A Dogetubers Reply To Coffeezilla about Dogecoin By the Worst Crypto Youtuber The Hashkey

A Dogetubers Reply To Coffeezilla about Dogecoin By the Worst Crypto Youtuber The Hashkey

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Oh hello there and thank you for joining me on another Episode of Music Life and Crypto.. First i would like to thank my 100's of subscribers who liked and subscribed to my channel.. fashing light "YOU HAVE ONLY 11 Subscribers Hashkey Fool of a took Tell Them The Truth" Ok Gandalf as you wish..

Thank you my 12 subscribers who liked and subscribed to this madness I promise it only gets crazier from here Like Crazy Train By Ozzy Osbourne... This episode we talk about Dogecoin.. thers a very smart youtuber coffezilla he oftens does videos dissing Dogecoin and Crypto.. Telling pople Crypto is a scam... I thought Today lets return the favor lets repond to the guy... what i don't understand is that this guy keeps on bashing Dogecoin and Crypto left right center.. and no Dogetubers respond.. nothing.. zilch...

not a word i don't know why they don't respond back to him.. One of the Dogetuber is too busy being a parasite on Elon Musk's twitter page.. Ever other tweet Elon does even those not related to Dogecoin..

this guy has reponds "Dogecoin TO THE MOON" within like 5 seconds... Geez man don't you have a life school girlfiend.. something else to do in your life? i mean that's pretty intresting looking at your phone waiting for a billionaire to tweet respond immediately do a youtube show, dump the coin buy the rumor sell the news... i could never do that.. that's crazy.. crazier than even a person on youtube wearing

a mask.... how bad could my response be? Lets find out on Music Life and Crypto... So lets take Coffeezilla on shall we.... Point 1.... so he says the dot.com crash will happen crypto yeah he is right about the Dot.com bubble... and i was around for that you know.. yeah he is also right in some regards to how dot.com has similarities to Crypto..

If history does repeat itself which it often does... you can safely say that some crypto Projects are scams that is true.. cause most lets face it some are just.. memecoins driven by pure speculation.. theres no real tech reason from them to exist.. They will dissapear..

basically he's saying that coins like Dogecoin will collapse and dissappear.. causing losses to millions including myself... so i do have about $3000 invested in Dogecoin.. i bought it at 27cents most of them, some at 50cents and some at 70 right before Elon went on SNL. I know Ouch..

But hear me out on why I believe in and like Dogecoin's future prospects... i still belive that the coin has a future.. Let me expalin why i still belive.. So critics will say yeahh Obviously He doesn't want Doge to tank so he's doing this video...

Their Wrong watch till the end you'll know my reasons... One thing Coffezilla said is that Dogetubers just want to Sell you and only talk about Price.. So let me try something different here and explain what is the advantage of Dogecoin... Most smart Youtuber get Technical.. they throw words at you and don't explain them... like proof of stake, proof of work, proof of network, blockchain.. peer to peer.. what are these?

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin They are written in a language called C++.. Bitcoin is the orignal Cryptocurrency, It was the forked over, meaning the Code for bitcoin was copied and used to make another currency called Litecoin... You may of heard Charles Hodkinson of Cardano say Doge coin is a Copy of a Copy... that was an excellent song by Nine Inch Nails.. So Doge was copied from Litecoin so its a copy of copy...

and your probably wondering Copies can they do that.. yes because it is opensource, which means anyone can download the code and read it contribute to it.. Now the code base do have moderators.. that review the code before it's checked in hopefully have test frameworks in place to make sure nothing breaks.. I can read and write code.. I compiled Dogecoin Core using WSL, its a way to run linux on

native Windows you can use Virtul Box with Ubuntu to install it as well.. Etherum is a network that has its own currency called Ether also knows Guei(That is the gas fee) it uses a javascript based language called Solidity, Cardano has it's own language and is a netwrok similar to Etherererum uses haskell which i haven't looked up yet.. So do i cut it as a youtuber that maybe able to tell you about "What the hell is this Crypto?.." if you do think so thank you and Welcome To Music Life and Crypto please do like and subscribe... I really like talking about the Tech side that's what i love most about Crypto... So the next possible question Coffeezilla might ask is.. How does a guy who knows how

to read code.. and who knows how tech works.. Lose $3000 in Dogecoin.. I'm getting there... When Coffeezilla attachs Bitcoin he shows these kind of characters This guy is Crazy.. He may have been sane once upon a time.. but he's sounds bat shit crazy now.. tearing money.. i mean you cannot tear a US dollar bill on live TV and disrespect the currency it is the currency of the United States of America.. every American born there or immigrated has sweated, sometimes fought and died trying to earn that dollar that you just tore.. when the reporterd complaiend you can't do

that to the dollar and he say "I can buy the senators who make the laws".. So yeah the sane viewer whos not into Crupto will looks at these guys and be their like what the hell is this craziness... Coffezilla will not refer you to intelligent conversations about bitcoin lets sat The B Word which i did a video for as well.. Crypto critics will always highlight the bad.. You'll hear this Crypto is gambling, it's a ponzy you'll lose all your money scam etc a lot.. This creates the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt... My Point is that we also have people like Cathy Wood from Ark investments, you have some pretty smart people and influential people invovled in crypto..

So i don't get why he call's IT's A PONZI... we have governemnts like China clamining down on Bitcoin, trying to promote their Digital Juan.. That will go well with their one road one belt project which has a lot of money invested in Africa... Pay us in Digital Juan instead of the Dollar... do you think they will be so serious and stupid and implementing this if it were a Ponzi scheme? I think it's safe to say that at least the Chinese won't go to war out against Bitcoin if it was a ponzi scheme... i mean that would be Stupid.. that would make their leader Shi jing pei look like an absolute Imbecille to the world.. Imageine the headlines China cracked down Bitcoin only to find out its a ponzi....

no they have done their research and they see the potential it has hence the Digital Juan.. This crypto tech is revolutionary that will change things in the near future... So this is where Coffezilla will be hah revolution theories there you go he's crazy.. I mean we got some serious tussle going on here Americans and Chinese trying to control the future medium of currency.. there is no other soultion but to go on the

blockchain... Most banks their running centralized databases which can get comprimised or they are sometimes.. the hackers are getting smart...centralized databse you can chip away slowy and figure out how to break in somehow.. to find loopholes..

Decentralized that is harder to hack you got pieces of data scattered through different computes on a network and need this data to recompile put it back together you have to know private keywords then you ca unencrypt to get in... That is pretty hard to do.. now you do have flash attacks here and there but it's definately a lot harder to hack.. So with so much technicality involved does this Still sound like a ponzi scheme there are networds implemented here not just invincible money.. you also have 2 superpowers about to comepete for space in Crypto.. It's not just them theres

talk of a Digital Euro as well.. So clearly governments are looking at this tech and see something in it.. governments and their intelligence committes are looking this tech?? so a Ponzi seems highly unlikely.. Point 2 what about Doge does it has an opportunity? Coffezilla talks about the dot.com bubble

and crypto may be a similar bubble like that about to burst? name me 1 just 1 .dot compnay that had such a massive community following like Doge does in the .dot era Dogecoin has a community behind it that really like this coin.. theres a sense of togetherness in that community.. they are active on twitter, on redditt the coin is down like 80% from it's high but they are still having fun on twitter and reddit..

And i'm not referring to matt wallace you really want to see the community go see them engage on reddit. you will see it for yourself the memes and exchanges it is vibrant... They are pretty nice people.. I mean i got a reddit silver coin for helping a guy figure out how to use Cakewalk Software.. and that guy gave me a coin fro the help.. And i was like what is this..?? So on a Dogecoin

forum..I saw a decnt looking meme so i gave this person the coin for it.. then a few minutes later i got a thank you message for that coin... and i was like what is this?? it this a scammer now she will ask for my wallet id and try to take my money..

she said thank you.. and nothing else.. i waited was for the scam it never came ... Coffezilla said Scammers are everywhere.. They believe in D O G E which means Do Only Good Everyday That's why it may surivive that community.. So yeah this Cryptocurrency Dogecoin has value to their community somtimes a belief can't be measure in dollars it has to be felt.. you need to see past the numbers sometimes... sentiments or sentimental analysis has to be accounted for everyone outside of Crytpo has no clue what Cardano or Polkadot is, or even for that matter Ethererum.. everyone on the planet now know theres a Bitcoin and now there a Dogecoin...

so massive brand in more techincaity here: another is the devs are working on the Ethereum and Dogecoin bridge.. I explained this in detail in my 2nd video lot more please check that out for more info. theres a reason why Elon Musk suddenly mentioned he owned Ethereum. i mean why not Cardano, Polkadot, matic or solano or anything else Specifaclly Ethererum...

That bridge will allow applications to use Dogecoin on the ethererum network.. lets say that Ethereum is still the dominant network for NFTS and DIFI.. lets say for Difi the government clamps down and says no to that... you still have NFTS.. that is a billion dollar industry if blockchain

can help resolve copyright and royality issues Like mark Cuban is a big fan of Nfts.. yeah this guy Coffeezilla will say Oh he lost all his money in Crypo.. he lost i think 10% on his holdings in a stablecoin and yes they are risks to this market.. but he is still invested in matic..polygon which is a crypto blockchain company.. that Coffezilla won't tell you.. These NFTS are actual tech which is being used at the moment... Opensea is a NFT market place.. Axie Infinity is a game in use. NBA Top shots

so there is existing tech out there.. where Doge can fit in here is that most of the NFTS are on Ethereum, and if you can use Doge on Ethereum.. I think Dogecoin and the NFT space is a good mix, the meme crowd and the art crowd will go well.. so billion dollar game industru, music dogecoin works in that space i think.. the entertainment industry and doge will do well..

last reason is Elon Musk himself The Dogefather... Your like oh no not one of those crazy Elon Musk fanboys... Hear me out guys... I used to hate Elon musk.. i did i though he talked wierd... he moves funny... he talks outlandish shit that makes no sense.. why mars..

like hasn't he seen the shit that happens to us on when we land on mars in sci fi movies.. We die.. i was a critic Until I really heard him talk on the Joe Rogan experience.. you know that

smoking weed clip.. I was like what is this crazy man doing now so i listened to it.. and i got hooked.. See I'm a fan of Elon Musk now but used to be a critic.... What did he say that stuck out made me read his book and made me change my mind about the guy...

It's the first time i heard the words in my life "To Preserve the Conciousness of Humanity..." i never thought about that before the first time I heard these words together in a sentence were from Elon Musks mouth.. these words "The Conciousness of Humanity" are very powerful words.. separately these words on their own Conciouness

is what yes we are concious in the sense that we are alive as individuals.. Humanity... all of us every single Coniouness put together makes Humanity... So The Conciouesness Of Humanity... is what makes Humanity as a whole... so he's saving i want to save that conciouness by making Humans a multi planet intergalatic traveling specie... The i said well how can that save us? See

there no telling what can happen tomorrow..an astroid could hit and wipe us out.. Highly improbably you can say but not Impossible.. it can happen.. I've honestly never thought Humaity as a whole before.. like at our core existence we are selfish mostly.. we are confied to our own existence... we don't think about others existence maybe we are about just 15 or 20 existences.. relatives, brothers, sisters, kids.. then friends.. their existence may matter...

but all of humanity... who thinks of that??? a mission to preserve all the knowledge in the world we have collected over centruies of human existence... all the greats that have walked this earth... the prophets... the poets... the scholars... the kings... the movie stars... the muscians...

the artists... everything and everyone you have every know in your life... every thought every feeling.. all the knowdlege, all of our history is all stored in our Collective Coinciouness as a specie in order for that to survive the man is buiding rockets to go to mars..

my question is if there is a doomsday.... i know the critic will say WEll there he goes scaring people with the Dooms day stratgey.. i say what if it does happen and its not a strategy its real.. your conciounes and my conciousness both stragies all strategies are wiped out.. gone.. isn't that worth saving... So I agreed with the man.. Our collective conciousness is worth saving so that is why I bought Dogecoin.. see sometimes

the dollar value of a though that means something cannot be measured.. and that is a reason why Dogecoin will survive.. Cause of people like me.. Thanks again for Watching please do like and subscribe if you like this episode.. I will try to put out at least 1 or 2 episodes every week watch out for them... Comment and

talk to me.. I'm here and listening.. Hashkey out...

2021-08-04 19:41

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