, it's not bad, it's giving sexy.

- (React) Yeah! - Barry White, what, nope. (both laugh) I was like nope. - All I can think of is Roz from Monsters, Inc. You forgot to file your paperwork. (laughs) I've been wanting to do more like feminine chic concept, and so I'm like I'm gonna take that into consideration.

- Back in Vogue, yeah. - And when I first heard the song, I was like ooh. She's the one. My discography, well, and my music tastes, kind of all over the place in the best way possible, going forward. - There's something for everybody. - Yeah, exactly. It's like a little charcuterie board, you know? (Izzy gasps) But there's a little special something dropping in February.

(Izzy gasps) I have a fun collab coming up. (Izzy gasps) As well as a little something-something in March. (crowd cheers) And early April. There's something fun happening there. - Ooh.

- So I hope my fans keep their eyes peeled for that. - We crushed it. (laughs) - Somehow. Somehow, I lost. I don't know how that ended up happening.

- I didn't even know all of the songs that well. - Right. - But like, when you have good music, it's like when you're at the club, you don't always know all the songs, but you're like, the vibe is immaculate. - (React) Shut Down, BLACKPINK. - I really liked POP!, because I feel like, I just, that song has really stuck with me, 'cause it, I don't know, it just really feels like old school stuff, but I also really enjoyed AleXa's song.

- So good. - Yeah! - It reimbursed. - Reinvigorated. - Yes, it was just like ugh! - Your love. - Thanks for watching this episode! - Who is your favorite K-Pop star? Let us know in the comments. - And don't forget to subscribe. - (both) Bye! (Anthony laughs) - Be happy! (React laughs) Yeah.

2023-02-12 12:00

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